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The Lovely Commons Project

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See breed statistics and all lineages reported so far >>> HERE <<<


What is a "lovely common"?
Of course all dragons are lovely, but in this case, a "lovely common" is a common with a certain lineage pattern. I chose this pattern because it lets you use three different breeds, it looks neat, and all you need to do is breed two 3rd gen checkerboards that mirror each other (see pattern below), which is relatively easy and fast to do - IF your dragons cooperate. Beware the infuriating stubbornness of some dragons! Do you have what it takes to breed commons??
To illustrate, here is one of the lovely commons I made (click the picture to see the lineage):


The pattern:
(it sounds complicated but is very simple, just look at my dragons above)
First generation:
--2 CB females of breed A (one + two)
--2 CB males of breed B (three + four)
--2 CB males of breed A (seven + eight)
--2 CB females of breed C (five + six)
Second generation:
- male of breed A, from six and eight (nine)
- female of breed A, from one and three (ten)
- male of breed B, from four and two (eleven)
- female of breed C, from five and seven (twelve)
Third generation:
- male of breed A, from twelve and nine (13)
- female of breed A, from ten and eleven (14)
Forth generation:
-> resulting dragon from breeding 13 and 14

Lineage rules:
- The pattern is always the same but you can choose any breeds you want, as long as they are common (or very common or extremely common). In case of doubt, check the DC Wiki. [Edited to clarify: or use your own judgement. Commonness fluctuates, so the Wiki is helpful for breeds you're unsure about or if you want to stick to "official" commons.]
- Red, Pink, Purple and Magi are uncommon, but they can be allowed too as their BSAs are so useful.
- Please avoid inbreeding.

What you can do here:
- Start your own lovely common line. Pick your breeds, post the dragons you will use, update your post to keep track as you work on your lineage.
- Discuss your lineage plans, tell us which common breed you like best etc. (but keep it on topic)
- Request eggs from other players who stated that they are open for request.
- Gift "misbreedings" - for your lineage it might be the wrong breed but someone else might like it.

To sign up:

[b]Commons are lovely![/b]
Forum name:
Scroll link:
Can people PM you and request eggs?
If yes, any requirements?

My lineage plans: (leave this blank if you aren't sure yet, you can edit it later)


We have banners!

Small banner made by Tomato_Juice:

Large banner made by Tomato_Juice:



1. Narvix
2. Mondat
3. dustpuppy
4. purplehaze
5. milkaq66
6. Ruby Eyes
7. Lavinia
8. Draketeeth
9. dragonpuck
10. Daba555
11. AsiraBettas
12. kismetigs
13. Cendaquenta
14. Denwayasha
15. evilcostumelady
16. Tiga
17. SockPuppet Strangler
18. Shelybear
19. Gnora
20. Razzyy
21. ghrowl
22. GhostMouse
23. brairtrainer
24. Zeditha
25. StormNSnowflake
26. Sany
27. Yunako
28. Wolfygirl4
29. Zerhai
30. Lily14130
31. Stormy!
32. Tigerkralle
33. Darklithe
34. Saikachan
35. Theeyeofthestorm
36. Crystals
37. Cheekadee
38. predatorfan4ever - Metal-n-Monster - PREDATOR
39. polaristar
40. xXAngelicEvilXx
41. JadeShunDaliaMaggie
42. Narrae
43. sachqua
44. Vythalax
45. Laura Borealis - first post
46. SamusShepard - first post
47. Alyst - first post
48. Winterspheonix - first post
49. Rekha
50. andron201
51. StormWizard212
52. ghostmateria
53. sakana
54. Justie
55. Din85
56. Peachycupcake525
57. Greyscales
58. relaks
59. cheesecake__
60. Aie
61. Sashimi
62. a5t100
63. Deltice12
64. Serotina
65. Alesita
66. HappyAppy
67. Chaosdawn
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Commons are lovely!
Forum name: Narvix
Scroll link: Scattercloak
Can people PM you and request eggs? Yes
If yes, any requirements? Simply that the request isn't something too difficult. I don't know all of my CB dragons and I won't breed a dragon to have a Christmas or Valentine's Day parent.

My lineage plans: I'm thinking about using some dragons I don't really breed or collect often and I'll most likely make a lot of these but one at a time x3

user posted image  Frostbite



[Undergoing some major reconstruction.]

Edited by ValidEmotions

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Welcome, Narvix! biggrin.gif

Your second line sounds fun, I'm looking forward to seeing the result.

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x3 Honestly, the A, B, C, initials was not intentional haha. I kind of am looking forward to it as well. I still need to figure out which breed of all three sets I want to label A, B, or C.

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Commons are lovely!

Forum name: Mondat

Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/Mondat

Can people PM you and request eggs? Yes.

If yes, any requirements? Please pick it up soon wink.gif


Finished lineages:

(please click on the dragon to see its lineage)


user posted image || Albino x Stone + Gray x Albino


user posted image || Mint x Sunstone + Brimstone x Mint


user posted image || Balloon x Water Walker + Guardian x Balloon


user posted image || Horse x Harvest + Waterhorse x Horse


user posted image || Pillow x Spring + Daydream x Pillow


user posted image || Fever Wyvern x Imperial Fleshcrowne + Black Capped Teimarr x Fever Wyvern


Spitfire x Yellow-Crowned + Skywing x Spitfire [Last update 2014/04/17]

x Male Spitfire Davvy Jones

x Female Yellow-Crowned Sarah J Parker, Yellow Maid

x Male Spitfire DVD Player & Videokassette

x Female Yellow-Crowned Cynthia Nixon

x Male Skywing Murray Head -> Murray Head and Angie's Heart refused

x Female Spitfire Angie's Heart

x Male Skywing Tarzan Wing

x Female Spitfire Just We Two


2nd Generation

x Male Spitfire

x Female Yellow-Crowned Yellow Kassette, Natalie Nixon

x Male Skywing Just Me Tarzan

x Female Spitfire Naddelhead

Edited by Mondat

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Welcome, Mondat! biggrin.gif


Okay, my turn...


Commons are lovely!

Forum name: dustpuppy

Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/dustpuppy

Can people PM you and request eggs? Yes.

If yes, any requirements? No, just that the egg is picked up soon.


Finished lineages:


user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted imageuser posted image user posted image user posted image

user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image

user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image

user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image

Lovely Diamondwings

Lovely Monarchs

Lovely Blue-Banded


Further lineage plans:



top half:


bottom half:

CB female Skywing x CB male Carmine

2nd gen male Carmine / #2


Almerald/Storm/Striped River

top half:

2nd gen male Almerald

2nd gen female Striped River

bottom half:

2nd gen male Storm

2nd gen female Almerald



top half:

2nd gen female Monarch

2nd gen male Kingcrowne

bottom half:

3rd gen female Kingcrowne


Striped River/Skywing/Deep Sea

top half:

2nd gen female Skywing

2nd gen male Striped River

bottom half:

2nd gen female Striped River

2nd gen male Deep Sea



top half:

2nd gen male Khusa

bottom half:

2nd gen female Khusa

Edited by dustpuppy

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I love this idea, dustpuppy!


Commons are lovely!

Forum name: purplehaze

Scroll link: purplehaze's scroll

Can people PM you and request eggs? Sure. I love to share my dragons.

If yes, any requirements? Just don't kill or neglect them.


Works in progress:

I have given up trying to keep this updated!


Completed Projects:

This list may not be updated regularly but my scroll group will be.

See my Group: Completed Lovely Commons


~ Pygmy Project #1 - Crimson Flare/Dark Myst/Nilia - 4th gen: Crimson Flare Pygmy

~ Pygmy Project #2 - Pygmy/Misfit/Seawyrm - 4th gen: Pygmy

~ Stone/Royal Crimson/Green Project - 4th gen: Stone

~ Royal Crimson/Guardian/Royal Blue - 4th gen: Royal Crimson

~ Deep Sea/WaterHorse/Skywing - 4th gen: Deep Sea 

~ Tangar/Sunstone/Magi Project - 4th gen: Tangar

~ Waterhorse/Horse/Purple Project - 4th gen: Waterhorse 

~ Lumina/Stone/Gray - 4th gen: Lumina

~ Ember/Hellfire/Sunstone - 4th gen: Ember

~ Ember/ Red Nebula/ Royal Crimson - 4th gen: Ember

~ Gray/Moonstone/Hellfire - 4th gen: Gray

~ Terrae/Pink/Speckle-Throated - 4th gen: Terrae

~ Green/Tangar/Summer - 4th gen: Green

Sunsong/Tsunami/Nhiostrife - 4th gen: Sunsong

Electric/Brimstone/Harvest - 4th gen: Electric

~ Flamingo/Lumina/Blacktip - 4th gen: Flamingo

Ochredrake/Night Glory/Howler - 4th gen: Ochredrake

Brute/Red Nebula/Hellfire - 4th gen: Brute

Nhiostrife/Horse/Nebula - 4th gen: Nhiostrife

~ Magi/Frostbite/Moonstone - 4th gen: Magi

Dark Myst/Misfit/Magelight - 4th gen: Dark Myst Pygmy

Plated Colossus/Terrae/Green - 4th gen: Plated Colossus

Fever/Cassare/Candelabra - 4th gen: Fever

Sunsong/Nhiostrife/Deep Sea - 4th gen: Sunsong

Moonstone/Horse/Nebula - 4th gen: Moonstone

Neotropical/Turpentine/Dark Lumina - 4th gen: Neotropical

Kingcrowne/Bronze Lunar Herald/Trihorn - 4th gen: Kingcrowne

Aria/Waterhorse/Skywing - 4th gen: Aria

Purple/Coastal Waverunner/Azure Glacewing - 4th gen: Purple

Blacktip/Turpentine/Monarch - 4th gen: Blacktip

Split/Hooktalon/Duotone - 4th gen: Split

Seragamma/Spirit Ward/Trihorn - 4th gen: Seragamma

Autumn/Brimstone/Harvest  - 4th gen Autumn  Finally finished with much help!

Kingcrowne/Horse/Royal Crimson - 4th gen Kingcrowne

Tetra/Sinii Krai/Sunstone - 4th gen Tetra

Gilded Bloodscale/Two-headed Lindwurm/Baikala - 4th gen Gilded Bloodscale

~ Khusa/Undine/Fever - 4th gen Khusa

~ Candelabra/Kingcrowne/Leodon - 4th gen Candelabra

~ Sapphire/Aeon/Firegem (red) - 4th gen Sapphire
~ Deep Sea/Striped River/Water - 4th gen Deep Sea



Edited by purplehaze

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Commons are lovely!

Forum name: milkaq66

Scroll link:milkaq

Can people PM you and request eggs? Yes

If yes, any requirements? please no killing or neglecting


My lineage plans:


1ST PROJECT: (BRIMSTONE/OLIVE/BLACKCAP)Complete!http://dragcave.net/lineage/kOVtJ


2ND PROJECT: (SPITFIRE/HARVEST/MOONSTONE)Complete!http://dragcave.net/lineage/8o0TO


3RD PROJECT: (BLACKTIP/CRIMSON/SERAGAMMA)Complete!I found the lower half in the ApFourth generation


and as a SIDEPROJECT (BLACKTIP/SERAGAMMA/EMBER)Complete!http://dragcave.net/lineage/olaz4


4TH PROJECT: (Whiptail/Green/Canopy)Complete!http://dragcave.net/lineage/4N3T6


and a SIDEPROJECT from this one (Whiptail/Green/Skywing)Complete!http://dragcave.net/lineage/qxILm


5TH Project: (BLACKTEA/SPECKLED THROATS/PURPLE)Complete!http://dragcave.net/lineage/hWm8GUpper half,AP findLower half, gift from Razzyy


6th PROJECT: (MOONSTONE/COASTAL WAVERUNNER/FROSTBITE)Upper half, gift from denwayasha : http://dragcave.net/lineage/yD381

lower half: https://dragcave.net/lineage/z43VE


7th Projet: (SUNSTONE/FOG/STONE)Complete!http://dragcave.net/lineage/Sltzglower half from SockPuppet Strangler


8th Project: (PINK/PURPLE/SUNSONG)Complete!http://dragcave.net/lineage/1ZAKX


9th Project: (MINT/GUARDIAN/SKYWING)Complete!http://dragcave.net/lineage/BUGSiupper half from LwyllasLaVey


10th Prolect:(CRIMSON PYGMY/DARK MYST/ORIGINAL)Complete!https://dragcave.net/lineage/76pFhupper half from daba555


11th Project: (TANGAR/BRIMSTONE/HELLFIRE)Complete!https://dragcave.net/lineage/4e45supper half from draketeeth


12th Project: (TANGAR/ROYAL CRIMSON/HELLFIRE)Complete!http://dragcave.net/lineage/k8oYF


13th Project: (BRIMSTONE/TURPENTINES/ELECTRICS)Complete!http://dragcave.net/lineage/Vnbod



upper half:


lower half:




upper half:

http://dragcave.net/lineage/upper half:

lower half:




upper half:


lower half:



17th Project: (FRILL/MAGI/AMERALD)



Edited by milkaq66

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Commons are lovely!

Forum name: Ruby Eyes

Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/Ruby+Eyes

Group of Finished Projects: https://dragcave.net/group/1898

Can people PM you and request eggs? Sure!

If yes, any requirements? No killing!


Common Gift Combos are lovely! biggrin.gif

♥ Daydream (connection), Pink, Storm: Result! (Dreams of Pinks may have been in Departures back then, Claudia Dreams found on the AP)

♥ Royal Blue (connection), Stone, Storm: Result! (both halves separately and generously gifted by daba555 wub.gif)

♥ Storm (connection), Skywing, Moonstone: Result! (I think the top half was an AP find? I wish I could remember)

♥ Winter (connection), Rosebud, Heartseeker: Result! (gifted by the lovely tjenni on the Thuwed thread) ((yeah, not exactly commons - but just as pretty!))

♥ Pyrope (connection), Tidal, Swallowtail: Result! (top half was an AP find, 2nd gen Swallowtail was gifted by Enalahs)



Common pygmies are lovely! (imagine smiley here ... stupid board limits on emoticons!)

♥ Crimson Flare (connection), Nilia, Dark Myst: Result!

(edit mid November: I hadn't even realized that this one looks rather similar to Purplehaze's plan! laugh.gif)

♥ Seawyrm (connection), Misfit, yellow Pygmy: Result!

(I don't know who marked Misfits as uncommon, I see them all the time in the cave, more often than Dark Myst ...)


Common collectibles are lovely!

Breeds from the Common Collectors Competition March 2015:

♥ Blacktips (connection), female Brutes, male Coastal Waverunners

Brute from Blacktip father and Brute from Blacktip father

♥ Blacktips (connection), male Brutes, female Coastal Waverunners: Result!


Common wyvern are lovely! (imagine smiley here)

♥ BBW, Flamingo, GW (I know these are not common as CB, but they breed easily just like commons - and they are the only yellow wyverns)


(the base BBW are all called Nosera because they have a habit of refusing Seragammas biggrin.gif)

♥ Tsunami (connector), Seragamma Nhiostrife something yet to be determined & Hellfire

♥ Waverunner (connector), male Hellfires and female red Nebulas

♥ Nhiostrife (connector), female Hellfires and male Tsunamis


Common breeding plagues are lovely!

♥ Nhiostrife, Bleeding Moon and Seragamma - connector will be the most persistent breed I refuse to start a lineage that starts with a handful of refusals.


Common drakes/draks are lovely! (imagine smiley here)

♥ Ochredrake (connector), Dayglory, Nightglory!


male Ochre x female Day Glory => 2nd gen Ochre & male Ochre x female Day Glory => 2nd gen Ochre / Day Night Glory / Day Glory => finally a 3rd gen Ochre!

male Night Glory x female Ochre => 2nd gen Ochre & male Night Glory x female Ochre => 2nd gen Night Glory => finally a 3rd gen Ochre!

=> Result!

♥ Glaucus (connector), Dayglory, Nightglory!


Glaucus from Day Glory father

Glaucus from Night Glory mother

... still not possible to get anything but Glaucus from them ...


Common monomorphics are lovely! (imagine smiley here)

♥ White (connector), Dark Green, Guardian

♥ Green (connector), Magi, Red: Result!


Common crepusculars are lovely! (imagine smiley here)

♥ Nocturnal (connector), male Sunsets and female Sunrises


♥ Sunsong (connector), Sunsets and Sunrises

♥ Suncrowned (now Yellow-Crowne, Connector), Celestial, indigo Lunar Herald: Result!


Common eyesores are lovely! (imagine smiley here)

♥ Lemon Tea! Black Tea, Waterhorse, Brimstone: Result!

♥ The other side of the colour wheel! Brimstine, Black Tea, Purple: Result!

♥ Magi (connector), male Bright-Breasted Wyverns and female Tangars

♥ Striped (connector), male Sunsets and female Magis

♥ Lumina (connector), male Sunrises and female Sunsongs

♥ Mint Tea Ode! Aria, male Mint, female Waterhorse: Result!


Common colors are lovely! (imagine smiley here)

♥ Greenness #1 Terrae, Gaia (they breed like commons), Pebble: Result!

♥ Redness! Ember, red Nebula, Hellfire: Result!

♥ Greenness #2 Tangar, Fever, Bright-Breasted: Result!

♥ Blueness #1! Coastal Waverunner, Royal Blue, Tsunami: Result!

♥ Blueness #2 Coastal Waverunner, Swallowtail, Guardian: Result!

♥ Sunstone (connector), male Hellfire, female red Nebula

♥ Skywing (connector), male purple Nebula, female purple Ridgewing: Result!

♥ Skywing (connector), male Spitfire, female Tri-Horn: Result!



Common Royals are lovely! laugh.gif

♥ Royal Crimson and Royal Blue surrounded by Guardians

male crimson x female guardian => 2nd gen crimsons, crimsons, crimsons ...

male crimson x female guardian => 2nd gen crimsons, crimsons, crimsons ...

=> 2nd gen Crimson x 2nd gen Guardian (thanks to YliahNodel!) ==> 3rd gen Guardian

female blue x male guardian => 2nd gen guardian & female blue x male guardian => 2nd gen blue ==> 3rd gen Guardian

=> Result!



2nd gens to turn into projects:

Tri-Horn from Sunsong father: https://dragcave.net/lineage/gdn0a

Tri-Horn from Sunsong father: https://dragcave.net/lineage/s3d6P


Tri-Horn from Storm father: https://dragcave.net/lineage/D3nhT


Cassare from Magi mother: https://dragcave.net/lineage/1xrkN


Nhiostrife from Sunrise mother: https://dragcave.net/lineage/dR0Iy


Green Nebula from Green mother: https://dragcave.net/lineage/TR4oZ


Olive from Canopy mother: https://dragcave.net/lineage/z5y1a


3rd gens to turn into projects:

Undine from male GW checker


female Blacks, male Dark Greens + Undine?


Cassare from female Neotropicals + Swallowtail/Turpentine/Yellow-Crowned?


Dark Green from female Greens + Green Nebula


Fever from male Embers + Falconiform


Nhiostrife from female Waterhorses + Skywing


Royal Crimson from male purple Nebulas + Purple Ridgewing


Sunrise from Sunset mother and Sunset from Sunrise father - Sunset + Sunsong? refusal ...


Undine from male Luminas + Moonstone


Waterhorse from male Skywing and Skywing from female Waterhorse - Waterhorse + Swallowtail


Waterhorse from male Nhiostrifes + Tsunami


White from female Magis + Yellow-Crowned?

Edited by Ruby Eyes

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I honestly thought Fleshcrownes were uncommon still since being released o.o I mean, I've only seen one CB since after the release. I've only seen one Blacktip as well.


Also, I don't see any pygmies much except the original and the Nilia. Maybe I just miss them |D

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@ Ruby Eyes I see more Dark Myst than Misfit, but they don't seem uncommon to me either.


@Narvix Maybe you don't see Fleshcrownes because they're "hidden in the trees"? biggrin.gif

They get snatched pretty soon but I seen them fairly often (if I hunt the cave and not the AP as usual).


Already 6 members in such a short time! biggrin.gif

Should we have a small banner or something?

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Well, the pygmies are mostly listed as common in the wiki and I see them a lot in the cave.

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Commons are lovely!

Forum name: Lavinia

Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/Lavinia

Can people PM you and request eggs? Of course!

If yes, any requirements? Let me know first if you plan to bite/neglect/zombify, please. smile.gif


My lineage plans: I'll edit in with links as I achieve 3rd gen checkers or 4th gen lovelies. It'll probably take me a while, and I may change my mind on some of them as I go. tongue.gif A couple of these dragons are listed as uncommon in the wiki, but I find Whites and Embers to be pretty common.


Lovely lineage plan! Daydream/White + Magi/Daydream.


Lovely lineage plan! Waterhorse/Skywing + Albino/Waterhorse.


Lovely lineage plan! Horse/Purple Dorsal + Guardian/Horse


Lovely lineage plan! Red/Pink + Albino/Red


Lovely lineage plan! Magi/Gray + Albino/Magi


Lovely lineage plan! Imperial Fleshcrowne/Waverunner + Albino/Imperial Fleshcrowne


Lovely lineage plan! Albino/Canopy + Mint/Albino


Lovely lineage plan! Mint/Ember + Albino/Mint


Lovely lineage plan! Purple/Flamingo + Albino/Purple


Lovely lineage plan! Balloon/Canopy + Red/Balloon


Lovely lineage plan! White/Daydream + Terrae/White


Note: my White/Daydream checker is up to 5th gen (and soon 6th), 2nd-5th gens are open to requests.


Lovely lineage plan! Water/Sunstone + Flamingo/Water


Lovely lineage plan! Mint/Harvest + Spitfire/Mint


Lovely lineage plan! Pillow/Red + Balloon/Pillow


Lovely lineage plan! Moonstone/Deep Sea + Pink/Moonstone

Edited by Lavinia

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As the Halloween rush is over now and there'll probably be a lot of time until the next release, what better time than now to get working on lineages again? biggrin.gif


I tried to make a little banner, feel free to use it or make your own:


user posted image



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I just edited my first post to update it. I had one successful breeding before Halloween. I have bred two more this week but didn't add them since they haven't gendered yet. and since they just gendered I will add them as well. smile.gif


Dustpuppy, I love that code for your little BBW!

Edited by purplehaze

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I just bred the funniest code for my Fog/Seragamma/BBW lineage: BabyT. laugh.gif

Wow, congratulations for getting such a nice code! laugh.gif

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|D I need to get started on this but I gotta figure out what I'm doing with all of my dragons since I'm in so many lineage projects and some trading groups that I need to update. I'm also participating in NaNo so that eats up whatever time I have that's not taken up by school and work.

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Commons are lovely!


Forum name: Draketeeth

Scroll link: Draketeeth

Can people PM you and request eggs? Yes

If yes, any requirements? Please name, freezing allowed, don't release. Zombie, Neglect, biting allowed, if you really want.


Completed lineages!

user posted image Albino x Whiptail + Green x Albino = Complete

user posted image Backtip x Black Capped Teimarr + Coastal Waverunner x Blacktip = Complete

user posted image Dark Green x Hellfire + Spitfire x Dark Green = Complete

user posted image Fever + Seragamma x Nhiostrife x Fever = Complete

user posted image Gold-horned Tangar x Sunstone + Magi x Gold-horned Tangar = Complete (special thanks to purplehaze and dragonpuck for 3rd gens)

user posted image Gold-horned Tangar x Brimstone + Black Tea x Gold-horned Tangar = Complete

user posted imageSeasonal x Moonstone + Pink x Seasonal = Complete

user posted image Autumn x Moonstone + Pink x Autumn = Complete

user posted image Skywing x Deep Sea + Water x Skywing = Complete

user posted image Water Walker x Waterhorse + Horse x Water Walker = Complete



My lineage plans:

user posted imageBlue and Gold Tsunami x Yellow-Crowned + Sunsong x Tsunami

2nd gen sunsong: M sunsong x F tsunami - Divided Sun II

2nd gen tsunami: M sunsong x F tsunami - Wavesinger II

2nd gen yellow-crowned: M Tsunami x F yellow-crowned - Z'jay II

May 01: no interest from Tsunami x Crowned

Apr 30: Tsunami x Sunsong = sunsong

May 10: Tsunami x Sunsong = sunsong

May 13: Crowned x Tsunami = crowned

3rd gen Tsunami: M Sunsong x F Tsunami - Divided Waves E III

Jun 28: crowned x tsunami = no interest

Nov 04: crowned x tsunam = no egg



Other possible projects: Voting open tongue.gif

Nilia Waffer (a found lineage bred by purplehaze): Nilia x Crimson Flare + Dark Mist x Nilia

Horizon to Horizon: Skywing, Coastal Waverunner, Gray

A Taste of Poison: Bleeding Moon x olive + BBW x Bleeding Moon

What a pest: Nhiostrife/Serragamma/Bleeding moon


Acquired Lineages Because I want your babies . . .

daba555's blacktip/royal crimson/speckle-throated line - Speckled Royal Cap E IV (Refused Banyz)

Dustpuppy's deep sea/albino/water horse line - CIA Agent E IV

Dustpuppy's BBW/Serragamma/flamingo wyvren line - Saga of Wyverns E IV


For Reference!

List of common breeds from the Wiki.

Edited by Draketeeth

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Only one new eggy for my 2nd gen, but updated my post anyway.

The other pairs all gave me the wrong breeds...

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The other pairs all gave me the wrong breeds...

That's the only downside of breeding commons... they'll breed easily, but not always what you want.


Btw., if the 3rd gen of your Brimstone x Olive checker is the wrong breed, don't toss it out, let me know! If I'm not completely locked I'd love to have one.

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I just finished my 2nd generation and edited my first post to show the progress.


Once I have finished this I will do another with the rest of the pygmies -- Pygmy/Misfit and Pygmy/Seawyrm -- and connect the two at gen 5.


Then on to one of the other lovely combinations I have in mind!


Dustpuppy, this could be as addictive as Z-codes! laugh.gif

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Dustpuppy, this could be as addictive as Z-codes! laugh.gif

Indeed biggrin.gif

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Oh for fun laugh.gif


Commons are lovely!

Forum name:dragonpuck

Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/dragonpuck


Viewable group filter where my completed projects are

google sheet  including projects  in progress


Can people PM you and request eggs? sure!

If yes, any requirements? no death blow type actions

( I can tell I am going to need more egg slots rolleyes.gif )


My lineage plans:

Project # 1 FINISHED

Spitfire x Waterhorse

Skywing x Spitfire

4th gen spitfire


Project # 2 finished

Turp x brimstone

Harvest x Turp

4th gen Turpentine


Project # 3 finished biggrin.gif

Stone x Deep Sea

Spotted Green Wing x Stone

4th gen stone


Project # 4 FINISHED

Hellfire x Ember

Ember x Red Nebula

4th gen Ember



Project # 5 Finished

Magi x Tangar

BBW x Magi




Project # 6 finished

Nocturn x Fog

RB x Nocturn

4th gen nocturn



Project # 7 Finished

Crimson x Reef

Waterhorse x Crimson

4th gen crimson



Project # 8 Finished

Black Tip x Flamingo

Black Tea x Black Tip

4th gen Black Tip

5th gen black Tip LC Combo




Project #9 Finished

Sunset x Magi

Sunstone x sunset

orange sunset



Project #10 finished

Trihorn x Hellfire

RB x Trihorn

4th gen Trihorn

new bottom half

Bleeding moon x Trihorn

Tri x Bleeding moon


Project# 11 Finished

Mint x Wave

Guardian x Mint

4th gen mint


Project # 12 Finished

Ember x Pillow

Albino x Ember

4th gen Ember


Project # 13 Finished

Recombination Royal Blue

4th gen RB


Project #14 Finished

stripe x harvest

Magi x stripe

4th gen stripe



Project # 15 Finished

horse x tan ridge

nhio x horse

4th gen horse



Project # 16 Finished

Pink x Red

Crimson x Pink

4th gen Pink



Project # 17 Finished

WaterHorse x Frost

Falcon x Waterhorse

4th gen Waterhorse



Project # 18 Finished

stone x lumina( from Purplehaze)

Frost x stone

4th gen stone



Project # 19 finished (until I get a thuwed mate)

Terra x harvest

BBw x terrae

4th gen terrae



Project # 20 finished

Blacktip x flamingo ( i am using the 3rd gen from purplehaze rather than the one from project #8 so I can breed them together )

Speckle x Blacktip

4th gen Blacktip


Project # 21 finished

Tsunami x Black

Black x RB

4th gen Black


Project # 22 Finished

Hellfire x Canopy

Canopy x Sunstone

4th gen canopy



Project # 23 Finished

Swallowtail x Balloon

Balloon x Bleeding Moon

4th gen Balloon


Project # 24 Finished

Lumina x Brute

Black Tea x Lumina

4th gen lumina



Project #25 Finished

Green x BBW

Vine x Green

Green with Envy



Project # 26 Finished

Terrae x Seragamma(from daba555)

Seragamma x Fever

Garden Fever



Project # 27 Finished

Black Tea x Crimson

Brute x Tea

tea for two


Project # 28 Finished

Pink x Magi

Brimstone x Pink

4th gen pink

new half with Pink x Spessartine

4g pink


Project #29 Finished

M Pink x F Terrae

MTerrae x F Speckle

4th gen Terrae



Project #30 Finished

M Sunsong x F Purple Ridge

M P Dorsal x F Sunsong

4th gen sunsong



Project #31 Finished

BBW x Flamingo

Flamingo x Fever

poison in paradise


Project #32 Finished

RB x Pink

Tan Ridge x RB

4th gen Blue Moon


Project # 33 Finished

Deep Sea x Undine

Undine x Spotted green wing

4th gen undine



project # 34 Finished

Waterhorse x Horse

Mint x Waterhorse

4G Waterhorse



Project # 35 Finished

Undine x Horse

Black Tea x Undine

https://dragcave.net/lineage/qudpF( yay green!)


Project # 36 Finished

Frost x Magi-from PH

Sunstone x Frost

Icy Hot


Project # 37 finished

WaterWalker x Balloon

Carmine x Waterwalker

4G Waterwalker



Project # 38 FINISHED

Flamingo x Black

Gray x Flamingo

4G Flamingo



Project # 39 Finished

Red Dorsal x Harvest

Harvest x Black Tea

4G Harvest



Project # 40 Finished

sunstone x Black Tip

Albino x Sunstone ( from AP)

Sun dried


Project # 41 Finished

mint x summer ( z code)

spring x mint

Sun seasonal mint


Project # 42 Finished

Sunstone x Whiptail( from AP)

Spitfire x Sunstone

4g sunstone


Project # 43 finished

Red Fin x Pyrope( gift)

Crimson x Red Fin

4g redfin tidal


Project #44 Finished

Ember x Fever

Green X ember

4G Ember


Project # 45 Finished

Brimstome x Autumn from PH

Turp x Brimstone ( rebreed)

4G brimstone


Project # 46 finished

Sunsong x Lumina

Silver Lunar x Sunsong

4g Sunsong


Project # 47 Finished

Deep Sea x Blusang

Striped River x Deepsea

4G Deepsea


Project # 48 Finished

Flamingo x Swallowtail

Guardian x Flamingo

4 G flamingo


Project # 49 finished

Falcon x Hellfire

Blue Lunar x Falcon

4G Falconiform


project # 50 finished( not sure we can classify xenos as common, but they breed well)

Thalassa x Water horse

Black tea x Thalassa

4G Thalassa


Project # 51 Finished maybe not legal but pretty biggrin.gif

Moonstone x Silver Lunar

Blue Lunar x Moonstone

4G Moonstone


Project # 52 Finished

Seragamma x Brown Copper

Cassare x Seragamma

4G Seragamma


Project # 53 Finished

Colossus x Black Tea

Flamingo x Colossus

4 G Colossus


Project #54 finished

Flamingo x Thalassa ( from AP)

Sunrise x Flamingo

4g flamingo


project #55 finished

Turp x Gold Lunar

Golden Wyvern x Turp

4g Turpentine



Project # 56 finished

Crimson x BBW

Anagallis x crimson


4g crimson


Project # 57 finished

Wave x Balloon

Balloon x Guardian


4g balloon


project # 58 Finished

waterhorse x P Ridge

P Dorsal x Waterhorse (from AP)

4g Waterhorse


Project # 59 Finished bottom half from PH- thanks!

Nhiostrife x Waterhorse

Sunsong x Nhiostrife

4g Nhiostrife


Project #60 Finished

Anagallis x Royal Crimson ( re breed from #56)

Royal Blue x Anagallis

Aster Royale


Project # 61 finished

Mint x Aria

Waterhorse x mint

blue berry mint


Project # 62 finished

Sunstone x pyrope

spesartine x sunstone

pyral sunstone


project #63 finished

Blue gem x Spotted Green wing

spotted greenwing x green gem

spotted gem


project # 64 finished

storm x Swallowtail

Nocturn x storm

Storm on wings


project # 65 finished

Chrono x Tri horn

Falconiform x Chrono



Project # 66 finished

Gaia x Green

Terrae x Gaia

green earth xeno


project #67 finished

Blue Banded x Moonstone

Celestial x Blue banded

banded space


project # 68 finished= a switcharoo of the above

celestial x blue banded

Moonstone x Celestial



project # 69 Finished

Nhio x blue lunar

blue lunar x falcon



Project # 70 finished

M Greenwing x F Pink

M Aria x F Greenwing

spotted rose


project # 71 finished

M Aeon x Speckle Throat

MBleeding Moon x F Aeon

Aeon Mix


Project # 72 Finished

m King Crown x F Monarch

m Colossus x F King Crown



project # 73 Finished

M Cassare x F Tsunami

F CAssare x M Royal Blue

Korabas Note :will probable re breed this and influence F As the Korabas Dragon was actually a female _oops


Project # 74 Finished

Purple x King Crowne

Sunsong x Purple



PROJECT # 75 Finished

WAterhorse x Teimar

Waterwalker x Waterhorse



project # 76 finished

Aria x Carmine

Daydream x Aria

Aria Dreams


Project # 77 Finished

Aria x Carmine

Diamond wing x Aria



Project # 78 Finished

Ember x Hellfire

Red Finn x Ember



Project # 79 Finished

Water Walker X Nocturn

Spirit Ward x Water walker



Project # 80 Finished

Hellfire x Pyro

Striped River x Hellfire



Project # 81

Blue Gemshard x Bolt  alternate= Blue Morph x Bolt

Bolt x Astrapi


Project # 82 Finished

Blue Banded x Azure Glacewing

Deep Sea x Blue Banded



Project # 83 Finished

Blue Banded x Guardian

Frost x Bluebanded



Project # 84 Finished

Cassare x BBW

BBw x Antarean



Project # 85 Finished

Dark Lumina x Harvest

Harvest x Turpentine



Project # 86

Trihorne x Serigamma

Seragamma x Scimitar


Project # 87 Finished

Krai x Tetra

Sunstone x Krai

 4G     https://dragcave.net/lineage/v8n39

5g       https://dragcave.net/lineage/gRSWR  - with Purplehaze


Project # 88 Finished

Neotropical x Wave runner

Guardian x Neotropical



Project #89 Finished( with help from Ruby Eyes)

Honey Drake x Howler

Tarantula Hawk x Honey Mead



Project # 90

Crimson x Sunset

Sapphire  x Crimson


Project #91 Finished

Falconiform x Aeon

Carmine x Falconiform



Project #92 Finished  gotta love the AP

Horse x Purple Dorsal

Purple Nebula x Horse



Project # 93 finished

Horse x Red Nebula

MHellfire x Horse



Project # 94 Finished

Water x Waterhorse

Waterhorse x Deepsea



Project # 95 Finished

Balloon x Blacktea

Flamingo x Balloon



Project # 96

Sapphire x Brute

Aeon x Sapphire









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