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Vamp suggestion:

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Okay so I sort my scroll by color, which means that the helpful reds are always at the top when I sort by BSA. However when I haven't been biting with my vamps they show up right before them.


This got me thinking: Though the Bite action is a BSA it really is the way that vampires create more vampires, so perhaps it should be located under the breeding filter instead?


Honestly this should only be a small tweak in the coding around vamps, since we know that breeds can be excluded from the BSA filter (trios), and that dragons can have longer Breeding CD times from a week (in season holidays).



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No its not, but the more and more I do it the more I thought, 'If the bite is like their breed action they could also be sorted by this filter...'

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I personally prefer them under bsa. I have less bsa dragons total than breedable dragons total so they're easier to find anyway. Plus, yes vamp dragons multiply by use of bite, but they aren't producing a new lineage, so we can compare it to breed but I don't really consider it the same as breeding especially since their actions page specifically states they are incapable of breeding. o3o

When I choose the bsa filter I also sort by breed if I don't leave it on my scroll sort, so I have to scroll down anyway. X3


Summon is excluded from the page because it is "secret". Can breeding cooldowns last longer than a week? I am trying to factor in time it takes before a dragon grows and can breed and how long breeding season is. But in any case, I doubt it is the cooldown of bite that really factored into what filter it sorted under. =P


I would also think not many users regularly bite when they breed, but that is complete assumption an my part. There is one breeding pair whose offspring I bite, but other than that it is saved for cave misclicks when I am impatient and for lineages that give me the wrong egg that I am not ready for other players to have a breedable version of yet but may not want to keep and raise it.

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