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RP thread The Academy Wikia


The Story


For a long time, the world was a smaller place. The world back then was just one massive continent bursting with life. Forests stretched so far that a squirrel could run miles without touching the ground, bountiful rivers were filled with leaping fish and the air was crisp and clean. It housed thousands of different kinds of plants and animals, and over a hundred sentient races. They lived in great harmony long before written history, sharing the bounties of their world. But peace didn't last for ever. With great resources came flourishing populations, and with flourishing populations resources began to dwindle. Instead of tackling the problem, the races all began to blame each other. Famine broke out, and in each race the populations decreased by thousands. Fights began to break out as racial tensions soared, but the leaders of each nation managed to hold back the races somehow. Then, the New World was discovered.


A new continent, filled to the brim with untapped resources, was ripe for the taking. War broke out over this new land as every race clawed for a cut, but there were no rivals as viscous as the Humans and the Dragons. Some races were driven to the point of extinction, others were enslaved and sold like cattle. The war officially lasted 75 bloody years, but in some accounts from ravaged nations, it was cited as lasting anywhere from 75 to 100 including fights and genocides that had taken place in the Old World. But eventually, after many dark years of drafts and deaths, the survivors gathered together and put a stop to the fighting. That was ten years ago.


They discussed what would happen next, and how they could prevent an awful war like that from ever breaking out again. They all knew that they would eventually have to learn how to coexist, but because they were spiteful and fearful of the other races the various nations danced around the issue. The decision didn't come easily, but after weeks of avoiding the inevitable they founded the Academy, the first institution in a hundred years that would house a youth of every race. It was labeled as a social experiment, and its outcome will determine the future of the world. The Academy will place a member of every race in close quarters and see how they fare. If they manage to get along and learn how to accept one another, then it is proof that the races can learn to accept each other and the nations have agreed to follow the youth's examples. If the experiment fails, then it is proof that the cause of the arguments is genetic and that the only path to peace is separation of all races.


To give all students something in common, feelings of empathy and a role higher than simple youths, all students are given an orphan dragon egg upon enrolling in the Academy. This is a gauge of the student's dedication to their education and their relationships with the other races. Their willingness to care for a dragon hatchling will show how much they are really trying to make peace as well as make a common ground for every individual to stand on.


Most people will vie for peace, but after almost a hundred years of war is peace even possible? Was the Academy created too soon after the merciless bloodshed? Some races are naturally violent while others are loving and peaceful, and there may have been a few races that profiteered off of the endless fighting. There will be those who oppose the Academy and its principals and those who blindly follow its exact words, will the students and their teacher's guidance ever find a medium where everyone can understand each other?


Unpack your suitcases, take a seat and pick a dragon egg, we're going to find out. This is the story of the Academy.


This Land


The Academy is a gigantic, imposing building that looks like it might have once been a stronghold during the war. Built on a hill that overlooks a lake, it has three floors and a basement, as well as a courtyard in the middle that would be good for sports and outside activities. The highest point of the castle is the battlements, which could easily give a brave man vertigo.


The ground floor is for classes, and also homes the mess hall, nurse's office and the dragon egg hatchery. The second floor is for student rooms, in rooms labeled 1-100. But Room 50 is not a room at all, it is the auditorium. Every night at 9:00, the second floor and the third floor are locked up, and no one can go from the upper floors to the ground floor until 6:00 that morning. Aside from that, students are ultimately allowed to do what they want as long as they are up there and not waking others up. Don't miss curfew! The third floor is for staff rooms, as well as the principal's office, equipment storage, student counselor and detention, as well as many other miscellaneous necessary rooms. This floor is forbidden to students unless there is an emergency or the teacher invites the student in question.


The local area is mostly forest, but there is a small town a few miles down the road. It has some shops, a small hospital and a postal service. Among those shops are a thrift shop, a sports shop, a cozy tavern that also sells food, a general store and a weapon repair shop. The commerce from the Academy has greatly benefited the town, so its humble human inhabitants have become very friendly to the races.


List of Current Races


-Ashura (Luckyclaw)

Four-armed members of the Demonic family that have blue or white skin. Also known as Love Demons. Kindly and try to keep good in the world.


-Azazels (Luckyclaw)

Member of the humanoid family but sometimes debated as members of the demonic family, has sharp ears, fangs and claws. Immune to magic and very strong. Derogatorily referred to as 'lesser demon' or 'pit scum'. Widely disliked and often scapegoated.


-Clockwork (Lawless-Lawful)

Made during the war as expendable beings that could be sent in to kill masses, or to be sent in for suicide kind of missions, mostly those with fatal outcomes. However, as the end of the war drew near, the maker of them felt terrible about all of his 'children' dying. So, he made several models using magic, hiding their outwards appearance using potions (to make the outwards structure become skin), so they'd be able to feel and be more human in nature, so they wouldn't be seen as just a device that they could use to kill people. He eventually made a deal with a demon so he could further make the clockwork beings. Because of this, they have large numbers, but hardly age.


-Demons (*)

An entire family of various hellish beings. Appearance and abilities can vary greatly.

-Sesseljae (Takhesis)

While Sesseljae are mist-like beings, they require hosts to live more than a few days. As such they can appear as any race and any gender - some however do seem to have a preference in host choices. The combined being can be spotted by the pale yellow aura that surrounds them.

Sesseljae don't just attach themselves to a host and not provide benefits - a Sesseljae host has increased healing and gains resistance to environmental toxins and extremes. The host can also expel the Sesseljae if they feel their 'partnership' is over.

Sesseljae tried to stay out of the war - but due to their need for hosts were unable to remain truly neutral.


-Dragons (**)

Members of the Beast family, comes in many colors and breeds including Pink.


-Draugr (Luckyclaw)

Singular = Draug. Draugr are members of the Undead family that mostly live underwater. They look like waterlogged humans and can only reproduce using the soul of someone drowned at sea. Can only be killed via poisoning, drying out or freezing. Lives on a diet of meat and souls.


-Elves (*)

Member of the humanoid family, often has very good magic and inclination for nature. Most have sharp ears and are peaceful forest-dwellers, but appearances and cultures can vary greatly.

-Fire (Natevaelle)

The smallest subspecies of Elves, all live in a desert city called Asteroth. Evolved to have great passion for fire despite being descended from common wood-dwelling elves. During the war, they tried to live far from civilization but were attacked by nearby races, humans in particular, and forced to evacuate their ruined city to live a nomadic life. Recently, they have gone back to their city and begun to rebuild. Distrustful of most other races.


-Grilden (Forsaken Rider of Dreams and Luckyclaw)

Grilden are two-headed dragon creatures that are possibly related to dragons. They live for almost unnerving amounts of time but are very slow to reproduce. Grilden are often seen depicted in ancient cave walls and seem to have some kind of relation to distant planets and stars. The race was almost completely wiped out in a war that happened two thousand years ago, and the recent war didn’t help their populations at all. It is unknown if Archain and Tawayar are the last of their kind or not. Grilden are capable of strong blasts of wind from their immense chests, but cannot breathe fire.


-Humans (*)

The most common member of the humanoid family. Played a huge part in the war and lost a great amount of their population, yet still remain one of the most numerous of all races. Has many separate nations that banded together for the war, yet they are all still an astoundingly diverse race.

-Empaths (Narvix)

A kind of human that can feel and be affected by emotions. Empaths were hardly used in the actual battles of the war as very few knew how to not be overwhelmed by the enormous flood of strong emotions.

-Nihounese (Luckyclaw)

Humans that hail from the small land of Nihoun in the Old World. Had a huge impact on the war, but a sizable chunk of their population was obliterated because of it.

-Telumni (Drakonspite)

Singular = Telumnus. A human subspecies (Homo Arma) that has evolved a larger cerebellum at the cost of smaller storage space for short-term and vivid memory. Extraordinary with weapons, but some learn basic magic skills. Looses control of powers in times of emotional fervor. Suffered huge losses in the war and is now endangered.

-Witches/Wizards (Narvix)

A culture of humans that has a very strong propensity for magic. They were used in the war mostly for their magic that could effectively be used against Dragons. However, their numbers are naturally small and makes them a bit hard to find.


-Icari (Emeraldmay)

White-winged humans with great magic. They have a high value on children and tried to stay isolated from war matters, but in the end they joined the war like all the others.


-Mentamontis (Na82008)

Looks very similar to humans with blue tinged skin and diamond-shaped pupils. Very powerful magic users, but do not live very long lives. Held a strong front at the beginning of the war, but was beaten back and suffered towards the end of it. Also known as Stargazers because of the way their eyes look when they think deeply.


-Shargonacs (Na82008)

A reptilian breed with very dark colored scales and a tail. Slightly taller than a human, with thinner limbs with a slightly wider stomach. Their heads are triangular (like a lizard) with brightly colored eyes that are about twice the size of a human's. Has suction cups on the end of their fingers and toes. Rarely lives in groups, so many Shargonacs joined the side of whatever race they were closest to. There was a large city that was created by Shargonacs, but many of them were wiped out and the city is now a ghost town.


-Tsarico (Na82008)

Creatures of darkness. They can live a nearly infinite lifetime if they aren't killed, and they don't have children often because of this. In daylight, they look only like faint shadows with indistinguishable features, but in darkness, an outline begins to appear as though they drink in the dark around them. Being outside in daylight slowly drains their energy and they cannot remain in daylight for long periods of time. When you can see a Tsarico, it looks like a normal human. Indoors, you can usually see their human form unless they are directly in front of a window. They feed on darkness and do not need to sleep or eat, but if they spend a few days without going in dark places, they will begin to get weak and eventually disappear. The same happens if they are in daylight for too long. When they speak in daylight, their voices sound like a far off echo. Often they are mistaken for ghosts and because of this most other creatures class them as undead, but they see themselves to be in another class altogether. They can be hurt by normal methods, and if they get hurt enough or really badly, they begin to fade like smoke. Being hit with a sword wouldn't leave a visible mark, but you would be able to see very dark smoke come out of the area and dissipate. Something like fire or poison wouldn't affect them unless the fire was bright enough.


-Typhon (Emeraldmay)

Typhons are humanoid beings of around average height, which have high endurance and strength. Being able to go without food and water for a long period of time, they can run at incredibly fast speeds, and are skilled fighters. They have claws concealed within the knuckles of their hands which grow to around 20cm in length, and can be used to fight with. The Typhon tend to live in extreme climates such as deserts or mountains where there is less competition for food, and generally remain in groups of around 10-20, of which their family normally consists of. While they are quite advanced with technology, they rarely develop any for luxury, being a race purely intent on survival.


-Uccello (Narvix)

They participated heavily in the war. Some of their numbers possessed wings, allowing them to have arial combat and an advantage over grounded enemies. Most of their number is bipedal and unable to use magic. As such, many picked up various weapons based on their talents and strengths in fighting styles; which did vary from individual to individual. The Uccello can be considered as mutated Gryphons and are viewed as a sub-species to the well-known, hybrid avians. While they make for good fighters and speedy messengers (in the case of those not wanting to fight), they are inherently weaker to magic attacks, especially fire based spells as their feathers are not fire-proof.


-Valravn (X)

Members of the hybrid family, wolf/raven mixes. Wolves with bird feathers, talons and wings, some have beaks while others have snouts. Can have very powerful magic, but unless given a sacrifice they are mostly powerless. Valravn live sixteen years unless they receive the sacrifice of a firstborn child, in the case of which their magic is unlocked eternally at a high level. Highly manipulative. Very unpopular and often seen as dangerous.


-Vampires (Forsaken Rider of Dreams)

A member of the Undead family that drinks blood to survive and is feared by many. Vampires are generally stronger than the average human and can preform magic, as well as Blood Control, which is the ability to hold dominion over corpses of drained victims. Vampire have cold skin and fangs as well as eyes that turn red when angry. To become a vampire one must either be born as one or be turned, the latter being a dangerous procedure that fails more often than it succeeds. They can only be killed via burning or decapitation.


* = Race is very common and has many sub-breeds. It's a race totally free for any new characters.

X = Race has little united history and is deemed a free race by its creator.

** = Dragons are given to all students who enroll.

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Present Student Locations

Bolded names are active characters.


-> Al'nivte "Al": Heading to the Infirmary.

-> Aria: Getting a rundown of the Academy from Miss Beriiel with Takaki.

-> Camicar: Somewhere away from the Auditorium.

-> Colress: Fled the Auditorium to somewhere.

-> Dain: Infirmary.

-> Devon: ----

-> Esko: Crossing paths with Shooka in the hallways.

-> Felic: Infirmary.

-> Jolinar/ Agatha: ----

-> Lorf: ----

-> Mizuki: Her dorm room.

-> Soria: Somewhere.

-> Syasurru: ----

-> Takaki: Getting a rundown of the Academy from Miss Beriiel with Aria.


Extra Sheets


Name: Esko Arkus

Race: Esko is a Werewolf. Werewolves, before the war, looked like average run of the mill humans. Except on the full moon, when they shift and normally, they went nuts. However, after the war, after exposure to excessive amounts of magic, they gained more control over their werewolf selves. This came at a cost. Often, some wolffish thing was exposed, like claws, fangs, ect. This enabled society to know who they really were. The werewolves played a major role in the war, especially fights under a full moon, and the werewolves fought so heavily that they almost were wiped out. Every full moon, nowadays, the werewolves desperately look for people to bite, because now, they are few and far between.

Gender: Male

Age: 18. ((Werewolves have the same age thing as humans do))

Apperance: Esko, exept he has wolf ears and tail, and he doesn't have an owl

Personality: He isn't ever truly trusting of others, and if you somehow DO gain his trust, you will find that he only gives his trust to one or two. On the outside, it seems like he doesn't care about his werewolf self, but secretly inside, he wishes that people didn't feel scared of him because of what he turned into....

Dragon Companion: Tulvir, a Royal Blue with white feet. He also has a strange mark that has an unidentified shape.

Talent: He has a whittling talent, which he uses to often make spears. He also likes playing guitar.

Weapon of Choice: it depends on which form he is in. In his human form, he often uses Ice magic. Under a full moon, in his werewolf form, he resorts to close combat, often slashing with his huge claws and biting with his big teeth.

Likes: Deer meat, music, dragons, the full moon, girls and achohol.

Dislikes: rotten/rancid meat, fools, jerks, sparkly vampires, and people pulling on his tail.


Name: Aria Estelle Briar (Ria)

Race: Neko (cat shifter), the pacifists of the war. For the most part they did not fight, but if need be their claws and teeth provided personal protection. If any Neko needed to be included they tended to be spies, as their cat form normally went undetected. They have the ability to shift from cat form to Nekocat form (humanoid form with cat ears and tail) at will. Neko have limited magical skills, mostly elemental. They are a very social race. The diet of a Neko tends to be composed of fish and meats but they are omnivores.

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Ignore the pose, I couldn't find a better picture


Cat form

Personality: Ria is peppy and she loves a good conversation, talking is her specialty. She's a people person, and she thinks highly of what others think of her. She's easily excited and she loves fun. Her vocabulary is extensive and she loves showing it off.

Dragon Companion: Ria's dragon, Echo, is a grey Western dragon with a silvery underbelly and wing undersides. Echo's long tail has a sharp black barb on the end used for fighting. His eyes are raven black and he has long silver claws. Unlike her, he's shy and quiet.

Talents: Water and Ice magic casting and anything having to do with talking; she doesn't have much stage fright.

Weapon of Choice: Well, she doesn't fight, her kind is a pacifist race after all. If she needs to fight she relies on her claws and teeth.

Likes: Talking, Echo, vanilla ice cream, music, and compliments.

Dislikes: Being called anything other than Ria.


Name: Takaki Kiyonaga


Gender: Male

Age: 13

Appearance: He has short brown hair that partly covers his forehead and dark brown eyes. He is of average build and stands at about average height for a 13 year old.

Personality:He is shy and generally keeps his head down around people. However when approach he tries his best to be polite and approachable. When he gets friends he becomes very protective of them, and tends to lose his calm manner and recklessly tries to help the, when they are in trouble.

Dragon companion:Scipio is a Royal Crimson that is a bit similar to his companion- he doesn't talk much to others but is fairly approachable. He is a little lazy but is protective of the friends he does make.

Talents: he has adept combat ability, but only through hand to hand combat. He doesn't know much of magic as of yet, but is quite smart.

Weapon of choice:He often likes to use a knife given to his father before he went to war and disappeared.

Likes: Board games, his dragon, occasionally studying.

Dislikes: Annoying people (even though he seems to not mind it) and bad teachers.



Present Teacher Locations

Bolded names are active characters.


-> Albert: Infirmary?

-> Archain & Tawayar: ----

-> Beriiel: Showing the ropes to Takaki and Aria.

-> Choru: ----

-> Jasmine: Forever stuck in the Library (end of second floor).

-> Jubah: ----

-> Kaio: ----

-> Relan: ----

-> Rolith: ----

-> Trevor: ----


Extra Sheets


Name: Gilrin Lainel Rhovaneth

Subject: Combat (Archery)

Race: Sylph - Sylph (also called sylphid) are wind sprites, with the ability to control the wind around them. It is theorized they are either related to angels or that they are an offspring of elves and wind spirits. Sylphs are easily distinguished by their swirling blue marks that light up when they use wind magic. They usually have white hair and dark skin, and their eyes are large like those of a hawk. Sylphs care little for the machinations and politics of "ground folk", and they rarely interfere with changeling society. They honor a promise and keep to their word until death. During the war, sylphs fled to the highest peaks of the mountains and hid there, letting the other races to fight. Being a care-free folk, they had little strife with other races, maybe a little distrust on both sides. However, after a long debate, the sylphs send some of their warriors to fight for them, but most stayed at the mountains, ever fearing for their warriors.

Age: 45 sylph years - 30 human years

Appearance: Brown skin and light blue swirling tattoos cris-cross her skin. The swirls are very delicate around her angular face. Gilrin's eyes are golden and her hair, cut short and shaggy so that it won't be in her eyes, is pure white; she has a very hawk-like appearance. She has a loose, white shirt with large sleeves that end at her elbows and on top of that she wears a huge, light blue scarf that covers most of her chest and neck and trails long behind her. From her elbows to her knuckles she wears light brown gloves. Her pants are navy blue and although not tight, they fit snugly. Gilrin wears no shoes and thus, walks bare feet, enjoying the feeling of ground under her toes.

Personality: Quiet, friendly, sensitive, and kind. Enjoys the present moment, what's going on around her. Likes to have her own space and to work within her own time frame. She is loyal and committed to her values and to people who are important to her. Dislikes disagreements and conflicts, doesn't force her opinions or values on others. Takes teaching seriously but knows to have a good laugh every now and then.

Dragon Companion: Luinor

Luinor is quiet, serious, and thinks success should be earned by thoroughness and dependability. Practical, matter-of-fact, realistic, and responsible. Decides logically what should be done and works towards it steadily, regardless of distractions. Takes pleasure in making everything orderly and organized - his work, his home, his life. Value traditions and loyalty. He is very fond of Gilrin, their relationship being strong and well-developed.

What did they do during the war?: Safe high up in the mountain, Gilrin never faced the war itself in her childhood - save for what stories she heard from the elders when they talked about it, in whispers. When the sylphs felt it was safe again, they came down from the mountains in trickles, some staying permanently in their high homes. The land was ravaged by the war and Gilrin could never wash away the scene of a scorched earth that would never wholly heal.

Why are they teaching here?: After what she saw when coming down from the mountains, Gilrin wished nothing else but for the ability to change the world so that it would never come to this again. She heard of the Academy years later, and knew this was her chance to make a difference to this world.

Abilities: Wind Call - Gilrin can call for the aid of winds, be their power destructive or healing. She can fly for short distances and make her arrows hit their mark. She can sense the weather changes.

Likes: Windy days, loyalty, hard work, friendship, good debating

Dislikes: Darkness, fire

Rumors: There is a rumor going around that Gilrin was seen in the near town drinking heavily - if she hears someone talking about this, she gets flustered and denies it, of course. A more steady rumor is that she is afraid to use her powers to their fullest limit.


Plot Ideas/Updates

-> RP time/technology setting:

"In the end, I think the progress of technology is really in the eye of the race. As long as there's no guns, cellphones or advanced cars. Maybe one nation has built an early train system and because this world is so large, other nations haven't figured it out yet. Maybe another nation doesn't even know how to use oil lamps, and they never learn because they live high up on some mountain or something." ~ Summed up by Lucky


-> Finalized breakdown of classes:

Mandatory Classes:

1 Gym

2 World History

3 Cultural Studies

4 Science

5 Combat

6 Literature


Optional Classes:

1 Magic

2 Music

3 Language

4 Medical

5 Astronomy

6 Alchemy/Forging

7 Cooking

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Just the building. It's on top of a hill and at the base of the hill there's a horse-shoe shaped moat. There's walkways at the top of the building, but that's part of the structure itself. No detached walls.

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I have my entire post written down on paper. I just got back home after an all day car hunt with the family. However, mom's back on my laptop so I might not be able to type up my post and add it until tomorrow morning. Of course, a few edits will need to be made but I'll worry about them as I type.


Also, Lucky, not all of the races seem to be in the list. I know Uccello is missing and I didn't see Littleputans. Which does bring up a question for me: Lotus has a fairy character who's the size of a regular human. So, are Littleputans the largest of the tiny breeds or is something else being worked out?

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Yikes! Incoming wall of text!


I've made my post |D Time for bed now. I didn't realize just how much I had written while out and about today. Also, I hope no one else minds that I had Felic give the forward nudge.

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You can of you'd like. On the wikia, there's a section for the races she, if you look, ask the races are there; they just need information to turn the links from red to blue.

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ok, well i'll do my race's page, and the one for my character. now the only thing i need to do is think of more stuff about them.

Edited by na82008

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Holiday shopping and home internet is on the fritz, be on later tonight for npw go o without me


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So I am ready all the character's sheets and I came across Soria. Then I noticed that she had the same birthday as me O.O

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Sent you a PM answering said question Jaina.


Aaaand alchemy is now paired with forging, for all the users who can't use magic or prefer to pay the iron price. Get it?! It's like a Game of Thrones reference, but also an alchemy one because alchemists tried to turn lead to gold...? No? Never mind.

Edited by Luckyclaw

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I just remembered: what kind of time setting do we want for this thread? Something modern? Middle aged? In between? Or even futuristic a bit?

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Sort of a mixture of various time periods. We have in-door plumbing and some electricity, but guns shouldn't exist in a world where we're using swords, and having phones takes away from the whole idea of being taken from your old life and sent to an Academy in the middle of no where and left mostly to your own devices. Imagine if the students just went up to their rooms and texted their old friends?

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Okay, that sounds good. So, in a sense, kind of a pre-modern age with all memory wiped clear about guns and cellphones.

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Lots of classes.


Teachers needed for:









Culture Studies


World History


Combat: Hand Combat, Archery, Spear/Halberd Training, Swordplay


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I wonder if Dain is still up to make a two-headed teacher for history...?


Someone should totally make a Colress/Cave Johnson for science.

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Enlighten me on what a Colress/Cave Johnson character is, Lucky. Please? :c It sounds like they might be funny to have around.

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Dunno but Im eager for the rp to really get underway.

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Well have you played portal 2? Cause that's where Cave Johnson is from, think of Jonah Jameson the scientist. Heres his most well known quote: “When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!”

So yeah, he'd be amusing to have as a teacher.

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It's walking up the first hill smile.gif I share Lucky's interest when it comes to reading the posts about a student selecting their egg. I'm always curious to see how that student reacts, how the writer writes, and whatever emotions or thoughts that go through their minds. It's a unique experience for the student for sure.


Once everyone has found their egg, the fun starts to begin. Each student will get to choose a room number and receive their class schedules. Then they have the choice to stick around and chat or go find their desired room.


How the schedules work is that you get to select any number of the existing classes from the master list. If there's a class you believe should be taught, then PM Lucky or I and we'll discuss it over. Same with if you desire to make a teacher for a subject that isn't scheduled.


After all that is said and done, everyone gets called to the Auditorium where the teachers get to have their meet-n-greet with the students. We have a few fun characters amongst the staff so it'll be very interesting, in my opinion, to see how the new students react to such authority - or, alternatively, lack of authority tongue.gif


Once that's done with, we'll give people some time to wrap things up and then I'm sure, with agreement from Lucky when she's ready, we'll time skip/transition to the next day, Monday morning, and begin classes.


EDIT: Cause M.P ninja'd me x3

That does sound like a fun character for sure xd.png But I've never played the game or its prequel.

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