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Holiday Trading Thread

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Black_Marrow_egg.gif&key=d5ff6f6b9b9d94d 2G marrow prizekin from male silver tinsel



Desipis_egg.png 2G Depsis from male tinsel unrelated to him

Pumpkin_egg.gif&key=7b144b271af1e89bb154 2G pumpkin from mimic pygmy, any male/female combo 

latest?cb=20181031060545&key=cca89d69e462G arcana from male mageia 

2G arcana from male Spessartine


Make an offer on my egg!


Traded! Thanks!

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Alt caligenes, ready to breed with mates of choice


2g alt cali x omen Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!




Looking for 2gs from alt sweetling. Hatchies are preferred, if possible:

-1x arcana (if hatchie must be precogged male)

-1x cavern lurker

-2x grave

-2x desipis

-1x witchlight

-1x caligene

-2x omen


*eggs cannot be bred later than 00:01 on the 29th 

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Sorry I know I was just here 😧


Pumpkin_egg.gif&key=7b144b271af1e89bb1542G pumpkin from male mimic pygmy. INCU-HATCHABLE.



Pumpkin_egg.gif&key=7b144b271af1e89bb154 Swapsies! 


Make an offer on my pumpkin egg!

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Arcana_hatchi.png 2nd-gen arcana hatchling from bronze shimmer (influenced female. PM if you want proof of gender.)



1) Two hatchlings from my sig

2) One lowtime egg or properly influenced hatchling with nicely named parents from one of the following lineages: marrow from holly, shadow from male aeria, shadow from male skywing, lurker from female fell, lurker from female luminox, lurker from female galvanic, grave from male freckle, desipis from female blacktip, witch from female mageia, witch from female stripe, omen from male white, omen from female rift.

3) Two lowtime eggs or properly influenced hatchlings with nicely named parents from another arcana, omen, or witch lineage. No PBs please.


PM me or offer on this link, thanks: https://dragcave.net/teleport/ba29a5412159ccfe55c8b3c127536ad0


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Have:CB Omen

Want: 4th gen PB Grave ( have a few already), Caligene from male White Zyu, 2nd gen PB Omen

Named parents please!



Have: 3rd gen Marrow (f) hatchie from Heartseeker

Want: Bloodswap with named parents. or hatchie offers



Have: CB Arcana

Want: either: 3rd gen Marrow x Garland or 3rd gen Witchlight x Garland, named parents only, low-time preferred.


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Sweetling adult alt  x your choice of Halloween dragon - PM me!



2g omen from female silver tinsel

2g shadow walker from female gold tinsel

2g omen from female bronze tinsel


2g from SA x non-holiday?

Other offers?

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List of unclaimed Halloweens I can Breed:


ogGUUmL2Kz7fzoURRn6vuZtGfrDgnKttV7mTNd2h1nOe7l_BMv1e-yiXRdvON0tFS4g9ra-t3ti11e2-YaEYJJT_HHsNPbLKga7-wnA1rmXDLc_UDViD6RrrPmXnID5z5RTh99PL Pumpkin

cAUnWLesTFZYWqpWK8byEvYrRmG1Fr0gGPmeycajnxYYKms0BDOVqHiOaqlLqjRIArn9_M-_lBOwjzKiH3LYOdw-6GsBYVXQcHtgTHOfNevlkW3SKZDnOO46uRTJwhoKh0TSyLoi Black Marrow

MOS8YoMAQ1F8iIjwyZSAU3wQt2craGmHWrVQvZkkUInsfxYZ1sf2Vd6XHK2uAL2CoK8PL69eDX51I5dH83Xc-AsmiFrt81lajP8UmuDCpvDISRriPPqxBGFfbDKSdsE4gDV8cND_Shadow Walker

BS_vUZOz4K8Jr0F3HmYEZUN0WMcXbHNqml3ao-2M2LfjOgZGB-fBbdhP9PDaC5NlWWqt5gcaMaoLoWx5ZIcRVz_PF1d0vsQu6qWjPGS_VcKbicoRm8a1gE8K1hQ_Zt_1xdGxTIoE Cavern Lurker

oYymyCjHneidS7rPRPKPI0q72tv-KniGvx2WthoGYKT1UlnMRx7hxesacDT29-hhiVtG2CyiGn415rYQYIOAUe-0jTal8WavuIu5EDSxOraZMKgHqN7OK1c775k1UElwdWFRIWob Grave

c87kHqyuqKCXlx2BqigTus51zy2RWQxRfwTyMYp9DVkEckhI54pzxZ55IFhjF8iq7Xz7urGX__BfqV1pjsjFVpKLIcoen0AN0bA07hSzW2mLkwjZyX9ceXbeCDoWznucKQ_iqxlX Desipis

W9ew-WByBfAyi0-kbKcv80S32APbHjm8SK2qrtx4IP1Z_bZM6HtAOzxG3Ahe72LGH4l85wZQnFikM9j3SVCGOQAw23z81EgFIBPub-wu4fxHZ7cab4sxOcE4Pvx2tl07800mSyz9 Caligene

2rfHlgD3gg1rgpmFTYW6p1NkQWcS3K8xbRFpXR5j4N8ozCIRcFK-y-Or7WoqfhgSox5J8_5VzPtFfz31Fy99xr1KfYIxH3GmetzGI0hI7uB7T2TfcfbJdsaLBaFkokXH1DKH7phs Witchlight

3grppwhG0M0HBympn3_54o_0LiKaXjRlVj20HeAQ1azGXPUagLg55lt0xOoRb74fZzOQqwndzfucZpC0R0IBMc5eYljkYjxIy8vg9oaLSI_NWgbVAFz4lkVs4Bp8lvSU7vOGFPMv Omen

Arcana_egg.png Arcana 


List of Halloweens I Need:


W9ew-WByBfAyi0-kbKcv80S32APbHjm8SK2qrtx4IP1Z_bZM6HtAOzxG3Ahe72LGH4l85wZQnFikM9j3SVCGOQAw23z81EgFIBPub-wu4fxHZ7cab4sxOcE4Pvx2tl07800mSyz9 -- 2G Male Caligene x Female Gold OR 3G Perfect Checker from same bases as mate for This One

I will also happily breed Halloween eggs in exchange for Christmas IOUs for 2G Snow Angels from Radiant Angels x White Winged Snow Angels unrelated to any I already have. 

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perfect EG3 omen by gold shimmer







EG3 gold double SAlt (black arcana and black radiant angel in base)









G2 desipis by blue fire gem (male or female) - especially by blue alt desipis (can combine and add for that), or G2 arcana by silver female



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Arcana_hatchi.png 2G from male bronze Shimmer  -traded- Thank you for the very nice offer. ^-^



latest?cb=20171031053452 2G  Omen x  red Copper for Shake That Noodle (mate from Process' SA)

Arcana egg 2G Arcana x  Aeon for Failed to Hear (mate from TheCompleteAnimorph's SA)

other 2G SAkin?

might consider a different prizekin - please PM me if this is what you wish to offer - thanks ^-^



also have: (all have been properly influenced - proof available upon request) if left in my care much longer I will likely freeze them

Arcana_hatchi.png 2G x female GoN  --  Trade me!

Arcana_hatchi.png 2G x male Moonstone  -frozen-

Arcana_hatchi.png purebred (precog male)  --  Trade me! will freeze once it matures


also want: (willing to combine for better offer)

latest?cb=20181031060545 2G Arcana from 09 Valentine, male autumn Seasonal (example), female Royal Crimson (example - male Royal Crimson also accepted), male Luminox or Gold (female gold preferred, but male accepted too)

latest?cb=20181031060545 other 2G Arcana or a freezable since that where a few of these are heading soon

Witchlight_egg.png&key=d6850c3a33f4baf6d 2G Witchlight from female Tercorn (need 1)

Witchlight_egg.png&key=d6850c3a33f4baf6d 3G male Witchlight x female Spirit Ward (interested in 2)

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Omen_Wyrm_hatchi.gif 3rd gen pacified Aegis x Omen checker, two Spriter's Alts in base, influenced female - Offer here!



Omen_Wyrm_egg.png Bloodswap. Does not need to be from Spriter's Alts of course.





Arcana_hatchi.png 2nd gen Arcana from Spinel Wyvern (M), named parents, influenced female - Offer here!

Can breed any of these



Arcana_egg.png 2nd gen Arcana from non-holiday with named parents (no freshly bred eggs!)

Omen_Wyrm_egg.png 3rd gen pacified Aegis x Omen checker unrelated to the above

cAUnWLesTFZYWqpWK8byEvYrRmG1Fr0gGPmeycajnxYYKms0BDOVqHiOaqlLqjRIArn9_M-_lBOwjzKiH3LYOdw-6GsBYVXQcHtgTHOfNevlkW3SKZDnOO46uRTJwhoKh0TSyLoi 3rd gen Bronze Tinsel (M) x Marrow (F) checker unrelated to him

MOS8YoMAQ1F8iIjwyZSAU3wQt2craGmHWrVQvZkkUInsfxYZ1sf2Vd6XHK2uAL2CoK8PL69eDX51I5dH83Xc-AsmiFrt81lajP8UmuDCpvDISRriPPqxBGFfbDKSdsE4gDV8cND_ 3rd gen Shadow Walker x Bronze Tinsel alternating checker unrelated to her (or some other 3rd even-gen involving only Bronze Tinsels and Shadow Walkers)

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I have one CB Male and one CB Female of each Halloween Breed

Will breed for Hybrids from CB parents

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- Any unclaimed Halloween breeding you'd like from my breeding list, linked in my sig!



user posted image - 2g Dark Myst x Pumpkin with nice names to match https://dragcave.net/lineage/UhWDU , unrelated to these (Please PM before breeding! :))

user posted image - 2g PB Marrow with nice names to match https://dragcave.net/lineage/bMtpL , unrelated to these (Please PM before breeding! :))


user posted image - 5g Pumpkin x Common unrelated to these

user posted image - 4g+ Dark Myst x Pumpkin unrelated to these

user posted image - 4g Autumn x Marrow unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/eAwRg https://dragcave.net/lineage/niYJb

user posted image - 4g+ Silver x SW unrelated to these (+ does anyone know who owns https://dragcave.net/lineage/T20hV https://dragcave.net/lineage/LlTNC ? 😧 )

user posted image - 3g Autumn x Desipis unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/beztw https://dragcave.net/lineage/2SHHM

Witchlight_egg.png&key=d6850c3a33f4baf6d - 3g Antarean x Witchlight unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/L43Uy https://dragcave.net/lineage/0dVd0 https://dragcave.net/lineage/y2QEj

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CB male Silver Shimmer, ready to breed with your choice of Halloween mate



- 2G Omen from male Aqualis x coded Omen (ask before breeding)

- 2G Black Marrow from black Sweetling

- 2G SAltkin

- a few CB Halloween hatchlings

- Something else? Feel free to offer.


PM me to negotiate.

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3x CB Arcana

Omen_Wyrm_hatchi.gifOmen_Wyrm_hatchi.gif2x CB Omen (influenced as pair)

Witchlight_hatchi.png1x CB Witchlight (gendered male)

All past CB Halloweens, ready to breed with mates of your choice.


Want (multiple of mine:one of yours, willing to hold/hatch any number of eggs for these):

2nd gen Caligene from M Silver Shimmer


CB Metal/ND


2nd gen SAltkin


Will consider (1:1): higher gen SAltkins descended from one or more of the following alts:

Omen (blue male)
Garland (blue)
Starsinger (both)



Please PM to negotiate.


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3rd gen Caligene + Enraged Aegis ~ Lineage Teleport

2nd gen. Arcana (cute code!) hatchie (influenced male) from a Black female ~ Lineage  ~ Teleport

2nd gen. Witchlight hatchie (influenced female) from Undine male ~ Lineage ~ Teleport




Bloodswap (unrelated) for the Caligene

Different 2nd gen. Halloweens


3rd or 4th gen from Spriter’s Alts

Pretty or fun lineages

offers ^^

 Preferably no freshly bred eggs, please


Thank you ^^

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