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Minecraft: The Dark Army's Rising.

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Minecraft: The Dark Army's Rising




He was just a story; he wasn’t supposed to be real. No. It was just a story; it wasn’t supposed to be real. It’s not human; at least, not anymore.

The world was once a great place with citadels of light and castles of stone. This world was taken care of by two people; Notch and Herobrine. Herobrine was once as loved as Notch; he helped people, kept the peace, and made sure the evil creatures of the night left the humans alone.

But while the people of Minecraftia were living peacefully across the land, something dark had taken place. Herobrine had died. Nobody knew how he died, but they all had their theories. Some said he couldn’t take the responsibility and ended it himself. Others said that the dark creatures grew restless since they were unable to attack the humans. This drove them insane and caused them to rebel against Herobrine. But whatever the reason, the result was still the same. Herobrine was gone. Nobody thought they would ever see him again, but they were wrong.

He was raised from the dead. Nobody knows how or why he was revived. All they knew was that he was back. Besides, wasn’t that all that mattered?

Unfortunately, it wasn't. Instead of the caring person they knew, Herobrine had become corrupt. He began to attack cities and civilians; he set fire to the forests and plagued the waters with poison and magic.

Notch had no other choice but to create the Nether and seal him away along with many other dark creatures. Notch tried to cure him of whatever curse or magic was cast on him but failed. In the end Notch had to leave him in the Nether. While Herobrine was in the nether, he constantly tried to find ways out. Not long after he was sealed away he found the power of dark magic. He practiced this newfound power and the darkness grew inside of him. With the dark power he escaped from his prison.

Now he’s back. He came back infinitely stronger than before. He has an army, he’s fueled by revenge and hatred, he wants nothing less than the world in his grasp and Notch to be thrown into the very prison he built.

So where is Notch? Herobrine has created an energy shield around the planet itself. Notch is trapped in his over world, in the very place both Herobrine and himself used to watch over the world peacefully. So, who will save us now?



The war happened over a year ago. Most the cities have fallen and Herobrine’s dark forces are spreading further. The only cities that stand are hidden or are being attacked almost daily. The last of the forces fighting Herobrine’s army are dying out. You're hiding in Maelik, an underground steampunk-like city. The land above you has almost been taken over by Herobrine, his Undead Soldiers and his Nether Warriors. You and a few other adventurers are tired of hiding underground and think it’s about time to take back the world. An army is one big target after all; maybe all the world needs is a couple of little people to sneak their way in. So with only a few allies, some supplies, your skills, and luck you set out to try and defeat The Fallen God, Herobrine.


Map setting:


user posted image


Maelik is a city in southwest Galith, a continent in the far southeast of the world.

Galith is has a few rivers running through the middle of the continent that branch off to the south side. It has a couple of mountains along the east side but is mostly flatland. There is a group of mountains just a bit north of the center that surrounds the city of Jalilee, one of the few standing cities. Behind the group of mountains to the east is another small city by the name of Kahni. To the northwest is a very large city called Pacan, a city that has been taken over by Herobrine.

Between Pacan and Jalilee there is a very large lake known as The Forlorn Lake. North of the lake is a large forest that doesn’t have a name.

There are two more settlements south of Pacan, but they too have been taken over.

To the west of Pacan is a thin strip of land that connects to another continent named Helimore. Helimore, unlike Galith, is mostly a mountainous region with small unkempt paths swerving around the mountains. The southeast side of Helimore near where the two continents connect is made of plains and small forests. As you get closer to the northwest side more mountains show up in thicker and thicker groups. But in the middle and off to the north side is a large forest with a collection of small ponds inside.

There are only three cities in Helimore, but each one is very large. There’s Ravenlore, just to the west of the central forest, Westside, which ironically is near the land connecting the two continents, and finally Carolite, which is in the Middle East near the sandy beaches of the outline of Helimore. However, all the cities in Helimore have been taken over.

Herobrine’s fortress is in the very northwest corner of Helimore.





All DC rules apply.

Please have your characters eighteen or older.

Romance is allowed, but please don’t get too involved. RP’s fall apart when everyone falls in love; it distracts people from the story.

BannanaDiamond is the password. Put the password in the 'anything else' section.

PM me all the character sheets.

If you are inactive for more than two weeks I’ll message you; if you don’t reply soon your character will be placed back in the city while we wait for your return. I understand real life comes first, but if you’re going to be gone please tell me.

No powerplaying.

No godmodding.

No Mary Sues/Gary Stus.

Please keep any cussing censored out of respect for other roleplayers and the forum itself.

Please use proper grammar and spelling.

Please refrain from posting one-sentence posts. We all get writer's block here and there but those are hard to work with not only for me, but others as well. Try and write a paragraph or more.

Keep it PG 13.

Two character maximum.

Your character may have up to two animals. Wolf, ocelot, or horse. If you have two characters, each one may only have one animal.




Notes: ((It's optional to read these but they can be useful.))


Your characters have fingers, limbs and all that jazz, much like a minecraft animation. That way you don’t have to worry about thinking in ‘minecraft logic’ when thinking about your character’s movements.


Speaking of the first note, the minecraft world in this RP is like the default texture pack.


Herobrine’s powers are based on dark magic. Some of his powers are creating illusions/hallucinations. Sometimes if he’s able to control the dark power correctly he can reach into people’s minds and see what they fear most and use that to his advantage. He has super speed, strength, and agility. He can teleport small distances (about ten meters or less) and has the power to see well in the dark. Not to mention he can block out any and all light sources.


Digging, mining, woodcutting, and everything else is more real-life based, but it doesn’t take as long to dig a nice sized hole or to cut down a normal sized tree as it does in real life. Higher-grade tools still make mining, digging, etc. faster and more precise.


As far as inventories go, you have unlimited inventory space and you aren’t slowed down. Any items you choose to take with you are broken down into bits of information and stored in your character’s mind. So if you have a sword, just thinking about it will put it in your hands.


Crafting is more realistic. Crafting tables in this RP do have some magical properties though. Anything with redstone or harder recipes, (anything that costs more than six items,) will be auto-completed as long as the right items are in the right place. Anything else you must craft by hand.


Leafs, lily pads, or anything else that you can walk on in minecraft that you can’t walk on in real life won’t work as solid blocks. EX: You step on a leaf block, you’ll fall through.


If I feel your character is too strong I will ask you to change a few things. But don’t worry! I’m willing to listen to anything you have to say about the changes and will consider any suggestions/compromises.

If your character is generally weak/strong/stupid/smart/etc, I fully expect you to roleplay this.


Torches last for a little less than a day.


Things that make sense in minecraft and not in the ordinary world don’t work. For instance, a bucket of water won’t make an infinite waterfall, torches don’t last forever, water won’t go in one direction if a lower block than the one it’s placed on is nearby, ect.


Since gaining levels would be a little silly, enchantments will take part of your energy. The more energy you give up the higher enchantments you can obtain. You still need bookshelves near an enchantment table for it to be fully affective. If you give an enchantment all your energy, you won’t be able to run, fight, or stay awake easily without food and rest. To control how much energy you want to give up, just tell me and I’ll give you the side effects and the enchantments. EX: ((You: I’ll give up 40% of my energy on this diamond pickaxe.))

((Me: Okay. You feel sleepy and a little unfocused, but you’re still able to fight. If you eat you should be okay. Enchantments are Unbreaking II and Haste I. ))



I will be controlling Herobrine, the undead guards, the Nether Warriors, and any other NPCs so that way we have a more open world to roleplay in.


Summoning your animals is allowed so they are easier to take care of. You can only summon an animal twice a day, and each summon lasts for three hours. Any other summons per day or a longer summon will drain your energy. (Another summon = 80% of your energy. Another hour until summon depletes = 60% of your energy.)



If you think I am over powered because of the previous note, tell me. We can work it out.


Character sheet:








History (optional):

Other (optional):



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Accepted Character Sheets!




Name: Autumn

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall and well built young woman with auburn hair and green eyes. She prefers to wear a plain shirt with a hoodie and vest over top of it, boot cut jeans and hiking-like boots. She typically has her long hair braided or pulled up. She likes to wear fingerless gloves, and an archery glove on her right hand.

Age: 20

Personality: Strong and silent. Destruction of Herobrine has been her goal since the age of eleven, and that is her drive. She is a fierce, loyal, and aggressive woman that means business. Beneath her iron shell, however, and gentler self resides for those who are able to earn her trust.


-Very skilled with a bow and arrow

-Good with taming animals

-Decent parkour skills

-Fast runner

-Intelligent and sharp reflexes


-Useless with a sword or ax

-Distrusts most people

-Stubborn and doesn't accept help even when needed

-Poor communication skills sue to her silent nature

History (optional): ... nah

Other (optional): She has a white horse named Phantom and a wolf named Lune.




Name: Captain Marcus

Gender: Male

Appearance: user posted image

Age: 32

Personality: Marcus is an outspoken, boisterous man, who's not afraid to take on ten men at once, but he also knows when to abandon ship. He's also crafty, able to solve a multitude of problems with some quick thinking.

Strengths: His missing eye has granted Marcus with superb accuracy with a Bow. His preferred Melee weapon is his trusty Diamond Scythe, Bonebiter. (It's actually a hoe with sharpness II, but nobody has the heart to tell him the truth.)

Weaknesses: Conversly, this also makes it easier to take him by surprise when approaching him from the right, and the Creepers know this. One too many explosions has even left him deaf in his right ear. Needless to say, Marcus is terrified of Creepers.

History (optional): Marcus spent most of his life out at sea searching for new lands and exploring underwater caverns. by the time he was 28, Marcus had amassed a sizable fortune in gold and lapis, and retired to a seaside cottage near Maelik, with his faithful cat.

Other (optional):



Name: Aaron Miller

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jet black hair and grey eyes. He wears a dark green t-shirt and jeans with a black jacket. He also has a bandana around his neck that he sometimes uses to cover his face from the nose down. He has brown palm gloves and a grey belt that holds different items.

Age: twenty-two.

Personality: Aaron is very cautious and in certain situations can even be jumpy. He gets along well with others (unless he was caught stealing something…) and is kind.

Strengths: agile, fast, and quiet. He can climb trees, some buildings, and even cliffs. Although he prefers to stay away from those. He’s great with a sword, and even better with small knives.

Weaknesses: He relies too much on his stealth. And although he’s good with a sword he can only last for so long before the weight of the sword wears him down. He can’t survive on his own, as he relies from things from other people.

History: Meh.

Other: He’s a thief.




Name: Ariana


Gender: Female


Appearance: A dark-skinned woman with elf-like looks. She white hair and red eyes. She has a black cloak, and underneath said cloak she has a leather vest and pants. (These are NOT leather armor pieces, do not treat as such)


Age: 21+how long Herobrine was in the nether+ how long the war has been going on.


Personality: Ariana is very sarcastic, is a bit of a loner, but will tell some of what the Nether looks and feels like to trusted friends. She was not a creature of the night, and is not completely evil as a result. (She is a bit prickly sometimes though.)


Strengths: Was in the Nether for long enough to gain knowledge of how to brew fire resistance potions and always has some with her, good with a bow, has a cat and dog.


Weaknesses: Not very good with a sword, runs ahead a lot, and gets into sticky situations more often.


History (optional): Oh, Ariana was a normal Minecraftian, once. She lived in the forest, and she had not known about Herobrine's corruption. She was caught in the Nether due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time and was mistaken for someone who may have resurrected Herobrine. When Herobrine escaped Ariana left the Nether with the rest of the army, but went her own way afterwards. She found Maelik not long after Herobrine had returned. (She was not trusted by Herobrine, and never knew plans as a result.)


Other (optional):

Two pets: Solaros (wolf), and Lunaras (Ocelot)




Name: Ember

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ember has long, straight red hair that she usually keeps tied up in a red bandanna and small, green eyes. Her skin is pale, and she has a few freckles sprinkled around her nose. Her arms have a few long scars and a few puncture wound scars that she got from fighting cave spiders. She is a bit shorter than average, and is quite slender, but has good upper body strength from mining. She usually wears a pair of almost worn out leather boots with Feather Falling II, a green t-shirt, and a pair of ripped jeans that are stained with dirt.

Age: 21

Personality: Since the cave spider accident, Ember has become much more cautious. She can still be reckless sometimes, but she usually stops to think. Mostly to be RPed, because I'm lazy.

Strengths: Ember is very good at killing non-spider cave mobs. She has very good low-light vision, and is attentive to detail. Her small size makes it easy for her to get into small spaces, which she has no fear of.

Weaknesses: Ember is terrified of spiders, and isn't very good with bows. To combat this, she has a stone sword with Bane of Arthropods II, but she only uses it in emergencies because she won't willingly going near spiders. Ember is also more suited to being underground, feels much more comfortable in caves than out in the open, and dislikes high light levels.

History: Ember was a professional spelunker that was known for her fearlessness until the incident with the cave spider spawners. She was too overconfident, and ended up trapped in the webs. She eventually managed to get away, but not before the spiders killed one of her wolves and almost killed her. Since then, she has been afraid of spiders, webs, and spawners. She will work in abandoned mineshafts because of the large amounts of ores and wood that can be found, but is very wary and cautious in them.

Other: She has a slim rust-colored wolf with a torn ear named Flare.





Name: Taylor

Gender: Female

Appearance: Taylor has brown hair and blue eyes. She has a bow tie and a flower clip in her hair. Her clothes are a blue Steve shirt and pants.

Age: 18

Personality: Taylor is funny and sarcastic. She hates the day and loves to watch the sun set.

Strengths: She's persuasive and good with a bow.

Weaknesses: She's weak and horrible with a sword. She's also not intimidating.

History (optional): To be RP'd

Other (optional): She has a pet horse.


Name: Alex

Gender: Male

Appearance: Alex has jet black hair. His eye's are a sea green and has flecks of amber. His skin is pale and is usually dirty. He wears iron armor and his chest plate has an enchantment of protection 1. He has an iron sword with the enchantment of fire aspect and knockback. Also he has a robotic leg.

Age: 35

Personality: Alex is very cautious and over protective. He's way more stubborn than a mule. Alex is very emotional but doesn't show it. Oh he can have serious mental and emotional breakdowns.

Strengths: He's smart and great with swords.

Weaknesses: One of his legs are missing up to his knee. He has a robotic replacement for it but it doesn't always work.

History: Alex has had a rough life. It all started when the thugs came. He was newly married to a beautiful girl named Sonialka. They where cornered by thugs and they had to make a deal to get out of being killed and then having them kill all their loved ones, like family. They made the deal of giving their child up to them as long as they took care of the child. Well of course when the time came they didn't want to give up their now two year old son. They threatened to shoot him but Sonialka wouldn't allow it. The men killed Sonialka and cut of Alex's leg. He had a medic friend that healed it but the men found out and killed him also. They where about to take and torture Adam, Alex's son when Taylor came along and saved him. She gave up all her money and reported them to the guards. They where thrown out and never came back. Now him and Taylor now each other well.

Other: Who can guess how he's going to react when he see's the thugs dead outside of the walls?






Name: John

Gender: Male

Appearance: Black messy hair, fair skin, no facial hair, stands 6 feet, usually wears a gray long-sleeve shirt with blue jeans and brown shoes.


Personality: Hard working, focused, aloof but very friendly, good humored but kind of quiet, usually prefers to watch from a distance than be in on the action.




Making armor/weapons



Not accurate with ranged weapons

History (optional): I'll wing it?

Other (optional): May the blessing of Mojang be with you all




Name: Samuel


Appearance: Samuel has black hair, with a beard and moustache. He usually wears a dark business suit to show his status.


Personality: Samuel is a high level black market dealer. He controls a average sized portion of the Underworld in Maelik. He is a shrewd businessman, and won't hesitate to shortchange you. He thinks of friends as simple tools, easy to replace once they've lost their purpose. He has no qualms about killing, although he won't take the lives of innocents unnecessarily.

Strengths: Has money and connections. And is skilled in manufacturing magma cream.

Weaknesses: Bad attitude, and not very well physically.

History (optional): He was raised by a fairly well to do family. His family was involved in illegal manufacturing of Magma Cream for alchemy. Due to it's volatile nature, it was outlawed. After Herobrine's attack, Samuel took over the empire and has made money due to the demand of potions for soldiers and guards. He stays in a bunker beneath the black market, where he keeps captured slimes, magma cubes and blazes for farming.

Other (optional):




Name: Eleanor

Gender: Female

Appearance: Eleanor has brown hair, just lower than her shoulders and are always up in a short ponytail and she has gray stormy eyes. She is pale skinned and always wears an iron chestplate and pants and leather boots (amor as well) her chestplaye with Projectile Protection II. Over her amor, she wears a black cloak. She has one iron sword with I Fire Aspect and a bow slung over her back, enchanted with I Flame. She also carries two flint and steels.

Age: 21

Personality: Eleanor is mute and always gestures or doesn't speak at all. She loves fires, hence her weapons being enchanted with fire spells and the flint and steels. Eleanor always hangs back and never stays in the same place twice. She always looks for a place with gravel and animals, since she always can make more arrows or make more flint and steels if she runs out. She hates zombies and at sunset, she blocks off her door with any available block.

Strengths: She is good with animal taming and fighting. Eleanor posses good target aim for her bow.

Weaknesses: She adores fire and may seem a bit crazy, and due to her muteness, she is very socially awkward.

History (optional): Eleanor's family had made a large house on top of a lake with a mine under the lake bottom. They were very happy, with a large farm growing since water was always near them. They had large pens for animals and had tamed a number of wolves, ocelots and horses. But, since the war, her house had become ruins and the animals fled into the wild, with the tamed ones leaving with the family. Eleanor was forgotten, since she had been mining in the Nether, because the family had made a large building there too. The portal back was destroyed and she was stuck. She survived by moving all the time, avoiding Herobrine's army. When they made it into the normal world, Eleanor sneaked with them and escaped again, living in the wild, constantly on the move.

Other (optional):

Pets: She has a tamed ocelot that has not changed into a cat, due to a glitch and this ocelot is called, Myar. She also has a baby Ocelet name Frye





Name: Mia

Gender: Female


Age: 14

Personality: Fairly smart, tries to be funny but rarely manages it. She tends to isolate herself, and is a little shy towards strangers, but works well in small groups. Despite being pretty much useless with a sword, she can still work out fairly effective tactical plans for fighting. The main reason for this is her long time mining; mapping out all escape routes and stripping the most possible ores from the rock takes some planning.

Strengths: Good miner, likes wolves. Fairly smart, and has a reliable intuition as to where to find diamond.

Weaknesses: Weak at fighting, dislikes the dark, a little bit forgetful. Also not very good at farming; the animals always escape and she tramples the crops. Another reason to go mining instead xd.png.png

History (optional): She dug herself into a large cave once, and spent a few years there while the dark army spread. She will resurface in my first post, and nobody will know her because she's been completely forgotten. Not that she minds - she always stayed alone anyway.

Other (optional): One pet wolf, named Zeditha. She's always wanted an ocelot as well, but she doesn't run into many creepers in the mines so she never got around to visiting the jungle.

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Nether Warriors:


Blazes: Blazes are ruthless and temperamental. They have fire resistance and fire attacks. They hold, throw, and wield things with magic. They can be found anywhere in Herobrine’s controlled areas.


Nether Skeletons: Nether Skeletons are fast, strong, and smart. They have resistance to fire and use melee combat. They can be found anywhere in Herobrine’s controlled Areas but most commonly near/inside his fortress.


Ghasts: They attack with explosive fire and have the ability to fly. Although they can be taken down easily if hit, they cause a lot of damage if they persist to attack. They are used as aerial attackers. They are found guarding taken over cities. Where there’s one ghast there’s bound to be six more behind him.


Pigmen: Stupid but fast and strong. These are used as ordinary sword fighters. They attack in large groups. They attack on sight due to Herobrine’s influence.




Skeletons: These are snipers with deadly aim. They can be found anywhere.


Zombies: Slow and stupid but strong. They have a nasty habit of spreading deadly sickness. These are found anywhere except for Herobrine’s Fortress. They are rarely in taken over cities. If they find cities they spread a disease, killing entire cities. They’re rare as they’re used as rouges to infect people to infect others.

Spiders: Although not undead, they accompany Skeletons, Zombies, and nether Skeletons much like a wolf to a player.




Witches: These are found only in Herobrine’s fortress. They are deadly and have many tricks to their attacks. They use potions to poison, harm, weaken, and even blind people temporarily. They can have reverse effect for themselves like fire resistance, healing, and strength and speed boosters. These are extremely dangerous and hard to kill but their effects never last long.


Endermen: They don’t follow Herobrine, as they have their own realm. But sometimes they’ll help him out if they get something in return. They are useless in sunlight but are dangerous at night. Their main role is to scout out for cities or teleport small groups of undead soldiers or nether warriors directly into cities.


Bats: Bats are used as messagers for Herobrine. Although harmless and weak, killing them can result in obtaining an important message meant for Herobrine.


Magma cubes: These guys where never accepted into the Nether army. They will attack humans out of habit but don’t work for anyone. They’re slow so these can be easily avoided.


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((Yay! This got approved! Unfortunately, I can't join. Also, you probably don't need that many reserves))

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(( Hi Koala! Aww, sorry that you can’t join. D: Also, thanks for the heads up. I'll delete one or two. ^-^ ))


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((Okay guys, we're starting! I'll post first.))


Aaron had been in Maelik for over a month now. He was rescued from a city that was taken over by Herobrine and his dark forces. If he wasn’t found that day he probably wouldn’t have made it three steps out of the city before dying.

He flipped one of the blades in his pocket knife in and out repeatedly, enjoying the sound of its metal clicking. His pocket knife had many different attachments; different knives with different blades, a corkscrew, saw, lock pick, and even a small wire cutter. On the side it had a carved picture of a sword. Aaron didn’t know if it was there out of sheer irony or just decoration, probably a mix of both. He slipped it into his side pocket and left the room he was in. He lived in a large building that many different people lived in, much like an apartment building. He didn’t like living there but he couldn’t complain. He stepped out of the building and was quickly pushed into the current of people going in different directions. In this city, you had to move with the current of people or you risked getting trampled.

There where stores selling random odds and ends that people had acquired hoping to get enough money to buy something decent. Supplies where low and getting them was risky. Food had to be hunted from above ground unless you really liked mushrooms. Mushrooms where the only thing that could be grown here. Due to the circumstances, people began to live off of roots, water, mushrooms, and some insects. If you went to the black market you could find things like melon, meat, and vegetables but each would cost a very hefty price. Once Aaron went to the black market to see if there was anything he could afford. He found some beef but it had a price of fifty-six emeralds. Nothing there was worth buying with that amount of money.

Aaron didn’t make an honest living. He found it much easier to steal items from other people. He was wanted but he kept a low enough profile to keep himself hidden.

Aaron looked up to the ‘sky.’ As always it was one giant dirt ceiling.

There was a way in and out of this place but not many people where allowed to get in and out. Only people with high ranks where allowed to pass. However thieves and criminals like Aaron where ‘allowed’ to go out…. Just not back in.

Aaron had heard that this war was Herobrine’s doing from rumors. He didn’t fully believe it but he had seen enough to accept that it was plausible. After all, who else would use blazes, nether skeletons, and undead to take over the cities?


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((Oh good, it is starting. Yay!))


Ariana stood only a few meters away from the entrance to Maelik. She knew she would never be allowed in, and it's a bad idea to try such things anyway. Her looks were misleading at best, and as Ariana pulled her cloak in tighter, she wondered how long it had been since anything had been peaceful. She was muttering as she walked out of the cavern. "I can't go back now. Not back to anything. They're all gone by now." She pulled out a small necklace, staring at the onyx and amber inside it. Ariana put the necklace back down, and left the cavern at a quick pace.


((The necklace is magic. It's how she summons the pets that she has. That's all it does.))

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Marcus watched the sea of people from his stall in the market. Every now and then, someone would pause and take a look at his wares, two muddy chickens with broken necks, before turning up their noses and moving on. Not that Marcus could really blame them, The price, while not as high as other stalls, was still an excessive twenty emeralds a bird, and his supplier wasn't the cleanest killer out there.




Ah, and here came the brave hunter now. Marcus's cat slipped out from the crowd dragging another chicken in it's jaws. The feline jumped onto the counter and presented his latest kill to his master. The unfortunate bird was just as haggard as the other two, but meat was meat. Marcus took the bird and placed it with the other two, and poured a small saucer of milk for the cat.


Looking in the bucket, Marcus could see that it was almost empty. He sighed. That milk had cost him nearly a hundred Emeralds, and it hadn't even lasted three days. To think that he, the Fearless captain of the Lapis Sea, the finest merchant ship this side of Minecraftia, the man who had pulled his fortune from below the seafloor, Who had braved storm and pirate and Herobrine's locker itself, would be reduced to selling dead chickens in some Notch forsaken hovel.


The cat head-butted his right arm. Marcus turned to see a small urchin trying to stealthily sneak a chicken off the counter.

"I hope you were planning on paying for that, boy." Marcus Growled.

The child froze, before running off, leaving the bird behind.


Marcus scratched his cat behind the ears. It purred in a self satisfied sort of way.

"Keeping an extra eye out for this Cyclops, Eh? Thanks mate."

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(Hey dark, it would be kind of hard for you to get to us unless you’re in Maelik. I mean everyone else and I will have to get out of Maelik after a while obviously but it will take a while. Want me to send an NPC so you can get into the city? )

Aaron couldn’t help but feel stuck here. He had tried multiple times to get out but he was stopped by guards, complications, or even his better judgment. Aaron grew bored as anyone could tell by the dull look in his eyes. He held out his hand and a clock materialized in his palm. It was no later than five in the evening. Time slowed down here, it was boring. He would much rather be outside with the danger then safe in a hole of nothing but survival just because humans needed to survive. The clock dematerialized and the information was stored in his mind once more. He walked by a couple stands and looked at everything people had to offer. Prices were still high and the quality of the items where low. Aaron sighed heavily before continuing along the path. He wished he had a dog or maybe a cat. At least then he would have something with him.

“Well, boredom will only persist if you let it…” Aaron gently pushed through the crowd. He saw a boy, no older then sixteen talking to some girl. Aaron walked towards the two and started to speak. “Hey have you guys seen my cat? Orange, green eyes, about this big,” he inquired holding out his hands to indicate his size. The boy shook his head and the girl did so as well. “Ah, well, thanks for your time.”

The boy nodded before talking to the girl. It was then when he realized the wanted poster on the wall. “Hey… wait a minute…”

The boy reached into his pocket. The Emeralds he was keeping there was gone!


Aaron smirked and started to run.

The boy called some guards from nearby over and pointed out the man. “These are mine now…” Aaron whispered before running into a large stall. He pushed the man inside to the side to get through and jumped onto some barrels stacked at the side. He jumped from the barrels onto one of the stalls and started to jump from one stall to another. One of the guards fired an arrow and it narrowly missed Aaron as he jumped from a stall to the edge of the roof of a small building. He climbed up the building. As he got to the top he looked down at the town and saw the commotion he caused. He sat on the roof of the building and counted the emeralds. Five. It wasn’t much but Aaron was going to keep it.


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Marcus looked up in time to see a man push him to the side, knocking his hat off. Cursing, Marcus picked himself back up, and looked to where his assailant had run off to. The man was sprinting away across the rooftops, probably expecting to make a clean getaway.


But Marcus would have none of that.

"Watch the shop, cat," He said, before climbing onto the roof of his stall and leaping after the thief.


Marcus followed the thief to a low building. Staying out of sight, he snuck around back to climb onto the roof. There, he saw the thief examining his prize. Marcus pulled out Bonebiter, the diamond bladed scythe (sadly actually a hoe) twinkling faintly in the torchlight. He then lightly tapped the thief on the shoulder with the flat of the blade, and said, "I don't think those emeralds belong to you, now do they?"

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Ariana was walking through the tunnels that led out of Maelik now, and it felt like being in a maze. She made it to a forked area. Left or right? She took the left path... that led straight back to a small hole in the walls of Maelik. She had to crouch to see through the opening.


Ariana saw a man with a shiny diamond hoe running along rooftops, chasing another man. Wonder if they need help, she thought as she crept out of the hole, pulled her hood up, and chased after the man. Her red eyes searched for the two men, but as she rounded the corner, there they were, and one of them was talking. Guess they don't need my help, and with that thought, she turned away from the two men.


((What was this I don't even?))

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(Sorry dark, I misread your last post. Nevermind. tongue.gif )


Aaron heard footsteps behind him. He put the emeralds in his pocket and turned around as he felt something tap his shoulder. A man stood there with an eye patch.

“Aren’t you a little old to be playing pirates?”

Aaron stood up and looked at the diamond hoe. “Interesting weapon of choice,” he muttered. He pulled out his pocket knife and flipped the blade open. “So you saw what I did? Congratulations, I deem you more observant then most of the people here. But you’re mistaken, these emeralds are mine. At least they are now.”

Aaron could hear the gauds climbing up the building from the inside. Aaron cursed before quickly looking around for an escape route. Aaron spoke just above a whisper. “I wasn’t expecting them to get here so fast. I need a way out…”

All the buildings where too far away to jump to. The one he used to get here had fallen due to Aaron’s reckless behavior. Another smirk crossed Aaron’s face, holding the dangerous look of scheming. “Tell ya’ what. You hold onto these for me. ” Aaron tossed the man the emeralds he had stolen. “Keep them. They’re yours.”

The guards where going to be on the roof any second now. If Aaron played his cards right he could get this man framed and thrown in jail. Aaron would just steal more emeralds from other people.



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Ariana was beginning to see the picture as she looked back and saw other men start running up the rooftops. They looked like the guards from the entryway. Dammit, she thought as she ran towards the two men. Ariana saw a small exchange between the two. "You know, you really shouldn't be stealing things." she said to the man who had just given emeralds to the other. "Don't think I didn't see you giving him those emeralds. You look like a thief enough to me." Ariana cursed silently as she saw the guards getting closer. It's over if they make it to me. She would have run as well, but it was probably too late. The guards were getting closer. Nowhere to run, there was only one option now...

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Amber exited the black market, fresh meat and melon heavy in her bag. It was the usual routine: Sneak out of the city at night, assassinate some of Herobrine's soliders, and sell their weapons and armor in exchange for goods. All in a day's work for her at least. Lune, her wolf trotted happily by her side. His summon time was close to ending, but he had enough time to go home with her.


"Home" consisted of two rooms: A bedroom/bathroom and a kitchen/living room. Everything was simple, but she kept it quite clean. Torches burned on the walls, casting a slightly eerie glow on the furniture. The whole city was dark. After storing the melon in a chest, and putting the raw pork in a furnace to cook, Amber dismissed Lune, and he vanished with a soft pop.


Leaving her bow slung across her back, Amber exited the house and headed aimlessly down the winding streets.

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"I'll have you know I was one of the finest Merchants of the age, before this blasted war forced me to abandon my entire fortune." Marcus replied. He hefted his 'scythe' onto his shoulder as he spoke., "I've fought tooth 'n nail against real pirates, defending my haul against the worst scum a the sea."


"Now whose word d' ya think the guards 'l take, eh?" Marcus continued, "The well known man o the sea, Or the thief 'ose poster is on half the street corners in this town?" He casually slid the emeralds to the side with his scythe, before turning to the newcomer.


"I don't think I've seen you in town before mam. You a refugee?" he inquired, "No need to worry, nobody'l give ya a second glance, n'less you make a scene like this fool."

Marcus pointed to Aron with Bonebiter's blade.

"Speak'n o which, I'd recon the reward for yer capture 'd be more than a petty five emeralds,"

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“Oh it would be,” Aaron replied. “The reward is seven, eight hundred last I checked? You could feed a family of four for a couple days even with the situation the city's in with that money. But sadly, you won’t be getting it.”

The guards came to the roof and pointed their bows. “Aaron Tyler, you’re under arrest. Drop your weapons at once. You have the right to remain silent and-” Aaron grabbed his knife and flung it, it stabbed the guard in the forehead and the guard dropped onto the roof before sliding off. Aaron jumped to the other side of the roof and slid down the slope and landed harshly on the floor. He grunted at his body made contact with the stone and dirt as he wasn’t expecting to land the way he did.

Aaron dove into an alleyway with more merchants and gamblers and disappeared into the crowd.

Most the guards had run off the roof to chase after him. Two stayed behind. One spoke to Ariana and Marcus. His eyes held a look of fatigue, and he stood as if he was about to fall asleep at any moment. There was no doubt that he had been working a couple days straight now. “Are either of you injured?”

The other spoke while he rubbed her head with his hand. “He’s crafty. He’s not the biggest threat here but he’s the most destructive. He’s a stupid man. We’re all starving but we’re not thieves. If we catch him I vote we just throw him out of the city, he wouldn’t survive long.”


Aaron fell onto his bed, his side was sore from the fall and a bruise was sure to take place within the next couple of hours.

From the neighboring room a woman came to ask if he was okay. She knew what Aaron was doing but kept him secret, as he had helped her out at one point. She was the reason Aaron was able to stay here. She had some friends in high places and she was able to keep him hidden. Aaron rolled over and flopped onto the floor like a child. “My tummy hurts…”

The woman laughed before leaving. She knew him well enough to know that he would be fine.

Aaron got up and sat in the window once more. He closed his door and watched the guards search the city. “Won’t be long now. I’m running out of places to hide… I’m sure that my welcome here is coming to an end…”

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((sorry!! Work hit me in the face like a ton of bricks last week, and I havn't been able to post. I'll have one up sometime today or tomorrow though))

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"Damn it," Marcus muttered to himself. "If I still had both eyes, I probably would have seen his move before it was too late." However, Aaron had gotten away, and taken the life of one of the guards with him.

Marcus sighed, adjusting his eye patch. He then bent down and picked up the emeralds. "I guess I'd better see too it that kid gets these back then," he said.

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((It doesn’t look like anyone else has come back to post. Do you want to make this a 2 person RP or should we just close it?))

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((I'll post for the heck of it.. seems 3 person right now.))


Autumn felt a bit scared at this. "Thanks for the help, but... I have to go." With that, she raced away from the scene. She quickly went back the way she came. "Damn, that was close! I could have been discovered!" She raced down the tunnel, carefully marking the left side of the forked path, to remember the way to Maelik.


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Aaron scowled as he walked away from the window. Not only had he gotten hurt but his knife was imbedded in the skull of one of those pesky guards. Aaron knew that the guards would take it. He knew where they met in the city. All he had to do was go and get it.


The woman was back. Her eyes dropped to the floor and her hand held her other arm. Aaron turned around. “Hey, what’s wrong? You’re okay right?”

“I’m so sorry… But I told the guards where you’re hiding.”

“You what?”

“The guards where personally asking people around if they saw you run off. They took me aside and asked me. At first I was going to just keep quiet but those guards were able to guess what was going on. One thing lead to another. They told me that I was guilty for hiding a criminal but if I told them where you where hiding then they would let me go. I’m so sorry! But in the situation-“

“Why would you do that?! They’re going to throw me outside and leave me to die! I can’t belive-“

The Woman was crying now. Aaron’s face softened before lowering his voice. “I-I’m sorry. I guess I’m just a bit upset. Hey, for what it’s worth I’m really appreciative for what you’ve done. And I understand. Given what happened I would have probably done the same thing. So, thank you.”

The woman turned away and walked down the hall without a word. Aaron sighed as he watched the only person who helped him out walk away. He understood but that didn’t mean he knew what to do next. He had no belongings so he would just leave out the window. But upon looking down into the streets he saw the building was surrounded.

“Hands in the air.”

Aaron turned around and did so. “You learn from your mistakes quickly. Last time you made a ruckus coming up the steps.”

“You are under arrest for the murder of an officer and the act of thieving.”

Two guards stepped in and handcuffed Aaron. “You forgot about the building I set on fire last week. Yeah, that was me.”

“You make me sick. Come along.”

Aaron looked down as he was dragged out of the building. He knew where he was going.


One of the guards looked puzzled as Ariana dashed out of the area. The other looked at Marcus. “I’ve heard of you. You did your fair share of sailing not too long ago. Can’t imagine how you ended up here. Usually I wouldn’t trust anyone with stolen money but if you want to you can return it. You would be doing us a favor. I have to go drag my friend’s dead body away… poor Paul. He was a good man.”

The guard walked away and down the stairs into the building out of sight.

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