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The Secret of the Stone

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OOC here.

Have a marshmallow.




You walk along a street, minding your own business, when all of a sudden an old man bumps into you. He gives you a survey and tells you to mail it to him. Before you can even register this, he is gone, rushing to give other people the survey. You look down at the survey and read what it says. It reads:


Please circle your answer.


Do you believe in dragons?



Did you ever dream of being a dragon?



Do you know about how dragons survive?



If you answered yes to all of these questions, mail this back to me. There is already a stamp and address on the back.


You fold the survey up, putting it in your pocket for later. After you finish whatever task you set out to do, you return home. Taking out the survey, you start filling it in. You didn't have anything to lose; the survey doesn't even ask for your name. After you finish the survey you put it in your mailbox and go off to finish your other tasks.


After two weeks when you check the mail, you find a frayed, box-like cream-colored envelope with the same address you mailed the survey to. A stamp showing a fierce red dragon catches your eye. Opening the envelope, you find a necklace with a stone attached to it. The pale blue stone swirls with orange and gold and is as big as your palm. It is surprisingly light for its size. There is also a note in the envelope. It says:


Wear this stone. My story will be revealed to you when the time is right.


You can't think of any harm wearing a necklace could do, so you slip it around your neck. You are fine while sitting, but when you try to walk, you suddenly feel very dizzy. Collapsing onto the floor, you soon lose consciousness.


When you wake up, you realize that you are in a forest. It is late afternoon, and the sun is just beginning to set. You don't remember much about yourself. You know your name, age, the survey, and the necklace, but nothing else makes sense. You have no idea where you are. It is getting dark quickly so you find some way to pass the time and continue with your activity until you fall asleep.


In the morning, you wake up and find that everything looks different. You wonder what could have caused this and eventually find out that you are no longer a human. Instead, you are now a dragon. The necklace is still around your neck, changed to fit your new form. Its color has also changed, and it has heat radiating off of it. You get an odd feeling that the necklace has something to do with your transformation. Eventually you try taking the necklace off to see if that will change you back. Nothing happens to you except that you feel weaker now and have a headache. Nothing you try fixes the headache or weakness, and they continue to get worse. You decide to try one last thing and slip the necklace back on. Your headache suddenly disappears, and you no longer feel weak. The stone suddenly starts to "speak" to you. It says, "Go to the clearing in the forest."


The necklace starts to glow a reddish orange, and the glow moves forward, as if showing you the direction to go in. The few animals near you seem to not hear the stone speak or see the glow. The glow begins to get impatient, wiggling as if telling you to hurry. After a while, the glow forms into a hand and starts pushing you towards the direction of a clearing, having gotten tired of waiting.




1. The usual, no Mary Sues, OP-ness, etc. I think you guys know what you can and can't do.

2. Put your sheets in the OOC UNLESS you have a good reason to keep them secret or I tell you to.

3. Actually read the rules. I can't make you, but you should.

4. Use the app provided. You can tell me if I missed some important things, but please don't go off and make your own. It'll make the character list look very messy.

5. Rules may change. You will be notified if they do.

6. If your character is inactive for a while, your character may be deleted.

7. Only DC dragons please. It makes things less confusing. No mixes either.

7.a. You may be prevented from making a dragon a certain species if I think there are too many of that breed.

8. Don't copy other people's necklace stone colors. The stone may have up to five colors including the background color, but don't make the stone look absurd. (Ex. "My stone is yellow, has unicorn shaped black and white patterns all over it, and has a blue, brown, and red center with spikes!") Rainbow is not a single color. You cannot put rainbow as any of the colors.

8.a. I imagine the stone looking like this, but round with swirls that are shimmery like tiger eye stones. Like this kind of shimmery.

9. Please write at least five sentences. I don't want many short posts. I would rather have a few long posts. If you write short posts, you might not give the others enough material to construct a good reply.

10. Please do not be teleported to the clearing, and do not have more than five characters in the same teleported area.

11. Don't be rude to others!

12. Please put a sprite of your dragon in your posts, it helps to prevent confusion. Trust me, it gets really confusing.


Please delete the text inside of the parentheses. Do not post this text with your app.

Notice: Any characters joining now will not have necklaces. Please delete all sections pertaining to it.


[B]Forum Name:[/B]
[B]Character Name:[/B]
[B]Human Appearance:[/B] (Delete this row. Only necklace wearers used to be human. I'm keeping it here for reference and any other characters people would like to RP.)
[B]Stone Colors:[/B]
[B]Necklace Material:[/B] (What the "string" of your necklace looks like and what it's made out of.)
[B]Dragon they have turned into:[/B] (Delete this too)
[B]Dragon Appearance:[/B]
[B]Special Abilities:[/B] (This is on top of the abilities they already have because of their breed. This may replace some of the breed abilities if it would be too OP for them to have this ability too. For this rp, all dragons that have no other powers at all will be able to breathe small amounts of fire. An exception is if it would be odd for the breed of dragon to breathe fire.)
[B]What they eat:[/B] (Plants, animals, birds, insects, etc. This is just so you don't change what they eat suddenly. You do actually have to eat you know.)


Setting (the land and stuff overall):


The land is varied like the Earth is, though the life forms inhabiting it are different. You can find many fantasy creatures here, such as phoenixes, unicorns, trolls, and so on. Unusual plants not existing on Earth can also be found. Some may be deadly or carnivorous. There are also numerous witches and wizards residing in various little towns scattered over the surface of the land. You have arrived during late summer. If you do make it out of the forest, there is a small town nearby with many witches and wizards crowded in the area. Witches and wizards may not react positively to the sight of a dragon, though they usually do not attack.


Current Place(s):

(All the listed animals, plants, and insects will be capitalized because I really like capitalization for some reason xd.png)



A rather large temperate forest. It's very hard to find a way out of this forest. There is a large clearing in the middle of the forest surrounded by mushrooms. Be wary of hunter traps, as this is a popular spot to hunt. Sometimes you can find fallen trees within the forest. Nobody has named it yet, perhaps you will be the one to name it?

Common Plants: Grass (duh), Oak Trees, Mushrooms, Ferns, Raspberry Bushes, Blackberry Bushes, Wild Strawberries, Poison Ivy. (Note: Poison Ivy will affect dragons, though the effects are reduced.)

Common Animals: Bears, Birds, Snakes, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Rabbits, Wolves, Turkey, Raccoon, Vultures. Unicorns can be found, but they are very rare.

Common Insects: Ants, Butterflies, Bees, Cockroaches, Crickets, Fleas, Ladybugs, Tarantulas.



A decently sized clearing, big enough to hold 20 dragons comfortably. Some small mushrooms can be found, but these could be poisonous. There are also some flowers and bushes along the edge of it. The edge of the clearing is surprisingly smooth, with the trees ending abruptly. It almost seems as if someone had made the clearing on purpose. The plants, animals, and insects are all the same, except for a few honeysuckle bushes.


Past Places:


None for now.


Accepted Characters:




Forum Name: Silverphoenixx

Character Name: Caroline

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: Tall for her age, she stands at about 5'1" with slender arms and legs. She has dark brown eyes and long obsidian black hair with slightly thick eyebrows. Her legs, although slightly skinny, are quite strong and enable her to run fast. Her arms however are extremely weak.

Stone Colors: A bright glowing aqua with some pale indigo flashes like the Northern Lights. The center is navy blue with a barely noticeable ring of white separating it from the aqua.

Necklace Material: Small black metal chain with a slight blue shine.

Dragon they have turned into: Glaucus Drake

Dragon Appearance:user posted image

*Size note: The Glaucus drake is about 2 feet tall, making her smaller than most other dragons.

Her snow white wings are covered by the characteristic vivid blue stripes, although the darkest stripe is a royal blue instead of near black blue. Because her body is rather skinny, and her wings are larger than normal, it makes her wings looks slightly awkward. After the large fan on her tail, there is a second, smaller, fan on the tip of her tail. The frosty white stripe running down her chest gradually becomes darker as it moves farther down her body. Her eyes have become a deep amber flecked with black.

Personality: When with strangers, she acts very shy and does not speak unless spoken to. But once you get to know her, she is rather childish and immature. It it common for her to have a smile on her face, and she looks optimistically at everything. However, when in a bad mood, her behavior changes dramatically. She becomes more negative and usually retorts to anything said to her with a snappy remark. There is also an in between side of her when she will be sarcastic but more teasing than mad. But she can tolerate annoyances exceptionally well so she is rarely in a bad mood.

Special Abilities: She is able to breathe a peculiar blue fire that cannot do any harm but can provide light. Using this ability, she can also create bright flashes and blind enemies. She is pretty good at flying and is a fast runner/flier, but that isn't really a special ability.

What they eat: She prefers seafood but when on land she will eat berries.

Other: She enjoys play fights, but she can be kind of rough and accidentally hurt others. She also likes flying since she always wished she could fly. She used to have a fear of falling down from heights, but since she can fly, that isn't much of a problem anymore.




Forum Name: Zeditha

Character Name: Mia as human, but thinks Zeditha would suit a dragon better.

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: Fairly tall, quite thin, with long, slender fingers. She has pale skin and black hair, but in contrast to her fragile appearance, she prefers to wear dark purple or black clothes. Her eyes are blue.

Stone Colors: The stone is a deep purple in the middle, but spreads to black at the edges. It is also laced with a maroon pattern that resembles lightning, which also fades with the purple.

Necklace Material: The necklace is held on with a plain leather strap. It is dark brown, and not very interesting.

Dragon they have turned into: Neotropical

Dragon Appearance:user posted image

Zeditha has a typical large-winged, slender Neotropical body, but her tail is a bit longer than most. Her eyes remained blue, and she is a dark, emerald green with dark purple stripes instead of orange, and she is laced over with a maroon pattern similar to the one on her gem necklace.

Personality: Zeditha is adventurous, but cautious. She'll try anything she thinks is interesting, but she views her own safety high above anything else. She likes being a dragon, and tries flying a lot. She'll probably become quite good at it.

Special Abilities: She's exceedingly nimble and quick, both in the air and on the ground, like the breed she resembles. She can also breathe enough fire to light a cooking fire. Although this won't hurt anyone, the smoke she can make is sometimes enough to scare of some animals.

What they eat: She'll try anything that doesn't seem poisonous, although with caution if it's new. Due to her thinking dragons should eat meat, she eats mostly meat.

Other: As a human, she often pretended she was a dragon. She would lie down and put herself into a dragon's shape. She became adept at controlling her dragon, and now she's found herself living her constant dream. She's not entirely sure she's not just asleep in her bed, although she's determined to enjoy the reality of the dragon experience.




Forum Name: slp0001

Character Name: Kira

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: Tall and thin. Blue eyes. Blonde hair. White. Wears casual clothes (shorts, t-shirts, comfortable flats, etc.)

Stone Colors: A black rock with streaks of gold all throughout it.

Necklace Material: A bright silver, small-link chain.

Dragon they have turned into: Golden Wyvern

Dragon Appearance: user posted image She's more slender than the average Golden Wyvern, less muscular and more lithe. She's also taller. Her eyes are still the same as they were when she was a human.

Personality: Bailey is kind and concerned about others. She likes to help out others and is comforting. She's an introvert and sometimes just needs time by herself, although others don't always understand this. She takes great joy in the natural world and does not believe in killing anything, other than hunting and very rarely in self-defense, much like a normal Golden Wyvern. She's privately sensitive but acts like she doesn't care about things that hurt her. She doesn't seem to realize how pretty she is as a Golden Wyvern. She's a bit shy.

Special Abilities: She has some skill in illusionary magics, and can rarely transmute some substances, although this requires a huge effort and therefore cannot be done often. She's quick and nimble, loving to fly, but less strong than the average Golden Wyvern (except in her flight abilities!). She actually likes to swim, too, and is fairly good at it for her breed, which of course means not really well in the big picture.

What they eat: Meat.

Other: She's an orphan, actually. Thanks for letting me change her breed. ^^




Forum Name: Cuteseal2

Character Name: Aria Seraphine

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: Very short with a medium build. Dark brown, nearly black hair. Medium blue eyes that almost seem to glow.

Stone Colors: Smooth, dark grey/black, but appears as though there is a blue glow emanating from within the rock.

Necklace Material: A thin chain. Made of silver but black in color.

Dragon they have turned into: Hellfire Wyvern user posted image

Dragon Appearance: Smaller than the average Hellfire Wyvern. Otherwise, the same as any other.

Personality: Quiet and resevered with people she does not know very well or has just met. With people she considers friends, she is loud and joyful. Extremely wary and suspicious not only of strangers but of friends as well. Aria has anxiety issues and thinks that everyone is out to get her making her unable to easily make friends and occasionally causes her to become aggressive.

Special Abilities: As a female hellfire wyvern, she has a very high body temperature, flies, and she breathes a small amount of fire.

What they eat: Animals- primarily smaller animals: rodents, birds, etc.

Other: Nope!




Forum Name: Vrivian

Character Name:Ne'amra

Age: 20 in human years.

Gender: Female

Breed: Nilia pygmy

Dragon Appearance:user posted image Ne'amra has a scar in her tummy, which is clearly visible.

Personality: Ne'amra is curious creature. She often finds herself in places she never meant to go to, and around dragons she wasn't supposed to meet with. Gaining her trust needs a bit of effort, but once it has been gained, Ne'amra trusts you blindly. She is very playful and seems often younger than she is, but when things heat up, her very mature side is shown. Ne'amra wants to be helpful, and feels that her dutie to know everything in her flocks vicinity.

Special Abilities: Unlike many other Nilias, Ne'amra is just fine also when alone. This is due her eagerness to know everything about anything.

What they eat: Mice, moles, birds.

Other: Ne'amra prefers staying in the air than landing down. If she does, she chooses highest place in vicinity.


Forum name: Vrivian

Character name: Chirp

Age: 34 in human years

Gender: Male

Breed: Ochredrake

Appearance:user posted image He is around the size of a horse.

Personality: Chirp is pretty simple drake. He often replies with only one word, four at max. He is very trusting, and believes that every dragon can come along. He is cheerful and often loves to be part of the happenings on hand. Chirp is good at copying others' doings, and therefore he often proves to be very helpful. Despite his kind nature, Chirp is talented hunter specialised at sneaking upon to prey. His eyes are pretty sharp, and the sudden changes on the moods of other dragons never go by without him noticing it.

Special abilities: Chirp can mimic the songs of birds almost perfectly, and uses this talent when he hunts.

What they eat: Usually rabbits, deer and other mammals. Chirp prefers birds.

Other: Chirp got his name because he could only chirp for most of his life. Chirp doesn't understand the size difference between dragons, drakes and pygmies. He thinks everyone is the same size that he is.


Dream Dragon:


Forum Name: Dream_Dragon

Character Name: Sunshy Gold

Age: 20 in human years, I suppose.

Gender: Male

Breed: Pygmy

Dragon Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Sunshy Gold does not rely on others for food. No, although he is small, he will always try to hunt. His motto is "Never give up!" His favourite prey to hunt are songbirds because he loves chasing and teasing them. He is fiercely protective of his friends and will defend them from anything even if it includes risking his life. He will fight to the very end. He is helpful and very hardworking. That does not mean that he is not playful, though! He works hard and plays hard, sometimes even going as far as to play pranks on others.

Special Abilities: When the sun shines on his wings, it reflects off it, like a mirror, and he uses that to his advantage by stunning his prey or temporarily blinding his enemies.

What they eat: Songbirds and other small mammals. If need be, he would scavenge for leftovers in other dragons' food.

Other: I don't think so.




Forum Name: Skiddajane

Character Name: Lotus

Age: About 10 in dragon years

Gender: Female

Dragon Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Lotus is very shy, but very curious. She doesn't talk too much. Her personality fits her small size. She is innocent, like a young child, but has enough smarts to survive in the wild on her own. She often waits, and watches other dragons and animals from a distance before approaching them. She has tried hunting, but gets very emotionally scarred every time. She can't handle death.

Special Abilities: She can heal things, and grow plants. Her power gets stronger with every use, but it takes an immense physical toll on her to use it.

What they eat:She mainly eats fruit, and sometimes fish if she closes her eyes.

Other:She wandered away from her parents many years ago, and has never found them.




Forum Name: SparksflY

Character Name: Sparks

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Falconiform Wyvern

Dragon Appearance: Normal Falconiform Wyvern with deep blue amulet (not stone) around neck.

Personality: Sparks is mysterious and shy, and doesn't like to socialize much. Although it is hard to earn her trust, once you do she can be a loyal and caring friend. She is usually quiet, but easily angered, and can be careless and destructive. Intelligent and a good leader.

Special Abilities: Very fast and agile in the air; can breath special blue fire that can be hot or cold, depending on what she wants; Can forge a telepathic connection with dragons she knows really well.

What they eat: Carnivor- Deer, elk, smaller dragons, anything smaller than she is.

Other: Her amulet doesn't do anything much. Just for decoration.


Inactive Characters:




Forum Name: Moonbeam22

Character Name: Anaya

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: She's your average teenage girl. Her hair is long and raven-colored and her eyes are grey. She has fair skin, almond shaped eyes, and a slightly narrow face. She stands at 5'5" with a slender frame.

Stone Colors: Various shades of grey and purple. The colors move and swirl like clouds, and flashes of yellow mimic lightning.

Necklace Material: It is a chain-link gold, but it is extremely hard compared to most gold

Dragon they have turned into: Thunder

Dragon Appearance: user posted image

Personality: She is a fiercely intelligent girl with a quick wit. She learns and memorizes things quickly, and has an extensive knowledge on dragons. As a person, she enjoys a few close friends and proves to be a loyal and dependable friend.

Special Abilities: She is able to manipulate weather and summon lightning at will.

What they eat: Animals for the most part. Mostly smaller mammals, but she enjoys young deer and birds of prey sometimes.

Other: None me thinks




Forum Name: Dotzrus

Character Name: Azor ("A-Zor")

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Human Appearance: 6ft tall, average body size and weight, dark brown hair, green eyes, a scar that goes down his right arm.

Stone Colors: A Sapphire that gets darker in the middle.

Necklace Material: Black Oynx stone holding the gem with a dark silver chain attached to it.

Dragon they have turned into: Falconiform Wyvern

Dragon Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Azor is a calm and very focused person. He rarely speaks out and spends most of his time away from others. In a fight, he lets his fist (or claws) do the talking. He is rather wise but his social shyness keeps him from sharing his opinion.

As a Dragon, Azor is mostly the same. He tries to avoid others unless he finds a reason to stick around. He one to never break a promise.

Special Abilities: Breathe blue fire (Makes sense), make fire tornadoes from flapping his wings (When he learns to fly)

What they eat: Carnivore... so... animals.

Other: He has a bad temper when fighting.


Psycho Cat:


Forum Name: Psycho Cat

Character Name: Marley Ivyhart

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: Marley is albino, and wears a thick white coat at all times to protect her skin. Her hair is fairly long and is dyed a shade of red to match her eyes. She's fairly tall for a woman, but is also quite narrow in build.

Stone Colors: Porcelain white with a blue dot in the middle.

Necklace Material: A tiny silver chain.

Dragon they have turned into: Albino

Dragon Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Marley is quick to anger and slow to forgive. Even minor provocation can cause her to blow up like a volcano. She is especially sensitive about the pigment of her skin, and tends to avoid any conversation having to deal with appearance. She does, however, like to harass people about their own flaws. Most of the time she is complaining about the stupidity of the people around her. This is because Marley prides herself on being a successful neurologist, and her profession leads her to believe she is better than everyone else.


She does, however, have a soft side she shows to her brother, Darren. Though they seem to have clashing personalities the two are oddly close.

Special Abilities: Being an Albino Dragon, she is literally quite slippery and hard to catch. Her lack of scales make it even harder to find a place to hang on to.

What they eat: Deer, large snakes, smaller dragons... Anything that requires higher skills to catch.

Other: Derp, I guess.


Forum Name: Psycho Cat

Character Name: Darren Ivyhart

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Human Appearance: Tall and lean, like Marley. He has short, black hair normally tied in a ponytail. He wears thick, square glasses.

Stone Colors: Porcelain white with a blue stripe across the middle.

Necklace Material: A larger silver chain that would seem to weigh him down, but does not.

Dragon they have turned into: Misfit Pygmy

Dragon Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Darren is quite laid back, putting off things to the last possible minute. He mostly has Marley do things for him anyways, because he has mild anthropophobia and doesn't like to see other people. This withdrawn nature has lead him to gain several odd hobbies and behaviors, such as squeaking a little when forced to be around others, and almost never leaving the house.


Darren also has a reputation for being a nuisance online. While he goes stone cold outside, he is more than willing to pester people on the computer. His real personality shines in chatrooms and forums, where he openly discusses his feelings.

Special Abilities: Darren is pretty plain. He can't really do much magic wise, but he is able to break things with ease by finding faults in the structure.

What they eat: Fruit and other small things. Being a pygmy he doesn't have much choice. He has a particular taste for mice.

Other: Moar derp.




Forum Name: BoomSALMON

Character Name: Brutus McArthur

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Human Appearance: Brutus is 6'3 with hazel eyes and a buzzcut. He is muscular and has scars from fights he's been in. He has brown hair and a stocky figure. If all he looks fit, and normally he has that calm, yet unsettling gaze.

Stone Colors: The stone itself is the color of blood, which fits Brutus well. The two outer colors are black and blue, which to his surprise, fit him just well.

Necklace Material: Animal sinew

Dragon they have turned into: Black Dragon

Dragon Appearance: His dragon appearance greatly resembles his human one. user posted image

Personality: Brutus has a love for getting into fights. He can be nice sometimes, but only if he likes you. Get on your bad side, he'll want to beat you up and down again and again. Due to his nature of normally winning fights, Brutus can get cocky and arrogant, but this only happens if he thinks your a puny pipsqueak.

Special Abilities: He is extremely effective in combat, and he is very big and strong. He isn't the fastest, but if he catches you, he'll pound you to a pulp.

What they eat: Large Mammals and rarely fruits and veggies.

Other: Nothing much to say.




Forum Name: GalaxyPassion13

Character Name: Kersti

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: Long brown hair and pale skin with mysterious, deep blue eyes. The skin around her nose is covered in freckles, but she is quite pretty despite her thin complexion.

Stone Colors: The stone itself is very clear, so that if there wasn't any other colors then you'd have to squint to actually recognize its existence. Inside of the stone runs pale white wisps accompanied by other purple and blue ones, and some solid ivory flecks are trapped throughout it, some with a bright glowing appearance. In the very core of the stone is a black sphere, also with the wispy characteristics. It appears inanimate to the average onlooker with a casual glance, like a bug trapped in amber, but a closer look would reveal the illusion that the black "void" is in fact slowly swirling around, making it look like a mini black hole. In the dark it seems to shine.

Necklace Material: A twine-like material that looks rough, but when touched is actually quite soft.

Dragon they have turned into: Blue Nebula

Dragon Appearance: user posted image

She looks basically like your average nebula, very beautiful tongue.gif Her wing patterns mimic this nebula: The Cat's Eye nebula. It's worth looking at, it's absolutely memorizing.

Personality: Very shy and normally won't approach others, but hyper-observant and notices pretty much everything. She is a dedicated worker and unusually intelligent. She isn't aggravated very easily, but entitled to her own opinion and though she take's others' opinions into account, she isn't easily persuaded. When people do make her mad, she rarely strikes out and doesn't show her annoyance, instead planning later revenge.

Special Abilities: She is smaller than most dragons, maybe 8 feet tall, allowing her to be agile in the hands of enemies. She isn't very good at one-on-one combat, but her speed and agility allow her to dodge blows and be very quiet (and stay hidden, for that matter) when fighting or stalking foes.

What they eat: Mostly an herbivore, but favors birds. She absolutely disgusts any other meat, except maybe insects.

Other: Kersti enjoys studying galaxies and is fascinated by their varying appearances, which may be why she ended up turning into a nebula dragon.




Forum Name: MrSpyro

Character Name: Noah Acevedo

Age: 12

Gender: Guy

Human Appearance: He's somewhat tall and his hair is a color that's hard to describe (Almost olive green) he's a bit chubby and he has that kind of "Shy" look.

Stone Colors: It fades between sky blue, lime green, a pastel shade of purple (Its like lavender but brighter) and pink.

Necklace Material: It looks like normal string, except it fades the same colors as the stone.

Dragon they have turned into: Ice

Dragon Appearance: Same as any

Personality: He's a nerd, and a bit shy at times, but he can be a bit of a jerk when he's mad about something. He's very smart and knows a lot about anything that isn't applicable to everyday life, but he also tends to get overconfident because of that. Despite all of this, he has a sweet side that is only shown to the few friends he has, and when he's in this state, he's caring, compassionate, and protective.

Special Abilities: He's an ice dragon. He can freeze things.

What they eat: He finds most meats gross, so he goes for the fruits and non-meats.

Other: Nope

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((Approved! Let me know when/if you need me to delete this post - just PM me. Please enjoy your RP!))

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Also poison ivy just causes an allergic reaction which I'm p. sure is impossible on scales??))

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As it wasn't specified, I'll PM my form. If you want me to post it as well/instead, I'll happily do so.


I really like the RP xd.png

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Also poison ivy just causes an allergic reaction which I'm p. sure is impossible on scales??))

Well what else can I call them?

But not all dragons have scales and it would be very complicated to sort out all of the different breeds with scales so I just put a general compromise sort of thing.


Edit: Dang it I forgot to put an OOC. I'll make one now.

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((I will. Also, not all of my posts will be this long. I just need to post my intro.))






The door to the post office slammed behind Marley. She sighed in an over-exaggerated tone. "You'd think that the manager would do something about that," she muttered under her breath. She looked behind her. The door was still wavering a little, too loose on its hinges to stay in place. She could swear that stupid door was laughing at her. She felt like strangling whoever was in charge of maintenance, but instead she turned around and continued with her real task, not bothering to waste any of her time on something didn't need to deal with. Not right now, anyways.


In her pocket jingled several keys. Marley took out the tangled mass and fumbled with them until she found one label '176,' the key to her and Darren's mailbox. She skimmed the rows of white boxes until she saw the corresponding box, also labeled 176. And, like she did tediously every week, she practically wrestled the lock until it finally gave up. Admittedly, it was an old building, but she rolled her eyes knowing that was still no excuse to leave it rotting. She pulled the handle out, and when it clicked, the door opened as noisily as the entrance. She sighed again and took out the mail. Mostly bills and ads; things she let Darren take care of. She put them under her arm, ready to close the mailbox, when something caught her eye. A package that looked kind of worn out, with a more new-looking dragon stamp on it. It was addressed with the same location she had sent those two surveys to. Marley shook her head. Likely they had fallen prey to same sort of ad. She was still irked by the odd coincidence that she had gotten two surveys, even though Darren hadn't been with her. Darren was convinced that there were mystical forces afoot. He'd always had an overactive imagination, which was why he had eagerly circled yes to all three questions. Marley had been more skeptical, but ended up answering them all 'yes' because two out of three she actually would have said yes to, and the first one could probably be true. Definitely not on Earth, but life on other planets was a good excuse to answer yes a third time.


She took out the envelope package whatever, putting it with the rest of the mail under her arm. She quickly dashed out of the building, suddenly eager to get home. She wasn't shy to a phobic extent, like her brother, but at least he was normal. She had a reason to hate the public, unlike Darren, whose fear was irrational to an annoying point. "I wish we had a car," she said to herself as she skipped ungracefully through the Saturday crowded streets.




"Darren!" Marley yelled as she opened the door. "I'm home! I got the mail. A lot of it is pretty normal, but we got a reply from the survey people. Whoever... they may be..."


"Really?" He said, looking up from his book, "I thought they took your information and left. What amazing new product did the send us back? I'm probably going to die of awe when I see what's inside."


"Just shut up and open the thing," she said, handing him the frayed envelope.


"Neat stamp," Darren commented as he pulled out his pocket knife. Marley knew he didn't really like the sound of paper ripping. Or erasers. Or cardboard rubbing on carpet. He didn't like rough things in general, really.


It wasn't long after he tore into it before two fist sized pendants spilled out, along with a note. "Wear this stone. My story will be revealed to you when the time is right." Marley read aloud. "Still sounds like an ad to me. What do you say, Darren?" He held up a striped, tear shaped pendant. On the table lay a similar one with a spot in the middle.


"Maybe," he said. "Who knows, though? They do look kinda expensive. And the note said to wear them, right?" He began to put on the striped necklace before Marley stopped him.


"Wait, why do you get the bigger chain?"


"Because I'm a man," he mocked. Marley, infuriated by his comment, took the necklace from him. Immediately the weight sent her hand plummeting to the table. Darren laughed a little, but she could tell he was a little surprised by the truth in his own words. She let go and complained, but didn't argue and further. Instead she just picked up the other necklace. It was far lighter. Almost oddly light. She weighed in her hand, wondering if it was actually a gemstone or just well painted plastic. She looked up at Darren and raised an eyebrow, but he just smiled and slipped it on. Reluctantly, she put hers on a few seconds after.


And then Darren fell, face first, onto the ground before Marley passed out with him.




Darren was woken abruptly by some noise. It sounded like a bush rustling. He looked around and sure enough, a squirrel was scurrying about. It looked... big, for a squirrel, though. Four times as big. He tried to remember the normal size for rodents in general, but realized remembering anything was harder than he thought. It was just sort of a haze. He knew his name. Darren. He thought about how plain his name was. It was just about as interesting as being named... whatever a normal name was.


He yawned, still feeling groggy, and got up. He jumped back, startled, when he was greeted by a loud jingling noise. He ran around in a stupid looking way until he realized he was making the noise. He looked down at himself and saw a necklace that fit loosely on him, and thus cried out loudly every time he moved. He sighed in half relief it had just been himself, and half annoyance that he had been so stupid. Someone would have scolded him for that. Someone. Darren failed to remember who. He decided to give up the effort, though. Clearly something had happened, and as frustrating as it was, he couldn't change it. Maybe it had something to do with the huge necklace that still hung around his neck. He'd leave it be for now, though. Instead he decided to explore the clearing. And suddenly it dawned on him.


Darren was walking on four legs! Not two, but four! He looked at himself again. Indeed, upon closer inspection, he realized he was covered in tiny green scales, and a tail swished behind him. He squeaked, now suddenly conscious of his new pair of legs and becoming a lot clumsier as a result. He didn't have any arms, either. He had wings. That he could live with. He flapped them vigorously, but only managed to get up a few feet. He'd still need to learn how to fly, he realized.


He remembered the survey. The survey about dragons. Dragons, one of which he had turning into. Darren had expected them to be bigger, though. "Now, is this a good or a bad thing?" He pondered out loud.


"Mmph, be quiet. I need to sleep. I feel awful..." A new voice rang out through the clearing. He squeaked, remembering his fear of strangers. That was one thing he could have gone without remembering. He crouched down and shook a little, like a cornered rat. Darren dared to peek up just a bit, seeing the speaker. It was an enormous white dragon, wearing a similar necklace that seemed to fit far better than his own. Had he stumbled across a titanic dragon god? It had to be ten times bigger than him, at least.


"H-hello?" He said in a quiet voice. The bigger dragon looked up at him.


"I told you, be qui– wait, I know you."


"You do?" Darren eased a little. "Wait, yeah, I know you too. Even though you're... much, much bigger than me."


"What? But you're a dragon." She came over and looked down at him. "Well, actually, you are kinda tiny."


"Untrue, you're just huge! See, you're taller than most of the trees." She looked around, beginning to look a little startled. Maybe she's in the same situation as me, he thought suddenly.


"Oh," she said flatly. "What did you say your name was?"




"I knew you were familiar! You're my... cousin or something." Darren was skeptical, unless they were eighth cousins. He was green and tiny, this dragon was white and huge. "I'm Marley," she continued. Admittedly, Marley was a familiar name. It was kind of common, too, though. Like Darren. They both could have just known different people with the same name. He didn't say anything else, however, because he still hadn't gotten over her sudden appearance and possible chance of being a stranger. "Anyways, I noticed you were woke up wearing a necklace, too, right? Something's up with them, if you want my opinion. I think we could turn back into humans if we took them off." She struggled to take her own off, but her wide paws and long horns kept getting in the way. Finally she gave up, cursing to herself. Darren just bent his head down and his necklace slipped off. It fell to the ground with a noisy clang, but other than that nothing happened. He stared at the silver chain for a moment.


"Something doesn't feel right," he said in a low voice. "I don't think that... we should take them off." He wasn't feeling so good all of a sudden. He pawed at his head and moaned. He was still reluctant to put it back on though. On the other hand, however, he didn't feel like finding out what would happen if he kept it off. He waited a few more minutes, just in case. Nothing got better. If anything, if got worse. Marley looked down at him with a mix of pity and entertainment. "Fine," he growled, "I'll put it back on."


Almost as a response to being put back on, the necklace began to glow. It urged him on somewhere. When he didn't respond, mostly out of awe, it pulled him forward, almost tripping Darren. He mumbled something about his necklace being too big, and then looked up at Marley. She looked returned the stare, her own necklace doing a similar trick – only hers wasn't practically dragging her. "I guess we should go, then," she said matter-of-factly.


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Mia woke, and sleepily wandered downstairs, in her dressing gown. She decided she was too lazy to get dressed, and anyway, it would ruin the lingering illusion of being a dragon. With a happy yawn, she flicked through her dreams. She was always an emerald green dragon, long and thin, with large wings. She never bothered to look too closely at herself, though, because flying was such fun... She reached her mailbox, and sifted through it. More orders for clay objects, mostly. Mostly. There was one letter that bulged. Looking at it, Mia realised that it was from the place she had sent that dragon survey, a few days ago. "Wonder how that didn't get buried under all my other dragon thoughts," she mused aloud, taking her mail back upstairs. She tossed her mail onto her desk: she'd deal with it later. First, she'd have a look at this little gift. She ripped it open slowly, liking the noise of tearing paper. She smiled cruelly at the small torture. Then, looking inside, she drew out a gemstone necklace. It was a teardrop-shaped gem, purple laced with maroon, that faded to black at the edges. Its strap was a plain leather strip. "It's beautiful," she said to nobody in particular. Weighing it in her hand, she decided she liked how heavy it was. It was enough to tell it was definitely there, she liked that. Slipping it over her head, she smiled as it fell against her chest. It bounced nicely. Mia lay back on her bed and closed her eyes, just as the gem's effect took hold of her.


Mia woke in a forest. "Where am I?" she started, tail waving. Her wings flapped nervously. Then she realised she had wings and a tail. "Ah," she said. "This dream again. How wonderful." Spreading her large wings, she took a quick run and bounced off a few trees, then took to the air and spiralled quickly down around the small clearing. She noticed some daffodils around the clearing. They seemed unusual, although she liked them. Drifting down, she also noticed an unusual weight around her neck. Peering around at it, she found it was the necklace. She smiled, remembering it. She also remembered the survey, and wondered if this dream was special. She knew it was a dream: of course it wasn't possible to actually make this real. She sat down. Of course, if the dream was special, she'd need a special name. Zeditha. Yes, that sounded about right. She would be Zeditha now, and she would be whenever she had this dream. Curling her tail in front of her, she saw the familiar purple stripes that she'd never quite remembered while awake, and also something else - a maroon pattern, like the one on her necklace. She decided to take the necklace off, to look at it better. Slipping it easily over her head, she immediately began to feel dizzy. She began to cough, making wisps of smoke curl up from her nostrils. She wondered, vaguely, if she could breathe fire. Coughing again, a small jet of flame licked the ground near the necklace. The grass was scorched, but the necklace seemed unharmed. Zeditha decided to put it back on. Doing so, she felt immediately better. It began to urge her in a particular direction, so she began to walk that way. Passing a rabbit, she pounced on it, and flamed it. It took three tries to make any flame, and it seemed weak, but it cooked the rabbit well enough to burn all the fur off, so Zeditha ate it. Snatching a blackberry of its bush, she trotted off through the forest, occasionally bouncing off some trees and gliding. The gem seemed to glow blue more intensely as she neared - wherever she was heading. Zeditha decided to focus on keeping aloft, a slightly harder task than she thought it should be.

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"..well, maybe we're both abnormally sized?" Darren finally said, clearly tired of being called puny. As they had walked through the forest to wherever they might be going, Marley and Darren had gotten into a heated argument over whether she was big or he was small. Obviously the Albino dragon wasn't the smallest thing ever, that was norm for dragons. Or at least, she was pretty sure. She knew they weren't supposed to be cat sized.


"Maybe, but you're still smaller than you should be," she said, raising an eyebrow.


"Well I can still do this!" Darren struggled to pick up a stone the size of his head. Finally, with one last heave, he lifted it a few inches off the ground before dropping it in defeat.


"No. No you can't." Marley reached down and tried to pick it up herself, but dropped it as soon as Darren had. She tried again with the same result. She bent down and inspected the rock dubiously. She hadn't been surprised when her friend had failed to pick it up, but she should have been able to lift it with ease. "It's wet!" She cried out after looking at it closer.


"Actually it's coated in oil," Darren said, looking at it himself. "What'd you you do, spit on it?"


"What, no! I just picked it up and it got like that." Marley looked at her paw, which was covered in a slick substance. In fact, her whole body was. "I'm leaking. Leaking oil. Do all dragons do that?" Darren looked at himself, rubbing a paw down his side and then looked at it.


"No. Just the big ones, apparently," he said. "Or maybe just you." He snickered at his own joke, but she was not amused. Instead she picked him up—his legs and scales making it easier to actually get a grip on him—and put him in a tree. He looked down, inhaling sharply. "Why would you do that!" He wailed suddenly. "Now I am exactly two things: wet and stuck."


"You have wings don't you? Just fly down. It's not like I have to baby you, do I?"


"Look, I just became a dragon today and so did you, so don't lecture me on the easiness of flying." Darren flapped his wings in preparation for take off, anyways, though. Bunching up his hind legs, he quickly but reluctantly leaped off, like jumping into a cold pool. His wings flailed around awkwardly before he settled into an ungraceful glide, circling the clearing briefly before crashing into the dirt.


"Amazing," Marley said, unimpressed. She looked up, noticing something more interesting. A green dot flitting far more skillfully through the air. "Hey, look at that. They look like they know how to fly. Maybe we can find them and see if they can help us?"


"A... a stranger? You want to just go up to a stranger? I don't... think that's such a good idea. Please, Marley? We can't just walk up to a stranger. They might attack us, or turn out to be some evil monster, or eat me, or–"


"Darren? Listen to me. Shut up. We will be fine. Now come on." Marley wrapped her tail around Darren, dragging him along like a dog. They were going to learn how to fly if they had to walk off the edge of the world to do so.

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Zeditha heard distant conversation. It sounded like it was from the direction she was heading, so she made herself visible and flew on. Her ears strained to make out the words, but she could only pick out the louder ones. "Leaking - oil... Don't lecture me... We will be fine." It seemed like there were two voices. Zeditha flew faster, and reached a large clearing. Noticing some more daffodils, she decided to inspect them while she waited for the other dragons. They sounded like they were coming closer anyway. An idea struck her. "Hello?" she said. That wasn't loud enough, she thought. She called louder. "Hello!" She flapped into the air, eyes searching. There was a white shape and a smaller, bluish speck. She called one more time, then settled back, fanned her wings twice, then settled them onto her back. She turned back to the daffodils, tail twitching, and began to think of their names.

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((Eheheh. Sorry for being gone and keeping you waiting for a post. Have a short post.))


Caroline woke up to the sound of her radio alarm. She looked at the clock for a moment in confusion, before realizing that she must have forgotten to turn her alarm off on Friday. It was Saturday. Not a school day. After the sleep had been cleared from her eyes, she got up and brushed her teeth. She didn't bother changing out of her pajamas. No one other than her family was going to see her anyway. Going downstairs, she said hello to her family and ate breakfast. After eating breakfast, she decided that she would get the mail today. She normally didn't, but she was curious to see if the survey she had mailed had any effect.


She opened the mailbox and found many of the usual ads and fancy leases mailed to her parents. Grabbing all the mail, she went inside and was about to just leave the pile on the table when something caught her eye. It was a old envelope with a dragon stamp on it. Taking the package, she went upstairs to her room and opened it. There was a pretty necklace on a shiny chain inside. She put it on before noticing the small slip of paper that came with it. Reading it, she raised an eyebrow at the strange words. Wondering how the necklace looked on her, she got up and was about to walk to the mirror when she collapsed. Her last thought before blacking out was 'I hope I didn't get sick...'

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"Honey! Could you get the mail?"

Kertsi blocked her mom's voice out of her head, grumbling in protest. She turned over on her side, only to hear her mother's feet pounding up the stairs to her bedroom. "Kersti! Get up!" She felt the precious, warm covers being thrown off of her, and a draft of cool air hit her exposed body.

"Ok, mom, I'll go get dressed..." Her words were slurred and barely audible, but at least it satisfied her pushy mother. She pursed her lips and turned around, muttering "Don't forget the mail..." before disappearing outside.

"Whatever. I'll do it later." She slipped a robe on and and glanced at the book on nebulae discoveries lying half-open on her cluttered desk. Her feet carried her reluctantly down the creaky old stairs towards the mailbox, figuring that maybe there could be a new issue of "Galaxies Galore" magazine. That was the #1 thing she looked forward to now, since life just didn't seem as exciting now that she lived out in the middle of nowhere.

The crisp morning air stung Kersti's face as she stepped outside. The rusted hinges of their outdated mailbox squeaked in protest as they were opened, revealing a single letter inside. It was damp because of the dew outside, as the mail always was. But this letter bulged out, as if there was something stuffed in it, and that's what caught Kersti's attention. The address was the same as that old survey she took a few weeks ago when this creepy guy had confronted her and shoved a sorry-looking piece of paper into her hands. She had carelessly answered "Yes, yes, no" respectively, and mailed it back within minutes of getting home. This had better not be an advertisement for some dragon plushie company or something.

The letter opened easily, and she pulled out a necklace with a stone hanging off the course twine that held it. The stone itself is very clear, so that if there wasn't any other colors then you'd have to squint to actually recognize its existence. Inside of the stone ran pale white wisps accompanied by other purple and blue ones, and some solid ivory flecks that were trapped throughout it, some with a bright glowing appearance. In the very core of the stone was a black sphere, also with the wispy characteristics. It would have inanimate to the average onlooker with a casual glance, like a bug trapped in amber, but a closer look would reveal the illusion that the black "void" is in fact slowly swirling around, making it look like a mini black hole. In the dark it seems to shine. She shrugged and slipped it on, not thinking about why on earth some stranger would mail her a necklace. Her last thought was "Oh great, this is a trap..." before her vision went black and her head went blank, and she fell to the soft, dew covered grass.

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Zeditha wondered if there were any other dragons around. Flying towards the two she had seen, she landed in a tree at the edge of the clearing, and let her tail hang off the branch. Then she examined some of the flowers there - they were small, and mostly white, and covered in tiny, intricate patterns. They also smelled nice, and Zeditha thought she could spend hours looking at one without being bored, and there were many different ones within easy reach of her careful claws.

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-----(Timeskip to the second day since everyone is doing that.)-----

Caroline woke up, this time to the sounds of a forest. Wait...A forest? Shooting up from her sleeping position, she suddenly remembered. The necklace had done some kind of illusion or magic and placed her in a forest.

She looked down at the necklace to find that it was still there. The chain touching her scales seemed to be as shiny as ever, and the stone showed no scratches across its curved surface. Then, the realization hit her. She had scales. And claws. And wings. She was by all features a dragon. Judging by the size of the things around her, she was a rather small dragon. Though she had never actually seen a dragon before, she assumed they were usually bigger than she was now. Stretching out a wing, she inspected the blue stripes running across it and decided that even though she was a small dragon, she was also a pretty dragon. A thought crossed her mind. If she had wings, then shouldn't she be able to fly? She smirked and climbed up a tree. When she was at the very top, she spread out her wing and rose into the air. At first, she was so shocked, she simply stayed still and let the thermals carry her. Then, with a cry of joy, she started flapping her wings and testing out all the different ways she could fly.


The first time she experimented, her maneuvering was clumsy and her speed slow. She hadn't managed to land correctly and had crashed through a tree. However, she wasn't deterred by this and only laughed it off, taking to the air again. She did much better the second time, actually landing securely on a tree branch. The third time, she had all but mastered flight. She had always dreamed of flying, and the idea of gliding across the sky with the birds seemed amazing to her. Flying felt so free, like she was leaving everything behind on the ground.


By lunchtime, she was so tired out from flying she simply fell from the sky, letting the leaves slow her fall. When she hit the ground she burst out laughing. She laughed for a good minute before getting up. There was a problem, she realized. She had no idea how to get food. There were squirrels and birds roaming about, but the idea of eating them raw seemed strange. So she decided that she would eat berries. Berry picking was much easier than hunting, considering that the berries didn't run away when you got close to them. But knowing if they were poisonous or not added a lot of difficulty to the task. The only thing she could do avoid brightly colored berries and hoped that she didn't get poisoned.

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Zeditha noticed another speck, dancing in the air. It looked as though the dragon there hadn't mastered flight quite yet, but was quickly getting the hang of it. Glancing back, she could see that the other two were barely nearer, so she leaped into the air to see who the newcomer was. "Hello!" she called.

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"Hello? Hello!"


Darren froze like a possum. Against all his hopes, they had been spotted by the stranger. He whimpered a little and crouched down, trying to look as small as he could. "Marley," he hissed in barely a whisper "you brought the stranger over!"


"Me?" She cried indignantly. "I did nothing except walk in that particular direction, which was where we were going in the first place."


"Well maybe we should have turned around then!" Darren shook his head. This was not good. This, in fact, was a catastrophe. There seemed to be an endless list of things that could go wrong. He prepared for the worst when... "Hey!" He said suddenly. "They turned around." Darren flopped on his belly in utter relief, while Marley heaved a disapproving sigh.


"You say that like it's a good thing," she moaned.


"But it is."


"No, Darren it's not," Marley growled. "Do you know what separates us from them? They can fly and we can't. Who knows? Maybe here flying is the difference between life and death. We don't know! All we know is that this is a strange place with strange things." He scratched at the dirt, not meeting his relative's eyes. She couldn't see the danger lurking at every corner, and he felt responsible for being unable to show her it. This woman obviously was too trusting of others, but he just couldn't make her see that! He decided that if he wanted to teach her, he'd have to play her game.


"Fine," Darren spat, "we'll go find your insane dragon of interest. Then you can finally see why I was worried. But if we go there, you have to promise not to get mad when I run for my life."


"Sure," she said sarcastically, "whatever you say. Just don't be to slow, tiny feet!" Suddenly Marley dashed into the trees. He started running, too, but was too small to keep good pace.


"This is both dangerous and unfair," he muttered.

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Kersti jolted up from the ground, where she law cushioned in the dew-covered grass. She stood up slowly, recognizing the grass and started up her mind again, pondering over what just happened. "I was getting the mail, and there was this necklace... Oh, how I hate getting the mail... there wasn't a new issue of the Galaxy magazine... Ugh, stay focused, Kersti."

But even as she said it, the memories faded from her mind until she was vigorously glancing around, with no idea what she was just thinking of nor where she came from in the first place. "Huh." She said aloud, testing her voice. "Where on Earth am I?" She looked around, seeing only the dense trees that blocked her view from seeing much else. She held out an arm to examine it for scratches, but what she saw wasn't an arm. "Oh, goodness, oh, oh... That's a wing! With... NGC 6543? What's the cat's eye doing on my... Gosh, why do I have a wing in the first place?"

The Cat's eye nebula was printed on her long blue wings, with nearby stars swirling around it. The colors flashed brilliantly when she turned it to hit the sun, and she wondered briefly if she could fly. "Forget about that now, I've gotta figure out what happened. My name is Kersti. I have this strange stone necklace that seems suspiciously tied with this situation... and I am from... uhm..."

That was it. Her full memory, laid out before her in a pitiful summary. Oh well, no time to grieve. Time to get used to this new body, if she were to get anywhere.

She looked down at the rest of her body - her back has pitch-black scales, but the rest was a tough ebony skin that was speckled with white star-like dots. "Ok, this shouldn't be too difficult. I have two feet, and my arms are wings, just take a few steps and flap them, real hard..." She stepped forward and forced her wings downwards towards the earth, generating a strong wind that hit the ground hard and air whooshed out all around from under them, making the leaves in the trees sway. She tried again, much harder and faster, and finally managed to propel herself into the air. It was much easier once she was actually there to spin and turn and fly higher, and it sort of came to her naturally. By noon, she was exhausted with her new discovery, and decided to land and look for some food and a water source. Now, this'll be a bit harder...

She scavenged through the underbrush, avoiding any purple or red berries. "Go for the blue ones, those are usually the safe ones..."

She turned up nothing. No way she would go hunting for animals, so she'll just have to settle on stream water for now. Fine, maybe she'll try for a bird later. Maybe. But not now.

She looked ahead in the air to see a tiny speck flying around. It was quite clear, and she could cleanly make out some kind of blue drake twirling in the air ahead. There were also faint murmurs, sounding out about right beneath the drake. "Who's there?" She called out, faintly, and instantly regretted it. "Actually, great. Now I'm dead meat." Her voice was barely at a whisper now, her eyes skipping around cautiously to catch flashes of green and yellow, as well as a bit of white an a kind of blue-ish shade. It could have been a bird for all she knew, the undergrowth was thick enough.

"But hey, these eyes are pretty good, actually..."

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Zeditha, hearing voices, turned back to the first two dragons again. The larger one was coming closer, moving faster, now. Looking briefly back at the dragon-speck that flew well, she decided to investigate these first two before anyone else. Flying lower, she could now see the larger, white dragon more clearly. Yes, it was definitely another dragon: it had wings, and scales, and four legs. She couldn't think of anything else like that. Looking back, something instinctive said 'female' at the back of her mind. She decided she would adress the white dragon as a girl, since after all 'it' sounded like an insult. The blue speck was further away, but she sensed something 'male' about it. Shrugging, she decided it was probably right. She landed in another tree and climbed down, claws digging into the ridged bark. "Hello," she greeted the white dragon, from above and just in front of her. "Who are you? And why are you here? This is my dream." She made sure to keep her tone friendly; she didn't want any enemies.

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She looked at the dragon with a mix of curiosity and annoyance. "Dream? Sorry, you must be mistaken. If it was a dream I'd know it. I've read about all the signs that would prove something like that." Marley narrowed her eyes in thought. She would know it. How odd. Maybe her past life had been more interesting than she had guessed. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Darren trembling as if he had a rabid monster strapped to his back. What had been in his past life that had left him so traumatized that he couldn't even look at a stranger without having a meltdown. And this dragon, what about her? Was she just like them, lost and confused. After all, she'd even managed to convince herself this whole place was just a dream. The thought was slightly depressing, and she quickly changed the subject. "Anyways, you asked who we were. I'm Marley. This is..." Marley pushed Darren forward. When he refused to speak his name, she pushed him a little harder, shoving him slightly into the dirt.


"D-Darren," he stammered.


"For now, that's all we know. What about your name, hmm? You're obliged to give us back what we told you."

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The voices continued, getting louder as she got closer. Her new feet ruffled the underbrush at first, but gut gradually more agile as she advanced and soon she could barely be heard at all. "Give us back.." She heard the muffled words a bit better now, and every step made them clearer. Finally, she reached a spot where she could remain well-hidden, yet still be able to gaze clearly upon the speakers. There were three dragons in all - white, blue, and green with various yellow stripes. They were all communicating well - did that mean that all the species in this forest got along in harmony? Better not risk it. She stayed her ground, only her eye visible through the leaves. Her eye and maybe a few glances at her brilliant wings.

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Zeditha shrugged. "My name... I used to be Mia. I know that. But I think Zeditha is a better dragon name." she looked calmly at the other dragons. "I know I've had this dream before. I remember this necklace..." She lifted it with her tail. "I think it's tied in with this. Maybe it brought everyone into this dream? I think it used my dream as an example, at least." She dropped to the ground, and circled, showing off the fact she was a dragon. "It's got to be easier to give someone a dream that they're a dragon, surely, than actually make them one? I wasn't a dragon outside my dream before, and now I'm the dragon from my dream. This has to be a dream." She looked kindly at the tiny dragon. "What's up with you?" she asked, concern in her voice.

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Kersti still questioned on what to do, her mind pondering over possibilities. She was hungry, and her stomach growled quite persistently. This'll give me away for sure... She thought, just as her necklace was enveloped in an eerie glow. It tugged on her neck, urging her to go straight through the dragons to the brush on the other side. "Great, not now..." It tugged on her some more, almost dragging her forwards. "No, no, no...."

She got up on her haunches, sure she would be given away by all this racket that the necklace was making, shaking the bushes and causing her to nearly fall over. Great, now there's no way that I can sneak around them. No doubt they've heard me. She pressed her wings tightly to her back, ready to charge straight through the chatting group to satisfy this annoying necklace, hopefully without being attacked and mercilessly killed. You couldn't predict the attitude of these dragons, even if they didn't sound too dangerous... The stone grew brighter, almost sensing her anticipation. "Follow... Follow..." It seemed to hum. Kersti broke through the brush without a second thought, steering right around the group and heading wherever the stone was pulling her. "Sorry!" She yelped as she tore by, thinking maybe they'd accept an apology, but hopefully she'd be long gone before they could respond.

The stone brought her to a clearing less then maybe 200 yards away from where she had charged unexpectedly, where it then abruptly stopped glowing and tugging and fell back down, dangling innocently on the twine. "Huh..." She said aloud, softly. "Do I just wait?" As far as she could tell, the clearing was empty. So headed off towards the nearest tree and ducked under it, just waiting and watching the clearing carefully.

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A blue dragon crashed out of the sky right between Zeditha and Marley, stirring up a cloud of dust. The dust was funneled into the dragon's mouth as he tried to catch his breath. Eventually, the dragon sneezed, but instead of covering everyone with dragon snot, the ground in front of him froze over. The dragon then stood up, dusted himself off, and said, "Sorry about that. My name's Noah, by the way, and apparently, I'm a dragon."

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Zeditha looked up as the trees nearby began to shake, and jumped back as a dragon raced out and nearly bashed into them. Surprised, Zeditha turned to watch where the dragon was going, but then something landed on her tail! She turned quickly, with a yelp. She noticed the frozen ground, and then the dragon above it spoke. "Yeah..." she said, slightly shakily. She coughed. "We're all dragons, it seems... Something to do with these necklaces?" She lifted hers with her tail.

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