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The Holly Contest

Holly Contest 2014

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If you're looking for purple dorsal eggs, there's an entire wall of low time ones in the AP right now. biggrin.gif

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New total: 231 (bottom of my scroll)


Also, there's a Purple Dorsal Egg Flood in the AP this very moment, for those who are searching!

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I'm keeping track of them here.

1. Click

2. Click

3. Click

4. Click

5. Click

6. Click

7. Click

8. Click

9. Click

10. Click

11. Click

12. Click

13. Click

14. Click

15. Click

16. Click

17. Click

18. Click

19. Click

20. Click

21. Click

22. Click

23. Click

24. Click

25. Click

26. Click

27. Click

28. Click


Some of them are not grown up yet, but they will be by Christmas.

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I'll join, everybody!

My scroll: My Scroll

Dorsal Count: 1 (Laid Jul. 11, 2014)

All (except the one laid before the Holly Contest) will be named "Skits' >name here< Dorsal Dorkface"

My Dorsals will also be in the back (even the one before the Holly Contest started) will be behind the vampires.

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just bred a whole bunch of eggs to the ap, most of the lineages should be somewhat neat

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I'd like to update my total to 158.

The contest dorsals start the bottom of page 4 of my scroll, starting at the one with the code (32UoG).

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Okay not sure if I posted this before...


Mine start on page 4 of my dragons, starting with Penith Pendoria.


164 on page 4, 7 on page 5 for a total of 171 purple ridges to date.

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Need another Purple Dorsal hatchling? Here.

Got it! Thank you wub.gif

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[gone]2nd gen Purple Dorsal from Red Dorsal Parents!

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Thank you, simkim and iamtheeyesinside! I took both of them!


Oooh, they'd make perfect mates!

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almost forgot to post a heads up, I breed the Hollywish Herd the other day and the Eggs should hit the AP tomorrow

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Sorry I haven't posted an update to my Dorsals at all this year. I have well over a hundred, but I want to get them all named and sorted before I post xP


*crosses fingers to have this done after Halloween*

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