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Hatchi Trade!

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This topic is ONLY for hatchie trades.


What you should not do:


1. No chat - trade posts only. All negotiations and comments need to be made in PMs or e-mails.


2. No IOUs.


3. All posts must comply with forum and section guidelines and rules.


4. No bundling eggs with hatchlings. This is a hatchling "have" trade thread only.


5. No gender swap posts. They can be traded here: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=51668



What you can do:

-Post a hatchie trade.

-Be polite and nice.

-Grow up the hatchie with care/love.

-If You want to kill it for a Zombie, its Your choice not mine.





Example trade form:




(breed)A(n) (insert a breed of hatchie here) hatchie.




(time)5 Days 5 Hours.




A(n) (insert a breed of hatchie here) hatchie.


(insert gender here if you want)






If you have questions, PM me.

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Have:  4 CB Hatchies:  2 Sandwaste (will be M, F), CB Bolt and CB Antarean


Want:  CB Piplio Pygmy (hatchie or egg)

           CB Kovos Pygmy (hatchie)

          CB Aeon (hatchie or egg)



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