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Snow Angels

Which one did you get?  

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I've got the tricolour ones, and I'm really thankful for that as I don't really like the other wing colours as much.

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Snow Angels are a female-only breed, so that part is a given. smile.gif And (unless something changes about the way Snow Angels are coded) all Snow Angels you'll get in future will also be tri-coloured, since everyone's scroll is bound to one type of Snow Angel.


Do you like the variant you got? smile.gif

Well, didn't notice that before xd.png


I was actually hoping to get the tricolor variant when I had my first Snow Angel. Seems it turned out just as I wished and I'm happy with it biggrin.gif

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Oh snap, I didn't even know that Snow Angels' wing colors work like that. blink.gif Well, the golden wings are really beautiful, even though the tricolor ones are my favorite. I was kinda jealous when my brother (whose scroll has been abandoned for a few years) got tricolor wings for his Snow Angel. ~

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