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The Academy

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(OC Thread)


The Story


For a long time, the world was a smaller place. The world back then was just one massive continent bursting with life. Forests stretched so far that a squirrel could run miles without touching the ground, bountiful rivers were filled with leaping fish and the air was crisp and clean. It housed thousands of different kinds of plants and animals, and over a hundred sentient races. They lived in great harmony long before written history, sharing the bounties of their world. But peace didn't last for ever. With great resources came flourishing populations, and with flourishing populations resources began to dwindle. Instead of tackling the problem, the races all began to blame each other. Famine broke out, and in each race the populations decreased by thousands. Fights began to break out as racial tensions soared, but the leaders of each nation managed to hold back the races somehow. Then, the New World was discovered.


A new continent, filled to the brim with untapped resources, was ripe for the taking. War broke out over this new land as every race clawed for a cut, but there were no rivals as viscous as the Humans and the Dragons. Some races were driven to the point of extinction, others were enslaved and sold like cattle. The war officially lasted 75 bloody years, but in some accounts from ravaged nations, it was cited as lasting anywhere from 75 to 100 including fights and genocides that had taken place in the Old World. But eventually, after many dark years of drafts and deaths, the survivors gathered together and put a stop to the fighting. That was ten years ago.


They discussed what would happen next, and how they could prevent an awful war like that from ever breaking out again. They all knew that they would eventually have to learn how to coexist, but because they were spiteful and fearful of the other races the various nations danced around the issue. The decision didn't come easily, but after weeks of avoiding the inevitable they founded the Academy, the first institution in a hundred years that would house a youth of every race. It was labeled as a social experiment, and its outcome will determine the future of the world. The Academy will place a member of every race in close quarters and see how they fare. If they manage to get along and learn how to accept one another, then it is proof that the races can learn to accept each other and the nations have agreed to follow the youth's examples. If the experiment fails, then it is proof that the cause of the arguments is genetic and that the only path to peace is separation of all races.


To give all students something in common, feelings of empathy and a role higher than simple youths, all students are given an orphan dragon egg upon enrolling in the Academy. This is a gauge of the student's dedication to their education and their relationships with the other races. Their willingness to care for a dragon hatchling will show how much they are really trying to make peace as well as make a common ground for every individual to stand on.


Most people will vie for peace, but after almost a hundred years of war is peace even possible? Was the Academy created too soon after the merciless bloodshed? Some races are naturally violent while others are loving and peaceful, and there may have been a few races that profiteered off of the endless fighting. There will be those who oppose the Academy and its principals and those who blindly follow its exact words, will the students and their teacher's guidance ever find a medium where everyone can understand each other?


Unpack your suitcases, take a seat and pick a dragon egg, we're going to find out. This is the story of the Academy.


This Land



The Academy is a gigantic, imposing building that looks like it might have once been a stronghold during the war. Built on a hill that overlooks a lake, it has three floors and a basement, as well as a courtyard in the middle that would be good for sports and outside activities. The highest point of the castle is the battlements, which could easily give a brave man vertigo.


The ground floor is for classes, and also homes the mess hall, nurse's office and the dragon egg hatchery. The second floor is for student rooms, in rooms labeled 1-100. But Room 50 is not a room at all, it is the auditorium. Every night at 9:00, the second floor and the third floor are locked up, and no one can go from the upper floors to the ground floor until 6:00 that morning. Aside from that, students are ultimately allowed to do what they want as long as they are up there and not waking others up. Don't miss curfew! The third floor is for staff rooms, as well as the principal's office, equipment storage, student counselor and detention, as well as many other miscellaneous necessary rooms. This floor is forbidden to students unless there is an emergency or the teacher invites the student in question.


The local area is mostly forest, but there is a small town a few miles down the road. It has some shops, a small hospital and a postal service. Among those shops are a thrift shop, a sports shop, a cozy tavern that also sells food, a general store and a weapon repair shop. The commerce from the Academy has greatly benefited the town, so its humble human inhabitants have become very friendly to the races.


The technology of the world, at its worst is in the Dark Ages and at its very best in the early Industrial Revolution. But the exact technology varies greatly from race to race. Some races rely on magic to power their homes, while others are bad magic users and therefore have invented various gadgets instead. Some nations may be situated on vast reserves of gold, others may have been forced to become nomadic and have no resources of their own. In the end, the exact technological and magical progress can vary drastically from race to race.


The Academy has built-in lighting systems, ventilation and plumbing, half-powered by technology and half-powered by magic. It sports bathroom commodities and water-heating systems, and each student room can be altered to make a better living space for its inhabitant. This is state-of-the-art technology at work here.


Da Rules


1, All DC rules and general RP rules apply. No power playing, keep it PG-13... you know the drill. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

2, The ultimate authority rests with Luckyclaw and Narvix, if there is a problem please take it to PM with one of us.

3, The base character limit is two students and two teachers per person, but after a few months of reliable activity the limit is increased to three students and a third teacher.

4, If there's a race claimed, then please PM the sponsor of that race if you'd like to make a character of the same kind. Consult the race list in the next post to see what is taken and what is not.

5, If you create or claim a race, its culture and its history is all essentially yours. Minotaurs may only be in history as maze monsters, but maybe they're architects in your history. Have a race that you created that has never been heard of before? Step right up, you're welcomed here. If you like it, then you should put a ring on it.

6, If someone is holding up the thread by not replying, they have three days to make a post or inform us of their absence. If the grace period rolls by, we will have to bypass that poster. If they go a month with no post at least telling us they will be absent, their sheets will be removed from the main thread and they will have to re-submit them once they become active again.

7, We are a literate role play. The barest minimum for post length is four lines and we highly revere spelling and grammar.

8, No cellphones, televisions, or modern cars exist yet. They make communication too easy.


Our Sheets


Student Sheet

(To submit a character, please PM your sheet to Luckyclaw)


Name: (Full name)

Race: (What creature are they?) (Please also give a description of the race and its impact on the war)


Age: (Actual age -- In human years) (Please note that students cannot be older than twenty-five when translated to human years, and please try not to be older than 500 in actual years)

Appearance: (Pictures and descriptions both accepted)


Dragon Companion: (General description of their future dragon partner. Please note that students won't know their dragon until they choose them upon entry to the school, and that dragons will hatch as little more than babies and that their magical and physical power will have to come with time.)


Weapon of Choice: (This is for a weapons class, if your character never fought or is a pacifist, just say so. Hand-to-hand combat and magic both count as weapons of choice, but please specify the style or element.)




RP sample: (In the case of submitting multiple characters, this only has to be done once. You may also link us to a thread you once posted in or give us a post you once made that you're proud of. The post can be about anything.)




Teacher Sheet

(Submit this sheet to Luckyclaw, and please consider the role you wish to take on. If you don't want to do a lot of talking, maybe it's not a good idea to be the history teacher.)


Name: (Full name)


Race: (What creature are they?) (Please also give a description of the race and its impact on the war)

Age: (Actual age -- In human years) (Please note that teachers cannot be younger than twenty-eight when translated to human years)

Appearance: (Pictures and descriptions both accepted)


Dragon Companion: (Teacher's dragons will be mostly or fully grown.)

What did they do during the war?: (The war ended ten years ago, but all teachers were at an age of awareness during at least the end.)

Why are they teaching here?: (If your teacher has an ulterior motive... PM me and Narvix. We love us a good double agent.)




Rumors: (Every school has rumors going around about the teachers wink.gif )


RP Sample: (This must be done for every teacher you plan to submit. It can be about anything.)

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The Schedule


1st period is (9:00AM-10:00AM)

2nd period is (10:05AM-11:05AM)

3rd period is (11:10AM-12:10PM)

Lunch is at (12:10PM-1:10PM)

4th period is at (1:15PM-2:15PM)

5th period is at (2:20PM-3:00PM)


Food is cooked for dinner at 6:00PM - 7:00PM, and is left out for later students until 8:00PM. Curfew is at 9:00 every night, and students are awakened at 6:00 on school days.


If students don't make curfew, they are locked downstairs all night. Unless they manage to make it back into their room by morning somehow, students are picked on relentlessly by teachers to do arduous tasks like demonstrating karate moves or cleaning the horse stables.



Gym (Held in the courtyard when the weather is good, usually the students meet just outside the main courtyard door if the weather is bad.)




Culture Studies

Music (Held in the auditorium)





World History


Culture Studies

Cooking (Held in the kitchens)




World History

Combat (Same as gym)






Combat (See gym)

Culture Studies








World History








Music (Held in the auditorium)



Cooking (Kitchens)




Weekly Meeting [10:00 am - Dismissal (meeting time is sure to vary)] - Auditorium


Meet the Students



Name: Soria Ginova Lorn

Race: Human - Witch; Witches (and wizards) were used in the war mostly for their magic that could effectively be used against Dragons. However, their numbers are naturally small and makes them a bit hard to find.

Gender: Female

Age: 19 years [DoB: February 2nd]

Appearance: Soria has light purple/pink hair that reaches down in styled layers. Her eyes are a deep red/maple color and her skin is quite pale. Delicate silver chains hang from her neck, a lock pendent hanging from one. Roughly, she stands at 5 feet and 8 inches, preferring to wear a kind of crop-top with 3/4 length sleeves (of which she has multiples with different collar styles and colors) and comfortable pants. Her frame is rather petite and she gets cold easily, provoking her to wear a light-weight sweater or winter jacket when needed.

Personality: Soria is a somewhat hyper girl. She likes to be around one or two people when she's not by herself. She'll get bored as easily as she'll get angry (which isn't all too hard due to her short temper). Often times, she'll say what's on her mind versus keeping the thoughts to herself. Over the course of her first year at the Academy, she has proven to possess a trait for taking the time to mull over things, thinking through something and viewing both sides of the story; often times speaking aloud as she does so.

Dragon Companion: Duordin - Known best for his playful, happy-go-lucky, demeanor, Duordin can become more carefree than his human companion. He finds speech to be a bit on the difficult side and so, if he can, will stick to just miming his thoughts. As he is a very playful dragon, he likes to pull pranks and will typically find getting in trouble worth the effort of a good joke. Consequently, he's not all for fighting and will walk away if given the chance. If not, most will be surprised by the amount of aggression he is capable of.


Unlike Eastern dragons, Duordin cannot fly but that hinderance is made up by his speed and agility. Like Soria, he seems to be capable of using a kind of magic that is similar to energy manipulation. Uniquely, though, is the signature color of his magic; his attacks can best be identified by the crystal blue color that is his unique signature. As he is only a year old, he is so far only capable of generating small spheres to attack with or ends up hiccuping a plethora of sparks. Additionally, as a larger dragon, he already reaches Soria’s knees at his shoulders, when standing on all fours, and is about three feet in length.

Talents: Good knowledge/control of different spells but prefers to use music magic, decent with a dagger/throwing knives, and a good mathematician.

Her magic - Every witch is capable of casting spells and mixing potions. However, there is no need for breathy rhymes or encantations in some foreign language unless a witch is casting a very powerful spell. Like any other witch, Soria specializes in one type of magic while still having some experience with other types. Preferrably, Soria specializes in music magic. What she is able to do with these specific spells is conjure up to an octet of ethereal notes that play faint melodies based on how she arranges them. Soria can manipulate them to anything within her experience and even manipulate the sound around her. These are only a few examples of what she can do as her experience has been growing since a young age and she has learned dozens of different spells and types of magic.

Weapon of Choice: Usually prefers not to fight but will defend or lash out in a bout of anger using her music magic.

Likes: Math, reading, music, seclusion or the company of friends/ strangers.

Dislikes: Large crowds, long pauses of silence, sports.


Name: Felic Huey Pir

Race: Human - Empath; Empaths were hardly used in the actual battles of the war as very few knew how to not be overwhelmed by the enormous flood of strong emotions. Like witches, their numbers are smaller than that of witches and wizards, making them harder to locate.

Gender: Male

Age: 20 [DoB: March 17th]

Appearance: Felic has dark hair that is typically unruly. His skin is paler than most would consider healthy but it has regained a bit of color over the year. Before the Academy, his frame betrayed that he isn't very strong. However, a year’s worth of combat practice has added a faint bit of muscle to his bones, making him a little stronger than the average male without physical training. His eyes are a gentle gray-blue and his facial structure leans a fraction more towards the feminine end. In way of height, he's just shy of 6 feet. For clothing, he prefers to wear white dress shirts with a loose tie (often giving him a faintly disheveled look) and an odd sort of coat. His jeans are usually of a faded dark color and his boots are a plain black with an assortment of buckles and clasps. For reasons unknown to people outside of Felic's mind, he wears bandages from the middle of his hands up to his elbows. Although, most will assume that he wears the bandages for combat practice or similar purposes.

Personality: He's a very quiet person. Felic, because of his Empath blood, doesn't like to be around others except his dragon companion or his closest friend, Sin. It's hard for him to keep his empathy ability under check most of the time and so he finds himself losing track of what his own emotions are. He has gotten better in the year since he first arrived to the Academy, allowing him to separate his emotions from those belonging to others a bit easier. As such, he’s more open to approaching other students or having other students approach him in kind than he was before. While he’s still nervous, shy, and an all-round introvert, interacting with others is no longer such a frightening idea to him.

Dragon Companion: Sorge - Sorge (Italian for 'sorrow') is named such for the constant sorrow she exuded while within her egg. She is a permanent source of calm emotions for Felic and believes that she must protect his frail body from any harm. When she speaks, her words are just as soft as the boy's and (more often than not) hold meaning to them. She never repeats herself, no matter the situation, and favors those who listen. At a year old, Sorge is still a bit small and the top of her head (frills not included) only reaches to the bottom of Felic’s knees. As for length, she is roughly a foot - maybe a foot and couple inches - from nose to tail tip.


In way of abilities, Sorge is able to find an individual's deepest fears or laments and turn them into tangible illusions. She is capable of creating illusions based on other emotions as well but her strengths lie with the negative ones such as sorrow, grief, depression, and terror. When creating illusions, her eyes and the frills along her spine and legs glow. Depending on the strength of the illusion, the glow varies in intensity. What weakens the realism of her illusions is the number of illusions she has created at the same instance. At present, she can hold up a single illusion that can completely surround an individual. Any individual surrounded by one of her illusions cannot see through them until the illusion is in one of its weakest states. However, do to her very young age, she can only make the illusion last for a rather short period of time, generally no longer than an hour. Similarly, the realism of the illusion begins to weaken about 20 − 30 minutes after it was set, if not yet dispersed.

Talents: Mild blood manipulation, empathy (emotion sensing/mild controlling), wood crafting.

His abilities - Felic is an Empath with a semi-rare ability to manipulate blood. He rarely uses this ability, however, as he dislikes it. Pertaining to his Empathic abilities, he is able to sense every emotion within a certain radius of his position. If one or more of these emotions are strong enough, they can overwhelm his own emotions and make him ill (at the least) or make him lash out according to the emotion (at the worst). In extreme cases, usually times of great anger or aggression, Felic can panic and resort to an emotional push. This push sends an influencing wave (of varying effectiveness) to the minds of surrounding people in an attempt to dissuade ill emotions for favor of calmer ones. This portion of his Empathic abilities only really shows as a panic-stricken action since he knows what it feels like to have outside emotions trying to influence someone else's and he dislikes it all the same. Still, he is hesitantly practicing on this specific portion of his Empathy.

Weapon of Choice: He’s more pacifistic than anything and would actually prefer to run away from any sort of altercation. However, he’s no longer defenseless and knows how to fight back well enough to open an escape route for himself. He doesn’t use a strict style of combat but he tends to favor a cross of Baguazhang martial arts and another race’s style.

Likes: Calm emotions, talking to his friends, being quiet.

Dislikes: Overwhelming emotions/chaos, separating from Sorge, conflict/trouble makers.


Name: Al’nivte Gre Inustra [Al or Gre for short/ those who can’t pronounce his name]

Race: Uccello [Actually translates to “bird” from Italian] - They participated heavily in the war. Some of their numbers possessed wings, allowing them to have arial combat and an advantage over grounded enemies. Most of their number is bipedal and unable to use magic. As such, many picked up various weapons based on their talents and strengths in fighting styles; which did vary from individual to individual. The Uccello can be considered as mutated Gryphons and are viewed as a sub-species to the well-known, hybrid avians. While they make for good fighters and speedy messengers (in the case of those not wanting to fight), they are inherently weaker to magic attacks, especially fire based spells as their feathers are not fire-proof.


Carnivorous by nature, they have excellent sight even in the dark hours of night and the use of imposing physical traits. Just like any other race, the appearance of one Uccello does not always match the appearance of another. They vary in fur, scale, and skin color or in where patches of scales and fur can be found. As successful of a race as the Uccello are, their numbers only hover in the couple thousands and offspring are only born every couple of decades. Similarly, most offspring don’t survive their first few years in life, leaving most Uccello couples childless possibly all their lives. And, like Eagles, Uccellos only select one mate. If their mate dies for whatever reason, they don’t choose another. They do, however, prefer to live in small communities and are therefor spread all over the planet, possibly found wherever forest or grassland flourish.

Gender: Male

Age: 129/17 years [Actual/Human; DoB: October 13th]

Appearance: Al, like most of his species, is bipedal with his legs looking similar to that of a gryphon’s lion-like hindlegs. However, his limbs are thicker with rough, orange-yellow skin giving way to rust-red, feathery fur halfway up his calves, and possessing four clawed digits with a fifth, smaller digit as a dewclaw. A feathery, furry, tail stretches about three or four feet behind him with a plum of feathers at the tip rather than fur. At about his hips, the fur continues up his spine while the edges of his sides and front of his torso are covered in rough skin, spotted with patches of glistening, brown scales. His chest is broad, leaving him to appear more on the bulky side with a bear’s thick form when fully dressed, and his arms are slender with bony joints. Attached to bony wrists, his human-like hands don’t possess the tender, fleshy, skin as you might find. Instead, he has patches of scales and fur with talons replacing half of the sectioned digits; much like an Azazel’s. From his wrist to his elbows, his arms are covered in scales and rough skin, fading into fur that climbs the rest of his limbs onto his shoulders, lightly across his collarbone, and over his shoulder blades to meet with the fur on his spine and faintly up the back of his neck. Where the fur ends, scales and skin cover the rest of his faintly-long neck with scales lining his lower jaw and the beginnings of a full mane, light gray with flecks of black, edge the crown of his skull and spike downwards in place of human hair.


In general, his face has a reptilian and avian appearance, narrow and sharp featured. Some might describe it as being the face of a shapeshifter caught halfway in a morph as he possesses a large, sharp, curved beak with small holes near the base where it meets the rest of his face acting as nostrils. Seamlessly, rough skin and scales on high cheekbones come to meet his orange beak with dark yellow-green eyes positioned for a predator and slitted like a reptile’s. A second set of eyes rest just behind the first pair and slightly lower on his skull.


For clothing, Al prefers fabric that doesn’t restrict his movement, resulting in loose-fitting trousers that go down to his knees and accommodate nicely for his tail. Additionally, he barely ever wears a shirt but can be seen wearing what could be considered an oversized trench coat, dark brown in color. He evidently wears no shoes or head covering.

Personality: Freedom. Al’nivte thoroughly enjoys his freedom and taking away someone else’s in turn. He hardly has any patience for many individuals and will usually shut them up quickly if they’re talking ceaselessly. Otherwise, he’ll find painful or uncomfortable ways to make someone stop irritating him. Don’t worry, he’s not completely of a foul disposition; Al just has a different way about handling situations. Typically, he prefers the straight forward approach with a hint of subtlety. As such, most might see him as either a bit sadistic or just cruel. It doesn’t matter to him what others think or how they make their judgments. Truthfully, if he likes someone, he’ll evidently seem like he’s stalking them or appear to be more… verbally hurtful. In all honesty, it’s hard to say that he is a good soul but it’s also hard to depict if he possesses a truly cruel heart.

Dragon Companion: Shooka - Shooka is a knowledgable dragon, even in his young age. He loves puzzles and riddles, speaking constantly in riddles to make others think and incorporating many quotes from wisdom past. However, do not let his old personality dissuade you from coming to be friends. He does enjoy simple pleasures and he will not condone someone simply because they could not solve a riddle presented to them. He still acts like he should at appropriate times and will relax often enough.

Talents: Agility, what humans would call “parkour,” quick reflexes, and whistling complex tunes.

Weapon of Choice: Ring/Hula-Hoop Blade (whichever you want to call it.)

Likes: Picking on people, his freedom, ordering others around, and overall disorder unless he is in charge.

Dislikes: People calling him feminine, things that annoy him (which is pretty much every little sound or anything in general), and being subordinate to another individual.


Name: Sin Flynn

On a legal document, her last name is Flynn, but this is because her race has a very complicated surname system. She takes offense to being called ‘Flynn’.

Gender: Female

Race: Azazel (Derogatorily called ‘pit scum‘ by members of the demon family and ‘lesser demon’ by all others.)

Azazels are Humanoids, often claimed to be a missing link between Fells and Humanoids or the result of a fertile hybrid. Azazels (or Azels for short) have human-like ears that are sharply tipped, shark-like teeth and black claws that replace the last phalanges of the fingers. They tend to be of thicker builds than humans and can very rarely sport thin devil-tails and/or horns. Their complexion can be anywhere from ghostly pale to reddish-tan, and most of those in the middle range of these two extremes sport freckle-like spots on their faces. They cannot use magic and magic has no affect on them, and both males and females are three times stronger than a fit human male.

Throughout history, Azazels have been targeted as scapegoats. They are just too demonic to be humanoid, and just too humanoid to be demonic. Famine, fire and plagues are the three curses that are especially pinned on their race and they are said to bring them wherever they go. Likewise, wherever they go people try to force them away before the ‘curses’ can set in. This had lead to extreme poverty and violence among their kind before the war, which in turn lead to more races not wanting the race around. It was a vicious cycle. Unprotected by any nation, the Azazels would be the first ones to advocate the war was over 100 years long as their suffering began 25 years before the war even began. They were killed by the hundreds by other races seeking a kind of release who scapegoated them for things that weren’t even their faults. If the war had started any later, Azazels could have been too weak to even take place in it, and if it hadn’t started at all they would have most likely gone extinct. When the war started the nations shifted focus to fighting it, and the Azazels were given a chance to regroup. A leader named Dire united the race and they went to war, almost overwhelming the opposition through genius tactics and their complete immunity to magic. But before they could claim most of the New World, Dire was killed and the race clung to a piece of land at the far south of the continent for many years, only ever making an offensive front once more at the end of the war. The Azazel is run by a trickle-down monarchy who all descend from Dire himself. Sin is the youngest of this line.

Age: 17 (Sin is a senior student who has lived in the Academy for a little over a year.)

Appearance: Sin seems slightly chubby by most other racial standards, but is truthfully a very healthy Azazel. She has short red hair that slightly spikes up in the back and freckles that dot the space under her silver eyes and across her nose. Her fangs are claws are very well taken care of, and as such her smile is pure white and her claws are pitch black. She has light pale skin and tends to wear tank-tops and jeans or sweat pants with boots.

Personality: Sin is defensive towards strangers, but used to be much more defensive against strangers not of her race before she entered The Academy. To this day she is still very cynical and not openly trusting of strangers, but once the initial shield is taken down Sin is a very open and loyal friend. She doesn’t like to sit around and enjoys excitement, sporting an overwhelming curiosity and sense of awe. Anyone who befriends Sin is bound to get dragged into numerous ‘adventures’ any by association, probably miss curfew multiple times.

Dragon Companion: Mitch

Mitch is a melanistic tri-horned wyvern, completely black save for his face and underwings which are ghostly white. A black stripe runs across his white snout like a scar and his third blue horn is right between his nostrils, but one of the most stunning features of his head is his first two blue ram-like horns that curl over the side of his face and make for excellent handles.

Sin and Mitch met about a year and a half ago when Sin first joined The Academy in its starting years. Mitch was hatched from an egg and has been carefully raised for about a year and a half. He is only just large enough for Sin to fly short distances on his back, but he doesn’t let alone else ride him. In fact, aside from being tolerant of Sin’s friends and only really being friendly for Sin herself, Mitch tends to be annoyed by everything else that breathes. This is only aided by the constantly grumpy expression on his face. Despite this, Sin and Mitch are inseparable. Since Sin is immune to magic and that includes telepathy, Mitch speaks with a grumbling voice he has been learning for all the time he has been hatched. Most cannot fully understand him, but those who spend a lot of time with him have learned to mostly understand what he means.

Talents: Sin is an expert at riding any kind of mount, especially horses and more recently her dragon. She could probably do anything from the back of a beast that she could do while she was standing. She’s also very good at sports and has a decent ability to wield crossbows. Just don’t ask her to swim.

Weapon of Choice: Hand-to-hand combat, Azellian style kickboxing.

Likes: Fruits, especially apples and bananas, learning new things, winning, excitement, friends.

Dislikes: Water, strangers, classwork, anti-Azel sentiments.


Name: Tatsuke Kahnoda

Gender: Male

Race: Nihounese human

Nihoun is a small nation to the far east of the old world that has been dominated by humans for thousands of years. The other races that are native to the land have been prosecuted to the point where they live mostly separate from the humans if they have not completely moved away. Even before the war, Nihoun was very combat oriented because of the size of their land and lack of natural resources which caused them to have to fight to survive as a nation. As resources were strained, Nihoun was rocked by the shortage harder than the nations they tried to attack and steal from. As a direct result of this, during the war Nihoun was a land of great innovation and power despite its small size. Its people were known to put the call of duty in front of their own lives and there was nothing more terrifying than hearing a battalion of Nihounese soldiers was on the move. They had to be bloodthirsty to survive. When the other races and nations began to get tired, the humans followed Nihoun’s example and continued to prolong the war in hopes of outlasting the other races. The final act of the war, the strike that ended it all, was out of desperation from the dragons and their allies. In one hellish strike, they launched a surgical blast at the heart of Nihoun, completely leveling their largest city leaving millions dead and even more mortally wounded. Terrified, mere hours later the humans surrendered and the war was over.

Age: 18 (Tatsuke is a senior student who has lived at the Academy for a little over a year)

Appearance: Almond-shaped golden eyes with well-combed brown hair, but there’s a cowlick near the front of his scalp that just doesn’t want to comb the way it should. He has a flat face and pale skin. He was once frail and awkward, but he beginning to become a confident-looking man. However, as a late bloomer there is still a little something about his aura that makes him seem slightly green and he walks as if he doesn’t want to be sighted. Tatsuke often wears a purple robe with a golden design emblazoned upon it. You can tell when he gets flustered without looking at his face because he pulls up his hood and tries to hide in plain sight like an adorable little squirrel.

Personality: For a young adult, Tatsuke seems very innocent. The common tongue is his second language and he speaks with a very heavy accent, and when he becomes flustered his grammar suffers tremendously. Because of this, he only speaks with friends or when he has to. He is very honorable and always tries to be polite, often not approaching people but allowing them to come to him. He is wise and intelligent beyond his years, and his favorite pastimes are to play strategy games with friends even if he rarely has any trouble defeating them. Over all, he just tries to do the right thing in any scenario. But under the polite smiles and quiet understanding, Tatsuke has a horrible dark side. His parents were both killed by the war and if it had continued, he would have served as his nation’s tactician and could have been killed by the war himself. Deep in his heart he often thinks of vengeance for his people and his first thoughts of other races are the kind of awful thoughts that make him ashamed of himself. He doesn’t like to be defeated and can be too proud of himself and his nation, and his rage formed from seeing thousands of good people affected by needless bloodshed has been boiling for ten years.

Dragon Companion: Dogan

Dogan is a silver eastern dragon with purple eyes. He is very reserved and secretly looks up to Tatsuke and wants to be just like him. Because Tatsuke has an extreme phobia of dragons however, Dogan cannot get close to his idol without Tatsuke having a miniature panic attack. Because of this, Dogan tries to be anything but a dragon. Using his magic to float, he stands upright as much as he can, wears human clothing and even tries to speak like a human with moderate difficulty. Because of his rasping voice and clumsy words, he accepted the nickname ‘dogan’ as his true name, which is Nihounese for ‘throat cancer’ with a good sense of humor. To him, it is the only solid acknowledgement Tatsuke has given him. He stays as close to his companion as he can most of the time, at least five to ten feet away.

Talents: Tatsuke is a talented mage and a genius tactician. No plan to break into the kitchen’s cookie supply is complete without Tatsuke’s nod of approval.

Weapon of Choice: Elemental magic, with wind being his strongest magic and also being able to control fire, earth and lightning magiks respectfully.

Likes: Animal training, strategy games, studying, music, playing his instruments, drawing.

Dislikes: Getting pranked or bullied, being tricked or lied to, thinking that he’s disappointing someone, loud noises, sights or descriptions of gore, dragons.



Name: Seamus Ruun Faktoson

Race: Draug

Draugr (singular: Draug) are members of the undead family, a mostly aquatic species that is born from the souls of people who died at sea. They mostly look like humans who have been soaking in water for a long time with small characteristics of what they used to be, a dragon Draug will have a tail and claws as well as a snout but will be humanoid, a mermaid Draug may have fins on their legs but still be explicitly human-shaped and so on. Algae tends to grow on them, giving parts of their skin green patches or a green tint and most Draug have green tips at the ends of their hair. All Draugr have gill slits on their torso, starting at the breast, skipping the belly and ending at the waist. When damp, they tend to smell like salt water. Draugr are both carnivores and animavores, which means they live off of a diet of meat and souls.

Draugr cannot be killed via the most common means. Decapitating a Draug will only separate the head from the body and will not stop either one, not breathing makes them sleepy but does not kill them and they can go nearly a year without food. However, they can be killed via poisoning, being dried out or frozen. However, they heal very slowly and any cuts or bruises can last for extremely long lengths of time. Because of their slow healing, they are most efficiently killed by poison and what would only make the average race sick can kill a Draug in minutes. A Draug away from water for a day will dry up and die a painful death, likewise with Draugr that find themselves in temperatures that freeze the moisture in their bodies.

When two Draugr parents are expecting a child, it is a time of frantic terror in any case. Draugr cannot create souls for their children and so they must ‘steal’ them from something already alive, if a Draug is born soulless, it becomes a virtually indestructible sea monster that will first attack its parents and then go on to destroy anything that moves. This has lead to a lot of mindless Draugr that have the souls of fish and don’t do much but wait to die again, but many Draugr parents care for their child and seek the soul of a sentient being. When Draugr are born they completely remember their past life but cannot say anything of it because they are born like all other races; babies. As they grow older, they begin to forget who they were but still have a sense of urgency knowing they should be doing something, but don’t know exactly what.

Before the war, the Draug race was full of melancholic people mixed with your occasional angry or vengeful Draug, but understandably during the war their population both spiked and was filled with vengeful people. They joined the skirmish mid-war, fighting for whatever side they most identified with. At first the Draugr were terrifying enemies, ones that would continue to attack even after their heads were chopped off and would slide right down a sword shoved through their stomach, but their enemies quickly learned how easy it really was to kill them. One stab from an oil-tipped dagger would leave them in convulsions and dead in thirty minutes. While Draug continued to throw themselves into the fray until the end of the war, they were never a unified race and were not even much of a threat after poison and oil began to be naturally applied to weapons.

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Seamus looks like a waterlogged human. His silver hair is always flat against his head and his skin is a ghostly pale with an odd tinge of the faintest mint green. He has a soft face with blue eyes, and his right cheek holds a light patch of mint green that he tries to wipe off every morning but always grows back minutes later. The tips of his hair hold a green hue, and his teeth are jagged but still obviously human. He has random cuts and bruises scattered on his arms and neck that haven’t healed in months from various activities.

Personality: Seamus is able to put on a deceptively sweet attitude and can seem very kindly, but in reality he is cold-blooded and holds no revere for anyone but himself. He likes to antagonize people and make them uncomfortable, and he holds rancor for almost every race besides other members of the Undead family. He only cooperates when it benefits him, and the most kindly of his actions stem from avoiding punishment. It would take a lot to even make him consider being a good person without him benefiting in some way. Seamus is manipulative, deceptive and hateful for no particular reason anyone can think of, not even him. He is this way because of the way he died, but he cannot remember how he died or his life before hand. He just knows he hates the other races for some reason. One thing he especially holds rancor for seeing others have a good time and takes great joy in watching romantic relationships crack and shatter.

But as much as he hates, he can be passionate about what he enjoys. Even if the only thing he seems to enjoy right now is hating everything. Oddly enough, his only other hobby is collecting old things, especially bottles and bottle caps.

Dragon Companion: Blurro

Blurro is a kindly Two-finned Bluna with a serious side. He is a dreamer who wouldn’t dare do anything malicious to impede on other’s pursuit of happiness, but he himself often has a problem with saying no and will go out of his way to help someone else. He is kindly and meek to a fault and people tend to walk all over him. But because he is dry-land impaired due to his lack of legs, Seamus often has to carry him around.

Talents: Seamus is really good at building ships in bottles. He’s also an excellent actor and can lie very well. Lastly, he can fight using blades underwater, where others would be unaccustomed to fighting where there is a lot of water or air resistance, Seamus is comfortable and knows how to angle himself so that he can stay standing in a strong current or gust of wind.

Weapon of Choice: Dual blades.

Likes: Collecting things, antagonizing others.

Dislikes: Everything else.


Name: Lithorus Cariaco Lorf (know as Lorf)

Race: Shargonac. The Sharganacs are a reptilian breed with very dark colored scales and a tail. They are slightly taller than a human, with thinner limbs with a slightly wider stomach. Their heads are triangular (like a lizard) with brightly colored eyes that are about twice the size of a human's and have suction cups on the end of their fingers and toes. They don't usually live in groups, so many Shargonacs joined the side of whatever race they were closest to. There was once a large city created by Shargonacs, but many of them were wiped out in the war, and the city is now a ghost town.

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: He has dark red scales, and bright green eyes. Lorf is 6 feet and 2 inches tall. He wears a woolen brown hooded cloak.

Personality: Lorf sneaks around a lot. He likes to find out everything he can about his surroundings, but he is not good at making connections.

Dragon Companion: His dragon is small and swift. Its scales are blue and it has small poisonous fangs as its primary form of attack (cannot breath fire).

Talents: Lorf is good at staying hidden and sneaking around.

Weapon of Choice: Likes using bow and arrow, but he's only used one once, when his father allowed him to try.

Likes: Waking up very early.

Dislikes: Cold, strawberries.


Name: Autumn Resig

Race: Beastling - Originally a mix of both elves humans that have been heavily altered due to a magical calamity during the war. The effects of the magic merged those present with various animals that were present within the radius of the spell, making dozens of different subraces. All members of the beastling race, regardless of appearance are capable breeding with humans and elves.

Gender: Female

Age: 17


Autumn Resig

Personality: Autum nResig is a carefree, cavalier young woman. With her lack of experience with the outside world, she often charge's headlong into things with little care for how they might turn out, knowing she can generally flee with ease. She is sometimes chastised by her elders for the way she pursues her goals, using unorthodox methods, and occasionally taking excessive risks. her saving grace is the fact that she get's results without fail.


Autumn does however have a soft spot for little children owing to a very young sister she has back home. When she's not on a job, she can be found out making friends with locals in the area she's currently in, something her personality and carefree attitude allows her to due easily. She is often seen learning new methods of magic, as it is perhaps the primary skill she possess.

Dragon Companion: Autumn's partner is a small white dragon with blue eyes by the name of Tessa.


Magic: Autumn is a highly capable in nearly any field of magic. She is naturally inclined to elemental magics, but is capable of learning any other type.

Telekinesis: Autumn is capable of telekinesis, affecting up to eight objects within ten yards of herself, or four within twenty yards.

Weapon of Choice: Autumn wields four to eight hilt-less blades in her telekinesis with a small side of hand-to-hand combat.







~Loud music


Name: Luke VoidRager

Race: Telumni (plural. Singular is Telumnus). The Telumni (Homo Arma) are a subspecies of humans that evolved during the war. The cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls coordination, balance and movement, grew more powerful than the average human's. This allowed the Telumni to use a large array of weapons accurately and master the weapons extremely easily. However, this came at a price. In return for a more powerful cerebellum, the cerebrum lost the ability to to store short term memories and upsetting or joyful memories. They also lose control of their abilities when consumed by anger, hatred or grief. Despite this, because of their weapon skills and dexterity, it makes them a threat in the battlefield. Some Telumni give up the way of the weapons for a life in the field of magic. Although not ample magicians, these 'sages' (as other Telumni calls them) are not known for their use of magic but can use basic spells and healing magic. Their pride caused them to participate heavily in the war and caused them to suffer great losses. They gained enough land for the surviving population and live peacefully for now. Their numbers dwindled as quickly as they had risen and there are only about 1000 left living in this world.

Gender: Male

Age: 56 Actual Age/ 16 Human Age

Appearance: Luke looks like any normal human being. He's blonde, has bright blue eyes, and has pale-ish skin, a trait commonly found in a Telumnus. He has a soft complexion and seems very approachable. He has long, slender fingers for playing instruments and is fairly tall. He also has a sword strapped to his back at most times outside of lessons. He is in shape (but isn't bulky) as he takes physical training seriously.

Personality: He tries to be friendly but he is an introvert most of the times and isn't very social and hates large crowds. The only thing in the universe that he feels best attached to is his trusty dragon,  He spends most of his time reading fiction, training or practising music. He isn't the most smartest person but likes to keep a steady schedule and is usually organised. However, he has little knowledge of the harsh world and doesn't take being betrayed to well.

Dragon Companion: Night. Night is a Nhiostrife dragon that is passive and curious. He is not hostile and does not attack unless Luke is threatened. He does not need a lot of attention and like Luke, is an introvert. He pesters Luke with questions sometimes and although Luke gets annoyed. He answers most of the questions the best he can and the two enjoy only each other's company.


Weapon Mastery/ Telumkinesis As Luke is a Telumnus, he can grasp new weapons with ease and can master them if he puts enough time and concentration into them. He has already mastered the sword and is very good with a bow, a mace and daggers.

Enhanced Synesthesia Although the Telumni cannot control themselves when overcome with negative emotions, Luke can calm himself down with music. Music affects him and he affects his music. This ability allows his progress when learning a musical instrument to be quicker than others and he can see sound in wavy forms with different colours.

Weapon of Choice: At the moment, the sword is the only weapon he has truly mastered so he normally uses his trusty blade, the Regallus. He will use other weapons if a sword is not available and has sometimes even improvised to use his Synesthesia and use musical instruments

Likes: Fictional Books, Weapons, His Dragon, Solitude, Music, Creative Literature

Dislikes: Large Crowds, Unfaithful People, Betrayal, Astronomy, World History


Name: Silmarwen Dragonflame

Race: Fire Elves. Fire elves are the smallest subspecies of elves, with the entire subspecies living in a desert city called Astraloth. They descended from the common woodland-dwelling elves. But due to their fascination with fire, they have evolved through the years, mastering fire magic and moving to a more arid settlement. During the war, the Fire Elves kept to themselves in the desert, far from civilization. However, humans from outlying cities attacked them unexpectedly, hoping to plunder their resources and find the source of their wealth. Astraloth fell into ruins and the Fire Elves were scattered. Some were captured and enslaved by ruthless races while some lead a nomadic life to survive. After the war, the surviving Fire Elves, including their young prince born during the war and unfortunately orphaned, returned to their ruined city and began to rebuild. Since then, they have become distrustful of races other than their own.

Gender: Female

Age: 20 Years Old

Appearance: Silmarwen has the looks of a typical elf, tall and fair-skinned with pointed ears. She has long, wavy platinum blonde hair that reaches elbow's length. Her eyes are gray and have been an object of teasing since fire elves normally have fiery-colored eyes. She is commonly seen wearing a red elven dress. She looks stern but frail. Others may judge from her appearance that she has no experience in physical combat.

Personality: Living in a city in the middle of the desert, Silmarwen only knows about her own people. Naturally, this has made her curious about the world beyond. She likes to observe others. She enjoys spending time alone but will occasionally entertain company to satisfy her curiosity. Like the rest of her race, she remains distrustful of humans.

Dragon Companion: Heph is a supposedly fire-breathing hatchling who likes to sleep all day. He moves slowly and seems like the least intelligent dragon around. This frustrates Silmarwen as she wanted to have a companion who is fierce and clever. Nevertheless, she spends a lot of time with Heph and patiently awaits the time he blooms.

Talents Fire Magic. Besides being a weapon, Silmarwen is capable of manipulating fire for other uses. Being a fire elf, she thrives in heat and is immune to harm from common fire. In contrast though, she is more susceptible to cold.

Weapon of Choice: Fire Magic. She would choose a sword for close combat, not that she is any good at it. She prefers a sword to martial arts.

Likes: Studying, Reading, Writing, People-Watching, Eating Berries, Training

Dislikes: Nothing in particular. Perhaps reasoning that she may find illogical or things that she does not immediately understand.


Name: Devaeliona (Devon or Dev for short)

Age: Looks 20 something

Race:(What creature are they?) Siren/Naga. Naga are a race of snake like humanoids who can shift between a snake form and human form, and generally prefer a more tropical environment. In their human form they can tolerate the cold better, though they generally stick to the rain forest. Naga are normally a peaceful, solitary people, but when crossed they are fierce warriors. During the war, Naga tried to stay out of the fight, but like so many others they found their selves drawn in regardless. Their guerrilla  style warfare made them feared by their enemies and earned them a reputation as savages, though in truth they would rather not fight at all. Naga are a tribal people who live with the land in small villages, however there is a  small city in a hidden cove that holds the bulk of the rather small Siren population where a few  Naga also live.( When you think of the Naga and Siren way of life, think of the Tayladras from Mercedes Lackey. There are elders, but everyone in the tribes of age has a say.)

Sirens are mermaid/mermen who can shift between human and mer form. They are famous for their looks and the powerful voices they posses. The song of the siren can make the listener feel any way the siren wishes for as long as they are singing. During the war the sirens found they were of the most use as Courtsean spies, or singing to encourage the troops and make their enemies feel fear rather than fighting on the front lines. That does not mean they are incapable of doing so, as there were a few who went and fought along side the Naga and other nature lovers as a naval force, it simply means they prefer a different path than their naga counterparts. Either way, both races are peaceful unless they are crossed.


Naga/ Siren relations: As a whole, they consider each other sort of 'cousin' races. The legend has it that both races were descended from gods who fell out of favor with the pantheon for aiding humans in the very beginning of humanity's existence. Whether or not this is true has been a matter of speculation for thousands of years. True or not, the two races have coexisted since the beginning. Marriage between the two races, though uncommon, is encouraged as it is with any race who seeks to live in peace. Normally they would live in 'sister' cities, but the war has been hard on their already slim numbers, so they have gathered in one place with only a few tribes who decided to keep to their more traditional life.


Appearance: Human form: (This is the best visual representation I could find of Devon, but there are some differences: http://jamietyndall.deviantart.com/art/Won...Finch-321070215 ) Standing at 6' 1", Devon has long black rainbow (color wise it's the same as her scales in her Naga form, which I will show later) hair framing her features. Her thick lashed, emerald eyes shine like jewels set above high cheek bones and ruby red lips that are almost always curved in a slight smile. All Naga are born with markings, Devon's marking looks like Egyptian eyeliner that doesn't wash off. Her skin is fair, though lightly tanned, she has a couple of scars along her left side from her skirmish in the war. Devon dresses in protective leather armor that is  customary to her people. The only jewelry she wears is a beaded choker.


Snake form: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-natu...-Was-Found.html with the colors of this pic (it's the color of her hair as well as the color of her scales in her Siren form): http://www.all-hd-wallpapers.com/wallpaper...mals/434873.jpg


Siren form: (See above pic.)


Personality: Devon is reserved (Unless she's performing), and every inch the warrior bard she was trained to be, yet friendly. She is patient, proud, and has a passion for life. For her species, Devon is still considered very young, but the war has taken a heavy toll on her personally at the loss of her husband and their son when they were set upon by outlaws as they were traveling to meet Devon in one of the outlaying tribes. She misses them more than words can express every day, though she's become good at covering up her sorrow with a smile. Devon is curious  about what this Academy  has the potential to accomplish so that no other has to experience the loss of another loved one, but she also sees the difficult task ahead of them. The whole of the world is watching them to see if they succeed in living in peace together, or if it will fall to dust. She believes in the importance of the success, willing to do whatever it takes to see it through.

Talents: Devon can shift between her three forms, has Siren song, telepathy, telekinesis (limit 500 lbs). For weapons she prefers knives or her bow, however Devon is capable of using spears, swords and hand to hand if need be. Devon plays the piano (they are popular in the Siren city), guitar and violin, as well as dances.

Likes: Swimming, singing, dancing, anything where she is active. Her favorite food is salmon... Raw salmon. She loves to be outside, even at night, and spend the night under the stars.

Dislikes: Being away from water for too long, being alone, bandits, she isn't too fond of the races that resemble a snake's natural predators, though she will tolerate their presence as best she can.



Name: Syasurru Kai-peng Zezchth

Age: 950 (Looks 17)

Race: Fairy.


What role did they have in the war?: None. Though they can be powerful magi, fairies don't like to fight if it can be avoided. They love to make mischief, dance, play music, and anything else one might consider fun. Some fairies would heal injured people when they came across them, others would do nothing, or taunt the poor person; however others would observe and let nature take its course.


Appearance: (Pictures accepted, but detailed descriptions wanted) 6’5”, Syasurru has straight blond hair that hangs just past his shoulders; long thick blond lashes encompass sapphire blue eyes. His skin is pale, and he has slightly Chinese features from his mother who is a Chinese fairy, though most people are not likely to notice this. Syasurru is well muscled, but not overly so, has dragonfly wings that fold be, and dresses in loose elvish style clothing always in colors that compliment his eyes and complexion. ninja.gif

Personality: Syasurru is the youngest son of King Theranu and Queen Zhen Yuen, and loves to spend his days roaming around the castle, or doing whatever else his heart desires. Syasurru is more than a little spoiled and very use to getting everything he wants without having to do any work to get it. Even out in the human world. He loves to flirt with anyone he finds attractive (get my meaning *wink, wink*), he gets bored easily and can’t stand anything that looks like work or school (This does not mean he’s stupid, however.), has no idea how to cook or clean. He’s always skated through life by his looks, position and has not a care in the world.


Talents: Magic (especially healing magic), flirting, playing his ehru, singing, dancing, and he’s not too bad with his sword made of desert ironwood.


Likes: Flying, flirting, music, playing tricks, dancing... Anything fun

Dislikes: Anything that looks like work, studying, he hates to be bored, metal (metal burns fairies)

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Current Students (Con'd)


Name: Déjà vu (Deja)

Race: Phoenix; Phoenixes are the daredevils of the magical world. They are always daring and betting each other and love to live on the middle of danger. Phoenixes usually travel in flocks with four or five others and go with the flow, they don't need much to be happy. These firebirds are immortal, when they are dying they will burst into flame are reborn from the ashes.

Gender: Male

Age: 15


Human - Deja has fiery red hair that falls to his ears and seems to glint and flicker with oranges and yellows. Deja's eyes reflect his mood, if he his happy they are a light yellowish orange and when he is really mad they can turn to a deep ash black. Standing at about 5'11", Deja's wings connect to his back at his spine, just below his shoulder blades, and stretch out for a 15' wingspan. The wings are a living representation of fire and they flicker with flame patterns all the way from the first spark to the dying ashes. When he is around fire Deja's eyes hair and wings glow slightly and he can control fire at will, and sometimes against his will if he gets angry. Deja usually wears a simple shirt with tight fitting pants and boots that lace up almost to his knees, if it is even remotely chilly he will put on a long brown coat that falls to his ankles and billows about when he runs or flys.

Fire Bird - Tail is not this long

Personality: Deja is a very easy going guy, very rarely will he get angry but when he does get ready for a storm. Almost anywhere he goes Deja can make friends, he is easy to laugh with and can break most any awkward situation, he is also willing to view any side of an argument and can be very understanding. When you first meet him Deja may seem like an angel but after awhile he will start to make trouble and tricks and when he figures out how much you can handle without you completely rejecting him he will become the bane of your existence, but always in good humor.

Dragon Companion: Fiern, Fiern is a Nhiostrife Wyvern and very playful He and Deja have a very strong mental link and often times will finish each others sentences. Deja and Fiern can often be found some where on or off campus wrestling or racing or getting into trouble, they are the perfect playmates. Fiern has strong magical abilities but he cannot control them, magic will come to him in unexpected ways at unexpected ways

Talents: Deja is an excellent archer as well as a painter, sculptor, and writer.

Weapon of Choice: Deja is most comfortable with a long bow but is also adequate, and trying to improve his skill, with a leaf blade.

Likes: Fire, the smell of rain, reading, pranks, windy days, parties, snow (surprisingly)

Dislikes: Cold, wet, maroon, cowboy boots, oranges, and lots of other random stuff that changes very other day


Name: Mizuki Tachibana


Race: Human


Gender: Female


Age: 16 (turning 17, born on Feb. 15)


Appearance: Mizuki has short black hair, with red highlights along the right side, skinny, dark-brown eyes with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. She likes to wear long-sleeved shirts or sweaters, and shorts accompanied by a pair of nearly worn-out low-cut chucks with ankle-high socks.


Personality: Mizuki is usually a calm and collected young woman, but if she gets pestered or annoyed, she would be most likely hitting the person or animal which has just disturbed her until they beg for her to stop. She likes to daydream in class, except for combat, forging and cooking. In combat, she is a skilled spear-user, but has much to learn in the ways of magic. Although she has a little difficulty in dealing with magic, she has enough knowledge of her field of weaponry to take down a mage. She barely gives mercy to whoever she meets, but holds back during combat lessons.


Dragon Companion: A Golden Wyvern who is a fast flyer, and a skilled hunter. This particular wyvern likes to stay in out in the hunt a bit longer than its other companions, and gets more rewards for his persistence. This dragon is ready enough to be with Mizuki, and is a devoted companion.


Talents: She is skilled in Table Tennis, while she plays the piano.


Weapon of Choice: She likes to use a variety of spear weapons, such as a partisan, a pike, a halberd, a glaive, a bill, a bandiche, and a poleaxe.


Likes: Gore, classical music, anime and spear-throwing.


Dislikes: Roaches, getting embarrassed, loud music and butterflies.


Name: Kaius

Race: Phantasm. The Phantasm originate from humans who passed through the underworld and back up again due to  intense trauma although some people say that they're just ghosts. Although they have the shape of normal humans, they are ghostly pale and covered in glowing runes over their entire body, and they have the ability to become see-through or shapeshift. Their eyes are usually hollow with no pupils. No Phantasm has been seen during the war, and after the ten years it has been said that they were just a myth.

Gender: Male

Age: 204 years -- 17 human years

Appearance: Kaius (sorta..) is taller than most humans, standing at 6'5", and he has pale, ghostly skin. His skin is covered in glowing runes like all Phantasm, and his eyes have no pupils. On the left side of his face, from above his left eye to the middle of his left cheek, are runic burns that he had received from the underworld before he returned. His black hair falls until the middle of his back. He usually wears a ragged cloak to cover up his body.

Personality: A little spiteful of being a Phantasm, Kaius is usually quite irritable, which leads to sarcasm and spite. He has an ever-shifting personality; he doesn't like to speak a lot, but his emotions fluctuate greatly when provoked. A little on the sadistic side, he quite enjoys the notion of violence.

Dragon Companion: His dragon is gray in colour and often very dreary, but a fierce fighter when awake.

Talents: Lying, disappearing.

Weapon of Choice: He is formidable with a sword and/or a dagger. When in real combat, he likes to use a poisoned tip.

Likes: Fighting, rock music, being alone.

Dislikes: Studying, lunch time (because he can't eat).


Name: Jolinar/ Agatha Fletcher


Race: Demon - Sesseljae. While Sesseljae are mist-like beings, they require hosts to live more than a few days. As such they can appear as any race and any gender - some however do seem to have a preference in host choices. The combined being can be spotted by the pale yellow aura that surrounds them.

Sesseljae don't just attach themselves to a host and not provide benefits - a Sesseljae host has increased healing and gains resistance to environmental toxins and extremes. The host can also expel the Sesseljae if they feel their 'partnership' is over.

Sesseljae tried to stay out of the war - but due to their need for hosts were unable to remain truly neutral.


Gender: No real gender - but Jolinar identifies as a Female.


Age: 18 human years (Jolinar is only 3 days old as a mist cloud - age is that of her host)


Appearance: Outside host: a golden mist-cloud.

Current host: A auburn haired, green eyed human teenager. If it wasn't for the accompanying aura that indicated the presence of the sesseljae, Agatha would have blended into the background of normal human society.

Wears normal clothes for someone her age.


Personality: Basically a split one, Agatha and Jolinar are different as night is from day. Though admittedly Jolinar is still young and impressionable, while Agatha's early life was coloured by the vestiges of the war and had made lasting impressions on her developing mind.

The longer they remain in partnership, the more merged their personality will become.


Dragon Companion: A newly hatched Royal Crimson that is easily amused by the mental interactions between host and Sesseljae. Will eventually grow into a skilled peacekeeper from mediating between Agatha and Jolinar in addition to the usual talents of a dragon.


Talents: Accelerated healing, environmental and natural poison resistance (prolonged exposure/stronger or artificial poisons will still take effect). Agatha is also good at making arrows - it was her family trade.


Weapon of Choice: Jolinar has never fought, so defers to her host in this matter. Agatha wishes she was strong enough to wield her father's sword, but carries a lighter, smaller version to train with.


Likes: Sweets/chocolate, the occasional friendly rivalry.


Dislikes: Solitude/Isolation. Holds an extreme hatred for those responsible for her father's death.


Name: Camicar Heisamor

Race: Tsarico:

Tsarico are creatures of darkness. They can live a nearly infinite lifetime if they aren't killed, and they don't have children often because of this. In daylight, they look only like faint shadows with indistinguishable features, but in darkness, an outline begins to appear as though they drink in the dark around them. Being outside in daylight slowly drains their energy and they cannot remain in daylight for long periods of time. When you can see a Tsarico, it looks like a normal human. Indoors, you can usually see their human form unless they are directly in front of a window. They feed on darkness and do not need to sleep or eat, but if they spend a few days without going in dark places, they will begin to get weak and eventually disappear. The same happens if they are in daylight for too long. When they speak in daylight, their voices sound like a far off echo. Often they are mistaken for ghosts and because of this most other creatures class them as undead, but they see themselves to be in another class altogether. They can be hurt by normal methods, and if they get hurt enough or really badly, they begin to fade like smoke. Being hit with a sword wouldn't leave a visible mark, but you would be able to see very dark smoke come out of the area and dissipate. Something like fire or poison wouldn't affect them unless the fire was bright enough.


During the war, they were feared for their deadly nighttime attacks. Since the Tsarico don't need to sleep, they launched the majority of their attacks at night, when they had the advantage. During the day time, they struggled to defend their territories, and rarely launched attacks. Near the end of the war, they simply stopped claiming territory. They lead huge nighttime raids, then completely disappeared during the day hiding from the other races so that they didn't need to fight in daylight.


The Tsarico are born with the ability to cast a few relatively simple spells. They can cast illusion spells and can cast spells that allow that allow them to pass through objects. They use the spells they are born with by simple thought, but they cannot learn new spells. Their magical abilities are stronger in the dark, and work much better on things that are in the darkness.

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: In dark areas.

Personality: Camicar was rarely outside during the day because of his race, but he made friends with anyone from other races that were awake at night, which was very few people in the area he lived in. Since he rarely met people close to his age, he took to reading whenever there was nothing to do. He also doesn't exactly follow the rules. He would have to phase through the door of the library because it was closed at night, but he wouldn't break any major rules.

Dragon Companion: His companion is Merona, a female Night Glory Drake. It likes to read and eat, but mostly eat.

Talents: Camicar can read very fast, and in many languages, he can also memorize something he reads very quickly.

Weapon of Choice: He has never fought before

Likes: Bright colors, reading, the sound of wood breaking.

Dislikes: dusty and dirty things, ducks and duck quacks.


Name: Isolde

Race: Netric are mostly humanoid in appearance, the one thing off differs from one to the other. One might have wings while another has blue skin while yet another has a pair of horns. Each and every Netric has silver eyes that are just a bit larger than a humans and they have the ability to telepathically share and store information which they can access instantly, almost like Internet. But as they access the information they become completely unaware of their surroundings, very few are born with the ability to both surf the 'internet' and normally function at the same time. Another drawback is that each Netric has a different range or radius and information can only be shared if the ranges of both Netric overlap. When a Netric goes onto this 'internet' they freeze and their right eye turns gold. Netric were used mostly as a means of communication in the war, messengers did not have to be sent between troops if each had their own Netric.

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Isolde is 5'6" with dark brown hair that falls to her mid-back, usually worn either down or in a single braid. Isolde has very pale skin and wears her reading glasses almost all the time. She usually wears a pair of plain pants or shorts and a simple blouse with a coat if it's chilly. Isolde has sharp canine teeth, almost like a demon.

Personality: Isolde takes her education very seriously and she always has her nose in a book. Timid and shy Isolde has few friends and will very rarely break any rules. Despite her timidness Isolde is a great healer and has no problem speaking sternly to someone if her patient needs something.

Dragon Companion: Samael is an Electric dragon, he is generally very friendly and is very smart. He and Isolde get along very well and both love the pursuit of knowledge and while Isolde loves learning healing and natural sciences Samael prefers physics and number games.

Talents: Isolde plays viola and has a poetry reading hobby which she is quite good at. Neither of these talents are often shown to anyone.

Weapon of Choice: Isolde has never in her life picked up a weapon.

Likes: music, reading, science, stain glass work and iron wrought art, history, warm days with cool breezes

Dislikes: extreme temperatures, swimming, sports, english


Name: Colress Schmidt


Race: Colress is a Clockwork being. His kind was made during the war as expendable beings that could be sent in to kill masses, or to be sent in for suicide kind of missions, mostly those with fatal outcomes. However, as the end of the war drew near, the maker of them felt terrible about all of his 'children' dying. So, he made several models using magic, hiding their outwards appearance using potions (to make the outwards structure become skin), so they'd be able to feel and be more human in nature, so they wouldn't be seen as just a device that they could use to kill people. He eventually made a deal with a demon so he could further make the clockwork beings. Because of this, they have large numbers, but hardly age.


Gender: Male


Age: About 68 years old/16 Years old


Appearance:user posted image

Colress appears on the outside to be a normal, albeit pale, human being, a tall male with a slim figure, somewhat feminine looking to test the limits of the potions. Colress has short, combed back platinum blond hair, and honey colored eyes that he wears classes over.. He usually wears black clothes with blue highlights, to match the braid of hair that he has brushed back to hide behind his ear a bit. Outside of classes, he combs it out, allowing it to curl around his head. He usually wears a white lab coat over that. (Akin to my profile picture, to be honest)

On the inside, however, he is made up mostly of cogs and gears, with pipes leading to his heart. He doesn't bleed oil, though. He doesn't really bleed at all, but he does require blood to run his heart, as it doesn't rust the pipes that he uses. Due to the complexity of him, though, he does have to go into the nurses a couple of times a day to make sure he's working properly. He usually goes in in the morning just before first class, during Lunch as he doesn't need to eat, and just before he leaves for his dorm, so that he can rest up a bit, shutting down his systems so that he doesn't need to wake up a nurse for maintenance.


Personality: Colress is a cheerful fellow, often smiling and grinning at little things. He rarely frowns, but occasionally he will if he's very confused, as he's quite smart. He's quite smug about his knowledge, and will sometimes boast about it. He rarely gets angry, when he does, it's usually about a problem he can't solve, keeping level headed in just about any other situation. Colress is quite socially awkward, but will input his opinion if it relates to the matter at hand. Otherwise, he keeps to himself and hides away. When something even slightly embarrassing happens to him, he will get quite shy, to the point of blushing and nervously hiding his face with his hands.


Dragon Companion: Colress' Dragon; Kite is a dragon who thinks of himself as better than everyone. He prefers to be alone, save for when he wishes to be around people so he can show off and so that he can have a 'pedestal' (Also referred to as "Colress' shoulder") Kite is a rather snooty dragon, being a purebred. Even then, he's little more the a pygmy, about the size of a house cat, even when he's full grown, and he weights even less. Even then, he has abilities over electricity. He can only spit out tiny balls of electricity, but it's still enough to zap people mildly.


Talents: Colress has a rather amazing understanding of machinery, as he has to fix himself from time to time. He's somewhat skilled at hand-to-hand combat, as he can take mortal wounds, and still get back up, but he's more adept at the use of 'sticks' for 'Stick fighting', which he was better trained for by his maker (His thinness makes up mostly for his height, and helps him for any of his more 'risky' stunts, like any sort of flip he might try, or any acrobatics he might use in 'Stick fighting'). Once he learned things, he can usually remember it, and eventually master it after a bit of time.


Weapon of Choice: Although Colress prefers to keep peace, he will fight when needed to. He usually relies on his metal baton for his stick fighting, but he will use hand-to-hand quite often too.


Likes: Reading, training, moments of perfection (Usually of his health, so that he doesn't need a visit to the nurse), moments when Kite has decided to stay back in his dorm, Learning, compliments to his intelligent or really anything that he does.


Dislikes: Wounds, malfunctions, trips to the nurse, Kite's 'pedestal' usage, insults about him, embarrassing moments (he blushes much too easily for his liking).


Name: Raein (RAY- in) Skulblaka 

Race: Dragon Slayer ~ A wizard or witch child made to learn the magic of a dragon, Dragon Slayer were used during the war for one purpose and one purpose only: to slay dragons. They often had a specific dragon type they were meant to kill, such as fire,metal, lightning, or sky dragons. After the war many were exterminated by those who disagreed with their purposes until only a select few were left. The Dragon Slayers were personified by their ability to eat the substance of their dragons ability, and their excellent sense of smell. A Sky Dragon Slayer would be able to eat the sky, and so on. It was often used as fuel during battle.

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: I put the image in a link because it was so big it put Yo Mamma to shame.

Personality: A bit of a hot headed one, Raein often charged into things head first and thinks nothing of the consequences. He's very loyal, and is angered very easily, especially if he thinks you're challenging him. He takes his friendships very seriously, and often judges people by how they smell, as in whether they're considered to be good or bad by his standards. Most often, he'll pick fights with Ice or Water Wizards.

Dragon Companion: Raein will unknowingly choose a fire dragon, just like the ones he'd been trained to kill. The hatchling will be born from an Ahhhh as hot as molten lava, and will be black with undercurrents of red, like for boiling underneath a rock surface. This dragon will be extremely fearful of water, ice, and, strangely, sand.

Talents: Being a fire Dragon Slayer, Raein has taken with fire magic, and only fire magic.

Weapon of Choice: Fire Magic.

Likes: Food, Companionship, Fighting.

Dislikes: Boats, Ice Wizards, Water Wizards, Beaches.

Name: Cassandra Sunsoar

Race: Icari (from the Wayfarer Redemption Series)

Icari (both plural and singular) appear to be normal humans, but have white wings that span about two armslengths off from their body. Icari use the magic of the stars (Star Dance) via singing, are talented musicians, and each Enchanter family has a ring which when they look at it tells them the notes to create the spell that they are thinking off. Few Icari can use the Dance of Death, which is the opposite of the Star Dance. The Icari live for roughly 500 years each, and each Icari must spend 5 years in the Strike Force, which is the defence force of the Icari, consisting entirely of archers. Icari find it incredibly hard to reproduce, therefore place a high value on children, and each Icari is destined to fall into true love with one specific person. The Icari are also incredibly vain, and tend to be somewhat isolated from more earthen matters. The Star magic that they use can only be used for creation, not destruction. They also find it incredibly hard to spring into action, and prefer to stay isolated and take the safer route.

In the wars, they tended to stay above all the conflict, however once they realised that they were not getting the share they believed that they were entitled too, they entered the war. The Icari have had few casualties due to their ease of movement, but have also gained very little from the war.

Age: 18

Appearance: Cassie has long golden hair which falls down to beneath her shoulders, and marine blue eyes. She is average height for her race, but would be considered tall for a human. Her wings span out around two arm spans from her body, and unlike most Icari are undyed. She is fond of dresses or tunics, tending to wear one of them despite the impracticality of it at most times, which she normally couples with a pair of boots, regardless of the fact that they do not exactly match.

Personality: Cassie is quite selfish, seeing her own priorities as more important than those of the group, and takes great pride in her appearance. She finds it relatively easy to talk to people, and is quite a social person, although finds it hard to get close or trust anyone. Incredibly shy, she prefers to avoid public speaking or confrontation, and will prefer to flee over fighting anyone. People's opinions matter to her, and she has an over active conscience, and hates the fact that anyone might hate her at all. Cassie gives in easily to peer pressure, and while she is not a rule breaker at heart, she finds it easy to be persuaded to do things that she otherwise would not.

Dragon Companion: A slim black dragon who has high agility and loves flying, but finds it hard to keep still, which makes him a bad hunter. Highly disobedient, he will frequently ignore Cassie's commands, and a somewhat aggressive attitude makes him fly into fights that he just cannot win.

Talents: Cassie can use the magic of the Star Dance through singing, and can fly. She is also skilled with the bow and arrow (see below)

Weapon of Choice: Cassie is trained in the bow and arrow like most of her race.

Likes: Companionship, achieving, sports, singing, looking pretty.

Dislikes: Erm…nothing specific.


Staff List

(Teacher - Subject)


Kaio - Headmaster

Trevor Linole - Combat (Hand-to-hand)

Jubah Burung - Combat (Archery)

Lorelei Aoi - Forging

Choru Malk-stillskin - Nurse

Jasmine Sentra - Librarian

Relan Folorate - Magic

Haruki Kitahara - Music

Aolin Qian - Alchemy

Rolith Garrido - Astronomy

Lynnsei Palador - Literature

Beriiel Rhuniae - Science

Kassiopeia Apollonia Xanthopoulos - Language

Albert Wesker Schmidt - Cultural Studies


List of Current Races


-Ashura (Luckyclaw)

Four-armed members of the Demonic family that have blue or white skin. Also known as Love Demons. Kindly and try to keep good in the world.


-Azazels (Luckyclaw)

Member of the humanoid family but sometimes debated as members of the demonic family, has sharp ears, fangs and claws. Immune to magic and very strong. Derogatorily referred to as 'lesser demon' or 'pit scum'. Widely disliked and often scapegoated.


-Beastlings (Jaina)

Originally elves and humans that have been heavily altered due to a magical calamity during the war. The effects of the magic merged those present with various animals that were present within the radius of the spell, making dozens of different sub-races. All members of the Beastling race, regardless of appearance are capable breeding with humans and elves.


-Demons (*)

An entire family of various hellish beings. Appearance and abilities can vary greatly.


-Dragons (**)

Members of the Beast family, comes in many colors and breeds including Pink.


-Draugr (Luckyclaw)

Singular = Draug. Draugr are members of the Undead family that mostly live underwater. They look like waterlogged humans and can only reproduce using the soul of someone drowned at sea. Can only be killed via poisoning, drying out or freezing. Lives on a diet of meat and souls.


-Elves (*)

Member of the humanoid family, often has very good magic and inclination for nature. Most have sharp ears and are peaceful forest-dwellers, but appearances and cultures can vary greatly.

-Fire (Natevaelle)

The smallest subspecies of Elves, all live in a desert city called Asteroth. Evolved to have great passion for fire despite being descended from common wood-dwelling elves. During the war, they tried to live far from civilization but were attacked by nearby races, humans in particular, and forced to evacuate their ruined city to live a nomadic life. Recently, they have gone back to their city and begun to rebuild. Distrustful of most other races.

-Graced (Jaina)

A subspecies of elves, with enhanced physical traits making them faster, stronger, and in general more graceful than a normal elf, a feat to be sure. In opposition to this, the Graced have fewer and rarer magical abilities which seem to be few and far between.


-Fairies (LotusDragon)

Member of the humanoid family. Can be of varying sizes from the height of a human to less than a foot tall.


-Littleputans (Sailing101)

A sub-race of Fairies, standing at about a foot tall. Considered diminutive by most humanoids. Littleputans have lightweight, twig-like features best suited for slipping into narrow spaces.

Littleputans are best known as artisans, craftsmen, and engineers. A Littleputan village is truly a sight to see. Often built in treetops or cliffsides, these communities consist of small homes connected by walkways, ziplines, ladders, and even mechanical lifts. There is even a village that was built on the back of a living Geode dragon, with his approval of course.

During the war, Littleputans were used as spies and assassins, their small stature making it easy for them to slip into well guarded areas unnoticed and copy important documents, or slip poisons into an unsuspecting goblet.


-Humans (*)

The most common member of the humanoid family. Played a huge part in the war and lost a great amount of their population, yet still remain one of the most numerous of all races. Has many separate nations that banded together for the war, yet they are all still an astoundingly diverse race.

-Empaths (Narvix)

A kind of human that can feel and be affected by emotions. Empaths were hardly used in the actual battles of the war as very few knew how to not be overwhelmed by the enormous flood of strong emotions.

-Nihounese (Luckyclaw)

Humans that hail from the small land of Nihoun in the Old World. Had a huge impact on the war, but a sizable chunk of their population was obliterated because of it.

-Telumni (Drakonspite)

Singular = Telumnus. A human subspecies (Homo Arma) that has evolved a larger cerebellum at the cost of smaller storage space for short-term and vivid memory. Extraordinary with weapons, but some learn basic magic skills. Looses control of powers in times of emotional fervor. Suffered huge losses in the war and is now endangered.

-Witches/Wizards (Narvix)

A culture of humans that has a very strong propensity for magic. They were used in the war mostly for their magic that could effectively be used against Dragons. However, their numbers are naturally small and makes them a bit hard to find.


-Icari (Emeraldmay)

White-winged humans with great magic. They have a high value on children and tried to stay isolated from war matters, but in the end they joined the war like all the others.


-Mentamontis (Na82008)

Looks very similar to humans with blue tinged skin and diamond-shaped pupils. Very powerful magic users, but do not live very long lives. Held a strong front at the beginning of the war, but was beaten back and suffered towards the end of it. Also known as Stargazers because of the way their eyes look when they think deeply.


-Nagas (LotusDragon)

Members of the humanoid family, can transform between a human form and a snake form. Usually a peaceful and solitary race.


-Phoenixes (Raven301)

The daredevils of the magical world. They are always daring and betting each other and love to live on the middle of danger. Phoenixes usually travel in flocks with four or five others and go with the flow, they don't need much to be happy. These firebirds are immortal, when they are dying they will burst into flame are reborn from the ashes.


-Shargonacs (Na82008)

A reptilian breed with very dark colored scales and a tail. Slightly taller than a human, with thinner limbs with a slightly wider stomach. Their heads are triangular (like a lizard) with brightly colored eyes that are about twice the size of a human's. Has suction cups on the end of their fingers and toes. Rarely lives in groups, so many Shargonacs joined the side of whatever race they were closest to. There was a large city that was created by Shargonacs, but many of them were wiped out and the city is now a ghost town.


-Sirens (LotusDragon)

Waiting for Lotus to give me a description.


-Snow Wrights (Marcus Phoenix)

Distant member of the humanoid family, often mistaken as a member of the Undead family. Also known as 'Wraiths'. A species discovered recently, once thought to have been created from the souls of those killed in the war. Has ethereal properties and can phase through walls, glow an eerie green and are cold to the touch. Ruled by a king and stayed out of the war, but healed the wounded that they came in contact with.


-Typhon (Emeraldmay)

Of humanoid build. Tough species, can go for a long time without food or water. Possess claws that can be used for fighting. Live in family groups in harsh environments where there is less competition for resources. Advanced in technology, but it is oriented towards survival and not luxury.


-Uccello (Narvix)

They participated heavily in the war. Some of their numbers possessed wings, allowing them to have arial combat and an advantage over grounded enemies. Most of their number is bipedal and unable to use magic. As such, many picked up various weapons based on their talents and strengths in fighting styles; which did vary from individual to individual. The Uccello can be considered as mutated Gryphons and are viewed as a sub-species to the well-known, hybrid avians. While they make for good fighters and speedy messengers (in the case of those not wanting to fight), they are inherently weaker to magic attacks, especially fire based spells as their feathers are not fire-proof.


-Valravn (X)

Members of the hybrid family, wolf/raven mixes. Wolves with bird feathers, talons and wings, some have beaks while others have snouts. Can have very powerful magic, but unless given a sacrifice they are mostly powerless. Valravn live sixteen years unless they receive the sacrifice of a firstborn child, in the case of which their magic is unlocked eternally at a high level. Highly manipulative. Very unpopular and often seen as dangerous.


-Vampires (Forsaken Rider of Dreams)

A member of the Undead family that drinks blood to survive and is feared by many. Vampires are generally stronger than the average human and can preform magic, as well as Blood Control, which is the ability to hold dominion over corpses of drained victims. Vampire have cold skin and fangs as well as eyes that turn red when angry. To become a vampire one must either be born as one or be turned, the latter being a dangerous procedure that fails more often than it succeeds. They can only be killed via burning or decapitation.


* = Race is very common and has many sub-breeds. It's a race totally free for any new characters.

X = Race has little united history and is deemed a free race by its creator.

** = Dragons are given to all students who enroll.

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This shall be updated every other day or two to highlight happenings, locations, etc.


--> Dec. 21, 2013: The thread has been approved and moved. Officially open, accepting, and ready for RPing. Starting day in RP time - Sunday morning at 9:00.

--> Dec. 30, 2013: We time-skipped to 8:00 PM, Sunday. All students were jumped to the Auditorium to help nudge things along further. Curfew is at 9:00 PM. Best find your rooms soon!

--> Jan. 2, 2014: TIME SKIP WAS MADE. Present in-RP time - Monday, 6:00 AM.

--> Jan. 20, 2014: Science class is about to begin. Students, hurry to your seats lest you be late!

--> Feb. 18, 2014: Language will be starting soon! This is an optional class so students can chose to attend or not.

--> Mar. 22, 2014: Invoking a major push of action. Lucky is moving egg-less students to the Hatchery, posted a "call-to-arms" activity notice in the OOC thread, and sending out a mass-group PM to members for interest checks. I am pushing students not attending Language to the cafeteria, students attending Language to the proper classroom, and have checked in with the member who RP's for the teacher. Please remember all of the rules, including those about activity!

--> Apr. 15, 2014: A little summary on what is presently happening: Language has started but the teacher, Lotus's character, has yet to make herself visible (she's been hiding in the back corner under shadows so no students can see her but they notice that this corner is a bit darker than the rest of the room). Since Lucky and I didn't want everyone to be in limbo while we waited for Lotus's computer to be fixed or replaced, our two teachers - Jubah Burung of Archery and Trevor Linole of Hand to hand Combat - have set a bet against each other to see just how long it would take to piss this new Language teacher off. Presently, the locations are up to date on who is where with the slight change of Sin as of late last night that I haven't adjusted for yet; she's standing in the doorway to watch the shenanigans. Linole is trying to wake a sleeping student, Mizuki, by tapping her head. Since Mitzuki hasn't posted in three days for her Linole is going to dump a bucket of ice on her and move on to other students. Presently, he's mostly aiming to get students' names.

--> Aug. 31, 2014: So sorry for the hiatus everyone! A TIME SKIP has been made! Students should now be awake/waking up on Sunday Morning, 9:30 A.M. This is half an hour before the weekly assembly. This will also mark the end of the first week of classes. Students should at least vaguely know all of the other students (does not have to include their dragons if hatched yet) and certainly been acquainted with their teachers.

--> Nov. 18, 2014: Another jump. We had skipped to the first Sunday since the start of the school year but, with this nudge, I forced everyone into the auditorium for the assembly.

--> May 23, 2015: A fresh Time Skip has been made. It is now Monday morning at 8:00 AM. Gym starts at 9:00 AM, RP time. Hopefully this will incite some interactions between more than two people.




Occupied Bedrooms

Numbered from 1 to 100 and designed for two occupants and two hatchlings except room 50.

Each room is or can be modified for specific needs based on the student's race/ size.


Room# / Availability / Occupants


08 / OPEN / Raein Inactive Character

10 / CLOSED / Devon Inactive/Hiatus Character

17 / OPEN / Al'nivte

21 / OPEN / Silmarwen and Cassandra

27 / CLOSED / Lorf

28 / OPEN / Tatsuke Hiatus Character

30 / CLOSED / Seamus Hiatus Character

39 / OPEN / Camicar

48 / OPEN / Colress

53 / OPEN / Soria

60 / CLOSED / Luke

66 / CLOSED / Sin Hiatus Character and Jolinar/ Agatha

74 / OPEN / Esko

75 / CLOSED / Dain

90 / OPEN / Syasurru Inactive/Hiatus Character

100 / CLOSED / Felic


Students still needing rooms chosen:


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(I hope this is ok smile.gif )


Cassie strolled casually into the foyer, luxurious furred boots only making slight sounds of the tiled floor of the lobby. Her wings were stuck proudly out from her back, curled back slightly so the intricate dying that she had done the night before could be clearly seen. While normally she favoured the typical violet, today she had gone for sheer opulence, painstakingly dyed so every other feather was a glimmering gold. She shifted them slightly, so the light scattered off them, and gave a small nod to the imaginary crowd of admirers which stood before her. Looking down, she yet again checked that her new leather boots had yet to scuff, and each footstep was trodden with care.


Her dress trailed down to her lower thighs, made of the finest golden silk, and woven by the smoothest of magical voices. Her mind drifting back toward her magic, she yet again glanced to the ring that lay on her finger. The dark blue colour did little to match her dress, but nicely complimented her eyes, or so she though. The slight pinch of the ring was comforting in a way, as she knew that if she lost it then her family would never forgive her. There had been intense debate about whether or not she would be allowed to take it, but her family feared the aggressive races would damage her more than the loss of their magical power. The Icari had never been a fertile race, and the war had brought them even further into isolation. Children were precious, and it took a lot of persuading for Cassie to even be brought to the Academy in the first place. Not that there was anyone else to bring. Cassie had been the darling child of the family for as long as she had known, and many were loath to let her go.


The lack of luggage left Cassie uneasy. She only had one suitcase with her, of essentials that would last her less than a week, and no time for any of the luxuries that Cassie was accustomed too. But it was simply impossible for her to be adequately protected, and have all of the goodbye tokens that were lavished on her to be carried in any inconspicuous way to the Academy. There had been endless lists of things people had thought she'd need, and Cassie had soon found her dresses and jewellery being replaced with the more practical items such as coats, and books. So many books. Cassie enjoyed reading as much of the next, but the idea that she would have to do extra work in order to keep up with her relatives… how boring!


She was used to working hard, but also to receiving rewards for it in the short term. As her eyes surveyed the room, Cassie couldn't help but wonder where her old friends were now. They'd be joining the Strike Force – the name of the Icari Army – and training with the bow and arrow to be elite. Their magic was one of peace, and the agility of the arrow appealed to the Icari mindset. But no, she was stuck here.


But Cassie would get a dragon. A dragon! Pets were not common at all in Talon Spike, the centeral home of the Icari, and her parents had long refused to get one. Oh – how jealous everyone she knew would be. Cassie soon found herself lost in thought as she daydreamed about the envy that she would inspire when she returned.


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Mere minutes after Cassie had strolled into the foyer, squishy footsteps echoed behind her along with the sound of an appreciative whistle. The appearance of this newcomer was almost the opposite of the neat female who was the first to enter through the large doors. His silver hair was unkempt and sopping wet, the green licks that inhabited the tips of each lock gently rested on his face, almost obscuring the view of his blue eyes. His brown dragon rider's coat was also soaked in all the places it wasn't torn, as if it had been recently drudged from the bottom of the ocean, torn from the waterlogged skeleton of a rider who had been shot off his dragon while he was riding over the sea. Which it probably was, since Seamus was a Draug who had access to those places.

"Woooah. Look at this place. You could fit a ship in this room! This's gotta be the second... third... no, definitely the second biggest foyer I've ever seen." Yes, it was one of the largest foyers he'd seen so far, and he was getting water all over it. His small bag was being lugged over his shoulder, about as large as a basketball, yet seemingly heavier as it was putting an obvious strain on the arm holding the string that kept it closed.

After a moment of staring the architecture up and down, Seamus took a seat right there on the floor, crossing his legs and letting down his bag with a thud. Seamus was one of a million of the baby boom the Draugr experienced during the war as members of the Undead family. Since they had no real unity, Seamus just up and decided to come one day. Just like that. He woke up one morning, caught word of some Academy that gave away free dragons, thought 'hey, I can go do that.' Then here he was. The hardest part of getting here was the fact that it was so far from the sea, so he swim down as many rivers as he could and when he had to travel over land, he carried water bottles. Lots and lots of water bottles.


Speaking of water... man was he dry. He reached into his pack and pulled out one of his favorite water bottles. Then dumped the whole thing on his head.




A red-haired female with sharp ears and a brown-haired human watched them enter, and about the time Seamus sat down the brown-haired male clicked a pen and wrote something down on a clipboard he was holding. He looked at the red-haired female next to him, his almond-shaped golden eyes now fixed on the soggy male. "That is probabry Seamus, right?" He checked the name off on his clipboard, "And Icari have wings rike girl, so she is Casseh I sink." He checked her name off on his attendance clipboard, too. "You're too meticulous. If you're not sure, ask them instead of checking off the wrong name." the red-haired female sighed. "You're onry using that word haff-right."


But she wasn't listening to him. She approached the two, "Welcome to the Academy, you two're Seamus and Cassie, right? We've been expecting you. I'm Sin, and that guy over there with the clipboard is Tatsuke. We're senior students here, sent to guide you around and show you the ropes." Her red hair was short which showed off her triangular ears, and when she spoke her shark-like fangs were apparent. Her nose and upper cheeks, just below her silver eyes, were covered in freckles and the claws that replaced the last knuckles of her fingers made it obvious what she was- an Azazel. "I'd say make yourselves comfortable, but one of you already did that. We're waiting for some of the other new students to show up, once that happens I'll be taking you kids to get your dragon eggs. Until then, I'm here to answer any questions."


Sin's own dragon wasn't around yet, oddly enough.

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Cassie watched as the newcomer made his way into the foyer. She was almost pleased at his dishelmed appearance, as it served to enhance her looks all the more. Tossing her golden locks behind her shoulders, Cassie made a start to approach the boy, who, if her books were right, she identified as a Draugr, but after seeing the puddle that surrounded him, decided that companionship was not worth getting her boots wet. Still, her marine eyes lingered on him and the bag that he carried.


But the senior students were of interest to her. Upon hearing her name, Cassie enthusiastically walked over towards them, placing a gentle smile neatly upon her face as others would wear a hat. Approaching Sin, she extended her hand, drooping her wings slightly in a show of respect that one would give to an elder. Her head remained high though, so not to defer entirely to their leadership.


"That's me. Cassandra Sunsoar, at your service. I would like to thank you greatly for this service, and hope that I will become worthy of this Academy."

Although Cassie slightly bristled at her humble tone, she knew there was a different kind of hierarchy here, and while her parent's warned her that people would be unlikely to understand her status, it was slightly different seeing it first-hand. Still, they didn't know better, and Cassie would have to adjust to that.


Cassie let the handle of the suitcase that she was clutching onto fall down, and made a conscious effort to hold her hands neatly in front of her, instead of twisting them anxiously like her emotions wanted to.


"I shall look forward to meeting the other students."


She said, once again checking down for the familiar pinch of her ring on her finger. To her relief, it was still there, although common sense told her that it was unlikely for it to have gone anywhere in this short space of time.


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Lorf walked into the Academy. He looked around. There was a human like girl with golden wings, a strange boy siting on the ground drenched in water, a red haired Demond hybrid, and a brown haired human. i hope this place doesn't get any colder he thought. His dark red scales turned seemingly black when he walked into the entrance of the building. He carried nothing with him except a small purse of coins, a bag half full of his favorite crickets, a dagger, and a stone to clean his scales with, all hidden in pockets inside on the inside of his brown wool cloak. Two of the people already hear were talking, so he didn't make a noise and simply leaned against one of the wall. He had only been told he was coming here about a month ago, he didn't even know of this places existence before, and as to why he had been sent, he was just as clueless, but this seemed like it could be worth coming, and he wasn't going to learn about dragons if he stayed home.

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In the Academy, previous ranks rarely mattered. Sin herself had ranks of her own back in her own nation, but in the Academy she was no more and no less than a senior student. Sin either didn't pick up on Cassandra's subtle signs that would have revealed her true nature, or she ignored them. She took the extended hand and gave a firm handshake, one that may have seemed rough to anyone who was of fine breeding and sheltered life. The pads of her hands had callouses and even the claws, which one would expect to be smooth like the sides of a cat's nail, possessed uneven grooves where the claw had been chipped or stripped and grown back in. The hands of a worker.


"You don't become worthy, if you make the effort to get along you're already worthy. There's a few more senior students who'll be showing up in a little while, I'm sure you'll get along with them." When Sin spoke, it was with natural authority. There was a deep charisma to her voice in some way, but apparently the leader-like allure didn't come with free attention span. The Shargonac came in quietly, and she still was in charge of attendance. Alongside Tatsuke, but she didn't put it passed him to chicken out and not ask anyone their actual names. To avoid having random people marked as being present due to Tatsuke's shyness, she had to go make sure that he was a Shargonac and not that Ucello they were waiting on. Whatever an Ucello was.

"If you have any questions, don't be afraid to approach me or Tatsuke. But I gotta job to do in the meantime. Nice meeting ya." With that, she approached the reptilian being.


Speaking of Tatsuke, he had been looking at Sin and Cassandra speak from a few feet away, but once Sin walked away he absentmindedly stared at the Icari thinking about what was going to be served for dinner tonight and if any of the new students were any good at chess. When he caught himself staring in Cassandra's general direction, he jumped a little and quickly adverted his eyes. Smooth.




"You must be Lorf, right?" Sin asked as she approached him. He was taller and he was also a bipedal lizard, but that didn't intimidate her. He seemed like he didn't know much about what was going on anyway, sort of like a student who was sick for a week then came back into class while everyone was working on a project. "I'm Sin, and my friend with the clipboard over there is Tatsuke. We're senior students, and we're here to show you guys around and pretty much guide you." She extended her clawed hand, "If you have any questions, I'm here to answer them."

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Dain stood quietly in the shadows of the far dark corners of the foyer. He wasn't shy, so much as merely wanting to play a game. His eyes locked on his favorite human, Tatsuke and was curious if the boy would be able to feel his presence. Dain had heard stories about humans whom, even though they are completely normal, could "sense" a creature lurking in the dark watching them. To the beginning of the new school year party as Dain would call it, he wore his black coat. The coat was long, falling a little bit past his knees. However after years of wear and tear the coat was ragged, patched in some spots and missing the buckles on the leather belt clasps. Dain had chosen not to wear his hat, thinking that it would be too much for the event.


Dain spared a glance away from Tats and towards the other creatures. The first that Dain's gaze found was Sin, who upon seeing her made Dain frown. He was steadily remembering the trouble that he went through to befriend the Azazel and how horridly bad the relationship ended up becoming. It has been a while since the two had seen each other, other than classes, which Dain made sure to either skip or stay on the other side of the room. Dain's eyes flickered to the newcomer. It was essentially a human with wings that were the color of gold. This made Dain smile, well that is if you can call it a smile. Dain's lips separated and his cheeks arched, but the smile looked more like the grin off of some evil genius from the movies who just finished their experiment. He had smiled because Dain enjoyed flashy things whether it be one's wings or one's weapons.

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"I hope so."


Cassie smiled, raising a hand to delicately brush a curl out of her eyes. The girl's hand was coarse, and for a second Cassie rubbed her hands together, feeling the smooth palms caress each other gently. Would her hands end like that? She glanced at the top of her fingers, where the skin was slightly toughened from years working with the bow. Making a mental note to write home requesting some hand lotion, Cassie neatly clasped her hands together once again, but her thoughts kept coming back to Sin. Would she be like that after she had spent some time here? All commanding and confident? Cassie rarely had any power over her circumstances, and the concept of having complete choice seemed confusing to her.


"It was good to meet you too." As the girl walked away, Cassie turned to the other figures in the group.


"So you must be Tatsuke correct?" Turning to the Daugr, she continued. "And I do apologise, but I appear to have missed your name. Would you care to enlighten me?"

The formal words that she spoke felt normal on her tongue, as she hardly spoke to anyone but adults, but Cassie kept a smile on her face and her eyes directly looking at each of the men she was talking too.


"It is a very lovely building isn't it?" Cassie murmured, turning slightly to survey the architecture, but making sure to maintain her line of focus inside the group. "The journey here was tiring, but this makes it worth it."


Out of the corner of her eye, Cassie could see Sin conversing with the newcomer. Nothing seemed to be going differently from when she'd been greeted, so Cassie gave a slight sigh of relief that she had not made a bad first impression. Or at least, not bad enough to merit a response.

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Lorf shook the senior's hand. "yes, I'm Lorf, i hope we can be friends too" he said to her. Lorf's bright green eyes regarded her closer. Her claws were sharp and darker than any Shargonac's scales. Unlike other Demond races he'd seen, her skin had many freckles. Lorf then reached into his cloak and took a cricket from his bag and ate it. he hadn't eaten that day as he had fallen behind his schedule and would have been late if he took time to catch and eat breakfast.

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(In my haste I forgot Sin, sorry, she's coming right up)


Tatsuke looked back up to the polite Icari, giving a polite smile in return. Her posture, her still and quiet form, it reminded him of the girls who came from his homeland. They were taught to be seen and not heard back in his homeland, acting polite and mature to everyone around them. Even those of similar social standing. Yes, she acted as if she'd been conditioned to act this way. That was something he hadn't seen since he'd come to the Academy. He didn't know how to approach it or if it was even worthy of being approached, however. There was also the question of if it was even true. Perhaps he had been away from home so long that he was trying to see things that weren't there. So he would keep his assumption in his brain where it belonged, and if it ever became apparent to him he would handle the situation as it came.


He thought too much anyway.


"Yes, I am the Tatsuke." His voice was thick with a foreign accent, his face was flat and his eyes were long at the sides. He didn't look like a human another race would find in a textbook, and it seemed as though this language was not his first. He didn't extend his hand for a handshake, instead he gave a respectful bow like a man of the court.


After his bow, he felt like he was being watched. He clutched the clipboard to his chest and turned around, grateful to discover that it was just a vampire lurking in the shadows. More importantly, his closest guy friend in the school. For a moment, he thought his dragon had decided to show up now, of all times, when there were lots of new people around. "Oi, Dain! Why you in shadows? Come to me." Tatsuke knew by now, after a year of really getting to know the vampire, that Dain really liked people and being social. Now, one year older and one year more experienced, Tatsuke also knew how to help out his friends. He would introduce Dain to this polite girl. Tatsuke gestured to his friend with a kindly and gentle smile and said to Cassandra, "This is Dain. He is also senior student, and is a good friend of me."




"My name is Seamus. Seamus Ruun Faktoson," the waterlogged Draug said from his spot on the floor. He crumpled up the cheap water bottle in his hand and dropped it on the floor in the puddle beside him, then looked the Icari up and down. She had fancy, neat clothing and a well-kept appearance only complimented by her sweet words. He understood her now, she was one of those races that got pampered. Must be someone's little girl. Something in the back of his head pulsed, an ancient memory of a past life scratching at the walls of the labyrinth of hazy experiences he'd known before he had died and been reincarnated as a Draug.


Draugr were born from the souls of people who had died at sea, inhabiting a body that two Draug parents created. Unlike other races, a Draug soul wasn't created as a body was formed. It had to be scavenged or stolen. Because their soul was tied to a body and didn't truly inhabit it, a dismembered Draug was still alive. To an outside race, it could either be seen as a second chance at life to become a Draug or a hellish curse. But Draugr didn't fully remember their past lives, only bits and pieces.


And all Seamus knew was that something was reminding him of something. It distressed him, but he remembered one singular thing... he hated other races. Especially those pampered peoples, sitting pretty on golden hierarchies. Why? He didn't remember. But he still hated them, more than anything.


His sapphire eyes held a moist gleam, "Yes, it's quite the lovely building miss, and the journey was more than tiring." his boots squished as he rouse up from his seat. He flicked his head to send his silver hair out of his face to show his ghostly pale skin and his crooked smile. He spoke with a sweet voice, too sweet, yet not quite false enough to consider him being a faker. "You didn't introduce yourself to me, what is your name?" He folded his hands behind his back, the sound of wet fabric sliding against wet fabric sounded as his sleeves swept over his coat.




Other females usually took the point where someone ate a bug to go 'eeeeewwww'. Not Sin. "You can't get full on those, can you? Doesn't look like there's enough to eat in that." She'd eaten a lot of odd things before, like milk from the udder of a cow (which she'd been surprised to find out was a normal thing to drink around these parts), a tarantula and even newt eggs. Crickets were normal compared to those things, especially considering this guy was a reptilian humanoid. There were no new students coming in yet, so Sin would allow herself a few minutes to chat with the Shargonac before she tore herself away from him. Besides, it looked like Tatsuke was getting along just fine without her.

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Lorf ate another cricket. "I only brought these as a snack, these crickets are my favorite" he said. Few villages seemed to sell bugs, and none that he had passed sold this kind of cricket. He'd have to go find some on his own, but he wasn't sure if they lived in areas this cold. He already slightly disliked this place because of how cold it was. He was use to living in areas much warmer than this. A dragon would be very warm he thought. "I was wondering, do we really get dragons here?" Lorf asked Sin.

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"Dain. Nice to meet you." Cassie smiled, trying not to show how taken aback she was by this man suddenly coming out of the shadows. Turning to once again address the entire group, she continued.


"I am Cassandra Sunsoar." She said, nodding politely to the Draug. While she was slightly perturbed at his littering, she made an effort to hide it behind a face of stone. It was too early in the day to be making enemies. Besides, she knew little about the Draugr culture, so if that was part of his, she would simply have to tolerate it. Confrontation was never her strong point, as the guilt of upsetting those she argued with was too much to bare.


The ring. Once again Cassie was relieved it see the sight of the gem glinting on her finger. The ring was from which she based her magic, giving her the notes for the song she needed, within reason of course. There was only one within each family, and losing it would be too awful to even consider the consequences.


"Where I live, it is the beauty of the scenery that speaks for the location, while the architecture is plain to say the least." Once again, she turned her gaze to the surrounding area.


"Each has its own charm. Tell me, are the lodgings this nice?"


Making a quick mental note of all the baggage that would be delivered soon, Cassie couldn't help but wonder if there would be room for it all. Shrugging it off as a problem for later, Cassie quickly surveyed the room. There seemed to be no new arrivals, but then again, would she even notice if there was?

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Dain chuckled as his attention turned back towards Tatsuke. It seems that the rumors were true. Dain stepped out of the shadows with his hands in his jacket pockets. "Well Tatsie, it seems like no matter how often I try, I will never be able to hide myself from you anymore. It isn't fair either, now if I ever want to suck you dry when I get hungry, I won't be able to catch you by surprise." Dain's grin cocked up to the left to reveal one of his fangs, which he than licked hungrily. Dain was of course joking and Tatsuke will probably know this, however the newcomer may not catch on as quickly.


Dain turned towards the golden winged human. "Hello there madame. Your a bit flashy with the wings there, I like it." Dain lifted his hand out in a expectation for a handshake. His hands were hidden by the pure leather gloves he had on. The gloves, missing some fingers, officially gave him the look of a homeless poor human who just walked in off the street.


Dain's eyes flickered to the Draug. His eyes began to flicker between red and the green. "You, Draug, this foyer isn't your bedroom. I don't mind you covering the floor with water, after all it is how you survive. But learn some respect." Dain made his way over to the creature and glared at him like an adult glaring at a child. "Now pick up your trash and take it to one of the many trash cans scattered around the walls."

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(The new students will get dragon eggs after Narvix posts.)


She pointed her claw at his nose, "No, you don't 'get' a dragon. You raise one, and you befriend one. No one owns anyone in this school, and dragons are someone too." She had suddenly turned very serious about the topic. She had befriended a dragon over the course of a year, and raised him from a hatchling. He wasn't present now, but she needed to make sure these newcomers understood that dragons weren't pets. They would become companions, Just as quickly as she had hardened, she softened. "In a few minutes, I'll be taking you kids to choose a dragon egg to raise. You'll come to learn that they're not pets, but friends."




"The rooms are very nice. Simple. Not very big, but not tiny eitha. Enough for two comfortabruly." The most impressive part about the castle was probably the foyer and the rededicated meeting rooms. Anyone who took an hour to appreciate the castle's structure would learn that it was built for function over beauty. Its location may give a wonderful view of the local woods, but its location on top of a hill situated on a peninsula in a lake spoke of strategic position. During the war, this castle was an impregnable stronghold. The rooms were at one point barracks for an army of soldiers, holding maybe six or seven people all packed like sardines. Now that it was a school, and it had been changed to rooms comfortable for two people. But he wouldn't tell her that they were once barracks with a bunch of men stuffed into them. Something told him she wouldn't be too keen on the idea.


Dain approached, and he caught onto his joke right away. Te first time he made a joke like that a few months ago, Tatsuke choked on a nut bar and had to be taken to the health office. Since then, he had caught onto the fact that Dain was only joking and wouldn't drink his blood. Even if it was delicious A+ blood. "If you suck my brud, you speak Nihounese for a week and have uncontrollabur urge to study." Tatsuke joked back at him with a playful grin.


Seamus raised a little eyebrow at the vampire, obviously egging him on after he outright confronted him. "Water bottle? What water bottle?" He crossed his arms, and quicky weighed his options in his head. If he looked like too much of a brat right off the bat, then everyone would shut him out quickly and he would have no fun. If he did this now, he would look like a tough guy. Well, he didn't want to look tough anyway. He wanted to mess with people. So he looked in the direction of the water bottle he'd dumped on the floor. "Oh, that one. I could have sworn I put it in my bag. Oops." He reached down and picked up the refuse, storing the crushed bottle into his bag. He stood back up and re-crossed his arms, leaning back lazily. "Better?" He thought about how in the back of his mind it didn't matter if he threw it on the side of the road, or into the ocean, but if mattered if you threw it on the floor inside a building. He thought about how hypocritical that was.

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Lorf moved his head back so as to keep the clawed hand in his sight. if dragons are people, then lizards are too he thought, but he didn't say anything. Getting on the bad side of someone that had more knowledge of his current surroundings than he did would never benefit him. He looked over at the other students. What looked like a vampire had joined them, his black coat ragged with age. "I think I'll go over and become their friends too, if you don't mind" Lorf said to Sin. It would be best to get to know the other before anything important happened. He walked over to the other students behind the strange boy drenched in water.


"Hello, my name's Lithorus Cariaco Lorf" he said. He hoped he wasn't interrupting something important. Some other races seemed to find that rude, but he never understood that, no Shargonac's would have minded.

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Time could pass by and catch you if you aren't paying any attention. Had a year already come and gone? A gentle nudge against his spine made him smile, a quiet rumble rising from the scaly creature's chest. "I'll head over when there are more people." The young man spoke as he turned around, delicately holding the small dragon's chin in one hand while rubbing her muzzle and cheek with the other. Felic didn't know how big Sorge would grow to be but, he figured he had at least a handful more months before she had another growth spurt and became too big to fit through his bedroom door. The school had horse stables and, near those (while still at a comfortable distance away for the horses), were quarters designed for dragons to reside in. Already, larger dragons that hatched during the year were spending their nights in those stalls if they so chose. The Academy was large but, it was still limited in space.


Now, while the dragons' quarters were nice and tailored to individual needs or preferences, Felic favored having Sorge at his side as much as possible. Should emotions grow too heavy on his mind, she was there to help dilute them. However, his tolerance - well, his durability - was slowly getting better. A year ago, Felic was afraid of everyone, not because of their personalities, but because of their emotions crowding out his own. And today? Today, he was to greet the new students alongside other senior students.


And he was rather anxious.


Not exactly fearful, but a faint, excited, nervousness. Why? Simply because, a year ago, he never thought he'd ever be able to comfortably interact with a full group of people. Leaving the orphanage had been better for him than he might have known. But, was that his only reason for coming here? To get away from a place that always made him sick? No, he didn't quite think so... Certainly, there was something else. Sin had given him her reasoning for her attendance but, she didn't know his; she wouldn't know until he knew himself.


A new beginning perhaps...


Sorge nudged his arm this time, blue eyes looking up to find his grey-blue gaze. "We'll be late. I'm sure they're all here by now," the black dragon stated, her voice soft like the chill crisp in the air during Autumn.


"Oh! Wait!" Soria.


Felic bristled noticeably, the hackles on his neck rising as Soria's urgency shot through his head. Sorge's calm emotions had blocked out much of the witch's hurry until she had spotted them. Was he focusing too much on something? Probably since he wasn't ready for Soria and her dragon.


Speaking of whom, Duordin's claws were in disagreement with the tiled floor again as he scrambled for solid footing. The lumbering, serpentine, dragon was panicking and fearing a collision with the other two, his green scales seeming to ripple like water with reflected light. Finally, with a grunt, Duordin was able to dig his claws down into the tiles. The resulting sound wasn't as bad as nails across a chalkboard but he did leave behind skid marks. (Those would need to be buffered out and Felic knew a certain... imaginative, janitor wouldn't be too happy about that.) With ease, Soria jumped off her companion's back and patted the side of his neck. "Sorry! Did we miss them?"


Felic shook his head, a smile crossing his face as Duordin began to grumble in content. "No. Most of the new students in our group just arrived. They're in the foyer with Sin and Tatsuke for role-call. Depending on how things go, they may get orientation first before picking out their eggs but, it'll most likely be similar to last year; eggs first, then orientation."


"We were just about to walk there when you arrived," Sorge added, wings shifting into a more comfortable position.


"Oh, good! Let's get going then!" Soria seemed to skip a few steps, light purple hair flowing with her movements. Actually, her hair seemed to be more of a mix between purple and pink which, obviously, was the result of dying the rather long strands; Felic had yet to learn what her natural hair color was.


Together, the four headed to the foyer. Duordin was excited, possibly by the chance to meet new people. However, Felic didn't need empathic abilities to know this; the large dragon was acting much like a happy pup. Felic's oddly fashioned coat swished with each footfall, the soles of his boots lightly hitting the tiles and making the array of buckles and clasps clink together, muffled beneath his slacks. A year ago, he had worn a white dress shirt when he approached the Academy. This time, his shirt was a sky blue color that possessed an army of wrinkles and creases, most hidden away by his buckled up coat. To top off his constantly disheveled style, a faded black tie hung loosely tied around his neck and under the collar of his shirt. A burst of nervousness found him fidgeting with the strips of bandages wrapped around his hands, unwrapping and rewrapping them slightly.


"You'll be fine, Sola. Stop worrying." Sola... Taken from the word solace and something Sorge had been calling him since she could begin speaking. She had misunderstood something he had been trying to explain. Of course, she understood what it was now but the nickname had stuck long before she did and became a word of affection towards him, just as the name "Small One" was a show of affection from Felic to her.


Telepathy wasn't an ability of his but it seemed something that all dragons could make use of. So, feeling Sorge's mind touch his didn't make him jump; it never had actually. "I'm alright. Just a bit of restlessness..." They turned a corner and came upon the foyer, faces finally associated with the mixed feelings of humor, interest, apprehension, and any other emotions that are typically felt by incoming students. "Dain, ease up a little. There's no need to get angry." If Sin turned at the sound of Felic's voice, he would greet her with a smile and nod. Later, he planned to interact better with his closest friend and engage in any conversation topic that might come up.


Looking at the drenched student, Felic frowned. After meeting Sya, he was a bit more accepting of playful personalities. However, he still didn't like the emotional sensation that he got from the water-logged student. Why?


"Are we making introductions? I'm Soria and this is Duordin!" The young witch was smiling brightly, her scaly companion already making his way to examine each new student, starting first with the girl with sparkly and colorful wings. (Pretty!)


Tatsuke was going to have a heart attack, Felic was half certain of it. A fear of dragons seemed to plague the mage and the Empath was caught between sympathy and confusion. Surely, the mage knew he would be raising a dragon when he had received word of the school a year ago. How could you raise a sentient being (or any living thing for that matter) if you were afraid of it? While he had his opinions, Felic wasn't able to answer that question; it wasn't his place.


Sorge kept her distance, knowing of Tatsuke's fear, as Felic stepped towards him to see the attendance sheet. Looking up, he counted three new faces, not five. Who was missing? Al'nivte and Timothy? Well... They had to move on, lest they get overrun by the next group for Orientation. Blinking, he listened to Lorf's introduction and waved faintly in uncertain greeting. "I guess that just leaves me..." Late as typical in responding to social situations. "Please, call me Felic. My companion," he partially turned, motioning towards the female dragon. Is Sorge. Now, we know that two students are absent or late this morning but, we have to move on. In an hour, all senior and incoming students are to gather in the Auditorium. There, you will get to meet some of the teachers, learn more about this school, and find out how the days pass here. Firstly though..." Felic paused, surely sounding like a memorized script. "It's time to find your lifelong friend."


Glancing at the other senior students, he began walking to the hatchery.

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Cassie bit her lip slightly, trying to figure as to whether the vampire would prove an actual threat to her. In an attempt at subtlety, she took a small step away from him, just to give her the chance to flee should anything happen.


He was talking to her though. While his appearance was not one Cassie was proud to be associating with, she forced herself to take the handshake, holding his hand firmly but delicately as she had been taught. Making sure to hold eye-contact, she once again gave a polite smile.


"Thank you." While flashy wasn't exactly the word she had in mind when describing her outfit, a compliment was a compliment, and Cassie delighted in receiving one so far from home. Although she could clearly feel it upon her finger, Cassie once again checked down just to confirm that the ring was still there.


A sharp intake of breath marked her surprise at Dain confronting Seamus. While she was glad that somebody else was having these thoughts, but she was relieved to see that Tatsuke took the 'blood drinking' to be a joke. Cassie tried to look away from Seamus and Dain, not wanting to get involved or associated with the discussion, but she was slightly relieved to see that the senior student had won the argument. Seamus had been nothing but politeness, and Cassie rebuked herself for being repelled by his appearance. She would have to get over beauty to remain at this Academy that was for sure.


A lizard was approaching them now, and Cassie turned slightly to hear his greeting. While she could not identify the species as such, she was loath to make a mistake and risk offending anyone.


"It is good to meet you Lithorus Cariaco Lorf. I am Cassandra Sunsoar." Cassie said, dipping her wings slightly in a symbol of respect.


So involved in the conversation had Cassie been that she hadn't noticed the two people who walked up behind them. With dragons. The fact that they had dragons would mean that they were senior students, and Cassie knew the importance of making good impressions on those who would be advising you.


"Greetings, Soria and Duordin, Felic and Sorge." Cassie said, trying to keep her eyes away from the dragons which sat there so calmly. She had never seen a dragon before, at least not close up, but she also knew that it was rude to stare. Very rude. And her mother would have disapproved.


Felic was talking now, and Cassie nodded along, paying close attention to his words. They were getting dragons now? As Cassie fell in step behind the senior students, she couldn't help but wonder what change this would make to her life.


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Dain watched the Draug retrieve the water bottle and place it in his bag. It wasn't quite what Dain had instructed him to do, however it created the same effect. Dain didn't answer the obvious sarcastic one word question that came next. He knew he had to be careful, being in trouble with the Academy a fight wouldn't be good. Instead Dain turned back to answer Tatsuke's remark with a smile. "I don't know Tatsie, I think spending some time studying like that might be helpful with my current standing with the Academy."


Dain glanced towards the next student that had walked up. but never had time to initiate a greeting before the rest of the senior students walked up. Dain was never good with names even after the year that has gone by. Out of the four that had walked up, he knew only Felic.


Fellic gave the word of warning to Dain in which Dain, being his usual annoyance just stuck is tongue out in defiance. He knew Felic was trying to advise Dain on a friendly level, but Dain was very much one to joke around. However once Felic began to lead the group to the Dragons, Dain went quiet. Well, quiet except for the high pitched whistle that came next. From the top of one of the hanging light fixtures jump a Dragon no larger than the size of a cat. It opened its wing and landed on Dain's shoulder silently. "Oh, I forgot to introduce my companion Luz," Dain remarked.


Luz was a Day Glory Dragon and a very colorful one at that. She was already fully grown, and very much attached to Dain, following him even though he instructs her to stay in the room.

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Tatsuke swung from calm and relaxed into panic in a rising tide that started in his heart and quickly sucked his entire body into the terror like an undertow that follows a tidal wave. Dain's dragon suddenly appeared out of nowhere, not even Tatsuke the chance to steel his nerves in preparation for a dragon to arrive. With every intake of breath, his body shook harder and harder, black horror tightening his chest and crushing him down into a bloody pulp of pale skin and rushing blood. He took a fumbling step backwards from Dain, but his body wasn't under his control anymore, and he was paralyzed like a deer in headlights.


In moments, he was trapped in his fear, and everything was blurring. The sounds of students talking was just a high-pitched beep with whispers murmuring as if underwater, and his vision was distorted and bright, spinning around and around and around and around. There were pictures of past visions that mixed with the current ones, red and black and ashen. But someone called out to him in his brain, 'Not now, Tatsuke!' his mind growled at him angrily, frustrated with his childish behavior. That was the part of him that he had taken from his father a long time ago. Stern and anchoring, intolerant of shameful behavior. 'You've seen dragons before! Be a man, you are no child!'


He took deep, shaking breaths and he pressed his clammy hand to his face, now drenched in cold sweat. He took his uneasy stance and composed himself as much as he could, straightening his back upwards to assume an authoritative stand. He hadn't even noticed he'd almost curled up in his mental absence. His golden eyes closed to hide his pupils, which had shrunk considerably. "...I must be excused... I am sorry..." He quickly turned away from the Draug, the Vampire and the Icari, hurrying down the hallway they had been walking in and disappearing around a corner.




Seamus raised an eyebrow at Tatsuke's display, but before he could make a remark on the topic Sin stepped in. Knowing Tatsuke's panic attack could disrupt the entire ceremony in multiple fashions, she took the bull by the horns and was going to lead the students. "All right kids!" She clapped her hands, loudly, sure to divert all attention from Tatsuke and Felic. Felic was an Empath, and she knew Tatsuke's sudden emotional swing was most likely going to make Felic sick even with Sorge there. Especially since Tatsuke was so close and Sorge was a considerable distance away. It was a damn good thing Tatsuke knew to leave when he did. She ran a few meters ahead, up to the hatchery door. She was hoping to make an opportunity for Felic to slip to the back of the students quietly if he needed to, and her, Soria and Dain could just watch the new students to make sure they didn't damage the eggs and knew how to hold them correctly. Her voice was commanding for the first sentence, but then calmed back down as Felic reacted to the situation. "In here are dragon eggs. They are of all different breeds, and different creeds. Most of them were orphaned by the war, others were donated by their parents for various reasons. All of them are waiting for their new companion, but there is one in this room who you will discover has a natural bond with you. Please don't rush, take all the time you need. You will know when you find your companion."


With that, she opened the door and gestured inside, smiling fondly perhaps at memories, and perhaps at the treasure trove that lay inside the warm room. There were eggs everywhere. Big eggs, small eggs, colorful eggs and dull eggs. Some eggs stood up, others on their sides, a few leaned on each other. Muffled scratching noises occasionally sounded, and there seemed to be an air of words in the room. As if telepathic language was on the verge of emerging, but for now was just a muddled soup of innocent emotions.

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For Timothy, the journey to the academy had been a long road fraught with peril and dangerous creatures, but he had taken the journey in his stride. No monsters of the night nor hunters from above would ever stop him from achieving this, a once in a lifetime opportunity. And finally, here he stood at the front doors of the academy, and with it, his greatest challenge yet.


Actually opening the door.


As a Littleputan, Timothy stood at only ten and a half inches, meaning the already immense building was gargantuan by comparison. However, would Timothy let his journey be ended by a simple door? NO!

Taking one of the hooks from his belt, Timothy took aim, and began swinging the hook in a circle. He then let go, sending the hook flying to the door latch. The hook landed true, wrapping around the handle and hooking back onto the attached string.

Timmothy grinned. So far, so good. He then began climbing the string to the latch.

Now for the hard part. Timmothy took hold of the latch, braced himself against the door, and pulled as hard as he could. With a little effort, the latch eventually gave way, turning the mechanism that held the door closed.

Timmothy repositioned the hook to hold the latch in place, and jumped to the ground once more.

Now for the final task. Taking up the string, Timothy pulled hard. Slowly, with a low creak, the door finally opened.


After retrieving the hook, Timothy entered the building to see a group of various creatures, most of them humanoid, heading down a corridor.

"H-Hey, Wait up!" he called out, before sprinting after them.

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James gasped in amazement as he lay his eyes on the academy. The large building set atop a hill surrounded by forests, a small moat cascading around the base. He whistled in appreciation, never in his life had he seen something so abnormal. He hurried towards his destination, knowing that he was late. In many ways he was excited; the chance to be the first of his kind to properly interact with other races, to meet new friends, a dragon companion! James squealed with delight at the thought, when he first met a dragon he found them amazing. Large scaled beasts that many would see as animals, but with the intellect and power to rule.


James heard a small bang, echoing across the ground. The door had closed; had they forgotten about him? Did they wish to test that the rumors of his species ethereal abilities were true? Many thoughts ran through his head, finally he decided, maybe it was just a bit drafty? James shouldered his bag and stepped through the large door. He never knew how he could do it, and if someone asked him he wouldn't be able to explain the technique. He stepped through and was immediately entranced by the design of the academy. He had learned from his father that the Academy had been a fortress during the war but the inside was beautifully crafted. His years of combat training had taught him well and he realised that while this castle may be impregnable it didn't mean those living inside couldn't live happily.


He was shocked to hear a small, but surprisingly loud voice cry out somewhere down next to him. James glanced down and saw a small person, possibly a fairy. James followed the fairies line of sight and saw, down a hallway, several other creatures. He smiled happily, so many different races, so much diversity, this trip has defiantly satisfied his curiosity. He quickly began to walk towards the group, following the small person.

"Wow, this place is amazing, my father never told me just how much diversity there was between all the different races," James said, more to himself then the fairy.

"Are you a fairy? I always heard that fairies have wings, but you don't have wings. Maybe your not a fairy. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend you," James cried, afraid that he had spoiled his first contact with another race.

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