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Favorite Flower Messages

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On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true.

Oh my gosh I think I melted from the adorableness. wub.gif


I sent out a whole bunch of mushrooms with the message "You've found a Shortcut to Mushrooms!". Wish I hadn't sent them anonymously; I'd love to hear the responses to that one. tongue.gif

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Was your dad a boxer? Cause you're a knockout!

Shagga Likes Axes. biggrin.gif

I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas, I'll never know.

"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight." - Phyllis Diller

I guess the cats out of the bag on that one. Who puts cats in bags anyhow? Cats HATE bags!

Why is the rum always gone?

Rych le ad tolthathon.


I also got 3 flowers but they belong together:

So ur makin out with ur honey. The phone rings. U answer it.

A voice says, "stay away from my daughter!" U tell the girl, and she says "my father is dead"

THEN WHO WAS PHONE?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

So random!!! xd.png



This is a reply which I got from a random flower I sent. I wrote "Greetings from Japan! Have a lovely day, whoever you are!"

Thanks for the flower! Congratulations to Yuzuru-kun on figure skating! - from Canada smile.gif
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Ruby Eyes, I wonder who sent the Zelda message? I think I sent something like that before...

I didn't get many interesting messages, but I like "Receiving a flower is a delight; hope that this plant suits you all right! :-)."

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I also got 3 flowers but they belong together:




So random!!! xd.png

Oh, that's an old "creepypasta" fail thingie!!


Roses are red, the TARDIS is blue, the doctor once said, Rose Tyler I-


Oh goodness. The feels. THE FEELS.


There's something that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick.


Big flashy things have my name written all over them. Well... not yet, give me time and a crayon.


Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?


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You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Happy V's Day!

The below two are because of a discussion a few of us had about the Valentines turning out to be spiders, not that that totally explains the first one....

Screaming 'love' all the way down the rabbit-hole to psychedelic Wonderland, lol

This isn't a spider, so you don't have to hunt it with a giant broom. Happy Valentine's Day! smile.gif

Stop and smell the roses, just don't inhale a bee. That would be bad.

Cell phones these days keep getting thinner and smarter... people the opposite.

This Iris may seem a little blue, but it's actually happy to be with you!

And may you forever levitate above flower pots just like this flower. :3

(Accompanied with water lily.) And below are two messages thanking me for flowers I gave them that I found particularly sweet.

Thank you so much for the flower! ;w; And may your days sparkle like diamonds~<3
Thank you for the flower! I hope this flower can make your days bright and shiny happy.gif


Most of my messages say "May your days be merry and bright~", a quote from a somewhat popular Christmas song (won't say which) and old movie, but the most recognition I've gotten is someone saying they recall it being from something Christmas...

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Soldier is dominating, rainbows make Scout cry. I heard a Dead Ringer, that Demo's a bloody spy.


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There are couple of the sweetest ones I've received :3


Thank you for breeding Arsani x Neotropical, it's beautiful! smile.gif
People like these are always lovely happy.gif It's good to know that I've bred something pretty and appreciates it. (Originally, I just thought I would be trolling with that lineage, lol.)


Enjoy and thanks for caring for Mynlighe Epimetheus Projectum105!
My heart almost melt literally when getting this. happy.gif

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My favourite ones are:

??? For some reason you're really confused when you look at this plant! Or is it a plant?


I´m not sure whether or not this is a bush or a flower...


I'm new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment?
Happy Valentine's Day One white flower in a snowman pot at your service.

Happy Valentine's Day. There are a great many species and 880 genera of Orchidaceae.

Happy Valentine's Day, with a blue flower, blue pot, red flowers, red thorns - all in one package!
(red&blue rose)

No garden is complete without this!
(red mushroom, I agree)

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

This flower stinks. Do not take it personally. Happy Valentine's Day! wink.gif
(titan arum)

Happy 1/2 Price Chocolate Day!

In lieu of the random other flower. Enjoy!

Why did the banana go out with the prune? Because it couldn't get a date! Haha.

Wishing you lots of sunshine & chocolate! xd.png


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I wanted to make this list after the event, but I have way too many already...


Username references, ftw... smile.gif

Look at these and smile!

Thank for your congratulations ❤ I look and smile smile.gif

And this one looks at you and smiles! Thank you!



Iris my case, you're GUILTY!

Don't go too batty over this!

I lilac you bunches! smile.gif


And rhymes...

Thanks for the wonderful treat,

a lyric like that just can't be beat!

Goldfish are orange, dew drops are pink,

I have no rhyme, because I cannot think!

Thanks for the flower, it is what I needed.

My appreciation for you.. is deep seeded. tongue.gif

All of my affection, I give them all to you.

I'll be here for you always, and always be for you.

Rafflesia is red, and smells like raw meat.

A rose may bear thorns, but at least it smells sweet!

This flower is fragile, dark is the mole,

if you are a sentence... I want no parole!



This sun-seeker is looking down: Someone should tell it the sun is usually up!


...and of course all the kind messages, personal sharings, and replies to my gifts.

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It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are -Mewtwo

Pokemon quote made my day! laugh.gif


This Hyacinth is purple or blue,

either way it's a special one for you!

Just cute smile.gif


Winter Is Coming!

Answered with "Brace yourself - We already have winter!"


Xuff0 Lucodkado'j Tu0 2014!

Classic ^^


This flower is great,

spiders are hairy,

I'm trying to rhyme here...

results may vary.

Best. Poem. Ever! <3

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Some of my favourites:


"I don't even know what an agapanthus is."


" "I keep seeing spots!" "Have you seen a doctor?" "No, just spots." "


"Merry Christmas."


"Roses are red, violets are blue, I don't have a witty ending for you."

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I must say, much as I appreciate witty stuff, my favorite messages are the personal ones from people I know or have actually interacted with. wub.gif

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I must say, much as I appreciate witty stuff, my favorite messages are the personal ones from people I know or have actually interacted with. wub.gif

I feel the same, which is why I'm not heading to the thread to look for certain flowers. I still like all my random ones I get too.


Favorite so far:

"Wow! Such orange! Much Flower! Wow!"


After seeing that the gardens are not sticking around, I'm sending them to all the people I know.

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These smile.gif


Valentine's Day should be every day

-From Bugzilla


You cannot find Love, Love must find you.

-From milanolu


Failure is a success if we learn from it. -Malcolm Forbes


Don't give up, you are going to be the King of the Pirates!!

-From Dors_Mahe


Rosebud you bred found a home with me. Thank you and happy V-Day! smile.gif)

-From Homo_Ludens

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Berthold Auerbach

-From AntennaKit

*giggles & joins in* Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbyeeee... thanks for the flower!

-From Cassiel


Thank you ^^

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I guess this is like-- Finding Meymo Ehhh~? EHHH~? I'm sorry that was bad. Happy LATE Vday - Sadly it was anonymous, as it keeps cracking me up.


Random presents are the most meymo-rable! - Luckily not anonymous.


Terraes are green, sunstones are orange. Nothing rhymes with orange. Happy Valentine's Week!


Happy Valentine's Day, with all the chocolate you desire. Except the part I ate of course.


If anybody calls you a pansy I'll hold your flower for you hun ✿\(。-_-。)


I like you like how I like stew.... Hearty! Hope your day was as sweet as this flower! smile.gif


You're sweeter than a sweetling. Here! You deserve an iris

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I use this one =D

'Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage.' Lao Tzu

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I've gotten many messages that I really like! There's a lot of personal ones that are really lovely, and some about descriptions or making Sweetling jokes. <3


Their darkness matches the blackness of your soul, Cara Mia. <3

With black roses and a black pot. Addams Family references FTW.


This mushroom knows more about the Oxford Comma then I do, so it would like to be with you. tongue.gif

My love never ends - just like incorrectly used ellipses!..... ......... ............. .............

Muahahaha grammar jokes are the best.


And then a friend and I started a nonsensical conversation. I've gotten messages from her like:





-ORANGE er wait this is purple

-Okay, this time it's orange. Darn it.

-This one is orange, right!? NO!? GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

...and then just dissolved into awful Spanish that makes zero sense. She's only taken one semester. :'D

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my favorites;


"You can’t buy love, but you can pay heavily for it."

"Roses are red, violets are blue. If you were a null hypothesis, I wouldn't reject you smile.gif"

"Because nothing says "Be My Valentine" like a giant yellow loofa plant"

"Bite me."


"Like a transposon, I think I’d be better in your genes"

"Tropical Flowers bring lava showers!"

"You light up my world like magnesium above a bunsen burner."

"Sometimes the most beautiful flower is the latest one to bloom. But you're a mushroom."

"Roses are red, violets are blue, my heart is lost, but not to you."

"Roses are red, violets are blue, your hair is ugly, don't waste shampoo."

"There once was a man from Nantucket... nothing funny ever happened to him."


But my favorite has to be;

"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, IN SOVIET RUSSIA, POEM WRITES YOU"

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Ah, I got a strange one from somebody a little bit ago...

Did you Ever get That Ninja Ghost Outta your Toilet?

And I replied with something along the lines of this:

Yes, yes I did. I used some "Bleach" on it. *wink wink, nudge nudge*

I don't think they got the whole joke... You have to be an anime fan to completely get it.... Well, more specifically the fan of a certain anime based on Shinigami....

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But my favorite has to be;

"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, IN SOVIET RUSSIA, POEM WRITES YOU"

Hahaha that is fantastic:P


"Happy Valentine's Day! *dragon noise*"

haha love it.


"Roses are thorny, this flower is not - the sense of this poem... I fear I forgot! "

Oh look someone who writes poems as well as I do;P


"Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again? "


"Enjoy and thanks for caring for The young Albus Severus! "

Yey Harry Potter!


"May the Flower be with you! wink.gif "

Star wars xd.png


""Things. Happening. Well, four things. Well, four things and a lizard." "



"I would enclose a clothespin for your nose but... I don't have one. Have a nice day!"

Because Flowers are smelly.


" “Dude, stow the touchy-feely, self-help yoga crap.” Jk, hope your Valentine's Day was great!!!"


"Sorry, no witty message. I just hope you like this. Have a nice day."


EDIT: how could I forget "It's laughing at me D:" a message I got with a jack in the pulpit flower xd.png

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