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Reality and Fiction Collide

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Being trapped in a world nothing like yours is terrifying. When people in this world know everything about you, it's even worse. This is the life of fictional characters trapped within the real world. They don't know they're not real, but everyone else does. The chaos that insues should be one heck of a joyride...



1. All forum rules apply.

2. Godmodding/Powerplaying is a BIG no-no, I will warn you once about it before booting you.

3. Romance and such is allowed, just keep it it PG-13 please.

4. Multiple characters are fine, take as many as you can handle. Although, start with one or two please, that way people won't be confused who is controlling which character.

5. Your character can learn new powers, like minor shapeshifting, like if someone turns, say Fox, into an actual fox, he can switch between that form and his normal form. PM ME if you want your character to learn a new power.

6. DO NOT kill someone else's character without permission.

7. I am always open for criteria and ideas!

8. No one-liners please! Two or three sentences are acceptable!

9. Put a random phrase in other for proof you have read the rules

10. Above all, have fun!








Side: (Hero, neutral, or villian)

Weapons (if any):

Powers (if any):


From: (Name what game/television/book they are from)

Appearance: (Just post a picture here)



Accepted Characters:




User: claw

Name: Dark Link

Age: looks 16-18ish, but is much, much older

Gender: Male

Side: Neutral/villain

Weapons (if any): Bow and arrows, The Master sword, bombs, bomb arrows, a slingshot, an enchanted boomerang, the clawshot, and the ball and chain.

Powers (if any): can go from ahadow to solid at any time he wants

Species: Dark shadow manifestation thingy

From: Legend of Zelda Series

Appearance: Dark Link

Other: he's got a lot of other gadgets that can't be considered weaponry, like his lantern, different types of armor, and horse whistle.



User: shadow_claw

Name: Lanie

Age: ehh...about 24

Gender: Female

Side: Neutral. She's sort of a bit of everything.

Weapons (if any): The Dawnbreaker, and an Ebony bow with a crapload of arrows.

Powers (if any): The ability to use drago shouts once learned, magical abilities, excellent night vision and cat-like senses and...yeah that's it.

Species: Khajiit

From: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Appearance: Lanie



User: claw

Name: Clint Barton

Age: 30ish

Gender: Male

Side: Hero/Netural and prone to stealing

Weapons (if any): His famous recurve bow with trick arrows

Powers (if any): Excellent vision and unmatched marksman skills

Species: Human

From: The Avengers/Marvel Comics

Appearance: Here

Other: Because...Boomerangs


User: claw

Name: Ganondorf

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Side: villain

Weapons (if any): His sword

Powers (if any): Incredible strength and endurance, use of magic (limited), master strategist

Species: Hylian

From: Legend of Zelda series

Appearance: Link

Other: He created Dark Link

Do not think that this ends here... the history of light and shadow will be written in blood!


User: claw

Name: (currently unnamed)

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Side: neutral/villain

Weapons (if any): claws, teeth, tail, speed, you get the gist

Powers (if any):

Species: Nexu

From: Star Wars

Appearance: Link

Other: open for name suggestions!



User: claw

Name: Chell

Age: mid-twenties

Gender: Female

Side: hero/neutral

Weapons (if any): Portal gun

Powers (if any): none

Species: Human

From: Portal 1 & 2

Appearance: Chell with some portal action

Other: has longfall boots that allow her to jump from any height unharmed. And she is mute.



Name: Flynn Ryder

Age: mid twenties to earliy thirties

Gender: Male

Side: kind of a bit of everything

Weapons (if any): ha, no

Powers (if any): none

Species: human

From: Tangled

Appearance: Click

Other: They can't get my nose right!




User: Doctortear

Name: Samus Aran

Age: Unknown (20's to 30's)

Gender: Female

Side: Hero

Weapons (if any):

Power Beam

Charge Beam

Dark Beam

Light Beam

Annihilator Beam

Missile Launcher

Seeker Missile Launcher

Charge Combo

Super Missile



Sonic Boom (Drains Samus of energy)

Ice Missile

Plasma Beam

Screw Attack

Nova Beam (Not really useful at the moment)

Powers (if any): Can cram herself into a small ball and roll around in it. (Even though anyone human can do that...)

Species: Human

From: Metroid

Appearance: With Suit; Without Suit

Other: Oh geez that's a lot of attacks. I think I'm just going to use only half of them since some of them of pretty useless on Earth.


User: Doctortear

Name: Ridley

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Side: Villain

Weapons (if any): None

Powers (if any): Powerful wings, high intelligence, sharp claws, ridged beak, healing abilities, extremely adapt at survival, able to breath plasma.

From: Metroid

Appearance: Ridley

Other: Let's mess with Samus' PTSD!


User: Doctortear

Name: Buttercup

Age: 5

Gender: Female

Side: (Hero, neutral, or villian) Hero

Weapons (if any): None

Powers (if any):Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Stamina


Heat Vision

Ability to breathe and survive in space

Energy projection

Super senses (sight and hearing)

Night Vision

Tornado Generation

Fire generation

Ice Breath

X-ray vision

Invulnerability against extreme temperatures

Supersonic Screaming

Species: Powerpuff?

From: (Name what game/television/book they are from) Powerpuff Girls

Appearance: Buttercup

Other: She has a huge attitude and absolutely HATES losing.


User: Doctortear

Name: Blaziken (No nickname)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Side: Neutral

Weapons (if any): None

Powers (if any):

Flame Breath

Fire Punches

Self Combustion

Great Strength

Ability to jump very high

Hand to hand combat

Great Speed

(Moves: Flare Blitz, Brave Bird, Black Kick, and Sky Uppercut. His special ability is Speed Boost)

Species: Blaziken

From: Pokemon

Appearance: Blaziken

Other: He carries around a Blazikenite on a rope around his neck. However, unless some gets a mega ring and forms a bond with him, Blazkien will not mega evolve. (So unless someone magically finds a mega ring or another person brings one in and forms a strong bond with Blaziken, no mega evolution)

"Millie will be lonely no longer!"


User: Doctortear

Name: Lady Jaina Proudmore

Age: Unknown (20 - 40)

Gender: Female

Side: Hero

Weapons (if any): Staff of Antonidas

Powers (if any):

Knowledge of arcane (Covers a lot)

Summoning of elements


Creation of food and water out of thin air

Mirror Images

Blizzards and Firestorms

Ability to turn enemies into animals temporary

Species: Human

From: World of Warcraft (Yes, you are reading this right.)

Appearance: Jania

Other: Kerrigan shall not be alone! More Blizzard characters! I'm also probably missing a lot of powers, but there's just too many to put down. >.<


User: Doctortear

Name: Cabadath, The Prince, The Arrogant Man

Age: ??? (Before death)

Gender: Male/undetermined

Side: Villain/neutral in the fact that he only does as he's told

Weapons (if any): A large pointed stave, slightly taller than he is, with four scythe blades at its top set at right angles to one another.

Powers (if any):


Disproportionate strength and speed

Able to shift between the real world and the world of Magick

Extreme tolerance to pain (He suffered extreme proportions of pain for about 500 years prior)

Inability to speak and function like a normal person (Can, however, speak through a person's corpse)

Species: Lich

From: Chzo Mythos (During 6 days before his death)

Appearance: Cabadath

Other: "This hotel kind of sucks."



User: pudding

Name: Jack Frost

Age: Appears 17

Gender: Male

Side: "Neutral"

Weapons (if any):

Staff: Less of a weapon and more of a medium to channel his powers.

Powers (if any): (All of these only occur while holding his staff)

Winter magic- He can make snow, breathe frost and generally control ice.

Flight- He can fly

Speed- He can run very quickly and nimbly, faster than humans can.

Invisibility- He can't be seen except by those who believe in him. This also makes him intangible and people will walk right through him like a ghost.

Species: Winter Spirit

From: Rise of the Guardians

Appearance: Jack Frost

Other: Takes place pre-movie


User: pudding

Name: Loki Laufeyson

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Side: Villain

Weapons (if any):


Powers (if any):

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman durability

Superhuman longevity

Superhuman speed/agility


Cold manipulation

Species: Asgardian (Frost Giant)

From: Thor/Avengers/Marvel

Appearance: Loki

Other: I come with glad tidings of a world made free.



User: RoD

Name: Felix

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Side: Villian

Weapons (if any): A staff laced with dreamshade (a deadly poison that grows on Neverland)

Powers (if any): N/A

Species: Human

From: Once Upon a Time

Appearance: Felix

Other: He's one of the Lost Boys of Neverland


User: RoD

Name: Rumplestiltskin

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Side: Villian

Weapons (if any): A dagger

Powers (if any): He draws his powers from the dagger

Species: Human

From: Once Upon a Time

Appearance: Rumplestiltskin

Other: He can make objects appear out of thin air


User: RoD

Name: Yoshi

Age: Unknown

Gender: ...Male?

Side: Hero

Weapons (if any): None

Powers (if any): He eats everything he can eat

Species: Green dinosaur lizard?

From: Yoshi's Island

Appearance: Yoshi

Other: Horray for Yoshi ^.^




User: Ayesthine

Name: Sarah Louise Kerrigan (and/or Queen of Blades)

Age: Unknown (Born: 2473 AD)

Gender: Female

Side: Neutral

Weapons: Her mind, her "wings", and her claws.

Powers: All arre copied directly from the wiki, so excuse any mistakes ^^'

Psionic/Telekinetic Prowess:


Kinetic Blast: A blast of psionic energy

Crushing Grip: Stuns enemies by, em, crushing them with her mind

Psionic Shift: Dashes through an enemy

Apocalypse: Deals a ridiculous amount of damage to everything within a certain area

Implosion: Creates a localized gravity well that telekinetically crushes the target


Controls and/or summons Zerg Units:

(just a note, these will probably be useless)


Spawn Leviathan: Summons a flying leviathan.

Drop-Pods: Delivers 40 primal zerglings, 5 primal roaches, and 5 primal hydralisks with timed life to the battlefield.



Swift Regeneration (as in healing; can regrow missing limbs)

Detector (can detect cloaked and burrowed enemies)

Razor Storm (Summons... well, a storm)

Deep Tunnel (Tunnels deep underground)


Species: Zerg/Terran Hybrid

From: Starcraft (II)

Appearance: Picture

Other: Just so we're clear, this is Infested Kerrigan


User: Ayesthine

Name: Black Widow (Natalia Alianovna (Natasha) Romanova/Romanoff)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Side: Hero

Weapons (if any): Dual pistols, hand-to-hand combat, etc.

Powers (if any):

Slowed aging

Enhanced immune system

Abnormally superior athletic condition

Extensive military, hand-to-hand combat, martial arts, and espionage training


Enhanced psychological defenses

Species: (Super) Human

From: Marvel Universe

Appearance: One/Two

Other: This is Post-Daredevil/Pre-Champ​ions Black Widow




User: MasterWeavile898

Name: Eridan Ampora

Age: 6 Sweeps (~13 Years)

Gender: Male

Side: Villain

Weapons (if any): Ahab's Crosshairs

Empericists Wand

Powers (if any):

Mastery of White Magic Science

Hopelessness at everything

Destroying hope

Species: Troll

From: Homestuck

Appearance: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2010...idan_Ampora.png

Other: Kill it with Hope laugh.gif

Also, in all seriousness, I am not not very active at posting ATM *Indicates her siggy*




User: MasterWeavile898

Name: Meloetta (Nicknamed Millie, though how you would find that out with her inability to speak, I don't know)

Age: Um... Unknown

Gender: Genderless Female

Side: Neutral

Weapons (if any): N/A

Powers (if any):



>)Flying via a form of levitation

>)Turning invisible

>)Transforming between forms

>)Putting people to sleep via singing

>)Psychic abilities, mainly telekinesis

>)Hand to hand combat abilities in Pirouette form

>)Dropping massive thunderbolts from the sky

(Basically, she knows Relic Song, Psychic, Close Combat, and Thunder)

Species: Meloetta

From: Pokemon

Appearance: Meloetta Pirouette

>Aria) user posted image

>Pirouette) user posted image

Other: Being a Pokemon, she can't actually speak and must communicate via gestures and different pitches of "Le"s, to indicate her feelings and etc


User: MasterWeavile898

Name: Jaina

Age: 32 (Placing her just after the end of LotF)

Gender: Female

Side: Hero

Weapons (if any): Her lightsaber (Purple, for anyone who cares)

Powers (if any):

Strong Force abilities (To many techniques to list)

Mandalorian berserker thing, I forget the name ATM

Good piloting skills

Good with mechanical things

A few specific Force abilities:

Jedi mind trick

Mind wipe

Hiding in the Force (The art of the small I believe it's called)

Force pushes, pulls, and other exertions of telekinesis

Advanced lightsaber combat skills


Species: Human

From: Star Wars

Appearance: http://static4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2008...px-Jainanjo.jpg

(Bit young there, but it was the best I could manage)

Other: "I name you the Sword of the Jedi." Ouch! Don't poke me!



User: MasterWeavile898

Name: Abeloth

Age: Unknown, but she's quite ancient

Gender: Female

Side: Neutral

Weapons (if any): N/A

Powers (if any):

Various force powers.

Conversion of plants into dark, twisted versions of themselves. And control of said plants

She's capable of infesting other Force-users with her presence and taking their bodies for her own

She can create earthquakes

She can mindwalk and be conscious in the physical world at the same time

Basically she's the all-powerful embodiment of chaos


Species: Unknown

From: Star Wars

Appearance: http://static1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2012...beloth_EGTW.jpg

She's the one in the middle

Other: No one can explain Abeloth.

Oh and, don't try to fight her, that's a death sentence for anyone. Except maybe Gabriel, maybe (oh, and later Eridan, but he'd probubbly try to join her)


User: MasterWeavile898

Name: Vergere

Age: Unknown, around 80 or 90

Gender: Female

Side: Neutral/Villain

Weapons (if any): None, she gave up her lightsaber while trying to hide under the Vong

Powers (if any):

Various force abilities (Gee, this isn't familiar at all)

She can use the rare ability of Force Sever, which can disconnect others from the Force

She is able to manipulate her tears at a molecular level and turn them into powerful antibiotics. Using her Force powers and her species already weakly medicinal tears

And she can dance tongue.gif


Species: Fosh

From: So much Star Wars tongue.gif

Appearance: http://static1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2011...0px-Vergere.jpg

Other: Listen well. Everything I tell you is a lie. Every question I ask is a trick. You will find no truth in me. Though you believe nothing else, you may rest your faith on this.


I was thinking that since I have four females, maybe I could slip past the no more males thing?


User: MasterWeavile898

Name: Ryuga

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Side: Villian/Neutral

Weapons (if any): Meto L-Drago

Powers (if any):

Uh, blowing up walls, buildings, etc

Anime jumping abilities

Generally explosive L-Drago powers


Species: Human

From: Beyblade Metal Masters (Because that's the least lame)

Appearance: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2013...ges_%289%29.jpg

Full picture


Better picture

Other: "Careful what you poke with a stick, it might just bite your head off!!"

xd.png.png I couldn't resist. Gonna have to work on my Lip Lock writing tongue.gif




User: Sweet_Wyvern

Name: Gabriel

Age: He's very very old. Not sure how old.

Gender: Male

Side: (Hero, neutral, or villian) He's a little of both, mostly neutral. Heroic when it suits/amuses him

Weapons (if any): N/a

Powers (if any):


-Slight clairvoyance

-Create illusions

-Transform objects and his appearance

-Alter reality to create time loops/pocket universes; he also can choose who is aware of what is happening.

-Revive the dead

Species: Archangel

From: (Name what game/television/book they are from) Supernatural

Appearance: http://de.supernatural.wikia.com/wiki/Gabriel

Other: I am not caught up in the Supernatural series. Luckily, I will be starting Gabe off after the episode 'Hammer of the Gods', making it so instead of dying when Lucifer stabs him, he ends up in reality. He won't know what's happened since that episode, which is convenient.

"Helloooo? Trickster! Come on, I heard you two yahoos were in town, how could I resist?"


User: Sweet_Wyvern

Name: Luiz

Age: 4

Gender: Male

Side: (Hero, neutral, or villian) Heroic in the sense that his intentions are always good

Weapons (if any): n/a

Powers (if any): n/a

Species: American bulldog

From: Rio

Appearance: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2013...-Thumb-Luiz.jpg

Other: "Watchin' 'em up there, makes you want to chase them and grab 'em in your mouth and bite their heads off, huh? "


User: Sweet_Wyvern

Name: James Buchanan Barnes, "Bucky", or the Winter Soldier

Age: 98 (but he looks like he's 25)

Gender: Male

Side: Villain

Weapons: Multiple weapons, including knives, pistols, a shot gun, an automatic rifle, grenades, smoke bombs, etc. He also has a bionic arm in stead of his left arm, which he lost in an explosion. The bionic arm is incredibly strong and can be used to electrocute someone, as well as discharge an EMP. He can use the arm even when it isn't attached to him.

Powers: Super-soldier strength and speed, military and specialized combat training and survival skills.

Species: Human

From: Marvel comics, specifically Captain America

Appearance: http://www.hollystarz.biz/wp-content/uploa...ils-new-art.jpg

Other: "Who the hell is Bucky?"




User: Starphyre77

Name: Azog the Defiler

Age: Uncertain, but well over 150

Gender: Male

Side: Villain

Weapons: A mace; a gnarled, multi-spiked, iron claw in place of his lost left hand; and a long dagger

Powers: Great strength

Species: Gundabad Orc

From: The Hobbit Film

Appearance: Azog is over 7" (2.13m) of Sneer; Snark; and Snarl (okay, maybe not quite a snarl, but it sounded good)

Other: “Nujh da geer? Nujh da gahd? |Do you smell it? The scent of fear?|


User: Starphyre77

Name: Aayla Secura

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Side: Hero

Weapons: Lightsaber

Powers: Lightsaber combat; Force Cloak; Telekinesis; and other common Jedi abilities

Species: Twi’lek

From: Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

Appearance: Aayla


Other: "There is no death, there is the Force"


User: Ryujin13

Name: Rtas' Vadum

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Side: Hero

Weapons (if any): Energy Sword, Plasma Rifle

Powers (if any): Has a cloaking generator on his armor as well as a shield generator (only one can be on at a time.)

Species: Sangheili (Elite)

From: Halo series

Appearance: Rtas' Valdum

Other: Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle

Edited by shadow_claw

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The shimmering line of snow drifted through the air. The cool air grasped everything around it; crawling up poles and dancing through the breeze. The snow littered the ground and sang through the air with a strange melody. In an abandoned street, a single figure stood beneath a lamp post. The figure's head lifted and watched as the snow drifted from the sky. Two bright eyes searched the sky from within a shaded mask.

How did I get here?

Samus turned her attention to the empty street around her. How she got into the frosted city and why she did was unknown to her. Foggy memories of where she was subsequently was an enigma. She could remember herself running from something, but what was pursuing her was just as clear as the foggy sky.

Perhaps I can find out where I am. Surely there is someone who can enlighten me on where I am.

Samus placed her blaster in one hand. Should someone attack her, she would be prepared.

Turning away from the light gifted from the lamp post, Samus began to wander the streets search of someone who could tell her where she was.

Edited by Doctortear

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Electra saw a figure by her lampost "Hello? I'm Electra Heart, have you seen my archetypes? I've missed them very much" Said Electra



(( Her archetypes are sort of parts of her personality, they're Housewife, Homewrecker, Teen idle and Primadonna ))

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A young boy with blonde hair stood on a path, wishing he had something warm to wear on his feet. All this snow was making him shiver. He wrapped himself tighter in his cloak as he looked around the tall structures that seemed to pierce the sky. How did I get here? he questioned himself. All he could seem to remember was dancing around with Peter Pan and his beloved Lost Boys. He wrapped himself once more before starting to walk.


Rumplestiltskin blinked. One moment he was in Storybrooke, but now? He blinked once again before, with a flick of his wrist, put on some warmer clothes. Not like he couldn't stop the snow around him, but he didn't want anyone to give him a strange glance or two.


Yoshi watched intrigued as the snow fell. He quickly stuck out his tongue and ate a couple of snowflakes. He shivered, before deciding this place was to frigid for a green lizard like him. He then stopped and turned as he smelt something good cooking.

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(( Are you planning on doing pan aswell Raptor? ))



Ellie was lying on the floor, with the cold snow, the last thing she could remember that she was in a fight with a clicker on the promenade, she saw another figure in the snow, ( Felix ) "Hello? Who are you? You're not infected are you?" Asked Ellie

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Samus spun around when a small voice spoke up. Her blaster immeaditly lifted up, fully charged, and was pointed in the direction of the voice. Her eyes narrowed at the being standing by the lamp post.

Archetypes? I've never heard of those before...

Lowering the blaster only slightly, Samus spoke,

"I know nothing of what you say, nor am I inclined to help you find these 'archetypes' you speak of. I may be more willing to assist you in your troubles if you could identity where we are."

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Light, nimble feet touched down on the ground with barely a sound and only slight hesitation. Staff gripped tightly in his hands, the young-looking lad turned in a slow circle, spinning on his bare feet as he readied himself for a fight. When nothing appeared, he straightened his back and moved to a nearby wall, pressing his hand against it. Frost stemmed outwards from his fingertips as he stared at the wall. "Okay," he said softly, speaking to himself. When no one could hear you, you tended to talk to yourself. "Weird... How did I get in a city?"

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Yoshi grinned as he ran into a place called a buffet. Food at last! People stopped and turned to look at the green dinosaur who seemed to swallow just about everything in sight, changing different colors as he did so.


The young boy stopped as he heard a voice talking to someone. What were archetypes? "Excuse me," he said. "But can one you tell me where we are?" He was debating whether or not to take the staff off his back and whack someone.


Rumplestiltskin stopped and turned on his heel as he heard commotion in a nearby buffet. "Well, now what can that be?" he asked himself before moving in.

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(( Her archetypes have different powers, homewrecker can alter emotions, housewife can make illusions, primadonna can make people feel dizzy and teen idle can teleport, she'll have all those powers once she gets all of them back ))


"My archetypes! Ugh, I wouldn't expect you to know, and I know where we are, we're in... I don't know, but have you seen my archetypes?!" Replied Electra haughtily



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A slight spark of agitation flicked in Samus' mind.

"If I don't know what an archetype is, then how can I know if I've seen one?" she replied coolly. "If you don't know where we are, then I don't see any reason in continuing this discussion." Samus lowered her blaster and turned her back towards Electra. Her gaze flickered over to yet another figure. This one seemed to be just as confused as she was.

"It appears we are in some city," Samus replied to the boy. "Where we are exactly, I don't know. But, I suppose it won't hurt to look around for some clues." Samus turned her attention once more to the scene in front of her. She couldn't see too far ahead, but what she did see was empty and dark.

This doesn't look too promising...

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Jack Frost straightened upright, turning away from the wall. Somehow, he had been moved from the small town he had been spreading snow in to a snowy city. He held out his hand to catch a snowflake, noting that it did not melt on his cold skin. Turning, he looked around the alley then walked out onto the street. Time to figure out which city he had been taken to.


Loki landed on the ground, stumbling only slightly as the chains binding him rattled loudly. He looked around, raising an eyebrow in mild surprise. This was not Asgard. He was back on Midgard. Had the tesseract brought him back? For what purpose? Unless Thanos had something to do with it... Oh dear. The people of Midgard would not be pleased to see him again. He would have to make himself scarce.

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The shadow of the spirit warped soon after he paused. Two glowing red eyes became visible shortly after he spoke. What is a city? it asked in response. The figure of a young man with a shield and sword replaced Jack's shadow after it spoke. It seemed to wear a tunic and long hat.


Snow. She was all too used to the snow. But this wasn't home. The icy crystals drifted down and dotted her face. The strange buildings and bright lights were startling to the Dragonborn. Cars and conversation and the rank scent of trash made all her usual composure crumble. The startled woman fled from the alleyway, only to freeze in horror as a metal beast came charging at her. Her ears flattened and blue eyes widened at the blinding headlights grew nearer. The only thing she could do was stare in sheer terror.

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Jack, naturally, ignored the first voice. People never noticed him so he tended to ignore most conversations in favor of spreading snow and helping kids go on epic sled rides. But the voice right behind him that appeared out of no where caused him to quickly whirl around, holding his staff at the ready. The small spirit jumped backwards, fear showing in his eyes for a brief moment before he composed himself. Okay... "Are you a spirit?" he asked, taking a few small steps backwards.

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The shadow tilted its head. Spirit? No, spirits hate me. It isn't my fault, though. it answered. Curiosity flickered in its blood red eyes at the stranger. This guy was afraid of him just like everybody else, but at least he was nice enough to respond. Everybody else tried to destroy him whenever he appeared. I was sorta...made by demise to destroy the Hero of Time. That's boring, though. Do you know how much it sucks to be trapped as some guy's shadow or eternity? The shadow huffed and crossed its arms.

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Ellie, shocked by this, realised she wasn't in Kansas Barry island anymore, "What. Is. HAPPENING?!" Asked Ellie violently, having been torn from her previous world

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The TARDIS was smoking heavily when it decided to stop shaking madly. The Doctor pushed open the blue doors of the TARDIS open. He stepped outside and felt gentle rain, no snow. He looked around to see very thick fog covered everywhere. He spun around and locked the TARDIS so it would be there for him when he got back. "Where am I? It seems I'm in an alternate universe" He explained to no one in particular, "That would explain why the TARDIS broke...".

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A skeletal shape stalked down the deserted street, flakes of snow obscuring the thin form. The same flakes drifted past the warm glow of a streetlamp; the stark iron-wrought lamp illuminating a few squares of the hard cement pavement. A car passed, and the stranger vanished. Or, appeared to. The soft rustling noise of a creaking carapace blurred beneath the rush of wind and roar of noise as more cars passed by on the dark asphalt road was all that betrayed her presence. A shadow, nearly indistinguishable on the dark sidewalk, crept by. The wavering splash of shade moved on it's own, driven by no visible body. The shadow passed through the splash of light left by the street-lamp, growing ever mode defined as it did.

Once out of the light, Kerrigan sighed. She squeezed her eyes shut, and de-cloaked. A flash of gray-blue light passed, and at once her deep purple-and-yellow chitinous form was visible to the night. A shiver passed through her frame, her arching wings pulled closer to her body for comfort. The thin fingers were useless, lacking the membrane neccesary for flight or, in this case, for warmth Not that she wanted to fly. No, she wanted to hide.

She stood out on this ridiculous human settlement like a sore thumb. This place was primitive; no one here knew about the Confederation or the Zerg or even the Protoss. There were no ships, no docking ports, no shuttles rocketing up into the star-dotted sky. This place was completely barren of alien life.

Not that she wanted to find some.

Not that she wanted to do anything.

Well, she wanted to go home.

She wanted to go home to Jim.

That was, unfortunately, impossible. Kerrigan felt this all too well.

There was no chance she could be de-infected. She was stuck like this, with clawed hands, useless wings, and self-grown armor too tough to be peirced by bullets.

Of course, there were benefits to this form. She was more powerful than ever. She had commanded hordes of Zergs to do her bidding. Or, they had commanded her. She was their slave, their Queen, and their savior. After she was rescued, she went back to them. It was, granted, for a viable reason, but that was beside the point. She was stuck in this disgusting hybrid-infected form for the rest of her existence. An existence she planned to cut short, if she couldn't find a way off this planet.

She had tried multiple times to summon her leviathan. Isha wouldn't, or couldn't, respond.

She had, on a desperate whim, tried to contact Valerian. She was almost relieved when he didn't respond. The prince was bound to be furious.


Kerrigan sighed, again, pushing her thoughts away with a flick of her hand. She threw herself down on a bench, the cold metal slats chilling her further. She curled up, her legs tucked in front of her and a grim scowl marring her face. Her wings rose into the shadows behind her like bony fingers, their articulated joints stark against the red brick wall behind her.

She leaned back, and closed her eyes. Strands of thick, snake-like hair cascaded from her head, curling around her neck and over the back of the bench.

This is so strange.

Her eyes flashed open as another noisy car passed by.

There is no good reason for me to be abandoned on this planet.

She settled down again, arms crossed.

I suppose I will wait, and see what finds me.

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Moving quickly towards the shadows to cower and hide amongst the darkness, Loki spent little time actually studying the Midgardian city and more time trying to hide from the humans it housed. He was a strange sight for sure since he was bound by a variety of chains and his mouth covered in metal muzzle. Even if the Midgardians did not recognize him at first, the shackles would surely catch their attention with their constant rattling.

Striking out in a random direction for it seemed that he would find the end of the city as long as he moved constantly in one direction, he did his best not to linger in one place for too long. The shadows and darkness housed him quite nicely, just as they always had. Every loud rumbling of a car put him on edge and forced the former prince to press himself against the nearest wall, trying to blend in until the light from the car faded. He was not supposed to be here. He should not be here.


"Probably not as much as being ignored," Jack replied, easing his fighting stance slightly. Odd looks aside, he seemed harmless enough... right? "So do you have a name or do I have to make one up for you?"

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"wwhy does this place have to be so cold?" The fishy figure mumbled to himself, "there are plenty of other places I could a ended up after.. after..." after what?

He couldn't seem to remember. But this frigid place with the tall communal hive stems, why did he end up here? And the land was covered in trash. Whoever brought him here certainly wanted to taunt him somehow with their trashy land-dwelling city.


He trudged on through the white fluff, his shoes becoming wetter and wetter as he walked. The fluff seemed to be slowly falling from the sky. It was actually quite majestic, especially for one so enamored with white. The troll's quiet trudging is interrupted suddenly by a group of small fowl flying across his line of sight. He lifts his rifle, the legendary Ahab's Crosshairs, which is about as powerful as his kind abstractus will allow, and aims it towards the creatures. He contemplates firing, it's not that he has any qualms about killing the fowl, but he is hesitant to accidentally knock over one of the hives. the choice is taken out of his hands however, as his contemplation lasted to long and the fowl escaped his range of vision. He lowers the rifle, grumbles several curses under his breath, and continues trudging.


"wwell, it's about time I found somethin interestin." The sea troll said aloud to himself.

He was viewing a small wigglers play area. The young creatures appeared to be nowhere within sight, but this is not what interested him. What interested him was the shady figures drinking sugary drinks and laughing to each other. One took an especially elongated drink, presumably emptying the can. He then proceeded to toss it to the side. The troll quickly lifted his rifle and aimed it towards the can. He aimed it with such precision so as to only take out the can. A blast of pure energy leapt off the end of the legendary rifle. The shady figures were startled to say the least.

"Whoa! Dude! What the shizzle was that?" One said, noticing the sea troll for the first time.

"you should be careful where you put your trash nub horned land dwwellers." The troll replied.

"Oh, you one a them environmentalist dudes, huh? Well you're dressed like you're from a hipster's cartoon bro."

The troll chose not to respond. Instead he fired another blast over the others' heads, setting a tree behind them alight. They took the hint and fled the scene.


Eridan Ampora frowned at the withdrawing land dwellers. In their rush they had left their trash on the ground. He walked over and picked up a can, quickly disposing of it in the nearby waste disposal unit.

"wworthless land dwwellers. no respect for royalty." He muttered to himself.

The tree was slowly put out by the falling fluff. Now he just needed something to do.

i suppose i could see if there is a ocean anywhere nearby. or see if anyone i know ended up here.

He shrugged, it was doubtful that anyone he knew, let alone anyone he wouldn't want to kill on sight, had ended up in the same place as he. It seemed the best course of action was to keep trudging; maybe he could find the answer to how he got here in the first place. Maybe.

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An instinctive reaction of avoid the thing coming straight out her led Lanie to snap out of her frozen state and leap. The passenger inside honked as the feline creature sailed effortlessly over the car. She landed in the road again, this time unable to avoid the next car. There was a screech of tires and a scream as the dazed Khajiit was hit. Her armor kept her alive, but a car hitting her had done its damage. The concerned driver threw the door open and rushed to the woman he had hit. He didn't know how to react when he saw what the victim happened to be.


There was a rush of darkness as Dark link became human. He had snowy white hair, red eyes, and paper white skin. He wore black armor with black leggings and a cap of the same color as well. The shadow grinned at Jack. I'm Dark Link. And trust me, only one incarnation of Link even knew I was there. I haven't existed for several millennia. Nobody but Demise and myself knew I existed but it's not like I want to see Demise...anyways, who are you?

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((I'm so tempted to have Loki meet up with Lanie again.))


Jack relaxed completely when the shadow turned into a human. He leaned against his Staf, not really understanding what shadow thing was saying. "I'm Jack Frost," he replied. "Nice to meet you.

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Dark Link raised a pale eyebrow. Jack Frost? He'd never head of him before. You some kind of spirit then? Since you asked me earlier, I assume that you are. he asked. No passerbys in some strange type of clothes noticed him, so it only made sense. Nobody tended to notice Dark Link either.


((I ship it.))

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"Um Hello?! What is actually going on?!" Asked Ellie, unhappy that they weren't responding to her questions

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A small figured shivered as the wind blew past her. The tiny being floating a few feet in the air shook alone in the cold as she wandered the streets aimlessly. She didn't know how she got here or why she was here. Where were her sisters? Where was she? Why was it so cold? Why didn't see have a jacket or a coat? The figure let out a small squeak as a draft hit her. Her tiny body was beginning to flake with frost. The snow was building up upon the girl's raven hair. She bit her tongue as she withheld a whine.

You're stronger than this. Deal with it. You've been in tougher situations than this. Why are you acting so weak now?

With a few stout breaths, the girl uncrossed her arms and continued down the street. A lone figure appeared in the distance. The small girl's heart fluttered/

Is there someone else there? Maybe they can tell me where I am.

The girl moved forward towards the figure. As she got closer, she noticed a few strange things. This person had their head lowered. They were slightly hunched over. Their head was slouched over as though they were grumpy. It took the girl a moment to realize this. At first, she thought the person was just cold, but now, that she looked at the body language more closely, she could obviously tell that the being in front of her was upset. Noting this, the girl came closer to the person. She kept a distance of at least two feet just in case this stranger didn't want to be disturbed.

"Pardon, but do you know where we are exactly?" she asked the person warily.

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"Yes," Jack replied with a nod. "I think," he added after a moment. "I'm not really sure what I am. It's hard to tell when no one talks to you and just walks right through you."


Loki stopped running when he heard a loud screech of tires suddenly stopping. That... that did not sound good. He started to keep walking before suddenly stopping again and walking in the direction of the sound. Sure enough, the car had stopped and someone was laying on the ground in front of it, having been hit. Loki paused in the darkness, unsure if he should approach or flee again.


((Why can Ellie see Jack Frost? Dark Link makes sense but not Ellie...))

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