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Demons of the Mind

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The human brain is a wondrous creation. Its capabilities have yet to be fully realized, and the possibilities of its power are an enigma. However, whenever there is something beautiful, there is always something waiting to exploit it. Demons, as they are most commonly known, live in a twisted version of the world that you and I live in. They live beside us, but they exist on another plane of reality. To us, they are nothing more than disorders, phobias, and mental conditions. But from their perspective, we are walking meals, essences of nutrition that they have yet to consume. They wander the world we live in and suck the life out of us, wrecking our lives and destroying who we are. Why do they do this, you ask? Well, that's up to you to decide.




Demons is what they are commonly called. They roam their warped version of Earth, consuming all of the life around them in an eternal hunt. Or, is it? Demons harm others for a reason. They strive in vain to accomplish their goal. They destroy millions of lives just to become the one thing they desire. They wish to become human. Once a demon has absorbed enough life force, they are reincarnated as a human child. All demons want to become human. They want to see the world in the bright colors that bloom across the sky, like they do in the human world. They want to feel the warmth of sunlight against their skin. They want to feel happiness and they want to feel love. But, there is a problem. Pharmaceutical drugs, manifest in the form of horsemen, do not wish for demons to harm their beloved humans. They want to destroy the demons. They spend their entire existence scouring the corrupted world to extinguish the life of every demon they come upon. They will stop at nothing to rid the universe of these monsters. Will you be a demon and thrive on the essence of humans? Will you be a horsemen and try to save the humans from the demons? Will you answer your calling?



  • Follow all Dragon Cave rules.
  • No Mary/Gary Sues, god-modding, and overpowering a character.
  • All posts must be at least nine sentences long minimum. Keep grammar and punctuation in mind when writing.
  • When fighting, don't have your character kill every foe he/she meets. That does not mean your character cannot be a great fighter, nor does it mean you cannot kill. Just don't have your character kill everything in sight and not get a single scratch.
  • Respect other people in the RP. Try to avoid being crude and remember that they are actual people, not text on the computer screen.
  • Put a link to what drug or demon your character is.
  • PM me all character sheets. Do NOT post them in the IC or OOC thread. This will help to avoid confusion.
  • Horsemen can only be killed by their selected demons and other Horsemen and vice-versa.
  • If you wish to claim a text color, put what color you want to use in the "other" section. If a color is claimed, no one else may use that color unless the person who has claimed that color leaves the RP.
  • "Cursing" is allowed, however please bleep the more vulgar words with "****".
  • You may only have three characters.
  • To prove you have read the rules, put "Scanic" in the other section.
  • People who have not posted for weeks on end will be put on the inactive list. Your characters will stay on this list until you post. If you continue to log onto the forum and never PM me or send me some sort of message explaining why you are not posting, then your characters will be deleted without your permission.
  • At any given time, the rules are subject to change. If the rules are changed, then all RPers will be notified by PM and by a post.


Demons are the physical manifestation of a mental disorder. Demons look nothing like humans, and are more like a hybrid of different animals than anything else. They are normally highly intelligent creatures with huge personalities.

The way a demon is shaped is based off of what disorder they are. For example, a paranoid demon would have long ears that always seem to misinterpret information.

Demons see humans as floating balls of light; however, they do not see every human that is on Earth. Demons only see certain balls of light that their influence is able to spread to. Demons latch onto this ball and suck out the light. Some demons may leave a ball after one sitting, but others will stay with one for a long period of time. These balls of light represent a human's life span. No demon can suck out all the life in one sitting and must continue to consume the light until they are content or until it goes out. A demon can continue to eat a single light for as long as eighty or so years. When a light goes out, that signifies the end of that human's life. Once a light is extinguished, a demon must move onto another victim. Demons can only survive a week without eating. If they don't eat within that time, their bodies will slowly shut down and they will wither and die. Demons can only die from starvation, but their limbs and such can be removed without the wound being fatal. Worst case scenario, a demon gets chopped up and is only a head rolling around the world. These demons normally die quickly as they cannot latch onto humans.

Demons can vary from being very broad to very specific disorders. For example, one demon can be depression while another is bipolar disorder. Demons, in general, seem to suffer from the same ill-like states that they cause. An anxiety demon would have signs of anxiety.




Horsemen are the physical manifestation of drugs made to "fix" mental disorders. Horsemen take the shape of a human, but their features may vary. Horsemen ride horses that are always stay by their side and who also vary in colors and features.

The purpose of a horseman is to kill whatever demon they were made to destroy. They cannot kill any other demon besides the one they were created to dispose of. Horsemen suck the life essence out of demons with their long, pointed, swords. Although horsemen suck the life force out of demons, they do not actually eat them like the demons do to humans. Horsemen do not eat, but the more demons they consume, the bigger and stronger they grow. If a horseman has collected many demons in their blade, then the horseman's features and appearance may change. A horseman's sword will always have a marker of some sort on it showing just how many demons have been consumed by it.

Unlike demons, horsemen can die through basic human means. If they are stabbed through the heart or crushed by a boulder, they will, obviously, die. Horsemen cannot get sick, but they may decay over time if they fail to capture any demons for an extended period of time.

A horseman's job is never done; they serve their purpose until their last dying breath.




The demons' world is a twisted form of earth. Everything in this world is parallel to Earth. The only difference between the two is the appearance of the world itself. The story will take place in an unnamed continent. The following are places in this little land.


Forest: Forests are scattered around the land. They are full of dead trees and an eerie mist. Horsemen often use these forests to track down demons and kill them. On the other hand, demons often use the forests to hide from Horsemen. These are scattered around the world.


Ruined city: Cities on this side of the world are crumbled and distorted. Normally large, these cities are an excellent source of food for demons. However, demons in these cities are easy to locate and kill with ease. Although there are many humans in these cities, demons must be wary when traveling through them for horsemen have learned just how tempting the cities may seem to the hungry eyes of demons. These are normally far east.


Lake: Lakes are abundant in the world. They are a clean water source, but are out in the open. Taking a drink in a lake can be very dangerous for unprotected and weak demons. These are normally east and south.


Swamp: Swamps are good places to hide for both demons and horsemen alike, but have very few humans wandering around. Horsemen usually gather in swamps to meet, converse, and strategize. These are located the furthest south.


Mountains: The mountains are very rarely sought after. Not many humans go there, and the mountains are difficult to climb, so demons have no reason to be there. Horseman rarely visit this dangerous and deserted area. The only use the mountains claim is the fact that hiding in them will make you nearly impossible to find. The mountains are up north.


Desert: Deserts harbor little humans, but the humans that are there live in big packs. Demons that cross the desert will have to find one of these groups before they starve. Horsemen who venture into the desert will have to be careful, for they can be easily spotted by the demons in the open environment. Deserts are to the west.


Character Sheet


Demon Character Sheet


[b]Demon:[/b] (Add link)
[b]Preferred gender:[/b] (Can be left as undecided)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Anything you want as long as it isn't a humanoid. Pictures are allowed but you need a description as well.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (At least five sentences long)
[b]Bio:[/b] (At least seven sentences long)
[b]Purpose:[/b] (What your demon is supposed to do humans)
[b]Horsemen:[/b] (Horsemen that can kill this demon)
[b]Other:[/b] (Put code here along with any little quirks your character has.)


Horsemen Character Sheet


[b]Horseman:[/b] (Add link)
[b]Preferred gender:[/b] (Can be left as undecided)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Has to be a humanoid of some sort. No pictures, description only.)
[b]Horse Appearance:[/b] (Try not to be extremely radical with this. The horse has to look somewhat like a horse, and don't change the species too drastically)
[b]Personality:[/b] (At least seven sentences long)
[b]Bio:[/b] (At least seven sentences long)
[b]Purpose:[/b] (What your horseman is supposed to do)
[b]Demons:[/b]  (Demons this horseman can kill)
[b]Other:[/b] (Put code here along with any little quirks your character has.)

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Accepted Characters:




Username: Doctortear

Demon: Erotomania

Nickname: Theo Cheri

Preferred gender: Male

Appearance: Theo has a striking resemblance to that of a meerkat. He holds the same body shape and style as that of a meerkat. However, he does have a few differing factors. He is body is tinted black. His stomach is pitch black and his fur is exceptionally fluffy. Theo has an extremely long tail with a bulb with rough patches at the end of it. His eyes are a rich brown full of different contrasts, shades, hues, and highlights of brown. He always carries around a necklace of rope around his neck. There is no special object hanging from the necklace, it is just simply rope.

Personality: Theo is a hopeless romantic. He's always looking for a chance at love and is always on the prowl for the "one". He can be extremely naive and is easy to manipulate. He often misinterprets signs given off by others. Most of these misinterpretations end up with Theo thinking someone loves him. He has a hard time taking no as an answer and often pushes people to do things. He is quite sweet and hard to dislike. If his feelings are hurt, he'll turn to a state of depressed silence and will sit alone in a secluded place in complete and utter silence.   

Bio: Theo has spent a majority of his life daydreaming about "the one". From the first memory he can remember, he has been looking for romance. Theo spent a majority of his life traveling through the hellish landscape around him just to get a mere glimpse at the one creature he desires. He didn't have any family and he didn't acquire many friends through his travels. Theo just remembers wandering the land around him in search of this one person. Only about five years ago did Theo finally end his nomadic ways. He found a tree, a grand one at that, where he could build a house in. Three of the five years Theo spent building his tree house in which he would live in. Once it was complete, Theo adorned his abode with knick-knacks he had found during his travels. To this day, Theo spends his life foraging for food and looking for someone he can love. He never strays to far from his house and often keeps

Purpose: To make his host think that people around him/her are actually in love with him/her.

Horsemen: Drugs used against schizophrenia, delusional disorder and bipolar mania.


Username: Doctortear

Horseman: Methadone

Nickname: Wander Anselm

Preferred gender: Female

Appearance: Wander is shrouded in a light brown cloak that covers her entire body. Tan skin lies underneath her cloak and two soft brown eyes sparkle from underneath her hood. Wander is skinny in appearance, but has knots of muscle bundling out of her arms. Her cloak itself is dressed in light yellow thread at the edges that cross into intricate patterns. She wears plain black pants and leather boots that reach up halfway to her knees. If her body is exposed, her goat like appearance will be revealed. She has two dark brown horns that are short and curl backwards. Her eyes of are of that of a goat and are formed so. A small fluffy tail pokes out of her rear and her feet are none other that hooves.

Horse Appearance: Wander's horse, who she has named Guard, is a masculine stallion. He is a soft white with mottled brown spots coming from his rear and crawling towards his chest. He has feathers and beads intertwined in his long silky white mane. His tail flows towards the ground but stops at his ankles. His body is nimble and he is smaller than most other horses. He has long legs, but a small body only able to hold someone as light as Wander. His mantle is thin and brown and holds no special design on it. He has no saddle and instead has two large striped blankets with plain colors on them. Guard, although not the strongest of his kind, is built for jumping.

Personality: Wander is a quite soul. She does not speak unless she thinks it's necessary and hates excess noise. She often uses nature to tell her where she needs to be and what she needs to do. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, but doesn't care too much for doing something overly gory. She  isn't easy to befriend and often keeps to herself. Wander is merciless when it comes to killing demons and will make sure to get the job done. Wander, however, has respect for everything. She will not kill something mindlessly and understands that everything has a soul and emotions. Wander doesn't have time to mess around and will often disregard those who "just want to have fun". Wander thinks little of her own safety is far more concerned with that of her house and that of the state of the world itself. Wander has an instant dislike for anyone who mistreats the world around then and will not hesitate to take out a fellow horseman should they prove to be nonchalant in their kills.

Bio: Wander has spent her life hunting down and killing off the demons she is assigned to kill. She has spent her days wandering through forests and swamps in her life-time hunt to kill demons. Those she has faced with have all been slain. Wander can't remember herself doing anything else. She just remembers the everlasting hunt to destroy demons. Admittedly, she has never encountered another horseman. Wander hasn't bothered looking for any, and just keeps up with her hunt. However, the thought of seeing another horseman makes her nervous and she waits for the day that she will meet another of her kind.

Purpose: To be an anti-addictive for people who are addicted to drugs.

Demons: All demons relating to drug addiction.




Username: DrakonSpite

Demon: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Nickname: Jakis Phoxon

Preferred gender: Male

Appearance: Jakis has the appearance of a small fox cub. However, some parts of his body resembles other animals such as his feet, which looks similar to a horse. His fur is dark red with a black belt around the middle of his body and his neck. His fur is scaly and resembles somewhat of a rattlesnake but makes no sound when his tail is shaken. The underside of his feet are covered with padding to increase grip and has a small amount of fur around the pads to soften the sound of his footsteps. He prefers to stay on all fours but can walk upright if he is required to do so. His left eye is electric blue while his right eye is a dark brown colour.

Personality: Jakis is normally an outgoing and happy kind of demon, however he can be extremely stubborn at times and sometimes throws temper tantrums. He is usually disorganised and cannot interpret the feelings of others, often resulting in Jakis getting shouted at (which Jakis reacts to by getting angry or upset at whoever shouted at him). He has difficulty completing tasks and has a very short attention span, leading him to go astray from a group or ignoring the speaker. He is very mischievous and a massive prankster, often playing tricks on horsemen and other demons. Some of his pranks had devastating results but Jakis never acknowledges the outcomes and continues his dangerous tricks to this day.

Bio: Jakis was a normal child, playing about and interacting with other demons his age. But the other demons grew up, died or disappeared. He never grew up or got bigger because of his childish ways and he absolutely refuses to give up on them. He does not have a place of his own and usually just stays in forests nearby a water source. He prefers smaller orb of lights as his meal as they are frail, easy to take in and usually not too high above the ground. He does not know that he is harming others by consuming the lights and continues to feast on them to satisfy his hunger. Jakis looks joyful but hides great pain underneath those sparkling eyes. He just wants comfort and acceptance from others, which he had never received in his many childhoods.

Purpose: To destroy his host's social life, cause depression and turn them into underachievers.

Horsemen: Treatments can vary depending on the host. Usually Methylphenidates are effective.




Username: Melomancer

Demon: Intermittent explosive disorder

Nickname: Pinch

Preferred gender: male

Appearance: Pinch is large, around the size of a cow. He moves fast in water, and slightly slower on land. He is Lobster-like in appearance, though he has the unique ability to shoot a high pressure water bubble from his left claw, which is bigger than the right one. He can only use this ability after being in water, and has to re-enter water to form a bubble. He can only store one bubble at a time, resulting in him having to stay near water as he has a tendency to spam bubbles at whoever annoys him. He is covered in a hard, red shell. It is easily shattered by sharp objects, but can resist bludgeoning moderately well.

Personality: Pinch is always crabby, and easily flies into a rage. He gets into fights a lot, usually because of trivial things.Pinch usually apologizes after fights that he loses, as he believes in honor. He usually doesn't get along with people due to his constant rage. Despite his explosive personality, he feels insecure as he has very few friends.

Bio: Pinch never really bothered to remember much of his past. He just remembers climbing out of a puddle as a tiny fry, and several other important life events, such as escaping horseman and rival demons. Pinch lives in a huge lake, and usually leaves it for extended periods of time to feed. He has a habit of making any body of water that he can fit in his home, no matter how polluted. Pinch met a group of Demons when he was still very young. They made him feel at home, and they were the only ones able to calm his moods. They were all the same type of demons, which made it all the easier for a single horseman to slaughter them all at once. Due to Pinch being different from the others, the horseman couldn't kill him and Pinch escaped. He made the lake his main home soon after that and has been living there ever since.

Purpose: He makes the target slowly feel angry, until they eventually fly into a rage, screaming and attempting to pummel anyone around. The process is slow, and the first symptom is feeling slightly annoyed by someone or something, followed by mild anger which slowly intensifies into rage. The final part is triggered by any minor annoyance that affects the human, making them fly into the violent rage mentioned above.

Horsemen: Antidepressants and mood stabilizers

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Do they have to be a demon? I'm already playing one and i would have to say he very must a swift death killer.

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(Please post OOC posts in the OOC thread, not the IC.


If you look at the first page, you can be a horseman or a demon. I would like to mention that these aren't normal demons. They aren't from hell or anything. If you read through the IC, you'll see what I mean.)

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[[lol I never really do roleplays but I'll be following this too. I doubt I'll ever have free time to play too though ^^;]]

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