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(Next time, Totts, try to wait 24 hours before bumping.)


"Excited for the new school year?" A voice boomed, radiating through the entire house. The home itself wasn't big, but the impact from the sound was enough to scare the owls and make a few family members jump.

"I sure am."


Rebecca's short red hair shook furiously as a chilling breeze whipped through the house, slamming the shutters down flat. It further alarmed the members of the family as they recovered from the man's jarring voice.


"I can't wait to see all the first-years! They're always so fresh and little," the woman went on, smiling happily as she took another sip of her earl grey. "Yep. That's right. But that also means new children to deal with. Are you ready for that?" The woman's fiancee, with a slightly less imposing voice than her painfully loud father, put a gentle hand on her shoulder as he spoke. Rebecca nodded, still smiling. "Quite. I've got my lesson plans all lined up too."


The woman wore a white button-up, purple sweater-vest, and khakis with a pair of flat shoes, but that was her casual wear. As a teacher, she was always more...flamboyant. Keeping a formal-yet-approachable dress code, Miss Locke often wore a long black skirt, button-up, and black jacket, though she did have some good dresses in stock that she could wear, as well as pants for days with much flying.


Patting her suitcase, the woman sighed. "Dad?"

The man simply nodded, knowing how his voice affected everyone.

"Tell mum I'm gone. And..." Taking out her wand, Rebecca muttered something and a bouquet of flowers appeared, presumably from some flower shop or from her room, as they may have been bought beforehand. "Give her these as a temporary parting gift."


Standing, the woman hugged all the family and took her suitcase, waving as she went.

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------ the Silver house -----


Considering the lateness of the call, it took a while for the door to be answered - although the upstairs light coming on gave Aribeth an earlier clue to the movements of the occupants.


Mrs Silver opened the door, wearing a pale green dressing gown wrapped tightly around her self.


"Yes?" She queried, sleepily. Her blue eyes not fully focussed - presumably due to being woken up.


Other footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs - Mr Silver, he'd been slower since he'd taken the time to put more appropriate clothes on. That and he could be heard telling the children to 'get back to bed, the door didn't concern them'.

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Aribeth waited as patiently as she could. Even with the differences between magical and muggle society she completely understood being tired and how inconvenient it was to be woken in the middle of the night. She smiled as the door was opened and held out the letter. "You are Mrs. Silver I presume?" she asked, observing the recently awakened women. "I am here about your daughter, a miss Selene Silver if I am not mistaken." So far so good. She expected that she and the child could probably be off to Hogwarts by the end of the day tomorrow.

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"I am Mrs Silver," the woman at the door confirmed, taking the extended letter absent-mindedly. Though the mention of Selene seemed to wake her up,


"Selene? She's hasn't caused you trouble has she?" It could be noted from Mrs Silver's words that she considered Selene as a nuisance of sorts - since the question was whether her daughter had caused trouble rather than if she was in trouble. Or perhaps, Selene had caused trouble in the past and was the more likely of the two.



In the background, Mr Silver could be heard to summon the girl in question after hearing his wife's comment. Then,


"Don't leave them on the doorstep, invite them in for heaven's sake - it is the least we can do."


Mrs Silver, suitable chastened by that comment, extended the invite to Aribeth to come in.


"Can I offer you some tea?"



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"Oh no, your daughter hasn't caused any trouble at all," she waved off the offer of tea and stepped inside the house, wiped her feet, and tucked her flying goggles away for the moment. She noticed that everything was very quaint. Charmingly so. How muggles ever got by without the help of magic or owls or house elves she may never know. However, she wasn't here to gawk at the furniture. "Actually, I'm here to bring your daughter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. All essential details are enclosed inside that letter of course." She glanced up at the stairs where the sounds of more family members could be heard. "I will take care of everything concerning your daughter so there'll be no need to worry about your bit."

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As Aribeth was explaining the purpose behind her visit, Selene appeared at the top of the stairs. Wearing a pale blue nightgown, her hair covering her left eye, she tiptoed down the stairs.


Mr Silver was still upstairs telling the boys to get back to sleep. Aribeth's night call had attracted attention.


The letter was studied more intently by its current holder, the seal of the school getting the most attention.


"Is there really such a thing as a School for Witchcraft and Wizardry?" was the first - and most likely predictable - question.



Muggles could really be dense sometimes, especially when it comes to 'things that don't fit in with their view of the world'.

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okay head to diagon if you like, here's the wand form when you go to ollivanders




Pic or description:


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A faint smile traced her lips. Ah, she had forgotten about that. She was going to have to explain. The letter she handed over didn't quite go over those sorts of details and it was hardly required that muggle parents should know of wizardry before their child was selected. "Yes madame. I will in fact be Selene's Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, so I assure you it is very real. That and you could not ask for a better school to attend. Hogwarts is one of the most renowned wizarding schools in the world."

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Floo powder was Samuel's chosen meathod of travel to Diagonal alley. He appeared promptly on the street, clutching his bag to make sure it did not get left behind. Where to first? Well, the wand shop was certainly the closest. He moved quickly down the street and opened the door to the wand shop, moving inside the building quietly.


((Wood: Hazel

Core: Unicorn Hair

Pic or description: A rather long long wand that is stubborn enough to preform horribly for all save its owner. Like many Hazel wands, it literally does when it's owner does because of how dedicated it is. The wand itself is fairly straight and has a small bulb on the end for better grip.

Flexibility: Unyielding ))

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[ Boop.

Name: Bellatrix "Bella" Blishwick

Age: 11


Magical Blood Type: Pure blood, branch off the Black family. The wiki

Personality: Rather shy, Bella usually wears her hood up at all times. Though her family line favors Slytherin, she'd much prefer Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Bella wants to become an animagus, and is currently studying on how to become one. Bella keeps most people at arm's length, lest they discover that she's related to Bellatix Lestrange. However, she's loyal and kind to those she finds that are her friends. She often finds breaking rules easy, if she can see reason to breaking the rules.

Appearance: With green eyes.

Family life at home: Her family often tries to convince Bella that Voldemort was right, but Bella often ignores them. Her family dotes on her and often goes the extra mile for gifts and school supplies.

Family and personality: Since related to Bellatrix and the Lestranges, her family share the muggle hating of the muggles. Most are in Slytherin, but she wants to be a black sheep. Blishwick

Desired House: Gryffindor

Other: She wants to become an animagus, and her animal will be a barn owl.

Wood: Birch

Core: Hippogriff feather

Pic or description: Her wand.

Flexibility: Pliable


Edited by RainDash

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[since the parents are effectively NPCs, you can post reactions and stuff Archios.... the only thing to bear in mind is that Selene's the 'failure' of the family not being as visibly good as her brothers. Also her mismatched eyes mark her as a freak - mainly to her siblings, but the parents don't call them on it.]


---- Silver House ----


Selene had - she hoped - not been noticed as she sat on the bottom of the stairs, listening to the on-going conversation. It wasn't really eavesdropping - after all, her father had implied the late night visit was her fault. Not in his words, just the tone of his voice. Her hair still obscured her green eye, leaving the blue one visible.



The main thing that Mrs Silver had latched on to in Aribeth's reply was 'Defence against the Dark Arts'. In particular the Dark Arts part.


"Dark Arts? As in Black Magic?" She seemed more accepting of the idea of a magic school than most Muggles, after the initial disbelief, but was still tainted by the rather simplistic view that magic was either White or Black.



------ Morgana Pendragon-Selwyn -------


Her mother insisted on travelling to Diagon Alley for the school supply run. Mainly as she wanted to show off, another generation in Hogwarts was always a matter of pride. Even with their slightly odd view of priorities, producing a Squib was a shame to any Pure Blood family - one which they didn't want to appear to welcome.


While waiting for her robes to be finished at Madam Malkin's, Morgana managed to convince her mother to wait there for them while she got her bespoke wand from Olivander's.


Olivander was an eccentric, but he was the best at his business. Selecting a few wand boxes from the back shelves, he pondered Morgana then invited her to try one of them.


After a few magical rejections - though none of them drastic - Morgana finally had the right wand.


Olivander smiled, and placed the wand reverently into its case before returning it to Morgana:


"I don't believe I need to instruct you in the proper care of this wand."


[info below retrieved from Pottermore.. basically the one I got from the test.


Wood: Spruce - The spruce wand requires a firm hand, because it often appears to have its own ideas about what magic it ought to be called upon to produce. However, it can be a superb helper, intensely loyal to their owners and capable of producing particularly flamboyant and dramatic effects.


Core: Unicorn hair - a wand with this core produces the most consistent magic, and is least subject to fluctuations and blockages. Wands with unicorn cores are generally the most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts.

Disadvantages of unicorn hair are that they do not make the most powerful wands (although the wand wood may compensate) and that they are prone to melancholy if seriously mishandled, meaning that the hair may 'die' and need replacing.


Pic or description: A slender wand carefully tapered and carved to form a comfortable grip. This wand appears to be fragile due to its thinness - but its flexibility protects it from all but the most extreme pressures.


Flexibility: Slightly Springy ]

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Samuel stepped inside the shop just as another girl was finishing up. He raised a hand and coughed once to make his presence known then moved around the girl to the wand maker. Without hesitation, Olivander hurried to go fetch several wands for the young boy to try out.

"Pendragon?" Samuel asked as he shuffled his feet slightly and held onto his bag. "What kind of wand did you get?"

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((Could I join :3


Name: Zoey Smith

Age: 11 ((You'll be starting hogwarts))

Gender: Female

Magical Blood Type ( Half-blood Pure-blood or Muggle-Born) : Pure blood

Personality: Zoey likes to dare herself and loves to d ostuff no one else dares to do. Both her parents were in Ravenclaw

Appearance: Zoey

Family life at home: Her parents encouraged her to go to Hogwarts for their sake to help her slow down

Family and personality: She has two younger brother twins that love to play pranks on people

Desired House: Ravenclaw

Other: she has a random red panda for a pet that the rescued

Wood: Cedar

Core: Griffin Feather

Pic or description: Right here

Flexibility: Unyielding))

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Morgana turned to the new arrival, confirming the name he'd spoken was correct:


"Mine's a Spruce wand with a core of unicorn hair."


She opened up the case to display it to Samuel. She wasn't surprised that he'd known her name, - after all most if not all Pure Blood families were related, so perhaps all that phoning her parents did resulted in his educated guess.



"What will you get?" she asked, she may be socially awkward but returning the question seemed like a reasonable step to take.

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"Mmm," Samuel said with a slight nod. An acceptable wand. He looked away and shuffled his feet awkwardly and shrugged his shoulders. "It doesn't really matter," he replied as a wand was thrust in his hands. He looked it over then gave it a flick. It stubbornly refused to do anything except spark a bit. The wand was quickly pulled away and another placed in his hands. This one reacted negatively as well, firing off a spell that nearly destroyed a bookshelf nearby. But the next one felt.. Right. Before he even flicked it to try it out, it was nice. It felt comfortable in his grip and just had a nice feel to it. The a few wispy strands of smoke came out of the end and the Wanamaker smiled, pleased with his work.

"Hazel and unicorn. An unyielding want that will probably only ever preform properly for you. It can sense water like you just saw and will probably perish with you. Be careful for you will never get a more loyal wand."

Samuel examined the wand carefully then turned to the girl. "This one," he replied. Realizing she was alone as well, he frowned slightly. "Your parents didn't come with you either, did they?" He was assuming but he just thought all parents were as uncaring as his.

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"Mother insisted on coming along - she's currently waiting for Madam Malkin to finish up with the robe adjustments for my uniform." Morgana replied,


"Wands are more personal - so I was able to pick that up solo." From his question, Morgana knew he was on his own this time round.


"Want to tag along with us?" She offered, mainly as she knew it would make the time pass quicker for both of them. Morgana passed Olivander the exact cost of her wand in Galleons and Knuts, so he could complete the sale.


Granted her parents would be paying for the first years supplies - but a wand was for life, and her allowance was more than enough to cover this expense.

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Samuel paid for his wand quickly as well but did not put it in a box. He was going to use it, after all, so it needed to be in reach. Instead, the wand was tucked up his sleeve. "I mean," he muttered softly as he adjusted the bag on his shoulders. "I already have robes but I still need everything else. If it wouldn't be too much of a problem, I'd enjoy having company. Groups are safer that traveling alone, especially when you're only eleven."

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(( Okay, right, in this harry did defeat voldemort, but there were no damages to hogwarts and none of the actual book teachers are there. Also, all accepted, apart from Zoey's panda and the wand has to be wooden and have a core, just so you know))



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(It is wood tongue.gif It's they way it looks, but here is another picture if so need be here can she get a red panda?)

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(( No red panda, not allowed at hogwarts, plus this is in britan, no red pandas in britan))

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(Awwww...how about a brown fishing owl?)

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(( 'Students are reminded they may bring An OWL a Cat or A Toad', so yes she's allowed a fishing owl))

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Zeoy frowned as she walked around with her parents. SHe had gotten the acceptance letter a few hours ago when she was running along a cliff. The owl had almost spooked her, but she managed to regain her balance before she had fallen. She had tried to rip the letter up as soon as she got home, but her parents were overjoyed by it and took it from her. She looked up at Fisher, her brown fishing owlet as it chirped. Of course, her parents had to come along. She trudged after them, not excited at all having to go through Diagon Alley with her parents. Seeing the wand shop, she slipped away and went over to the wand shop, looking for adventure.

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The headteacher Merlina just sat in her office making paper birds with her wand, chatting with the sorting hat about what he thought the new pupils'll be like, they should be around Diagon now


(( just a quick reminder for those who have forgot, magical areas disrupt muggle technology, so please do not use any, apart from radios, the wizarding world has made radios that run off magic.))

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Most children would be excited to go to Hogwarts. Not Bella. She didn't really need to go shopping for much, since her parents guessed right on the supplies. She was ten when they hauled her around Diagon Alley and bought her supplies, only waiting on the robes and wand. She had just finished buying her robes, and her mother and father were off, probably trying to buy a pet for her. She didn't want one, because they'd try and have her smuggle in a raven or snake. She hated snakes. Besides, she'd only try and smuggle in some small animal. Like a puppy or kitten. However, even then she didn't think she'd manage to get in. Maybe she'd be expelled and forced to live as a muggle. Then her family would exile her and leave her alone.

The thought made her smile a little.

Then again, if she was expelled, she would never be able to finish becoming an animagus. Maybe she'd be an owl, or an otter. Yeah, she didn't want to be expelled then. She entered Ollivander's, and exited in a short amount of time. Her family was no coming around the corner, a grey owl dotted with white spots and large black eyes. It looked terrified, and she thought that he should be, he was in her family's hands after all.

"Your owl!" Bella's mother screeched.

"Thanks, Mom." Bella said, taking the owl's cage in her hands.

"What are you going to name it dear?"

"Sooty." Bella replied, trying to reach her fingers into the cage.

"Oop. Almost forgot, I have to find you something for your birthday!" Bella opened her mouth to protest, but her mother had apparated away.

So now Bella was standing in front of the wand shop, alone. She was mostly glad Father wasn't there. She'd never hear the end of how mud-bloods needed to stay off the streets of Diagon Alley. She personally figured everyone had a right to be there. If they had the ability and courage to face them, then let them.

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