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Found an AP (Abandoned Page) egg that doesn't have the lineage you want? Don't put it back, trade it here! Please put a link in the egg/hatchie's lineage, please also add a trade link, and be truthful!




1) Do NOT trade eggs wanting/offering Real money, please only trade eggs/hatchlings for eggs/hatchlings.


2) Please do NOT spam!!


3) Remember, please only bump once per day!


4) This isn't exactly a rule, but please be nice and respectful to others! It's also nice to remove/cross-out your trade once it's gone.


How to Trade:


First off, you're going to need a Magi Dragon. Once it matures into an adult, it''ll have the Breed Specific Action called "Teleport". If you click this action, you'll be able to teleport one or more egg(s)/hatchie(s). There are two ways you can trade: One, one-way (trading your creatures for free without anything in return) or two, Two-way (Offering your creatures in exchange for other creatures). You don't exactly need a Magi dragon if you offer on another user's eggs/hatchies. Remember, a Magi dragon has a two-day cooldown!


Topic Moderators:


20mia08 - To PM this user: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=206597


PM me (20mia08) to apply to be a Topic Moderator!

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Closing. AP eggs/hatchlings can be traded in the existing trade threads.

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