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Description of the month #6

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Sowwwwy sad.gif


I'm super late, but here are the winners:




Creepiest / Most Frightening


Fluffy Pi'illo FM by Enigmatron



Boasting by ADP


Most Original


Firefly Suite by ADP

Best Overall


Karyorrhexis by pinkgothic


Congrats to everyone. As always the descriptions have been all fun to read smile.gif

Edited by herk

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I'm a winner? o: Thank you, thank you. All offers of hatchlings can be left at Pi'illo's side, he'll...take care of them. >:3

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Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and grats to the other winners! Told you your guy was awesome, Pink, and Enigma, your dragon was definitely the creepiest! X'D

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