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Douhle Forest

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((Sorry for the time delay, but i had to much crap to do and could not post, took me eight hours to write something for DvH, and it might have taken me longer to write a revival post as well. And Lot you have another, just remember that you have a magi with a book that was taken from Sphinx, after he was kill, and after she gave it to him..... Anyone remember the name?))


Sapphire watch as Columbine get swatted down like a fly by the larger dragon that is just crisping her arrows. Even with Demon there, and his fire proof, they could not even scratch this dragon that was born from the flames of hell. 'Come on Sapphire, think, there got to be a weak spot in his aura.' Sapphire thought to herself, but even she could not think of a spot that was weaker than the rest of the aura. She notch three arrows and pulled back the bow string. 'I have to have fate I will find one.' She thought to herself as she release the arrows, but they too turn to ash before even coming with in thirty feet of the dragon.


Demon saw the arrows just be destroy with out hitting their target, and he could see Sapphire swearing at the fact the arrows just combusted in the air. Demon know Sapphire could handle herself, so he went over to Columbine, and kneed down to her. "Hey you alright there?" Demon asked her as he inspected her for any fetal wounds.

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