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[Wisp] Saga of Dreams and Dragons

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Welcome to the first series in [Wisp]

This is my first attempt of a RP in these forums, so let me know if you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback in general.



1. Please don't PM me regarding this thread. If you have something to say/ask, please use the thread itself. Exception: PM me your applications.

2. Please use full, complete sentences. If you need to proofread your post, then proofread your post.

3. Please be respectful and kind to your fellow roleplayers, roleplay mods, and me.

4. Please no more than two characters. Should one of your characters die, you may make a new one.



A large silhouette blocks the light briefly, its warm breath filling up the cave. "Look at the new Caveborn," a few voices murmur. "So young, and already its life is out of our claws."


"We need a new place to stay," a new voice intones. "And I don't mean another cave. It's time we visited the humans." The dead hatchling is quietly carried out by a couple of Balloon dragons who mourn in low voices. The mint dragon turns her head, looking at the scraps of the morning's hunt. The hatchlings would need more or there would be more deaths. And then there was the travel ahead of them, across the unforgiving and cold lands that were Eirlitin.


What is there beyond Eirlitin? Who will venture to the beyond?


The Setting

Things weren't always so dire. There was a time when dragons roamed, unafraid of hunger, battling only for mates or for fun. Caveborn were very rare - and so was use of magic. All this changed on the eve of the birth of Eirlitin, after whom the land became named.


Eirlitin was no ordinary dragon and hatched under suspicious circumstances. In touch with magic but bearing almost no physical strength, this hatchling was a danger to all dragons, as she had no control over the magic that seemed to emanate from her scales. The wildborn dragons, at first, thought that it would be best to leave the matter to the wild. If the hatchling couldn't even get her own food, survival would be a difficult task.


Unfortunately, the hatchling became too good at foraging. Entire swaths of land became wasteland. The use of her magic only made her more voracious. Soon, there appeared to be no choice but to slay her. It was no battle of brawn versus magic, but instead, a coup de grace in her sleep. Some murmur to this day, that the terrible method of slaying her is what cursed the land to no longer bear any fruit. Many of the game animals - deer, rabbits, and so on - either migrated if they could or simply died out. Eirlitin became inhospitable.


Many dragons were driven to caves where stored food was sometimes found - always left with some arcane writing from what seemed to be a lost civilization from long ago. However, with caveborns becoming more common, it was soon found that the writings were left by humans and that beyond Eirlitin lay a dangerous place filled with them. It was clear that humans were dangerous to dragons, and the great swath of unknown had its own power of fear. Here, the caves had food - some felt it was beyond foolish to attempt the swath of blue that separated Eirlitin and the beyond.


It wasn't all that long ago that the caveborns found out about the land beyond; the lost civilization seemed to have left clues for where they had gone, large blue smears that enclosed an entire continent. There would be food there, but the journey would be very difficult. No dragon could agree on just how far beyond Eirlitin was, but it wasn't the distance that really made them balk. It was the lack of food, the dying hatchlings, and especially the wildborn that were now quite more menacing than before - most of them a mass of muscles ready to devour their own kind.


Your part of the story

You can be a hatchling that does not have any sort of magic and barely any hunting prowess (no application), or you can apply to be an adult dragon. There will be two main 'caves' of dragons which will interact - you guys get to decide if you will be friends or foes, but both of your groups need to get beyond Eirlitin. Foraging will be very difficult - success is rare and hunger is a real factor in everyday tasks. The journey is through a vast wasteland of wild dragons and a bitter winter and will require teamwork - at least with your own cave of dragons, and maybe some grudging trading with the other cave of dragons, too. If there's ever something that can't be resolved by the adults of either cave, take it to the hatchlings, because they're your only hope - they're your very future.


Travel, caves, and hunger

When travelling, you may send scout dragons to purvey in a direction (i.e.: North). You may also choose to travel as a group (safety in numbers) in a direction. Caves, when found, have certain probabilities of food - some may have enough food for ten dragons (or one dragon for ten days), while others may have none at all. The longer they travel, the more the hatchlings must eat. One adult dragon may carry two hatchlings, but will travel slower to do so. Adult dragons do not need to eat as much, but still do need food - especially if they are carrying cargo.


Character application

Please write at least three paragraphs of at least three sentences. Roleplay as your dragon, mentioning what kind of adult dragon you are, and what you think your primary role will be - for example, you might be the dragon that will keep your cave safe from wild dragons. I want you to consider this as a rp example, and an introduction of your dragon. PM applications to me.


Wildborn Dragons

Wildborn dragons are very untrustworthy. They have been known to stalk caveborns as they think the caveborn dragons weak. As a wildborn, you are less in touch with magic but stronger and faster because of it. To apply to be a wildborn, you must have at least one hatchling character that survived two cave moves and write three paragraphs of at least three sentences each about your wildborn dragon and what they seek in Eirlitin or beyond.


Current RPers


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