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Favorite Flower Messages

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Hahaha, I've got so many good ones!


If I could only grow green stuff in my garden like I can in my refrigerator!

-From Bluheart



A dragon mage deserves a dragon flower! Happy Valentine's Day!

-From Kitsuneii_74


On a dragon flower, of course! THANK YOU SO MUCH~


A bitter biter for you smile.gif Someone took away its potato, so it's bitter now sad.gif

-From xeyla


To which I sent back, "Little Johnny took a drink, he shall drink no more; for what he thought was H2O was H2SO4!"


And the reply was:

Poor thirsty Johnny, wanted his mommy. But now he was placid after drinking the acid.

-From xeyla


No question, xeyla won that one! xd.png I've never heard that poem before!


One root to rule them all, and in the dark earth bind them!

-From Syphoneirra


I sent, "It was me. I let the dogs out." And:


They barked, so I let them back in, lol.

-From Syphoneirra


ME: Ask not for whom the dog barks. It barks for thee.

But what of the curious incident in the night when... the dog didn't bark? Not even when at Holmes?

-From Syphoneirra


And I got nothing to reply lol!


Now to send out more random video game quotes!

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May your days be merry and bright~ Happy Valentine's!

Wrong holiday! lol

Roses are red – They create hysteria - Others make sleepy - just like Alstromeria.

I really like this poem

"I only say it 'cos I care, so please can you stop pulling my hair." ~Lily Allen

From the song in my sig, haha

Enjoy this glow-in-the-dark peanut! It tastes funny though. Whoa, why am I in the way? (on a mushroom)

I don't even know

A delivery for you from the Addams' Family greenhouse! It comes with its first meal! (a biter in a fishtank)

lol that show is cool


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May your days be merry and bright~ Happy Valentine's!

Wrong holiday! lol

Erm, I'm 98% sure that was from me.... Though it's good to see some people actually know where it's from! tongue.gif

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I would grow a garden on the moon for you.

reply to "I would grow a garden at the south pole for you!"


Are you a fruit? Cause Honeydew are looking sweet!


This flower is blue, spiders are hairy, I'm trying to rhyme here... results may vary.


I've got a few plants, And some just grew, You sent me a flower, So this one's for you smile.gif

Aww! laugh.gif


dream good!


Daydreams are my favorite! Thank you for the beautiful flower <3

Yay! <3

'Where did Jack go?' - 'He is in the pulpit.' - 'He is WHERE?!' oO

This made me giggle!

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Ahhhh. >.< I've been too sporadic on here to have made any friends, but I've received so many kind messages! They make me so happy! I do have a couple favorites. <3


On a sun-seeker. Perfect message/flower match!

Turn your face to the sun and all of the shadows fall behind you

Have a great day yourself! <3

On a biter. Name reference. <3

Happy Valentine's Day! Careful, though! This little guy seems to love snacking on bubbles. D:

Hee. :3

Are you a hellfire dragon? Because you sure are HOT!

Fishbowl pot. I am loving the name references.

Does the fish say 'bulb blub' or 'bubble bubble'? :3

On a biter. I cackled a bit.

This lil' flower prefers the name 'Nibbler'.


Eeeee I just love all of the messages, no matter how simple or complex. They all make my day. (:

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This one is clearly my favorite (on a yellow hyacinth):

Aww, it's a cute. . . flower. It seems to be a strange shade of yellow... you wonder who watered it.


On a fishbowl with a biter:

♣Poor Fishies. They have a Biter for a neighbor.♣


Those also made me laugh:

Pretty iris sitting in a garden thinking... how is it I have a brain? I'm a flower!! Dumb I know!

May the fragrance be with you! :3

This egg appears to have flower growing out of it.


This one really cheered me up when I was in a bad mood - right flower card at the right moment, thank you!

Be who you are and say what you feel,cause those who mind dont matter,and those who matter dont mind

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I haven't gotten any funny ones, but my favorite that I sent out was a biter with the note "Be my Valentine, Seymore!" (A reference to the film "Little Shop of Horrors".) I also sent out some mushrooms with messages about being a fun guy. XD

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My favorites so far...


Roses are red, Agapanthus are blue, Enjoy your new flower, or I'll crucio you.


This bloom isn't red, this bloom isn't blue - wo cares anyway, it's simply for you


May your wildest wishes for the day be delivered by wallaroo post. smile.gif


"It's the eye of the tiger lily"


This flower smells funnier than any message could ever be. Have a nice day! smile.gif


Was it me you were looking for?

And then this was sent right after

..or was it me, you were calling?


In case of zombies, plant in yard


You may be an escapist, but you can't escape my love! <3

That one made me giggle so hard..


Roses may be red, violets can be blue. I forgot what I was saying... Here, this is for you.


Some collect flowers, some collect stamps, will you be my Lady and I'll be your tramp? <3


Hellfire's are red, Hellfire's are Blue, they went to the garden and picked this for you!


I wish I could think of something witty, but hopefully you'll be happy that the flower's pretty <3


Now you can tell everyone "I got a mushroom in a fish bowl for Valentine's Day!"


I bet you a dollar you won't give me a dollar... biggrin.gif


Ok, that about sums up my list. I know its long, but I can't decide on my favorites out of all of them, they are all so funny!! biggrin.gif

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I don't know too many people around DC, but I've gotten some awesome personalized messages all the same. My favorites are these:

"Feed one enemy a day for optimal growth" on a biter

"Neville Longbottom told me to give this to you." on a hyacinth

"Sending a Venus Fly Trap to an Amberfly suddenly doesn't seem to be such a good idea..." on a venus flytrap, of course =)

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Happy Valentine's Day. The name Amorphophallus titanum translates to something rather rude…


Thank you for Andreas this is his friend Kerpatrik smile.gif


Yeah, dating plants is hard. Especially when they want to pollinate in public!


Single or not, hope your Valentine's Day rocked!


Q: Why did the gardener plant his money? A: He wanted his soil to be rich!


What happened when the man fell in love with his garden? ..It made him wed his plants!


How does NASA organize their company parties? They planet.

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"No more rhyming now, I mean it!" "Anybody want a peanut?" "AAAAARHGG!"


Which of course I had to reply in kind to, so EscapistLore and I sent each other quite a few Princess Bride quotes and had a little convo. x3



Roses may be red, violets can be blue. This isn't a potato, but it's still for you.


It's not personal, this gift for your bower. Another name for this one is the Carrion flower. :D

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These mysterious blossoms have soothsaying powers...

- After receiving a ??? flower


Jingle bells! Jingle... Oops! Wrong holiday! Happy Valentine's Day!


Haha, now that you mention it, it totally does!! Boop bloop. Quaggan is very happy with you!

- After I mentioned how Rafflesias look like they're singing


These plants arent supposed to bite you, they are supposed to say thank you for the flowers!

- Biters are adorable biggrin.gif


Please remember that Valentine’s Day is a polite reminder that Christmas decorations must go down!

- A Flower with a Snowman pot xd.png


Biters only bite people who don't bleive in dragons. =}

- One of my favorites


i want tea




moonbase needs to happen


i don't even know which ones i've sent you


hope you need them


we need to start a checklist


- Those six are from one of my friends


Omnomnomnom plants.....


I think this plant wants to eat things.


I'm Jack, the pumpkin king!


Two pink flowers for you Glen Coco.


- These four are from another friend




- After listing Lily of the Valley as one of my "High Priority" Flowers xd.png


Tyger tyger burning bright in the forests of the night-- omgrunASDLJGLKFGSJIFJLKDSJFIOJ


This is Valentine's, Everybody make a scene, Kiss and sweets til the neighbors go no more PSA yo.




A WILD SMAUG appears! Go Biter! Biter uses Bite! It is not very effective.


- These last five were from the same person xd.png Thanks Kiyoura for the awesome quoteables~!

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Aww, I see some of mine listed. Here are a few of mine.


"There's a shark in my bedroom?!!" "Oh FINE, focus on that!"


This looks like a hibiscus, but it's a potato - I promise.


I wish I could think of something witty, but hopefully you'll be happy that the flower's pretty <3


The om nom flower eats yah fingahs... Hope you like it! c:


Loving your message, it made me chuckle. Hope you have a great day!


This egg looks like a flower. wink.gif


Happy Valentine's Day! May your dragons prove fruitful and only give you the egg you really want.


This flower smells musty, like rotting leaves.


There are more, but I'll stop. I really do appreciate all the flowers and messages I've gotten from everyone.

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Got a few more gems:)



“Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!” --> that message I actually got twice, from different people:p love it.

Don't let me eat pears. I hate pears! -The Doctor smile.gif

Here fishy, fishy, fishy. Oh, there you are.

SHARKNADO!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVESSSSSSSSSS!! --> on a flower in a fishbowl. hahaha fantastic.



Loving all the Who quotes and just random messages I've gotten:) I don't have any friends on the site so it's great to get such awesome stuff from all you guys wub.gif

Edited by Nyka

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The beauty might capture you, but the real thing is within. Have a bright day!

“We love the things we love for what they are.” - Robert Frost (●´∀`)ノ♡

Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower. - John Harrigan

Roses are red, violets are blue, if wishes were pancakes my house would be buried in pancakes.


I also got flowers thanking me for one of the eggs I bred and released to the AP. That one might actually be my favorite, just because it was a really sweet thing to do.

Edited by Krethan

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lol I got this one, too.

This flower is great,

spiders are hairy,

I'm trying to rhyme here...

results may vary.


Another one:

Love is the sunshine that makes the flowers grow.



I wasn't very creative with my messages. Only really had fun with one. I put one of those big, blue bushy flowers (Hyacinth?) in the snowman and said something along the lines of:


Here you go, have a SnoFro!

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Roses are red - Violets are nice - You'll always hear - A screaming Ice.
After I sent a card complimenting the ices.


On a green mushroom


Here's that big smelly flower you ordered. xd.png

Saw you wanted a big smelly plant. Just don't fall in xd.png
Titan arums!


Don't know I reckon, Quite how love is born, To know it in the heart, A DC flower is worn...
...Along with the flowerpot. tongue.gif




It's hard to be a little punny; hope your day is very sunny!
After my surfeit of dog puns


Mayday Mayday Mayday This is UNSC FSG Forward Unto Dawn. Requesting immediate evac. Survivors aboard
Fitting for a rafflesia


Hyvää Ystävänpäivää from Finland smile.gif Happy Valentine's Day!
Huzzah, first country-something greeting smile.gif

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A collection from HowlingOwl's flowers biggrin.gif


Aus Steinen, die dir in den Weg gelegt werden, kannst du auch was schönes bauen.
You have to learn that some days you are the pidgeon, and some days you are the statue.
If the world gives you a hundred reasons to frown, show it you've got a thousand reasons to smile.

Thank you! smile.gif


On a tricolor Alstromeria:

Thank you for the Biter! Have a Duotone flower (can't seem to make up its mind on what color it is).

-From dustpuppy

Thank you biggrin.gif


And a titan arum:

A fair flower with a most foul smell; I wish I could send you a clothespin for your nose as well!

-From Meymo

Yeah, that would have been useful! xd.png


A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.

-From urusta

It just occurred to me that I've never been to a funeral, only to a funeral service once (which didn't have a lot of flowers).


May your days be warm and sunny and your porridge full of honey!

-From Arula

I'll do my best with the honey! laugh.gif


Also, a face!


-From Princess_of_dragons

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Which of course I had to reply in kind to, so EscapistLore and I sent each other quite a few Princess Bride quotes and had a little convo. x3

Still going. I'm finding this really funny.. I wonder how much of the movie we could do... tongue.gif


OMG I have a new quote I need to send out to folk. *runs to go send funny quote*


@Ruby Eyes- And now I need to think of quotes.. I just know I like getting funny ones, so.. I gotta send them!


And now I thought of a new one.. *plots*

Edited by EscapistLore

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I can see that biggrin.gif

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimm- Wait, I'm a flower, I don't swim!

-From EscapistLore


Star Wars?

These are not the droi- err... roses you are looking for. >.>

-From EscapistLore

Edited by Ruby Eyes

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I got some really good ones, but my favorite is something I sent to someone else: "Oh, yummy. A dandelion. Must be the last one of the season" Sid the sloth, Ice Age. The flower was of course a dandelion xd.png

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(nana nana nana nana nana nana) Batman! Batman!
from Ruby Eyes


the plant???


yeah laugh.gif

Edited by dragonpuck

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