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Ahh, thank you very much!!

Sure, I can do that without a problem c: Thanks for dropping by!!



Yeah, of course!! Thank you for the tinsel eue <3







Magi w/ green eyes for Doctortear!! uvu


user posted image


and a resized version---


user posted image


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It's so cute! I'll put it in my signature for the very fact that it's so amazing. :,D


Actually the size is too big for signature, so I'll just be in awe of it instead.

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This is all truly amazing. You have talent. What do you use to paint it and stuff?


Also if you could, would you mind making an anime rainbow girl? Thanks!

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Your artwork is amazing!


Well for a Tinsel, or two, could you do my OC?


This is Krystal, she's a Jedi Apprentice:



Her pet, Myth, is almost always on her shoulder, or hovering next to her:



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You're art is so cool! :3 If it's alright (and when you're not swamped), can you draw a White dragon for me, please? :3 I could also try and breed you something in return if you want, once my Shimmers/Tinsels and metals are off cooldown and decide to be nice and breed something ^^;

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Your art is amazing! When you're done all your requests, do you think you could draw me a Mint dragon and re-size it so I can put it in my sig? smile.gif

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this is going to sound. really stupid but here it is


I'd actually like to just focus on drawing dragons for a little while!!

I feel like I'm particularly out of practice and that's actually part of the reason I made this thread in the first place; I figured, since this was a dragon-geared community?? I'd be ask to draw a bunch of dragons??

And while I've gotten a few requests, the majority of them aren't actually dragon-based!! And that's cool, I draw other stuff too.


What I'm saying is that I will still accept non-dragon requests I'll just be putting them on hold (indefinitely, I'm afraid) so if you'd like to pop in and change your request to something with, at the very least, dragon anatomy, that would assist me greatly!! (I'll also still do non-dragons for commissions (real money and for tinsels/shimmers/metals) and art trades, so don't fret if we have those sorted out!!)


PM ME WITH QUESTIONS I know this is weird I'm so sorry omg


ANYWAY WITH THAT MALARKEY ASIDE let me address you babes uvu


@ Doctortear

I'm so glad you like it!! uvu

(If you'd like me to resize it for you or if you'd rather resize it yourself, let me know-- or if you'd rather just do that and look at it that's cool too!! Whatever you fancy eue)

Thanks for being such a sweetie c:



Gah, goodness, thank you very much!! I really appreciate comments like those <3

I use Paint Tool SAI with my graphics tablet for my digital art uvu

I'll accept such a request; however, as aforementioned, it will be put on hold until I get out of this dragon-obsessed art stage I've somehow worked myself into??



Ahhh, thank you so very much!!

I'd love to draw your OC for a tinsel commission!! Drop me a quick PM, I sort out art-for-stuff exchanges over messages since it's so easy to lose track of something in a thread like this, eheh~ (CUTE CHARACTER THOUGH MAN)



Thank you!!

Sure, no problem!! You'll be put on the sort of on-hold part of my list, if that's acceptable to you. Thanks for your interest <33



Jeez, thanks bundles <33

Of course!! Probably soon, I'll put that on the higher-priority side of my regular request list since it's a dragon. If you'd like to sort out a metallic commission, then, as aforementioned, PM me about it and I'd greatly appreciate it!! Thanks for being so generous, I quite adore the shinies c:



Ahhh, goodness, thank you very much!

Yep! I'd be happy to, especially since it's a dragon request. I'll be sure to do my best to scale it down afterwards; thank's for helping my art uvu


THANKS SO MUCH im still overwhelmed you guys are probably sick of hearing this but hhhhhh

im not used to getting so much support <33

I'll work hard for you guys and get your requests done ASAP, so thank you all for hanging in there!!

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Can I add a request then? If possible, I would like a Ice dragon. I want it to be like a normal Ice, but the icicles aren't blue. Instead, they are clear colored. Her wings have white stripes on them, and she has little white dots on both sides of her body. Her claws are clear like her icicles. Thanks.

Also, does this apply to the art trade?

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Gah, I'd say not; they're more puffball-esque, you feel? But perhaps if I get a spare moment I can doodle them for you. uvu



Instead of the phoenix banner? uvu

No, it doesn't apply to art trades or commissions, so you're good on that!! (I'm just procrastinating that, don't worry, I'll probably get on it very soon!)


ahh gosh i feel really bad I HOPE IM NOT CAUSING ANY INCONVENIENCES!! I'm just trying to get things done and I know myself and I know that I won't do it unless I have something driving me forth, you know?? eue''

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Don't worry, I procrastinate too. Also, I sent you a reply to the PM with a question. Can you look at it?

If you have time, then I would like the banner too. Otherwise, just that will be fine. Also, could you size it after you finish to be the size of an avatar? I'm not using it as one, but I can't have it take up too much space for what I'm using it for.

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If you have some time, could I grab an adult pillow sleeping on it's side with an S1 Red-finned tidal wave, S1 blusang and S1 nhiostrife kinda cuddling into it's stomach?


Sorry if it's too hard ;w; I just wanted to give you a bit of a challenge to practice your awesome dragons~


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


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oh my god your art is so pretty screeches a lot



either way a ah h i hope i'm not bothering you or anything but if you have time could you draw a blusang? ;///v///; they're just rly pretty!!

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GOODNESS sorry its been so long you guys!! A lot of stuff has been happening to me lately that hasn't given me very much time to check this thread or work on anything really, related to DC or otherwise. I'm going to try to get some work done today, so sit tight and thanks for the patience.



GRACIOUS you're sweet, thank you for the love ayyy <33

I could probably do that!! (If I can't I'll PM you but I don't see why not) Thank you for having enough interest in my art to request something or want to see me improve, that means a whole lot ahhhh <33



YeLLs thank you omg <3


No way, you're not bothering me!! I'd be happy to draw you a blusang, thank you for the interest uvu



Like I said, gonna try to knock some of this stuff out today. Let's hope I don't get too distracted.


I hope you all had a lovely holiday season!! Be good and have a great New Years as well ouo''

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