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Holiday Trading Thread

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2G z-code Garland_hatchi.png [x Boreal] they have unexpectedly similar poses :o



2G Garland_hatchi.png [x preferably green-ish mate]



Offer here!

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Gone, thanks.

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Z-coded Silver Tinsel x Mistletoe checker







Any 2G Garland

2G from Male Silver tinsel or Female Bronze Shimmer (any Christmas holiday breed)

Other 3G Checker 


Offer here

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4G Holly x Black stair-step

3G Holly x White stair-step

4G Silver x 2008 Holiday checker



Anything! I don’t play on dragon cave anymore so this is just an easy way to get nice Hollies for people who don’t have any :) 


I like prize dragons, hollies, nicely bred rares, nicely bred checker boards, fun codes, and Neotropicals! 


PM me or send a trade:

3G Holly

4G Holly

4G Holiday 2008



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Garland_hatchi.png 2nd-gen garland from green nebula. https://dragcave.net/teleport/2eb625a0f93974e82d4a9f000a6d6b80

Holly_hatchi.png2nd-gen holly from silver (influenced male.) https://dragcave.net/teleport/7e22128fb06701abdfe78ab3c8df519c



*2nd-gen garland from one of the following mates: blue firegem, nhiostrife, celestial, frill, green, neotropical, sapphire, spring, summer, winter, turpentine, silver lunar, blue lunar, snow, arcana, lacula, green siyat, terra.

*2nd-gen holly from one of the following mates: spinel, celestial, lumina, spirit ward, terra, undine, gaia, silv lunar.

*2nd-gen holiday from a different breed and/or pairing; I'll decline it if I have it already.


Nicely named parents only, please, but I can take an egg for a hatchling.


If you have (or can still breed) one of my desired pairings but don't care for these lineages feel free to PM to work something else out!

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Have: user posted image 2nd G Gold-Winged Snow Angel x Holly (offer here) or PM


Want: 2nd G Tri-Colored Snow Angel x Holly (either egg) or 2nd G Holly x Mistletoe


or 2nd G Holly/Garland offers

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Snow_Angel_egg.gif  2G SA x Gold. ||  Make an offer


 Yulebuck_egg.gif  2G Yulebuck x Val '09 with name code (Neffy)  ||  Make an offer




Multiple messy hatchies for freezing

Low Gen Shimmer (EG preferred) 

Pretty/Unique lineages 

Other offers welcome

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Yulebuck_hatchi.gif 3rd gen yule with magmas in lineage with "b0LT" in code trade


Snow_Angel_egg.gif 4th snow angel with word-like code which means "welcome" in polish trade



Looking for any of those:


user posted image2nd holly 1m, 2f This egg has a holly leaf stuck to it.
user posted image 2nd solstice (blue wing) 1f This egg emits a soft, heartwarming glow.
user posted image 2nd snow egg 2m This egg is surrounded by frost.
user posted image 2nd aegis 3xm A wintry chill swirls just beneath the surface of this egg.
user posted image2nd enraged aegis 3xm

Garland_2017.png 2nd garland 2f  This festive egg gives off comforting warmth.

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2nd gen Solstice Dragon.png from Silver Dragon will have rosy wings

2nd gen Snow Angel.png from Boreal Dragon gold-winged

2nd gen Snow Angel.png from Frostbite Dragon gold-winged


Would Love: nicely named parents, please

2nd gen 2046843314_HollyDragon.png.4e43da649006a99402cc7359ab603a80.png from Pyrovar Dragon or Waterhorse Dragon

2nd gen Yulebuck.png from Mint Dragon or White Dragon

2nd gen Snow Angel.png from Boreal Dragon or Frostbite Dragon (Gold-winged Snow Angels)

2nd gen Ribbon Dancer.png from Black Truffle Dragon or Golden Wyvern

2nd gen Winter Magi.png from Lumina Dragon (light or dark)

2nd gen Wrapping Wing.png from Fever Wyvern or Neotropical Dragon

2nd gen Solstice Dragon.png from Silver Dragon or Blue-Banded Dragon (all Solstices in the lineage have to be rosy-winged)

2nd gen Mistletoe Dragon.png from Terrae Dragon

2nd gen Aegis Dragon.png from Lunar Herald (silver) (pacified Aegis)

2nd gen Aegis Dragon.png from Lunar Herald (bronze) (enraged Aegis)

2nd gen Snow Dragon.png from Lunar Herald (gold or indigo)

2nd gen Garland Amphiptere.png from Zyumorph Dragon (amphiptere or eastern)



Solstice from Silver

Snow Angel from Boreal

Snow Angel from Frostbite


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I have a 2nd gen Holly egg (Holly x Silver Lunar Herald) with a lovely name code THORA - caps messed). I'm looking for interesting offers.

Trade Link!

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On 12/25/2018 at 5:47 PM, Ripan said:


CB Silver egg

Mistletoe egg, 2nd gen from Silver Tinsel

Aegis hatchling, 2nd gen from Silver Shimmer

Aegis hatchling, 3rd gen checker with Floral-Crowned Alt in lineage


Can also add if preferred:

CB Thalassa egg

2nd gen Holly male hatchling from Almerald

Holly, 3rd gen female line with Chrono



I dream of a 2nd gen Holly from female line with Anagallis father


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings or PM about preferences



Added something and bump for a new day

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Yulebuck x White 4EG



Yulebuck x Gold 3EG



Yulebuck x Mint 2G



Yulebuck x Witchlight 2G



Want 2G or any EG Checker

Yulebuck x Silver

Yulebuck x White


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