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Lou's Goal Banners

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Template: (800 X 800 model)


user posted image


You choose which font (barbed wire (sprite) alien (goal) or foilet girls (### Breed))


You may choose any color for the outline, background and font.


Sizes go from 800 X 800 to 145 X 145


Please tell me what you want.





Font type:
Font color:
Anything else:


Current Requests:

Finished Requests:

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I made tutorial for making banners.But since I didn't finished it, it's late, and I have Math exam tommorow and a lot of classes, so I will post it on Friday probably ^^

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Ok, like I said, I made a tutorial for banners.

So, I am strongly suggesting to you get rid off pimp-my-profile, and to you start using some easy programes like Paint.Yes, even Paint can do this.Also, you will have more "freedom" to move things on your banner and to add or remove.


And tutorial.It's a little bit big( 6 pages), but I hope it will be helpful:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

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Thank you tongue.gif

I am glad you found this tutorial useful smile.gif


I need banner for neo-water lineage, again.

And one for art workshop.

I would like to you use this for my requests


For Neo-water Lineage

Some neo-tropicals and some water horses would be good on it.Size doesn't matter.But would like some medium size that everyone would use.


For Art workshop "Ivy Embers"

Well, something...Feel free and experiment!Maybe some dragons or something, size medium.

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@Koala: Yes. I have some with stars, some that have flames, different cursive fonts and fonts from movies.


@Anavi: I found a site that Uses up to five uploaded pictures, but it comes out as a smf or something like that format. I am looking up several free sites to help me make those banners and I have found about four possibilities. It may take me a few days toget them completely ready for you.

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There is a lot. I won't be able to sorry. What kind of font do you want? I can edit the banner as many times as it takes till I have made the one you want.

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