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Clan of Magic

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The Clan of Magic



In a place unknown to humans, there is a land called Salamangka. Salamangka is a land of magic. It is the land of magic. Rivers flow with perfect transparent water. Grass grows lush and green, covering every patch of earth. Everything, from the tallest tree to the tiniest mouse, is infused with a sacred power. It flows through their veins, enshrouds their bodies, drifts in their souls. However, few can control this energy. The ones who can't live a life of peace and jealousy. In no way are they affected by this energy. In fact, only certain dragons are capable of performing such a feat. Select few can bend magic to their wills, and they come only from special species. Only those who are magical by birth can live in Kawalang, known to others as the Plains of Immortality. It is because of determination that they can channel magic. If one cannot use this energy and has ancestry that can, they are disgraced and cast out. This is why all dragons of the clan strive to use this power also known as life-energy. But one day...



This RP starts at the Plains of Immortality. Despite its name, it's dying. What was once beautiful greenery is now dull grass, wilting flowers and dead trees. This land had the life drained out of it by the dragons abusing magic. It went from a utopia to a dystopia.


The first section of this RP will take place on a chain of three islands. Each one is long, has its own terrain, different animals, different plants, and different hazards. All are large and easy to get lost on. There are rocky landscapes, dense forests nearly impossible to traverse, and even plains of ice. The gaps that must be flown across are constantly being attacked by tumultuous winds, and lightning is a common sight.


The first island is quite simple, bearing only a forest that stretches across the entire land. The predators, prey, and food there is what one would normally find in a forest. The southern side of the island is made mostly of maple trees, and the northern side is mostly pine.


The second - strangely - is a desert. One would be hard pressed to find a consistent source of water in this arid environment. Although hotter, the area is actually much safer than the forest.

However, there aren't many predators, and the only land hazard is quicksand, which is easy to escape from with a bit of magic.


The third and final island is an icy tundra. The polar opposite of the sand desert, the dragons will face similar challenges here: little food, water that requires great work, and even problems with the temperature. If this is where the quest ends, it will be from frostbite after malnutrition.



Though nobody can RP someone who can't use magic, they live on the same island as the ones who can. However, it's quite a distance away, and the two types of dragon rarely come in contact with each other.



Implied by the name "life-energy", magic is really a creature's life force. It can easily be recovered if lost, simply by resting or eating. Often, it doesn't use a noticeable amount of energy. It just drains a bit of your health which can be easily recovered without any effort. At least, that's what all the magical dragons thought. In truth, they were draining energy away from the land, magic that couldn't be recovered. As this happened, the creatures slowly lost the ability to recover instantaneously. Re-energizing took more and more time, and everyone was reminded that they were really just like any other dragon, a fact that they didn't like to admit.


The dragons, being the intellectual creatures they were, quickly figured out the reasoning and set out to figure out a solution. It soon became apparent that there was none. If they weren't able to put magic back into the earth, they would all die. They were all highly incapable without their powers: unable to hunt, gather food, or in some cases even perform daily tasks. Of course, there was still one solution. The obvious one, the one that you weren't supposed to choose. Run away. It was the dragons' last chance for survival, and they decided to take the chance. Their target destination is far. It will take even the swiftest flyer nearly a week. It is autumn, soon to be winter. Much of the way will have to be walked, for the storms in the region are deadly. But whatever the cost, they had to try. It is their only chance to live.


A long chain of large islands is the path that would lead them to their destination, an island dubbed "The Land of Hope". The path is treacherous, vicious predators waiting at every turn. There is only one consolation: the land you travel through still has magic, albeit a very limited amount. There's enough to keep the entire clan going for several weeks but won't last any longer than that. Each island must be traversed as quickly as possible but with considerable care to claim a reasonable amount of food, magic, and water. When all this is done, you will have reached utopia. But... when you reach the Land of Hope, IF you reach it, how will you stop all the magic from draining out of that island as well? You're going to leave behind your home, the place you're familiar with, but for what? A small amount of time away from your troubles?


Because of the holes in the plan, all the dragons have different opinions. Some want to go to the island, stay, and then leave to a new place when magic there runs out. Others want to go and find a way to stop draining the Earth's life force so they'd be able to stay long-term. And others, the ones who never wanted to leave, are only going to find a cure that they can return to their first homeland with. Once they are in possession of it, they plan to go back with the route they used before. Some are even saying that the individual breeds should unite as smaller groups, "tribes".


What will you do in this time of crisis? Will you be a hero among heroes, or will you let a dark side sabotage the entire journey? The choice is yours.





1: All DC Forum rules apply

2: Be respectful to others when speaking OOC

3: PM your forms to me

4: There is no character maximum. Instead, start with up to three and I will judge whether you can manage more accordingly

5: No god-modding

6: No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus

7: Dragons from the list below only. If you think of another one that can use magic, ask me

8: Please, no mating between your own characters

9: Five GOOD sentences minimum per post. It's fine if you don't do this once or twice; we all get writer's block

10: Codeword (put in the other section) is MRRP

11: If your dragon is fighting someone else, decide the battle result beforehand

12: Censor out any swearing

13: Use proper spelling and grammar

14: Ignore anything bolded in the rules section

15: It'd be nice if you could post in colour. It makes things pretty.


Character Sheet


Forum Name:

Character Name:













Breeds Allowed:






-Shallow Water

-Golden Wyvern (PM me for this one...)

((Yes, I am that cruel. If you have any objections, PM me and we can work it out. I might even add more.))



-Lothuialel (placeholder)




Forested: Green for pine, orange and red for maple

Desert: Green specs are cacti.

Tundra: Snowflakes

Random islands spread about in purple.

Thanks to Sockpuppet Strangler for the wonderful map!




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