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So, I didn't see this kind of thread within the first couple pages, and I have a keen interest in it, so here goes.




1) You must offer a Vampire Dragon egg/hatchie of 2nd or 3rd Generation (meaning either its Sire or its Grandsire was one of the original 2008 CB Vampires).


2) You can request whatever you like, including caveblockers and commons.

3) Don't post your offer in-thread. Kindly send a PM to the person with your offer.




I picked up this interest after I learned my first Vamp is (at best) 13th Generation (here is her link: ~Please use lineage links~/view/FnVcV]HERE[/url]). The 13th Generation is the last one worth the blood it takes to make 'em, so I'm supremely interested in finding people who have more concentrated blood. Thanks for your time. If you have such a Vampire Dragon in waiting and manage to get it to turn an egg, I'd be happy to hear from you. Feel free to take a look at my scroll and tell me if something can be bred up to exchange.


Bonne nuit, mes enfants de la nuit.

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Please pm a mod, I do not understand the purpose of this topic.


(English only on the forum.)

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