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Holiday Trading Thread

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2G Omen_Wyrm_hatchi.gif influenced male



2G latest?cb=20171031053452 from different mate. 


Will also consider other 2G holidays, but priority goes to omen and arcanas.


Edit: realized I forgot to put trade link. Trade completed.

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2nd gen Arcana from female Autumn (gender unknown)

2nd gen Arcana from female Mageia (gender unknown)

3rd gen Omen from Omen x Tan Ridgewing checker (influenced male)

3rd gen Omen from Omen x Razorcrest checker (influenced male)

2nd gen Omen, purebred (gender unknown)

2nd gen Omen from female Pyro (gender unknown)

2nd gen Arcana, purebred (gender unknown)

2nd gen Arcana, purebred (gender unknown)



CB offers. Looking to trade multiples. Especially interested in the new release Halloweens

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Turned out to be male . . . -_-

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Have: CB Kohrakis influenced M and F from Volcano.
Want: 3EG from Witchlight SAs or biome swap (at least one Desert). Mature hatchies or pm precog/inf proof. 

Offer link.


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Traded, thanks!


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2g weird SAltkin from blue Arcana




2g normal SAltkin from any SAlt parent



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Have (all hatchlings, uninfluenced):


CB Marrow 

CB Caligene 1 Traded! Thank you!

CB Caligene 2 Traded! Thank you!

CB Lurker Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

2G Male Caligene Prizekin (backwards gender) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!




2G Halloweens with commons - especially:


Shadow Walker x Dark Lumina (M)

Shadow Walker x Aqualis (F)

Shadow Walker x Ash (F)

Shadow Walker x Tercorn (F)

Desipis x Lihnseyre

Caligene x Khusa (F)

Caligene x gold Floret

Caligene x Melismore

Nearly any 2G Witchlights, Omen, or Arcana


Also looking for 3G Marrow x Sweetling checker w/ alt base as a mate


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NVQCMo0.png   Gv0m3KC.png


both hatchies, both correctly influenced to be the same gender as the Arcana parent (the Nocture offspring is ready to mature)


WANT (1:1)

2nd gen Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif / Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif / Silver_egg.gif from Prize x Silver (will happily take what ever is produced first, but please PM me before breeding!)


Would happily give both for

2nd gen Silver_egg.gif from SA / HM / female CB Holly, I'd gladly add (I can dream... ^^)


Pleae PM me! :) v

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H: Caligene prizekin misgender W: Other prize kin / New Halloween / CB Shadow Walker female / offers



H: 2g Arcana x Balloon W: New Halloween / CB Arcana / CB Shadow Walker female



H 2G Grave from Gold W: New Halloween / CB Arcana / CB Shadow Walker female/ Offers


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Have: 12 Kohraki hatchlings seperated into 3 trades.

Want: 2G Spriter's Altkin that I don't have, if I have a 2G from the same SAlt sprite, I'll just decline. Also, I am more than willing to offer more than 4, especially for the rarer SAlts. PM me to negotiate about it. The line that is not on my siggy applies. There is also "jaw" and "pun" codes among these hatchies.


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4x kohraki hatchie (unknown gender)

CB pumpkin (unknown gender)



CB male arcana


any CB Halloween offers for the pumpkin


Always looking for a CB gold or silver.


Or will combine for a mate for any of these three:



signature applies! pm me for other offers.

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