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Hunger Games

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1st Games: Mel from District 2! (Controlled by Shyrus, won 1st ever hunger games.)



Reaping Day, the scariest day you've been dreading. Two unlucky tributes to be drawn names from. To enter the arena and fight to an all out blood bath. One winner... unless certain exceptions were to be made. You stood as a name was drawn.... yours...



Since most of the time common hunger games rps die at the training, we'll start exactly 60 seconds before the game starts.


Basically outlive all other tributes and win.


RULES (to keep this rp going...)

If you'v been in the wolf games rp, you might be familiar with these.


1. NPC's can be killed, just 2 per char please. If everyone has exceeded this limit and some remain then you can slaughter the rest.

2. DO NOT kill other tributes unless told by me. The combat system is simple, guess a number between one and 10 and closest to what i am thinking gets the kill. (Does not apply with NPCS)

3. Sponsoring is only able to be done by members of the rp who have no chars left alive. They can sponsor alive tributes.

4. At around 5 or 6 people a feast will start, though combat might not be unavoidable.

5. When 4 people are left... muttattions will be unleashed. NOTE: If your character died and became one feel free to control that muttation. Again number 1-10 and two who guess furthest away from my number will be eaten.

6. IF your inactive for a week, I'll PM you. If no response is made in the next day, your char will be auto killed by anyone's characters.

7. No Mary Sues/Gary Stus.

8. Don't break rules and your time will be enjoyable.

9. 2 chars per person.


(Feel free to suggest a rule.)







Preferred Weapon:

Strength: (very strong, very fast, etc.)

Weakness:(cant swim, deaf, etc.




Arena: The arena is a more trap designed arena ranging from easy to break bridges, caves of spiders, holes leading to fire, and a lake filled full of piranhas. To make matters worse the cornucopia starts on a plateau, causing a tumble to get away from it a roll downward. The cornucopia is on a plateau, and if one goes north of it they will climb a higher mountain, where it will be freezing. If one goes south, they will run in to a desert where snakes lay. If one goes east they'll encounter a swamp filled with crocodiles and mosquitoes. If one goes west they'll find a huge lake. There are small ponds too. The biggest lake is filled with piranhas, this lake is located east of the swamp. On an odd number night, temperatures will 15 degrees Fahrenheit (9.4 Celsius) and on even numbered nights temperatures will be 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 Celsius). All around the plateau the cornucopia is, there is a long river which contains drinkable water.


No saying "Kathy found a desert eagle". Only weapons able to be found are from this list.

Sword (found common in cornucopia, rare around podiums.)

Bow (rare unless in cornucopia)

Brick/Rock (found everywhere)

Ax (Battle, normal, or throwing. Rare unless in cornucopia)

Spear (rare unless in cornucopia)

Knife (Throwing or normal)(rare unless in cornucopia)

Baton (small club.)(rare unless in cornucopia)

Blow Gun (didn't expect this one did you?)(rare unless in cornucopia)

Mace (spiked club)(rare unless in cornucopia)

Sickle (rare unless in cornucopia)

Slingshot (craft able)

Shovel (Rare)

Scythe (Uncommon)

Any food from hunger games.

Shelter kits

Fire Starters

Ice packs (for hot nights)

Heat reflecting coats (for cold nights)


SPONSOR weapons (to sponsor to tributes.)

Any items above.






DEATHS (in order from first to last)

24. District 10 Female killed by District 12 Male with shovel. (Died in Bloodbath, placed 24th)

23. District 12 Female killed by District 9 Female with Scythe. (Died in Bloodbath, placed 23rd)

22. District 5 Female killed by District 9 Female with Bow and Arrow. (Died in Bloodbath, placed 22nd).

21. District 9 Male killed by Noel with sickle. (Died in Bloodbath, placed 21st).

20. District 11 Male killed by Carol with ax. (Died in Bloodbath, placed 20th).

19. District 9 Female killed by Noel with Sickle (Died in Bloodbath, placed 19th).

18. District 5 Male killed by Silver with Dagger (Died in Bloodbath, placed 18th).

17. District 8 Male killed by Carol with Throwing Knife (Died in Bloodbath, placed 17th).

16. District 12 Male killed by Jack with Ax (Died on Day 1, placed 16th.)

Game Number:

In dragcave (3rd, though second with my rules.)

In Panem (2nd games!)


Career Alliance,Want to be in it? Just say (or PM)! Members are, so far:

Dayta (District 3 Female, controlled by Justini12)

Jack (District 7 Male, controlled by Justini12)

Noel (District 2 Male, controlled by Totts)

Carol (District 2 Female, controlled by Totts)

District 4 Male (NPC, can be replaced by controlled character)

Gold (District 1 Male, controlled by Backup77)

Silver (District 1 Female, controlled by Backup77)

Auburn (District 4 Female, controlled by DragonGirl10188)

Have a problem? Feel free to tell me.


If you want to read the 1st hunger games, it is on pages 3-14.


Click the big button for all your needed info!

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Accepted Chars



Name: Dayta Byte

Appearance: She is 5’3”, weighs about 150 pounds, has black hair, blue eyes, and isn’t very strong.

Personality: Sophisticated, polite, respectable, and looks down on others.

Gender: Female

District: 3

Preferred Weapon: Knives and throwing knives.

Strength: Will get allies easily.

Weakness: She is unlikely to get down and dirty to kill people and is physically weak.

Age: 14

Other: She got a training score of 7, and is in the career alliance.


Name: Jack Deadwood

Appearance: He is 6’0”, weighs about 200 pounds, has brown hair and eyes, a strong build, and various scars on his face and arms.

Personality: Ranges from violent to axe crazy.

Gender: Male

District: 7

Preferred Weapon: Axes

Strength: He is very strong and has the right personality to get down and dirty.

Weakness: His diplomatic skills are terrible and he isn’t very accurate when throwing or swinging axes.

Age: 18

Other: He volunteered, got a training score of 8, and is in the career alliance.



Name: Silver Stone

Appearance: Silver's hair is very thick and wavy, and fall to her mid-back. It is naturally a dark, reddish brown, but the Capitol dyed it a bright, shiny silver for her chariot ride and interview. The dye is in the process of washing out, leaving bright silver streaks in silver-tinted brown hair. Her eyes are small and grey. She's a bit short (5" 1'), and very small and light. Like most of the people from District 1, she's usually considered prettier than most tributes. She's not amazing by D1 or Capitol standards, though.

Personality: Silver isn't the nicest person. While she usually tries to avoid being rude to make people like her, it's unlikely that she would have problems with stabbing anyone in the back. She is very manipulative, and aware of her brother's protectiveness. You can guess how well that should turn out.

Gender: Female

District: 1

Preferred Weapon: Javelins or dual-wielded daggers.

Strengths: Silver is very agile, and good with daggers. She's also very accurate with javelins. She can sprint a little faster than average, but not much.

Weaknesses: She's not very strong, and is quite small. While she can throw javelins very accurately, her low upper body strength means that she can't throw them very far. Her stamina is also terrible, and she gives up on chasing people easily.

Age: 17

Other: In the 1st Hunger Games, Silver and Gold's brother Bronze volunteered. He thought that he could easily win and bring home fame and glory. His family, especially Gold, begged him not to leave, but he didn't have a choice after volunteering. Of course, Bronze didn't come home, having been knocked out and then killed. Thus, Gold became very protective of his family and was distraught when Silver was picked in the Reaping the next year. Determined to protect her even at the cost of his own life, he volunteered. Silver's training score was 8.


Name: Gold Stone

Appearance: Gold is tall and heavily built, with broad shoulders and a wide head. His eyes are dark hazel, and are closer to brown than green. His hair is short and thick, and is naturally light blond. His hair was dyed a bright gold, but he managed to wash most of it out, leaving it with just a darker golden shade.

Personality: Gold is very protective of his sister. Outside of the games, he's kind-hearted and compassionate, but protecting his sister is his top priority. Thus, although he'd feel guilty because of it, he'd definitely kill people to keep her alive.

Gender: Male

District: 1

Preferred Weapon: Swords or spears.

Strengths: Gold is quite strong, and is okay with swords or spears.

Weaknesses: As mentioned above, Gold's top priority is to protect his sister. Thus, he could do stupid and rash things trying to protect her. He is also a bit slow, and is terrible with ranged weapons.

Age: 18

Other: His training score was 9.



Name: Noel Heght

Appearance: He has brown hair and amber eyes, his body is quite muscular due to training, his hair is quite short, because his trainer said that hair is a weakness because it can be pulled. He is also quite tall and imposing.

Personality: He is not very trusting at all but he trusts the career pack because his trainer said for him to, he isn't very impulsive either. He also trusts his sister loads and trained with her, building each other up for the games.

Gender: Male

District: 2

Preferred Weapon: He works with sickles and is very deadly with them, if he gets some at the cornucopia he'll dual wield them, and keep some for throwing

Strengths: He is part of the career pack, and is deadly with a large array of weapons

Weakness: He's short tempered and allergic to nuts, he is also controlling and judgmental

Age: 17

Other: He's got a twin, Carol


Name: Carol Heght

Appearance: she has an appearance similar to her brothers, amber eyes and brown hair, she also has very short hair, she's quite muscular due to her training as well. Her eyebrows are quite well formed and her ears are a little bit asymmetrical, one being pointy and the other rounded

Personality: She's different from her brother in the fact that she's a pretender, feigning weakness, she also lies quite a bit. However, she loves her brother and will do anything to protect him, she also will do anything to win ( with her brother if she can) to make her family proud, since they'll be watching at home

Gender: Female


Preferred Weapon: Whip/Knives

Strength: (very strong, very fast, etc.) She's a very strong swimmer and can kill with a wide array of weapons

Weakness: she has a weak immune system and is overly emotional

Age: 17

Other: She has a twin, Noel.



Name: Zaria West

Appearance: Red wavy hair that reaches to her mid-shoulder blades. She has bluish grey eyes. 5’ 7’’ and thin. However she has a large scar on her left shoulder that starts at her neck and carries down into her elbow.

Personality: Very quiet but that doesn’t mean she’s shy; she’s just plotting. She talks but usually she just smiles or nods her head. She’s a pyromaniac and loves to watch things blow up or catch on fire.

Gender: female.

District: 7

Preferred Weapon: as for melee she likes swords. But she will use anything that can start a fire to its full extent.

Strength: She’s strong and fast.

Weakness: She can swim but not very well. She’s very slow and can’t go into places with strong currents. Ironically she is horrible at climbing trees. She also is very aggressive. If she sees someone she’ll try and kill them no matter what, even if she’s in a horrible state.

Age: seventeen.

Other: She wasn’t liked in her district. Her love of fire put everyone around her in danger. Since her district is the tree district she spent her time setting fire to the trees for fun. She stole food and items from other people for survival. She doesn’t have family but she has one friend who is like a sister. Ironically she can’t climb trees as she never learned how and instead set them on fire. There where peacekeepers who came to the district once to find her and probably put her to death but she got away. She volunteered to be in the hunger games. After all that she had done she figured she was going to die here by the town’s people or by the tributes. She decided if she was going to die she wanted to do it in a more special way.




Name: Miles Raching.

Appearance: Miles is a middle built guy with dark hair and dark eyes. He has a regular speed for a male and his strength is alright, although someone trained in strength would be able to kill him, depending on the situation. Often Miles carries around some sort of electrical device, being from the Electricity district and he knows his way around machines (although it helps if it's electric) and power. (1st guy in the picture)

Personality: Miles is your average teen, mood swings, depression and girlfriends. He's a bit more of a 'beauty' and has girls at his finger tips, but why he ignores them all, no one knows other than the name that he casually brings up in topics, which no one understands -- "Sari". He also mutters it to himself occassionally, bringing up the rumor that he once had a girlfriend named Sari.

Also, you will have to gain his trust. He can learn to trust someone if they do something for him or he knows them for a long time and doesn't peeve him off. Yeah, that's Miles for you.

Gender: Male.

District: 5 -- Electricity.

Preferred Weapon: Anything to do with electricity, but he is also fairly good with throwing knives.

Strength: Electricity -- a bit like Beetee -- (catching fire). Fairly good with throwing knives.

Weakness: No clue how to hunt or find water.

Age: 17.

Other: n/a


Name: Auburn Unerdun.

Appearance: Auburn has a very light auburn coloured hair and a light build that was meant more for running than brute force. Often she doesn't care about her looks and simply brushes her curly hair then puts a braid in the side and wears simple clothes that can give her the ability to run or move freely.

She is slim, more on the skinny side with a fairly flat chest, although if she ever bothered to pretty herself up she could be gorgeous -- but why do that if no one likes you anyway?(the photo makes her look very pretty, ignore that~ she's only mildly pretty)

Personality: Sarcastic, snappy and witty, her personality is influenced by Johanna Mason's -- fully against the Capitol although she knows they can't just kill her after she said many bad things on TV and is favoured by a lot of people who also hate the Capitol. She always thinks of starting a rebellion, to purify Panem, but it always slips from her mind like water from a leaf and she considers her little brother and dad. Instead, she slips through the boundary fences and sprints her heart out through the meadows, often singing at the top of her lungs as if she was free, which is her ultimate wish.

Auburn can be a bit selfish at times but she knows how to persuade people with rough language -- meaning she would accept a good alliance or possibly be able to backstab anyone she has suspicions about. Watch out.

Gender: Female.

District: 10 -- Livestock.

Preferred Weapon: Bows or darts -- something long ranged. She also always keeps a knife in her boot, as she can sprint by people, hacking at them with the knife as she does.

Strength: Very fast and can use long-ranged weapons fairly easy as her mother would teach her -- until her mother was killed for hunting.

Weakness: Not very strong -- frail. If someone were to tackle her she'd have barely any chance. Strong mouthed which can get her into trouble.

Age: 16 1/2.

Other: I have a feeling there may be a secret passcode but I can't find it so heh.


Next Games Reserves

District 1: Backup77 claimed both.

District 2: Totts claimed both.

District 3: Male taken by Testingproninja, Female taken by Justini12

District 4: Female taken by Testingproninja.

District 5: Female taken by Dragongirl10188

District 6: Male taken by BoomSALMON

District 7: Female taken by Shyrus, Male taken by Justini12

District 8: Female taken by BoomSALMON

District 9: OPEN

District 10: OPEN

District 11: Female taken by DragonGirl10188

District 12: OPEN

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((Sorry sir, I was contemplating a character. Also, shouldn't the combat also be that if there is an obvious winner that they should win, so it isn't like, "Matt walks stupidly through the forest while Dan is watching him from above, Matt lays on the ground and Dan jumps on him assassin's creed style" Matt wins.))


Name: Andrew Rodriguez

Appearance: Black hair, medium build, light grey eyes, usually has a look about him as if he is deeply contemplating something, a deep scar down his right cheek.

Personality: very edgy, only speaks when it is absolutely necessary, almost gives off an arrogant nature when people don't know him well enough

Gender: Male

Age: 15

District: District 9

Preferred Weapon: A highly serrated dagger that he usually keeps on him all the time, attempts to remove it from him in training ended with a few hospitalised peacekeepers. Which by now, all tributes should be aware of it.

Strength: Very agile, able to climb and scale almost any possible surrounding, spent training learning to build elaborate traps and how to utilise his surrounding to his best

Weakness: unsociable, probably will never get sponsored or be able to team with anybody,

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(ACCEPTED! But the combat system would end in arguments and people constantly using it per say

Daniel killed John the Career with one blow from his fist. So its basically the luck of the draw.

Here's my first char.


Name: Buck

Appearance: Normal height of 5"11, very beefy, fair skin color, blue eyes, and blonde hair.

Personality: Very fond of himself, confident he can take on anything. He can like someone more than himself, but this is uncommon.

Gender: Male

District: 6

Preferred Weapon: Spear, due to excelling with it during training.

Strength: Strong, career material.

Weakness: Overconfident. He thinks he can win easy.

Age: 16

Other: A career, got a training score of 9.


(ninja if you please add age in. Other is optional. The rest is accepted!)

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((Hi, I have an old District 1 girl sheet that I could use for this. But how long do you think the average post length will be? If it's only going to be a few sentences per post, I don't think I'll join, but if they're going to be over a paragraph long, then I might.


((Also, two suggestions; I think that the RP should start 60 seconds before the games start, because then characters have longer to think, and 60 seconds could easily be put into one post. I also think that the combat system should only be the 1-10 thing if the RPers that are fighting want that; that would avoid things like Alice (Non career, armed with a small knife) killing Bob (Career, armed with a sword, who ambushed her.) The 1-10 system could still be used if the RPers wanted to use it. But normal combat should work fine in most cases, as long as RPers do something like this:


Alice ducked to avoid Bob's sword, before aiming a jab with her dagger at Bob's heart.


Instead of:


Alice ducked to avoid Bob's sword, before plunging her dagger into his heart.


That way, people have a chance to block and dodge (Of course, dodging everything isn't fair, and if people start to dodge everything then the 1-10 system would have to be used for them).))

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(Yeah non lethal combat is fine without killing. 1-10 system is only usable when users agree on it. And the post length can be however long you want it. And the rp starts 60 seconds before the games while there on the pedestals waiting to go off. So please consider joining tongue.gif )

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(((The first post says 15 seconds) Alright, here's my form:


((Name: Glitter Price

Appearance: Glitter is about 5' 4'', and weighs about 130 pounds, which is quite small for a Career tribute. She has fairly muscular arms. Her hair is brown and almost reaches her shoulders, and is cut to be fashionably ragged looking. Her eyes are a light grey. She smiles often, but it isn't a friendly smile. More like an 'Oh yes, now I know how I can kill you' smile. Her token is a simple silver ring with two gemstones set into it, a small sapphire and a small emerald, a symbol of District 1's wealth.

Personality: Glitter will do almost anything to win, as shown in the 'Strengths' section. She is rather cold and calculating, and doesn't really seem to have a soft side, at least at first. It is rare for her to show any sort of compassion, partially because she has been raised since birth to win the Hunger Games, no matter what it takes. She doesn't get angry very easily, but rage does slowly bubble up inside of her, until it comes out in a long, angry rant.

Gender: Female

District: 1

Preferred Weapon: Bows, daggers, and knives.

Strengths: Although most Career tributes are trained in fighting, Glitter was trained in using her wits and cleverness. That doesn't mean she can't fight; it just means that the most dangerous thing about her is how clever she can be. Double-crossing, strong alliances, food mixed with nightlock juice, hiding until the end, purposefully getting an average score, etc. are all things that she can and will do to win. She also knows how to set snares, identify common edible plants, and build shelters and fires. This, combined with the fact that she will join the Career alliance, food shouldn't be a problem for her. She isn't the best with a bow, but it is her weapon of choice, as it is one of the few weapons she is actually able to use. She also likes that it is a ranged weapon, meaning she doesn't have to run to catch a fleeing foe or get too close to someone who is bigger or stronger than her. She can also be fairly agile and climb trees at an average pace, but if someone's coming at her with a sword, she might be able to dodge one or two strikes, but then unless something happens, she's dead.

Weakness: First of all, unlike most Careers, Glitter wasn't trained for years in with all the weapons ever seen in past Hunger Games. She has hardly ever touched a sword, throwing knife, ax, spear, trident, dagger, or mace before, so she can hardly use them, let alone as an effective weapon. She will, however, carry several knives or daggers with her if she can- not really for use as a weapon, but for quickly and silently killing a sleeping, trapped, or wounded foe.

Another weakness Glitter has is that, as much as she wished she had more stamina, she isn't the best at running/jogging for long distances. She isn't horrible, but is slightly below average, something that annoys her to no end. She also isn't the fastest sprinter.

Thirdly, she is terrified of the thought of being trapped or killed, and has claustrophobia, but only if she can't get out of a small space. Like, she'll be fine in a cupboard until her legs and arms start to hurt from not moving if the door is unlocked, but as soon as the door is locked she will freak out and start to hyperventilate.

Age: 16

Other: In training, Glitter focused mainly on knife throwing, shooting bows, and using daggers, confident in her survival skills. She also joined the Career alliance, and got a score of 7 for her average bow and dagger skills. ))

Edited by Backup77

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((I'll make another one, I forgot I had this one in the back of my mind incase of finding an RP))


Name: Christian Kindle

Appearance: Highly built, unusually cold glare in his blue eyes, dark grey skin, around 5 feet 6 inches talk (170 cm)

Personality: His presence is usually depressing, not really caring about anything except himself and his own strength, will only care if it benefits him to some degree

Gender: Male

District: The first and only District 12 career tribute

Preferred Weapon: His own hands

Strength: Self-trained martial arts, completely unpredictable, not blinded by emotion when making decisions

Weakness: Careless disregard for his own safety

Age: 18

Other: Although orphaned from a young age, he barely survived until the Reaping when he was 17, that day, he began obtaining tesserae's almost every day of the week, he traded the excess grain for Protein and the excess oil for water, he ended up entering his name so many times that he simply stood up and walked to the podium when they pulled out a name, without even waiting to hear if it was his name.


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(Okay accepted! If someone else doesn't join we will vote to start. Here's my other char.


Name: Ellis Woodchit

Appearance: 5"7 Somewhat muscular, but otherwise skinny. Eye color is a shade of grey.

Personality: Silent when trying to kill someone, but if feeling safe he will often talk.

Gender: Male

District: 7

Preferred Weapon: Throwing or normal axes.

Strength: Can chop trees down, accurate with throwing ax, great trap maker.

Weakness: Cannot climb trees, but still can chop them down. Given the right tools.

Age: 15

Other: Got a training score of 7, probably a big threat to careers due to being a match for them. )

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((So, I would be able to decide who would win in a battle between my own people?))

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Name: Mia

Appearance: 5'2 Brown hair and district clothes.

Personality: Mia is very skittish and more bite than bark.

Gender: Female

District: 11

Preferred Weapon: Scythe

Strength: Lying/manipulating her way out of things.

Weakness: Blind in her right eye but hardly anyone knows.

Age: 14

Other: Nope




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((Looks like y'all could use another Tribute!))


Name: Bennet Hayes

Appearance: medium-length layered dark brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin, 6'1", muscular

Personality: In a general sense, Bennet is kind and soft-hearted - definitely not a good fit for the Games. He's spent enough time slaughtering farm animals in his home district to have the willpower to kill, though. Ever since he got to the Capitol, his personality has been deteriorating into something quieter and more menacing.

Gender: Male

District: 10

Preferred Weapon: Knives/Hatchets

Strength: Brute strength, bladed weapons

Weakness: Speed, Tactics (with enough kind words, he can easily be fooled into false alliances)

Age: 17

Other: Got a training score of 6 mainly for his weapon skills.

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(maybe the career pack won't be made up of two tributes and 4 npcs after all! ACCEPTED!

Oh and members! Want to be in a career alliance? Just say! Though no more than 8 careers please.)

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((Can you add Glitter to the Career Alliance list?


Name: Pixelle (Pixie) Dell

Appearance: She has a slightly below average height, pale skin, and light grey eyes. Her hair is straight, chestnut brown, and shoulder length. Her token is a flying obsidian crow necklace.

Personality: Pixelle is very nervous, flighty, easily scared, and unwilling to trust. Although it seems like she would be easily distracted (and she often is), she can focus on important things and projects very well. She often does math in her head to calm herself down.

Gender: Female

District: 3

Preferred Weapon: Anything that lets her avoid getting close to other tributes.

Strengths: Pixelle can sprint very fast, and was the fastest sprinter in her school. It's also likely that she'll be the fastest sprinter in this year's games. She can also climb fairly well, much to her surprise, as there are very few trees in District 3, and is a very light sleeper. She's a very fast learner, and memorized many knots, snares, edible plants, edible insects, and fire starting techniques during training. Other than that, Pixelle is great with math, knows quite a bit about physics, and a lot about electronics.

Weakness: Pixelle has pretty weak arm strength, doesn't know how to use any normal weapons, (aside from the small amount she learned about bows and throwing knives during training), and doesn't want to kill anyone. She is also terrified of the other tributes, and would be very reluctant to join an alliance.

Since the Reaping, she has also suffered from mild insomnia, due to stress and fear. She has difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, and therefor will have to deal with the symptoms of lack of sleep. It wasn't too bad before the Games started, but once they start it will be worse (Nice, soft beds in air-conditioned rooms, compared to sleeping in a tree).

Age: 16

Other: Her training score was 6, for her memorization of edible plants and insects.

Here's my attempt at a (not to scale) map; is it any good? Anything you want me to change?

user posted image))

Edited by Backup77

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((Whats a trapped Village))


Name: Joshua Leaflog

Appearance: Bright red hair, broad shoulders, muscley arms and legs.

Personality: RP'ed

Gender: Male

District: District 2

Preferred Weapon: Sword/ dagger

Strength: Very good Martial Arts, tree climbing

Weakness: Cant use a bow at all, cant survive long without food

Age: 18


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((Read the first post. It's a village with no people in it, but a lot of traps and items.))

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(Hey. Is there room for one more? Here’s my forum. Although, feel free to decline it if there’s not enough room.)


Name: Mel


Personality: Very cautious and jumpy. She’s more of a thinker then a fighter. She will talk to people but mostly it’s in hopes of finding thier weaknesses. She’ll make alliances with some people if the opportunity comes but she tends to be very weary and ready to stab them in the back if she feels threatened.


Appearance: black hair and green eyes. She’s skinny due to how much she runs around and jumps on things out of habit. She’s 5’ 6’’, has a small scar on her forehead, and her hair reached to the middle of her shoulder blades.

Gender: Female.


District: District 2


Preferred Weapon: Bow


Strength: Very quick, agile, and smart.


Weakness: Not physically strong, over cautious, and doesn’t know plants too well.


Age: 15


Other: I do have a question; does that go in this category? Eh, oh well.

So, obviously it would be really easy to take advantage of this roleplay. For instance, let’s say the battle just started and I run up and instantly grab the bow. Well how nice! My character is good with a bow!

See what I mean? So is there a system to see who gets what weapon or is it just whoever posts first gets it?

Edited by Shyrus

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