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Copper and Flint

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First and foremost, please don't delete this it's different than Psuddin's Uprising.


Copper and Flint take place in the all-new Torra region. I do. not. need hackers, sprites, pokemon ideas, I don't need anything. Just publicity. We're hacking FireRed, and I may put the pokemon we make up here once I get permission from Pokedude. Thank you, and happy battles.


Some stuff we're doing:


An entire region with all-new pokemon, including two new eeveelutions.


No more Fairy-Type!


All-new maps, characters, and storyline.


Flavor Text, Yay:


The Torra region is newly discovered, full of pokemon. However, there is also a great presence in the land, depicted by a huge and ancient cave painting...not only art, but the history of the region. Two mighty guardians were long ago seperated by humans...which means humans were here before. Why did they leave? This question is ignored as people built towns and houses, Pokemon Centers, and Gyms. However, despite the supposed peacefulness if the land, evil lurks everywhere...it is up to you and your Pokemon to stop it. You will have to battle an organization known as Team Waru-not petty theives like team rocket, fashion emergencies, astronaut wanna-bes, or whatever team Auqua is, but cold-blooded monsters who will stop at nothing for power.

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I think this belongs in Video Games...

No, Psuddin's Uprising is here, too. I talked to a mod about putting this in Viddo Games forever ago, but she forgot about me. Then I say PU here, so I was like what the heck, and posted it. tongue.gif

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