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Show us your received flowers!

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You probably received huge number of flowers, so...Why to don't share between us gifts that we get? user posted image

Of course, you may have a lot of flowers and you can't take only one picture with every on it - take a picture only of part that you think to it's good user posted image


Here's mine:

user posted image



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I've seen some pics of gorgeous, full gardens here! I love it!


I must admit, my own garden is pretty empty. I've sent away all the flowers. I'm getting a little worried since the event is almost over though...will we be be stuck with empty gardens at the end if we send all the flowers, or will the flowers we've gotten come back at the end? I'd hate to have to look at a bare patch of earth when this is all over. rolleyes.gif

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uh, empty pots? xd.png

A glitch I guess?

When I took that I had no flowers at all, my pots and everything growing in the garden was missing. It was hilarious. They came right back, but still made me laugh. serious aphid problem or something.

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TJ said somewhere that we won't be able to see the garden but only the received messages


Ah, ok! That's cool. Thank you! Now I need to sweet talk someone into sending me one of those dragon heads... I don't think I have one and those are my favorites. smile.gif

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