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Persona 1x1

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A strange occurance has developed in New York. While it is a city full of unique individuals and eccentrics, a small number of people have suddenly started hearing voices of unknown origin. While the authorities are doing their best to get to the bottom of the situation it has been decided that those affected should be sent to First Genteels Hospital, a newly built low security asylum.


When being treated for their condition the patients come up with their own theory behind the voices and start to investigate matters for themselves. While they unlock the mystery of the voices, they uncover a much darker secret and plunge the entire hospital into danger.


We start off following our heroes gettign ready for their first group session, right at the beginning of the stange events.




Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Daisuke

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Daisuke

Persona: Ira

Skill Type/s: Fire, Dark, & Physical

Current Skills: Mudo, Agi, Maragi & Cleave

Resistances: Absorb Fire

Weaknesses: Electricity

Weapon: A Crowbar

History: Daisuke's family are loving, rich and powerful, but he always found his life to be boring and stifling. His prestigous school, strict teachers and the pressure of always having to maintain good grades and appearances wore him down. He turned to shop lifting and arson for excitement and a way of release, but soon fell into bad graces. When it was discovered that he was one of the few affected by these mysterious voices his father instantly had him sectioned, hoping his stay at the hospital would also cure his only son of the bad habits he had picked up.

Other: Is very athletic and enjoys all kinds of physical exercises and sports. His favourite is free running and is very good at getting into places where he shouldn't be.


Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Marisa

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Marisa

Persona: Rai

Skill Type/s: Wind, Electricity & Recovery

Current Skills: Garu, Zio & Dia

Resistances: To Fire

Weaknesses: To wind

Weapon: Knives

History: Marisa’s family is just as normal as any other who tries their best to raise their daughter. She excels in various artistic categories from painting to even playing instruments. When her parents discovered her talents they did their best to make sure she received all the lessons she needed and due because of all these payment her family started to struggle financially. In the end when Marisa were old enough she started writing music in order to sell and make a bit of money to help her family. As the years past one of her teachers asked her where she gets her inspiration from, she merely said the voices help her. With the new information her parents became worried and decided she should be place in a hospital hoping that she would not lose her talents due to these strange occurrences.

Other: Marisa is sweet and usually follows the rules but sometimes her stubbornness can cause quite a bit of trouble.

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It was with a little sigh that Daisuke looked around his cell. Okay, it was offically labled as a 'room', but it felt too much like he was in prison. The bars across the window didn't help.


At least he had a good view. Ish. His father had insisted on that. Half of the rooms here looked out across the abandoned train yard. From Daisuke's cell he could see the small copse of trees that hid the buildings beyond from view. They were sad, grey things though, barely clinging to life. They could do with a little something. Like a flamethrower.


Checking his watch Daisuke realised he didn't have much time before this group session he had been signed up for was supposed to start. Sitting around with a bunch of strangers discussing how the little voices made them feel. What a load of bullsh...


His thoughts were interupted by a knock on the door. One of the wardens had come to collect him. This being his first time they didn't want him to get lost. With a sigh of resignation the allowed the guy to lead him to the meeting room. At least he wouldn't have to put up with this for long. As soon as Daisuke realised his father was going to have him sectioned he had started making plans. He would play along for now, gather some supplies on the quiet, and in a couple of days he'd be halfway to Canada.

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There was complete silence in the small dull room only now and then the sound of pencil scratching on paper could be heard loudly. Marisa was sitting on her bed working furiously on a music piece, trying to forget about where she was and why she was there. She has been only there of a hour or two and she already disliked the place.


“Miss its time for you session.” Spoke a woman.


“I’m busy.” Marisa simply replied in a calm tone still continuing to work on her piece.


“Miss please, I don’t want to force you but you must come now.”


Marisa’s writing slowed down a bit as she half listened to the woman. She didn’t want to go just yet but she didn’t like it when people tried to force her either.


“Fine.” she finally spoke as wrote the last symbol. With a sigh she neatly placed her book and pencil on the bed and walked towards the nurse that came to collect her and soon both started walking down the corridor.

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When he was ushered into the meeting room Daisuke looked around and rolled his eyes. The walls were covered with brightly coloured self motivation posters and the artwork of some of the patients. Somebody had drawn a picture of a girl cuddling a skunk. At least he thought it was a skunk. Could be a cat.


The warden directed him to a empty chair in a loose circle and just to spite him Daisuke took the one next to it instead. Some of the other chairs were already occupied, one by a middle aged sandy haired woman Daisuke had pegged as the session leader and two others by a mousey looking boy about his own age and a older dark skinned man who looked as unimpressed as Daisuke felt.


Since there were still a few empty chairs Daisuke took this to mean they were waiting for a few others to arrive and so crossed his arms and sat back to sit in silence.

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((I'm just gonna let you guys know that I have to stalk this. This looks like an absolutely epic plot!


Also, hi!))

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Marisa sighed as she walked down the corridor next to the nurse. They didn’t talk a word which caused her to feel rather uneasy. Eventually the nurse stopped infront of a door and looked at Marisa.


“Your session will be held here.” she spoke pointing at the door. Marisa looked at the door and then back at the nurse causing her to feel a bit nervous. The nurse gave a little nod signalling that Marisa may enter.


Placing her hand on the door knob, Marisa twisted and pushed and soon the door opened. She was a bit scared to enter at first but the nurse gave her a little push causing Marisa to almost stumble in. With a quick glance back the door closed and Marisa swallowed nervously. As she turned people came in to view sitting in chairs. Marisa went red in the face and quickly hurried to one, only to sit and not even make eye contact.

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((Thank you Angel smile.gif))


Daisuke was inspecting the ceiling when the door opened again. He looked over and saw a blonde girl get pushed through the door by one of the nurses. Looking a little embarrassed about being in front of so many people she had gone a little red in the cheeks, but quickly picked a seat and sat down without looking at anyone.


With a little sigh Daisuke went back to counting the tiles in the ceiling until the door opened again. Another two young girls entered, although one looked like she might be in her twenties, and took seats next to each other. They were gossiping in low voices, so Daisuke guessed that they must be friends.


The sandy haired woman smiled at everyone who entered and then finally spoke.


"Hello everyone. My name is Samantha Kay, although you can all call me Sam. I'm the group therapist here at First Genteels and I am here to help you, each and every one."


There was a moments pause in which she looked pointedly at one of the two girls who had entered the room. One of them had given a small snigger during Sam's opening speech. However Sam elected to ignore her and carry on.


"Why don't we all introduce ourselves? We may be havign several sessions together so it would be best if we all knew each other's names."


She looked at the person on her left, which was the mousey looking boy. He shrugged and declared his name was Terry, while the next person, the older man, was Bill. Daisuke turned to look at the next person in the circle, the blonde girl.

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Ah man that was just so embarrassing Marisa thought to herself. She knew the redness in her face gave her away quite a bit but in front of so many people, it just tortured her. When a woman spoke Marisa slightly lifted her head to look at her. She explained a bit on why she is there and what they are going to do.


“Oh, um. Marisa.” she spoke blushing a little bit again, as the circle introduced themselfs. She tried to remember the names and faces so far but it was hard seeing that it wasn’t her strong point. But for some reason there was someone who caught her eye. The guy with the red hair and he looked like a troublemaker.

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The blonde introduced herself as Marisa, and the two other girls were Sally and Megan. When it came to his turn Daisuke sighed with boredom before speaking.




"Uh." Sam looked down at the clipboard and double checked the names on the list she had been giving. Anticipating what she was about to say Daisuke cut across her.


"That's what me friends call me" he said in sugary sweet tones. "And aren't we all supposed to be making friends here?"


After giving Daisuke a shrewd look Sam decided not to force the issue and turned back to the group with a bright smile.


"Okay, now that we all know one another we can start. We are all here because lately you have all been hearing commands or suggestions from a voice that only you can hear. Marisa, why don't you tell us about your experiences?"

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And so Marisa was right. The red head named Daisuke was trouble after all. His attitude said it all to well and who was the man next to him. Maybe it was the guy who kept him in line every know and then. Suddenly Marisa heard her name causing her to look at the Sam woman.


“Oh um...” Marisa tried to speak as she was startled. “Um... it kind of or mostly appear when I’m painting or writing music.” she finally spoke not sure of herself.

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"So sort of like a inspirational muse then? Interesting. And what about you Sally?"


Sally had started whispering to her neighbour while Marisa was talking. When Sam addressed her she gave a shrug.


"Mine kept telling me to stab my grandmother."


This was met by a moment of silence while Sam checked her notes.


"Oh. And I see you did. She survived though."


"That's why I'm in here" said Sally in a cheerful tone of voice.


Daisuke exchanged a glance with Terry, who also seemed a bit disturbed by this announcement. Carefully Daisuke grabbed the sides of his chair and edged a bit further away from the self confessed grandmother stabber.




It seemed his movements had caught Sam's attention. He turned to look at her as she continued to talk.


"I see your voices have been encouraging you to start fires?"


"Yep" said Daisuke sounding totally unfussed. "I always made sure no one else was around though. Nobody got hurt" he added with a pointed glance at Sally.

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Marisa’s eyes went slightly wide as the one girl said she had tried to kill her grandmother. It was then she thanked who ever that the voice in her head wasn’t like that. Then Sam spoke to Daisuke. It was clear that he had fire issue, it actually fits with his hair Marisa thought at first.


“Yeah until you make a mistake and someone does get hurt.” she whispered softly.

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"What about you Terry?" asked Sam. "When did you first start experiencing this?"


Terry was silent for a moment before answering. Even though two of his group had already admitted attempted murder and arson, he seemed reluctant to talk about his own situation. Daisuke was just wondering what could be worse than what had been mentioned so far when the boy finally spoke.


"I was playing this stupid game with my friends. They had seen something on the internet and wanted to try it out. They said they were going to summon their Personas, but when it got to my turn we got interrupted. I've been hearing the voices ever since."


Daisuke raised an eyebrow. Persona? He remembered reading something like on that on a blog somewhere. Inner selfs and all that crap. Come to think of it, he'd started hearing his own voices not too long after that...

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Marisa had a strange sensation when Terry spoke of perona’s. It did sound familiar at first to her but she couldn’t remember where. Looking down at her feet she tried to recall where she had heard about it when a memory about art class came up. The teacher said to search for you inner self and paint it but Marisa couldn’t grasp what she meant by it. Thus she went and searched on the internet to see what other artists might do. That was when she came upon a link about persona’s and from that day she read it she heard this voice.

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"Oh that old game" chuckled Sam. "That rumour was about when I was a teenager."


"What game is this?" asked Bill. He was the oldest of the patients in the circle and looked a little confused.


"It's a game that calls forth your true self" explained Terry. "Your Persona. People say it gives you all kinds of power."


"Power?" piped up Sally. "Cool. How do you play this game?"


"You join hands in a circle and each person says 'Persona' three times one after the other. When everyone has finished your Persona is supposed to reveal itself."

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Marisa looked curiously at Sam as she explained that it was some sort of a game. It sounded really interesting and to know what your true self is might be kind of cool.


“Can we try it? The game that is?” Marisa spoke without thinking first. She had to admit she was rather curious.

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"Yeah let's go for it" said Megan. "We have to hold hands right?"


She reached out for Sally and Marisa, who were sitting either side of her, but Sam interrupted.


"I don't really think that is such a good idea for us to waste time on a rumour. It's been going around for a long time and I have yet to see anyone running around with powers. Right now we should focus on other things."


Megan and Sally both pouted and sat back in their chairs. When Sam turned to talk to Bill Daisuke watched the two girls instead. Sure enough they started whispering under their breath how'd they try the game out later anyway.

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I don’t see what’s the harm if we use a minute or two to do it Marisa thought to herself when Sam stopped them. So Marisa sat back in her seat looking a bit disappointed but the didn’t stop her from hearing what they girls were saying.


Looking at the others she could see Terry and Daisuke looking in their direction most likely knowing what they were talking about. Eventually Marisa’s gaze turned to her lap as she listened to their conversation.

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Daisuke kind of switched off for the rest of the group discussion, as none of it seemed aimed at him. He was more intrigued by this Persona thing that Terry had mentioned and like Sally and Megan, was rather hoping to be able to try it out later.


He'd have to try it somewhere where the staff couldn't see though. He got a feeling the nurses wouldn't take it too well if they came across a bunch of their patients holding hands in a circle and chanting nonsense. They'd get upgraded to a higher security hospital for sure.


Eventually it looked like they were going to be dismissed for the morning. Daisuke stood up and listened as Sam told them all to head straight to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

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Marisa was very bored the rest of the session. To have nothing in her hands felt like 24 hours of torture. When Sam dismissed them and gave word on where they should go Marisa made sure she followed Sally and Megan.


“Um excuse.” Marisa spoke in a soft whisper to them. “I was kinda wondering...”

“If you wanted to join us tonight?” Sally whispered back with excitement in her voice.


“Yeah something like that.”


“Sure thing. We’ll let you know a bit later where and when.” Megan replied just as excited.


Marisa gave a nod and fell a bit back when she finished talking with them. Her heart was slightly racing but she wasn’t sure if it was excitement or nerves.

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Daisuke saw the three girls group together and start whispering. Curious he slunk up behind them and heard the tail end of their conversation. Terry did the same, glancing at Daisuke to see if he was having similar thoughts.


"What about us" Daisuke asked Megan in a low voice. "I want to see how this works too."


Truth be told, he didn't really buy this Persona crap, but he figured it would be fun to try out anyway.


"Sure" replied Megan with a nod. "Besides, you've done this before right?" she asked Terry. "You can help us."

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Even thou Marisa fell back quite a bit she could here the others also being interested in tonight’s events. She was even surprised to see the red head being interested or maybe he didn’t wanted to feel left out. None the less she still got an awkward vibe from him and she most likely have to stay away but it will be hard, seeing that they have sessions together.

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With everything agreed about meeting up later to try out this Persona game of Terry's Daisuke followed the corridor to the cafeteria for some food. The moment he stepped through the door he instantly regretted it. He hadn't seen the other patients outside of his own little session group before and now he was confronted with several of them.


Sitting together at tables or waiting in line for some food, they all had pretty much the same look. Hopeless depression. Many people weren't bothering to eat, just pushing the food around on their tray. Was this going to be him in a month's time? Hell no. He'd be out of here before then.


Daisuke grabbed a tray and joined the queue. The sooner he ate the sooner he could get back to his cell.

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Marisa stopped at the door as their group entered the cafeteria. She had no idea there were so many and they all seemed so depressed. As she passed a couple of people she gave a little smile but none of them reacted to her kindness. Instead the gave her the shoulder or glared at her as if she was the reason they were there. Feeling uncomfortable she walked faster grabbing a clean tray and quickly stood inline almost bumping into Daisuke. She looked at the room again feeling rather small. She didn’t know if she would ever get use to a place like this. Hopefully the would clear her “well” soon and then she could leave this horrible place.

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As Daiukse got closer to where the actual meat was served he noticed that Marisa had joined him in the queue. He saw her looking at some of the other patients and judging by her expression she felt the same way he did. He gave a little shrug that indicated he knew what she was think and once something had been slapped onto his tray headed towards an empty table.


Sitting down he grabbed his fork and tried to eat what he had been given. It was edible, but rather mushy in his opinion. Guess they didn't like serving 'hard' foods in case someone choked.

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