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DC Photography Contest #86

Theme: Baked goods  

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I totally forgot the end date of my own contest ^^;; Lots of great pictures though.


SickThing Boys vs Girls


Magic199 Early Morning


sparkle10184 Strawberry cake


Aerouant Blueberry


Nimrodel Cupcakes


Chiaki Pancakes


Kojayo55 Minecraft Cake


Hisa Valentines


Lagie Cat Cupcakes


Deadline 22nd February.

Quick note: I used the second picture that Kojayo55 because it did fit the theme and I responded to the first picture very slowly due to real life issues, I hope that's okay.

Another quick note: I missed SockPuppet Strangler's entry in the poll, I can't find any way to fix it right now, so I'm posting the picture here so people can still see it. First time baker

There's a good chance this post will be edited again, in case someone knows a better solution. (again I'm sorry Sock)

Edited by xxtyraxx

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Can't see one of them, alas:


Kojayo55 has limited the viewing of this artwork

to members of the deviantART community only.

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Kojayo55, can you change that setting?

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There was two I was really debating between, but I did vote. Everyone's goodies look delicious, though!


Was my submission cut because it was decided batter shouldn't be allowed? Doesn't really matter, I'm just curious. ^^

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I believe, Sock does belong in, at least according to your earlier statement, xxtyraxx. smile.gif


As long as it's obviously batter (and considering you say it's already in the muffin tin I assume it is obvious) I don't mind. Unbaked baked goods are still pretty much in the spirit of the theme. Or at least I think so.

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Oh, d***, I already double checked because I was so certain I was forgetting someone, and I still managed to forget someone. I'm so sorry Sock, Aamaranthine is right, your submission does belong in. But I can't find any way to edit the poll and I don't think I can delete this topic and make a new poll either. If anyone has some ideas that might help, that would be great. For now I'll add your picture to the first post explaining I had a major brainfart, because it is a pretty funny picture.

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Thanks for the quick reply! It's totally fine, no need to add it in now - I just wanted to make sure I hadn't misunderstood your post or anything, lol. I've been doing some late night posting while I'm tired, so I just wanted to know. <3

I could re-start the poll, but 12 people have already voted and there are so many other submissions mine didn't have a chance anyway. I am so not worried about it. <3

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Oh, I'm not quite sure why it gave you that message. I don't remember ever seeing any settings like that.

But it's a good thing that my second post got put in, even though it's not much on the uh.. photographic skills side. xd.png

Edited by Kojayo55

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