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Warrior Apprentice Naming Ceremony

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Welcome to...

The Warrior Apprentice Naming Ceremony


I am quite certain that a large percentage of DragonCave users are familiar with, or enraptured, by the Warrior cat series by Erin Hunter. Though I have not held personal interest in the books since I was considerably young, I find enjoyment in pastimes of this nature.


In the game below, we will each take our seat upon a towering rock, and acting as clan leader, promote and appoint the apprentices to their warrior positions and new names. Each user will provide a -paw (apprentice) name, the following must replace the outgrown suffix with a fitting warrior suffix, and then provide their own -paw.




Player A:

- Shadowpaw


Player B:

- Shadowtail

- Foxpaw


Player C:

- Foxyowl

- Brownpaw


Player D:

- Brownfly

- Earthpaw


And so on.


To begin, I shall announce: Earthpaw

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Ooh! I love coming up with 'Warriors'-inspired names! *pokes scroll* :3





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Warriors - now there's an awesome book series.





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Squirrelpaw (Hehe, she was my favorite. happy.gif But I digress.)

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[lol I deleted my ninja because I preferred your name idea better tongue.gif]



Mousetail - the mighty warrior that gained their name in a disaster (most likely a fire) that cost them their tail fur.




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(XD Now I have to fix it again.)

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