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Holiday Breed Bookings/IOUs

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Trading now - Halloween



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This thread is designed for people who have holidays, CB or of a particularly interesting lineage which they wish to line up for trades during those short days when they are available to breed. Often these trades or IOUs are placed in the usual trade places but many get lost in the regular traffic so here is a single thread dedicated to this subject. Hopefully this works out better for everyone.


You may wish to trade for a similar lineage of these kinds (halloween) or the common opposite of your checkered holiday, or you may wish to ask for CB metallics or new releases, pretty lineages or even give the egg away for free if you already have your quota. Whatever the price be sure to specify it in the code card.


To make it easier for EVERYONE I will list the trades in their situations, and update as regularly as I can. Please use the code cards provided to help make this task easier.


Trades for this particular Holiday egg will close at the end of the breeding season. No more trade asks/offers for this type of egg will be accepted, but the incomplete trades will remain listed so they can be easily followed up upon by the relevant parties.


Rules and Guidelines

- IOU is acceptable -

But be aware that you may pay for a pair that may refuse if they have not been tested before. If an IOU cannot be filled it is up to the seller to pay due compensation to the purchaser for the price lost. What that compensation price IS should be discussed between the valid parties via PM only. Taking IOU eggs/hatchies and not providing a return egg/hatchie is considered stealing and will get you blacklisted.


List your breeding pairs available

Use the code card provided with links to progeny outcomes using the AONG website lineage viewer.

INFORM people if they have not been previously bred on the off chance that they refuse each other.


feel free to make an offer

People may offer exactly what is listed under the breeding pairs profile or make an offer of their own.

Breeders, Please quote the card and say 'accepted' or 'rejected'.


Do NOT...

- List your pairs for breeding trades early. Trade options are only open the 1 MONTH before the breeding week begins. This is so IOUs do not drag out into the forgotten zone.

- Harass the breeder as soon as the breeding season opens for your eggs. They will breed them in due course. be patient.

- Offer to pay a price and then don't pay it once you received the egg - that is also rude and a blacklist offense.

- Forget to breed your pairs, especially if you have already taken an IOU - please do not list pairs if you feel you may be absent during the breeding period.

- Ask for more than is reasonable, fair deals for everyone please.




Code cards



[color=#00FA9A][size=7][font=hobo std]I HAVE A PAIR TO LIST[/size][/color][/font]
[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]Father:[/b] name:____________ link
[b]Mother:[/b] name:____________ link
[b]Bred before with this individual? y/n:[/b]
[b]Sibling or Possible Outcome lineage:)[/b]
[b]Asking price?:[/b]



 [color=#FF69B4][size=7][font=hobo std]REQUESTING AN EGG[/font][/color][/size]
[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]I would like an egg from:[/b]
[b]Forum and scroll name of pairs owner:[/b]



[color=#4B0082][size=7][font=hobo std]I HAVE PAID ALL MY IOU[/font][/color][/size]
[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]Trading with (Forum name):[/b]
[b]Pair to get egg from:[/b]



 [color=#4169E1][size=7][font=hobo std]I HAVE BRED MY EGG AND SENT IT[/font][/color][/size]
[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]Trading with (Forum name):[/b]
[b]The pair promised from:[/b]
[b]Egg code:[/b]

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Trade list




AAA trading egg from pair (name of couple) in exchange for trade from CCCC

- paid y/n

egg received y/n

(still owe).....


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Breeding Pairs Open for requests



1 - sibling of../ - want a 2nd gen pure bred shadow walker or marrow egg

2 - sibling of../ - want a 2nd gen pure bred shadow walker or marrow egg

3 - viewer want a 3rd gen pure or checkered pumpkin/ marrow or shadow walker egg

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Not trying to be a topic killer but I'm not sure if this is allowed since IOU topics are not permitted?

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Closing. IOU topics/trading is not allowed. Please read the pinned topics.

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