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Book of Legends

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Hello stranger! Welcome to the Book of Legends, a place where you can read of the legends of Dragoncave. The purpose of this little book is to help me improve my writing abilities and, hopefully, find better and more creative ways to write.


What exactly is the Book of Legends?

The Book of Legends is a collection of stories, folktales as you may call them, passed on from generation to generation. Stories such as the how the first Vampire came to be or how a certain breed was created may be in here. Legends such as how a Red became a hero or how a Daydream befriended a powerful wizard may also be in here. Even prophecies about great heroes or evils to come in poet format can be found here. The collection of stories that lay here are all stories of the past, relics that have yet to be discovered. Although there are stories already accumulated into the book, there are still many pages to be filled. Perhaps, you know of a story that should be written into the ancient book.


Example work:


Birth of the Holidays

Three lone eggs lay alone in a meadow,

as the cracking of their shells leaves an eerie echo.

Three confused hatchlings, no longer in their eggs; curled,

are out in the universe, out in the world.

One hatchling has a heart of ice,

keeping her unchecked will make for a hefty price.

One hatchling has a soul of gold,

although he isn't very bold.

One hatchling looks gnarled and cruel,

but those who think poorly of her are truly a fool.

Three adults will roam the isles,

they shall wander for miles upon miles.

Three ancients shall form three special days,

to which they receive, a barrage of praise.

One day will come, when all judgment will fall,

when destiny calls.

Two will fall and one will rise,

only then, will we see, which one is the true leader, as the other two perish in loud stricken cries.


Tales of the Book of Legends

Birth of the Holidays

The Dragon Jester (To be added)

The Last Shimmerscale (To be added)


Progress log:

Ayesthine (Plotting story points)

Silverphoenixx (Currently writing)


Request Sheets

Please be detailed when requesting. This will help me write the story at a faster pace and in greater detail. Remember, all tales must be related to Dragoncave.


Legend Requests

[COLOR=purple][b]I want to request a legend![/b][/COLOR]
[b]Legend I want:[/b]
[b]How I want the legend to go:[/b]
[b]How I want the legend to end:[/b]
[b]Important characters in story:[/b] (Names, gender, basic personality, age, etc)


Story Requests

[COLOR=orange][b]I want to request a story![/b][/COLOR]
[b]Story idea:[/b]
[b]How I want the story to go:[/b]
[b]How I want the story to end:[/b]
[b]Important characters in the story:[/b] (Names, gender, basic personality, age, etc)


Prophecy Requests

[COLOR=darkslateblue][b]I want to request a prophecy![/b][/COLOR]
[b]Prophecy Idea:[/b]
[b]What I want the prophecy to say:[/b]
[b]Theme/Genre of the prophecy:[/b] (Dark, Romance, heroic, sad, etc)
[b]Key words I want used:[/b] (Certain words you want to be used in it. Character names, places, specific words you want in the poem, etc)

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Oh, yes, the "Birth of the Holidays" is based off of "Fractious Unity" in the DC RP section. I did the little poem to lighten up a few things. c:

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Hey Doc c: I'd like to request a story. I would write it myself, but I want to see some larger pieces of your writing and I also want your lovely thread to get some attention.


I want to request a story!

Story idea: Essentially Calanthe's history, but in story-form. Take lots of creative liberty.

How I want the story to go: Calanthe's history from her character sheet, but obviously in more detail :P Set in pre-Thar Sands, I would assume (unless you have other plans for that time period?)

How I want the story to end: Preferably ending where I picked up RPing with her, but could end sooner to save time.

Important characters in the story:

Calanthe Tracis: As herself, but younger and more naive

Tarrapenta Tracis: Her dad; manipulative, charismatic, rarely seen

Alethea Tracis: Her mother; air-headed, has some separation anxiety, broken

Divko Vespasian: Duo-tone; greedy, grasping, silver-tongued

Thar: As himself, perhaps less lazy? Dunno, DD is your story.

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Sorry if I sound stupid, but what is the difference between stories and legends? Once I get this clear, I might request.

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Legends are just what they sound like, legends. They're tales of the past and written in a format as such. They are either dealing with the past and sometimes the future. These are normally fairly short and can be in poem form.


Stories are your average day tales. They take in present time and are just like any other story.

These can range from short, medium, to long. They aren't ever in poem format.


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Very nice poem. Will definitely spy on this topic, and perhaps request a story or two soon. I know you have great writing skills.

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I can't think of anything I want a story written for, but I want to request.

Here have this really stupid idea

I want to request a story!

Story idea: The history of the 'evil spirit' in Roseanna and how it became evil

How I want the story to go: The evil spirit falls in love with a tri horn, but her sister does too. She eventually gets her love taken from her by her sister, which causes her to slowly turn evil. After a while, she moves away from the family to live in a mountain cave. The cave is near where the hatchlings live in TPE. After a year of living by herself, she goes back to find her mother and father dead from the plague. Her sister is not in her old house anymore. She learns after asking the dragons who lived nearby, that her sister moved away and lives with Nixxus (her love) now. She becomes angry after hearing this, and goes to their house. She discovers that Nixxus has the plague, and blames her sister, attacking and killing her. Nixxus is shocked and attacks Kirai (the 'evil spirit), wounding her but not killing her. After attacking her, he dies from the plague, leaving Kirai angry and sad. Flying away, Kirai dies in her cave from the wound after she reaches her cave. She dies of blood loss.

How I want the story to end: Kirai dies, becoming a spirit. She becomes angry again, and wants someone else to suffer like she did, believing that it will make her feel better. She eventually finds Roseanna and the other eggs in the cave, and 'goes into' Roseanna.

Important characters in the story:

Kirai Nightwing: The 'evil spirit', a black dragon. She is an alt.

Kizu Nightwing: Kirai's sister, also a black dragon. They are twins. She is also an alt.

Nixxus Elpam: Kirai and Kizu's love. He is a tri horn.

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For reasons that will not be mentioned, the entire first chapter of Ayesthine's request will not be posted onto this thread. However, the first two paragraphs of the chapter will be posted to show an example of my work.


It was yet another overly warm day in the Kingdom of Sands. The blistering heat of the devious sun scorched the soft sand below. It was one of those days when it was too hot to stay out in the sun, but too stuffy to stay indoors. It was a day when the sand would get seemingly more uncomfortable when it got between your toes, and the heat only seemed to get worse. It was one of those days where everyone suffered and no one was in a good mood. Some might think a cup of water might bring some relief through the blazing heat. That might have been true if you didn't live in the slums. The "lower folk", as the richer people called them, had no access to cool water. The water they did have was muddled with sand, spit, bodily fluids, bugs, and whatever else managed to crawl its way into it. If the fact that the water itself was tainted wasn't bad enough, then the mere fact that it was warm made it all the more worse. The horrid water was hard to swallow, forcing mothers to wrench their whining hatchlings' mouths open so they could dump the disgusting liquid down their parch throats.


Now one might think, "I should just stay inside. The building's interior will surely help cool me off." On normal days this would be true. Mothers would stay inside, males would do their duties and stay in the shade during their breaks, and the hatchlings would play out in the sun until it was too much for their tiny bodies to bear. But, this was one of those special warm days that made even the inside of buildings a nightmare to live through. Houses would feel sweltering. It would be far to snug to even sit in. Although the rays of heat were not as intense, the inside of buildings would feel far too heated to lie down and sleep in. The people who stayed indoors would have to be constantly moving, hoping they would become cool, drenched in their own sweat. Hatchlings would suffer in this heat and wail to their mothers, begging them to keep them cool. But, alas, they could not for they were also in a desperate need to keep themselves cool. So, the entire whole of the slums would suffer through these special heated days. These special days that made everyone cranky, crude, aggressive, and miserable were the days that everything went wrong.


Again, this is not all of Ayesthine's request. This is simply a sample of what I can do and the first two paragraphs of her request.


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Alright! I'm officially getting back to work. Let's see how far I can get on this.




As I've told you prior, I'll be getting to work on your story as soon as I plan out a few things. Considering the request you gave me, it'll take some time to make sure I worded everything correctly and made sure everyone is in character.




I'm working on your story now! Considering it is much less complex than Aye's story, I can do it much quicker. I can make no guarantees, but you should be seeing your story finished by the end of the month. I should be able to get the first chapter in by the end of today.


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