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Terra Firma

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A long time ago, the land was lush and fruitful. The sun shone overhead, streams flowed, and dragons lived peacefully beside each other. But this peace was to be short lived.


A terrible drought came. The rivers dried up, plants withered, and the trees slowly died. A famine broke out in the land, and the dragons died of hunger slowly and painfully. Only a few dragons survived in the world, and they were determined to keep on living...


Too determined...


Most of the remaining dragons knew only how to resort to violence, killing others and stealing their food. The rest of the dragons, knowing full well that they were vulnerable and more prone to attacks alone, joined together in bands and sought out nearby oases for protection.

The drought lasted for thousands of years. The dragons grew thin, frail and bony. The population of dragons was dying out.


They began to reproduce, laying their eggs in the shallow, sandy burrows of the earth in hopes that their numbers would be replenished.

The drought continued, the land becoming drier and drier with each coming year. Prey was scarce. Relying on energy and water alone, the once noble creatures resorted to barbaric acts of cannibalism to keep themselves alive.


The dragon population grew after a few hundred years as the hatchlings survived, living off of the carcasses of other dead creatures and dragons, and relying on the oases for protection. The number of dragons alive rose, and so did their hunger. With their food still scarce, the dragons began to fight over scraps of meat, and this resulted in creating acts of carnage and genocide.


The dragons are rising and falling, and the future does not look bright for them.

You are one of those dragons.


Will you survive the drought?



You are one of the remaining dragons. You start out in a dry, empty desolate land with hardly any food or water. You must defend yourself, find shelter and most importantly find food and water.

Along the way you will meet meet friends and enemys. There will be many dangers and challenges ahead.

Will you make it through the drought, or will you perish?



1. Respect each other

2. No powerplaying or overpowering a character

3. No flaming please

4. No bright colors like yellow

5. At least 3-5 sentences

6. Folllow all Dragcave rules

7. No god-modding

8. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus

9. Use Dragcave dragons only please, that means no dragons from the completed quest or anywhere else

10. PM character sheets to me, do not post them in the IC or OC

11. When roleplaying, action brackets or not allowed

12. You may only have 6 characters

13. Please no GoNs, Neglecteds, papers, cheese or dinos.

14. Please put 'Desert' in the Codeword section if you understand these rules

15. No killing others' characters without permission.

You must fill in and submit the form below. Remember to PM it to me


Dragon's Name:
Personality: (How do they act?)
Appearance: (What do they look like?)
Type: (What breed of dragon are they?)
Power(s): (Nothing too overpowered)
Codeword: (Codeword/password goes here)


(I would recomend making adult characters, seeing as it is hard to get by as a hatchling.)





List at least three reasons why you want to be a mod:
Are you experienced?:
Do you think you can be trusted?:



(Four or more warnings will get you on this list.)




Username: KitKat10

Dragon's Name: Ursa

Gender: Female

Age: 257 (adult)

Personality: Ursa is quiet and well reserved. She does not speak much, and often keeps to herself, unless she really feels that conversation is needed. She is not the one to directly interfere with things, and therefor is often seen lurking around, instead of actually jumping into things.

She often spends moments at a time observing other's in hopes of learning their strengths and weaknesses if needed. She is an excellent observer, and can often tell if something feels wrong or out of place.

Even though her quiet nature, she is not easily scared and will act upon instinct, standing up for what she believes, and on rare occasions, will attack. She is kind-hearted, and more likely to open up and speak to those who know her and treat her well. However, she tends to avoid all those who seem hostile.

Appearance: She had a jagged scar over her eye, which seems to trail down to her cheek.

Type: Albino user posted image

Power(s): Even though she has no powers, Ursa is excellent at stealthy.

Codeword: Desert




Username: KitKat10

Dragon's Name: Ul'their

Gender: Female

Age: 54

Personality: Ul'their is sly and cunning. She watches from the shadows, with a blank emotionless face.

She is often rather slow to show her feelings, and when she does, they are mostly negative. But behind that expresionless mask is a loyal friend, who will protect those around her, and won't hesitate in doing so.

Even though she may seem to have a cold personality and attitude, she is actually quite motherly and enjoys having company.

Appearance: --

Type: Gray Dragon user posted image

Power(s): Like most Gray Dragons, Ul'Their has the ability to control the weather and create small storms. But after thousands of years, some of her ancestors began losing their hold on their power. The effect began to take on in her, and she now only has slight control over her power

Codeword: Desert




Username: Psyduсk

Dragon's Name: Varaug

Gender: Male

Age: 39 (adult)

Personality: Varaug tends to keep his actual thoughts and opinions to himself, and is not shy about spewing lies left and right, just to get ahead. He's cunning and manipulative, preferring to talk his way towards profits and out of danger, whenever possible.

Appearance: He looks like a regular magi, has pristine bright yellow eyes, well kept white fangs and moderately clean scales. Varaug goes out of his way to keep himself looking as approachable and friendly as possible, knowing that it's usually the first impression that matters most. He keeps his head held high and his movements smooth.

Type: Magi user posted image

Power(s): Varaug, like most magi, is skilled with spellcraft, and weak in physical combat. He knows a plethora of useful spells, though many of them are defensive, rather then offensive. He excels at illusions, being able to manipulate his attacker's perceptions to give himself a combat advantage, or a chance to get away. His most notable ability is to project illusions of himself temporarily, though an enemy with a keen eye is able to see through the mirage.

Codeword: Desert



Username: AshCola

Dragon's Name: Jupiter


Gender: Male


Age: 300 years


Personality: Jupiter is not really what his breed should be. Because of the drought, sleeping in the day was dangerous, so he had to change his ways. To most he seems lazy, taking naps whenever he can, and whenever he feels safe, and he eats as much food as he can get his claws on, but at night is his time to shine. He can be friendly when he is not grumpy because of his lack of sleep and food, sadly most tend to leave him out of the important missions, he has no idea how he has lived so long, as he considers himself the weakest out of all of them. (I hope you don't mind, but I want him to be a dynamic character, meaning he will change his personality in the future)


Appearance: Jupiters dark blue scales have turned into a dirty, dull blue. The sun has taken all the light out of them, and left him with dull scales. The dirt sticks to his body, and he would never waist water to clean them. He is thin, not as thin as most, but thin all the same.


Type: Royal Blue Dragon user posted image


Power(s): He does not really have a power, but he is almost hidden in the night because of his colour.


Codeword: Desert




Username: AshCola


Dragon's Name: Obsidian


Gender: Male


Age: 250 years


Personality: Obsidian is no one's favorite dragon. He is harsh sarcastic, and acts as if he has no feelings whatsoever. He antisocial behavior keeps most dragons away from him, however he is an extremely good fighter, as he uses his wit and his surroundings to help him win. Obsidian does not get lonely, as he has no need to socialize, or at least that is what he says.


Appearance: Obsidian looks like your classic Black Dragon, however he is more dirty looking, and much thinner than one should be. He has scars all over his body from fighting other dragons as a way to get food.


Type: Black Dragon user posted image


Power(s): He can spray a harmful venom from his mouth, however, doing so gets rid of useful body fluids, and being as skinny as he his, doing so leaves him weak and vulnerable, so he only uses it as a last case scenario.


Codeword: Desert




Username: AshCola


Dragon's Name: Blue


Gender: Female


Age: 7 years


Personality: Blue seems like a cute vulnerable hatchling, however, she is not. She has little tolerance for stupidness, and as a temper, she can be nice when she wants to, but usually is not. She hangs around with the tougher dragons, which count as the ones who have lived through the most battles. She can appear intimidating, but once you get to know her she can turn into an okay friend.


Appearance: She has the appearance of a mature hatchling of her breed. She is rather thin, which is not good for a dragon her age but she lives by.


Type: Hellhorse Dragon user posted image


Power(s): Can summon fire at her will, however it has to be the right condition for a fire, and she cannot summon fire a week after she has.


Codeword: Desert

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Oh wow. I've been so inactive. I am sorry. All of the above have been fixed, and yes please, I would like comments cleaned.

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((Approved, although you didn't specify setting any further. Enjoy your RP and let me know when you see this post so I can delete it!))

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((I am sorry. I truly forgot about that. I have seen the post, and yes, it is okay for the post(s) to be deleted. ^^

Setting has been edited. I hope that is okay.))

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Simple, but sweet, lots of potential for bloodshed and a very grim setting.

Looking forward to getting this going. Writing sheets ASAP.

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