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Plant Tycoon

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Does anybody here still play it? Or even simply remember it?


Description because I seriously spent 14 hours-of-my-life-that-I-can-never-get-back on this game yesterday- all to get the final tier of soil and the second tier of water. Didn't care much else at the time. Why didn't I just use it to catch up on sleep? xd.png




For those that are rather interested in this game, you can probably find it just about anywhere- you just have to think! Think, darnit!


Some such sites are Big Fish Games (or something like that. I haven't visited it in a while.), WildTangent (which came with my computer. I have no idea if there is actually a site for it or not, but goodness if there is...) and a few others I can't remember the names of right now. I may update with it later, but... For now, hang on there, my little bug friends! rolleyes.gif


I don't know how to describe this game except a plant game that takes forever to get it started good, but... here are some places you can get more information.


http://www.planttycoon.info/index.php I used to use this one, but it wasn't much help once I got most of the magic plants...

Description from site:

Plant Tycoon is a gardening simulation game where you nurture plants and experiment with increasingly rare and valuable species. The object is to breed and cross breed plants until you find the 6 Magic Plants of Isola and solve the genetic puzzle. You start with a couple of dollars, a handful of seeds, some soil and water. Grow plants, organize and harvest seeds, monitor your plants' health, age and maturity and protect your plants from dehydration and infestations. Sell some of your creations to fund your research, buy better supplies to use in your Nursery and purchase ornaments to customize your virtual garden.


Warning! The below links may burn a hole right into your eyes! Don't click if you are sensitive.

And, the other one I use for just seeing what there is (and according to some sites, there is 529 different plants! Yikes! Go to this one if you don't believe me!)


And here is the list of plants:





Also includes how to get these plants.

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