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Welcome to the apocalypse! I know that sounds exaggerated, but it's kind of true. Look around you; the grass is dry, buildings are deteriorating, weird new creatures have started to appear, and there aren't any adults.


What happened, you ask? Have you been asleep for the past three years? A virus spread across the world, that's what happened. It only infected those of us older then eighteen, and it quickly killed them. All of the adults are dead on this planet. This planet, in case you don't know, is Earth. It doesn't look the same, but that's simply because the atmosphere has become arid and no one is around to take care of the buildings. Also, the animals have adapted and are beginning to overpopulate.


This city is a miserable place to be, but it's the only place we have to live. We're close to farm country, which means that if you go out a bit from the city you can find animals to hunt. Everyone is afraid to do that, though, because they don't know how to take care of the animals. You can look for food in the stores, but I almost guarantee that all of it is gone. You have to hunt if you want to eat, and you'll have to find fresh water or trade for it.


The other teenagers, and kids for that matter, have become hostile and greedy. Unless you have an important thing to say to them, then they most likely will ignore you or try to steal from you. I'm different from them in that sense. I explain things to people like you; people who have been in a daze for the past few years and don't know what to do. I try to help people like you.


I mentioned animals earlier, right? Yeah, I swore to tell people about those things. The animals we knew and loved, like cats and dogs, have become ferocious monsters. We had thought the virus only infected humans, but we were wrong. It infected animals too. Everyone now has to be concerned about the animals, because they've developed a taste for blood. Human blood.


However, I talk to much. I hope I didn't scare you. I have to leave, but if you'll follow this road for a while and make a left turn you'll find a safe place to be. When you see an animal in the blue house, don't freak out. He's my friend, and I promise he won't hurt you. Now, run along and be careful. I'll see you later.




In 2017, a virus started spreading around the world. The source of it was unknown, but scientists had guessed that it was to be used in a war. Before a cure could be found for the virus, it had infected over half of the adult population of the planet. The scientists couldn't understand the virus; it infected adults but not teenagers? They worked as quickly as they could to find a cure for it, but they didn't work fast enough. The population that had been infected died. The rest of the adult population that had managed to not be infected soon got the virus, and they all died. This left only teenagers and children. The remaining population didn't know what to do with themselves now that the adults had died. They moved the bodies of the adults away from their homes, after mourning their losses, and then they all scattered. Now, after three years, the teenagers have matured and grown, but are afraid of taking control of the situation. The teenagers and children have enough common sense to know that being close to one another is safe, so they have moved closer to large cities and some have even moved into the cities. Now-a-days everyone is just trying to survive.




A virus spread and no one cares to take care of buildings, or they have no idea how to. What will this lead to? Bingo! An apocalyptic setting. Well, semi-apocalyptic. The atmosphere isn't as arid as most people think, but in the certain city all of the characters will be in (or by) there's a drought. The water has become thin in the rivers and grass has become dry and crunches under feet. The trees are doing okay, but some are dying and loosing their leaves. The buildings are in decent condition if the teenagers/kids haven't tried to blow them up or destroy them, but there are lots of holes throughout them from animals and humans trying to get in. Also, some buildings lost their roofs after some unknown thing happened and some are missing parts from the wall or corners of the buildings. If you go far enough away from the city, then you will find rotting corpses and bones. With the decaying bodies come many animals, but I'll get into those later. Basically just imagine an apocalyptic setting and then think of it as not so bad, if that makes sense.




The virus was unfamiliar to humans. It had different affects then any normal virus before, and it mutated some humans. The ones that mutated just the slightest soon died because they're bodies couldn't handle the mutation. Coughing, internal bleeding, brain deterioration, strange bumps and rashes all came with the virus. Many more symptoms were reported, and if you look through a hospital you can find a list of them. Now the virus is dormant and no one is sick with it. If a teenager was seventeen when all of the adults died, and they're now twenty, they won't get sick. The virus is dormant, and it is staying dormant. Other illnesses still pop up, but the ones that do have cures and there are no terminal diseases. (One of the tiny advantages of the virus was that it killed all of the cancer cells and the terminal diseases, so those no longer exist.) If you have questions about the virus, PM me.




As mentioned earlier, the animals have changed. Only domestic animals got infected, and that is because the adults transferred the virus to them. Instead of killing the animals, it mutated them. Now the animals are ferocious and hungry, eating their own kind if they need to. Some mutations that people have noticed are; longer teeth and claws, larger wings or talons, blood red eyes (every mutated animal has this trait), silent communication between species, and some have even heard animals talking in English. The mutations vary, but the main point is that they have adapted into much more violent predators. (Yes, fish and birds adapted. Some birds became big enough to pick up a little kid and carry them away, and some fish grew large and now have fangs. (The fish live in the underground sewers, and the birds tend to nest on top of buildings or trees.) Even a mouse has mutated, so really just any domestic animal you can think of is now hungry and is willing to eat humans. There are exceptions to this, as some of the animals are not as mutated as others and are much more docile. There's also the few animals that have managed to not get mutated, and are more normal.


You are allowed to have an animal companion. My character has an animal companion, so anyone (who asks in time) can have an animal companion. It can be completely mutated and it somehow grew attached to the human (i.e. the human saved its life, the animal feels some sort of attachment to the human, or maybe the animal was with the human before and has managed to stay with them.) You are not allowed to have an overpowered animal, and it can die. There is no mutation that makes the animal immortal, or invincible. People who have animal companions are very uncommon, so there will only be a few who are allowed to have an animal companion. Also, people with animal companions are typically made fun off or beat up, and the animal gets treated very horribly. You can figure out how you want your animal companion to be, but if you make it attack others and it is a completely unprovoked attack there may be consequences to the animal and human (I won't do anything, but that's not saying the characters in the roleplay won't. All is fair in this scenario, after all.) Again, if you have questions, PM me.




You are a young adult or teenager trying to survive. There is hardly any fresh water above ground, and the animals have become hostile. You have the option of making friends and forming alliances, or of fending for yourself and hurting others so you can survive. The plot will be updated later, if this doesn't die, and will become more interesting and it will actually have a point.




1.) All DC forum rules apply.

2.) Romance & violence must be kept to PG-13 only. It’s also a fantastic idea to PM the person you wish to get flirtatious with before you proceed to do so.

3.) No killing other characters without permission. PM them if you wish to do so.

4.) I know this is freeform, but please try to have at least 3-5 sentences per post (more then that is very nice). And one-liners are sad things. Also, grammar and punctuation are friends. Use them wisely. Please, try to be semi-lit and use proper punctuation.

5.) Put “Last of us" anywhere in your form to prove you read the rules. You won't be accepted unless this is in there somewhere.

6.) No perfect characters, and no god-modding. This means no mary-sues, no gary-stus, and the like. I shouldn’t have to say this, guys. Be original, have fun with your characters!!

7.) You can have two human characters only. If you want an animal companion, PM me. I won't talk about that in the thread.

8.) All parts of the character sheet must be filled out. Don't put "To be RPed". Just one or two lines is fine.

9.) Be nice to everyone. Don’t leave people out. Don’t suddenly make this a one on one. It isn’t very fun when it’s supposed to be a multiple people roleplay and only two people are roleplaying. (If there is any OOC arguments, I will PM everyone involved and figure out what is wrong. If you don't like someone's character, to bad. You can talk to the person who has the character, or you can drop out of the roleplay. Anytime you wish to come back you may. Please, also, keep OOC to a minimum and put it in brackets [[ ]] or parenthesis (( )). This is the longest rule, but it is the most important one.)

10.) Hey, vary your characters! I'm including sexuality in the sheet, and I'll even put a quirks section. I like different characters; they make the world go round.

11.) If you will be going away for a while, PM me. We can figure out what to do with your character.

12.) I am god. (Not really x3) I have the right to change the rules.

13.) Forgot to say, please PM me the forms!

Down be shy to PM me if you have any questions! <3


~Character Sheet~



Character name: (Can be first middle and last, just first, or a nickname they go by. If nickname, please provide their first name.)

Age: (Between 7 and 21, since that is the oldest they could be at this time.)

Gender: (What they were born as)

--Do they identify as a different gender?: (If so, what gender?)

--Sexuality: (Any sexuality you want. Transexual, asexual, bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual, etc!)

--What sexuality do they portray?:

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: (They don't have to immediately; I don't expect them too. It would be appreciated if you PM me when you figure out if they do, or I will allow you to put a little note in OOC on your post when you talk with the other person about it.)

Appearance: (Picture or description is fine. If picture, anime or real is accepted.)

Personality: (Remember, you have to put at least one sentence to explain their personality. No "To be RPed")

--Quirks the character has?: (Can be anything, really! Are they chivalrous, or do they bite their nails? You may list off little quirks about them, if you please to.)

History: (Same as personality, no "To be RPed"!)

--Any secrets?: (Can be something simple, or super extravagant. If it has something to do with mutations or the virus or anything like that, please PM me or explain how they know it in this section.)

Other: (Anything I missed? Your magic word to get accepted may be placed here, if that is what you wish.)


(Whoa, that's a super detailed character sheet cx. Please fill it all out though! <3 I will give you the animal sheet if you ask for it and there is room for you to have an animal! Also, I forgot to say above and I'm to lazy to edit it now, you can have three humans if AND ONLY IF two of the characters are related. So have a younger brother/sister, older brother/sister, twin or whatever kind of sibling if you want.)

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~~Accepted Forms~~




Username: Lil'liz

Character name: Lizzie (Elizabeth) June

Age: 19

Gender: Girl

--Do they identify as a different gender?: No

--Sexuality: Pansexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Straight

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: Not at the moment.

Appearance: Lizzie is very striking to look at. The reason that is is because she has only one arm. She is primarily right handed, and the only remaining part of her left arm is where her shoulder is. She has brown hair that is cut very short, just coming down to the end of her neck, and she has baby blue eyes. She is very skinny for her age, and she is of medium height. She wears anything she finds comfortable, but her most common look is green cargo pants tucked into black boots, and a light weight, patterned blue t-shirt. She wears a string friendship bracelet and another bracelet that has writing on it. She keeps the bracelet with writing on it turned down and gets embarrassed when it is facing upwards.

Personality: Lizzie is a jumble of personality all in one bag. She is naturally a kind girl and she cares about other people even if they don't care about her, which typically leads her to sticky situations she could have avoided. She likes to tell jokes and goof around, not wanting to admit she is now an adult. She is stubborn, but this is what makes her a good leader. When she needs to, Lizzie matures and becomes quite serious. She is protective of younger people, and she can stand her ground against those who are close to her age. She can insult people if they insult her or her animal, and she isn't afraid to get in a fight. She is also incredibly smart, which surprises people, and she is a planner. She has learned to not listen to the insults other people throw her way, but if they strike a certain chord (about her past and on occasion her missing arm) she will go off and start swearing at the person. This alarms people, and when she has been set off she has to cool down for a bit.

--Quirks the character has?: When she is alone, she hums a certain tune to herself. If someone asks what the tune is, she becomes quiet and says she wasn't humming. She also calls her animal companion Jace, although pretty much anyone can figure out that isn't the animals true name. She is typically very calm about the situation she is in now, and she does her best to help people who are afraid or confused. She has a tendency for pulling on her shirt or pants, or she messes with her hair when she is talking about something she doesn't like to talk about.

History: She grew up with scientists. Her best friend, Jack, was a scientist in training. Lizzie was always curious about things people told her to avoid, and she always investigated them. One day, when she and Jack were out, she found a strange crevice between two rocks. She went over to investigate it, although Jack told her not to, and she thought she saw something glint inside the crack. She put her left arm in and felt around, but suddenly the crevice widened and several rocks fell into it. Those rocks broke her arm. She tried to pull it out, and with the assistance of some strange liquid, managed to free it. She and Jack rushed back to the laboratory he was studying at, and at the same time the strange liquid was absorbing into her veins and mixing with her blood. They got to the laboratory and the scientists inspected Lizzie's arm. They decided, reluctantly, that it had to be amputated. The liquid had already made it to her bicep, and everyone was worried about what it would do if it got to her head. They knocked her out and performed the amputation. It went smoothly, and she woke up.

However, that was all before the virus spread.

When the virus arrived, Lizzie had no faith that the adults would survive. She had studied up on survival tactics and how to take care of wounds, but she was careless about that because she had Jack. She also met another person who she quickly befriended while the virus was in affect, and his name was Jace. Jace taught her how to do things that would be difficult for her, with only having one arm, and he taught her how to hunt. When she and her two close friends were out, a mutated animal attacked the group. It managed to kill Jace(or so she thinks), and she and Jack had to retreat back to their town. Jack didn't believe that Jace died, so he went out to find him. He never returned. Even now, Lizzie has no idea if either of the boys are alive or dead.

Since then, Lizzie has become very good at hunting and gathering water and vegetation. She also knows how to treat her wounds, and she is good at setting up traps. Her past makes her depressed, and she absolutely hates talking about it.

--Any secrets?: Because of her horrid past, Lizzie always fakes smiles. She constantly has a facade up, and only her animal companion understands how she feels. She also knows where the supply of medicine for illnesses, pain killers, etc is. She is, because of her past, afraid to like someone. She worries that they will get torn from her as brutally as her former friends were, so she always tries to keep a small wall up between herself and others.

Other: She was in love with one of the boys from her past. What one it is, she will never say. She also has an animal companion (see below).


Animal Name: Leon (she commonly calls him Jace though)

Animal species: Dog, an Australian Shepard.

Animal gender: boy

Animal Appearance: Like a normal Australian shepard, but with a long, full tail and one of his ears is flopped down and the other is straight up.

Animal age: 4

Animal personality: Leon is incredibly loyal and smart. He helps Lizzie whenever he can, and she and him are inseparable. He is very protective of Lizzie and would sacrifice his life for her. He understand Lizzie's feelings because he also feels them, and he is able to communicate to her about them with his mutation. He helps Lizzie set up traps and he hunts small animals for her, knowing that he will get more then enough of the animal he kills to eat. He is a cute dog, always trying to make Lizzie smile by doing some silly thing only a dog would do. He tries to be good spirited for Lizzie, but sometimes he just gets down and sulks with her. The two are best friends, and if anything happened to either of them the other would be devastated.

Animal history: Leon was originally Jace's dog. When Jace didn't come back one day, he went over to Lizzie and tried to find out where he went (without being able to communicate with her, it proved to be very difficult.) He knew Lizzie because he was almost always with Jace when the three friends gathered, and so he could tell something was wrong. Lizzie adopted Leon, and then the virus appeared. Leon got infected early on, but Lizzie was able to prevent him from harming anyone by putting herself in the way when he got ready to pounce on a little kid. He stopped himself because he recognized Lizzie and has mellowed down a great deal. Ever since then, the two have been together and have survived.

Animal mutation: Leon has one major mutation, and that is being able to communicate to other canine like creatures telepathically. He has worked with his mutation and can also communicate with Lizzie, although his grammar is bad and he pronounces things incorrectly often. The fur on the lower part of his legs has also fallen off and it is replaced with black, reptilian like scales. His paws are still furry, and the fur goes to just his ankle and then stops. His eyes are red, and he has a few brightly colored feathers sticking out from his long, curly tail.


Username: lil’liz

Character name: Vin (Vincent) Larcey

Age: 16

Gender: Male

--Do they identify as a different gender?: Nah

--Sexuality: Homosexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Any. He flirts with whoever he thinks is attractive.

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: Not at this particular moment.

Appearance: Vin has dark hair, brown or black, no one really knows, and it is cut so it covers his left eye. He typically has it pinned back with a bobby pin so you can see both of his eyes. His eyes are dark green and in a certain light they look black. He is tall and skinny, standing at 5’11’’. He wears black jeans, skinny, and a blue hoodie with a biohazard sign on it. He wears blue converse as well, and he has multiple bracelets around his wrist.

Personality: Vin is a nice boy, more or less. He’s one of those boys that likes to interject what he thinks, but he’s actually quite good about telling when he should definitely keep quiet (He still interjects even if he should keep quite). He likes to poke fun at people and he annoys a lot of people, but that is just one side of him. The other side is actually shy and shows how smart he really is. He truly cares about people, and if he pokes fun at someone or annoys them then it’s a sign of his affection. He’ll reject that statement though and says he cares about no one. He’ll then go on to make fun of the person. If he hurts someone’s feelings he’ll find them, make sure no one is around, and apologize. He just likes to make fun of people, boast, and be mysterious (which is something he is quite good at). He is a bit of a narcissist, saying he is amazing and that everyone should love him. He loves sarcasm as well, and he says it’s his best friend. All in all, he’s kind, but he can be very annoying and a little rude.

--Quirks the character has?: He loves to pick on Lizzie, and anyone that she associates with. Most people thinks he likes her, but he says it is quite the opposite. He enjoys being brave and smiling, although if someone catches him doing it he’ll get embarrassed and show his other, nicer side. When he is talking one on one with someone, he drops his other half and is just himself. He runs his hands through his hair a lot and enjoys touching peoples hair, which he does very casually. He also states the obvious and he makes jokes at the wrong moments.

History: He grew up normally, with a mom, dad and twin sister. The virus appeared, and he lost his parents. He then tried to protect his sister from wild animals, but they wounded her and she fell behind. She died. The animals hurt him badly too, and if he is ever wearing shorts you can see a horrible scar on his right leg. He now lives by the town, and he is trying his best to learn how to survive by himself.

--Any secrets?: He’s afraid of animals. If any animal is around, besides ones the humans are friends with, he’ll quietly make his way away from them. He also is afraid that people will hate him, truly hate him, if they find out he’s gay. He keeps this under wraps, but he hates the fact that he flirts with anyone. He’s worried people will suspect things. He doesn’t like when people suspect things.





Username: Narath

Character name: Ian Johnson

Age: 17

Gender: Male

--Do they identify as a different gender?: No

--Sexuality: Heterosexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Male

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: None at the moment

Appearance: 6 foot 2, messy blonde hairs that reaches the top of his jaw, deep blue blue eyes, some stubble, thin and angular face, skinny, lanky, wears blue jeans, leather belt, grey t-shirt, and a brown leather jacket. Will often be wearing a long machete in a sheath attached to his belt when going out, and an analog wristwatch with a thick leather strap. Is also armed with a beretta pistol in a holster attached to his right leg, and carries an old lever action rifle. Ian got both guns from his workplace which was easy to loot once all the adults were gone, and the machete once belonged to his dad.

Personality: Shy, solitary, friendly, kind, courteous, gentlemanly, easily hurt.

--Quirks the character has?:

-Nerdy (smart).

-Shakes leg or cracks knuckles when impatient, nervous, or bored.

-Knows lots of random facts and sometimes useful information.

-Sucker for romance.

History: Used to live on a farm, was a smart kid in school, loved video games and books, loved pretty much anything sci-fi or fantasy, loved to build things, was not very close with family, never really got into a relationship (like, not even one date).

--Any secrets?:

-Has never been on a date.

Other: Has an animal companion (see below)


Animal Name: Argus

Animal species: Coyote

Animal gender: Male

Animal Appearance: Has six red eyes, silver fur, longer than normal claws and teeth, and is twice as large as a normal coyote.

Animal age: 7

Animal personality: Protective, helpful, loyal

Animal history: Ian had befriended the animal when he left his home. The coyote had confronted him as Ian attempted to leave, and in an attempt to perhaps distract or befriend the creature, offered it a few vegetables he still had from the farm. Remembering that before the virus, it used to eat them all the time, the coyote accepted the gift, and since then has followed Ian around.

Animal mutation: The coyote is now double the size of a regular one thanks to the mutations. It also had to additional sets of eyes, each one further back along the sides of it's head to allow for a wider field of vision. It's claws and teeth have lengthened as well.




Username: Lore_Master

Character name: Ryan Silva

Age: 20

Gender: Male

--Do they identify as a different gender?: N/A

--Sexuality: Asexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Heteroromantic

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: N/A

Personality: Ryan has developed something of a nihilist attitude, due to the seeming hopelessness he sees for the world. And yet he still finds the energy to get up and survive another day, if only because he would hate himself for just 'giving up'. He has a hard time trusting others, often finding it hard enough to trust himself with anything. Beyond that, he is probably one of the more knowledgeable people when it comes to survival. Such bits including collecting moisture from the air, and knowing the vital arteries of the more dangerous wild life. While he isn't anti-social, he doesn't feel the need to speak up unless the situation calls for it.

Appearance: Ryan has messy brown hair, self-cut with the bangs missing. He has blue eyes with a pair of glasses over them that are literately being held together by duck tape. He is rather short, standing at 5'7 and weighs just under 120 pounds. For clothing, he tends to wear jeans and a good pair of shoes. In the warmer months, he wears a short sleeve shirt. During the winter its mostly long-sleeves with a winter jacket. He also carries a backpack with the essentials.

--Quirks the character has?: Tends to fidget with his fingers when he's nervous or agitated. He also doesn't tend to explain his actions, such as how he knows the proper way of treating infections.

History: Ryan grew up on the East coast before the first cases of the virus popped up. He was considered a latchkey kid, and often came home to an empty house. His parents were scientists for a major pharmaceutical company. Over time, they came home less and less, as they worked around the clock to find a cure for the virus. Unfortunately, he never got to say good-bye to his parents, as they joined the growing list of casualties. When the survivors started to gather, he tried to rally them into rebuilding. Most just left within a week, either because of apathy or survival concerns. He eventually left his home and began to wander the country with nothing more then his family's rifle, a crowbar and his old-world smarts.

--Any secrets?: Ryan has developed something of an inferiority complex, stemming from failure after failure of trying to help rebuild his home. While he doesn't show or talk about it, he feels worthless and seems himself as a waste of potential and resources.




Character name: Haakon Knutsen

Age: 15.

Gender: Male

--Sexuality: Gay.

--What sexuality does he portray? Straight.

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: None yet.

Appearance: Haakon

Personality: Very slightly shy. Very smart, slightly reclusive, slightly depressed. Is rude when interrupted but very funny and a great friend when you get to know him.

--Quirks the character has?: He taps. Chews pencils. Drops things behind the back of things.

History: All normal until the age of 10, when his parents divorced. Soon after, the infectious plague swept through. However, his father wasn't killed by the plague, his mother stabbed him in a jealous rage. Very soon after, she died from the plague while Haakon was buying paper. He learned English when he was 5, and Japanese when 12. His native language is Norwegian.

--Any secrets?: No other secrets.

Other: Veggie.




Username: Thaelasan

Character name: Luther "Luke" Artemis Calister.

Age: 20

Gender: Male

--Do they identify as a different gender?: No

--Sexuality: Heterosexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Heterosexual

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: Luke isn't one to easily make crushes on people. Unlike children who fall into what Luke refers to sardonically as "puppy love", Luke knows well of what love really is. He already lost a loved one to this world. It'll take a strong woman who protects him just as much as he protects her for him to open up again. Appearance: (I may draw him later.) Because I have always wanted to be able to use this as my appearance in a post apocalyptic roleplay. Don't judge me.

Under the mask and coat, Luke's spiked black-brown hair and green eyes overshadow a face with two long jagged scars down one cheek. When questioned, he refers to the beast who did it as "The Shadow Hunter," his mortal enemy, and the thing he will not rest until he finds and kills.

Personality: Luke is a quiet sort of man, determined, with a leadership aura around him. Due to his age, he continually tries to demand seniority over any children in his vicinity, trying to keep them safe. Stories have spread through the children under him of the feared "Shadow Hunter" who lurks in the forests, killing bad kids who don't do what they're told.

The truth is, Luke wishes he didn't have to take care of the children. He truly wants to devote all his time to hunting down the beast who took his girlfriend from him and left him with the scar upon his cheek, a monstrous creature who hides in the forests around the settlement he created with his girlfriend a year ago. He will not leave this area until he has found and killed the beast but he will supply things for people should they come and ask.

He is not rude, he is simply blunt. His outspoken personality and quick remarks have made him a sharp-tongued menace of sorts, depending on the situation. However, he's normally correct when it comes to his assumptions, even though he can be quite the prick about it.

--Quirks the character has?:

1. Can normally be found forging small weapons from scrap iron to give to the children who he believes to be "trusting." Also forges arrows and such. If not spoken to or if outside of a conversation, he may go sit down and carve wooden sculptures of either his girlfriend or the "Shadow Hunter."

2. Will scrap his knife on nearby objects to get attention, if he thinks it's necessary.

3. Despises disputes and will immediately become violent should the dispute become violent in itself.

4. Kind yet firm to children, sort of like an older brother rather than a father. Other people close to his age make him uncomfortable, due to his closed nature. Women, especially, make him shelter himself, for he explains that he won't speak to another woman lovingly until he has killed the Shadow Hunter and atoned for his apparent sin.

5. Normally wears his mask regardless of the situation, simply because it gives him a reputation.

History: Luther started out in the world having already been a survivor. His brothers, a pair of ruffians, would constantly take him out to the woods, only to leave him there to survive on his own. His parents were always away, leaving him isolated and alone.

One day, while out in the woods, he sensed something wrong in his home. The forest had become sort of a home to him rather than his house, and he could feel something off about it. It was the virus, contaminating everything in his forest and leaving him untouched.

When he finally came back home as usual, he found his family, dying. His two cruel brothers, their bodies mutated, crawled to him, begging him for help.

He gave them help. He killed them both as a mercy. He knew they could not be saved. His parents had also died, but for them he actually gave a proper burial.

He gave the remains of his brothers to a large pit he dug, throwing them in unceremoniously. He cared not if they came back as spirits. They did not deserve a funeral.

With that, he headed back to his home, and a year later found himself fighting in those same woods. Suddenly, two arrows buried themselves in the two animals he was facing, throwing them to the ground. He turned to look and was immediately charmed.

A beautiful huntress with a tiger by her side stood there.

After much talking, they became inseparable. They built a settlement and housed children, treating them as their own. They hunted in the countryside, bringing back food to the children and keeping them healthy. Their lives were peaceful.

Then, came the Shadow Hunter. Luke remembers it only as a large, black beast with six arms and silent movements. It struck him down to the ground, slashing across his face and leaving a scar. Before it could kill him, his lover, Alleah, charged at the creature with her own mutated tiger and took it down, holding it.

She told him to flee. He grabbed his blade and attempted to kill the beast.

It backhanded him. He flew backward, down a long, painful hill until he reached the bottom and all went black.

When he awoke and went back to where she had been, all he found was blood and pieces of her clothing. Believing her dead, he swore he would slay the Shadow Hunter in her name. He took her blade and bow, and headed out into the forest to prepare.

The beast would die.

--Any secrets?: The bow and blade of his lover, as well as venom taken from snakes in the forest. If the venom is applied to a blade or arrow, it will cause intense, burning pain in its victims. The arrows can actually cause death.

Other: Has an animal companion (see below)


Animal name: Vrexallus "Rex"

Animal species: A wolf-like creature called a "Huskar" by Luke, a pun on Husky and an ancient group of warriors.Animal gender: Male

Animal appearance: However, Vrexallus resembles the loyal dog breed only in action. It has four tails which are normally kept separated. Each of its legs are covered in thick fur, as well as its body. Though its actually intimidating when Vrexallus is agitated, its very pleasant to the touch and is shed often enough that Luke uses it to make jackets and other comfort items for the people he serves.

There are two, large, smooth spikes of bone emerging from Vrexallus' forehead, similar to a lance - one reason for the name of his species. They are also shed quite normally and are dangerous piece of material. Luke either makes weapons out of them or carves them into statues resembling friends in his party - if they're close enough to him.

The only truly odd thing about Vrexallus are his feet. Instead of paws, jagged, clawlike appendages jut out of what would normally be padded feet.

Animal age: 5

Animal personality: Domesticated and loyal, quite like a dog. He enjoys playing with other dog species and acts quite like one in nature. However, his intelligence and agility have increased due to evolution.

Luke only shows a select, trusted few this other secret - Vrexallus ADORES being scratched, especially between his horns. He will normally calm down if someone does it, reverting back to his normal self after being angered.

History: Vrexallus is part of a species Luke has termed "Huskar". Their many new additions are each equally important to their survival. Though they travel in packs like their ancestors, they are also territorial. Alpha males normally have the largest frontal horns and use them to battle other males quite like rams.

Their clawed feet are used to keep a firm hold of the ground during these frequent conflicts and also assist in removing flesh from prey along with their mouths. They are shed often and Luke has found that he needs to clip them from time to time.

Their four tails help them not only gain momentum and keep direction but also assist in camouflage. They will shroud themselves with their tails against the cold and against prying eyes. They also use their tails to attract mates with expert movements.

Luke found Vrexallus while traveling the tundra after a shipwreck. He was close to death and forced to continually find shelter.

Vrexallus had left his pack - an often fatal decision - after what Luke theorizes was a lost conflict against another Alpha male.

At first, Vrexallus charged Luke, and Luke barely managed to grab the creature's horns and hold him back.

For ten minutes in the blizzard and snow, Luke battled Vrexallus, keeping the headstrong creature at bay. With a final, adrenaline-fueled movement, Luke flipped the creature over and leapt on top of him, pinning him down. For a few moments, Vrexallus snarled and tried to get back up, but Luke held him down. For some reason, Luke never drew his knife to kill him.

After that, Vrexallus wandered behind Luke from a far distance, wary and uncertain. Though he would not attack him outright, he also didn't seem unwilling. Yet each day Vrexallus drew closer to Luke each time Luke turned back.

Somehow, the two reached the edge of the tundra, a large, mainly intact boat before Luke's eyes.

He stepped aboard.

So did Vrexallus.

From that day on, the two of them were inseparable. They are extremely loyal to one another and refuse to leave the other's side if they can help it. Luke has even carried Vrexallus upon his shoulders when the poor creature was wounded. Similarly, Vrexallus fiercely protected Luke several times when Luke was knocked unconscious.

Vrexallus is almost a brother to Oedipus and the two play often.


Username: Thaelasan

Character name: Alleah "Leah" Deborah Fjord.

Age: 20

Gender: Female

--Do they identify as a different gender?: No

--Sexuality: Heterosexual but sometimes comes off as tomboyish.

--What sexuality do they portray?: Heterosexual

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: Used to be heavily in a relationship with Luke. Doesn't remember that now.

Appearance: A lithe and beautiful young woman, well-endowed, with amber eyes. Her face is tanned from the time she has spent in the forests hunting. She also normally has some sort of blood on her face to hide her scent. Her brown-blonde hair is either tied into a braid or hanging loosely behind her. She wears leather armaments similar to Luke's.

Personality: Currently quite distant. She seems to be trying to remember something with great difficulty. She isn't much for talking, mimicking Luke in that regard. However, unlike Luke, she is much more kind-hearted and outspoken when it comes to protecting the weak, something Luke envies. Her maternal nature may be due to what is currently going on around them, of course.

--Quirks the character has?: Will immediately run to defend children in danger.

2. Pets her tiger, Oedipus, often when in thought.

History: Alleah remembers everything up to two years ago. She was once an orphan in a home and became a big sister to the rest of the children who she lived with. As they got adopted, she became more and more forlorn about ever being chosen.

However, that soon became no problem at all. With the outbreak, she was finally allowed freedom from the constraints of the orphanage - and she took advantage of it. She began to thrive in the wild environment, becoming a huntress of legend.

Then, two years ago is a blank to her, but she and Luke - her beloved - were attacked by the Shadow Hunter and separated. She has a scar similar to Luke's on the back of her neck thanks to this encounter.

--Any secrets?: Her hidden past.

Other: Has an animal companion (see below)


Animal name: Oedipus

Animal species: Affectionately termed a "sphinx", it does indeed resemble its namesake. It's more like a tiger than a lion in the tail, however. He also does have a quite intimidating humanoid appearance but not a human face, more like a humanoid lion face that seems it could speak at any moment.

Animal gender: Male

Animal appearance: It was originally a liger by the look of things. Mutations and adaptations have caused it to grow a small pair of wings which allow for drifting and short term flight. However, it has not evolved hollow bones, meaning that it has no capability of supporting much more weight than itself when flying. It can however use the wings to speed its running when on the hunt.

It has long, sabertooth like front-teeth, an anthropromorphic face, and a long lion-tiger tail. It has a third eye on the very peak of its forehead which is normally closed.

Animal age: 5

Animal personality: Quite mature and standoffish until it comes to Leah and sometimes even Luke. Though Leah does not recognize her once beloved, Oedipus immediately tackled the man. Luke, unable to fight against it, was forced to tell Leah a sideways excuse.

He's quite hard to gain the trust of. He's fiercely protective of children and sometimes allows the boldest of them to ride him when he's feeling friendly. He seems more at home in the wild than in a settlement, occasionally wandering off back into the forest. He always returns.

History: Oedipus is part of a very rare species, since ligers are rare to begin with. Because of his life in a dense jungle and with new sources of food gaining the capability to fly, a lot of ligers who previously were hampered by their natures took to the skies for short times as well.

HIs wise, humanoid appearance earned him his name. Leah found him shortly after Luke found her. She wished to find a pet of her own and the two searched for a worthy being which she could tame.

Oedipus was not an easy catch. However, Leah is not one to be downtrodden. Instead of running, she leapt upon Oedipus' back and forced him to submit in a quicker amount of time than Luke did with Vrexallus - which she never let him live down.

Strangely, Oedipus despises most people who dare to walk near Leah without his consent and will often make his presence VERY known, even going so far as to butt against the person or roar at them viciously. He has never done this to Luke, another reason why Leah suspects she knows Luke from before.




Username: Raven301

Character name: Cyril Martin

Age: 18

Gender: Male

--Do they identify as a different gender?: N/A

--Sexuality: Heterosexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Heterosexual

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: Nope

Appearance: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-LApjkIMWbKc/TzV0.../s1600/Dean.png

Personality: Cyril is somewhat shy and doesn't trust easy, preferring to distance himself from someone and observe them without them noticing before introducing himself. Underneath his general layer of anti social glares and pokes Cyril is very kind and loyal to the few who have gained his trust and would gladly put himself in harms way for his friends.

--Quirks the character has?: When he gets nervous Cyril tends to start insulting those around him, if he insults you in a high-tension situation, ignore him.

History: When they were growing up Cyril, Cyrene, and Cecelia, triplets, were very close, doing most everything together, but they still had other friends. However when the three were 11 Cecelia drowned at sea and the remain two sibling drew even closer in on themselves, blocking the rest of the world out and blaming the universe for what happened to their sister.

--Any secrets?: Cyril enjoys studying healing and medicine and before the disease broke out planned to become a doctor.



Username: Raven301

Character name: Cyrene Martin

Age: 18

Gender: Female

--Do they identify as a different gender?: N/A

--Sexuality: Bisexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Heterosexual

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: Nope

Appearance: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l6ivxyoo...zmrwlo1_400.jpg

Personality: Cyrene is a lot like her brother in that she is slow to trust but very loyal once she does, but Cyrene has a more vulnerable side full of curiosity and wonder. This makes her slightly more trusting than Cyril but if she trusts you or not she will constantly be asking you questions about anything and everything that comes to mind.

--Quirks the character has?: Cyrene is terrified of water and when she gets scared she sings.

History: When they were growing up Cyril, Cyrene, and Cecelia, triplets, were very close, doing most everything together, but they still had other friends. However when the three were 11 Cecelia drowned at sea and the remain two sibling drew even closer in on themselves, blocking the rest of the world out and blaming the universe for what happened to their sister.

--Any secrets?: She has only ever told her brother of her water phobia and is very self conscious about it.





Username: LeviathinGeneral

Character name: Blaze

Age: 16


--Do they identify as a different gender?: N/A

--Sexuality: Straight

--What sexuality do they portray?: Straight

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: N/A

Appearance: 6'8, Black hair(White streak in the left back), Right eye reddish brown, left black. Light dark complexion running from left of nose to near the top of left ear. Wears aviation/welders goggles on head. Has a bomber jacket, a black t-shirt, and gray jeans. Wears a pair of leather boots.

Personality: Intelligent, daring, somewhat rash.

--Quirks the character has?:

~Has not talked in about a year.

~Before the outbreak, Blaze could wields swords and fire bows (his dad owned an antique weapons shop) and still has retained the knowledge, traveling with a recurve bow, hand-and-half-sword with dual eagle hilt, and two smaller curved sabers. He also carries quite a few knifes.

History:Blaze was 13 when the outbreak happened. His father had died three years before, and his mother was called (being an expert in animal genetics) by the government to go to a local lab in regards to a test. When there, he watched as they took a wolf pup, and using the virus, allowed ts genetic make-up to change, turning it into a different animal all together. But the plague spread in the lab, and he watched as his mother, in her final moments, mutated the beast so that it would receive a different mutation. Blaze passed out, and awoke to find the pup being the only other living thing in the lab. He took the young pup, whom he named Ashes, buried his other, and then by and beast armed themselves and head into the wood. They stay'd there, hunting and scavenging until one day, Blaze noticed smoke in the city. After this incident the two have begun to explore in the changed place that was once their homes.

--Any secrets?: The eyes changing color and the white streak were caused by the same thing that made Ashes eyes blue and made him act more like a regular animal. They might contain a cure to making the mutations less volatile.....Blaze hasn't talked because he had no one really to talk to. He and Ashes have a mental link caused by the mutated plague.



Animal Name: Ashes

Animal species: Wolf originally, know a mutated specimen. Has white wings a blue eyes with grey fur. The wings are feathered

Animal gender: Male

Animal age: 3-4 years.

Animal personality: Loyal, strong, defensive. Better judge of character than Blaze

Animal history: Read Blaze's history.

Animal mutation: White feathered wings, Blue eyes that reflect light and may glow (Blaze can't tell if he is imagining it or not) Enhanced senses


*Raptor of Dragons*


Username: RoD

Character name: Zoey Smith

Age: 16

Gender: Female

--Do they identify as a different gender?: No

--Sexuality: Heterosexual

--What sexuality do they portray?:

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: No

Appearance: Zoey

Personality: Unlike other kids, Zoey is wild and adventurous nad will get herself stuck in some situations that she can hardly get out of. She is very loyal to any friends she has and will defend them at any costs.

--Quirks the character has?: Zoey is really chivalrous, defending anyone weaker than her.

History: Zoey was 13 and trying to live her life when the plague came out. When her mother died a few days afterwards, it hit Zoey very hard as she didn't know her father, but always remembered that her mom always told her she was like her dad.

--Any secrets?: She has been into giraffes since she was four

Other: She wishes to have an animal companion




Username: Narvix

Character name: Michelle "Mike" Favin

Age: 19 years

Gender: Female

--Do they identify as a different gender?: Yes, Male

--Sexuality: Pansexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Pansexual

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: N/A

Appearance: Mike is on the taller side of the average height, roughly 5'10" without shoes. His hair is cut short, cropped more in the back and spiked to fashion the tail-end of a duck while there are two longer locks in the front reaching the corners of his eyes as bangs. However, they're trimmed frequently to stay out of his face and hugging the sides of his facial structure rather than hanging down the middle. The middle of his hair is kept from reaching the base of his ears. Its natural color is a dark brown but, after having found some dye, he now sports random streaks of purple, blue, and green.

Traveling away from his hair, Mike's skin is certainly tanned from being outside as often as possible. It's a bit rough and/or dry from weather exposure, especially his hands as he tends to favor working with them. Next are his eyes, resting just above angular facial features and almost visible cheekbones; they are dark maple in color, rung by a circle of black at the edges of his irises, and sit beneath gently arched eyebrows. His nose has a slight bump in the center of the bridge and appears a bit crooked; broken and revealed after being punched in the face some years ago during a fight.

Looking closer, it can be noticed that Mike does, indeed, have curves suitable to his feminine frame and generous layer of flesh. Mike has never been concerned about his figure, disdained by the idea of anyone wanting to be nothing but skin and bones. As such, he's happy with his thicker frame but he wouldn't allow for himself to grow any sort of overweight. Some of his mass is from muscle and some is from natural body fat. Last he knew of it, his weight checked out to be something between 147 and 163 pounds.

Under the loose and tattered clothes with faded skulls or plain colors, a score of bandages are wrapped firmly around his chest, flattening the breasts of a young woman the best that can be done. He doesn't care that he has a feminine form but he's always felt that breasts simply got in the way of things. Due to this, he doesn't care if people notice him without a shirt on; he wears the bandages at all times for, in the case of other people who do happen to catch him shirtless, the sake of modesty. More often than not, he likes to wear shorts and wife beaters, even in slightly cooler weather.

Personality: Mike is rather a flirt and will come off as playful towards almost everyone. Unless you rub him the wrong way. While he doesn't care what people think of him, you'll earn some points for at least acknowledging his preference of being male and more points for speaking to him (or about him) using masculine pronouns. However, you'll get negative points if you decide that his body or mentality is anything weak. Now, what he does care about is how you treat his kid sister or any child for that matter. He won't hesitate to take you to the ground and seriously screw you up.

--Quirks the character has?: Mike worries his lower lip a lot when he's any sort of nervous; as in, he bits it for those who don't understand what that means. He does favor going shirtless on hot days and, if he knows that no one is coming around for awhile, he'll remove the bandages so his skin stays as uniform in color as possible. Like anyone else, he has his pet peeves and things he can get excited about. The peeves include people bullying his sister, maliciously making jabs at his body versus gender identification, and his hair growing longer than preferred. What he enjoys most are sweets; when he can find them that is.

History: There's not much to his history that he considers special or interesting. Mike has always felt uncomfortable as a girl, wearing dresses and playing with dolls. He took more to being rough in his play, favored running about and getting dirty. He was thirteen or fourteen when he firmly decided that he wanted to be male. His parents had conflicting thoughts about this. His dad showed more support, the sort of man who had always wanted a son to go fishing or hunting or discussing sports with. Mike's mom didn't seem so thrilled but, eventually he came to accept the idea of her little Michelle wanting to be Mike.

--Any secrets?: Michelle once kissed a girl and Mike liked it ;D. Nah, nothing really. He's always been an open person; just gotta ask questions and he'll answer them.

Other: Mike does have very minimal, feminine, tendencies that are very rare to witness. He's always working hard to make sure he can provide for Kate.


Username: Narvix

Character name: Kate "Katty" Favin

Age: 15 years

Gender: Female

--Do they identify as a different gender?: No

--Sexuality: Asexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Asexual

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: N/A

Appearance: Kate has very similar features to her brother but her growth was more curbed, leaving her no taller than 5'3" without shoes. She is very fragile looking with sharp facial features, maple eyes dully lit, dark brown hair falling in faint waves to the bottom of her shoulder blades, and tiny build. If she doesn't look like she has much meat on her bones, it's because she doesn't. Where her flesh is thinest, such as elbows or shoulders, her joints and bones tend to show more than they should. To cover for this, she wears clothes that are usually a size or two larger and she is usually seen wearing long jeans, a long sleeved shirt and/or a coat of sorts.

She's underweight and easy to fall ill, the physical repercussions of a long standing eating disorder. Thin scars have also turned the undersides of her arms and legs into tally boards, testimony to countless days of inflicting self harm. Often, it's not really easy for people to notice her deteriorated form, taking the belief that she's simply a tiny creature. Along with her constant, concealing, clothing, Kate likes to keep her hair in a low ponytail or braid.

Her fingers are bony and nimble, appearing longer than they actually are. Her skin is pale from lack of nutrients found in food and her lips are thin. Unlike her brother's, her skin is softer and less used to hard work.

Personality: Kate is very hard on herself. She judges every little flaw she sees about her, even if it isn't true. Given her self hatred, she sometimes ends up verbally lashing out at those close to her and then shuts herself away from sight. On a good day, however, she's more accepting of herself and can be seen smiling, faintly, about one amusement or another.

--Quirks the character has?: She hates it when her brother frets about her. She's constantly seen picking at something, be it biting her nails off, pulling out some strands of hair, fidgeting with her sleeves, or even trying to tear her skin off; it's hard to tell if this is a nervous tick or simply an uneasy habit. Shiny things highly attract her but you'll never see her with a mirror.

History: As a little girl, she was very happy. She loved playing with Barbie and Ken dolls with her older sister; Michelle always favored being Ken. The two grew close as siblings often did and Kate would usually go to Michelle when she was upset or her mother if Kate wasn't around. However, at about age ten, her happy personality began to turn and she, the subject of bullies in the wake of Michelle becoming Mike, began to take the harsh words to heart. She was eleven when she began harming herself, first trying to starve herself while trying to avoid her parents' questioning. When starvation wasn't working as easily as planned, she began using razor blades and sharp pencils to cut at her skin.

Mike caught on quickly to what Kate was doing in her privacy and, thoroughly upset, brought it to her parents attention. Therapy sessions ensued shortly after and medical examinations became routine but Kate didn't return to her former, healthy self.

--Any secrets?: She still has her eating disorder but does the best she can to hide that from Mike. Also hidden as best as possible from everyone is her habit of self harm.

Other: Only her older sibling is allowed to call her "Kitty-Kat" and she is constantly labeled as his kid-sister despite her protests of not being a kid anymore.




Username: groundporkchops

Character name: Alva Frostlilja Hjort (Commonly referred to as Flake for her middle name, her brother calls her midget on occasion) Her name means Elf Frost-flower deer for random trivia.

Age: 16

Gender: Female

--Do they identify as a different gender?: no but she is a bit of a tomboy.

--Sexuality: Bisexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Bisexuality

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: Not yet. Maybe once she lowers her own mental and emotional barriers she might.

Appearance: Pale white-blond hair to her shoulders, rough because she cut it herself and blue-green eyes. Pale skin but often looks brown as she cannot spare fresh water to wash. Several scars in her hands. She is about 5'5 and slim, small chested and small hipped. She wears a dark green jacket with a brown t-shirt and tan-brown jeans and collects whatever clothing she can find to use as spares and rags. She often foregoes shoes and runs with bare feet in most cases, unless venturing into areas with glass or metal.

Personality: Quiet around those she doesn't trust but once she opens up is louder and more exuberant. She has a very grim perspective on life, something common with most of the survivors of the Virus. However, she tries to stay positive but doesn't sugarcoat the truth. Very sarcastic, fatalistic and often uses a slightly Swedish bent version of English, such as 'Ja' and 'Nej'. But only those, so those around her can understand her. She is also a tomboy and spent a lot of time running around in the woods when she was younger.

--Quirks the character has?: Speech quirks, as above in personality. Hates dirt under her fingernails.

History: She was the youngest in her family with her twin brother 'Aodan', with an older sister named Frie (17 at the time) and her parents Arvidh (father) and Anika (Mother). Her family were the gravediggers of their town, taking care of the cemetery and morgue in their town in Sweden. As a result, her parents were quickly infected by and killed by the Virus because of their contact with the dead and dying. Her sister fell ill and died at the same time. Around the time the animals began mutating, her dog attacked her and her brother (hence the scars on their hands) and then ran off. Alva and Aodan were sent to live in America but the situation was the same all over the globe. They use their practiced skills from childhood to scrape a amount of food from the forests and collects whatever water they can find. They know they need to find a group to be able to survive longer.

--Any secrets?: Her older sister Frie died of the virus, despite only being 17 and so far, the only one they know of to have died underage. As for her secrets, her actual name is Andromeda but she hates it, preferring her self-chosen name.



Username: groundporkchops

Character name: Aodan Byrnulf Hjort (Little-fire Armor-wolf deer) His nickname is Pup, commonly used by his sister.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

--Do they identify as a different gender?: no

--Sexuality: Bisexual

--What sexuality do they portray?: Straight so far.

--Since we're talking about sexuality and the like, do they have a crush on anyone?: Not yet, maybe later on.

Appearance: White blond hair that is spiky and sticks up everywhere. Blue green eyes and pale skin. Often has dirty skin due to the lack of washing water. Like his sister, he has several scars on his arms and his hands from fending off a mutated dog attack. He is about 5'10, with a very slim build but lean. He doesn't look strong but is fairly strong but not overly. He wears a similar outfit to his sister but with dark brown pants, a dark green jacket and black t-shirt. Like his sister, he collects clothes to use as spares and rags.

Personality: Like his sister, he is very reserved and quiet until his emotional walls come down. He is EXTREMELY protective of his younger by 5 minutes twin sister and will protect at the cost of his own life. He is extremely wary and distrustful of strangers and though he hates the thought, agrees with his sister that they need to find a group. He has decent woodland survival skills from his childhood and because of his training at his school karate dojo, fairly decent hand-to-hand skills but nothing too great.

--Quirks the character has?: As stated above, very protective of his sister!! He also has a similar verbal tick from his homeland, this being the word for yes in Swedish 'Ja'.

History: He is the second youngest in his family and his younger by 5 minutes twin sister Alva, an older sister named Frie (17 at the time) and his parents Arvidh (father) and Anika (Mother). His family were the gravediggers of their town, taking care of the cemetery and morgue in their town in Sweden. As a result, his parents were quickly infected by and killed by the Virus because of their contact with the dead and dying. Her sister fell ill and died at the same time. Around the time the animals began mutating, their dog attacked him and his sister (hence the scars on their hands) and then ran off. Alva and Aodan were sent to live in America but the situation was the same all over the globe. They use their practiced skills from childhood to scrape a amount of food from the forests and collects whatever water they can find. They knows they need to find a group to be able to survive longer.

--Any secrets?: Nothing too big but he has a plan to create an organised group, similar to a military group, to restore order and kill off the mutated creatures roaming the Earth. However, he knows his plan is unlikely and has put it in the back of his mind for now. Also, his older sister Frie was underage at the time of the Virus but still fell prey to it despite her age. He thinks he needs to investigate this with Alva.



Animal Name: Mjölnir (This can mean that which smashes or the lightning strike, personally I like the 2nd one.) She is commonly called Niri by Alva and Aodan.

Animal species: A mutated fox species known for its lightning reflexes and great intelligence (commonly known as the Rav)

Animal gender: Female

Animal age: 4

Animal personality: Extremely protective of the twins, putting herself in harms way to keep them safe. Loyal and extremely cunning, she hunts with the two whenever possible and keeps away some other species of mutated fox through her own means.

Animal history: She was only a kit when the virus came through and her entire den mutated differently to her, becoming savage mindless killing machines. She fled, gaining a distinctive scar on her left jaw that healed in a lightning-ish shape. She met the two as they huddled for warm under a hollow tree and her protective mindset urged her to 'adopt' them into her pack. The twins were cautious at first but 3 years later, nothing could separate them.

Animal mutation: Her main mutation is uncanny intelligence and though it uses up energy, she can communicate with the twins and any trusted humans if she concentrates. Her fur colour is a deep wine red, with a cream-white under belly and white socks and white tip of the tail. Her teeth are sharper and a little longer, same with her claws.

Edited by littlelizzie

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Sounds like fun. I'd like to join!


I sent you a PM of my character sheet.

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I'll send you the animal sheet c;


Also, the sexuality and stuff has to do with what gender of people they like. I'll answer your questions in the PM c:


I need to make my own characters, and then we have to wait for more people to join.

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I think that maybe a new name would help bring people in. Should we have a brain storming session? Just in case, I'm going to make some suggestions now before I forget. It takes me forever to think of names.


-The planet of youth

-A child's world


Aaaaand that's all I got right now. Not the best ideas.

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A brainstorming session would be nice. I've always been bad with names :<


I actually like both of those ideas c: A child's world has a nice ring to it hehe

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Lizzie picked up a short stick and tossed it in her hand. She looked down at Leon, whose tail was wagging crazily. She smiled and threw it, leaning too far back. The stick went flying and Lizzie fell to the ground, laughing. She watched as her dog went and retrieved the stick, and rubbed his cheeks when he ran over to her. "I'm okay sweetie, I'm okay." She whispered, standing. She looked around and sighed. She was in the middle of the street and it was the middle of the day.


The buildings were sad looking. Hardly anyone lived inside of them, and if they did then the inhabitants blocked out the world with wood or make-shift blinds. The tall buildings, skyscrapers they were called, had crumbled under their own weight and now were collapsed over and littered the streets. The streets themselves were okay, with the exceptions of all the potholes and cracks in the black top. You could walk on them and not worry about any cars coming, to say the least.


The natural green grass that resided on the sides of the road was now brown, and it was dry. The drought in the city didn't help. She looked around again and saw a small bird, then knelt down by Leon. "Go fetch the bird." She whispered into his ear, watching as he bolt off. She saw him jump as the bird tried to get into the air and whistled when Leon caught it's wing, walking over to him. "Good job, Leon." She smiled, looking the bird over. It was a robin, and its wing was bent at the wrong angle. She looked away and told Leon he could have it if he wanted to.


"Ew, no. Raw bird is not my thing." She smiled as his voice echoed in her head and looked down the street. She wasn't going to tell him he had mispronounced thing, saying it like a southern person, thang. She sighed. Where was everyone?

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A small fire lit up an abandoned street of a suburban neighbourhood. Ryan's back rested against his backpack, it was rather comfy with his winter clothing stuffed inside. The fire was built with the trash of the old world, newspapers for kindling and a bunch of twigs from dead trees. It wasn't like they was going to be a use for such items any more, hell they probably forget how to read and write within a few generations. Over the fire was a car grill, forcing most of the light and heat to escape upwards. Luckily the car he got it from was one of the crappy ones that populated the market years ago.


On top of the grill were three Gecko kabobs. After the virus began infecting the animals, Geckos grew twice in size with tougher skin and a more aggressive behaviour. Luckily they hadn't developed any intelligence, or a means to prevent getting shot in the face. Their loss was Ryan's gain however, he had some food for next few days. All he had to do was dry it out and made it into jerky. It was amazing how so many people left behind spices and salt when they raided the stores, a couple small bottles of spices and salt could keep him good for months.


As he waited for the meat to cook, Ryan was busy reading a page from an old newspaper. It was rather old and cringed, and the picture had long since faded away. The words were still there, although worn and half-gone. From what he could tell, it was talking about the first reported cases of a 'strange illness' infecting colonies of bees. Shrugging to himself, he threw the newspaper away and watched the crackles of fire the escaped the grills.


It was still mid-day, but the heat wasn't the bad. It was dry, just like every other damn day. Back on the east coast it was at least moist enough. Some days he wished he never left, Some days he wished he someone else stayed...


Great, now he was getting more and more depressed. Holding his arms around his knees, he just watched his meat slowly cook.

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Ian gazed out of the window on the second story of a house somewhere in the city. The building was in dissrepair, cracks running through the concrete walls, and the windows shattered, now boarded up with planks of wood. The one Ian was currently gazing out wasn't boarded up lie the others, but instead had the boards attached to it like a door.

He had managed to scrounge some items from a hardware store, so he was able to mount the wood on some hinges, and even got a locking mechanism in place so that when he was asleep or gone, wild and mutated creatures would not get in. It made it less likely anyways. Some creatures were big enough to break through the door or something, and others were small enough to sneak in.

Argus solved the latter problem easily enough though.

Argus was his companion since the world went to hell, and the abnormally large coyote had rarely left his side since. At the moment, he was downstairs curled up next to their shelter's fireplace, which happened to be the reason they began living here. It was important to have a source of warmth that did not come from electricity these days after all.

Taking one last gaze at the ruined city, Ian shut the window before heading downstairs to the kitchen. Nothing in there worked anymore, but Ian still kept all the food there out of habit. As he grabbed a sealed package of old beef jerky, Argus padded into the room and nudged his leg.

"I know buddy, I'm not a big fan of this stuff either," Ian said, patting the canine's head. "but we couldn't find anything else today."

Taking a few long pieces, Ian handed the dried meet to Argus who began to wolf it down despite his dislike of the stuff. Following suit, Ian nibbled away at his share as he walked around the house. There was a mess of parts in nearly every room, all experiments and projects that he was attempting. One of his projects was an electromagnetic generator. It would have to be hand cranked when it was finished though, and it probably wouldn't be finished for a while. The only reason he was continuing it was because there were a few things that would be really handy to have that were powered devices. With a sigh, he sat down in front of it, and tinkered as he ate the rest of his meal.

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Haakon walked along the battered pavement, graffiti older than the virus with new additions sneaking up the walls of houses. Even after the children took over, Norway would be much cleaner. So would the other Nordic countries. He made it into the city centre, hoping to find an uninhabited house.

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((Hello all! This is just a quick post to apologize for my lack of being around! I always seem to disappear, I'm super sorry!! If you are still interested in this roleplay, please PM me and say so! We thankfully haven't gotten anywhere yet, so it's still new and can be brought back~ Please PM me!))

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There was a rustling from the trees as the wind blew through the forest. He listened intently, to the sound, a melody of nature. Another sign that he was still alive, still breathing.

Still listening.

He holstered the bow, sighing. Two creatures for today. That's all that could be caught in this sector. Still, it was enough to feed everyone for the rest of the day, if they used it correctly.

He would be sure they did. He placed the two carcasses upon the cart with elegance - respectful. Even if they no longer resembled the animals he once knew, he had the noble mindset to pray for the dead.

He pulled the cart with little force. It lurched across the ground once and then proceeded to roll smoothly behind him. As he stepped, he heard the familiar noise of the beast beside him as it walked casually, sniffing the air with caution. He looked down at the majestic being with a small smile underneath his mask.

It was a wolf with a bit of flair, he liked to think. It looked like a fluffy siege engine almost. The first time they saw it, children normally stared, frightened. Some even tried to flee and hide behind their eldest allies.

It was unnecessary. Vrexallus had no appetite for humans unless they started a conflict with him. The only thing he wanted to eat was a few bits of meat each time the settlement gathered for the various meal times set by the leaders.

Besides, most humans didn't provide enough of a challenge for Vrexallus to show interest. His species was one entirely focused on the strength of the body and the agility to gain the upper hand. The man knew that very well from first hand experience.

They were closer to the settlement now, the first homes coming into view. They were ramshackle, yes, but they were home for those who found solace in their shelter. With a bit of work, they served the needs of up to five people at any given time.

With another prayer, he dropped the carcasses onto the Gatherer's cart. The Gatherer then rolled his own cart in the direction of the "mess hall" were they would then either be placed into the refrigeration bunker or cooked as tonight's meal.

Luke - which was the current man's name - didn't handle that part of the whole system and he was grateful for that. Though he knew how to cook thanks to his survival skills, he would rather catch the quarry than watch it fry.

He moved his quiver into a more comfortable position upon his back, shrugging a little as he did so. His back felt sore again from having to crouch in that hiding place for so long. Though it always gave fruit, the spot itself was cramped and required a special sort of posture in order to be fully efficient. He rubbed his back as best he could. He'd find some way to sooth it once he returned home.

"The pool, again?"

Luke turned slightly but he didn't need to. He'd know that voice anywhere, most likely at any given time. The familiar scents of nature and feminine charm accompanying him provided the rest of evidence.

"Yeah." Luke shrugged, rubbing his shoulder again.

"It's painfully obvious you need to leave that spot already." the woman said, bemused. "Even if it works."

"Mm-hmm." Luke murmured casually.

"Does that mean yes?"

"Not sure yet." Luke responded nonchalantly. "I stick with what works."

"Sooner or later you're going to give yourself a hernia." the woman sighed. "Don't expect me to come and carry you back."

"Whatever you say." Luke said, his smile able to be sensed even beneath the black and brown plastic.

Leah frowned, cocking her head.

"You know, for some reason,.. I think that's not the first time you've said that to me about something similar..."

"Probably nothing." Luke said quickly, which startled the woman slightly. "Deja vu, perhaps?"

"I dunno. It seemed very real." Leah shrugged. "In any case, if you need them, I have a few packs of ice."

"Thank you." Luke said, pleased.

"That's more like it." Leah grinned. "Drop by whenever you can. I'll have them ready for you."

"I will remember." Luke said, turning back to the direction he had been walking in before Leah had walked up to him.

"And try to find a better spot, PLEASE." she said.

"Perhaps." Luke waved backward.


(( May edit with more but I need to sleep. ))

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Running side by side through the thick woods Cyril and Cyrene were on red alert. The pair had heard that there was a pack of dogs that lived in this particular section of the woods and most didn't joke about a pack of the snarling, red-eyed, mutated creatures. But they needed to get through, they had reached the almost over hunted the previous area they had been in and had full backpacks, full of the supplies larger alliances needed. And so a large town was their next destination and the by far nearest was just through these woods.

As a trickle of sweat cut its way through the dust on Cyrene's face the twins stopped and on the same foot turned to take a small drink from their canteens before closing them up and starting again a the same pace.

From an outside observer's perspective it would have looked like the two were running in silence and, technically they were, but the twins knew what every tiny in significant movement on the other meant and they could relay information and emotion in an almost conversation like manner with the tiniest of movements, a skill that often came in handy.


After about another two hours of this the two stopped in the heart of a smaller city. It was midday and as the sun reached its brightest Cyril and Cyrene began the search for an area to eat, and possibly sleep, out of the sun.

With a whistle Cyril called Cyrene over to one of the smaller offices that was mainly undamaged.

"Not bad!" she said quietly while playfully shoving Cyril over so that she could walk inside.

Sighing as the shade fell over her skin Cyrene quickly checked to make sure there were no animals inside the building and checking that all other doors were blocked before walking back to the main sitting room and collapsing on the floor, smiling as Cyril did the same next to her.

For a few moments the pair just lay there, resting until Cyrene's curiosity go the best of her, "I'm going to go see who I can find." she said to Cyril before realizing he had fallen asleep. Giggling she pushed the door open and walked on onto the open street looking both ways before setting off in a random direction.

Far awhile Cyrene saw no one and heard no one, an observation she thought over with a frown on her face. She was just about to head back when she heard laughing from around a corner. Peeking her head around Cyrene saw as a girl about her age played with a dog mutant, Awwww, lucky! she thought as she observed the two. She had always wanted an animal, some of them somehow escaped from the disease and were almost found with the lucky person who got to keep their pet. After watching for a bit Cyrene hesitantly walked around the corner, "Hello." she said quietly, her eyes all for the strange dog.

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Lizzie jumped at the sound of a girls voice and turned to look at the source. She saw it was a red head girl and looked around her to see if there was an animal. She smiled when she didn't see one and put her hand in her pocket, feeling Leon press against her leg. She looked down at him and then looked at the girl. "Hey." She said calmly, noticing her eyes were lingering on Leon. She rubbed his head and he nuzzled her hand, still aware of the girl. "Are you new here?" She asked, looking back at the girl.


A loud thud echoed from a tall building and was quickly followed with a loud curse. A boy rubbed his head and looked outside, mumbling.

The boy had found a large supply of water. The problem with it was that it was on the top of a shelving unit that went almost all the way to the the ceiling of the room. He had tried to reach up and get a bottle, but had accidentally grabbed a piece of wood that was holding back cans of soup. The cans of soup came tumbling down and popped open, and he had gotten hit in the head by them. He sighed and pressed his temples, wondering how exactly he would get the bottles down. He took a few steps back and looked at the bottles, trying to figure out if he needed all of them or if he could leave some. He counted how many bottles there were and decided he would take only three bottles. The building was safe from anyone entering, since it was deteriorating and looked like it was about to collapse. That was only on the outside though. The inside was plenty sturdy, and the floors didn't have many cracks in them.

The boy looked outside again and saw no one. He didn't expect too, but he liked when he was surprised. He looked back at the water and stood as close to the shelf as possible, then reached up and felt around. He felt the roundness of a plastic bottle and grabbed it, pulling it down. He uncapped it and took a long drink, nearly finishing the bottle. He then threw it aside and reached back up and grabbed three bottles, holding them between his arm and his stomach. He moved towards the door and looked back behind him, wondering where anyone was. Maybe they had moved on without him and now he was by himself. Wouldn't someone come and tell him about that though?

He quickly shrugged off the thoughts and made his way over to his backpack. He placed the bottles in there and shouldered it, then left the room.

"Alright Vincent, now where shall we go?" He asked himself, taking the stairs down to the first floor.

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"Yup." Cyrene answered turning her attention to the girl her eyes flickered over her body stance, the condition of her clothing, and any weapons she might have, her gaze lingering for a moment on the empty space where her second arm should have been. "Me and my brother are traders." She said walking closer, "What's his name?" she asked gesturing at the dog, "Did you own him before the disease? Do you know why he wasn't affected as much? When did the mutations start to come through? Sorry for the endless stream." she said when she finished with the questions, "It's just I haven't seen very many animal pets and certainly not one this tame, quirks my curiosity. The name is Cyrene by the way."

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Lizzie laughed at all the questions and looked the girl over for the usual. She smiled when she saw she had no weapons and looked at Leon, who was staring at Cyrene with round eyes. "This is Leon." She said, kneeling down so she was level with the dog. "I didn't own him, but one of my best friends did." She said quietly, rubbing behind Leon's ear. He whined at her and she smiled sadly, placing her hand on his snout. "I adopted him as the disease was spreading. I don't know why he wasn't physically affected very much, but he got mutated quite dramatically." Lizzie smiled, looking up at Cyrene.

'To you trust her, Lizzie?' Leon asked, tilting his head down. Lizzie knew he had meant to say do instead of to, but she didn't say anything about it.

Lizzie smiled at Leon and pat his head. "I think she's okay. After all, she doesn't have any visible weapons." She answered him, looking at Cyrene. "I'm Lizzie. Nice to meet you."

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"No visible weapons doesn't mean safe."

A hand darted from behind Lizzie, making a feigning, mocking gesture of grabbing her around the neck. A slight chuckle escaped in the silence as Luke emerged from behind her. One of his hands was currently carrying a large cargo-bag.

"Here." he stated, tossing it to Cyrene. "You ran past me in in the forest earlier. Thought you may be new. Help yourself."

He looked around a bit and crossed his arms.

"Where are you guys living at anyway?" he asked, concerned. "You can't just take any random building. We have an order to it. Did it look like anyone was already in it?"

His questions were directed to Cyrene but also a little to Lizzie. He didn't know her well, but he assumed she already had a stronghold.


(( I would have made it longer but... ))

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Ian's head shot up from his work as he heard the sound of Argus barking from another room. Because he rarely did so without reason, that probably meant some potential danger was nearby. Rushing to his companions side, Ian gave him a gentle pat to let the animal know he was heard before going over to his special window and taking a peek outside just in time to see two others people with full bags entering another building.

"Maybe they have food we could trade for." Ian said with s hopeful glance to Argus, who sat at the room's door impatiently. "You really want something other than jerky don't you?"

As a reply, Agrus just simply turned around and walked out the open door, leaving Ian to decide to follow or not.

"Fine, we'll go." Ian said.

Grabbing his rifle, Ian headed down to the front door where Argus was patiently waiting and headed out, the rifle raised slightly and ready to fire. Hopefully he wouldn't have to use it, but you never knew with people.

"Hello?" He called out as he neared the building the people had entered. "Is anyone there?"

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((Yes, I'm still accepting. Please put your OOC text in parenthesis, and if you have questions regarding the roleplay PM me :3 Could I ask both of you to delete/edit your posts?

Also, Narath, Cyril is the only person in the building the twins went into. Cyrene is in the street with Lizzie and Luke.))


Lizzie tensed up as a hand shot around her neck and she sighed when she heard a laugh. "Very funny, Luke." She said sarcastically, moving away from him. "I think if someone is new to town they won't try immediately to kill people. Correct me if I'm wrong though, Cyrene." She said, looking at Cyrene as Luke tossed the cargo bag towards her.

Lizzie sighed as Luke said there was an order to the town. "Listen, Luke. I've told you before; there isn't much order in this part of town. Go further north and you find order. Further west is more chaotic, and anywhere else is just crazy. Free for all, if you will. She can inhabit any building she wants, since most people live north." She said, wondering how it was up north. She didn't want to go up there because she would have to cater to the whims of those who were considered leaders, and she hated that. She liked being able to do what she wanted, to be able to hunt and trade freely. "Besides, no one wants these buildings. Look around." she paused and looked around, her eyes staying on a tall building with a cracked base. "They look like they'll crumble at any moment. No one wants to take the risk, except for those of us already living here." She said, feeling Leon relax. She knew her dog trusted Luke, which meant that he was able to be trusted. However, that didn't mean she had to like him as much as everyone else did. He was suspicious, at least to her.

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((What's in the bag?))


Jerking awake at the sound of anothers call Cyril's hand unconsciously went to the gun at his belt. As he slowly climbed to his feet Cyril glanced around for Cyrene but found she was missing. For a moment he was overcome with a heart-stopping fear that she was gone before he realized there wasn't a sign of a struggle. She's wandered off. Again.

Cyril silently chastised Cyrene for wandering off as he slowly moved for the door, peering out through a crack to see who it was. A man, about his age, stood out in the street with his rifle raised, ready to shoot. Smiling to himself Cyril realized that only a few years ago the man would have been about to start on his life, someone fresh and new into a world of safety, and his opinions and voice would have been drowned out by millions of others, but not anymore. Now living this long was a feat to be appreciated and the man was seen as an older citizen, people would listen to anyone it the right setting. Of course apocalyptic environments weren't your usual setting but, bend the world around you and people pay attention.

Bringing his attention back to the matter at hand Cyril called through the door,"Lower the rifle and I'll come out and we can talk about trade if you'd like."

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((I know little, but Ian doesn't know that. He just saw the two twins walk in. Or would it be alright to give him x-ray vision so he could have seen that they seperated tongue.gif ?))


Hearing someone answer his calls, Ian lowered his rifle and relaxed a bit, but kept it loaded just in case. You never could be too careful with people. Ian had to defend his home on a few occasions from raiders.

"Alright, I've lowered my gun." Ian called back. "Sorry if I made you panic. I've not always had the best experiences with people now adays."

Next to him, Argus huffed impatiently and pointed his snout at the building's door as a reminder as to why they were out here in the first place.

"You have any food on you by any chance? Me and my friend here haven't had much luck hunting lately. I'll gladly trade you for it."

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"People now adays." Cyril agreed, unlocking the door and stepping out into the midday sun, his hand still on his gun, one could never be too careful. That was something his sister seemed to have been forgetting recently, not a good situation.

"Yes, I have food. What do you have to trade?" he asked stepping back into the shadows, "Would you liek to come in?" he asked, smiling to himself. Would you like to come in? A perfectly normal phrase in which one is asking another into his or her home, or rundown office building where all their gun were currently kept, what is this world coming to? Shaking his head Cyril looked again at the man, "The name's Cyril."


As Luke stepped out of the shadows Cyrene grinned and easily caught the bag, unzipping it to reveal some dried jerky, a few fruits, and a blanket. "Very kind of you sir but I'm fine, really." she said, seeming a bit cold as she rezipped the bang and tossed it back. In all actuality she was attempting to be kind, there were others who needed the supplies much more than she did. She and Cyril had it well off with their trades.

"And Lizzie here ha a very good point, who's going to want to fight over one of these things? They're falling apart." Stuffing her hands in her pockets Cyrene rolled back on the ball of her feet, "Sooooo either of you have anything you want to trade?"

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((@Narath: X-Ray vision, huh? I might consider it wink.gif cx))


Lizzie stared at Cyrene when she tossed the bag full of food back to Luke. "That's a pretty bold move there. I know people who would kill for that stuff." She said, thinking about the annoying boy who hadn't shown his face today (except for very early in the morning, which Lizzie was still mad about). "In fact, I may have to search for one of them pretty soon." She mumbled mostly to herself, unaware she had said her thought aloud.

"Do you mean Vincent?" Leon asked her, nudging her leg. "He does like me much." He added, confusing Lizzie for a brief moment.

"I think you mean he doesn't like you much, Jace." She smiled, quickly catching she had said the wrong name. "Sorry, Leon. I mean Leon." She whispered, scratching his head. She looked at Cyrene when she asked if they had anything to trade and she shook her head, realizing she had left her backpack on the ground where she had originally been standing. She stood and walked over to it, pulling both straps into her hand and swinging it over her shoulder.

"If you want, Cyrene, I have stuff back at my settlement you might be interested in trading for." She called back to the red head and looked at Leon as he walked up to her, his feathery tail bouncing as he walked. She giggled at him and he looked up at her, then she quickly wiped the smile from her face and looked back at Cyrene. "I could also introduce you to someone else, if you want me to." She offered, not wanting to be alone when she found the boy.


The boy mentioned above, who goes by the name of Vincent, was just so happening to be hiding. He had just been walking along the cracked asphalt when a large shadow was cast over his head. He looked up and saw a mutated bird, most likely a vulture, was making it's descent down on another mutated animal. He didn't have enough time to figure out what the creature had been, and he didn't particularly care what it had been as he quickly ran for cover.

Now, hiding between two buildings, the boy could look at exactly what had happened. The bird had caught the animal on the ground, as he guessed it would, and the ground animal had a broken neck. He looked the bird over and felt the shiver roll down his spine. The bird was large, standing at probably close to five or six feet, and it had a sharpened beak and long talons. The red eyes seemed to be staring at the boy, but he knew that wasn't really the case. (Or at least he hoped it wasn't.) He cringed as the bird dove it's head into the animals side and gagged when he heard a loud crunch, knowing all to well what the bird would do to him if he was spotted.

He made a decision, without much thought, that he had to get out of this situation. He looked down the narrow alley to see if there was much blocking the way, and saw it was mostly empty. The soda cans and paper products wouldn't be a problem, so long as he didn't step on any of it. As he made his way carefully through the alley, he tried to block out the disgusting slurping and crunching sounds by his own thoughts.

'Jesus Christ, I hate birds. They're so terrifying. Before they got huge they were okay. I liked the little cheeps and tweets they did, but now the screeching and cawing is the most annoying and horrifying thing.' He looked behind himself and sighed, putting his hand against one of the brick walls. 'I kinda wish I hadn't gone to the outskirts of the city. This is where all the good items for trade are, yeah, but it's so risky. At least I told Lizzie where I would be. If I die, she'll know where to find me. Not that she'll care.' He thought, biting his lip. 'She hates me. I should try to make friends.'

He adjusted his backpack as he made it out of the alley and looked around, having a vague idea of where he was. If he turned right, he would leave the city. Turn left and you do into the city. He turned left.

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