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Pokemon: Legends Revolt - OOC Thread

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It has been over 15 years after the evil teams that threatened the world were defeated. In each region, brave pokemon trainers stood against them, ultimately stopping their evil plots and with them stopping the Legendary Pokemon in each region to be used as their tools. Today, in the Broskii Region, a region bigger than the far regions of Kanto and Johto and so many other better known regions, those Legends who were once used as tools of evil plots have found shelter in its vast and diverse habitats. Pokemon like Zekrom, Entei and even Groudon have been spotted from time to time, visiting the region without causing any harm to anyone. But in the past few months legends have been seen to act strangely, and to remain at Broskii longer than they use to. Some even say they have seen this mythic pokemon attacking others for no apparent reason, but if this is true, what could be the reason of this?


Now, you as a young new trainer, you prepare yourself to start your own journey, the excitement of finally leaving your home to fulfil your dream of becoming a pokemon trainer/coordinator/other is so much that not even the rumors of Legends attacking randomly in the wild will stop you from your goal.




1.- Every OOC comments go here, DO NOT post OOC comments in the IC Thread, we don't want to get all confused when reading OOC Comments on other people's post.

2.- Even when the name of the RP is "Legends Revolt" you cannot say you saw a legendary pokemon here or there. It will be only allowed when and if Imake any legend appear where your character can see it.

3.- Be polite. This is probably the most importat rule. I will not tolerate disrespectful behavior to me or any of the RPers, this means no spamming the thread if you get angry because something didn't worked out as you expected. Also, I will not tolerate racism, sexism or any homophobic or any other type of hateful comments here, remember we all here come from different places, etnicities and everyone has different orientations, so even if you don't like something or someone, be respectful and if you can't, limit yourself to not interact with that person.

4.- Be active, this RP I created to have fun with everyone in the forum who likes this world and it can not sty alive on its own, we need active RPers to keep it alive. By the way, the password is "tortillas". So please, if you join, try to stay active.

5.- No godmodding, nobody likes perfect characters, and no characters are liked by everyone else. So when creating your character, have him/her have flaws, limitants, anything that make them unique. Same goes with your pokemon, even if you have a Salamence and its pokedex description has it being able to destroy entire cities on his own, that will not happen here, after all, this is a RP, is for us to use our imagination and thus, no matter how strong a pokemon looks, it will almost never do a 1 Hit KO.

6.- When encoutnering other RPers, stick to event you both witnessed. This means, do not talk about a Gym Battle where your character was not present, even if read it, if your character haven't seen itthen do not talk about it in the RP.

7.- If you won't be able to stay active for some period of time, like a week, weekend,holidays, etc. Throw me a PM or post it here, that way we will now your character won't be able to do anything on its own and I'll take care of moving them (if necessary) to where it should be.

8.- If the RP grows and extends as I expect it to be, I will be needing some people to help me modding it. when the time comes, I'll ask for someone, an active and skilled RPer to help me with this.

9.- No short posts. I don't want and will not tolerate one liners. Be as creative as you can, I know there could be times where your character mightonly say one or two words, but that doesn't mean you will only post one or two words, take your time to think about the post and describe as much as you can in your posts.

10.- Lastly, move at your own pace. This means, do not get from Town A to Town B in one post. Imagine Routes in the pokemon world as the interstate roads of your country, they are huge right? You wouldn't be able to go from one City to the next injust one day right? Well, that is the same here, you can't go from one town to the next in the blink of an eye, so take your time and if you want to camp on the way, feel free to do it, I won't hurry you to get to a certain place unless an Event happens and even then, it will depend if you want to be a part of said event.


About Pokemon


1.- Levels are not important in here. This means, you won't have to battle 10 thousand times to grow 1 level. And thus, your pokemon can learn the moves on their movepool without having to have 70 thousand battle to reach certain level.

2.- Your pokemon's movepools are not limited to 4, I find that out really odd in the games, is not like a pokemon only has memory for 4 moves. So instead, your pokemon can learn all the moves on their movesets, but of course, following their list. This means, if your pokemon learns Scratch at level 10, and Slash at level 40, you won't behaving it learn Slash before learning Scratch, you have to follow the lists' order. of coursethis doesn't apply to TM moves, once you get a TM, your pokemon can learn it as soon as you "show them" the contect of the disk.

3.- To learn new moves, you have to use at least 2 post to have your pokemon practice the move before mastering it. This means, when you want your Charmander learn Ember, you'll have to have him practice the move a couple times before it is able to have complete control over the move.

4.- Evolution, won't be entirely controlled on levels. For example, If a Torchic evolves at level 16, it doesn't mean you have to have it evolve at that very point. However, you have to have your pokeon reach the minimum level of evolution for it to be allowed to evolve. This means, Torchic can evolve from level 16 onwards, so, your pokemon must have "reached" that level at least for it to beable to evolve. What does "reach" means? Your pokemon must have learned all the moves in its movepool up to that point. Thismeans, if your pokemon learns a move at level 15, then at level 18, but it evolves at level 16, you have to have it learn the move from level 18 before it is elegible for evolution.

5.- Only I have the right to give permissions of evolutions. What does thismean? That if your pokemonhas reached its minimum level for evolution, it won't evolve until I give you permission. Please stick to this rule as I won't tolerate disobedience with this.

6.- Trade if allowed! This means, you can trade with any other RPer you want, all you have to do is to agree on it via PM, then meeting on any Pokemon Center and you can trade.

7.- Trade evolutions does not exist. This means, you don't have to trade your Kadabra or Hunter to get an Alakazam or Gengar. Instead, it will be based on how cloe your relationship with that pokemon is. If you only use Kadabra once a year, it won't evolve to Alakazam very soon, on the other hand if you use it every day, it can evolve soon.

8.- Special evolutions, the ones that require specific items will depend entirely on the owner of the pokemon. This means if you have a Vulpix, and you get a Fire Stone early in the game, it is up to you to have your Vulpix evolve when it is around level 12, or to wait 'till it grows stronger to do it.

9.- Shiny pokemon are allowed, but only to 1 per person. This means, if you want a shiny Charizard, a shiny Aron, and a shiny Metagross, you'll have to decide which one you want the most because you will only get one fo them. Of course you won't be able to say from the start "oh I want a shiny Rayquaza" and expect to get it. Instead, you can say which shiny you want, and it might appear to you, but this is not 100% certain. Other option, one I like the most, is that when you encounter a pokemon that you like, you can request it to be shiny instead of normal and try to catch it.

10.- For shinies. The catch rate on shinies will depend exclusively on the quality of your posts. This means if I consider your post is not good enough to catch the pokemon, then it will scape. But if this happens, you can convince me to give you another chance on said shiny and it might appear later to you.

11.- Frienship catch. You can try to catch a pokemon suing your friendship, for that, I'll post specific guidelines you'll have to follow if you want to catch a pokemon this way.


Character Sheet


[B]Name:[/B] Your Character's name
[B]Age:[/B] Your Character's Age (10-17)
[B]Gender:[/B] Self explanatory
[B]Appearance:[/B] Describe what your character looks like (images are ok but optional)
[B]Personality:[/B] Describe your characters personality
[B]Affiliation:[/B] What is your charactor's job or its aim in life? (This may include any of the following: Trainer, Coordinator, Contestant (attends pokemon contests), Breeder, Explorer, any Former Team Villianous Team Operative [Team Rocket, Plasma, Aqua, Magma, Flare, Galaxy].
[B]History:[/B] A brief history of your character. If they are not from the Broskii Region why did they moved there. Any important events in his/her life goes here.
[B]Starter Choice:[/B] Will be randomized. You can request any pokemon (up to 3) which will be tossed into the pile of pokemon to increase your chances of getting it. Even if they don't appear, I'll try to add a pokemon with similar characteristics to any of your requests. You may also ask for a specific Type instead of pokemon, but you may only request 1 type instead of 3 pokemon.
[B]Password:[/B] Provide the password to prove you've read the rules.
[B]RP EXAMPLE:[/B] Just provide a small example of an RP you participated in or maybe even create something completely new out of your imagination, this is for me to see how you write.


Wild Encounters


1.- I control the Wild Pokemon, so even if you think you know what a wild pokemon will do, do not try to control it.

2.- When you want a wild encounter, post "Event" at the bottom of your post in BOLD. That wayI'll know what you're aiming for.

3.- When battling a wild pokemon, do not post your attacks hit right away. Instead post seomthing like "Pidgey dashed at Rattata aiming to Tackle it" and finish the post there. Then I will reply to your post with the result of your attack, and the wild pokemon's actions to answer yours. This will go on until the momment to catch the pokemon.

4.- When you try to catch a pokemon, just post your character throws the pokeball to the pokemon. Then I will reply to your post, depending on how the battle has been, I'll post whathappened, if the pokemon was caught, it dodged the pokeball etc.

5.- You can try for a Friendship Capture, when doing so, post at the end of your post in BOLD: "Friendship Capture?" That way I'll know what you're aming for, else I could mistake it and have the pokemon either run or attack you.



Important for Friendship Captures


When attempting a Friendship Capture, post at the end of your post in BOLD: "Friendship Capture?" That way I'll know what you're aming for, else I could mistake it and have the pokemon either run or attack you. When you are attempting a friendship catch I'll give you 3 opportunities to catch them, maybe less depending on how rare the pokemon is. Also, each pokemon will have a fixed of minimum posts to be "talked to" before attempting to get it. For that I'll post something like this at the end of your reply:


Friendship Capture - Try X

Post Y/Z


With the "X" being the try you're in, "Y" representing the number of try you're on, and "Z" representing the number of MPR (Minimum Post Requirements) required for that pokemon. See chart below for clarification on MPR:



Pokemon with a Catch-Rate of 0-99 will require 5 Posts before Friendship Capture is possible.

Pokemon with a Catch-Rate of 100-199 will require 4 Posts before a Friendship Capture is possible.

Pokemon with a Catch-Rate of 200 and up will require 3 Posts before a Friendship Capture is possible.



-You can find out the Catch-Rate of your Pokemon Encounter through Bulbapedia or Serebii-

-You get three tries at the Pokemon if you intend on Friendship Capture-

-You may choose to challenge it at anytime-

-If you fail on the Friendship Capture, the "Friendship Capture - Try X" gets +1-

-After the 3rd attempt if you don't succeed, then the opponent will flee-

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((Hi, quick question before I make a character. What do you mean the starter will be randomized? If a pokemon trainer is setting off to be a pokemon trainer, don't they get to chose the starter pokemon they get? I'm kinda confused on that unsure.gif ))

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Name: Larien Sevanfal

Age: 17 (close to being 18 actually)

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5 feet 3 inches tall with straight, long light brown hair with blonde highlights that are naturally strewn throughout. She commonly wears a tri-colored beanie on her head (the first color being maroon, closest to her head, then a light tan, then a dark grey at the end) that is somewhat slouched at the back- even in hotter climates. Occasionally she will take this off, though she loves it. She wears a maroon leather jacket that is capable of keeping her warm in colder climates due to a removable liner she usually has stored at Pokemon centers and transfered to where it is needed. A t-shirt or tank-top is worn underneath. Jeans or shorts are worn as well as hiking boots. The look is finished off with a necklace of a rough Lugia figure made out of an odd kind of metal on a black leather cord.

Personality: Larien is laid-back and easygoing. She's kind, and fiercely loyal. She's got a mischevious streak to her that is usually rarely shown, though her harmless pranks are often found in abundance. Without knowing her, she can come off as a cold person who would rather never speak to anyone. If you do make that jump to get to know her however, you will be greeted with kind words as long as she trusts you. Larien has always possesed good instincts on a person's intentions and good judgement on who would be a person she would trust, which has come to an advantage to past friends of hers in the years.

Affiliation: Explorer (who may have a secret desire to somewhat be involved in the evil shenanigans...)

History: Larien used to live in Ecruteak City in Johto up untli age ten, where she had originally gotten a pokemon from her mother to start a journey with. The city had a tradition to allow pokemon to live freely with the households there, and the starter pokemon she recieved happened to be a Bellsprout that had taken to their house. After traveling for five years, Larien decided to move away from the Johto region, feeling expereinced enough to do so after managing to get seven of the eight gym badges. She had heard of the Broskii region a few times along her travels, and upon returning the now Weepinbell back to her mother, she set off for the new region in order to start a new adventure.

Starter Choice:




Password: Totillas

RP EXAMPLE: This should work... it's a rather large post, but I felt as if putting a snippit of it would not do it justice.


If it does not work, however, I'd be more than happy to drum up something. I'm strapped for time at the moment.


Also, does Shedinja exist? It's sorta weird how it evolves... and I was just curious, due to me thinking it wouldn't necessarily be covered under trade evolutions or needing a special item... and would it evolve like it would in the game if it did exist? Or do you choose?


Second also, I'd be happy to help mod this for you... even though I am a mod, I've modded other rps before being an actual mod, as well as had control over two or three... so I'll offer official official assistance if ever needed. As well as be my normal mod self- which, if anyone was wondering, doesn't mean i'm scary wink.gif Feel free to call me DH if you want. Otherwise anything you can think of works fine too.

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@littlelizzie Yeah you're right, the trainer is able to choose their starter. But what I meant for randomness, is that you won't all get the same three choices like in the games (so no Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur for all), but instead, I'll randomize three pokemon for you to choose from. And the choice option, is for you to post what pokemon would you like the most so I'd give that pokemon more chance to appear.


For example, if you want an Aron as your starter, you can post "Aron, Geodude, Tepig" or simply "Steel Type" in the "Starter Choice" part of your form, that way, Aron will get more chance to appear between your starter options. For example, in that case, I could roll -Pichu, Aron, Grimer- as your options, or if Aron doesn't appear, I could add a Shieldon, due to it having similar traits to Aron, that way, you might not get the exact pokemon you want, but you could get something really close to it, something you feel more comfortable with. I hope that explains it well, if not, feel free to ask any other doubts you might have.


Also, this is the OOC Thread, so feel free to post without the brackets, in here you can post anything you want, as long as it is related to the thread of course.


@Dragonhatchling It works perfectly, Character Accepted! biggrin.gif


About you helping me mod the RP, I'll make sure to take your word in the future wink.gif I know I'll need help later (I'm an engineering student so there are ocasions I don't get much free time to check here). So yeah, I'd be honored to have you helping me, but for now, lets just RP normally, so you get acquaintanced on how I run the RP, that way when I need your help you'll do just fine without me wink.gif


As for Shedinja's evolution, here is a gif that explains, in my opinion, very well its evolution:


user posted image


And yeah, it was not covered in any of the types of evolution I listed (I forgot about Shedinja), but we can hadle it like this: You have your Nincada evolve into Ninjask, but as it does, and like other bug Types, it leaves behind a lifeless exoeskeleton/corpse/or however it is called, a ghost/spirit/entity/something wierd, comes and snatches the lifeless body, hallowing it, becoming Shedinja, in that case, it would be an entirely new pokemon, leaving to you, the trainer, the decision as to wether you want to add it to your team or let the pokemon go free to the wild. How does that sound?


Also, I wanted to say, we will begin as soon as we have 4 characters, so we need at least 2 more before starting.

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Thank you smile.gif


Just curious, again (I'm a highly curious person... which usually can be controlled). Do mega evolutions exist? I personally don't care if they do or not, I just wished to know one way or another, as I'm sure will come up eventually by somebody if I had never asked...


And just to clarify with Shedinja: Since Nincada originally evolved into Ninjask, we'd keep Ninjask too if we chose to keep Shedinja? Right? I just wish to be sure, since some people say no to that sort of thing in other rps.

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Well, I haven't decided about Mega Evolutions, they are really powerful I guess, but since I haven't played the enw games I can't tell for sure. but, if what I've read about them is true, then it would be best that -in the case they exist- only a handful of characters, probably NPCs, are able to get them, and it would be limited to only 1 per character. But as I said, I haven't decide on them, I'd like to do some research before saying yes or no to them yet.


And for Shedinja, well, since Ninjask is the "correct" evolution to Nincada, you would keep Ninjask, and Shedinja would be up to you if you want to keep it or not. So, Ninjask would stay with you, even if you wish to keep Shedinja, you would still keep Ninjask as they would be two different pokemon, there wouldn't be a problem with that, unless of course, you don't have more room for pokemon, this means you're already carrying 6/6 pokemon before Nincada's evolution.

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Well if the trainer chooses to keep Shedinja isn't that basically a friendship catch? And Pokemon caught are instantly sent to the PC if the party is full. In the games Shedinja is just kinda like "hey" and appears so that doesn't apply.


Also for Mega Evos: You would have to obtain a Mega Stone for yourself and a Mega Stone for your Pokemon (which is specific to the species), both of which are pretty rare, and have a significant emotional bond with your Pokemon. (In theory, anyway. You know, the games are kind of loose with this.) Not to mention that a lot of megas are currently banned from the metagame for being too damn powerful. So if anything I think it'd have to be the same as the shiny catch? So like you'd have to RP really well and come to a conjunction in the RP where it would be plausible for mega stones to show up before you have any chance of getting one.


Also so characters we make can't have any Pokemon prior to receiving their starter? I mean in the anime it's implied that most people catch/befriend their own starting at a young age and in the manga I'm pretty sure most if not all of the main characters had at least one Pokemon before getting their Pokedex at a lab. I guess it makes sense from a balance perspective, though.

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Yeah, about what happens in the games you're right. But this is a RP, we are supposed to use our imagination with most things that just happen in the games (like what you mentioned about Shedinja just appearing in your party). Now tell me, can you imagine a way pokeball go to your PC when you're far away from any Pokemon Center? Which is why, in that case, pokemon caught after you got your party full, you'd have to keep them at your backpack or something alike, keeping them away from your actual party. Think of this as your pokemon would need medical assistance after a battle, and you alone won't be able to assist more than 6 pokemon at once, which is why you'd only use 6 pokemon (not exchangeable) until you reach a Pokemon Center.


And about characters having a pokemon preior starting their journey, yes, you can, BUT, you won't be able to use them. For example, read Dragonhatchling's character sheet, her character is a experienced trainer who hasher first pokemon already evolve to its second stage, but instead of starting with it, she moved, pokemon-less to the region to start fresh. Same would be for other characters, you are free to have pokemon beofre starting, but you won't be able to use them without my permission, and even then, it would only be 1 or 2 max, all of this with limitants to keep it fair with the rest of RPers since not everyone will start with this same condition.


About Megas, thanks, that really helps me a lot, as I said, I haven't played the games and thus I'm not really familiar with them, but your explanation leaves it clear to me, they should be at least as hard to get as a Shiny, if not harder, and most likely in advanced stages of the RP. I really like your idea, I think I'll add it to the rules so we are all clear about it and won't have trouble in the future in this subject.

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I dunno. How does a nurse heal your Pokemon from poison or paralysis in two seconds flat by putting them in a machine? How do Pokeballs convert large creatures into small bits of plasma energy and store them without killing them? A lot of things are just handwaved in the games, but I just assumed the "sent to PC" thing was just part of the whole advanced technology thing the Pokemon universe had going on. I'm pretty sure I remember an episode in which Ash caught an extra Pokemon and it literally just dematerialized and teleported into his PC. Besides, if you are carrying a bag full of filled Pokeballs anyway, why wouldn't it be possible to just. Stuff your newly-acquired Shedinja in there too?


And thanks for the clarification on the previously-owned Pokemon thing. I'll definitely be joining but I'll probably take like two million years to write a form up.

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The anime has had a few different interpretations of how pokeballs are sent to the PC. The most common being it teleported to the nearest pokemon center and then was stored there until you needed it...


The anime also has an actual nurse and hospital type thing where pokemon are taken care of, instead of being stuffed into a machine wink.gif


As for the mega evolutions and stuff, I've played (and still am playing) the actual games with them in it. Depending on which pokemon mega you have... they can be pretty easy to beat. Or really annoying to beat due to their ability (like Mega Kangashan) and fighting those depends on if you have enough attack power and can out speed it if it doesn't have a priority move... or you're effectively dead most of the time... (it's also been banned if anyone wondered).



Side note: I love the image of taking a Shedinja and trying to stuff it in a bag that could already be really full... not in a pokeball either, just as the pokemon. Poor thing probably is thinking "Can't you... not do that? You have an extra pokeball somewhere...." and then you just end up searching for the extra ball while the ghostly bug watches you, wondering if you plan to stuff it in the bag again.

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Yeah, they do a lot of odd things. But the clarifications I can give you right now, regarding th RP of course:


Pokemon won't be healed in two seconds, instead you hand them to Nurse Joy, go to the "witing room" or do something else, like exploring or anything that comes to your mind while you wait for your pokemon to be returned.


Also, you wouldn't be carrying a lot of pokemon in your backpack, maybe 1 or 2 max, this is because, I am strongly against any RPer filling thier hands with each pokemon they encounter, it would loose the sense of the RP, as I said, the RP is to encourage our imagination, so it would more easier, and logic too, for anyone to have a small amount of pokemon with them, and develop those few pokemon's personalities and other stuff, that way you wouldn't end up with 417 pokemon whose names, personality, traits and so much other stuff you barely remember. Instead, I encourage the RPers to use their creativity and make their pokemon unique, like for example, you have a Scyther, but your Scyther likes to slash rocks with its scythes to keep them sharp before every battle, that is a trait that'd make it unique among other Scythers.


I remember being part of a RP where we all did that with our pokemon, developing them as characters as much as we did with our trainers, in this RP an event occured where a pokemon died, and not only its trainer but everyone in the RP was sad becuase it had been an important and interesting character that interacted with everyone, it had the same effect as if another trainer would've died. That is something I'd like to see happen in my RP, (not everyone griefing on an imaginary pokemon's death, that's be wierd to see again) but the part of the character development for thepokemon as well.


And the pokeballs, well, that I can't explain, is the only part of the games I wouldn't discuss because I found it really creative and fun to watch tongue.gif


And do not worry, we are not starting just yet, still waiting for a couple more characters to be accepted before starting, so you have time to finish your character form and post it when you have time.

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I really wish to start with the RP this weekend, but we need more people to start, so, if any of you, littlelizzie and Fractional Pi Day, could submit your form in the next 24hrs, that would be amazing. Also, is you could invite or advertise the RP with any of your friends, please do it, the more the best for the RP.

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I've been advertising in my signature. I've also asked a few people.... who haven't gotten back to me yet.


But it also wouldn't hurt Ryu to send off a pm or so in order to make sure littleizze and Ficitional Pi Day know smile.gif

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I'm here, I'm here! Sorry, I did warn you guys though.


I'll write up the rest of it now and edit it in in about 10 minutes.


Edit: Nyeeeehhhh this isn't going well but I'll definitely get it in at some point in the next few hours @_@ Sorryyyy

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Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is very lanky. He has dark moca skin, and a big brown afro. Although he is slim, he is somewhat muscular. He usually wears black jeans, with a red hoodie on top, with a Nike check on it, captioned, "Just Do It". He has a pair of black beats he keeps around his neck, hooked up to his iPod in his pockets. He has a huge nose, as well as big hands, and long fingers.

Personality: He is very quiet when you first meet him. He typically ignores people he doesn't like by putting his beats over his ears. His warming up to people is not very obvious. If he begins to like you, instead of blatantly ignoring you, he will reply to you as shrugs. For him to talk, you have to have known him for a while. But deep inside, all he really desires is power. He would do anything for it. He is only challenging to Pokemon League in Broskii because he wants to be recognized as the most powerful. If he had the choice to save his friends, or have an opportunity for power, he would pick the latter. This very craving for power, however, makes him somewhat hardhearted at times. He does not desire, however, to become more compassionate. He likes himself the way he is. But what he desires more than power, is justice. He is the type who cringes when he sees an unjust act, and to do anything in his power to stop it.

Affiliation: Trainer (BTW, it's team Galactic, not Team Galaxy, sorry to be a grammar nazi, that's just my favorite team.)

History: Zein grew up in Snowpoint City, and was, for all his life, basically bred to be a trainer. As a young boy in trainer school, he dominated against the other kids in his class, not only academically, but in computer simulations. They did, however, notice he was unnecessarily nonchalant towards his classmates. They tried to pick on him for not talking, or even seeming to care much about anything, but he didn't care. Nothing they could say got to him. They called him "The Boy with a Heart of Ice". He never, however, hesitated to help out a kid being bullied at school. Candace noticed his academic superiority, and took him into her gym, where she mentored Zein. She battled him, and taught him how to use any Pokemon he might find masterfully. He grew up, and at age fourteen, beat Candace with some of her own ice types. Candace eventually recommended to him that he go to the Broskii Region, and there he might find a challenge, the Broskii Pokemon League, good enough for him. So he packed his bags, and left any Pokemon he may have caught with his parents, and took a plane to Broskii. Naturally, being friends with an ice-type gym leader, he has a fondness for ice types, but surprisingly, for fire, fighting, steel, and rock types too. This is because he believes ice types are the strongest types, so that fire, fighting, steel, and rock types must be really good to be able to beat rock types.

Starter Choice: Charmander, Duskull, Deino

Password: tortillas

RP EXAMPLE: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=159666provide IDK the explination post of that RP is how I write for some things, for this type of thing, probably not. Probably the personality and history sections, will be similar, (Since they are both long, I hope all 3 of these will suffice.)

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Oh! I haven't been in a classic Pokemon roleplay in a while and this sounds pretty exciting! I write a lot (apologies in advance), so give me a little while to dig up one of my older characters.


Before I edit in my form, I'd like to ask: do the contests have a battle component like in the anime?


EDIT: Thanks for the answer! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday. It was getting late. But here it is:


Name: Florent Camelia-Adelpha

Age: 15

Gender: Male


Appearance: Florent, with his proper posture, just reaches 5'7 in height. In all aspects a quite handsome teen even without excessive grooming, Florent goes the extra mile to make himself look astounding. To him, his public image is everything. From the luxurious auburn curls falling to past his ears to his consistently-maintained clean shave (at least in towns), his tidiness serves to accent his well-set features. The gaze of his green eyes is more than enough to swoon his female fans, whom he humors from time to time with a smirk or a wink.


When not keeping up with the latest fashion trends, his regular dress makes his type specialty exceedingly obvious. Florent usually sports a white long-sleeved shirt to protect against sunburn, over which he wears a pastel green short sleeved jacket with the collar popped up or a similarly colored windbreaker jacket, both with backs adorned with a design featuring blue and red roses among a tangle of thorns. He leaves the zipper open to display the minimalistic design of a Liligant's red flower, printed on the bottom corner of his shirt. His standard cargo pants are much less memorable in comparison, as is his black sling bag, worn over one shoulder.


For Contests, he always keeps his attire formal and wrinkle-free. He often chooses a spotless double-breasted tailcoat paired with colorful bowties and epaulettes, completed with suitable dress pants, shoes, and silk gloves.


Personality: Florent loves attention. He revels in it.


Good with people and full of charm, Florent uses his personal charisma to further his own desires. To others he can seem selfish, shallow, and arrogant, and maybe they're right: he does tend to turn a blind eye to people and things he would rather not got involved with. Unless he is trying to sweet-talk his way out of trouble, Florent is blunt in both his praise and criticisms. But even though he might be scathing to some people, he would never stoop so low as to purposely sabotage others. To him, empty victories don't prove anything -- his hard work speaks for itself.


It's hard to make him angry. He either laughs it off, or hides it under an act.


While Florent dislikes fighting (and tries his best to defuse tense situations that might affect him directly), he understands the need for battle skills, both in contests and for survival. Like many other Pokemon Coordinators, he is creative and unconventional with his pokemon's moves during regular battles, as if he treats every fight like a dance.


Affiliation: Pokemon coordinator.


History: Florent decided he would become a top coordinator because of his younger sister. It wasn't because she was helpless and needed the money, no, it was quite the opposite. He wanted to get out of her way. He was convinced Melissa was the preferred child, with her noble goal to "catch'em all" -- something few trainers can claim to have done. Florent feared he would be overshadowed by his sibling for the rest of his days, and so he chose a different path.


That, and because his sister's bug pokemon creeped him out. Even to this day, he cannot understand why she loves spider pokemon and creepy crawlies enough to specialize in them.


Florent and Melissa were raised in Floaroma Town, in the colder region of Sinnoh. Their parents were researchers of bug- and grass- types. Those days during his childhood were some Florent cherished the most, surrounded by the vivid colors and scents of the blossoms that grew absolutely everywhere in the area. His sister, however, was never satisfied with long days spent lolling about in the meadows. When she left to start her journey across the region at the minimum ten to become a capture artist (one who specializes in catching pokemon), Florent left for Hearthome City almost out of spite, to carve a name for himself.


It frustrated him to no end how Melissa could outdo him in everything (with the exception of cooking! He prided himself in that). It seemed that most of his problems were caused by her, including the choice to uproot his whole career and move the family to the Broskii region, just so she could chase after some stupid legendary pokemon that might not even exist.


He was angry and vexed, but it didn't change the fact that he had to start over from scratch. At least they were lucky enough to move to a region where contests actually exist.


Starter Choice: Any grass type


Password: Tortillas. Yum.




"That was nice soak, I guess," Melissa commented once she stepped out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam, a towel on her shoulders to catch the water still dripping from her short, unstyled hair. She had been in a sour mood all morning after Florent locked her in there with a tub filled with hot water, although she was forced to admit defeat after glancing at the mirror and noticing how much dirt was on her clothes. But like heck she would let him know that she enjoyed it after so many nights camping in the cold and the rain.


She was glad that he refrained from getting her anything floral-print, but she still refused to wear the formal clothing he offered. Instead, she put on her favorite Beautifly patterned hoodie she left behind last time. Melissa wondered where it had gone. Turns out it was in the last place she thought it would be.


Florent barely recognized her without her distinctive pigtails and wild bangs. She was humming a small tune, and he hated to interrupt their rare moments of peace. "By the way," he began, hoping Melissa was listening, "Firmly in your interest and not mine, I let most of your team out in the garden." With a chuckle, he added, "I feel that that act will come back to bite me in the rear."


"I think it should have by now. I can see it," holding out her hand dramatically as if she were showing him the world, Melissa continued, "mushroom spores and cobwebs everywhere, as far as the eye can see. Not a single plant within miles."


"It's not that I'm afraid of, but rather your beast of a centipede." He tossed her Rollie's pokeball, the only one that still sat on the table. "Scoliopedes are known for eating everything in sight. I'm not risking that thing with my plants or pokemon."


Melissa let out a long sigh through her nose. It was no use arguing, because he was right. Rollie was a force to be reckoned with. Omnivorous but preferring meat, the Scoliopede would make a quick snack out of most of Florent's pokemon. Still, her brother was a worrywart. She didn't understand his thought process at all. "Don't worry, I'll take him for a walk today. I guess he's still used to the forest."


"I don't even get how you manage to raise these things," Florent said in response. He never did understand her, either.

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Name: Dana Witt

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Light brown skin tone, slightly on the short side (155cm-ish? Sorry, can’t imperial) with a slight build. He has floppy brown hair down to his chin and gray eyes. His wardrobe is casual and almost all of it is just a little too big for him; his standard outfit is a red hoodie paired with sweatpants and a backpack.

Personality: Dana seems like the stereotypical cheerful child at first glance. He’s flighty, has a short memory, and is more interested in Pokemon (especially bug-types) than people. If you own a Pokemon he doesn’t know much about, expect him to cling to you and try to pet it at every occasion. People who get to know him more, though, find that he’s well-read and has a sense of humour that is occasionally bitingly sarcastic.

Affiliation: Trainer/explorer?

History: Dana’s a Broskii native who has never left his hometown, let alone the region. His mom, though, is away on business trips at least two months a year and brings back little souvenirs for him every time. They’re nothing particularly special, just carved Pokemon figurines or little glass bottles of sand, but it’s inspired him to leave on a journey of his own someday. His parents wanted him to wait a few years before setting out so he read everything about travelling he could find online and annoyed his friends until they let him see their Pokemon. Now he’s setting out on his adventure two days after his fourteenth birthday and is convinced that there is absolutely no way anything is going to go wrong.

Starter Choice: Inkay, venipede, woobat

Password: Why tortillas. Why.

RP EXAMPLE: link. This was for two characters, though. Still kinda working on length...

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Its good to see my post (which was also meant to bump the thread to the first page) worked and more people have started posting.


@Dragonhatchling - I thank you for the advertising, it'll really help bring more people to the thread and yes, I'll throw littleizze a PM to check on her.


@nicknick88 - Accepted, and thanks for the clarification, I didn't remembered about the team's name but I knew it had something to do with Galaxy xd.png


@TehUltimateMage - Do not worry about length, as long as you keep it iC and related to the current events, I dno't mind reading a lot, unless there are like 10 paragraphs, that would be a lot to read, but I doubt -and hope- it won't be that long.


About the contests, yes, I plan them on having a battle part, I found that interesting on contests.


@Fractional Pi Day - Accepted, it is not terrible, its good enough, don't worry.


Well, I guess we have enough people to start (given TehUltimateMage and littleizze submit their forms in the next few hours), so I'll go create the IC thread, and all of the accepted characters are welcome to start posting. Of course, your first post should be about your character waking up and getting ready to go get his/her first pokemon and such. Also, I'll create two characters of my own, one would be a NPC which I'll use to display the upcoming routes, towns, and events, like he will be the first guy to reach places, with his posts I'll describe as much as possible of anything you need to know for your characters to advance in the RP. The second one, will be my own character, he would be like the rest, just another character, and, if your ok with it Dragonhatchling, I want to use it so you can start helping me with the RP, like a test subject for you for the time when I have to let you in charge of the RP, how does that sound?

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This looks awesome! I love pokemon!

Name: Icarus

Age: 14

Gender: male

Appearance: He has short brown hair and wears contacts. He usually wears a white shirt with a Braviary drawn on it, dark blue pants with four pockets, and light blue sneakers with golden wings painted on them. He is 1.66 Meters tall and is of average build.

Personality: He has a strong love for Pokemon. He tries his best to help the people around him, but can get hot-tempered. He is perceptive, and can get extremely sarcastic with people he dislikes.


History: He grew up in Lumiose city. Since it was a large part of Kalos, many people came and went, along with their Pokemon. He developed a strong love for them after seeing them everywhere in the city. But his parents never allowed him to keep one. When he was 10, his parents moved to the Broskii region on an important business venture. His parents finally decided to expose him to Pokemon, and they gave him permission to go on a journey when he was thirteen since they hardly had time for him. He planned to set off the moment he turned thirteen, but his neighbor's Zebstrika laid a few eggs. His neighbour wanted to release the newly hatched babies, but feared they wouldn't last in the wild. So he gave the clutch to Icarus to raise. Because of that, his journey was delayed. But having just released the six adults into the wild after a year, he's ready to begin his journey.

Starter Choice: Flying type.

Password: Tortilla



Anyway, I know this is really, really confusing, but we need to discuss this. Two words,

Pokemon food. What the heck do they eat? Do they eat Pokemon? are there other animals?

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Name: Alv

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Alv is east-Asian, he is about 5'5. Has black hair, brown eyes and wears glasses, wears a one of those grey Columbia winter jackets, and he has two shoulder straps (forming an X over his jacket) and a belt full of Pokeballs, badges, and potions.

Personality: Alv is stubborn and arrogant, but extremely friendly and intelligent, he doesn't work very well with a team and often rushes in before thinking things through. He enjoys relaxing with all his Pokemon out while drawing on his notepad when he isn't exploring or battling.

Affiliation: Explorer

History: His parents divorced after discovering that they used to be on rival teams, his mother was Team Aqua and his father was Team Magma, and lived with his grandparents in Mossdeep City, Hoenn. He had only planned to stay for the summer in Broskii for an internship at a Pokemart, but decided to stay permanently. He loves spending time in Broskii's forests, but without any Pokemon, he can hardly defend himself.

Starter Choice:




Password: tortillas

RP EXAMPLE: This has lots of dialogue, but... here ya go.

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Having a test subject for me sounds fine Ryu smile.gif


And I also tend to write a lot... it fluctiates however... so just throwing that out there in case anyone wanted to know. Plus no surprises that way smile.gif

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@Melomancer - Accepted, and thanks smile.gif Also, that RP you made seems really interesting, I'm not sure right now, but if I have enough time to run a RP and be part of another one, I'd like to join there.


About pokemon food, well, sice in the anime they sell special food for pokemon, I think we can use that, of course, wild pokemon would be more, primitive, and if their species is of a carnivorous type (like an Aerodactyle for example), it would eat other pokemon. Maybe some pokemon would retain that trait once they have a trainer, that would be up to the trainer's choice.


@BeardedKumquat - I want to accept your character, but there are two things wrong with him, in his History. First of all, Team Aqua and Team Magma are long gone, as stated in the Story Line, they have dissapeared for about 30 years now, so you'll have to fix that, maybe saying his parents were members of those teams and when they found out about each others' past they had a fight that ended up on their divorce? You can think of something else of course, that's just an idea, but you have to fix that. And the second one, is that you forgot to have him move to Broskii, as it is now, he lives in the Hoenn region so he wouldn't be part of the RP since he's not in the same region. So, create that part on how he moved to Broskii and it will all be good. Once you fix those two minor problems I'll accept you.


@Dragonhatchling - Great then. And do not worry, as I said to TehUltimateMage, as long as it is not excesive (like 6+ paragraphs per post) its all alright, I don't mind reading a lot, specially if it is a well written story. Plus, I tend to do that to, when I'm inspired about something I can easily write 3 or more paragraphs all at once, so, don't worry wink.gif


Well now, I have created the IC Thread, so everyone who has been accepted is welcome to post there, as I said before, your first post should be like an introduction to your character, most likely the very morning when they start their journey and how they arrive at Prof. Pine's lab. You might want to check my first post using the NPC I told you about to have an idea on how would it go.

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I updated my old post with my form. tongue.gif


I had a hard time choosing between Melissa and Florent, if I had to be honest. But a coordinator seemed to fit better than a Collector in this setting.

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