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Conflict in the Stars

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In the the year 2513, humanity has finally made its way into space, building ships capable of traveling vast distances across the galaxy. As humanity expands its borders into space, they encounter intelligent life other than themselves. Fifty years after expanding into space, mankind has allied with various alien species. This alliance of alien superpowers is known as the Talfir Republic. Human technology has quickly advanced and is now equal to that of other extraterrestrial life. However, wherever there is prosperity, there is strife. There were some species that were against the alliance with the human race, as they thought they were too violent to create a lasting peace with their own races. These races banded together, and now call themselves the Fangaar Alliance. Now, there is a war going on between those that stand for the unity of all species, including the humans, and those that only wish for a select few to be the superpowers. Amongst all the turmoil and war, there are also pirates, looting supply ships, taking hostages, and working as mercenaries for anyone with enough money for their services. Which side shall be the victor? Will peace be made between the warring factions, or will one have to burn the opposition to the ground?





You can be anyone in this conflict in the stars. Will you be a lowly smuggler, a fearsome pirate, or a cunning military leader? Will you join the ranks of someone's crew, or will you command your own ship? Will you destroy colonies, or build them up? Your actions could turn the events of this war to either side.


Currently, the main goal of the factions is to research the ancient stations (see points of interest), which means they need to occupy both. Additionally, ancient power crystals are needed to power these massive structures, so another goal is to find one of these rare items that still contain energy.


When we get to a certain point, I will be adding a few things. Plot twists for the win!





This all takes place in the Milky Way, a galaxy with various planets containing a diverse array of minerals and capable of supporting life.


There are seven capital planets, each with its own unique species governing them. There are other planets and species than the ones listed below, but the ones listed are the main ones. When a new planet is added into the RP the map will be updated. You can make your own species if you wish, but please PM me about them first.





The galaxy map and planet list will be updated as new planets are added.


Main Planets/Species:


Talfir Republic


-Spathas is a planet rich in vegetation, and nearly half its surface is covered with earth. It is located in the Sparthus System. The inhabitants of this planet are a very intelligent race, sometimes making great leaps in technology. They tend to be very tall and slender, seven feet being their average height, with slightly longer limbs and fingers than one would consider normal in proportion to their bodies. Their skin colors range from a light blue to a deep purple. They are called Spathis. In order to preserve their ecosystem, they only have a few small cities on the surface of their continents and even some floating on the oceans. The bulk of their population, however, lives in cities that hover approximately a mile over the surface of the planet.


-Hrolgair was once a planet almost completely covered with swamps that house a number of violent and dangerous wildlife. It is located in the Hongar System. Now however, the Hrolgairin have built large cities across the planet and keep them separate from the wildlife. Though they have claimed much of it for their own, they have set aside nearly half the planet for the nature, and do their best to not harm yet more of the environment. They look very much like humans, but there are a few differences. In appearance, they have different shades of green skin that once served as a camouflage for their people. Their facial features are also more angular than that of a human, and their ears come to a point at the tip. The physical difference is that they are much more agile than even the fastest and most acrobatic human, making them excellent fighters.


-Earth is the homeworld of humanity, the race that acted as the catalyst for the war that now rages across the stars. It is part of the Sol System. The planet was once a paradise, covered in forests, lakes, mountains, and jungles, but mankind’s conquest has changed all of that. Because of its ever expanding population, humans built more and more cities, until they all became so large that they became one enormous city. There are very few places that are left unattended by humans, the city even stretching across parts of the oceans and seas. Most plants and animals are in zoos or other man-made places. Even the space around their atmosphere is crowded. Giant orbital platforms now stretch across the skyline, defense systems in case of alien attack. The planet has the strongest defense in the Milky Way, proving that the humans one of the most warlike species in the galaxy.


Fangaar Alliance


-Grol is a desert planet covered mostly with earth and has sparse pockets of vegetation; and whatever water exists is mostly in underground repositories. It is located in the Gorlan System. The inhabitants of this planets are reptile-like and are extremely violent when provoked. They are called Grolians.


-Vangiir is a snow planet; its temperatures average around negative sixty degrees Celsius, keeping whatever oceans on the planet frozen. The oxygen on the planet is created by plants that contain vast amounts of thermal energy which keep themselves from freezing. It is located in the Vanguard System. The inhabitants of this planet, the Vangiirar, learned to use the unique thermal energy these plants created as a very advanced and effective power source. Unfortunately, these plants are only native to Vangiir so the technology is exclusive to the Vangiirar. The Vangiirar are large, brutish creatures, standing on an average of seven feet tall with snow white fur, and claws.


-Taldor is a planet that is almost completely covered by water, due to the melting of its ice caps. It is located in the Talon System. The Taldorians were once a land-loving race but have now evolved to be semi-aquatic. They live in vast underwater cities, and only a select few of them get housing in the above sea level areas, and even fewer have homes on the little bits of lush land left. The Taldorians are a fast learning race, constantly adapting to survive. Thus, they joined the Fangaar Alliance, as they saw a chance to maintain their position as one of the dominant races. They are somewhat fishlike in appearance, with bald heads, flat noses, gills, webbed feet, and a second transparent set of eyelids. Their skin has a wide range of colors; some of them are even multi-colored. There are often patterns of circles and lines on their skin as well, and no two patterns are ever the same. They also have two lungs, one for breathing underwater, and the other for breathing air above water.




-Sarenthal is the port for pirates, smugglers, mercenaries, and the like. Not too many beings know the position of this planet, which is why it hasn't been taken out by the galaxy’s superpowers. One reason that the other governments haven’t looked for them on Sarenthal is because, although the planet has a supply of oxygen, the air is very toxic and will poison you over time. The only reason the pirates are able to live here is because they live in large cities across the planet covered in great sealed domes with airlocks for ship entry. But just in case they are found, they have smuggled and stolen many small defense platforms, both planetside and orbital, to aid their defense. It is located in the Savos System. This is a place where pirates can sit back, relax, find information, and resupply without government regulations. All pirates here have come to an agreement that this is neutral ground, so that even if two opposing pirates meet there, no action will be taken inside the system. The pirates are not of any specific race, so anyone with the skillset, or the mindset, can be one.


Other Species/Planets:




-Quothos is a relatively barren world, almost comepletely devoid of atmosphere, with temperatures fluctuating from intense heat to frigid cold with the day-night cycle. Due to this, organisms inhabiting this world have evolved the ability to adapt very quickly, growing fur at night and thick, scaly skin in the day. The dominant species of this world, the Quothians, are forced to wear armored environmental and pressure suits when dealing with other races as their bodies cannot survive in higher pressures. These suits of armor have taken on an almost religious aspect, and are often decorated with markings and patterns. As no other races have witnessed a Quothian without their suit on, it is unknown what their true appearance is. But judging by the size of the suits, it is obvious they are quite massive, with the average being around 8 feet. Cities are built underground to help them weather the intense temperature and radiation. Weapons technology is mostly energy based, using miniaturized particle accelerators to vaporize enemy ships and troops. However, they have a tendency to overheat due to the immense energy radiation generated. They remain neutral, but aid the Talfir Republic with new medical and military technologies.



Little is known of these secretive beings, apart from the section of space that they call their own. Mainly because its one of the few 'dark spaces' left in the Milky Way - every scout/exploration ship sent to map that area gets turned around in the process. And damaged ships that drift in there - always return fully repaired to the nearest base.

All accounts tend to vary between the pilots - apart from a few consistent details: they report an encounter with an unknown vessel and its crew. The crews vary in description - but all races and reports indicate there's no malice in them, in fact the direct opposite is felt. A serene calm is all that they can really remember clearly.



Stand Alone




These creatures hail from an unknown region of space, presumably from an another galaxy altogether. Though they seem to use the ancient technology such as the ring with ease, it is not likely that they are of the same race as those that created these monuments. This is thought because it has been observed that their technology uses a mix of organic and synthetic matter. When first observed, this seemed impractical, but under closer scrutinization it is found that it has many advantages. Not much is known of them, other than the fact that they seem hell bent on destroying all in their path. Those that have managed to survive attacks from this race have described them as being up to nine feet tall and thin, three legs with reverted knees, long skeletal fingers, and beige skin just able to be seen under the visors of their combat armor.



Points of Interest:


An ancient device in the shape of a ring fifteen thousand meters in diameter was discovered sometime before the war. This giant ring was more advanced than anything the species in the Milky Way had ever seen. The part of space where it was discovered in has no planets, sun, or even a nebula. Pirates are not included with the neutral territory agreement and will be attacked on sight.


Not far from the ancient ring lies a space station created by the main species of the Milky Way, so it has technology from all species. It is approximately four thousand feet in diameter across, and twenty-five hundred feet in height. This station is dedicated to the research of the ancient ring, and eventually the experimentation of it.

All species used to work here in peace, but since the war started, only one faction may hold it at a time. It is guarded by eighteen single-person fighters, which are used to defend the station and research vessels, as well as the stations defenses themselves. The station is armed with six mini-MACs, railguns, and laser turrets. It is usually guarded by a few cruisers and battleships as well, but that number fluctuates due to their need to being somewhere else.

It is currently occupied by the Talfir Republic.


On an abandoned, uninhabitable planet (the oxygen content in the air is too low for complex organisms) stands a giant ziggurat with a crystal on top. A star chart is carved into the inside of this crystal, the map so small that it is impossible to decipher even with advanced equipment. At the base of the ziggurat is a small slot for its power source. The power crystal inside it has been long depleted, and so it remains inactive. No current power sources are compatible with this device. Only ancient power crystals will work, and whatever ones have been found are empty. The only way to activate it is to find one with power in it, which will most likely be in a catch of ancient artifacts (Please PM me about acquiring such an Item before your character gets it).

It is currently occupied by the Fangaar Alliance.


Technology/Weaponry/Unique Traits:


Energy-based weaponry is effective against energy shields.

Projectile-based weaponry is effective against structures.

Energy shielding is an often transparent protective bubble that is made up of energy. The effectiveness of this shielding is different for each race.

Armor strength will effect how strong the hull of a ship is.


Keep in mind that the type and size of the ship also affects the effectiveness of the weapons/shields (The smaller and less military-like ones being weaker).


Ground troops will have whatever type of weaponry their race is most advanced in. For example: a Hrolgairin will most often have an energy-type rifle while a human would have a projectile-type rifle. Those that are equally advanced in both energy-based and projectile-based weaponry will have either one. Pirates can have whichever they prefer because they will often just take another race's technology.


Ground troops often will wear body armor that will augment their abilities. These are only developed by large military forces, however, so it is unlikely that a smaller group of species will have them. Not many pirates have this armor but when they do, it is only parts of them or accessories. It is even rarer for a pirate to have a complete set of this special body armor.


AIs are very advanced computer programs that are basically clones of a particular being's mind. They will have some of the personality of the being they were copied from, but do not retain their memories. Though they are based off of a being, they are basically supercomputers, but with an attitude. AIs are usually assigned to a ship (cruiser or larger), but they can also be transferred from the ship, or assigned to a highly skilled military personnel. They increase the effectiveness of a ship's systems, as well as providing more accurate tactical information. AIs are only available to high ranking commanding officers in organized military. A lower ranking crew can acquire one, if they are entrusted with the one from the ship that they are assigned to, but only if their commander allows it. Pirates cannot have this technology.


Grolians have learned to create weapons that are able to form and launch spines that are similar to those that grow on their reptilian bodies. They have also been able to replicate this technology on a large scale as missile launchers for their ships, but unlike their smaller counterparts, the large spines explode when buried in the hull of a ship. When used against ships, these large spines are not very effective against shields. This technology is exclusive to the Grolians.

Grolians have fast healing and amazing regenerative powers. They heal about five times as quick as a human; not fast enough to heal them in mid-combat; but certainly fast enough to have them patched up and ready to go again in no time afterwards. They can also regrow missing limbs and even organs, provided they can survive the initial loss.


In order to make colonized planets more bearable, the Vangiirar developed terraforming technology that will turn the planet to ice over the course of a year. They have been able to create a short-term technology off of this, which instantly freezes objects in a small area. These ice bombs make effective grenades because it can either freeze an enemy in place, making it easier to shoot, or to capture. They also make larger versions that are often used to sabotage an enemy ship via boarding parties.

Vangiirar posses amazing physical strength and their thick fur acts as a natural light armor. They are also capable of withstanding and even thriving at sub-zero temperatures.


Mech Suits act as a mobile attack and defense platform. Heavily armed and armored, these are to be feared on the battlefield. These are only for specially trained officers in large militaries.


MACs (Magnetic Accelerator Cannons) are incredibly powerful projectile-based weaponry that can take down even the shielding of a Cruiser or Destroyer in just a few hits. However, they consume a lot of power, so they are only available on Destroyer class ships. They also need a long recharge time to build up the energy needed to launch their massive slugs of depleted uranium ore. These are exclusive to humans.

EMP technology is able to disable anything that runs on power for a limited time. The time something is disabled by the EMP depends on the strength of the blast. This technology is very useful, but since there is no way to shield against it so far, even the users are affected by it, so it is often used with long ranged missiles. This technology is exclusive to humans.


Harmonizers are an incredibly advanced piece of healing technology. It can quickly heal any non-fatal wounds, but it takes a lot of power so you can only use it to heal yourself a few times before needing to recharge it. This technology is specific to the Taldorians.

An offshoot of the older technology that the Taldorians once used to communicate underwater (similarly to how whales communicate), they have developed sonic weaponry. These weapons deal concussive damage and can potentially knock someone unconscious. It also causes (temporary) loss of hearing in the target and all bystanders, but the Taldorians' hardier physique is immune to this, so it is specific to the Taldorians only.

Taldorians can breathe underwater as well as on land. Furthermore, generations of living underwater and being exposed to depth pressure have condensed Taldorian bones, muscles, and organs to extreme hardiness. While they are still vulnerable to stabbing, cutting, or piercing damage, the Taldorians have a natural 'damage reduction' (not the same as immunity) to crushing, concussive, or blunt force trauma.


The Hrolgairin have very advanced cloaking technology. Their stealth suits are the best example of this, only revealing their position if they are displacing something such as water or smoke. They also have cloaking devices for their advanced combat armor, but it is much less effective, only achieving the same amount of stealth as the suits when they are completely still. When they move around, the cloaking ability is somewhat faded. Some ships that are Cruiser class or smaller also have this technology. As well as making them visibly disappear (it masks their energy signatures very well), so it is difficult to pinpoint them on sensors. The cloaking technology on ships is more reliable because they can be larger and more complex, as well as having a supply of more power. This technology is exclusive to the Hrolgairin.

Hrolgairin are very fast and agile.


Though limited, teleportation technology has proved to be an extremely useful way to deploy troops in the field, and to transport from ship to ship. It is limited because the

must have another set to transport to. In order to make it easier to keep a steady stream of ground troops coming in a land battle, platforms containing transport rings are dropped from orbit, or drop ships. This technology is specific to the Spathis only.

The Spathis are by far the most intelligent race in the universe, allowing them to see options and solutions that others would easily miss.


Quothians have based their weaponry on Particle Acceleration technology, using gas molecules at near light speed as ammunition. These weapons can puncture any material with little to no resistance, hitting with surgical precision. They however, cannot do much damage over a large area, as the beam is incredibly focused. Size ranges from the massive planetary defense cannons, to ship-mounted weapons, and all the way down to hand-held size. This technology uses a gas specific to Quothus, and can only be manufactured by Quothians.


The Quothians have developed a natural tolerance for radiation, being able to withstand enough to kill other species in minutes.


Because pirates are not part of any particular faction, pirate characters can have one of another faction's specific tech.


Penumbrals, while physically very weak - compensate for it with enhanced mental strength, most of them manifesting psionic abilities - telepathy and telekinesis being the most common.


Penumbrals don't have many ships, but those they do have can outperform most ships of their class size - and can hold their own against larger or more numerous opponents. This is due to their own brand of Hybridization aka Brain Ships.


Brain Ships: Like the Zaarfur, their ships are both organic and synthetic. However they can't 'heal' as fast - at least not without external aid. Their high performance comes from their pilot - only the strongest Penumbral minds can handle the stress of being linked into the ship. The direct link-up results in a ship capable of adapting to changing scenarios with little to no delay.


Mind-Machine Interfaces: These chips are primarily used to allow pilots to link to their ship remotely - though there is still a range limitation. It is their greatest achievement - but also their greatest failing. If a pilot dies - the ship also dies, unless a replacement is available within a few days. The last directive for a dying brain ship is to return the pilot and itself to the Penumbral homeworld.


Penumbral ships carry conventional energy weapons, but no projectiles.


In addition, the pilot of a Brain Ship, can convert the ships power source - and his own psychic energy - into one of two things: A sustained stream of energy similar to a particle cannon or a shockwave-like effect designed to disable opposing ships. Both options are draining, the cannon only being able to fire a maximum of 5 times before needing a recharging period (Ie a good night's sleep) and the shockwave practically crippling the vessels' power supply.


[The telepathy only allows communication not mind reading]


Because Zaarfurian ships are mostly made of organic matter, they are able to regenerate their hull durability, instead of having to repair. This happens at an incredible rate, and can finish regenerating after a manner of hours.


The Zaarfur are highly evolved causing their bodies being highly resistant. Their bodies are able to withstand the pressures and effects of space, and can survive without aid from equipment for a small amount of time.


Despite being very thin, the Zaarfur process incredible strength, so it is a good idea to stay out of reach. They've even been seen holding their own, or even beating Vangiir in hand to hand combat.


All Large Zaarfurian ships have a large particle cannon which the ship itself it built around. This cannon can tear through most things with ease, making it important for ships to keep themselves from being in front of these vessels.





Energy-Based Weaponry: Weak

Projectile-Based Weaponry: Strong

Energy Shielding Strength: Very Weak

Armor: Strong




Energy-Based Weaponry: Medium

Projectile-Based Weaponry: Weak

Energy Shielding Strength: Strong

Armor: Medium




Energy-Based Weaponry: Medium

Projectile-Based Weaponry: Very Weak

Energy Shielding Strength: Very Strong

Armor: Medium




Energy-Based Weaponry: Medium

Projectile-Based Weaponry: Medium

Energy Shielding Strength: Medium

Armor: Medium





Energy-Based Weaponry: Very Strong

Projectile-Based Weaponry: Medium

Energy Shielding Strength: Weak

Armor: Strong




Energy-Based Weaponry: Medium

Projectile-Based Weaponry: Very Strong

Energy Shielding Strength: Weak

Armor: Strong




Energy Based Weaponry: Strong

Projectile Based Weaponry: Weak

Energy Shielding Strength: Medium

Armor: Very Strong




Pirates have mixed statistics because their technology and ships are often stolen. Your ship can have its own stats, just make them balanced, and not overpowered.




Energy Based Weaponry: Strong/Special

Projectile Based Weaponry: N/A (they have none)

Energy Shielding Strength: Average

Armour: Average




Energy Based Weaponry: Strong

Projectile Based Weaponry: Strong

Energy Shielding Strength: Medium

Armour: Medium



Ship Types:


Colossus (20000m long): This is a class of vessel that has never been seen before. It is only available for the leader figure of the Zaarfur.


Capital Destroyer (4000m-6000m long): The most advanced and powerful ships in the galaxy. Available for leader figures only.


Capital Cruiser (2500m-4000m long): Not as powerful as a Capital Destroyer, but faster and more maneuverable. Available for leader figures only.


Destroyer (1000m-2500m long): A powerful vessel made entirely for war. Only the most privileged and skilled Captains are able to get these ships.


Cruiser (300m-1000m long): Though smaller and not as powerful as a destroyer, it makes up for it in speed and maneuverability.


Large Freighter (100m-200m long): Good ship for smugglers and tradesmen alike. Plenty of storage space, room for some modifications, and a good amount of living space.


Medium Freighter (50m-100m long): Good ship for smugglers and tradesmen alike. Good amount of storage space, room for some modifications, and some living space.


Small Freighter: (25m-50m long): Good ship for civilians. Families will often use these for themselves to travel from planet to planet.


Fighter (10m-20m): Escorts for military and civilian ships. They are also good for hit and run tactics.





There can be multiple people being ship captains or governors for each species, but there can only be one main military leader for each of them. Having multiple generals for one faction would cause too much confusion and conflict with the RPers. If you wish, you can have something like a “coup d'etat” to become the leader, but please run it by me and whoever it would involve beforehand.




Grolian General:

Grolian Commanders:

Grolian Crew Men/Crew Women:




Spathi Admiral:

Spathi Commanders:

Spathi Crew Men/Crew Women:




Vangiirar War Leader:

Vangiirar Commanders:

Vangiirar Grunts:




Taldorian Admiral:

Taldorian Captains:

Taldorian Crew Men/Crew Women:




Hrolgairin Admiral:

Hrolgairin Captains:

Hrolgairin Crew Men/Crew Women:




Human General:

Thomas Laskey (Narath)

Human Captains:

Human Crew Men/Crew Women:




High Admiral (Highest non-ruler rank, serves as a diplomat as well):


Captain/Elite (Elite being ground forces):

Warrior/Crewman (Warrior being ground forces):




Pirate King:

Pirate Captains:

1. Teela Nadin (Mistress of Whispers)

Pirate Crew Men/Crew Women:

1. Kieth Maxwell (Narath)

2. Skip/Skipper (Mistress of Whispers)




Night Walkers - these are few in number and form the ruling council:

Star Riders:

Wind Readers:





-All DC rules apply.

-No godmodding.

-No powerplaying.

-No Gary-Stu's.

-No Mary-Sue's.

-Up to three characters per person.

-Send character forms to me via PM.

-No bright text.

-Try to not curse too much.

-Please post more than three lines. Less is acceptable every once in awhile, but don’t make a habit of it.

-Be polite to others.

-If gone one week without replying, I'll send you a message. If I get no reply after another week, you're booted. An exception will be made to this rule if you are just very busy, or you are gone for an extended period of time. You must PM me if this is the case though, or else I'll just go through the regular procedure. .



Character Form:



Character Name:






Ship Description (If not a crew man/crew women):



Skills (Pilot, Sharpshooter, Gunner, e.t.c.):

Preferred Weapon:





Approved Characters:


Username: Narath

Character Name: Keith Maxwell

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 27

Faction: Pirate

Position: Crew man

Ship Description (If not a crew man/crew women):

Appearance: Scraggily blonde hair that goes just past the tips of his ears, blue eyes, 6ft 2in, thin but moderately muscled. Wears black combat boots and combat pants, a tan collared long sleeved shirt, and an open brown leather jacket over it. He does not wear combat armor often as he usually fights in his mech.

Personality: Keith is usually a smug guy, making any witty remark he can think of. When he is on the job, he is rough and to the point, focusing on the task at hand. When he is off time though, his softer side often comes out, revealing him to be a bit of a gentleman, and a flirt. He will not harm children, or anyone that is unarmed.

Skills: Weapons specialist, can pilot any machinery/vehicles, especially his customized mech.

Preferred Weapon: Assult rifle, and a magnum. He also uses a customized 15 foot mech suit, which doesn’t have as much armor as one normally would, but it is faster and more agile, using thrusters to jump higher, and to aid in evading enemy attacks, and can yet still take a lot of hits. It is armed with two miniguns on its shoulders, and a powerful retractable chainsaw on its left forearm.

Crush/Relationship: Ever since they went on their first smuggling mission together (which they went against since the goods were children slaves), Kieth has always felt something for Teela, and those feeling have only grown since. The only reason he hasn't acted upon those feelings is because he's afraid of being just another one of her flings.

Other: Keith met Teela on a smuggling mission that they both were hired for by the same crime lord. When they got the cargo they were smuggling, they realized that the cargo was a bunch of children that would be shipped off to be slaves. They then went against their orders, and let the children free, finding homes for them where they could. One named John stayed with them however. Keith has a particularly soft spot for him, and treats the boy as if he were a son. They have worked together ever since. Because of their actions however, they have made the crime lord that hired them to smuggle the children has put a price on their heads, so they sometimes run into bounty hunters that are after them.

Username: Narath

Character Name: Thomas Laskey

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 30

Faction: Human

Position: General

Ship Description (If not a crew man/crew women): The Archimedes is a Capital Destroyer class with one Mark II MAC (Magnetic Accelerator Cannon) built into the fore of the ship, two heavy beam turrets, a large compliment of rapid fire railguns (mainly for repelling fighters), 4 Mini-MACs, 250 missile batteries, 3 fighter squadrons, and 1 V HAVOK Nuke (Only for dire circumstances).

Appearance: Short cut black hair, green eyes, 5ft 10in. Wears a straight grey military dress uniform with black shoulder pads, and a black line down the chest while on duty. While in combat, he wears his customized advanced body suit.

Personality: Thomas is most often strict, and does everything by the book, but he will break the rules if it means survival for the men and women upon his ship. He ultimately wants peace between the races, but will do his best to ensure to the survival of the human race.

Skills (Pilot, Sharpshooter, Gunner, e.t.c.): Excellent tactician, Pilot.

Preferred Weapon: Heavy pistol

Crush/Relationship: Open

Other: Proven to be a brilliant tactician during his youth in the army, Thomas quickly rose through the ranks of the human fleet. He has only been just newly instated as Earth's general, and takes his position seriously. Along with his new rank, he has been given the newest state-of-the-art Capital Destroyer, and an advanced AI named Deja who's avatar appears as an ancient Greek goddess wearing a toga and holding a clay tablet in one hand. He is able to coorinate tactics in battle with her better with his neural implant which allows her to transfer information about the ship to him directly. 

Username: Mistress of Whispers

Character Name: Teela Nadin

Gender: Female

Species: Hrolgairin

Age: Late 20's

Faction: Independent (by choice), Pirate (by default), Hrolgairin (when called upon in the war)

Position: Captain

Ship Description: The Slip is a highly agile, super fast blockade runner armed with 2 railguns, 2 quad laser turrets, 1 tractor beam and 2 fore and one aft torpedo bay. While it lacks in raw power, it's a great ship for anyone seeking to make their way through armed forces with minimal confrontation. As a downside, the ship is small, allowing for a crew compliment of only five people and offering (cramped) quarters to another 15 passengers. The small shuttle at the top of the arch detaches, allowing for three-person recon missions (though in a pinch, it can be operated by a lone pilot).

Appearance: Tall with an athletic build, Teela has skin with a light green hue and bright, almost reflective, emerald eyes. Her dark leaf-green hair falls over her shoulders in thick, wavy curls and is adorned with several small braids, stone beads, exotic feathers and strips of coloured leather. In primitive Hrolgairin society, the green skin, hair and eyes would have marked her as a hunter-stalker and while that function has been lost in modern society, Teela still retains the soft and silent tread of her ancestors.

Teela has a somewhat broad, flat nose that adds a feline aspect to her features and a crooked, roguish smile. Several tattoos adorn her body; all of them tribal markings acquired during her journeys. She goes dressed in brown leather pants with a leather tunic and is usually barefoot. She wears assorted pieces of light armour covering her torso and head, as well as knee -, ankle - and shoulder pads.


- Adventurous. Downside: Can lose herself in her obsession for exploration.

- Freedom-loving. Downside: Does not respond well to authority figures.

- Independent. Downside: Does not coordinate well with others.

- Smart. Downside:  Sometimes has more interest in the 'science' behind something rather than the practical situation.

- Unafraid. Downside: Takes unnecessary risks.


- Academia: Listening to her parents' academic lectures from a young age and then attending the Hrolgairin university herself, Teela is versed in Anthropology, Ecology, Biology, Planetology and Cosmology.

- Acrobatics: Having spent hours free-running, climbing and jumping through Hrolgairin's wild regions, Teela is a superb acrobat even by the standard of her race.

- Bowmanship: Thanks to her revivalist upbringing, Teela learned to use a bow and arrow from a young age and is a near-perfect shot with a bow.

- Hand-to-hand Combat: Finding herself on the wrong side of the deal on more than one occasion and being fast and agile even for her species, Teela an excellent hand-to-hand combatant who has mastered a form of Capoeira combat.

- Swordmanship: Similarly, Teela learned to use primitive weapons such as spear and sword from a young age. She has a special talent for swords and wields her twin-swords with deadly mastery.

- Mental-Mapping: Another result from growing up in the wild, where there are no roads or direction signs, Teela has a great sense of direction and instinctively makes maps of any area she visits in her mind.

- Pilot: Teela is an excellent pilot, though she fares much better in stealth or hit-and-run missions than in prolonged combat.

- Charismatic:  Teela has a natural, albeit roguish, charisma that has helped her talk her way out of trouble on several occassions.


- Several personality flaws: (see five 'Personality' downsides above).

- Poor gunman: The same upbringing that gives Teela such an edge with bow and sword, makes her a poor gunman. While she knows how to use modern guns, she is a (far) below average shot with them.

- Soft-hearted: While Teela can be a deadly combatant when called upon, she will go out of her way to prevent civilian casualties. She will especially go above and beyond to protect children.

- Impatient: Teela greatly enjoys reading her many academic books, but apart from that she does not like 'doing nothing' and will sometimes spring into action before a decent plan has been formed.

Preferred Weapons: On her back, Teela carries twin vibroswords adapted from a pair of beautiful ancient weapons which she found during one of her adventures and had converted to vibro weapons. A fold-out bow that shoots energy-arrows hangs from her belt (the bow can shoot regular arrows, should the weapon's energy level necessitate it) .

Crush/Relationship: None. Teela has a few lovers in different ports, but nothing serious.


Teela's parents, dedicated archaeologists and avid revivalists, were somewhat of an oddity in Hrolgairin society. Half their time was spent in regal university halls, defending their academic findings, and the other in Hrolgair's wild nature reserves, experiencing the life of primitive Hrolgairins first-hand. Their work was controversial since it involved the killing of reservation animals for their flesh, bones and skin, but they were given special dispensation by the High Minister of Science, who believed their work might hold the key to the Hrolgairin reintegrating into the reserves and living in peaceful harmony with nature than separate from it.

When Teela was born, her parents continued their eclectic lifestyle and Teela grew up amidst books and untamed swampland. Due to living in the wild, with fresh air and challenges all around her, for half her childhood, Teela grew up to be slightly taller and even more agile and faster than the average member of her species. Having inherited her parents' intellect, Teela also has a keen mind that has been exposed from the earliest age to anthropology, ecology and biology. Her real passion, though, lies with exploratory cosmology and exo-planetology. While Teela greatly enjoyed and appreciated the revivalist lifestyle her parents provided, she did feel like they were going backwards and trying to recapture a time that had already come and gone; Teela wanted to look to the future and explore new, uninhabited planets. Even during her university days, Teela signed up for various academic internship and exploratory missions, but she soon discovered that she did not thrive as a small cog in a big machine – she craved independence; freedom to come and go where she please and, for this, she needed a ship of her own. However, as a child of two scholars, Teela had little access to money and spaceships do not come cheap.

Teela started taking odd jobs and borrowing money from 'free entrepreneurs' to pay for her own ship, but while what she did was (mostly) illegal, at least she was smart about it. She never borrowed more than was strictly necessary to buy the smallest of ships and then focused solely on repaying the 'loan'. With that done, she struggled to raise more money by doing (again mostly illegal) supply runs. She also cleverly used her academic contacts to make money off memorabilia, old journals, soil samples and artefacts that would have been useless to the average smuggler. Through this, she slowly but steadily made her way to a bigger ship and then a bigger one and yet again a bigger one; while her progress was more slow and the ships less fancy than those of other smugglers, Teela managed to circumvent all the obstacles and pitfalls that saw to many of her 'colleagues' permanently beholden to a crimelord.

Now, Teela remains her passion for exploration and love of freedom. While others might call her a pirate, she prefers to view herself as an independent does not feel beholden to the Pirate King. She has visited many world, many of them uninhabited by intelligent, sentient species, and prefers the more primal civilisations; she has spent time living with both the Grolians and Taldorians and still has friends there, which is ironic given that both those species are now in the opposite side of the galactic war. While she is too independent (and rebellious) to join the Hrolgairin military, she does love her homeworld and is a fierce patriot; as such, she frequently runs unauthorized missions (black ops) given to her by a high-ranking military contact.

Other: OOC: There are three characters in Teela's history that might be PCs – a Grolian (friend despite their different factions), Taldorian (friend despite their different factions) and Hrolgairin (military contact who gives her missions). Teela's ship is also open to PC passengers and crew members. If you're a player and you feel like your PC might fit the bill, please PM me so we can work out the details of our relationships.

Username: Mistress of Whispers

Character Name: Skip or Skipper

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 6

Faction: Whichever Teela and Keith are in

Position: Crewmember

Ship Description: The Slip (Teela Nadin's vessel)

Appearance: Small and scrawny, very short black hair, brown eyes.

Personality: Acts tough, likes to think he knows it all, treats Teela and Keith like they're his older siblings or parents.

Skills: Very stealthy (he tries to but it more like hide and seek). Has a (unpractised) talent for mechanical repairs. Knows every hiding place and crawl way large enough for him in the ship.

Preferred Weapon: -

Crush/Relationship: thinks girls and relationships are “icky”

Other: his real name is John Michael, but that's the name his parents gave him and they sold him to a crime lord. Teela and Keith rescued him and they call him 'Skip' or ‘skipper’. He believe they are heroes and they never had the heart to tell him that they were initially part of the crimelord's operation (until they discovered what the 'cargo' was) - this might come back to bite them in the ass someday.

Username: SUP3RSPAWN3R

Character Name: Galtun' Tauseis

Gender: Male

Species: Quothian

Age: 34

Faction: Quothian Oligarchy (Neutral)

Position: High Admiral

Ship Description: The Arbiter is a Capital Destroyer armed with two Particle Accelerators as well as heavy plating and energy shields. Smaller weapons include laser turrets and space-to-ground missiles. A entourage of fighters is stored in the hanger bays.

Appearance: Covered completely in his black and red armored environmental/pressure suit, his actual appearance is unknown. His Armor

Personality: Confident and quick to defend what he thinks is right, he sometimes can be a little too rash, jumping to conclusions. This has some benefit to his diplomatic skill, as he is hard to persuade and will push a point until it goes through.

Skills: Sharpshooter and Pilot. Mainly on larger ships.

Preferred Weapon: His X42 Accelerator Rifle

Crush/Relationship: None, it is hard for his race to make relations outside of other Quothians due to the suits they have to wear, and he does not have much time for romance, having to serve as a commander and diplomat simultaneously.

Username: mipuppy1

Character Name: Charlotte Cook

Gender: Female

Species: Human (?)

Age: 20

Faction: Human

Position: Assistant/Secretary

Ship Description (If not a crew man/crew women): Whichever ship Thomas is on

Appearance: Charlotte is short and curvy with a delicate body. Her hair is a long pale blonde, naturally straight and usually pulled back with a star shaped hair clip, or just tied up in a ponytail. Her skin is porcelain due to her burning easily in the sun. She has light, big blue doe eyes framed with long, dark lashes. She always seems to be smiling.

Personality: Charlotte always seems to be smiling, it as if a smile is just painted on her face, she's the kind of person to trip and just laugh it off, or to just trip to make other people laugh. Charlotte is a bit naïve, and rather gluttoness, she loves to eat so much it's a wonder she's not fat, Charlotte never forgets the taste of something she's eaten. Though she's not very book-smarts and extremely clumsy, she can catch onto most things rather fast, she's willing to make sacrifices for other peoples' happiness.

Skills: Charlotte is an excellent cook, and has great aim.

Preferred Weapon: Knives, and a pistol.

Crush/Relationship: Thomas, but he has turned her down before.


Username: Takhesis

Character Name: Kosh'tor

Gender: Male

Species: Penumbral

Age: 35 human years

Faction: Neutral - Penumbral

Position: Star Rider

Ship Description (If not a crew man/crew women): A frigate-class vessel (a combat-orientated freighter), has a mottled hull pattern reminiscent of moss on stone. Has 4 solar 'petals' that unfold to recharge the ships power core on long missions.

Appearance: Looks like a distorted human child's shadow when outside the ship. Except in gold rather than black. Koshthor is not physically impressive - a small wind could, conceivably, knock him over.

Personality: Tends to appear aloof or withdrawn like the rest of his race. However Kosh'tor does seem to possess more curiousity than the rest and is more likely to be encountered outside Penumbral space - even if its only a passing glimpse on the sensors. He says nothing more than what is necessary - often appearing cryptic in the process.

He will also not be drawn into hostilities - unless innocent lives are in danger, he will only act to protect not harm.

Skills (Pilot, Sharpshooter, Gunner, e.t.c.): Pilot

Preferred Weapon: Psionic/telekinetic blasts - though only in defence.

Crush/Relationship: None known (could change)

Other: He treats his ship like a sentient being with feelings.

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((Where do we want to pick up? Is the Slip still on Sarenthal and did Skip find his way home yet?))

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((For Keith, Skip, and Teela, let's just continue where we stopped.))

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When she was done picking a fight with the Pirate King (though in her defence she didn't know who she was), Teela returned to the Slip to oversee the tail-end of cargo unloading. It wasn't until it was done and she went back inside, that she noticed Skip was no longer at the craft station. Frowning (though not yet worried) she went to find Keith...


"Is Skip with you?" she inquired when she had located her first mate.


((Short first post, sorry.))

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Keith rubbed his sore forehead as he looked up from the datapad he was reading that held all the information on cargo coming on and off their ship. Though it wasn't physically tiring, supervising the busy cargo bay was mentally exhausting.

"No, he's not." Keith answered tiredly. "Did you try looking at the crafting station? He should still be working on that taser project."

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Teela shook her head in denial. "No I've just come from the cargo bay - no Skipper in sight."


Still, there were plenty of places a young boy could be - the cockpit and mess hall topping the list.


"I'll go check with the pilot; Skip has been badgering him for flying lessons so maybe he's there."

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Keith let out an exasperated sigh. Why did that kid always have to make trouble?

"Hopefully he's there, and not galavanting about outside of the ship. Again." He said. "You check the bridge, and I'll see if I can find out if he's left the ship or not."

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Moving through the ship, Teela checked the bridge, mess hall and Skip's bunk. By now, she was starting to worry. Picking up the intercom, she made a ship-wide announcement.


"Attention Skipper. I'm making cloud candy in the mess hall. Please meet me there."


Cloud candy, which was nothing but finely spun sugar, was one of Skip's favourite candies. If that didn't draw him out, they had a problem...

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Keith left the ship and began to ask people here and there if they had seen a boy of Skip's age. None of them had seen the kid, which Keith didn't know whether to take as a relief, or as something to worry about. Keith decided to ask just one last person, and he'd call it in. This person's answer was different than the other's however. Apparently, he had seen a small boy wandering around the docks a few minutes ago, but the kid had wandered off since then. Thanking the man for the information, Keith walked off towards the security center and took out his comm unit.

"Teela, this is Keith." He said. "I found out that Skip decided to take a little trip."

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Teela swore under her breath as she picked up her comm. Dangit, Skip knew better than to wander off - or at least, so she had thought.


"Copy that. I'll meet you outside."


Leaving the poilot in charge of the ship, Teela went to meet Keith in the docking bay.




Skipper was NOT lost. Really, he wasn't. He just... didn't know where the ship was, exactly.


He'd been able to jump off the cargo stack when it had slowed down, but quickly found that he didn't remember the route back to the Slip. He knew he was on a planet full of pirates, so rather than ask for directions and advocate that he was alone and lost, he had snuck off behind some barrels.

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Keith finally arrived at the station's security centre, where he was stopped by two battle scarred Vangiirar guards.

"Please let me pass. I need to talk to the head of your security detail." Keith said to them. "I have a missing person to report, and if he runs wild, he could probably cause some havoc."

The guards did not budge one bit, only looking forwards at him, determined to not let the puny human through.

"Teela, could you please come down to the security centre?" He asked into his comm.

She'd probable have better luck with this lot.




General Thomas Laskey. He liked the ring to it. Laskey, who was recently promoted, was currently standing on the uppermost level of the two story bridge, looking down from the command centre balcony at the rest of the bridge. Everyone was rushing back and forth, making system checks, diagnostics, and other duties, preparing the newly built ETR (Earthen Talfir Republic) Archimedes for it's maiden voyage. This ship, along with an accompaniment of a few destroyers and cruisers, were tasked with travelling to the ancient ring device and officially relieve his predecessor General Tallius, as well as his aged capitol ship, the Autumn.

"Deja, status report." Thomas said sharply.

"All systems are go sir." Said a calm female voice as a small hologram of what looked like a Greek goddess appeared from a console next to him.

"Are you sure?"

"I have already run the diagnostics twenty three time sir, while the crew is still going over their second check. Would you like me to run them some more?"

"No Deja, that is fine. What about the other ships? Have they all checked in?"

"Destroyers Odysseus and Charon, as well as the cruiser Juniper have all reported in sir. We are just waiting for cruisers Halite and Shadowed Blade."

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(Hey Narath, shouldn't Laskey be an admiral? General is a ground forces rank, not navy.)


Captain Evelyn Wolfe stood on the bridge of The Shadowed Blade, her hands clasped behind her as she surveyed her crew at work. The Shadow was still docked with one of the orbital ship yards and was awaiting permission from the station to leave, but that didn't mean the crew was waiting as well. Evelyn had them running every diagnostic there was. Finally a platform beside her came to life, showing a holographic samurai warrior standing there. He gave a short bow, then straightened and looked up at the captain.

"All preliminary system checks have been completed as ordered. All systems are green. Engines have been set to standby, weapons are in standby mode, life support is optimal. We have also received permission to our request to leave." He said quickly and efficiently.

"Very good Sun Tzu, assist with the launch as normal." She said calmly. "Crewman Jackson, seal all bulkheads and retract moorings. Ackerman, send a confirmation to the station. Jain, set course for the fleet, quarter speed." She said, her voice ringing out even over the noise of crewman at stations.

"We are clear of the station captain." Ensign Jain said. "Course laid in, answering quarter power."

Beneath everyone feet the deck vibrated for a few seconds before inertial dampeners kicked in and compensated for the influx of power being generated by the engines.

"Lieutenant Ackerman, send a message to the Archimedes and tell them that we will be joining them soon. Ensign increase speed to 3/4." Evelyn ordered, finally sitting down in the commanders chair and tapping a small panel placed on one of the arm rests. She used it to check the parameters of their mission as well as the status of the ship before finally settling in.

"Captain, we are approaching the Archimedes." Ackerman announced, glancing at Evelyn.

"Very good, open up a channel." She said, standing and facing the viewing screen.

"General." Evelyn greeted, snapping off a salute, her back as rigid as a board as she stood at attention. "The Shadowed Blade is ready to depart at your discretion." She said smartly, saluting again. "Sun Tzu, the ships AI, will send you a report of ship status immediately, as well as my report on the crew morale and functionality per order 1731 section G9." She finished, still standing straight as she waited for more orders or questions.


(Feel free to have the fleet head off, no need to wait on my next post.)

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((Sorry, I'm trying to help a friend get her form together. Her character is going to work hand in hand with mine, so I'd like to get her ready before I post.))

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((You can create new ones. I think I say that in the species section. If you have an idea please pm it to me))

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(So is anyone actually going to respond or are we just talking about responding?)

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((Well, I know that, but I wanted to make the names of the commanding officers to represent the species. Humans are generally more war-like, so I decided General instead because it sounds more war-like than Admiral))


"Transmission from the Shadowed Blade." Deja said.

"Onscreen" Laskey commanded.

Captain Wolfe appeared on a large view screen that hung from the ceiling of the bridge.

"Thank you Captain." He said once she finished reporting in.

"Looks like everything is in order on their ship." Deja said, ones and zeros scrolling rapidly across the surface of the stone tablet in her hands as she processed the sent Information."

"Very good. Captain, have your AI co-ordinate with mine and fall into escort formation Alpha. I want to get underway on schedule. The General won't relieve himself."


((You know, your character is the exact opposite of the human captain the last time I did this RP. That guy did not listen to anything Laskey said.))

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Teela headed to the security station at a fast trod. The moment she turned the corner, she saw what Keith's problem was - two large, nasty looking Vangiirar were guarding the entrance.


"Hey there, fellas," she piped up, sounding much more confident then she felt. In response, the Vangiirar merely stared at her.


"So what brought you two here, so far from the lovely snow-covered fields of home?"


The Vangiirar continued to stare. Swallowing once, Teela ploughed straight ahead.


"Sooooo I visited Vangiirar once and I remember they had this excellent ice whiskey. I've been trying to find it off-planet for the longest time now, with no luck, but I bet you to know where to get it on Sarenthal."


Placing an arm around one of the guard's shoulders - an impressive feat, since she herself only reached halfway up to his chest - she made as if to guide him to the bar district. It was a bold move and one as likely to get her punched as it was to succeed, but at least the guard's back was turned on Keith....


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The Quothian Diplomatic ship, The Arbiter, had left the Quothos blockade in a rush. It's captain giving orders left and right. He had taken the speedier and smaller of the two most powerful Capital Destroyers in the fleet. As High Admiral, he had access to the most advanced ships in the fleet. It was a tricky job, serving as a warrior and diplomat at the same time. But someone had to do it, and there were perks. The vessel slowly approached the station, a long rectangle extending from the station and sliding into the "notch" at the front of the docking vessel. A swarm of fighters hovered about likes bees near their hive, occasionally making runs down the edges of the ship. Galtun' Tauseis clipped the hilt of his ceremonial Particle Saber onto his armor, and strode out of the ship into the station. "More Councilors bickering about the war. It's gonna be a long day..." He muttered as the doors to the Hall of Debate slid open with a hiss.

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Keith was just able to rush past the guard and ran into the security offices, not bothering to check if he was being followed. Finding Skip was so important to him, that he had just thrown caution to the wind. Keith made his way to the security footage room, which was luckily unoccupied at the moment. Sitting down at the controls, Keith frantically began to search through the footage on the screens.


((I have added another species to the list called the Zaarfur. For now, they have not yet appeared.))

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(How should I get y character to meet up with the others? It would be dull to constantly post nearly the same thing over and over again.)

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((Soon after General Laskey and his fleet arrives at the ring installation, an even will occur that will bring the attention of all species.))

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