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The Discontinued Damsels

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Anybody still working on even gens?


I just bred a 7G direct Duke descendant. Keeping it, but willing to breed the pair again if anyone wants.


7G Even Gen

I'd love if you could breed one for me some time smile.gif

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Question. Do I have to breed to a CB Frill (of which I have none), or can I breed it to a CB Magi? If I can breed to a Magi, I will happily do so, and contribute eggs for the thread whenever anyone wants one. smile.gif

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Even though I personally dislike magis, I do have FOUR CB frills to breed, so I'll offer my services. xd.png


I Want to Be Added To The Breeders List!

Forum Name: Zaverxi

Scroll Name: Zaverxi

Couples You'll Breed Whenever:

Evlocth and Guppy

Jisfofeth and Lihmtuyeth

Aspegeth and Hujuwith

Vazhath and Ihhkath

Personal Rules: I'm pretty much only interested in passing along offspring, I don't really want to keep any babies or get babies from others since I don't like magis. Also, Aspegeth is partnered with my only 2nd gen shimmer, so it's pretty unlikely that I'll deviate and breed to magis very often with him so request at your own peril.

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I Want To Join!

Forum Name: sage

Scroll Name: Ayame

Couple You Want An Egg From: Duke x Every Hour is Magi Hour


i have a cavebred female frilled dragon and it'd be cool to contribute- my preference is actually to add to a spiral with more generations but i don't know if anyone's offering those eggs. i'll keep checking the thread!

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