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2013-12-25 - Happy Holidays!

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Do we know if the judging for the Forts has began yet? Just wondering since I've been at work most of the time.

As I understand it, this year it won't be a judging, it'll be a random raffle among those whose forts got to Level 25.

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Height: 1.5m (5ft) at the withers

Length: 5m (16.5ft)

Wingspan: 6.5m (21.3ft)

Weight: 500-550kg (~1100-1200lbs)




Basic Anatomy: Solstice dragons' hides are soft, supple, and covered with tiny iridescent blue scales, and they give off surprising warmth in spite of their wintry appearance. Their bellies are counter-shaded with the same pale frosty color that freckles their wings and spine like snowflakes. Their whiskers help them sense wind currents and impending weather as they fly. As a Solstice dragon matures, she grows a dense mane of white fur along the underside of her neck and chest as well as a brush at the end of her tail, and some of the scales along her back and wings will turn brilliant, glittering gold. Seemingly all Solstice dragons are born with a crown of branching, antler-like golden horns which are never shed and grow very slowly throughout their lives. An orb of pure, warm light shining from the center of a Solstice dragon’s crown marks her transition into adulthood.




Behavior: Solstice dragons prefer to live alone or in small, tightly knit sororities of 2-5 individuals. They vocalize little, communicating mainly through a dragon’s innate telepathy and voicing their moods with soft crooning sounds, trills, and chuffs.


The orb of light burning between a Solstice dragon’s antlers has a calming effect upon any creature the light touches, and basking in its glow can lift one’s spirits even from the deepest depths of despair. These wise and affectionate creatures have been known on occasion to follow strangers that have gotten lost in winter storms, shielding them from the wind and curling up with them to keep them warm until the storm subsides.


For one week a year around the Winter Solstice, when the nights are longest, Solstice dragons will take to the sky at sunset and not land until dawn, their crowns shining like beacons in the darkness as they cavort among the stars. Many who look upon the spectacle find renewed hope, knowing that with the flight of the Solstice dragons the days will soon begin to lengthen and warmth and light will return to the world with the changing of the seasons.


When a Solstice dragon dies, the orb of light will come loose from her antlers and slowly disperse into the sky.




Habitat: Wild Solstice dragons actively seek out areas with colder climates and open skies and thus are found most easily in high mountain basins, but during winter months they will fly and mingle almost anywhere.




Diet: Omnivorous. Most of their diet consists of berries, tubers, and stripped tree bark, but during lean times or when preparing to breed they will scavenge from other dragons’ kills or hunt live prey for the extra protein and fat that it provides.

Closing as we are now getting adults. Here's a link to the Solstice breeding thread in SD - http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=157581


Quoting Odeen's info post:



edit: Link to the wiki page for Solstice dragons - http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Solstice_Dragon

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