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The most common dragon eye color on DC is:

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Blue! I'm not sure why but I felt like figuring out how many breeds had what eye color.


Total breeds/sprites counted: 183.5


Blue: 31.5

Red: 17.5

unknown: 17

Yellow: 17

Orange: 16

Green: 11.5

Pink: 7

Purple: 3


I counted these using the dragoncave wiki, and tallied them by what I could see without magnifying the spirite. unknowns have no discernable eye color, or white/black eyes. Several breeds with multiple sprites have different eye colors, including black-cap teimarrs and bright-breasted wyverns, in these cases eye colors are counted by half a tally, these are added to the total.


Interesting facts:


Duo-tones' heads both have the same eye color: green.


Purple eyed dragons are: purple/tan ridgewings, male purple nebulas, daydreams, and day glory drakes. (surprisingly, purple dragons have blue eyes)


Blue two-headed lindwurms appear to be the only dragon with pink eyes and skin that is not pink. (The rest are valentines, pinks, and black teas, I believe.)


Both sprites for pillow dragon adults have thier eyes closed. hatchie's eyes are orange.


All seasonal dragons have blue eyes.


all striped dragons have orange eyes.


Winter magis appear to have red and green eyes, wrapping wings appear to have blue and red eyes.

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How do you get half the number? Like 31.5?

That is what I get by speed reading... Sorry, don't mind the dumb question.

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This is really interesting, I'm surprised purple dragons don't have purple eyes too ohmy.gif I guess it's something that not many think about when it comes to dragon colours. I also think it's a bit odd that duotone dragons have the same colour eyes even though the two heads are pretty different tongue.gif


Thanks for sharing though! wub.gif

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