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Dragon Avvies and banners!

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Hello~ I'm Draggie. Look to the left of your screen... see my avatar? Yeah, I can make you one! Free? Probably ~

These were inspired by Mysfytt's avvies but obviously they are no where as good and I am not stealing her idea -- because frankly, pixel avvies have been around forever and I just want to add a new generation of them c; If Mysfytt feels uncomfy with this thread I will immediately shut it down.

I also make some banners <3



user posted imageuser posted image

Please note I cannot make animations transparent as a transparent image is a gif and I use a program to animate which doesn't let me animate other gifs without turning the background black for some reason. If anyone has a good animating program that's free and preferably online tell me please <3


And some sigs

user posted image (free to use)

user posted image (use only for BoomSALMON, no one else)

user posted image (made for my dad's gaming clan and our 5th year anniversary, please do not use)


Ordering an AVVIE


There may be a price, but if it is, it'll just be an uncommon such as a Blusang with whatever lineage you wish to breed me. Something like a balloon dragon blinking is free, however something like a hellfire opening it's mouth, blinking, breathing fire, blinking and closing it's mouth would have a slight price of eggies. Nothing too expensive.


Please post this form;; I will PM you the link to use if you would like to use it as an avvie -- yes they may be used off dragcave but there will be a signature on there.

They may not be dragons, either! I can't do humans, sorry, but I can do a dragon OC of yours, wolves, any animal, etc.


Ordering a BANNER


Banners can be any size and are usually used for signatures. They don't have to be pixels and can be animated. These are free unless you make me draw a whole new image for the banner and make me animate it~ I can draw stuff for the banner for free.






[color=teal][b][size=6]I WOULD LIKE AN AVVIE![/b][/color][/size]
[b]Main subject:[/b]
[b]Can others use this?:[/b]



Main subject: Basically what the head is of. A Red dragon, your wolf oc, etc. Please include ref or sprite

Pose: Of the head -- I won't do fullbody unless it's payed. So will it be simply facing to the left, poking it's tongue out, mouth wide open, etc

Animation: Blinking, breathing fire, smiling, etc

Words: Explain the colour of the words, what it says (mine says Draggie for example), any symbols, the background of the writing (mine is simply a blue area behind the writing), positioning, etc... unless you don't want any

Shading?: Shading or not

Can others use this?: Can it be used by others? Do they have to have permission from you? Not at all?

Payment: If you think your order is a bit advanced -- dragons breathing fire, two dragons in a pic, a fullbody, etc

Other: Any extras




[color=indianred][size=6][b]I WOULD LIKE A BANNER![/B][/size][/color]



Size: Any size, but 180x60 is a good size in my opinion. You can simply ask me to make one that fits in your sig or a random size and I'll oblidge

Colours: Colours~ if you have a palette, post it, if you want random, tell me, explain the colours if you want.

Images: Any dragons on the banner, images from other sites (with permission please) or if you want me to draw something for it

Words: The words on there, their colours, etc

Animated?: Yes, I can animate it. Whether this means animating the sprite on there, the words or the frames change to different scenes

Other: Other stuff

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