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Good luck with the approval process, mods! I recently got back into describing my dragons. Here's one, for one of my Undead dragons! 



Sei'itr hatched in the middle of a a vast desert, carefully nestled in foliage growing around a secluded oasis. It was at this oasis that he grew, nourished by the fruits that were bountiful there. He had just reached maturity when disaster struck: a rampaging Fell Dragon, malnourished by the desert and in search of food and water, trampled into his home, careless of the dragon who made his home there. When the Fell came to, and realized it had trampled the little dragon, it took to burying him by the oasis, giving him some respect after his untimely death. 
Six days later, under the light of a blood red moon, a claw emerged from the mud, followed by another. The shambling corpse of Sei'itr, empowered by some magical force, dragged itself from the ground, heaps of dirt and sand tumbling from his rotting wings, and roared. The decomposing dragon left the oasis for the very first time, determined that even death would not stop him from living.


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Thanks to whichever one of you approved my last few stragglers! (Which may have happened a while ago, as I haven't been checking regularly.)

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On 6/15/2020 at 6:50 PM, Dirtytabs said:

Oh my gosh, that spike in early June. There were that many of those non-descriptions?


Yes e.e

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