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Hi I'm edwardelricfreak but I hate my name so pls call me Eef or Sci. Sci would be preferred but I don't mind Eef.


I draw things sometimes. Here's my deviantART for more of my stuff. I'll post other stuff here though.


I mostly frequent the Dragon Requests board so it's likely you've seen my art floating around the threads there.


Anyway you guys prolly don't care about that and want to just look at art. Kaaay.


I mostly draw dragons, ponies, and Pokemon, but I can do other things, too.


~Traditional Art~

From sketches to paintings to sculpting. I don't have many good scuplted things though so I probably won't post any for a while.

American Dragon: Jake Long was a really awesome show.

Oh I can draw humans, too. He's naked, but nothing is showing. Still, proceed with caution. Sorry for terrible phone quality.

Old art of a different form of the character above.

More old artwork of the same character as an anthro Houndoom.

Pit from Kid Icarus but much older and in armor.

Vynelle. Cleavage warning I guess. Also, colored Vynelle!

I want to redo this and fix up Mora's anatomy.

Mora and Vynelle.

Some older art that is still much loved and the colored version. Somewhat gory, so proceed with caution. The character, Thanatos, is not mine, but a friend's.

A more recent drawing of the above character

Corrine and Verius from Tales of Symphonia

Did you know I sort of sometimes paint?

Scratchart crows!

This is really old but I really want to redraw him


The following are some character reference sheets for my "Mane Six". A mane six is a team of six characters inspired by the Mane Six from My Little Pony. Some are uncolored because I got lazy: Friendship is Magic.

-Zero Flash, a male pegasus pony based on my boyfriend

-Feathersong, a siren. There are currently no sirens in MLP, so I created a design for the species. The design is my own so please do not copy.

-Cascade Rush, a male earth pony who can really give Rainbow Dash a run for her money, literally! He's fast on his feet, fast enough to run on water.

-Scizors, aka Sci, a changeling that disguises herself as a strange looking pony...

-Buckwheat, a young male minotaur. He's the son of Iron Will, but unlike his father, he's soft-spoken and somewhat shy. He loves to bake.

-Last but not least, Tipsy Turvy, a "drunk" pony whose magical abilities involve changing the direction of gravity. She has a dark past that led her to start "drinking".

-The Mane Six Together. Drawn before I had final colors for all of the characters, so Zero Flash is colored wrong.

I have a few other characters, too:

-Lava Burst and Zaotl. Lava Burst is Cascade's little sister. Zaotl bullies her a lot, but also seems to protect her a lot...

-More Lava Burst and Zaotl.


Pokemon and Fakemon:

-I really love Zorua. I love steampunk, too, so I fused them.

-Dratini and Dragonair with an alternate evo Fakemon, Dragonoon

-My three favorite Fakemon babies: Lunara, Gesthund, and Quetzactyl.

-Another Fakemon, Kriptyk.

-Montrobico, a chupacabra Fakemon

-Frankfruff, a legendary Fakemon based on a Dachshund, hot dog, and corn dog. Was Fire/Normal before it was cool.

-My sad anthro Zoroark, Loki


Dawn of Nightmares

I have a game concept in the works called Dawn of Nightmares. These are some of the character reference sheets.

-Leo, the main character. If you can't tell, he's a ginger.

-Aiyana, Leo's best friend. She's a Native American but she doesn't follow many of the traditions and only keeps the feathers in her hair because they were a gift.

-The nameable companion rat Leo and Aiyana find.


~Digital Art~

Sketches, drawings, and digital paintings.

My "Mane Six"

Vynelle again! This was one of my first drawings on my tablet.

deviantART is stupid and killed the transparent background (warning: some blood/gore)

Yay Shinx!

Just some Woobats and a Swoobat.

A Zekrom WIP that was meant to go with the Reshiram.

A quick digital crow painting


Some of the Dragon Request sketches:

I'm not going to post all of them, just ones I really like.

The male and female Extrasensory Dragons

unfinished Abaddon dragon

Male Amber Dragon

War Dragon and Death Dragon. Still need to work on the Famine one for Infinis.

My Little Dragon, My Little Dragon~ (Dolly Bird Dragon)



I occasionally work with the pixels.

My first sprites ever of another site's Fakemon.

More Fakemon from a different site

A Shaymin based on the long-eared hedgehog

These two sprites were a request. They are of a character named Garloke. Also this was back when I couldn't shade feathered wings so shut up. >:Y




So yep that's pretty much it. You can go home now. c:

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Maybe I will do art requests but please understand that Sci is very lazy and prefers to sleep or goof off than do work


This post is reserved, just in case.

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HA. THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME. Sci, I freaking adore your art, it's always so cool, or cute, or amazing, or fantabulous, or, well, you get the idea. I must say that I love your coloring style! What do you use? And the pictures of Thanatos are epic, definitly some of my favorites.


So. You said maybe art requests. "Maybe" being key word, but hey I'm gonna try anyways cuz first post and yolo. So here I go? You said you drew a lot of things, so how about birds? Sparrows to be exact. I would absolutely love it if you could draw me one. Any pose you want (seeing as how you seem to capture extremely lifelike poses anyways), my only request being that it's missing a few feathers in its tail, so it can't fly. You can use any style you want, realistic or cartoon or a mix. I don't care.

Anyway, if you don't want to (I channel laziness too, I totally understand), that's cool. Thanks!

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Actually I totally draw birds! I just edited in some of my pictures (though they're very very old and have awful wings. I do have one sort-of recent thing, though). I don't draw birds usually. If I do, it's usually cartoony and/or a crow. XD


I can totally draw it for you! I think I'll go with realistic. I haven't drawn birdies lately so it'll be a nice change.


Oh and I totally never even answered your other question. XD


I use different things for coloring. Usually it's colored pencil (like prismacolor ones) or digital, but for one of the Vynelle pictures I used marker and prismacolor pencils. c:

Edited by edwardelricfreak

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bahahaha that would require much cleaning afterwards I would think


Never mind that. Sci has lost her marbles.


But thank you <∞

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Aww thanks :D They have anatomy probz but it's not anything I can change now, just stuff I can learn from and put to use on future arts.

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Oh EeF! Or EEF. Or Sci. I never settled on what to call you ^-^'


But hey, these are neat. Reshiram, I'm looking at you. Anyways, will be stalking. May request later.

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Ha, I didn't realize you had made a thread here. I've always liked the stuff you've drawn in DR (I lurk around the DR section but can't do much). I love that ponified Dr. Stein in your dA gallery! It made me giggle, so cute o3o

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PC: Go ahead. :3


Dimar: Aww thanks! :D I've been so super lazy lately. I really need to get back to working on the DR stuff that I said I would do. XD

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Wondering if I could request?


A purple and red dorsal banner? Digital art! :3

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Your rougher sketches are lovely. I'm really digging that Zorua.

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