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Meet Me Halfway

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The Story »

Everyone knows that magic doesn't exist. Casting spells, making potions... it's all just a bunch of hocus pocus. Witches and warlocks, unicorns and dragons, they are all just fairytales and wishes wrapped up in a realm of fantasy. None of that is real.

But what if the creatures from nightmares...were?


The modern day world does not leave a lot of room for anything more or less than human. Yet, as much as the average human individual would like to believe they are all that is bad or good in the world, most of them remain ignorant as to the others that live right below their noses, such as in the same school or office.

Sometimes even in their own homes.


These creatures were often subjects in popular stories and lore back when the threat of these beings was real. The most popular was referred to as the Werewolf- sometimes the Lycan- but typically viewed as a half-man, half-beast that attacked innocent humans when under the spell of their transformation. Another was the mermaid, a half-woman, half-marine animal that was thought to lure sailors to their death with their mystifying voices. The centaur, minotaur, faun, and harpie were also examples of half-men creatures throughout mythology, although not many knew to group them together as a single species.


However, as the world grew older and the humans smarter, and in return more fearful of these halflings, they drove the hybrid people into hiding and nearly extinction. The halflings learned to keep themselves secret, to blend into the normal human society, and at any cost keep themselves and their families from being discovered. Throughout time they found each other and created large clans that typically settled in one city to establish their territory. These clans took it upon themselves to keep their city safe, including its human inhabitants, despite the fact that many of the humans would have likely killed them out of fear. Those that threatened exposure were outcast or sometimes killed if they posed enough danger to the Clan, and killing a human in their own city became an act of treason against the Clan itself. The larger Clans began to establish an underground society for all halflings in the world, and with growing technology all Clans were able to communicate from any country.


The Problem »

Besides the inherent fact that halflings are always in danger of exposing themselves to the general public of humans, there is something else in the world that has begun to rear its ugly, fearsome head. What exactly this is, no one quite knows-- what they do know is that since the last lunar eclipse, Clans all over the world have been disappearing. Completely, without a trace they had ever existed in their respective cities.

Well, except for the swaths of blood left behind in their secret dens.

Upon investigation from nearby Clans, no one has been able to track any bodies or scents left behind in the desecrated dens. No foot prints, no strange smells, but the blood of their kin stains the walls and floors in alarming amounts. Most Clans believe it to be an expansive group of Hunters (Humans that are aware of the halflings' existence and set out to eradicate them) that have become dangerously skilled beyond compare. Others believe it has something to do with the lunar eclipse and the odd effect it had on some halflings. But, whichever it is, no one has seemed to figure out how to stop it or fight it, and everyone is terrified.


Lately, dark figures have been spotted in the cities whose Clans were obliterated. The humans in those cities are often attacked until the mysterious force moves on to the next city under the protection of halflings, where the bloodbath continues. Communication with the targeted Clans is severed before the attack commences, thus Clans that remain unharmed have no reference as to what threat they will eventually face. Those that go to investigate these murderous occurrences often do not return, and if they do, they remember nothing of the ordeal and become extremely ill for days to follow. Some die, and other recover, though paranoid and fearful of the outside world.


The remaining Clans are in an uproar. Although no one has any idea how to combat this deadly foe, there is a strong call for action and war. Others look into relocation, or leaving the Clans to live Rogue-- since halflings that live alone or without a Clan do not appear to be affected. Some believe that forming a master Clan in the heart of Africa, where the first halflings were believed to be born, is their best chance of survival. Understandably this creates great tension within the Clans themselves and between them; do they flee, or do they fight?


Besides this unknown terror, halflings must always protect themselves from Hunters. These Hunters are humans that have knowledge of the halflings' existence, and take it upon themselves to eradicate their species. They can use a variety of tools, including specially trained service animals to detect a halfling's unique scent, or a particular whistle that generates a frequency that only halflings can hear. This whistle is dangerous to halflings because prolonged exposure can potentially trigger epileptic fits (seizures), which in turn can force a halfling to transform.

In the case of encountering this whistle, halflings apart of Clans will make for safe points across the city that are sound proof and block the whistle from affecting them. Lone/Rogue halflings have to find their own safe zones, as they pose a risk to exposing a Clan's safe areas.


The Rules »


✓ Use the profile skeleton provided (do not edit it) and send to me via PM with the title "I'll Meet You Halfway".

✓ Be nice to people. I shouldn't have to remind anyone, and if I do, you'll be on thin ice.

✓ Content must be appropriate for DCF.

✓ Halfings are considered the following: A person with the ability to transform into a hybrid creature with any ONE animal species (therefore, it is not a complete switch from human to animal like a shapeshifter). They have full control over this transformation and their faculties during and after said transformation. However, nights of the New Moon oddly suppress their powers and render them unable to transform. This is a hereditary power and is not transmitted by any means to an existing person. They have normal human longevity.

✓ Halflings can identify each other from the unique scent that only halflings possess. Humans can't detect this scent, but regular animals and other halflings can. They also are sensitive to a Hunter's Whistle (see above).

✓ You have full freedom to apply as a halfling or human (hunter or non).

✓ The amount of loners/Rogues I will accept are limited.

✓ Romance is accepted and encouraged when appropriate. Remember to adhere to DCF restrictions when it comes to romance. Any sexuality is welcome.

✓ Modern tech applies, so you can use any form of weaponry available, as long as it is appropriate for your character (so no, you cannot own a nuke, but someone who served in the military might own a military grade firearm)

✗ No powerplaying or Godmodding. (i.e., your character is not all-powerful or invulnerable, and you must fight fair. Also you as a roleplayer are not allowed to control the thoughts, actions, or dialogue of a character that does not belong to you, unless it is your OWN NPC. Other NPCs will be controlled by me or those I give express permission to (i.e., Clan Elders).

✗ Do not post OOC comments in this thread. The OOC thread is for out of character discussions or questions, or you are free to PM me with more private affairs.

✗ Do not randomly make up plotline developments without consulting me first. (i.e., don't say there's a random explosion when there was no further context for one) If you want to shake things up, you're more than welcome to ask me via PM about it, but remember that I have full jurisdiction on whether or not I feel it is appropriate for the story or the current situations.

✗ Do not post only two or three sentences at a time. This causes the roleplay to stretch thin over several posts and lacks creativity. This also goes to say, refrain from "bullet posting" when no one else is active. Take your time; this roleplay doesn't need to be rapidly developed over a single night. Unless, of course, you and another character are isolated from everyone else and no other character is dependent on your interaction. (But let's try to avoid containing characters in pockets; we're here to interact, not roleplay side-by-side).

✗ No magical, mythological, or extinct hybrids. Endangered is fine. No other powers besides transformation allowed.

✗ If you are a human (either hunter or regular), you cannot just follow a halfling into the Clan's lair. It is secret for a reason, and extremely well hidden. Please try to be as creative as possible in this situation, because I don't want to see quick and easy solutions to those kind of encounters.

✗ You may not apply as a Clan Elder, though I may make them available as NPCs to certain people.

✗ No more than four characters per person.



[[[OOC Thread]]]



The Clan »

The roleplay takes place in the City of San Francisco. Don't worry if you don't know anything about the city-- it's by the ocean, it's big, and has a lot of hills. Everything else is virtually made up for the roleplay. The Clan that resides there is called Clan Aegis, who has been around for hundreds of years. They have four Clan Elders (the wolf, the hawk, the cougar, the deer) that control the Clan's actions. Hierarchy is typically determined through birthright, though in history Elders have appointed their own heirs instead of through blood relative. The dens are located underground, though they have a main house located above ground that resembles a wealthy mansion. The dens are accessible through the main house, the sewers, the ocean, and some secret tunnels from other buildings.


Clan Elders: In the Aegis Clan, there are Four Clan Elders. These leaders are in charge of the operation and protection of the Clan to ensure that its members are safe but also that their behavior is regulated to maintain this safety. They convene to decide official actions of the Clan as a whole, as well as how to handle specific threats. Elder status is typically inherited by the oldest of the offspring, or appointed by the individual Elder him/herself. Elders have a five-pointed star tattoo behind both ears and a four-pointed star on the back of their neck.

Clan Matriarchs: These are the spouses (including male spouses) of the current Elders. Although they have no deciding factor in how the Elders lead the Clan, their opinion is still highly respected and holds weight with the rest of the members. They often are in charge of supervising particular groups of halflings (guards, medics, caretakers, etc). Matriarchs have a five-pointed star tattoo behind both ears.

Clan Generals: These halflings are unique guards that are given command over a group of others. Every General answers to the Clan Matriarchs that their unit is appointed to, but they give direct orders to the halflings in their unit either before patrol or on the field. All Generals have a small five-pointed star tattoo behind their right ear.

Clan Guards: These halflings were trained from a young age (typically) to defend the Clan against danger. They have skills as warriors, and some are trained in using specific weapons (depending on which unit they are apart of). Units of guards complete different tasks depending on which Matriarch their General answers to. (Patrol, detection, missing persons, ambush, intel, etc) They answer to their Generals, unless otherwise dictated by a Matriarch or Elder.

Clan Medics: These halflings are talented in the use of medicine, both traditional and modern. Some have gone to medical or nursing school and utilize their skills through these careers to keep their identities hidden from normal humans. For the Clan, they usually help with births of a new Halfling, injuries, or sicknesses that otherwise would have been risky to be seen by a regular human medical professional. They are given liberty to live amongst humans if they wish as long as they have regular contact with a Clan Guard. A medic's actions may also be dictated only by an Elder, and occasionally a Matriarch.

Clan Caretaker: These halflings are in charge of taking care of the younger halflings and making sure their basic needs are met, as well as supervision to be sure they don't abuse their transformations (especially in public). These halflings are usually skilled with handling groups of children at a time, and have sharp reflexes in order to react as quickly as possible to a potential hazard. Many Caretakers were once Clan Guards.

Clan Members: They do not have a specific name other than just being a part of the Clan. Anyone who does not fall into the categories above are not given particular tasks by their superiors, although they are still subject to the same rules and regulations set by the Elders and enforced by the guards. They are free to lead whatever lives they wish, but are required to live within the secret dens of the Clan and check in with the unit of guards that shares the same dormitory wing from time to time.

Clan Children: Like regular members, they don't have a specific calling or duty, but they are all required to live in the secret dens and are subject to the authority of their particular Caretaker(s). They are required to be in school (human school for children 13-17), or otherwise are homeschooled by their Caretakers. Homeschooling also includes obtaining control over their transformations and learning how to use their hybrid bodies properly.



The Profile »

Note: All information fields are REQUIRED to be filled out. "To be Determined" not acceptable.

[b]Name:[/b] (Full name required)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Male, Female, Androgynous [in this case, give preferred pronouns]) 
[b]Age:[/b] (No one younger than 5 years or older than 80)
[b]Breed:[/b] (Animal character is hybrid with. Mark "Human" if not Halfling)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Pictures + Descriptions preferred, either is acceptable. Please include both regular human and halfling forms if applicable)
[b]Brief History:[/b]
[b]Extra:[/b] (Any other information specified about character; loner, if they come from a different Clan, disabled, etc) 

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Profiles »



Username: Emeraldmay

Name: Rowe Weir

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Breed: Bat

Appearance: Rowe has long black hair, which she keeps up on her head in a high ponytail the majority of the time. She is of an athletic build, and has large blue eyes and a small red mouth that looks like its permanently pouting. Her general choice of clothing is of lightweight clothes, such as leggings, with a long t-shirt and a backpack, which contains the majority of her worldly possessions, while wearing short ankle high boots.

In her bat form, Rowe gains large black wings that stretch around 2 arm-lengths from her arms, but can be tucked down relatively compactly behind her back if necessary. and her regular ears vanish, morphing into large, bat ears on the surface on her head, which she generally covers with a hat of some kind due to the fact that they are incredibly conspicuous. Her teeth become sharper and longer, as do her finger nails. In her bat form, Rowe is unable to speak, only able to communicate via clicks.

Personality: Rowe is not one for crowds, hating the noise, and always liking to zone out from the world by listening to her ipod, which she never lets out of her sight. Rowe has problems trusting people, and a fierce independent streak leaves her almost unable to accept help from anyone, even when she needs it. Rowe is happy to talk to people on their own, but large groups of people scare her, and she generally spends her time in quiet places.

Brief History: Rowe grew up in another clan far away, but travelled to the Aegis Clan when she was younger on an errand for her mother, before returning to find that her home Clan had been one of the ones that was targeted. Not knowing what to do, Rowe made the long journey on her own back to the Aegis Clan, where she was taken in.

Extra: Originally came from a different Clan.



Username: Mousia

Name: Katerina Argyris

Gender: Female

Age: Eighteen

Breed: Goat Halfling (Faun/Satyr)

Appearance: Human FormHalfing Form

Katerina stands tall at around six feet tall and weighs around 145 pounds. Her skin is a medium tone and her body is slender, with just enough muscle to suggest fitness, though not much intense sport. Her hair is black with loose waves here and there. She is adorned with a seven inch tattoo of an ivy plant of her left forearm and a stylistic dragon on her left shoulder blade. The young woman normally wears a simple T-shirt and cargo pants. She rarely wears shorts around people who aren't also halflings due to the deformities on her legs from the transformation. In her halfling form, her legs are those of a goat, she sprouts a tail, and some horns. Her coloring is plain brownish.

Personality: The girl is rather loud and outgoing, liking to talk to a wide range of people. Secretly she is fearful of the judgements of others, but she'd never let people see that unless she felt close to them. Due to the fact that she read for most of her childhood, she is intelligent, but by no means a genius or flawless. She's too naive to be considered such.

Brief History: Katerina originally was born to two irresponsible parents in San Francisco who were a part of the Aegis Clan but cared more about their own ventures then their daughter, who they considered a mistake and a burden. So she was off on her own often without the protection of others. She went to the library and read often, reading and reading anything she could get her hands on. When she was about twelve years of age, she was just leaving the library when she was found by a group of stupid teenagers looking to pick on someone weaker than they were, so they pushed her around and took her pocket change and hit her until she cried until another group of teens came around - peers of the misbehaving group. After chasing them off, they befriended her and taught her about life, lessons she'd never learned from her parents and lessons she'd never learn from books. They stayed friends and are in contact daily, even though those people went to college and made other friends.

Extra: None?



Username: TotallyDrow

Name: Lucas Jaeger

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Breed: Lion

Appearance: Human Form Hybrid Form Standing at about 5"11, Lucas is tanned and has a fairly muscular build. His hair extends down past his shoulders till about the bottom of his shoulder blade. He has hazel colored eyes in both form's however his pupils turn more feline when he transforms. When transformed his hands 'bulk up' and his nails extend outwards into claws. A tail extends out from the base of his spine, reaching the top of his ankles. His hair also becomes bushier and more like a mane.

Personality: Like juvenile lions, Lucas is eager to prove himself and earn himself his own 'pride'. This however tends to be his downfall on many occassions; his eagerness to show that he is fully capable often leading him to making many mistakes or picking the harder option. He is proud of his strength and will sometimes like to remind everyone about it. There are however times when he can be downright lazy and fully expect someone else to do the work; another trait of his 'lion' side. He is indifferent to humans and halflings as long as they don't pose a threat.

Brief History: Like wild lions, Lucas was raised by several woman in a clan of lion Hybrids; his father the leader of their clan. His clan however was slaughtered by a group of hunters that had become aware of their presence; his father foolishly trying to woo a woman he had met one night; the woman turning out to be a hunter that had lured him into a trap. In a bid to protect the young, his mother along with the other females had attempted to smuggle the children to safety but had failed in their attempt. Lucas's brother and sisters killed along with the adults. Only Lucas managed to escape; his half brother choosing to sacrifice himself in order to buy him time to escape. He was taken in by the Aegis clan but has never really felt the same way about its members then he did with his original 'pride'

Extra: Formerly a member of the pride of lion halflings, he has never felt the same sense of kinship with those of the Aegis clan. While not a loner in the sense of always being alone; he is hesitant to completely open up to others and to confide in them.



Username: Shiny Hazard Sign

Name: Cordelia [Delia] Snow

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty six

Breed: Ocelot Halfing

Appearance: {halfling} {human}

Delia is a woman of average height; on a good day she'll stand at exactly five foot seven. Since she spends a lot of her time either underground in the Aegis Clan's dens or prowling the city at night, her skin is extremely fair with a few freckles to decorate. She keeps her hair-- a rich, dark red with a few brunette pieces-- long, but mostly tied up in a bun or ponytail to keep it out of the way during her business. Her eyes are gray-blue with a hint of green in the sunshine, although it is easier seen when she transforms.

In halfling form, the Ocelot's face replaces most of her human features except she keeps her head hair. A sleek coat of fur covers her body, and her rosettes are especially predominant along her sides, back, and legs. She keeps a mostly human posture, though her feet look more like paws and giving her the springing capability of a feline. Her tail is average length. She has a few scars along her neck that are more noticeable in halfling form due to the absence of fur from when she fought a loner on the outskirts of town.

Personality: Due to the circumstances of her birth, Delia had to learn to grow up rough and tough or else risk being outcast by her family. She constantly had to prove herself since she was a small child that she belonged there. This caused her to become a rather determined but aggressive young woman, especially since she had been surrounded by older half-brothers that used physical aggression to show their worth. Because of this, she is a bit rowdy and takes pleasure in mild violence (play fighting, sparring, training, etc). However, despite her craving for a physical outlet, she is surprisingly soft when it comes to the innocent. She can get extremely protective of those she perceives as needing assistance or in danger, and thus she can get a bit overbearing when it comes to the children of the Clan. Nevertheless, she seems to be well-liked by most kids, since she takes time out of her busy day to roughhouse and play games with them.

Brief History: Cordelia's father Victor lived with the Aegis Clan his entire life, and is in fact one of the current Elders (Wolf Elder). He had four sons with his wife Clarissa, but during one of his excursions to another clan, ended up impregnating another woman. She ended up leaving her Clan in Chicago to stay with Victor and his family, where she gave birth to Cordelia. However, this woman did not want to keep Cordelia-- she blamed Victor for bringing this burden upon her, and left shortly after their daughter was born. Later on it was discovered that the Clan in Chicago had disappeared under the same mysterious and bloody circumstances as the others, so Cordelia was never able to find her mother.

Delia grew up under Victor and his family, but she was outcast in their family, especially by Clarissa. To Clarissa, Cordelia was a symbol of Victor's betrayal and infidelity, and so Cordelia was treated with much less sensitivity and warmth than her older half-brothers. For a while her brothers treated her similarly, having grown up with the idea that she was different and wrong, but as they grew older together, the five of them grew close and the barrier between them was soon dissolved. Although Clarissa was never able to give Cordelia the motherly affection that she needed, Delia's father still loved her and raised her to be a fighter like her brothers. He could see the strong sense of mortality and empathy in her, and trained her himself in the art of guarding the Aegis Clan from hunters and discovery.

Ever since, Delia has been a guard of their sanctuary and has eliminated a a few threats on her own. She is a supporter of standing ground when it comes to the mysterious force that has been wiping out the clans, though she adamantly insists that all children or halflings not fit to fight should be moved somewhere remote and safe before they engage in war.

Extra: She has a bordering obsession with small baby animals and tends to bring home stray kittens to take care of. She's pretty responsible with them, however, almost on the verge of mothering them. Also, she's a lesbian.



Username: kingcobra2018

Name: Azet Thia Morianna

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Breed: Red Fox

Appearance: Azet has brown soft hair with brown dark eyes. She usually wears a flower headband. She's tan and loves to wear dresses. In her fox form Her ears turn into fox ears and move higher up. She gets a tail and a fox nose with whiskers.

Personality: Azet is outgoing and showy. She acts tough but is scared to death of darkness and being alone. She loves to laugh and have fun. Azet also likes to watch the clouds with others.

Brief History: Azet was born into a different clan. Her parents where hated by the clan so they weren't treated as well. They wanted to give a better life to Azet so they brought her to Aegis clan when she was born. She knows nothing of her parents and always needs someone to look after her. Even though she doesn't accept that she needs to be looked after.

Extra: Originally from a different clan.



Username: MokiHunter

Name: John 'Slash' Mason

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Breed: Wolf Halfling

Appearance: Human; Halfling

In either phase, John's hair is a striking medium blond shade; the darkness of it only alludes to his quiet nature further. His physique is well rounded; though he has strength from many nights of practicing and furthering his endurance, his relatively lithe body shape makes sure that he is not overly muscular. Speed is not his forte, as his muscle mass is somewhat high for his weight mass. His eyes are a penetrating golden shade, though usually this trait only presents itself in bright settings. When in the dark, his irises tend to sport an almost light milky brown color. He is slightly tanned in terms of skin color, as well, which usually are said to compliment his hair and eye colors well. As a halfling, John's body contorts into an almost anthropomorphic wolf shape, though his hand shape stays in tact, and he retains many features of his human self. His fur is extremely thin along the areas of his chest and back, exposing his scars in a painful reminder. All in all, as a halfling, he mostly keeps the stance and structure of his human self, with only added on extras (fur, tail, elongated face, etc.)

Personality: Quiet, untrusting of almost everyone, even though he tries his best to talk to others and make a friend. He's incredibly observant, and braver than you'd often make him out to be. He often keeps his thoughts to himself, and his past is not something he considers an open subject. He's extremely protective of the few he does choose to trust, and will defend his secrets and those in danger with his entire life at stake. He is easily embittered should one decide to betray him, however, and though he attempts to quell his grudges as best as he can, there's always that quiet hatred which can threaten to flare at any given moment...

Brief History:

John's parents were always too optimistic for the state of the world they lived in; they attempted to live amongst the humans and away from the clans. They managed to do so successfully for a few years, even whilst their son was born and began to thrive. Hunters, however, soon found out of their existence and believed the small family of halflings had no place amongst humans.


In the dead of the night, a few months after John's thirteenth birthday, their home was attacked by silent, human mercenaries. When John's parents refused to leave their home and attempted to reason with the humans instead, John was injured in order to persuade their decision. Large gashes were cut deeply into his chest and back, scarring the young boy for the rest of his days. In total agony, John tried his best not to cry out and failed. His father, enraged by the attack, attempted to aid his son and was killed for the action of defiance.


John's mother told the boy to go and never return; he stood frozen at her words, and he refused to leave her side. But she pushed him out the door, telling him to find the clans and forget his old life. "It was wrong of us..." he always remembers her last words. "It was wrong of us to get so close..."


John never knew what happened to his mother. He was forced to live on his own from then on, and though he managed to find the clans and lived close to them like he was told, he didn't know how to feel about them. They wanted to protect humans, when the only humans he'd ever come to really know had scarred him both physically and mentally. He holds some bitterness towards many of the elder halflings for that, though he knows they had nothing to do with it. It is for this reason that he attempts to remain neutral in the affairs of the clans - though this does not always bode well.


* He has one scar which lays across his chest; two more are marked on his back. They look ragged and recent, even though they were made years ago. They are red in color, and have stayed that way ever since he received them. Over time they've brightened in color, however it's obvious they will never fully heal and they will never cover up on their own.

* He is a loner; he prefers not to interfere with any clan if he can avoid it, but circumstances make sure he can never truly be at peace.




Name: Hazuki Rei Melrose

Gender: Female

Age: 8

Breed: Black Cat

Appearance: She is extremely small(about 3ft 6in tall). She has long dark violet hair and crystal blue eyes. Her skin is extremely pale. For clothing, she prefers dresses in sort of a lolita fashion(lots of ruffles and bows). When she changes form, her ears turn into black, pointy cat ears and move up, her eyes gain a more yellow tint, and a long black tail sprouts from her backside.

Personality: Hazuki is an extremely quiet child who is very intelligent and graceful. She is generally a nice person, but does not take kindly to noisy people. She is very calm and prefers peace and quiet to excitement. Her favorite things are a good book and ballet.

Brief History: She was born into the Aegis clan by two extremely dedicated parents. Her father, however, fell ill and died when she was three. Hazuki, being the only child in the house, learned quickly how to help out her mother and take the burden off of her. She was found to be intellectually gifted and has thence used that to her advantage to help her mother develop new ways to run the house.

Extra: She has terrible asthma and is very frail which causes her to have trouble in physical situations.



Username: TotallyDrow

Name: Jonah Myre

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Breed: African Wild Dog

Appearance: This is pretty much what he looks like in his human state, except his ears would be human ears. In his transformed state, his ears become canine and elongated along the sides of his head and are covered in fur. Along his forearms and calf's, fur begins to grow out, stopping at the joints. (Knee and elbow). Padding appears on his hands and feet and his nails curve out. He grows a tail at the base of his tail bone which is about as long as his arms. His hair changes color to match the patterns of an African wild dog (see breed image - brown/white/black patterns) and his canines grow longer, his right one sometimes sticking out. His eyebrows are bushier and his tongue is slightly longer. There is also fur along his chest. In both his human and transformed state he stands at about 5'8 and is of a fairly average build. While he is not fat... he also lacks any distinct muscle line.

Personality: A spunky individual, Jonah is all about the here and now and enjoying life to the fullest. At heart he is like any other kid out there not tainted by the virtual world of video games.. not shying away from taking a risk every now and then and often biting off more than he can chew.

Brief History: Jonah was the son of a low ranking member of the Verali clan of halflings, which operated in an old fashioned way; where individuals were separated by class. To put it simply you were either royalty or a commoner, the latter applying to Jonah and his family. . Not satisfied with how things were, Jonah would disregard the rules often wandering around in his transformed state regardless of the time of day; a taboo in his clan. Of course he wouldn't do this in a highly populated area, but the risk of exposure was still great.

Seen as a threat to the Verali's safety, he was expelled from the clan in fear of exposing their whereabouts to the hunters. Due to his parents rank in the clan, they were powerless to prevent it. Now wandering alone; Jonah continues his escapades oblivious to the dangers and unaware of his clan's unfortunate fate. He has resorted to thievery now to earn a quick buck; even though he is employed at a local pizza parlor. In exchange for his work, he gets to live rent free in a room above the restaurant. His room is adorned with various 'collections' he has nicked here and there... including several rather expensive looking watches and tablet devices.

Extra: He is a loner. Once a member of an Orlando based clan of Halflings called the Verali, but left after a falling out with the clans respective elder. Has survived so far by mere luck since Loners are not targeted by this new threat. He carries with him a broken pocket knife, but has access to kitchen knives.



Username: Marcus Pheonix

Name: Orion “Ryan” Hellstrand

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Breed: Human

Appearance: Orion He is gradually growing a beard and has noticeable stubble. He is 6ft 5 and has a gun holster on his belt, as well as one strapped to his back via a bandolier. Lastly he wears a hunters whistle on a string around his neck.

Personality: On the surface Ryan is approachable and a good person, who shows a strong dedication to his job and his client’s needs. He has a tendency to appear bored and uninterested in current events, however his mind is always wandering. Inside he harbours a deep hatred for Halflings but also deep regret. When interacting with a Halfling he maintains an extremely cold and harsh persona.

Brief History: Raised on a farm in New Zealand by his grandfather; a retired hunter. Ryan fell in love and became engaged to a loner Halfling, however upon discovering what she was Ryan’s grandfather attempted to kill her, with him ultimately perishing. Filled with grief Ryan ended his fiancé’s life and moved to San Francisco to try and forget. He started up a private investigators office, but after being contacted by a hunter, he began to assist in eliminating the Halflings from San Francisco.

Extra: He has a revolver in his waist gun holster, and a Lever operated shotgun in his holster on his back.

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The coffee shop was warm and cosy, bustling with people all getting their daily fix of caffeine and sugar. Music pounding in her ears, Lultri took a step towards the counter, joining the line. She could smell the rich aroma of chocolate whisking around the room, and the smell of must rising up from old armchairs.


While she pretended to ponder the menu on the board, Lultri glanced into a mirror hanging on the wall. She'd chosen to wear a green top today, with a song note blasted tackily across the front, combined with her normal leggings and boots. The boots were a bit worn by now – they were the only pair she had – but she could hardly imagine replacing them with a different hair. As always, small black buds were tucked into her ears, with the thin buzz of sound emanating from them. Her backpack, as always, hung around her back, causing a slight stoop to her figure. Reaching around in her pocket, Rowe fingered the pound coin that lay there. She always ordered the same thing – small hot chocolate – as it only took one coin, causing the least amount of interaction. She was used to the suspicious looks she normally got while ordering during the school day, and Rowe didn't even bother to take out her headphones out as she order.


"Small hot chocolate please. No cream."


It took only a few minutes for her order to be done, and then Rowe took it to the back of the coffee shop, where she settled down in an empty chair facing the door, next to a heater. Reclining, she turned up the music, and lay back to watch the world go by.


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Katerina walked down the street with Bohemian Rhapsody playing in her headphones. It was one of the songs she just adored whenever it played. Passing by a coffee shop, she saw a girl she vaguely recognized. I know this is gonna bug me... Walking in casually, she paused the song and put down her headphones to order a plain cappuccino and paid. While she waited around for the barista to make her coffee, the girl looked at the person she thought she recognized and then took her coffee when it was done. Walking out because she had no real excuse to stay, she ground her teeth and sighed. I just know I'll figure it out later... Taking a sip, Katerina turned the music back on and put up her headphones. While jamming out to the end of the song, she realized who it was. Right, her... She never talks to anyone. It's a shame, 'cause she's so young. Oh well. I'll see her around, maybe. I could say 'hi' or something. Almost satisfied, she continued on her walk around the neighborhood to get some air. Later she'd have to talk to Micheal about his wife and the baby...

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Lucas sat along a park bench, his hand clasped around a bottle of pepsi; its lid open and its contents fizzing. Around Lucas stood several normal humans, all of them classmates that attended the same local school that Lucas currently attended. While they chatted away to each other; a couple of them fooling around on a skateboard, Lucas paid little attention to their topic of discussion. Some nonsense about a new video game being released in the next month.


"Hey Lucas" chimed one of them, "...your gonna get the game yeah?... I heard it has this new game content from the previous game only available to a select few who buy the gold edition copy!... Isn't that great man!"


Lucas glanced towards the man, raising his drink to his lips before replying, "Oh.. yeah.. probably" he replied, his response lacking any enthusiasm. He slumped back against the bench and cloud gazed. It was just that time of day when he felt down right lazy and unmotivated.

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As another Halfling walked in, Rowe sat upright, tensing her body subtly while remaining in the same stance as before. She knew who the other girl was – Katarina, but aside from the name and face, she could recall little about the other girl. Not that it mattered much anyways.


Rowe poked the now cold drink that stood before her. The ‘Careful – Hot’ warning was almost ironic at this point. She could see the cashier’s gaze upon her, and knew that it was time to leave. Unless of course, she wanted to be queried about why she wasn’t in school, if she was ok and would it help if they called her parents for her? She wondered if they’d care so much if they saw her other form. Probably run and scream, knowing humans, and considering their reaction every time a strange object was seen in the sky.


Rowe had a feeling that she should have been doing something, but she had no idea what. She trained under the cover of dark, and as a town, San Francisco had never been of much interest to her. Swinging her rucksack on, Rowe slowly walked out of the coffee shop.


Blending in with the crowd, Rowe walked along the streets, no specific purpose in mind. She didn’t want to go back to the house yet, but she had little else to do, or anywhere to go. Turning on to the high street, she walked along, browsing the displays that glowed in the shop’s windows.


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Although the underground dens did not have sunlight streaming through their halls, there was a fair amount of light to make the woman draped over a couch stretch out an arm and blink sleepily up at the small figure perched on her chest. It was fuzzy and cute, with an orange-striped face and whiskers that tickled her cheek. The tiny ears on its little head perked slightly at her arousal from sleep, and it mewled hungrily when she stroked its cheek with her finger.

"Oy, where'd you come from?" The woman muttered to herself. She rubbed her eye with one hand and yawned, but continued to rub the kitten's face as it leaned against her palm. "I can't keep track of you all anymore." A second kitten had wandered over to the couch upon hearing her voice and jumped up onto her leg with an inquisitive meow. When the first kitten started to chew on her arm, she grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and gently set it on the ground by her feet.

"Alright, alright, I'm up," she sighed, and she stood lazily from her bed to stretch her arms up high. They mewed at her eagerly as she slowly made her way to the small kitchen on the other side of the room. Technically it was a common room, where anyone could come and go as they pleased-- but Cordelia had given up her personal room for a sickly halfling a few weeks ago, so most people (the exception being her nosy brothers) stayed out of the southern common area to give Delia a place to sleep. Even if she wasn't a very private person, it was at least a place for her to keep the kittens she kept bringing home.

To count, there was three of them at the moment. The other was sound asleep in the cat tree she had purchased from a pet store, but as she opened up the bag of kitten kibble, it raised its head and blearily gazed over at her.


While the kittens ate, Delia dressed herself in a typical human outfit-- a pair of faded jeans with runs in the denim around the knee, and a plain gray tee shirt that had the sleeves ripped off. She wrapped her hair in a messy bun and gave each kitten a quick pet and kiss before trotting out of the room and to the main hall.

Now she remembered where the orange kitten came from. Most nights she didn't remember much of what she did, since a good portion of it felt like a blur, but she remembered finding the tiny thing curled up under a dumpster when she was scouting an alley. She had brought it home after staying out all night looking for signs of the hunter whose scent she had picked up on the previous night. His trail was pretty cold, though, and she was confident that the hunter had moved on to somewhere else. Even still, she would patrol every night for the next week or so just to be sure.


Once she finally breached daylight in the main house, she spotted her father discussing something with another guard. She scooted over to him quickly, but she had a feeling his instructions would be the same as they were every day--

"Cordelia, why don't you go around--"

"And check the city for any signs of disruption, discord, or overall mischief," she finished with a smile, and Victor chuckled.

"That's my girl," he said, and patted her shoulder before returning to his conversation with the other guard.


She wasn't too disappointed, though the fatigue she felt from patrolling all night still sat heavy in her bones. At least a little sunlight would do her good; perhaps it would give her that tan she had been meaning to get, instead of looking like a ghost trying to dissipate into the wind.

After grabbing a few of her basic belongings, Cordelia trudged out of the house and met the shining sky with squinted eyes and another yawn. Her first route would be to scan the streets and keep an eye on any of the Clan members she saw milling about, possibly kick some hooligans back into class where they belonged. Of course she couldn't check up on everyone-- their Clan held more than three hundred people at least, there was no way she'd be able to find all of them in a single given day-- but there were usual hangout spots and check points that she could swing by.


The crisp air gave her goosebumps, but midday in San Francisco was quickly warmed by the glaring sun overhead. She walked briskly through the crowd, smiling at anyone that dared look her in the eye, and keep a close eye out for any familiar faces weaving through the throngs of people. Eventually she spotted a figure that she recognized, though it wasn't who she would have expected. Usually she didn't see the youngster amid so many people, but of course Delia didn't see her very much anyway, so it was hard to really pass any judgement.

Delia moved up next to Rowe while the girl was window shopping. In a gentle gesture, she put an arm around the girl's shoulder and said, "Fancy meeting you here, kiddo. Looking for anything particular?" She winked at Rowe and smiled, and then looked to the store they were in front of. Cordelia didn't shop much for herself, since her fashion sense was less than exciting or fresh. Jeans and tee shirts, perhaps the occasional blouse, was her specialty in terms of clothing choice.

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As Katerina walked, she whipped out her smartphone and began to compose a text to her old friend, Micheal, who she had been meaning to talk to for a while. Once she was done, the young woman read over her text to make sure it was A-OK.

Hey, Mike. Just wanted to ask how things are. How is Rachel? Recovering well from the birth I hope. And your little son. I saw the pictures you posted online. He's adorable. And I love his name. Jacob really fits him, I can just feel it. I'm sure he'll be a real stud when he grows up. We should meet up sometime. Text me and I'll see what I can do. I know you live up in NoCal now and that's a long drive, but we really need to catch up.


Walking along the semi-crowded streets, she really did fit in with the young, "hip" crowd. Not many would pick her out for being different or strange. And yet she was. Many in San Francisco were, in fact. But none of the humans were aware. Or if they were, they didn't show it. Which was a good thing, Katerina supposed. The Halflings would be in danger if too many humans found out about them. Serious danger. But there was a different danger brewing, she knew. Those cities that kept getting wiped out. Halfings picked off one by one until the whole city was dead and left blood-soaked. And nobody but the attackers themselves knew the cause. Or, though it was a frightening thought, it could be that the attackers were under some spell or something that prevented them from being lucid while they committed xenocide. That would be a real issue, one that would be severely harder to combat, Kat expected.


Nevertheless, she felt at home in her city and felt perfectly comfortable in her own skin there. Besides, if she put on a strong face, she could even convince those around her that she was too strong to be broken. After all, with all her differences, it took courage to stand outside and use her face to say: "hey, world, I'm going to subject myself to your unrighteous judgement!" While life was harsh, she felt almost privileged to live amongst others like herself, other Halflings. Their clan wasn't necessarily close-knit, but they were still one unit that shared each other's struggles.


After maybe ten minutes of self-reflection, she felt a familiar vibration in her pocket that meant that someone had sent her a message. Seeing that it was from Mike, she opened it excitedly. Of course he'd have something funny to say. He was just that kind of person. After quickly reading the message, she giggled, rolled her eyes and sighed. Of course he'd say something like that.

Why is it that now you're just spewing compliments at me? Is it because I got married or because I had a kid? Either way, they're both too gentle. I need someone to give me a hard time, and if I asked Jude or Ricky that, they'd come to my house and throw a party that I wouldn't be invited to. So come on, make me feel a little down on myself. Things are going so good, I'm afraid this is the beginning of a horror movie.

In all seriousness, though, I'd love to see you sometime. Rick and Jude came last month and I just had Eric over last week. Maybe you and Audrey could talk about come up at the same time. Maybe you two can get me to shut up about Jake.

Quickly replying, she typed quickly and glanced up every few seconds to be sure she didn't bump into somebody. That'd be incredibly rude. Her cheeks would probably get so red she'd get even more embarrassed about that. But, luckily, she didn't run into somebody by accident before composing her reply.

Well prompting me to insult you is like looking in the closet or splitting up. It's just dumb. But I think I'll let you wallow in your happiness for a little while longer. I want to see your face in person when I bring down the hammer of reality on you. It'll be fun, I promise.

As she passed by a group of seemingly rowdy teens (ones that she could conceivably be hanging out with), she saw a familiar face. The aloof Lucas. Or...he appeared to be aloof whenever Katerina saw him. He was always indifferent, sipping a drink, or sleeping, or talking about something she didn't understand with people she didn't know. But she was bored, and he seemed rather disinterested (as always) and so she stopped and smiled. "How's it goin', Luke?" It was a friendly, normal question. Seemed fine for someone her age to ask. The only thing that made it slightly terrifying to talk to her was her height. Since she was so very tall, many found it uncomfortable talking to her. Then, she was more than willing to sit down to have a conversation to reduce the gap.

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Lucas was lost in his own thoughts as he watched the clouds float seemingly effortlessly through the skies above. As the day wore on, the group he was hanging out with had only become more boisterous then they already were. A boombox.. one of those old-school archaic ones that one of the boys had purchased from a garage sale and fixed up was busy booming out an electro club mix; a song that Lucas did not recognize. Their group had been joined by several girls from the same school that had just left from their after-school activities... it was obvious that one of those girls was crushing on the guy with the boombox and had her friends there in support... not that it would have made a difference... even Lucas who ordinarily would not have noticed or cared, was aware of his friends over the top obliviousness to a woman's advances.


His thoughts were interrupted however by a familiar voice, causing Lucas to turn his head ever so slightly so that he could cast a glance. His vision was momentarily blinded by a ray of sun light as the clouds above gave way to the sun, casting her in shadow. All he could really see was a silhouette of a person but he already knew who it was just from the voice. It was Katerina; another halfling from the Aegis clan. He had seen her several times before, but rarely spoke to her... in essence treating her like he did with most of the other members. A passing cloud blotted out the sun; revealing Katerina. She was rather tall, standing a few inches taller then Lucas did, but that was not a problem. Compared to having a chat with a giraffe halfling.. talking to Katerina was no big deal. In the rare occasions, Lucas had chatted with a Girafling he had opted to talk to his/her chest or the base of their neck.


The group of guys that had been hanging out with Lucas had all fallen silent... well apart from that one lad that had fallen off the skateboard due to a momentary lapse of concentration and was busy groaning.


"Oi... Lucas... whose the girl?" questioned one of them, his arm around one of the other lads; holding him in a headlock. A couple of the others had begun whistling causing Lucas to give them a look of slight annoyance. Even the girls had ceased their efforts with 'Mr Boombox' and stopped, taking a slight interest in the turn of events.


"I'm fine... I guess.." he replied, ignoring his friend's question. his voice was apathetic to her sudden appearance here. The girls gave a look of disappointment at the lack of action and turned their attention back towards their original objective. Lucas shifted to one end of the bench, but still kept his arms outstretched along the back. "Has something happened... or are you just here by coincidence..?" he questioned. There was no animosity or any hint of ill feelings in his question and he didn't mean there to be, it was just the way he spoke.


By now his friends had returned to what they were originally doing... having given up at their attempts to tease and not wanting to provoke Lucas... who very rarely showed them any sign of anger. The fact that he had given them an annoyed look was all they needed to know that it would be better to shut up. A man who was normally indifferent... showing a hint of emotion was never a good sign. They would still however cast the occasional glance towards Lucas and the new girl, their curiosity getting the best of them but apart from those few instances, it was business as usual.

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Hearing her name, Rowe looked up from the daydream she was concentrating on. Taking her headphones out of her ear, she turned to the older girl.


"Oh. Hey Delia."


She said, turning toward the other girl. Instinctively, as when talking to an elder, Rowe shifted her posture straighter, forced a slight smile onto her lips and looked her directly in the eye.


"Nothing much. What brings you here?"


Rowe asked, looking back again into the store's window. The shop was little to her taste, but she'd been drawn to the bright flashing lights almost like a moth, enraptured by their beauty. As she stared at them, her eyes widened slightly, as she took in the glowing colours and shapes. While the wind was cold, the display seemed like a little bubble of warmth, and Rowe almost felt comforted standing beside it. She was pressed up quite close, so not to get in any shopper's way, and she could feel her warmth breath condensing on the shop's window.


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The little girl roamed the streets. She was a bit lonely but others surrounded her in this part. She snuck out having it easy using her fox stealth. Well that's at least what Azet thinks. She wanted to be brave so she walked out.


"I can take care of myself." She mumbled.


Everyone always said to keep an eye out for her she can't take care of herself and she was tired of it! Her dress today was a white dress that had a bow in a middle then another white layer but this one had black lace on the top. Her shoes where white flats with a bow. Azet saw Katerina and Lucas. She's heard of them... Well only a bit so she wanted to say hi.


"Hi." She said hoping they heard her and maybe heard of her.



She put her hands behind her back and clasped them together then twisted her waist in an innocent kind of way.She looked at them being the smallest she had to tilt her head up.



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Ignoring his friends also, Katerina shrugged indifferently and gazed up at the sky, watching the clouds race and crawl past. It seemed that his aura was either contagious or she was just more impressionable than she'd originally thought. Bummer. When he spoke again, she shrugged one more. "I guess it's just coincidence. I saw you and thought I'd say hi and ask what's up. I'm just as bored as anyone, y'know?" Sighing, she rolled her neck around and then got back to looking up at the sky.


It was only when she heard a little voice that she broke her apathy. Maybe she didn't seem it, but she was a sucker for kids and very observant. That was often concealed by the fact that she was almost always reading or writing elegant responses to short text messages when at home. However, the black-haired young woman always kept her ears open and did, in fact, know about one of the youngest members of their clan. Kat also knew that she was sly like a fox and anything she said had to be taken with a grain of salt. Katerina still liked kids, though.


"Hello, there, Azet. I like your dress today. How are you?"


Since she was tall, the young lady crouched down so she was closer to eye level. There was no reason to tower over her, after all. Right?


Lucas would probably sit back and ignore everything again, but that was fine by her. Since she had been alone for most of her childhood and had no parental guidance to speak of, Kat could relate to Azet and also had an appreciation for children because she had wanted a friend for so many years before she finally got some. It would be cruel to watch scornfully at children going through the same trials and troubles. No. She'd help them as best she could and hope that it was enough.

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"I see.." he replied. He took a swig from his bottle of pepsi, finishing its contents before looking at its now transparent frame; a hint of disappointment emanating from him as his cold beverage was no more. Resealing the top of the bottle, he tossed it across the park pavement in front of him towards the open top bin and watched as it circled around the rim before reluctantly falling into the bag. Normally a boy his age would have made more of a celebration with getting it in the first shot... but he merely looked on; slowly closing his eyes as if he were going to sleep. He leaned back against the bench and slouched down, making himself more comfortable. This park really was one of his favorite places in the city.



A young girls voice broke through the sounds his boisterous friends were making , causing him to reopen one eye ever so slightly to see who it was. Standing a few ft away from them was a young girl; who did not seem like a mere stranger on the street. Lucas was getting the sense that he had seen her before; her face looking vaguely familiar... however he could not quite place where and when he had met her before. Besides.. it was not like he was putting much effort into trying to remember when he had seen her before. Did it really matter if they had met before? Would it have made a difference whether she was someone he was suppose to know? these thoughts went through his head as he closed his eye once more.


From the way Katerina had responded, she seemed to have known the girl.. implying that she was a human friend of hers.. or a member of their clan, the latter the most likely.. since she did seem familiar to Lucas. Eyes still closed... he listened to their conversation with a fragment of interest as he sat there lapping in the gentle breeze which caused the front of his hair to move ever so gently.


It would have been a waste not to spend such a nice day relaxing in the park. Now if only he could do something to quieten down his bosterous friends and turn off their techno electro what's it called music without exerting too much effort.

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"Thanks, I'm good. How are you?" She asked.


That girl was different she didn't complain about how she was out and about without and adult, now she liked that. Azet looked at all the other bigger kids and sighed as Lucas didn't pay any attention to her.


"How are you Lucas?" She said saying his name particularly loud.


When all the others turned and noticed it was a kid they turned back and continued what they were doing. Azet wondered how he would react.


Does he even remember me? She asked herself.


When she noticed that Katerina crouched down she turned back.


"So what are you doing today?" She asked trying to be polite.


Azet knew that it was none of her business but she was extremely bored and things could be too easy.


((Sorry for short post GTG))


Was that a good move?


She tapped her flats like in The Wizard of Oz. Maybe it was too noticeable what she was trying to do.

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Lucas didn't move or show any other sign that he had even heard the girl say his name; nor did he react when his friends quieted down to take a look at the second newcomer before resuming their individual activities.


Ofcourse he had heard her; who wouldn't have after she practically shouted his name. He waited a few seconds as a particularly strong gust of wind blew through; ruffling his hair and sending several leaves towards the ground as their bonds with the tree gave way.


With hair in his eyes, he raised a hand up lazily and began brushing it aside. Through his fingers his now open eyes once again fell upon Azet.


"Who are you?" he asked finally, lowering his hand so that he could get a better look. He had already given up trying to remember where he had seen her before. His tone was impassive; showing no real emotion... it was a mere question that he would like to have an answer to... but even if he didn't get an answer.. it would make little difference.


Already his interest in the matter was fading away.



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Delia's blue-gray eyes watched Rowe carefully as the younger girl looked into the store window, appearing mystified by the lights and colors. Although they were technically given a lot of freedom to go about as they pleased, there was still a sense of unease whenever she found another halfing out in public. As a guard, Cordelia was almost always worrying about someone, somewhere, doing something they shouldn't be. Of course she didn't suspect Rowe of any of this, which is why she returned the smile with genuine pleasure.

"Oh, just the usual. Victor sent me out again to scout the city," she answered, and she patted the girl's shoulder with affection. After taking a peek into the window herself, she asked, "See anything you like?"

For the younger crowd that didn't have their parents as part of the Clan, money was harder to come by. Too young for a job, but their caretakers often had too many children to look after to spare coin and paper for trivial purchases. But Cordelia didn't mind-- her job at the local Sports Authority store paid her more than she really required. It wasn't like she had to pay rent, anyway.

She took a moment to look up and around them. Random people passed by without much regard to the girls against the shop's window, and Delia wasn't sure if she was relieved not to see other halflings milling about or if it worried her. Likely a good portion were down at the beach, waiting for the sun to warm up the water a few more degrees. Still, with the scent of the hunter lingering about, even if it was old, she felt a urge to make sure everyone was accounted for.

Turning back to Rowe, the redhead said, "Hey, if you're not too busy, would you like to come do rounds with me? I still need to sweep Union Square, Main Street, and Dolores Park, and I could use some company if you're up for it."

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"Well of course you don't remember me." She sighed


Azet didn't even look at him as she spoke.


"But if you would like to know I'm Azet." She was angered and sneaked in a little huff.


As the breeze blew her hair the chilled air felt nice combatting the blazing sun. She noticed that his interest was already basically gone.


"Hopefully you remember everyone else." She snapped irritated.


As everything was going on one of the idiots that Lucas seemed to be around spoke to Azet. "Oh little girl you should get going before it get's to the rating PG." The man chuckled.


"Horrible joke. Oh and you should get going before the rating G comes on. "Only if we're playing horrible jokes."

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Rowe paused slightly as she took in Delia's offer. As pretty as the lights were, Rowe for some reason enjoyed her company, even though she would never admit it, and was content in the silence of them watching the display.


"It's beautiful." She murmured, watching as the lights flashed and danced as they entwined with each other. Raising a hand against the glass, she used her fingers to frame one of the brightest ones, isolating it from the glow, and pressing her eyes up against them so she was concentrating on it alone. "Beautiful." She muttered, not even sure whether she had said it aloud or not.


Turning to the other girl, Rowe stretched her arms slightly, cramped from being in the same position for too long. She'd heard the offer, and took a second to consider it, her tongue slightly peeking out between her chapped lips as she did so. Rowe rarely wandered far away from where she lived, being unfamiliar with the city at the best of times, and terrified she would come back to find everyone gone at the worst. Still, the offer was tempting.


"I would like that very much." She said, a small smile slowly unfurling across her face. "If it's not too much trouble that is."


The bustle of people was slightly larger now, and Rowe wondered how long she had been standing in the same position, lost in her thoughts. As she stepped forward, Rowe turned to the older girl.


"Anything important happening currently?"


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"I guess..." muttered Lucas, not all that perturbed by her apparent annoyance. He had not meant to anger her with his question... he really couldn't recall where and when he had seen her before... let alone conjure up a name. Was it his fault that he just didn't put the effort into paying attention?


With his right hand he reached into his pocket; causing a few loose coins to rattle as he gathered them up in his hands. Glancing down at the coins in his hand, a slight look of satisfaction spread across his face as he picked out enough small change for a snack and a second beverage. He stood up and stretched his arms out, taking in the momentary ray of sunlight that sneaked its way through a gap in the clouds.


There was a convenience store just outside the park gate, about 2 minutes walk from where they were at and Lucas knew for a fact that within its fridges where several pre-made turkey bacon sandwiches. That was assuming that nobody else had already beaten him to the punch and nicked all of them already.


He walked over to Azet and placed a hand on her head, "I'm sorry I didn't remember you... Alice.." he apologized, not even realizing that he had gotten her name wrong. With his hand still on her head, he looked at Katerina, "Want anything...?" he asked halfheartedly. Then looked back down at Azet.


Again one of his rowdy friends whistled, as a couple of the guys cheered on. "Oi... tou goin to tha store? Get me a packet of crisp's will'ya... and maybe a can of ginger beer... I'll pay ya back tomorrow!" another shouted. Lucas barely noticed.

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"That's not my name." She complained.


Azet stamped her foot and folded her arms. She felt like shifting and biting his arm off but that would attract hunters. She heard one of Lucas's friends.


"What's ginger beer." It was the first time she heard of it. "Is it like soda?" Azet cocked her head.


Her eyes looked up at Lucas. "Do you know?" She completely forgot her hatred towards him. Her eyes where filled with curiosity."Where's the store and can I go with you?" She asked.


Maybe she was just starting to remember he was half lion and that could end up being scary. She looked at his friends none of them heard her hopefully he did. Azet felt the warm sun comforting her like a blanket. The wind seemed to be in a battle with the sun chilling her then warming her. She kept noticing that like she couldn't let it go. She wondered why.


"Do you notice the warmth of the sun then the chill of the wind?" Azet asked Lucas.

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A grin broke over Delia's pale face. "Wonderful, glad to have you along," she said cheerfully, and again she slung an arm over the younger girl's shoulder in a similar fashion of how an older sister might engage with her sibling. In truth, Cordelia acted as though most, if not all, children in the Clan were her siblings, though this was probably due to her motherly instinct. The lack of having a maternal figure in her life hadn't impacted her growth to adulthood very much, since her father had always been a caring parent, but as she grew older, Delia found herself succumbing to the powerful sense of motherhood more and more, despite that she could never have any of her own by natural means.


Delia pulled Rowe gently by the shoulders to get them walking. Her smile faltered slightly at the comment as she thought about the previous nights, and how she spent most of the dark hours sneaking through the shadows as an Ocelot hybrid on the lookout for the hunter that had passed through. She did not want to alarm Rowe with news of hunters, since the Elders made certain that the guards acted inconspicuously as to not arouse the fear of the Clan, but Delia also knew that some day this girl could very well become a guard once she was old enough, if she so wished to be. Bedsides, Delia wasn't one for telling fibs, and she certainly wasn't going to lie to the face of a young halfling that exhibited such maturity for her age.


"Well," Delia started, and her gray eyes flickered cautiously around as she took in the faces of the strangers that passed by. Her voice lowered softly, and she dipped her mouth closer to her companion's ear as if she were whispering a private secret. The smile returned to her lips as a facade, so that none attempting to spy on them would be suspicious of the content of her message. "There was wind of a hunter not too long ago on the northern side of the city. I've been tracking them this past week during the night, but their trail seems to have gone cold. I think they've taken the train to another city, but Victor's increased the patrols just to be sure," she explained, but she kept her tone jovial as to not spook Rowe. With a wink, she added, "Don't tell anyone I told you any of that."


Delia guided them through the crowd with ease until she saw Dolores Street up ahead. "Come on, we'll comb the park for others first. Let me know who you recognize and if anyone suspicious is loitering about," she instructed kindly. "And don't worry about the hunter. Even if he or she was still here, they don't show themselves much during the day. It's not like they can tell what we are, anyway."

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The day was turning out to be an average one; John wasn't really phased by the sun's atmosphere, or the clouds overhead. Though he did have to admit, it was nice to feel the breeze. San Francisco was no stranger to cold temperatures every now and again, but it was comforting to feel the air ripple against the locks of his hair, as they whipped about before settling down once the wind had died.


Taking a steady breath, John looked about the park he was currently occupying. All around were children, running about and laughing crazily. Some were playing games near the trees, while others were simply chasing each other in a friendly came of tag. It made John think back to the days of his own childhood. So simple, they'd been. He'd grown mostly amongst the humans, though he'd always felt... separated from them. He'd only recently thought about what life might be like if he were to join one of the clans... but the thought always disturbed him for some reason or another. He wasn't quite sure what the prominent source of his hesitancy was. He just knew that not all humans were as innocent as the children playing in this park. And not all things were as beautiful as the breeze, which came alive and died at interlocking intervals.


Even still, John wasn't about to allow the nice weather to go to waste, as he sat upon one of the many benches littering the area of green. Even though he enjoyed the slight wind, it took a reminder to himself not to pull his hoodie over his hair, as he usually did so as not to be noticed by the halflings around these parts. He knew there were many around, and he also knew that he should be living amongst them, like his mother forewarned him so many years ago. But, again, it felt... wrong, in some way shape or form. If not for the breeze, he would be hiding himself under plain sight, as he usually did. For now, however, he decided to bask in it, bringing out a book and attempting to read it peacefully.

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The large metallic sink in front of him was just about full of water and soap, its water level just a couple or so inches away from the rim of the sink. Its level had risen steadily as more and more plates were dumped inside by the other members of staff that had been busy clearing the tables as well as tidying the cooking area. Pots, pans, knives and a whole assortment of other kitchenware were steadily being placed into the sink, much to Jonah's dismay. There might as well have just been a conveyor belt in the kitchen that brought a steady amount of new stuff that needed to be cleaned... at least that way he wouldn't be getting bumped into every now and again by the much older kitchen staff who were frantically running around the kitchen trying to fulfill several orders. A large group of college kids had just entered their pizza parlor and placed a rather large order. If only they knew just how much strain it was putting on the already tired staff.



Sighing Jonah looked at the sink below him and rolled up his sleeves as far as he could, not wanting them to get wet during the monumental task he was about to perform. Even now, bits of food that had dried on to the various plates and pans began to rise to the surface eliciting a disgusted expression across his face. Satisfied that his sleeves were 'safe' where they were now, he plunged both hands into the sink full of water and reached around, trying to grasp the edge of one of the many items he was about to begin washing. Some of the sudsy water splashed onto the white apron he was wearing, the only barrier separating the water from the shirt he was currently had on.


A bit of water made its way down his cheek as he began the repetitive task of scrubbing the dish, his right hand firmly grasping the soapy sponge and his left holding the plate that needed to be cleaned. This monotonous task went on for a good 30-40 minutes and by now a stack of white plates, pans of varying sizes and a tray of kitchenware were by his side, waiting to be dried and put away by another member of staff.


Jonah glanced to the wall on his right, where an old clock stood idle; ticking away the time before his replacement was due in. 'Just 5 more minutes... 5 more... " he muttered to himself as he urged on the small hand to reach the hour mark. With no more dishes in the sink and no more silverware, the only task left was to get started on the drying. Not keen on doing more work then necessary, he left his hands in the sink and carried on the facade of dish washing; despite the lack of dishes that needed to be scrubbed.



((@Kingcobra, I'm gonna wait and let Mousia catch up with whats happening between Lucas, Katerina and Azet))


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Rowe shifted uncomfortably at the arm placed around her neck. Physical contact always felt like someone was trying to force closeness onto her, despite anyone's best intentions. Rowe liked to believe the best in everyone, but always doubted that anyone could ever truly feel affection for her anymore. And if they did, she would lose them soon enough.


There were hunters in the city. Rowe's stepped slowed down as she considered this information, her movements become halting and unsteady. While Rowe preferred to stay aware of the clan's news, being told the information directly gave it more of a harsh tint, and being open and vulnerable in the city did not help this at all. Unconsciously, Rowe moved slightly closer to Delia as they walked for security.


"I won't." Rowe said, her mind still spinning as she processed the information. The honesty surprised her in a way, even in her home clan Rowe had been accustomed to finding out information from listening in doorways and sneaking through records in the dark of the night. The doubting fear that they would not be safe enough from the hunters always shook through her, and she couldn't help wondering how prepared her own clan had been. Would Aegis be prepared enough?


"The park?" She murdered, more to herself than to her companion. Rowe had never been there much, too exposed for her taste, but well...she had nothing better to do. And did she really want to be wandering the city alone at this time? Rowe had little knowledge of how hunters worked, but she couldn't help wonder if there was any way they could recognize her in her human form. Rowe only changed into her halfling form during the night, and then rarely left the clan where she felt safe.


"I saw Katerina earlier today. In town. No clue where she is now though."

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