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After Dain first fled Devon, he remain still, not moving a muscle, and his breaths became so slow and shallow, that it was hard to see if he was even still living. He remained that way while Devon made her way through his mind and marked in her memory the story of each soul. He remained still even when Devon reached him and spoke. He even remained, not moving and quiet when Devon knelt down and grabbed him in a hug. Dain could see the images that Devon sent him, he knew what the truth was at this point and though still judgmental and furious towards himself and his inhumane acts, he wanted to leave. To follow Devon back out from the recesses of his mind. It was around the time that Devon spoke, Dain was just realizing that the words of abuse and anger that had reached him before were gone. Dain began to whisper incoherently, he was still trying to calm himself after getting a glimpse at a "vampire's hell." Although the fact that vampire's trap and keep the souls of those whom they kill by feeding on, is not common knowledge, it is even more rare to know that vampire's are haunted by the souls on the day of their death. That said, it is common knowledge to know that when vampire's do die, they experience something painful and unimaginable. This experience came to be known as a "vampire's hell". It wasn't long after the events in Dain's mind came to an end, that Dain began to shift in the nurses office. At first it was his fingers, and then his toes. Dain took his time moving his body, making sure that everything moved and responded the way it should. Then Dain began to open his eyes, at first, he couldn't see anything out of the slit that the barely separated eyelids created. Dain blinked, this time getting his eyes to open just a bit more and allow the light to rush in so he eyes could adjust. This time Dain lifted his arm and wiped his eyes before opening them again for the last time. Dain groaned and pulled himself up into a sitting form with his eyes still half closed.

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Devon and Rori



Devon could still sense Dain's inner turmoil as she held her friend tightly. Keeping her own emotions calm- knowing she would deal with them later. Silently soothing Dain, blocking the sounds of tormented souls who's lives had ended so violently.Providing what shelter she could until Dain was ready to step out of his hell. When she felt he was ready, Devon gave the lost souls locked within Dain a calm, reassuring nod before gently pulling back from Dain's mind. Leaving just enough of a mental connection behind to make sure the young vampire was stable as she opened her eyes.


Smiling softly to Rory, Devon moved to assist Dain as he struggled to sit up, using pillows to help make him more comfortable. Instantly regretting it as dizziness clouded her vision momentarily.


"Welcome back, Dain," Devon smiled softly to the vampire.


**Are you all right Devon?** Rory sent concerned that she too might need a bed.


**I'm fine my little one. I promise, I just need water and to not move so quickly next time,** She smiled and sent back.







Syasurru and Iris


Even though Iris did not notice Sorge's slight wince, Syasurru did. But remained silent, choosing to focus on keeping calm emotions as a barrier between the sleeping Empath and their friends in the other bed. The young prince didn't know what was happening over there, but he did know that if Devon was still working with Dain it had to be bad.


Iris listened intently to Sorge's description, making mental notes to herself to check the library for more information before asking her friends the insane amount of questions bubbling inside the lavender dragons young mind. Iris knew there were most likely studies done in how powers were related to one another, but she wondered how deep into the subject other scientists had been able to go. With the War and everything, the young dragoness doubted there had been much of any cross species related information for her to look through.


Just as Iris was about to say something else, she saw Dain begin to stir from the corner of her eye and breathed a small sigh of relief for the Vampire. Returning her attention to Felic and Sorge, Iris couldn't help admiring the strength of the pair. Though Felic was still not completely in control of his ability, that he hadn't gone completely insane was a true testament to his character. Sorge had her own unique strength that complimented his companion to a tee. Where as Iris felt like she and Sya were the proverbial odd couple. Yet some how, she just couldn't imagine life without her normally exuberant companion. Yet she couldn't help secretly wishing her bond with Sya was like Sorge's and Felic's, or Rory's bond with Devon.


"For someone like me, that is an unimaginable task. We all have to practice with our gifts for them to get stronger, but for those without guidance in something like Empathy or Telepathy..."


**How's Felic?** A concerned Rory sent to Iris, Sorge and Sya. Unwittingly interrupting their conversation.



{{Sya's there, he's just still providing a nice barrier of calm in case Dain freaks out when he sees Felic in a bed near by.}}

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Dain groaned as he struggled to pull himself from the laying position up to sit. His head throbbed and his ears rung. He could feel Devon's touch as she helped him up, and could hear a set of blurred words, though they sounded incoherent to him. His body felt weak and drained. The last time he felt this way was when he was in the training camp and was punished. When Dain was younger, and the war was still being fought, the Vampire race created training camps to train young/new vampires to be mercenaries. The training camp was like any standard military boot camp, however, if you did something wrong, they punished you by forcing you to go without food. Dain looked around briefly, his mind still trying to recover, with his only thoughts on regaining his strength. He grabbed the blood pack that was being used as an IV and proceeded to rip the top off and drink it. Dain looked across the room to Felic and frowned. He never had to ask what happened, after all he can remember it crystal clear. The blood thirst that had taken over him and the attacks that he made all came rushing back to him in the form of memories. Dain sat there silent at first, a sense of guilt encompassing him. "How is he," were the first words that Dain spoke after waking up. Dain cared not about his condition, but rather the condition of his classmates and friends.

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Sorge gave a faint, scaly smile at Iris' words, dipping her head. "I can attest to the telepathy, having made the mistake of sending my thoughts to the wrong person before," the dragoness laughed. Dain was stirring, waking even, and Devon spoke up to ask how he fared. Roughly the same time, little Rory interjected his inquiry about Felic. "He's been better, Rory, but he is doing fine now. Thank you for your concern. Devon and Dain both feel troubled but, they are collected. Will Devon be alright?" she asked of him, privately.


Turning her gaze upon Dain, there was a flicker of conflict within her chest. She wanted to feel spite or anger towards him, and nothing more, for what he had done. Yet, she couldn't. Sympathy wormed its way through, concern for his own well-being. "Felic will be alright. It's only a matter of time for him to recuperate now," she said simply.


After a pause, "Will you be alright?"

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Syasurru and Iris



Sya grinned as he continued to listen to the young dragons converse with one another while they waited. He knew Iris had a fascination with abilities, and felt rather relived that she kept her curiosity mostly contained. Mostly. If she didn't, Iris would run the risk of becoming boringly clinical. Obsessed with research- no telling how boring her life would become if Sya wasn't around to make Iris' life more interesting.


"That must have been quite interesting trying to explain," Iris chuckled brightly- imagining the look of complete shock on the poor recipients face. To Rory she replied, **Felic just needs sleep now that he's calmed down. Devon and Dain alright? She looks worse than she did after helping Arocth, he looks closer to dead than normal...**


Iris watched as Dain opened his eyes- concern still etched across her features. When he looked over to them and Sorge asked how Dain was, Iris nodded to him, hoping he would be alright, "Welcome back," she said, letting her concern show in her voice.


Iris was really never very sure of the Vampire, not in a mistrustful way. She just felt that she didn't know him quite as well as she did some of their other friends. One thing she was beyond certain about was, if she hadn't made Sya promise to behave while at school, he and Dain would likely have brought the entire place crashing down around their ears from some prank or other. She would have to make more of an effort, she realized, to get to know others. Iris was just so focused on her current concerns...


Realizing his fellow mischief maker was waking up after hearing Rory's voice in his head, Sya practically spun in his chair to face Dain and the rest, flashing a relived smile he noted their drained expressions and Devon's woozy stance. "Glad to see you've made it back." To Dain he added, "Judging by your expression, you my friend have a nasty headache. I can Heal that for you- sadly there is nothing I can do for your exhaustion. More sleep and food are your best cure there. But I'm sure you already know that," he finished adding a teasing wink.


That last bit Sya meant just as much for Devon's sake as he did Dain's. He knew she'd pick up on it- the others probably would as well. The only one who seemed to think they were fooling anyone was Devon, after all. Sya knew the Siren/Naga woman simply didn't want others to worry about her. That; however, didn't stop those who knew her from doing so. Especially Rory.






Devon and Rory



Devon knew that look. She knew from experience what it was like to loose control, what the guilt could do to someone. The heavy weight pressing in from all sides- as though it means to crush you to dust. Lightly resting her hand on Dain's arm she sent empathetically, **You need to talk, any time. Day or night. This link will be open for you.**


Aloud she nodded with both relief and agreement to Sorge's update on Felic's condition,"I am truly glad Felic will be alright," Devon replied, her soft tone clearly reflecting how drained she actually was.


Devon hesitated before she added, "There was a teacher injured when we came in. Yes? Professor Gilrin if I remember hearing her name right- was also injured. I don't see her now. Though I'm certain she will recover soon as well."


She hoped this was reassuring. Devon did not intend to make Dain feel worse by reminding him someone else had gotten caught in the crossfire while trying to help stop the fight. Devon promised herself silently to try and find the Professor later, and check on her.


Suppressing a wince at the wink meant for her, Devon chuckled to Sya's comment, "That obvious is it."


Rory, visibly relieved that Felic was going to be alright, he glanced at Devon before turning his attention to Sorge as he replied, **They are; though I don't know where they were, or what happened there. I don't know how to explain it, but they were way further away than what I can reach. Devon says she'll be fine. I know she will be, but I worry about her sometimes. She pushes herself so hard...**


To Iris he replied, **She needs rest that's all. Like I just told Sorge, this was different than what she normally does...**


**Different? What do you meant?** Iris' interest spiked at this.


**Well, you know my Telepathy is only first level. I can't go into people's minds the way Devon can, or where ever she was with Dain just now. I couldn't even feel their minds. Like they were somewhere else entirely... Why?**


Iris had an idea practically bursting from her mind. Curiosity tearing at her, making the young dragon fidget slightly in her chair. **Can you add Sorge too?** When Rory nodded after connecting the three of them together, Iris continued, **Sorge? I have an idea. Right now's probably not the best time to talk about it out loud. But if my theory is correct, Devon might be able to help Felic learn to control his Empathy. I'm not really very good at judging the best time to bring these things up, but...** Oh how badly she wanted to though! Her idea practically burned like a white hot fire to explode out of her, causing the lavender dragoness to work very hard to keep calm for the sake of the sleeping Felic.

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Dain slowly turned his head from one person to another. He didn't quite realize how may people were in the room when he first woke up. Like Sya said, his head did in fact throb, but not for a medical reason. His mind was continually being hit with the memory of the soul's anguish that rested inside of him, now stirred and active from the visit of their enslaver. Dain first responded to Sorge, mainly because she first responded to him, "I will be fine, just a slight headache and exhaustion." Dain liked the excuse that Sya had made for him with out realizing it, and was very much alright with using it. He brought up a small smile to attempt to hide the true problems he was facing. To Sya, Dain chuckled before responding. "No, thank you though. If I can't handle this little bit of pain, than there is no way I will survive what ever it is that the head master is concocting for me in his office as tortur-, I mean, punishment." Dain had added the slip of a tongue and a slight chuckle as more padding to cover his true feelings, and to make it seem more realistic. Something Dain couldn't disguise, yet only helped with the act he played, was the short and low, yet quiet rumble of his stomach.

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"I see...," Sorge responded, a faint frown tugging at her scaly lips. Dain was hiding something, more than just a headache, she was sure but, it wasn't her place to push further. As Rory and Iris brushed against her mind, she blinked in curiosity. It could be possible. I will talk to Felic about the prospect once he has recovered. He's been growing better since I've known him but, surely still a work in progress. I just don't know how he might fare against sudden changes like today in the future. Some can, and some can't.


Shaking her reptilian head, the dragoness shifted her wings into a more comfortable position. "It's grown late. Supper will do everyone some good. And then, rest. I don't want to be the nagging parent but, you humanoids do have classes to attend to in the morning," Sorge remarked, smiling slightly.


Slowly, she stood and began to give a "shooing" motion with her wings, nudging the "elbow" joints forward repeatedly. "Dain, don't fret about the Headmaster. I'm sure he knows that you weren't completely yourself at some point," she tried reassuring him. Or was she reassuring herself? Dain's prank had harmless intentions but, the results were far from such. Still, couldn't fault him on an outcome he didn't predict now, could she?


Smiling a toothy grin, she tucked her wings against her sides once more. "I'll follow with and have a meal myself. No need to worry about me going hungry."


[[i'm setting up for a Timeskip soon. It'll be to lunch time the following day. However, right now, I'm hoping the dinner hour can coax some people back to activity after I send out PMs.]]

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[[Esko, to make sure we follow Forum PG-13 rules, I want to request that you censor [***] out the last half of smart-.]]


"Hmm... No. The answer was, a swan," Shooka remarked, tilting his head the other way. Guess this student wasn't going to be smart enough to solve his puzzle. Oh well. "Perhaps an easier riddle then? Let's see... What gets wetter as it dries?" the hatchling asked.


Before he could get an answer, another student showed up and began talking to the boy, exchanging names. "You hesitated when providing your name, even stuttered an affirmation. Are you certain that Takaki is your name?" Shooka inquired, examining the awkward boy.


Lightly scratching behind his chin, the blue and yellow hatchling shook his head, a smile crossing his scaly lips. "Never mind. A rose is a rose, regardless if it still has thorns. My name's Shooka."


"Well... That is my name." He laughed awkwardly. Or was it nervously? Same thing really. Now why was he contemplating exactly what type of laugh he was laughing? "Yeah. Shooka's a cool name." Yep. Being very awkward, Takaki thought to himself, silently cursing himself for his awkwardness. He couldn't take his eyes of those wolf ears though. So things he saw today- A enormous building, a cat-human hybrid, a lot of dragon eggs, a then a guy with wolf ears. Oh, and the tail. Also, actual dragons. So yeah, he decided, today was a very strange day.


((Sorry for the (very) late reply Esko and Narvix))

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Syasurru and Iris


"Suit yourself," Sya smiled pleasantly, hiding his concern for his friends. It was obvious Dain had just been through something he didn't want to share with others. What ever it was was not his business, and Sya was more than happy to let the ever lovely Naga/Siren friend handle the situation. Standing, he agreed with Sorge, "Well when you're right, you're right, Sugarbear. Food and rest will make us all feel right as spring rain on a hot day I do believe. Come on Sweet Pea, let's leave these guys alone for the night."


Walking towards the door he turned and added, "Headmaster Kaio strikes me as a very fair minded and wise man. He's not likely to give the pair of you more than a slap on th wrist, even if is presence is... Unnerving. Also, if Felic wakes, tell him we stopped in won't you? Au revoir!" Sya smiled with a wave before he was out the door.



Iris was just about to reply when Rory chimed in, **I'll talk to Devon about it too. I'm sure she feels terrible for not offering to try and help sooner though.**


**She shouldn't. There wasn't any way she'd have known this would happen- especially since Felic has been doing so well with his gift,** Iris replied, doing her best to climb off her chair without falling. "Feel better soon Dain," Iris smiled adding her own well wishes to Sya's, allowing herself to be ushered out the door. Hoping no one would notice how quiet she'd been this whole time.









Devon and Rory




Devon noted, Dain's distress, but the sudden quiet protests of her own stomach interrupted her thoughts. Placing her hand softly on Dain's shoulder, Devon said empathetically, "Rest well my friend. Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be up for some hours yet should you wish to talk more."


Standing she walked towards the door as Sorge shoo'ed them towards it, "Give our regards to Felic as well please?"


Devon had noticed both Rory and Iris had been unusually quiet during their visit, and judging by the look on Iris' face, they had been deep in thought collaborating with one another. Lucky for her, they were not trouble makers, so what ever they'd been in such deep discussion over would more than likely come out sooner rather than later on it's own. All she had to do was wait and see.



Rory chirped brightly when the topic of food came up, he had been so concerned with the others, he'd almost forgotten that they hadn't eaten yet! Sliding gracefully off his chair, he cheerfully chirped **Good night Dain! I hope you feel better tomorrow.** The young dragon added as he and Devon followed their friends out the door.







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Dinner came and went, students and teachers milling about to grab their final meals of the day while chatting away with friends. Mostly, there was talk about the assembly from that morning, speculations of what had happened in the nearby town. Others buzzed with conversation about what occurred at the end of the assembly, some laughing about how someone screamed or trying to brush away the fact they had been fearful.


The minutes ticked by, the body count dwindled in the cafeteria and, eventually, the Academy fell silent. At curfew, the first floor was locked down by the janitor, subjecting the odd student to nightly chores once caught. Each floor grew dark with only a few faint lights dotting the ceilings.


Minutes melted into hours as students and teachers slept. Eventually, they started to wake; first in very small numbers and far between, then in larger quantities and closer together.




Al'nivte woke to a wing in his face and he hissed, shoving Shooka away from him. Getting up, he slipped on his tattered trench coat and ring blade. Supposedly, the teacher was going to allow for some sparring matches during Gym this morning. With Shooka close behind, the Uccello left his room and locked the door behind him.


As he walked the hallway, he caught sight of that witch girl. What was her name? Soria, right. She had her bag with her and looked to be talking to herself. "Hey! Is your mind in the right place, babe?" he snickered.


Soria paused, rolling her eyes when she realized who was talking to her. "Yup. You going to a wedding with that thing?" she remarked.


Frowning, Al looked unamused but left her alone as all three headed for the cafeteria.




He'd been up since sometime in the middle of the night, turned in his bed so he could look out the window. Beside Felic's cot, Sorge had curled herself into as small a ball as she could, her chest slowly rising and falling with each breath. With everyone in the school asleep, he felt nothing but unconscious calm.


Looking down at his hands, the Empath frowned and curled his fingers slowly. Shutting his eyes, he felt the blood pulsing through his temples, his heart beating in his ears. Manipulating blood left him feeling wretched. It always did.


Sorge stirred and he looked over at her, watching as she lifted her head and blinked wearily in the dark. "Sola? What has you upset? You're mind is troubled...," she inquired softly.


Shaking his head, Felic tried to smile. "It's nothing, I'm fine. Go back to sleep." He was lying and he knew Sorge would see past his words but, she didn't press the matter, laying her head back down.


Eventually the sun began to rise and he climbed out of the bed, swaying slightly as the room spun. He leaned against the cot for support until everything had stopped moving. His stomach turned and he lightly held his midriff, willing it to not go against him. Finally, he was able to move without any other difficulties.


Behind him, Sorge woke and gently nudged his back with her head, causing him to smile warmly. From the infirmary, they began walking to their room.


A Time Skip has been initiated. It is now Monday morning at 8:00 AM. You are free to have your character wake as early as you please. Gym class starts at 9:00 AM, RP time. Until then, your characters have time to grab breakfast.

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Dain stirred from his resting point. He had gotten up in the middle of the night and left the nurses offices. In his mind, he was at fault for what happened to Felix even if Dain wasn't himself. Not to mention the fact that a teacher was hurt by his attack. Dain could not believe the fact that he lashed out the way he did. He was a senior student, a supposed example of the freshman class. However what bothered him the most out of everything, was how lucky did Dain's friends get? If Tatsie, Devon, or Sya had been in the general vicinity, Dain was sure that they would have tried their best to stop Dain from lashing out. But if Dain attacked a teacher, how can he tell himself he would not have attacked them? Dain grew more and more bitter as the night wore on. Eventually, he got to the point that he sat in his room, the curtain shut and the door shut and locked. He curled into a ball in the corner, images of the event flashing in his mind like an old projector and movie reel. Dain's room was luckily, fare away from everyone else's room. He had 75 which, had not students in either side of him. It was cold, like an ice chest and when the lights are off, it became so void of light, even Dain could not see. Dain's dragon, Luz, came down from her nesting area, pulling a blanket off of the bed to cover Dain with. She then forced herself next to him under the blanket where she curled and slept for the night.


8 a.m.


It wasn't long before the sounds of morning came. The sun's ray of warming light began to peek through the trees after being filtered by the clouds. Baby birds in the nests began to chirp, ushering their parents to go scavenging and hunting for food. In the dragon den, the large dragons began to stir, their monstrous forms rattling the building as the ground vibrated beneath them. Inside the Academy, the student began to arise, but none woke before the janitor. The janitor went through his morning duties, unlocking the various doors and gates, preparing the cafeteria, and laying out the rugs in the appropriate locations. It wasn't until long after the other students began their morning hustle and bustle however, before Dain rose. His eyes were filled exhaustion and fatigue. Though Luz rested peacefully next to him, effectively pinning Dain to the wall, Dain's night was filled with nothing but dreams of horror. He eventually was able to wake Luz from her slumber allowing him to move and get ready. As Dain fastened his belt buckle, he looked at his two swords, which were specially made for dueling. Both were skinny like a rapier and dulled as to not be able to cut anyone. Their length was oddly short however, one being just a bit longer than a short sword, and the other more of a dagger like in length. Dain knew that today the student body was supposed to be sparring, but he could not help but wonder if it was safe. After all, what if he had his weapons the day before? How much more damage would have been caused? Dain quickly decided against it and shut his closet door. At about this time, it was 8:30 and Dain decided to just make his way straight to the gym, sucking on a blood pack like a drink, on his way there.

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((Whoo, back and alive biggrin.gif))


'I think it's about time you wake up, Gilrin,' a voice echoed in the Archery teacher's head. It was Luinor - how could she not recognize her dragon's voice? But she was still very groggy and had a weird moment of a sensation that she had no body, just a thought floating in the void with another thought next to her.

'Where am I? Wh-what happened?' the thought uttered.

'You passed out from blood loss after the fight with Dain,' Luinor said, a slight growl of worry erupting from his throat. 'You were carried to the nursery after that. You've been sleeping like a hatchling until now, but then I felt your consciousness coming back.'


Ah yes. The battle. The thought became Gilrin again as she started to feel her body again.

She felt tired, but not exhausted. Actually, she felt like getting up.

Opening her eyes she was greeted by blindingly white light and she shut her eyes quickly again. Then, ever so slowly she peeked again, allowing her eyes to adjust to the light.


She was, indeed, in the nursery, the white ceiling and walls and the curtains around her bed betraying that. Her curtains were open on one side, where the window was. Turning her head towards there, Gilrin saw her partner staring from there. The blue dragon took up most of the window space with only his head, but some sunlight came in, reflecting from his scales and forming brilliant blue splotches on the walls.


'Have you been there all the time?'

'Certainly. Someone needed to keep an eye on you, even if your state was stable the whole time. You did scare us at one point when I couldn't feel your presence at all.'

'My apologies for making you worry. Oh my, I must've missed so many lessons,' Gilrin sighed.

'Not at all. It's Monday, around 8 a.m.'

'So I have a lesson soon!'

'Well, yes, but-'

Gilrin threw away the blankets and got up from the bed, swooning a little as the blood flowed down from her head. She felt good, but the bandages were still on her right arm. Luinor's worried growling shook the window and Gilrin waved her hand to him.

'I'm alright, I'm alright! Need to get myself ready for the lesson. Heavens, am I hungry.'

Dressing up slowly, as he right arm had some trouble with moving without hurting, she got ready and then stretched, testing her body. All seemed well, there was no damage from her own primitive magic power and the wound Dain had given her would heal in time. Opening the bandage, she saw that the wounds were deep, but clean. The nurse had done her job well and the wounds were already healing. But they would leave scars, nevertheless.


'Take care, okay?' Luinor said seriously before the great blue dragon took flight. He was too big to come inside, so he flew to the gym yard to wait for Gilrin to eat her breakfast.

The archery teacher walked through the halls, her bare feet making little sound as she headed towards the dining hall.

It was going to be a lovely day. She could feel it in the air, sense the winds. A smile crept on her lips. Life was good.

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OOC {{WB ^^}}


Devon and Rory


Devon stayed mostly silent throughout dinner- allowing Sya to field most of the conversation, only speaking when asked a direct question. Choosing instead to focus on her meal, and think about what she'd seen walking through Dain's hell. Once she was done with her meal, Devon excused herself on pretense of needing sleep. It wasn't a lie per-say; she would still be awake for some hours now, but she was more tired than normal from helping Dain pull himself back from the clutches of Death.


Arriving in their room Rory practiced creating and manipulating small amounts of water, while Devon pulled out her 'Ve and began the process of making good on her promise to the souls trapped within Dain. Opening herself to their lives one at a time- her quill flew across the pages as she wrote, leaving not even the smallest detail out. Their stories poured from her, writing as though she was possessed. Just as she'd sworn to do until Rory chirped- reminding her to get some sleep. Curling up on the bed with him, she thought about the days events until she finally passed out.



4 am


Just as with every day, Devon woke after a mere 4 hours sleep. It had always been that way for her, even when she was a child. Spending part of the early morning in her room quietly working in her 'Ve- until it was time for her to get in a good workout before she had to clean up and go to breakfast. Still contemplating the events from the day before as she went about her morning routine.


Devon knew Dain was taking what happened hard. She'd seen it reflected in his expressions last night, despite his attempts to hide his inner torment from the others. She'd been in his mind, saw the look on Dain's face when he thought he'd taken her life as well... There would not be any deceiving her, should he try. Felic was likely not in much better shape physically or emotionally at this point.


Her workout and shower now done, Devon dressed quickly, strapping her daggers to her for today's gym class. For a brief moment, she considered adding her throwing knives as well. But decided against it at the last minute and closed her trunk. Devon gave her thick black, rainbow shimmery hair a quick brush before tying it back in a thick braid that hung down past her waist.


As they made their way down to breakfast, Rory sent, **Devon? Can I ask you something?**


**Of course you may.**


**Well... Last night while we were in the infirmary; Iris, Sorge and I were talking... We were wondering if maybe there was a way for you to help Felic with his Ability...**


**Ah, I wondered what you three were discussing last night,** Devon paused briefly before continuing hesitantly, **Honestly, I'm not sure if it's possible or not. But I'm willing to discuss it further Felic wishes once he feels up to it.**


**Sorge said she'd talk to Felic about it when he's had some rest. I don't know when that will be, but I promised I'd ask you as well.**








Syasurru and Iris



After leaving the infirmary with the others, Sya and Iris grabbed some food and sat with the rest of their friends chatting delightfully as dinner wore on until it was time for them to get some rest for the night. He and Iris both knew how tired the Naga/Siren must be by now, so it was no surprise to either of them when Devon and Rory bowed out for the evening early.


Once in their room, Iris curled up on her little bed with a book almost as big as she was. While Sya sat at his desk with a set of pencils, his portable drawing board, paper and began to draw his little friend Kitcat how she might look today. Iris was the only one who knew about his love for drawing, it would have been impossible for him to have kept it from her for long. So Sya had shown it to her only after Iris had sworn secrecy on the subject. After everything that had happened today, he needed a bit of distraction before bed. And trying to age a child into a young woman, without any knowledge of what the other family members looked like, was the perfect challenge for any artist.


Sya worked for about an hour, contemplating what sweet little Kitcat was like now that she was nearly grown up, before the yawns began to set in. Glancing over at Iris he smiled. She'd fallen asleep with her nose literally stuck in the crack of her book. Sya quietly gathered his things and slid them back into their hiding spot. Gently, he lifted Iris' head up, slid the book from under her and replaced it with her pillow. Thankful Iris was such a heavy sleeper. Turning off the lights, Sya changed into his night clothes and slid into his soft bed; allowing sleep to claim him quickly...



8 am


Sya woke startled as Iris pulled the covers off him. "Good morning to you too Sweet Pea," he teased still a bit bleary eyed.


"Oh no. You'd better get moving, or you're going to make us late. It's already almost breakfast, so time to get a move on!"


The tall blond sighed as he slid over the side of his bed, and hurried to get dressed. He knew today was a sparring day in gym- Sya also knew most of the students had metal weapons, being allergic, he dressed accordingly. A blue silk shirt, matching pants, fine leather boots high enough to offer his legs some protection as well as a leather over shirt and gloves, which he tucked into his belt after he'd strapped his Ironwood sword to his side. Metal wouldn't burn him through fabric, yet if his clothing did manage to get torn... Well it was best to just err to the side of caution. Checking his reflection in the mirror, the prince made sure everything was in proper order while an impatient Iris tapped her foot by their door.


As they started out the door, Sya grabbed his books and stepped out closing the door behind them. Seeing Soria and Al'nivte as they were nearing the cafeteria, Sya grinned. He knew for a fact Soria could barely tolerate the Uccello's company. Few could for long, he was a rather difficult fellow to get along with. Keeping his pace to one Iris was comfortable with, the pair soon caught up with the trio ahead of them. "Good morning there, Sweety. How fare thee?" he smiled adding simply for the sake of courtesy with a slight nod, "Al'nivte and youngling."


Iris eyed Al'nivte oddly as she passed him. Not in an insulting way, she simply thought it curious how such a fellow was chosen by a darling sweetheart. They seemed even more opposite than she and Sya were at first glance, and for a brief moment wondered why each of them had chosen the way that they did. Was it for them as it was for her? Did they all just somehow know? If so, how? Why? Was there a reason for this to be so, or was it random? Unfortunately for Iris, she was one of those who could not just accept something without asking a thousand questions. Learning all she could on the why's and how's of the world before coming to a logical conclusion. "Good morning," she nodded pleasantly to each of them.

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Soria turned at a familiar voice, beaming when she recognized Syasurru. "Sya! It's good to see you! How was your Summer?" she asked excitedly. With how busy the beginning of the school year had been, the young witch hadn't had a decent time to properly catch up with the Fairy Prince. As he came closer, she quickly wrapped him up in a friendly hug, pulling away a moment later to see his face again. "I'm doing alright though, I wouldn't mind ditching some certain company," she replied, whispering the last half of her response as she leaned in closer, shifting her gaze towards Al'nivte.


The Uccello gave a sneering grin through his beak when it was apparent that the girl was whispering something about him. "Don't worry, babe. You're not my type anyways. A bit too... featherless, to be considered attractive," he remarked, putting distance between him and the others.


Shooka came to a halt, watching his companion disappear down the hallway before turning his attention towards the other three. "When the seasons change, the tree will change its leaves and grow new ones," the young hatchling murmured apologetically. Shaking his head, he gave a toothy grin. "I don't think we've properly met. I'm Shooka," he introduced, eyes shifting from each of them and falling upon the lavender-colored dragoness last. His gaze lingered a brief fraction longer and his smile widened before shifting his eyes back up at the humanoid students.


"Oh, sorry. Call me Soria!" she responded, crouching down to be more at eye-level with Shooka. "You don't seem at all like Al'nivte. Did you want to join us for breakfast?" She glanced up at Sya, quizzical. "Is that alright with you?"




Back in their room, Felic changed out of his clothes and stepped into the small shower while Sorge sat in waiting, idly trying to scratch at a shedding scale behind her shoulder. Within minutes, Felic came back out with a towel around his waist. He chuckled at her struggle and stepped towards her, reaching the spot that she couldn't. She purred, a rumbling sound rising from her chest, as he relieved the irritation. When the scale fell off, he picked it up and stored it away in his dresser where a few others rested.


"I'll meet you in the cafeteria. No need to wait for me here," he told her and Sorge nodded, slipping out of the dorm room to head down for breakfast. In silence, he wrapped the old bandages around his forearms, wrists, and hands before slipping on a tank top and jeans. The clothes were radically different from what he typically wore but, if he wanted to be at least half-decent while sparring today, it wouldn't do to wear a dress shirt and slacks like usual. Of course, not many had seen him in any other outfit either so some might grow surprised.


Though, it meant that his bandaged hands and arms would be more noticeable. Still, if no one had bothered to realize he kept his hands covered with old, dingy cloth nor asked what they were for, he figured he was in the clear. Besides, a lot of hand-to-hand combatants covered their knuckles at the least for protection. But, that didn't change the fact that he felt a little exposed, a little vulnerable.


Raking his fingers through his drying hair, he grabbed his bag and headed out.

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The Academy's main building seemed to be built elongated rather than upwards or in a box shape. Dain, being in room 75, was obviously closer to one side of the Academy than the other. Luckily, the architects that designed the main building were polite enough, or maybe sensible enough, to put staircases on both sides of the building. Dain, whether he forgot, never noticed, or planned this, would have to walk past Felic's room, room 100 to get to the staircase closest to him. After shutting his closet and leaving the dueling swords behind, Dain had left an decided to go the shortest route, and what would generally involve seeing the least amount of people. Luz remained silent as she perched on his shoulder, not wanting to say anything that may break the vampire's already fragile state of mind. Something Dain was dreading the most as he slowly walked past the seemingly unending line of doors, was coming in contact with Felic later on in class. Dain hadn't been able to apologize to the empath since the incident and wasn't sure how the empath would react to seeing him. Dain came to a stop for a moment as he finished his blood pack and admired one of the many copies of classical and historical pieces of art that fancied the hallway's walls.


Though the Academy was a collective effort to bring the races closer together, none of the races were willing to give up their historical art pieces. Because of this, the founders of the Academy had copies made of some of the most famous pieces of art from various races. The art pieces that hung on the Academy walls were not labelled with what race it hailed from, but rather remained blank as to allow all the art to be enjoyed by all the races, regardless of their origin. Dain threw the empty blood pack into a close-by trash can before continuing down the hallway. It wasn't long before the vampire came to a stop in his tracks once again. This time he was not admire a piece of art, nor getting ready to rid himself of trash, but rather stared wide-eyed as Felic exited his room. Dain felt a wave of mixed emotions hit him. He felt fear and guilt, and even a bit of relief and joy. Dain's fear came from the unsure thoughts of whether Felic would be angry and spiteful. The guilt came next, he had decided that everything that transpired was his fault, and that it was in Felic's every right to be angry and spiteful. This made Dain feel guilty, but the guilt was from more than just the incident with Felic. The guilt fed off of Dain's feelings of his past deeds, and was probably the strongest of the blended emotions. However, like a light house beacon in the middle of a storm at night, there was a ray of light in this blend of dark emotions. Dain felt an unwavering amount of joy and relief to see Felic standing, moving, and better yet, active enough to be willing to participate in the gym activity that was coming up.


Dain was originally going to just turn and go the opposite way, to try to avoid the confrontation, until Luz dug her claws into his shoulder, signalling a demand to do the opposite. Dain approached Felic slowly, as if he was a rabid dog willing to attack at the slightest hint of an opening. "Er, hey Felic." Dain started out, raising his hand to scratch the back of his head as he looked to the side and down towards the ground. Dain raised his head before continuing, "I, um, it's good to see you are doing well..." Dain paused, his heart raced. He could just swear that he was making a fool of himself, and was certain that he sounded like a fool too. "Look, I know you can sense me, feel my emotions. I really am sorry. Everything that happened, to you and the other students, and teachers, it is all my fault. I only meant to play a harmless prank, I didn't think about the consequences. Be- Because of me a teacher got hurt, and a friend, you, got hurt. I wasn't sure about how I was going to approach you in class, and honestly, just now I wanted to turn away and run. I really don't know what to do to make up for it," Dain sighed. He knew the apology, albeit true and honest, sounded fake and rehearsed. He was never good with these things, having been raised in a world of no regrets and no apologies, this was a new process for him. "Well, um, I bet you really don't wish to speak to me right now, so I guess I will get going..." Dain ended up trailing off and mumbling the end of the sentence, still nervous about the interaction. Dain turned and began walking slowly towards the staircase. Admittedly, Dain wanted Felic to stop him, to say that he forgave him, and insist on them having a normal conversation to figure things out. Dain however knew, well expected, Felic to not want to speak to him.

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Colress Schmidt - Dorm to Hall


Slowly flickering open, bit by bit, the Clockwork being opened his eyes, switching from sleep to active as his internal clock was set off. Slowly sitting up and cursing as a gear caught- the little one that had been catching since yesterday's excitement- he brought a fist to his side, hammering the area around the gear until it moved a bit more smoothly. Seemed as though he'd have to have a better maintenance check, seeing as he'd gone to bed and forgotten. The hatchling beside him blearily looked around, awoken by the movements and sounds, yawning. Colress lifted Kite gently, ignoring the noises of protest- Kite being too tired to manage more than a whine- and sat him on his shoulder in a way he'd be secure without needing to grip with his claws, which elicited a sigh of thanks. The blond went to the bathroom, quickly braiding the teal strand of hair, and adjusting his attire to be more presentable. He straightened, pursing his lips. He looked still pretty terrible.


So, he went and got his spare clothes, a long-sleeve navy shirt and a pair of darker blue dress pants. He brushed out his hair, slicking it back so it wouldn't hang in his face, and hunted down his glasses before setting Kite down on the bed again, vanishing into the bathroom again to dress, popping back out and carrying the dragon once more on his shoulder. He opened up the door, believing he looked alright enough to go. Though breakfast was useless to him, he decided to go to the cafeteria briefly, to find out if anything had happened. He could go for a quick check up afterwards. So, he headed that way, at a somewhat brisk pace, careful of Kite and dislodging anything. Seeing as his timetable had said Gym was after breakfast, he would probably have to get stoppers so his gears would stay in place during a lot of activity. (The problem with wearing them often was that they would stick, and he had to be very active constantly, or his system would start locking up as well, so he'd stick to rarely using them.)


Spotting another student who was on his way, he quickly jogged over, nearly tripping when he felt a gear shift, jerking to a stop, worriedly patting his chest with a fluster. After all the thought on his gears-- He cleared his throat, moving quick- but not too quick- he finally caught up with the student, one who's name he didn't know, but he presumed to start with an A. "Uh, hi there!" he greeted softly, falling into step. "Heading to breakfast too? I hear they're serving something good today." he offered the input weakly, then gold eyes flickered away, mentally berating himself at the lame comment. "Erm, I'm Colress. Nice to meet you." Less lame, could be better. At least Kite was still too tired to input any sarcastic comments. And that way he'd learn the other's name with little to no issue!

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Esko woke suddenly, at 7:45 AM- the time he was used to. He remembered waking up every morning in the village, and the one morning that he woke up to get to this school. Rubbing his eyes, he stood up and looked at his guitar case, laying unopened. Opening the case, he took the instrument and began to strum. The sweet noise filled the room, and the egg in the nest shifted. Stopping, Esko knelt down, and found a small crack. Hm. Looks like it might hatch soon? Maybe. He got up and walked out of his room, schedule in his pocket. Time to find breakfast


((Crap I know :x Anybidy can bump into him))

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Felic stopped the moment he registered outside emotions, fear sliding into the back of his mind like slime. Turning his head to look back over his shoulder, the Empath spied Dain as the Vampire approached. Guilt dug itself into the crevices of his mind, drowning out most of the fear. Lastly, relief and joy bounced into place but remained dwarfed by Dain's guilt. A mingling of his emotions battled with Dain's for Felic's attention. It wasn't a difficult task to brush away the invading ones, allowing his own to take root.


Yes, there was anger. Felic admitted that much to himself as Dain began to mumble out an apology. The Vampire's nervousness tickled the boy's thoughts like a crumpled feather, evoking a sense of sympathy beneath the anger. But, there was also fear of his own. He'd gotten a first-hand experience of what Dain could possibly do when not holding back. As a mere human, Felic certainly didn't stand much of a chance.


Before, he hadn't been intimidated by Dain, hadn't feared the Vampire for his nature. Now, he did. Now he feared the possibility of Dain losing control and hunting him.


Such a possibility had haunted his dreams last night.


Swallowing, Felic shook his head and attempted a weak smile, reaching a hand out to grab Dain's arm. "I know you're sincere, Dain, and I accept your apology. I trust you learned from what happened," he responded softly. The Empath paused, knowing that Dain didn't want to be ignored. But, what could he say?


After a few heartbeats, he let go of the Vampire's arm and stepped forward to be more at his side. "Come on. Let's talk over breakfast," he suggested.




Al stopped at the sound of someone behind him, their voice lifting to catch his attention. Turning his four-eyed gaze upon the blond and blue haired student, the Uccello tilted his head and blinked his green eyes. "It's Al'nivte," he replied after a moment, glancing up and down to examine the boy. "So long as they have raw meat, I don't care what's being served." His tone was rough, words riddled with a thick accent created by his inability to properly pronounce certain syllables. "What do you want, kid?" he asked, starting to walk without really waiting for a response.

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OOC {{Devon is open for interaction. I won't post her now since it would just be more of her silently communicating with Rory via telepathy while the get their breakfast and sit down}}




Syasurru & Iris



Sya smiled and replied with his usual flourish, "Oh same ole thing as always. More boring galas and balls than you can shake a stick at. Though there was the meeting with the Syno Emperor that was quite amusing and then the events at Devon's. But enough about moi, I'm dying to hear how your summer was..." He trailed off slightly returning his friends hug gladly. He was about to continue, when the ever grating featherhead interrupted. Clenching his teeth, Sya very nearly glared at the Uccello. It was all he could do to keep from doing something that might see him visiting the Headmaster. Oh he'd have to think up something clever for this one. Pay back and all that, so they say...



Returning his attention to Soria and the new hatchling he smiled to the little guy, "The more the merrier. Prince Syasurru Kai-peng Zezchth, at your service," the blond prince bowed elegantly to Shooka. "But please call me Sya. And this lavender lovely beside me is Iris. What do you say, my good man? Shall we escort these two lovely ladies to breakfast?" Sya added with a playful wink.



"It's good to see you again, Soria," Iris smiled watching Sya and Soria greet each other, noting the slight way he tensed as Al'nivte's jab. While she was not overly fond of Sya's nicknames, she now understood what they meant in Sya's eyes. To him, they were more like honorifics than they were nicknames. He used them in a way to show the recipient how he viewed them and make them feel good. To him they were respectful- not whatever Al'nivte had meant.


Iris thanked what gods must have been watching that Sya controlled himself; she knew Sya valued his true friends very much. After being at home with him, living at the palace, she could see why he hated it so much. It had been wonderful to start with, servants catering to her every whim, people bowing and carrying on making such a fuss over her. But eventually it wore her already short fuse down to such a point it was a heroic effort to be polite on her part. Thankfully Sya introduced her to the castle library where she could go read and get away from palace life for a while.


She cocked her lavender head to the side pondering Shooka's apology, such a way with words. Pretty, but with obvious meaning whereas Iris herself preferred a more direct course.


"Oh brother," she mumbled rolling her eyes as Sya introduced them. Tensing slightly as she blanched inwardly. Giving her head a quick shake, Iris smiled with a polite nod, "Pleasure to meet you Shooka. How are you and your friend settling in here?"



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Dain had come to accept the greater chance that Felic wouldn't forgive him, before he even began to walk away. So when Felic grabbed Dain's arm, Dain's body flinched and he let out a sigh of relief. Dain stopped and listened to Felic's quick statement with a smile. He was excited that they will have a chance to be better friends than before.


When Felic suggested breakfast, Dain couldn't help but began to start laughing. His mind searched for the last time he had actually attended a breakfast, yet couldn't remember. He was, however, almost certain that the last one to invite him to breakfast was Tatsie.


Dain's mind is a wonderful thing. On the outside, it is able to filter what is said, to make it seem like Dain is a thoughtful, considerate being, however, in reality Dain's mind moved a thousand miles a minute. Thoughts came and went as if a tornado would suck them in, just to spit them back out. This is proven with the fact that, even though Felic was, most likely, waiting for an answer, Dain was thinking about how Tatsie was doing.


Dain shook his head quickly, bringing him back to reality. "Breakfast is a brilliant suggestion." This was the point that Dain's ability to sensitize what he was had pretty much stopped working, "you know, that power of yours was quite interesting. I didn't think anyone outside of vampires could control blood. It scared me at first."


Dain began to make his way to the cafeteria, now cursing himself for going the direction he went, simply because it meant more walking. As Dain, and presumably Felic, were headed to their destination, Dain began to slow down. "Hey Felic, what do you think my punishment will be? Normally the headmaster would have contacted me by now, but I haven't heard anything." Dain's mind was beginning to wonder again, his brow furrowed as he walked, rubbing his chin in a stereotypical 'I wonder' look.

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Shooka grinned, dark eyes glinting. "I would love to join you three for breakfast," he replied. Giving a faint purr in response to Sya's words, he puffed up his chest and stood a bit taller (which wasn't much given his tiny size). "Basics in gentlemanly courtesy always suggest that a male should offer as escort for a female whenever suitable," came his reply.


The witch couldn't help but laugh, crouching down in to be more at Iris's eye level. "These boys don't seem to think we can handle ourselves," she stated, tone light with jest. Standing up again, she tucked a strand of light-violet hair behind her ear. "If you want to be all courtly, Sya, I'd love to see one of those galas you mentioned. Maybe I can come with you during the winter break if you're going back home," she suggested, smiling.


Turning to face her as Iris asked him a question, Shooka tilted his head and idly scratched behind his jaw. "Well, I like the place. It's very large and offers a nice cast of interesting characters. Al'nivte, however, seems to have it in his mind that he's only here to enjoy the fights. He doesn't seem keen about learning anything remotely important," the hatchling replied. A frown touched his scaly lips, eyes narrowing a fraction. "I do apologize for his behavior. He can be a bit of a bully but, that's how he was raised. Uccellos are aggressive by nature, raised with prejudice and disgust towards other races. If you don't learn how to fight and beat down the weakest in your flock, you get beaten instead and virtually seen as dead or nonexistent. I'm sure, given time here, he'll come around to a nicer demeanor."




When Dain accepted the invitation to sit with the Empath over breakfast, Felic honestly felt a little nervous. He'd been expecting the Vampire to refuse, sore from the fact that he could be subdued by a human. Of course, when the Vampire mentioned his ability to manipulate blood, the boy was caught off guard and hesitated. "It's..." What was he going to say? He didn't really have a clue. The only person who knew of his blood ability was Sin and the Headmaster. Otherwise, he'd kept it under wraps and hidden away until the assembly when he had acted on emotions that weren't his own. Now, half of the Academy probably knew of his second ability. Though, most might think it his only ability. (He didn't divulge everyone with the knowledge he was an Empath. It tended to make people clam up and stray away, hoping to avoid his detection.)


Felic never truly responded to Dain's comment as the Vampire moved onto a question about Kaio. Frowning, his thoughts drifted towards the puddle of emotional turmoil that Dain had felt while recovering in the Infirmary. While Sorge acted as a decent buffer, he still managed to feel a sprinkle of the Vampire's struggles. "I think he knows that you underwent enough punishment...," he mumbled, eyes averting downward towards the ground. Folding his arms across his chest, the Empath fell silent, his footsteps soft on the way down the stairs. "Headmaster Kaio seems to know a lot about the various races, what their strengths and weaknesses are, what struggles they go through to grow up in their culture or to survive." He shrugged, uncertain despite his words.

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Colress Schmidt - Hallway


Blinking a bit at his appearance, he attempted not to look fazed, making a mental note to better study all the races who had students attending. "Oh, apologies, Al'nivte." he amended, flustering a bit. The name was more difficult than he expected, but he wasn't going to repeat it a few times until it sounded right. That would make him look weird... er than usual. So, he attempted to copy the other's pronunciation. Though, Al'nivte had his own fair share of difficulties when speaking. "Ah, I see. I should presume they do." The automaton commented, then followed after a few moments. "Me? I want for nothing. Though, I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself to someone. I'm sorry if you'd rather I leave, I will do so." Was his only other statement before he fell into an awkward and nervous silence.

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Dain contemplated Felic's response. He was surprised, honestly, about the mention that Dain has gone through enough punishment. Dain knew that Felic was inside of the same room as him when his inner termoil started, however Dain did not know that Felic could feel it. This bothered the vampire, having wanted to keep it as much a secret as possible, especially from the people he hurt. In Dain's mind, he wanted people to judge him fairly, without considering the biological strain that Dain puts on himself.


"Hey Felic," Dain started as they came to a window overlooking the courtyard, "did I hurt you? I know I hurt a teacher, yet I know not of how much damage I did, nor do I know if I hit you. Do you think it is safe for me to stay here?" Dain's questions had a ping of guilt interlaced with them, yet Dain's emotions were calm, and curious. It was almost as if Dain had been in the situation before, and was used to leaving places and traveling somewhere else, which is true. Dain had moved from Vampire clan to vampire clan, always overreacting and being forced to leave. That is how he ended up as a vampire mercenary, and found his way to the Academy.


Dain was mainly silent for the rest of the walk until they got to the cafeteria. "Ah, we are here," Dain grabbed the door for Felic, "do you know where you want to eat at?

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