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Steam Powered Giraffe

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I'm curious if there are other fans on DC! I was recently introduced to SPG and now I can't stop listening. xd.png


They're a steampunk musical pantomime group with vaudeville influence. They dress and act like robots and it's quite impressive. It started with street busking and now they perform at conventions and gig venues. They've got a couple of albums out and there should be another coming soon. Their music has a lot of variety and they're totally entertaining. The members are David Michael Bennett (aka The Spine) and Bunny Bennett (aka Rabbit), who are identical twins and original members of the group, and currently Sam Luke (aka Hatchworth) who replaced The Jon in 2012.


So.... does anyone else here like them?


Official site

Youtube channel


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Ah, I'm thankful someone else likes them too! smile.gif

I actually found them through a random video spree, but their costumes are amazing. They seem to be trying to make a rusting effect on their costumes, too. biggrin.gif

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Yeah, their costumes are great. I'm curious to see what Rabbit will look like as a girl, once that design gets implemented and such. I think I'm about to watch a video about it, actually. But for now I'm just waiting for the next album to finally get released. tongue.gif


Well, finally we got a release date! LOL

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Oh my god what a coincidence I ended up here o.O I have never heard of Steam Powered Giraffes before but one of my good friend does ohmy.gif She tried to introduce me and my other friend to this band but we were confused.


Apparantly theres a person called a spine that sings really low?


I'm not too interested in Steam Powered Giraffe's type of music but that's just me smile.gif

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I've actually found out about this band not too long ago. I find them quite interesting and funny (in fact, I sometimes would look at SPG's antics when I start to feel down (ugh, the concentration of negative energy in my house is too censorkipping high) or whenever I'm bored).

Kind of a funny story on how I came across this group... I was on my RP tumblr blog at the time when I noticed one of the blogs I was following posted several gifs involving the band. I thought they were interesting, but didn't know where it was from. At least, until someone anonymously asked the RPer if they liked the group. Of course, the anonymous asker used the initials, so I had to google them to figure out what they meant. I didn't really become actively interested (nor when into extreme research mode, like I normally do) until I hear one of SPG's songs on another blog. And that's basically what happened and how I became interested in the band. ^^

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Aurorain: It's "The Spine" and he indeed sings low. c:


I first heard of these guys almost 2 years ago. First song I heard was Honeybee and I fell in love!


My favorite songs are Honeybee, Brass Goggles, Prelude to a Dream/Make Believe, Electricity is in My Soul, and Captain Albert Alexander.

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Guess what. I'm here to rain on the SPG parade.

But don't let this stop you from listening to their music.


I used to be their promoter down here in San Diego.

That's right.

And guess what? Guess it was a big mistake to date Chris.



A good handful of people -- their actual IRL friends ended up being burned after getting them out as far as we could.

Primasylph, Cyclops, my cousin, and yours truly ran the original forum for them way before they decided to start up the Cavalcadium.

Once their forum was up and running, we were recruited to work on THAT one instead of ours because they only considered THEIR site to be "official".

Eventually we got replaced by "robots". Pun intended. Bots that would search the site for foul language and whatever.

Thanks to yours truly, they ended up getting a few shows hosted by prominent DJs here.

And now? Disney won't touch them because they consider SPG to be "unwholesome".

That's how they are with friends, family, and "annoying fans".

Yes, they don't like their fans. I've heard it several times from Chris and David's mouths.

Why? The level of "creepiness" these people go to get their attention.

One guy at Balboa Park once came up and asked "would you like to see my flea bites?".

And hey. Who can blame them? People are gross. Still no excuse to act like jerks.




Fun trivia.


- For hours we played around giving Walter's cat silly faces before settling on one.

- There were FOUR original members: Erin Burke (Robot name: Upgrade. AKA "the pretty one"), Jon Sprague (Robot name: The Jon. Because "toilets are funny"), and the Bennetts who INSIST that THEY are SPG, that Erin and Jon never played their part as much. Well someone sure sounds modest. *sarcasm*.

- Steve was never a main character. Ever. And to me he never will be.

- The song Honeybee was written for the ex girlfriend before me. SUPRISE.

-Before Jon and Erin "left", Chris and I were working on a song "Ghost Grinder" which I have no rights to. No "thanks" on their 2nd album either although my friends were.

- Album One was considered the "Haunted Album" because of so many unexplained sounds during recording. Many of them were editted out or covered before they reprinted them for sale.

I have the original copy.


- And below (my signature) is the original SPG snapshot logo of the FOUR original members. You're welcome.


Ps. There's no actual thing as "steampunk music". It has NOTHING to do with the punk movement of the late 70's to the early 80's.

Steampunk is actually an ART STYLE deriving from Dada, Surrealism, and Futurism. Pretty much everything is nowadays.

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That's interesting, Draikette, thank you for sharing.


On the steampunk "music" note: My apologies for that. I'm not a member of the culture so I don't know much about it and I just put that into the first post as a way to try and describe their aesthetic and context. Thanks again for the clarification. :3

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Kind of wish you could see where SPG used to perform at -- Club Chrononaut

The "steampunk community" here is interesting.

Plenty of friendly people.

I wouldn't call it a culture... it's ALMOST a subculture though.

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I'm sorry about your horrible time with them, but personally I kind of...don't care? Like, I don't care about the personal stuff. I would rather it not have been shared, no matter how interesting it was to read. I just want to share which songs we like, maybe concert dates or something, I don't know. The personal info just seems like way too much. SOME of the trivia was okay, like the haunted album and the original members, but I really think the rest goes a bit too far?


That's just my opinion, though. It might be fine for the thread, idk. Maybe it's just because I like them and the post was rather negative and I'm just defending them, even if they are jerks. Don't mind meeee. Dx Maybe it's also that I just really would rather not know the personal lives of any artists, celebrities, etc, because it's not any of my business, and I hate when people (usually media) share stuff from their lives. I guess it's because you shared it and I'm like "WHOA. Whoa there. TMI that I really didn't want to know. I just care about their musiiiic."


If it were me I don't think I would have ever gotten romantically involved or anything. Love + fame just don't work together, imo. Or at least it's not very common at all.


I do have to say that I miss The Jon. I thought he was really cool. From what I've seen he's kinda still around but not as a permanent member.

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You can't stop people from posting their opinions.

And like I said:

"But don't let this stop you from listening to their music."


And actually the rest DOES matter if you're a club owner or promoter.

Why? It HELPS to know if the band you're about to put on are or aren't going to wreck the place or be absolute jerks.

I can tell you what kinds of bands I'd love to have back and some others I never want to see again.


How would you like it if you were in the crowd and the lead singer of a local band deliberately threw a bottle of booze at you for no reason? You said that stuff wouldn't matter. Heh. Try explaining that to a customer who's got a bloody face and a concussion.




Yes. Their music is great. David and Mike were trained in music as they grew up.

I still play the original Love World of Love to mess with people in the house.

Another good thing? No propaganda in the music.

That's actually the best part about it not being under a record deal by the music industry.

The original sound I'd have to say has more heart in it.

Lately, it's been...messed around with to go with the show. Lack of heart. Boooo.

Wired Wrong is a song I used to relate to and it's as close to human that the robots ever got.

Admitting to mistakes and not understanding what more there is out there because of the way you're made. Sad.


And when we were dating, they were still street performers. Not exactly "famous". >_>

I don't care if someone's famous. Fame isn't a problem.

I've seen all kinds of people and the only language that matters to me is respect.

Limelights don't turn people into snobs.

In fact limelights have a tendency to magnify something that's already there.


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No, I say love + fame because, though they aren't super famous, I wouldn't try to stay involved with anyone you're trying to promote to BECOME more famous.


And YES the limelight CAN make people do things they normally wouldn't. Yes, it can also amplify something that's already there, but it can make them do crazy things.


I doubt too many people on DC, and even less on the forum, and even less viewing this specific thread, are club owners/promoters, so no, I don't think it matters or belongs HERE. Maybe on some other forum, like SPG's or other music related ones with topics for that stuff.


You could have left it at "I don't like the members due to personal experiences from being their promoter" or something. If we wanted to know, we would have asked. It just seems like way too much personal info...

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Erm. Too bad I have an opinion.

And it wouldn't have mattered if love was in the equation or not -- they burnt their CLOSEST FRIENDS too.

And actually scratch my statement of it having to matter to just a promoter.


How would you like it if you were in the crowd and the guitar player of a band you're seeing decided to SPIT on you? I'd suppose you'd worship them, you.


If they actually LIVED by the wonders and characters portrayed, they'd be such better people. Hypocrites.



And that's just it -- the great things you can learn from their music.

Many of the songs deal with the inability to cope with being different from others. Hint bloody hint.

In a way, it's creating the self-image as being robot or alien -- by that I mean not being able to feel emotions correctly and the feeling you're often very far away from others...even if you're "close." Introvertedness can make people feel very different and very alien from other people.

Other songs inspire the child in all of us like Captain Albert Alexander. STORYTIME SONG YAY.

Catch that train, duel those pirates, soar through the sky! Yes those are all different things from different songs.


The WONDERS portrayed... Meanwhile...

A thick git trying to talk to me like they know half as much as I do and whip out their "little guy" as if it means anything. Too bad it doesn't.

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I'd probably think they're jerks, too, especially if they spit on me. :\


Never mind, I just thought you got too personal with the opinion or something. Disregard what I said. I don't mind opinions, really.




Anyway, back on actual topic


I like Captain Albert Alexander mostly for the story, but I also love the music video. My favorite part is when Rabbit asks if anyone likes fishing and calls it boring. I dunno, I've just always liked that part.


My boyfriend actually introduced me to SPG, though he wasn't my boyfriend at the time. I saw the amazing costumes and I totally wasn't expecting a song like Honeybee to play. I thought they were going to be totally different in sound. I was sure surprised.

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SPG is one of my favorite bands in all. They are completely original with everything they do. The fact that they actually put on their own robot makeup is impressive. The Spine is defiantly my personal favorite in the group, from his makeup to his voice. Of course Rabbit and Hatchworth are as equally talented. The Spine just stands out the most because of the makeup color and design, its the most different.


Since The Spine is my favorite in the band obviously his cover of Shine Bright Like A Diamond is the song I like the most. The entire music video was outstanding in my opinion.


I would love to see Rabbit and Hatchworth make some covers of their own.

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I actually just recently got into SPG because of my friend Sasha. I first listened to their cover of I Love It, and I was just like yesssss. My favourite member is The Jon, he's so precious. On my minecraft server I RP as The Spine, though.

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I'm not a fan but my friend is a huge one, I shall refer her to this thread happy.gif


I have heard one of their works from said friend, and they seem pretty good. I don't know exactly what the song was called, something about turning back the time on a love song (I think?).

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