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Armored Warriors

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We may think that Earth is the only planet in our universe that can support life. This is entirely wrong. Pteris is another planet in a far away galaxy. Pteris' most dominant species are dragons. These dragons are free; no other creature has tamed them. They are no threats to their species, though they do have small fights over food and territory. There are dragons who specialize in metal, who are called dracsmiths. They make armor out of special metal called daphne, found in the dangerous mountains of Pteris. Each dragon is given armor, from the smallest hatchling to the oldest elder.


Losing your armor singles you out as a weakling. Dragons who lose their armor are looked down upon and bullied, often flying far away from their homes to live in hiding. A dragon will most often lose its armor in a fight or to thieves.


There is no king or queen to rule over the planet, only the council of elders. The elders make all the decisions and usually call a meeting with all the dracsmiths. Some dragons believe that the elders should not be in charge and instead believe in an old legend.


There once were two Guardian of Nature dragons. One of them was a male, and his name was Riace, and his mate was called Liavi. The two created Pteris, a haven for the dragons. They were happy with what they made, but the dragons living on the planet were not. They turned against the two, who decided to escape from the dragons and disappeared into the sub-terrain world of Pteris. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are believed to be Riace and Liavi trying to get revenge on the dragons that chased them away from their home.


Elders are selected from their birth and have been raised to deal with the responsibility of Pteris. Any dragon can be an elder, as long as they get chosen as one but some choose to live the easier life as a normal dragon. Dracsmiths hold a high place in society as they were also chosen to become a dracsmith. Currently, there are fourteen elders in the council while there was 47 dracsmiths, only 28 remain.


The supplies of daphne are running low. The mountains that contain the rare ore have been yielding very little recently. Dracsmiths risk their lives to obtain even a single piece of ore. Many often die in fights, causing a decline in numbers.


Once the elder dragons became aware of the daphne shortage and its consequences, they called for a meeting with all of the remaining dracsmiths, including the oldest and wisest, Muelj. The meeting is long and goes on for days until they agree on a solution. They will send a group of dragons to go and find the source of the problem and how to obtain more daphne. They decide that the dragons chosen should be new hatchlings, trained from birth in either fighting, hunting, planning, healing or gathering. They will know when a hatchling is ready because they will have the experience of travelers and the wisdom of the elders. Once prepared for the journey, they will be sent into the unknown heart of the mountains.




Daphne comes in two forms, the raw ore and the mixed. The raw ore is found in the dangerous mountains and under many layers of rocks. The ore is encased in a pale red crystal.


The crystal can only be broken in one way. The dracsmith must use a specially designed tool to open it and get to the ore. The tool is a long iron pole with a spike at one end. On the other end are two horizontal metal pieces. Around the pole are large threads as if it was a screw. The dracsmith must drill into the crystal and the process is long and tedious. When they have drilled a hole in the crystal, they use the other end of the tool to pry it open and then the ore can be obtained.



The mixed form is daphne mixed another metal, usually iron or steel. A Daphne ore the same size as a pebble can make a head piece for a medium sized dragon. The great thing about daphne is that as the dragon matures, the metal with expand too. That is why hatchlings' armor are usually very thick and an adult's armor is thinner because it have been stretched.




The dracsmiths are dragons who specialize in making armor for the population of dragons. They go through vigorous training which usually goes on for a number of years. Any dragon can become a dracsmith but the apprentices of the dracsmiths are usually chosen from when the egg has hatched.




Pteris is a haven for the dragons. It contains all six habitats, the coast, a desert, volcanoes, alpine, forests and jungles along with the mountains. Each dragon breed usually lives with its' family or they can go lone by themselves. The dracsmiths live on the mountain border, no matter what breed the dragon is.


The Map (Made by Nevemore)


The mountains are considered dangerous to the dragons as they are unknown to them. Many parties of dragons have already been sent to explore but only some have come back. The mountains are filled with lava falls, cliffs and the ground is covered in obsidian. Unprepared dragons can easily lose their life in the mountains.


The Camp


Cue map (Made by Nevemore)


The camp where the hatchlings live and train are near the meeting place. It is on the alpine border with the forest and is located in a clearing. There are six tents in total. Four tents are for that hatchlings to sleep in. A tent for the warriors, gatherers, hunters and one for the healers and planners to share. The tents are large and have a stone base and then a white waterproof canvas for the tent top. The tents are strong and can stand during storms and harsh winds.


The other two tents are the first aid tent and the main tent. The first aid tent is for any injuries or sicknesses to be trended to by trained dragons, not the healers of the group. The main tent is where the hatchlings must meet up every morning to recieve their duties and their meals.


Tent Picture


The Armor


The headpiece covers most of the head of the dragon. It has two holes for the eyes and the armor ends at the dragon's mouth. The armor covers the neck and is joined to the torso armor.


The body armor covers the back and belly of the dragon. The armor here can have spikes or gems in them at the dragon's request. The armor ends at the top of the dragon's legs. There are four dragon claw armor pieces. They all cover the dragon's paw and the claws fit into it. The metal is ridiculously sharp as they replace a dragon's claws. The body armor ends at the start of the tail and some dragons have another armor piece for the tail.


The tail armor is optional and not all dragons choose to have it. Tail armor is much lighter than the rest of the suit and easily moves with the dragon's tail. It often has spikes on it so it can be used as a weapon. It doesn't cover the whole tail, only the top.




As a new hatchling, you are taken to the elders and the dracsmiths by your mother. Confused, you are examined carefully by the elders. They decide you are one of the dragons that will be sent on the journey. Your mother leaves you in the hands of the elders, even though it is clear that it is painful to her. Taken away from your family, you begin training to prepare yourself for the dangerous journey ahead.




The ranks in the group are:


Warriors are the dragons in the group that have been trained to defend the group from all dangers. They usually have a power that they can use or weapon.



Hunters must go out and hunt for prey for the group.



They are like hunters but they gather greens for the dragons that don't eat meat



There can only be five healers in the group. The healers treat injured and illnesses in the group. They use plants and herbs for the treatments, sometimes magic.



Planners are important as they plan out the route that they will go. There are only three planners and all must agree on a route before the group travels. They also map out their path and what they can see so the journey back would be easier.


All ranks are equal. There is no leader in the group to avoid separation.


Rules and other


1. No swearing

2. If you are going to say something OOC, please use (these)

3. Please don't roleplay like this:

*walks in* hi! my name is dragon! *smiles*


i walk in and say hi! my name is dragon and i smile.

Please roleplay like this:

I walk into the room with a smile on my face. "Hi! My name is dragon. What's yours?" I ask.

4. Do not kill another person's character without their permission.

5. Your posts don't have to be long but don't type in three words per post or a really short and undescriptive post.

6. No limit in the characters but please keep them active.

7. You cannot have your hatchling have a mate. Only crushes but when they mature then they can have a mate.

8. There is a breed limit. Only three per breed please!

9. The rules can be changed by me (Tiga).

10. Don't join as a GoN, paper dragon, cheese, chicken, neglected, zombie and leetle tree. (Be mature. However I will make exceptions... If I want to.)

11. If you want your dragon/s to grow up, ask me permission in PM. More info about that below.

12. There is no limit on characters, just make sure you can roleplay them all!

13. Not block others. This means if someone says "Hi!" To you, don't walk away and ignore them, unless it is an accident.

14. If you are in need of someone to roleplay with, please request in the OoC. If not, you can find some people with a hatchling waiting so you can join them. But please do NOT join in a group and randomly say, "Hi!"



Your character starts off as an egg in the habitat that your dragon breed lives in. Once you have hatched, your mother has to take you to the elder council. Your dragon will start off as a hatchling and during roleplay you think that your dragon should mature into a mature hatchling, message me permission and I will decide.


Character forms:


[b]Dragon Name:[/b]
[b]Differences in appearance:[/b]


You can join as a discontinued dragon but the breeds are VERY rare and hatchlings and eggs are declining.


Message those to me.


Roleplayers who are new or are going to join. You can either, adopt an inactive character, or make a character the name breed as an inactive chatacter.


NOTE: Before we go exploring the mountains, your characters will have to do training. There are 10 trainers and you can adopt three (max) and message me your chosen trainers. You do not need a character form for them and are just there to train the hatchlings. If you are confused about what to do, I can help.




Tahai - Male Spitfire dragon - Warrior Trainer [[ADOPTED BY DREAMGIRL]]

Lithi - Female Black dragon - Warrior Trainer [[ADOPTED BY TIGA]]

Niere - Male Gray dragon - Hunter Trainer [[ADOPTED BY JASS]]

Ukert - Female Black Capped Teimarr dragon - Hunter Trainer [[ADOPTED BY DRAGON LET]]

Thiess - Male Ultraviolet dragon - Gatherer Trainer [[ADOPTED BY TIGA]]

Chesu - Female Gold-horned Tangar - Gatherer Trainer [[ADOPTED BY MELOMANCER]]

Isell - Female Soulpeace dragon - Healer Trainer [[ADOPTED BY TIGA]]

Prala - Female White dragon - Healer Trainer [[ADOPTED BY JASS]]

Thece - Male Two-Finned Bluna dragon - Planner Trainer [[ADOPTED BY DRAGONSPITE]]

Drianna - Female Lumina dragon - Planner Trainer [[ADOPTED BY PEACH]]


The trainers are not involved in the plot, they are just there to train the hatchlings.

Edited by Tiga

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Accepted Characters:




Username: Tiga

Dragon Name: Juruth 'Ju'

Breed: Hellhorse Dragon

Gender: Female

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Warrior

Personality: Ju is a hatchling with a very bad temper, that you don't want to get caught with. She strikes out at about EVERYTHING. Although her temper flares up every day, she is skilled with finding food, although she eats meat herself. When Ju is angry, flames will flicker on her back and tail. When she grows up and has permanent flames, they will flare up to be even bigger.

Differences in appearance: Nothing

Crush: No one

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Ju can set things on fire and is basically a torch. She can give off sparks too.

Other: Meeepp.


Username: XxDragonletxX

Dragon Name: Frithra

Breed: Frilled Dragon

Gender: Female

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Warrior

Personality: Frithra is cunning and smart, but she also has a sharp tongue too, if she's not snarling at someone or trying to claw them to death. She is cruel, deceitful and vengful, doing all these things to either get to the top or have her revenge. Most hatchlings know when to keep their mouth shut and out of the way when they are scorned by her. She tells lies and never keeps secret, anything but soft, but she is doing this all to prepare herself for the dangers that lie ahead, manipulating others and their actions.

Differences in appearance: She is slim and graceful with the average muscle, her claws are sharper than most, and so are her teeth.

Crush: None, not possible

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Has claws and teeth,

-Red orbs: Capable of spitting Red Spheres and making lots of damage while leaving her apponents in awkward poses/positions

Other: None


Username: Jass

Dragon Name: Hitomo Cazicarou

Breed: Seragamma Wyvern


Picture:user posted image

Rank: Warrior

Personality: Hitomo is pretty much a perfect older brother, supporting you, giving you advice all that brotherly stuff that actually makes you like him. However, Hitomo can't seem to follow his own advice, and needs other people to tell him his own tips in order to follow along. While he easily makes sisterly and brotherly bonds, getting him to crush on you is very difficult, as he usually thinks the other hatchlings as siblings. It is still possible to make him fall in love, however. He always accepts challenges, even though they may be impossible to fulfill. It is very easy to make him laugh, and he teases some of the other hatchlings (mostly female) sometimes. Like Tenri, Hitomo can act like as if he was a bird. He is also very gullible.

Differences in appearance:[/b] None.

Crush: He's single everybody! Anyone?

Weapons/Abilities/etc: His claws are used to jab and stab to hostile intruders.

Other: Despite him being an "older brother," He is younger than Tenri and Shinzu. Hitomo nicknames Shinzu "Sailor Moon" or "Tuxedo Mask" sometimes just to see his angry reactions.




Username: Tiga

Dragon Name: Kleva

Breed: Two-headed Lindwurm

Gender: Female

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Hunter

Personality: Kleva is a Two-Headed Lindwurm, meaning that both of her heads are completely different to each other. Her left head is the one who usually does the talking while the other one is quiet and thinks. The heads have named themselves and the left head is Tuils while the right one is Quies but in whole, they are Kleva. Tuils loves to go exploring while Quies thinks about it more carefully. Tuils loves to go rushing into things but Quies is more slow and is often the one to save the dragon from trouble. The two argue though and it makes you feel awkward watching the two heads fighting.

Differences in appearance: Quies has blue eyes while Tuils has green. The scales shine a silvery green in the moonlight.

Crush: None

Weapons/Abilities/etc: They both have their claws to use and their teeth. Other than that, they can make a fog around them.

Other: The dragon likes to be referred to as two dragons. If you called them she, they will both get mad.


Username: Drakonspite

Dragon Name: Aqua

Breed: Blusang Lindwurm

Gender: Female

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Hunter

Personality: Aqua is normally a calm dragon. She is a skilled hunter and moves silently and gracefully through the sky. She puts up an act of being cold and builds a wall around himself but once you become someone close to her heart, you will find that she has a warm and caring personality.

Differences in appearance: The blue colour on her wings change to a much darker shade if she is threatened or senses danger and her tail has a golden tint at the end.

Crush: None yet

Weapons/Abilities/etc: She normally uses his claws and teeth like most dragons. But is needed, she can shoot a stream of water from his mouth.

Other: Fun Fact. She hasn't got a clue about the first thing about love.




Username: Jass

Dragon Name: Shinzu Blave

Breed: Moonstone

Gender: Male

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Gatherer

Personality: Shinzu is a talkative person, and easily able to get along with. He's pretty neutral, and would rather daydream than get involved in sports. He's artistic when it comes to drawing, but usually he has a artist's block, resulting him usually drawing only if somebody would would request him to draw something (like maps). He isn't exactly the nicest, so he doesn't exactly help the others when their injured. 

Differences in appearance: Haha...none.

Crush: None yet.

Weapons/Abilities/etc: He can whack you with his "moonball" (Although he probably won't even use it at all in the story) and absorb nutrients from his end of his tail like all the other moonstones.

Other: Nothing much...


Username: Tiga

Dragon Name: Rei

Breed: Tsunami Wyvern

Gender: Male

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Gatherer

Personality: Rei is a very playful hatchling. He loves to bounce around and he doesn't realize it but many dragons get annoyed. He was chosen because of his curiosity and how he ran into a Spitfire dragon who would kill him. However he managed to escape and he loved to the thrill. Rei is very chatty but he is respectful and sometimes calm and collected. He loves making new friends and can get you smiling no matter what. Rei loves to play iwth puddles and water, although he knows that there would be rarely any water up in the mountains.

Differences in appearance: None

Crush: None

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Rei 'slaps' his attackers with his paws and he can dodge easily.



Username: Melomancer

Dragon Name: Demeter

Breed: Gold horned tangar

Gender: female

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Gatherer

Personality: Extremely quiet. Like, never says anything. Ever. She only answers yes-no questions with head signals, and other questions by pointing or shrugging her shoulders.

Differences in appearance:Her horns are shiny and reflective, shinier than most.

Crush: None yet.

Weapons/Abilities/etc:Due to her species diet, she is skilled in gathering fruits and flowers, able to tell the toxicity of plants, whether an individual species is allergic to a plant, things like that. However, she does not usually know individual allergies, but can remember them easily after the first time. She is light, and as such, an active climber, and her lightness lets her fly fast. When needed, she can gore an enemy with her long horns, but will only do so when she has no choice.

Other: She carries seeds of every plant she eats and plants them back, as she believes in giving back to nature.




Username: Tiga

Dragon Name: Perla

Breed: Nhipstrife Wyvern

Gender: Female

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Healer

Personality: Perla is a dragon who would be expected to be put in any rank OTHER than healer. She is snappy, rude and arrogant. She hates to be around others. Stubborn but extremely loyal, Perla is a dragon who is harsh on the outside. But in the inside she is kind and caring. She will still be snappy and annoyed, even if you are injured. She doesn't matter. You might as well be dying. Only friends see her true side. The side of caring and loving.

Differences in appearance: She has more stripes.

Crush: None

Weapons/Abilities/etc: She has teeth, claws and she can 'spit' out blue fire in fire balls that explode on contact.



Username: Dotzrus

Dragon Name: Shade

Breed: Night Glory Drake

Gender: Male

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Healer

Personality: Shade likes to keep to himself. He will usual resolve to nodding his head if brought into a conversation and will only open up to a good friend or the other healers/ trainers. He loves to sit around the campfire during the night to keep warm and since it is a light that doesn't change his scales or hurt his eyes.

Differences in appearance: Shade looks like any other Night Glory Drakes during the night time or in the dark, but while in direct sunlight, he appears black like charcoal while the blue on his wings stay the same. The skin color change does not hurt him. Finally, he will grow to be the size of a medium dragon.

Crush: N/A

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Very active during the night time, Shade is happy to let the others sleep and take the night shift wherever needed in camp. He can see perfectly in the dark while he remains inside during the day since the sun hurts his eyes. He has an amazing healing power but can only be used under the moon light. Other than that, he must rely on his training.

Other: Shade's mother knew he would be special because he was born during the day (which means he should have been a Day Glory). This event sparked his journey to the Elders to be sent to the training camp.


Username: GreatDragon

Dragon Name: Icarus

Breed: Winter Magi

Gender: Male

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Healer

Personality: Icarus is a quiet dragon. He isn’t shy, but doesn’t get into situations that require him to speak and interact with others. The Winter Magi would rather be on the outskirts of the conversation, listening in but not contributing too much. He is friendly enough to other dragons and doesn’t try to change their minds about things. He believes that everyone is entitled to their opinions, but that he should keep his quiet.

Differences in appearance: A little more muscled than a normal Winter Magi. His fingers are longer and have small, sharp claws. Once his wings grow in, they seem too large for his body and he has a rather long tail. Icarus’s eyes are white with no pupils.

Crush: None

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Icarus has a very small amount of magic. The Winter Magi can basically sew things together. It works well on wounds, where he seals open injuries closed. Sealing the wound is very painful and Icarus has no way to numb the pain however.


-Icarus is blind. He had already been promised by his parents to the elders that he will be part of the journey, so they could not pull him from the group.

-Icarus is, unusually, prone to getting cold. His immune system is weak, which is why he has no immunity towards the cold.



Dragon Name:Jong

Breed: Black Tea Dragon

Gender: Male

Picture:user posted image

Rank: Healer

Personality: Jong is a naive and innocent dragon, yet is clever and has lots of heart. He trusts easily, as a child would, and is always ready to make a friend, yet isn't very good at it. Though innocent, he has an undying desire to help those worse-off than him, and is determined to help as many people as he can. He is extremely loyal as well, much like a puppy, and his youthful fear can often be overridden by his loyalty to his friends. This sometimes works against him, causing him harm, yet he is resilient enough not to let it stop him making more friends. He is terrified of breathing fire - which he can only do when sneezing - since he doesn't understand it.

Differences in appearance: The tip of his left ear is torn after his egg was almost eaten by an attacking dragon, but his mother fended it off.

Crush: None

Weapons/Abilities/etc: He has a knack for understanding flowers, and can use his scent glands to control butterflies, allowing him to understand and find certain flowers, herbs and plants for different medicines.

Other:Jong wants to become a better fighter, since he thinks that to be the best healer he can be, he has to be able to defend his patients; so he’ll probably be pestering the warriors for lessons in fighting.




Username: Tiga

Dragon Name: Clouda

Breed: Pink Dragon

Gender: Female

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Planner

Personality: Clouda is a pink dragon and she likes being pink. She also loves the Bright Pinks but sometimes they treat her breed badly since they are slowly getting wiped out while the Pink dragons are growing. Clouda has respect for the Bright Pinks and has befriended many. Clouda was chosen to be a part of the group because she had great memory and was calm and collected even when they announced that she would be leaving her mother. She missed her mother and father deeply but she knows what has happened is for the best of all the dragons.

Differences in appearance: Her eyes are green and her tail is longer than normal.

Crush: None

Weapons/Abilities/etc: She can use her claws and teeth like every other dragon but she also uses her tail like a whip as her father was a whiptail while her mother was a pink. She is also very fast on her feet and she gained that from her father.

Other: Ever since she started training, she carries a bag she made herself from vines and large leaves. She carries two scales from her mother and father and a blank piece of paper, ink and a sharp stick for writing with. She is also very good friends with a Royal Blue hatchling called Taff, although she wasn't called to join in the group.


Username: lilac_lily

Dragon Name: Chlora

Breed: Neotropical

Gender: Female

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Planner

Personality: Chlora is an intelligent, calm young Neotropical with a caring heart, but she's also a slight coward. She likes being strategic, but hates wasting resources. She likes to find the simplest, yet most effective solution to problems. However, this is overridden by her desire to keep the dragons at the camp safe. She can't resist fruit, and can easily become distracted by it. Her favorite fruit is mango.

Differences in appearance: None

Crush: None yet, open

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Chlora is very smart. She can easily solve tough puzzles.

Other: Chlora is an only child.

Edited by Tiga

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Inactive Characters, available for adoption otherwise mentioned.


Username: PeachSapling89

Dragon Name: Jasper

Breed: Sunstone

Gender: Male

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Warrior

Personality: If you never knew him, Jasper looks like one of those tough guys. Serious, sometimes really grumpy, and hardly ever shows emotions. He prefers brawn over brains, and this can lead him to...trouble. Jasper is also slow, both mentally, and physically. Although he seemingly gets jokes very easily unlike anything else, and has a hearty laugh. Jasper is always loyal to his fellow hatchlings, and is even willing to protect the weaker hatchlings. If you're an enemy however...we won't go there.

Differences in appearance: He's bigger than most hatchlings, which means he's also slower...much slower.

Crush: Open

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Jasper likes to use his claws and teeth to fight, since he works best in close contact.

Other: While he doesn't like to admit it, Jasper secretly misses his family. He hopes that after the mission is done, he'll return home.


Username: LegendOfKorraFan

Dragon Name: Dante

Breed: Silver

Gender: Male

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Warrior

Personality: Dante is a natural born leader. Charismatic, sensitive, but firm, Dante has all the essential characteristics. Dante is the type of dragon looking out for others weaker or less able then he. Dante is confident, honest, and has a mature sense of humor. The Silver is a sticker for rules and expects all his friends/followers to be/do the same.

Differences in appearance: No difference in appearance.

Crush: None, but open.

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Like most dragons, Dante exploits his razor sharp teeth and dagger-like claws. Dante has a natural ability to glow in the dark. He also can shoot beams of light from his mouth, both physical, and non-physical.

Other: Dante absolutely adores flowers, and claims to be an expert on them,


Username: dreamgirl5

Dragon Name: Somni

Breed: Thunder

Gender: Female

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Warrior

Personality: Somni is quite quick, both physically and mentally. Being smaller than most of her breed she is very swift and fast while flying, giving her ability to attack in quick strikes, avoiding direct conflict. She often keeps to herself, having only a small circle of friends who she trusts, and with whom she can be very outgoing and talkative. She is completely loyal, and believes that everyone else is too, which can sometimes cause her great disappointment. Her concetration is quite short-termed though, and she sometimes wanders away in her thoughts, not keeping up with a conversation.

Differences in appearance: Her color is a little bit off, and she is somewhat smaller than your average Thunder Dragon

Crush: None yet, open

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Like any other Thunder, she can create strong bolts of lightning from clapping her wings, and has sharp talons and teeth which she uses only in need.

Other: She likes to go out at night, letting her thoughts wander off.


Username: dreamgirl5

Dragon Name: Verita

Breed: Black

Gender: Female

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Warrior

Personality: Verita is a realistic dragon. Because of this she can seem very pessimistic most of the time. Even though she can sometimes make a joke, she usually takes things seriosly. She rarely comes to trust someone, usually being quite wary when making friends. Being a very careful dragon she keeps fully alert at all the times, no matter how calm the situation may be. She is not the one to be talkative, but she isn't afraid of talking to anyone and is always confident when speaking. She can seem very cold and snappy from time to time, and she will gladly engage in an argument. However, if you get to her good side she will be kind and even protective; but if you get on her bad side it won't end well, and she will probably never forget your mistakes. Being a Black dragon, Verita is a fierce fighter, and won't hesitate to attack anyone, either with her magic or using her claws and teeth to rip you apart. (lol at that laugh.gif )

Differences in appearance: none

Crush: None yet; open

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Strong magic, just like any other Black dragon (not anything mind-blowing though); sharp claws and teeth

Other: Nope~


Username: PeachSapling

Dragon Name: Orion

Breed: Nebula

Gender: Male

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Warrior

Personality: Orion is a very outgoing hatchling who is always willing to share a smile to anyone who needs it. He's also very talkative, and is willing to socialize with almost anyone. ...Even when they don't seem to be listening. While Orion is a bit calm and collected, if you push him past his breaking point he definitely won't be his happy self.

Differences in appearance: Orion is slightly bigger than your average hatchling, and his legs are more built.

Crush: None

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Kicking and clawing is more of his preferred way of attacking, but he will bite if needed.

Other: Orion is very curious when it comes to Astronomy and storytelling. He loves to tell others about the stars, and likes to listen to stories. However...his frequent stargazing can lead him to be a bit more tired in the daytime due to his lack of sleep.


Username: Jass

Dragon Name: Tenri Bluane

Breed: Tri-horned Wyvern

Gender: Female

Picture:user posted image

Rank: Hunter

Personality: Tenri seems pretty shy and jittery at first, stuttering a lot at strangers and saying things quietly. After you get to know her however, she's a wild girl, a tomboy bro, and maybe a bit of a daredevil. She acts like a bird sometimes, and calls her team mates or hatchlings younger than her "chicks." She can be very clumsy on the ground sometimes, breaking things unintentionally, bumping into walls and tripping.

Differences in appearance: I suppose she has talons on her legs...and she wears goggles if that's allowed.

Crush: None yet.

Weapons/Abilities/etc:Her talons on her legs are used for grabbing certain prey.

Other: She may use bad puns...Yeah, I don't know.



Dragon Name:Oblivion

Breed:Spitfire Dragon


Picture:user posted image


Personality:Oblivion can be a hard-hearted dragon,he can sometimes be arrogant or selfish but,most of the time he is a kind-hearted dragon to his friends,he is loyal and hardworking and would sacrifice his life to save another friend.

Difference in appearance:None

Crush:None at the moment

Weapons/Abilities/etc.:Oblivion can shoot fire balls that would paralyze medium-sized preys(like eagles and deers) and fully kill a small prey(like squirrels),he can also breathe blue fire that would turn sand to glass which can be used to barricade caves and such.



Not available for adoption.

Username: Nevemore;

Dragon Name: Amok;

Breed: Neglected;

Gender: Male;

Picture: user posted image;

Rank: Hunter;

Personality: Amok is one of a quiet and stubborn kind, as it is obvious that he didn't receive enough attention and love from his parents. Because he was abandoned and had to hatch himself, Amok got used to solitude and handles it very well. He isn't one who completely ignores other dragons, in fact, he is interested in everything and everyone around him, but is quite afraid to reveal that to others. When exploring he tends to stay alert, knowing that his fragile body can get injured easily. Young Neglected also has no sense of humour, so he won't understand even basic jokes and will take them seriously;

Differences in appearance: N/A;

Crush: N/A;


Weapons: Very long tail, sharp horns and somewhat dangerous claws;

Abilities: He never knew about magic much, but hearing about it from other dragons made Amok interested. He possibly can become magician later;

Other: He enjoys staying awake mostly at night, so sometimes Amok may sleep during day.



Username: PeachSapling

Dragon Name: Melina

Breed: Mint

Gender: Female

Picture:user posted image

Rank: Gatherer

Personality: Melina is shy and quiet at first, most likely because she was taken from her home by the peaceful coast and dropped into the unfamiliar environment of the camp. And the fact that she's a Mint Dragon, a breed of dragons much more smaller than others. But once you open up to Melina, she can be a trustworthy friend who will listen attentively and keep secrets at any cost.

Differences in appearance: None.

Crush: N/A

Weapons/Abilities/etc: Melinda is very watchful of her surroundings, seeking out any movement and hiding when needed. But...this trait can lead her to being very jumpy at any sudden noises. Melinda can also make a shrill whistle that can either alert other hatchlings about danger, or give the all clear. Because of this, she was chosen to be a part of the camp.

Other: In her free time, Melinda spends her time in the forest listening to the bird calls and tries to learn their calls.


Username: KC2018

Dragon Name: Azet

Breed: White

Gender: Female

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Healer

Personality: Azet is nice and calm. She's very quiet and considerate. Azet is also a good listener. She loves to watch the sunset and she's sensitive but fakes it. Only the people she's close to know when she wants to ball her eyes out.

Differences in appearance: She's not completely white she has a super light blue color that's almost white.

Crush: None

Weapons/Abilities/etc: healing powers

Other: Nope


Username: KC2018

Dragon Name: Nioamerza... A.K.A Nio

Breed: Ember

Gender: Male

Picture: user posted image

Rank: Planner

Personality:  Nio always shares his opinion. He's also like an oniion makes people cry. H can be mean and teasing but not on purpose he just wants to have some fun. Nio loves to do daring things and scare people by let's say pretending to fall off cliffs and stuff like that.

Differences in appearance: Nio is a tiny bit darker.

Crush: Nope

Weapons/Abilities/etc: He's super intelligent but doesn't like to show that part.

Other: Nope

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Reserved in case again.

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((Ooh! Ooh! Pick me, I wanna start!))


In the arid and dry climate of the desert, a pride of Sunstone dragons await the arrival of their new hatchlings. However, these usually frightening dragons are terrified themselves, since they know at least one of their hatchlings will be picked to be trained and to be sent far away. One dragon in particular, Amber, is very scared, since this is her first time being a mother, and her egg is larger than everyone elses. And everyone knows that the larger the egg, the bigger the creature inside.


Atop a cold, icy alpine mountain lives a single, sorrowful nebula female. Her beautiful crimson wings are laden with ice and snow, covering her intricate starry pattern. She's protecting her only child, a nebula dragon that she had managed to save from the animals from the outside. This struggling mother is named Libra, all alone in the cold. Libra wishes to fly away to someplace warmer, but she knows that her energy must be saved in order to take her child to the Elders, a task she's not sure she can handle.


As the waves crash against the coast, a group of mint dragons live in the rocks and along the sand. They live at peace here, and it seems as though they have no worries. ...At least, you would think that.


Ever since the elders annouced their plan, every adult had been uneasy. Will they pick any of ours? There had never been anything special about them, but the thought still lingers around everyone's head. One male named Jay looked out for his egg, ever since his mate Pepper was swept away by an ocean creature. He was willing to play the role as mother, even if others are staring. It was unlikely, but there was something that still lingered in his mind about his child.


((This...is one long post. xd.png))

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(OOC: Oh hey, this finally got accepted! Here I go)


Erena pored over her scratches. She had improvised them onto the wall a few hours earlier. Calculating the probability she would be chosen. It seemed fairly high, but there was always hope. She was still very very small, having only hatched a few days prior, maybe they wouldn't want her. She didn't want to go, she liked it here. Her mummy was over in the corner, watching her "play" intently. Erena hadn't explained her scratch code to mummy yet, she didn't want mummy knowing her code. If mummy knew her code, she might realize how smart she was, and then the probability of her having to leave mummy went up by a lot. Erena couldn't leave her mummy, she loved her too much. Nothing could ever be important enough to separate them. Certainly not some silly fight over a fancy metal. But inside Erena knew that they were going to take her away, she was smart. She was just too smart. And they would want her because she was smart.


(OOC: Sorry for the short intro post, I don't really remember where I was going with Erena, so I had to improvise)

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In a cave on the side of a rather short mountain sat two dragons. One, obviously male and most definitely irritated, paced around one lone egg, grunting in exasperation. The other, a female, sat a short feet away and watched both egg and male dragon, a neutral expression set on her face.


"It should have gotten out by now." The male, a Winter Magi in physical appearance but not in personality, growled, eying the egg dangerously. "I never stayed that long in an egg, and neither has any of my other hatchlings." He looked pointedly at the female, a petite Pink with large eyes.


She just shook her head, a small sigh escaping her lips. The Winter Magi hmphed and continued his pacing, mind whirling. The waiting time didn't stretch out anymore than that, however, and the eggs surface cracked, the snow coating its surface falling softly to the ground.


The male immediately was in front of the egg, glaring expectantly at the small opening. The female slowly made her way over as well, gaze flicking in between her mate and her egg.


The little hatchling inside poked its snout out for a split second, then pulled back into its egg. The Winter Magi stared at the egg, expecting the hatchling to come bundling out in a hurry, but nothing happened. Nothing at all.


Hissing, the male snatched the egg off of the ground and turned his eye to look into the egg.


"Get out or I'll pull you out myself."


Before he could go by his word, the Pink grabbed the egg out of his hands, glaring at him icily. Turning her back on him, the female placed the egg down carefully. Tapping the shell for a second, she backed up and then stared at the Winter Magi.


"Scaring it won't make it want to come out faster. Forcing it to come out will scare it and render it unusable to the Elders. A hatchling that learns to be afraid of other dragons will deaden our contract."


The Winter Magi kept his mouth shut and just continued to stare at the egg. The Pink did the same and they both waited for their bargained hatchling to come out of its egg.

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user posted image


A female hellhorse snorted, flames erupting from her back. She was pacing in front of several eggs, all close together in a bundle. She snorted again, the fire flickering over the eggs, warming them, tempting them out.


"Hey, you can stop pacing. They will hatch," a voice called from outside the cave. A male hellhorse landed as he gazed at the eggs.


One egg gave a small shudder and rolled away from the group. Both pairs of eyes were trained on it. A small crack! sounded from the egg. It shook once and stopped. The two dragons shot a glance at each other, excitement and worry in their eyes.


A large crack suddenly appeared on the hot surface of the purple egg. It rocked again. The female carefully stepped forward and nosed it gently.


A small equine head popped out of the egg, his eyes narrowed angrily. The female hellhorse gave a small yelp of joy, flames flickering higher. The male hower gave a look of worry and anger, burning in his eyes. He trotted out of the cave and disappeared into the sky.



user posted image

Clouda gave a grin and poked the bright pink hatchling on her tail. "You're it!" she yelped before rushing off. The other pink hatchling gave a smile before dashing after her. However an adult Bright Pink walked out of the bushes.


She threw a disgusted look in Clouda's direction and hissed to her daughter, "You better get back home, the elders need to see you soon." The pair disappeared. Clouda's eyes were wide with confusion.


Ever since the elders announced that a group of hatchlings would leave home in search of a special kind of metal, every dragon was angry and worried. Thinking about dragons, she was reminded of her parents and how worried they were.


She quickly turned and raced back to the den where her mother was waiting. ((Is it too hard to read?))



user posted image

Rei threw his fins into the salty water and splashed at his mother. She smiled and dove under the water before emerging and splashing a small wave at him. Rei liked playing with his mother. He would of had a sister, only she didn't hatch. He could still see his parents' sadness whenever they looked at him. They may lose him too, but he didn't know that.


He looked down in the water uncertainly. He was a kind of water dragon. He allowed himself to drop down into the water. Obviously, his mother took him in a shallower part of the ocean. He enjoyed everything underwater, but he still preferred land.


Rei popped his head up to see his mother wade onto shore, her eyes scanning the surface. He began to splash- unsuccessfully - back to sure where his father was flying above. Rei began to carefully walk onto the shifting sands to his parents who still eyed him worriedly. He was confused. What is going to happen to me? he wondered in a daze.



user posted image

Perla watched her mother soar in the winds of the alpine confidently. Being a newly hatched hatchling, she wasn't very good at flying. She had tried but failed.


Her face twisted into a sour expression as Micki, a mature hatchling took off and was flapping her wings in the sky with the rest of her group. She curled her lip angrily.


She opened her wings and examined them proudly. She had more stripes than any dragon in her group. Micki flew over her head. Jealousy built up inside her.


"Come on. Perla, join us! Wait! You can't! fly" she sneered. Perla hissed and walked back into her cave. She stopped and turned around. She drew a deep breath and began to race to the edge. She flapped her wings and she felt the wind rush beneath her wings. She was flying!


But a sudden gale caught her. She flipped and began to tumble down to the land below, wings at her side. She tried to flap them, but it was useless. She was going to crash!

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user posted image

The Glory egg began to shake, surrounded by a small family. The Night Glory mother and Day Glory father leaned on each other as other Glory drakes of the extended family all smiled in anticipation. The sun rose high in the Forest region as small cracks appeared in the air. Nothing out of the ordinary. The mother whispered to her mate,

"It's a beautiful day for our hatchling... our beautiful Day Glory hatchling."

The egg shook and cracked more. The family leaned closer to see the hatchling come out from it's shell and into the world. A crack turned into a hole, and a little dragon head poked out.


user posted image

The Night Glory hatchling's eyes hurt from the sun. He looked out of his eyes and saw a blur of other dragons looking at him. He couldn't see their expressions, their noises sounded like gasps for air and murmurs. He looked up as a brown form started to break the shell open more for him to get out. As the form picked him up and held him close, he could only assume that this was his mother, and he enjoyed the feeling of love he felt from her.


The family was in disbelief. A Night Glory Drake born during the daytime. An unheard of event, one that the elders would most certainly hear about. The parents looked at each other and the father spoke up,

"He is special. This has never happened before, even if both parents were Nights."

The mother nodded in agreement,

"He is our son, my love. We will care for him as long as we can. If the elders will for him to join the expedition, then it is their will."

The father also nodded and thought for a moment. He then spoke,

"What shall we name him?"

The mother smiled as she cradled her newborn son,

"A Night during the day... he is our Shade."


The hatchling heard his mother spoke. Shade? She called me Shade.

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user posted image


"I wonder if it's a boy."


"Oh, I do hope it's a girl!"


"The egg looks so beautiful."


"I agree."


Eyes slitted against the darkness, the small hatchling pushed forward with her hind legs, testing the smooth round walls around her. Claws scraping against the slimy gooey surface, the hatchling leaned forward, snapping at the dark barriers the encased her.


"It's moving!"


"I hope it survives."


Muscles tensing with held in energy, the hatchling let out one last kick, the walls of the egg shattering on impact.


"It- she's alive!"

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user posted image

Tenri pouted, bored. She looked at the other dragons, who were enjoying themselves, talking to each other.


How could they talk so easily? I haven't seen one dragon ever repeat themselves... She sighed.


I know, I'll talk to the others now! All I have to do is to introduce myself! She thought. "O-okay, practiced-I mean prac- I'm sorry, I mean-practice first!~" The tri-horn turned towards a rock. ".....eh...." She hesitated for a moment.


Won't the the others think of me that I'm a little crazy though....? She thought embarrassingly.


"Eheh...Maybe I should try talking to my mom..." She muttered quietly and looked back at the other dragons. No one seemed to notice her yet, but she wasn't so sure. "Etoi..."


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user posted image


Two claws gripped on her body and she stopped falling. Instead she was sort of flying! Perla glanced up to see her mom and allowed a sigh of relief.


"Micki has no right to tease you. And you cant fly yet. The elders still need to see you, and we will be going today," she said sternly. Perla shook her head defiantly. Why did the elders need to do all this hatchling examining? She continued to watch the scenery flash past her as her mother continued to fly towards the elders' Gathering Spot.

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Two gold horned tangars sat atop a tree. Light as they were, the tree shook from the sheer weight of the tens of eggs perched precariously on the branches. Watching for predators, they guarded the brood intently, knowing that this brood may very we'll contain the hatchling that the elders so desired. Their biggest egg shook, and tapping sounds emerged from it. Smiling, they approached it. This egg was their pride and joy, and the hatchling they were sure was going to be important.


The egg shook vigorously, and suddenly... Stopped. The parent's smiles faded. They approached the egg, nudging it gently. It shook again, faintly. As they touched it, the egg slowly began to lose its warmth. Sobbing silently, the parents comforted each other, and moved on to the next egg.


The tiny egg sitting right on the edge of the branch started rolling, moving towards the drop. Inside, a puny creature stirred, as it started becoming aware of its surroundings. Sensing the drop, it slammed itself towards the side of the strange hard sphere. Slowing down, it sighed as the sphere went back to it's original position.


Unknown to it, the creature's parents had watched the whole scene. As warmth engulfed her, she felt empowered, and slammed the sphere again. Blinding light seeped through the crack. Again, she pounded, and again, and again. Until a flood of light flowed through the tiny hole. Tiny as it was, the hole was big enough to climb out of. Chirping in joy, the creature looked up at the sun for the first time.


"Demeter. That's her name." Said the male dragon. The mother nodded in agreement, fondly regarding the newborn hatchling. She was not the biggest, nor most unique. But she was theirs.

( could anyone recommend a shade of green that doesn't blind everyone?)

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(perhaps just green?)


user posted image

Kleva stomped towards the clearing, the two pairs of eyes shining menacingly. Tuils looked up to see the elders murmuring quietly up ahead. There was already a line of hatchlings and their parents, or in this case, mother or father.


Quies flicked her head to watch the ceremony up ahead. A red dragon hatchling was examined by the elders. They stood together, heads low as they talked about it. A large adult red- probably the father- looked worried, his eyes shining with regret.


Finally, a green dragon looked up from the group. "Thank you for coming. But Clover won't be in the journeying group," he spoke. The hatching known as Clover gave a small, hopeful smile. She trotted beside her father as they walked away.


The line moved. Quies watched each hatchling step up and get examined. The hatchlings all in front of them were rejected.


Kleva drew a deep breath and stepped up into the light.


"Your name?" the green elder boomed.


"I am Tuils while she is Quies. We are Kleva together," Tuils spoke confidently. Quies glanced at her other half before watching a white dragon speak something loudly to the elders.


Finally, a copper dragon turned around and stared at the hatchling. Quies pressed close to her mother while Tuils stared back confidently.


"Kleva will be in the travelling group," she announced. Quies heard her mother let out a chocking sound. She shuddered. She would be leaving her home, her family in search of a special metal! Tuils smiled proudly while Quies embraced a hug from her mother.


"I will take you to your camp until you have to move," the copper added, her eyes full of regret. Kleva embraced their mother once more, before turning, one pair of eyes filling with tears, the other staring ahead bravely.

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Two dragons flew side-by-side, aiming towards the meeting area with the elders. The Winter Magi had armor covering his whole body; the headpiece was decked with spikes and splatters of important looking colors, the body armor twisted and spiked in a more ornamental design, and the tail armor exceeding his tail length and ending in a huge blade. The Pink had a more ordinary design of armor, with no tail piece and no colors.


In the Winter Magi's clutches was a small hatchling, it's body limp and eyes staring at seemingly nothing. It barely moved and didn't make so much as a squeak whenever the Winter Magi hit a strong gust of wind.


Neither adult dragon spoke for a few minutes, caught up in their own thoughts, but the Winter Magi eventually broke the silence.


"I can't believe that you didn't tell me about your lineage."


The Pink let out a huff, as if the sentence has been said multiple times to her in the same day. She didn't answer the male and he glanced at her before continuing.


"You could have just checked, to make sure that the disability wouldn't have been passed down-"


"And risk getting rejected by you? I need the contract just as much as you do; I was also sure that none of my hatchlings would be like my uncle. None so far have caught it."


Both dragons descended into silence, the tension high and thick. After a few minutes, the Winter Magi spoke up.


"When we get there, we'll leave it in the line. I don't want to have a disabled hatchling to stain my lineage, so we'll have to lay low if it doesn't get put into the group. If it gets in somehow, all the better."


The Pink glanced at him quickly, not even sparing the hatchling a glance.


"We are getting the contract?"


"Of course. It's the whole reason for this mess."


The plan in words seemed to have calmed both dragons down and they continued on. The site was already in view and they would soon be joining the crowds.


The little hatchling in his father's clutches continued to stay quiet and lifeless, the new world completely confusing to him. Nothing made sense, but he just went along with it. Maybe coming out of his egg was a big mistake, but he couldn't go back now.

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Hopping around, Demeter leaped onto a mango hanging on a tree. Biting into the sweet yellow flesh. Chewing it, she let the seed drop to the ground. As it fell, her father caught it in his paws. Sternly regarding Demeter, he said " Why did you you that?" Staring blankly, Demeter remained quiet. " The seed. That is the most important part of the fruit. Follow me." Demeter leaped into his back. Flying towards the jungle floor, he buried the seed in a mound of dirt.


"The seed will, in time, grow into another tree. Which will make more fruit. And that tree will make even more seeds." He turned to her." Do you see? Always give back to nature, for without it, we will starve." Nodding her head, she jumped onto his armored back. As he flew, he caught up with her mother. Flying together east, she said to Demeter" Demter, mommy and daddy have to do something.." She began to explain about the Elders.


Quaking in fear at the thought of leaving her parents, Demeter fell asleep, tossing and turning. Luckily, her father's back was big enough that she didn't fall.


Turning to her mate, the female said" We have to be prepared for anything." Nodding and with a tear in his eye, the male agreed.

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"Ju," the female announced as the hatchling stood on shaky legs. "Juruth, is your name," she continued. The hatchling snorted, flames flicking before dying.


Her mother was wearing a beautiful silver and very shiny armor. It was flame resistant but still, fire bloomed along her back. It was simple, yet complex. Her head piece made her look threatening and she had a line of spikes along her back.


The parent smiled. But the smile faded fast as she heard a loud roar and flickering of fire. "Ju, we need to go somewhere.. important," she added quietly.


Ju stood up to her mother, eyes flaring up. "But I don't want to!" she yelped angrily.


"We have to," the mom said, unfazed by her offspring's temper. She picked up the hatchling and took off to the skies, hatchling placed between to hooves.


"Before you were born.. the elders made an announcement..." she began carefully.



Ju's eyes narrowed in annoyance. This line was taking forever! She wasn't going to get chosen, hopefully. She stomped a hoof hard into the ground, a nearby fern erupting in flames.


"Come on, Juruth, you're next," her mother said. Ju walked up to the clearing as the elders watched her.


"Your name," a stone said.


Ju stuck out her tongue. "My name is not your business!" she hissed. True hellhorse temper was flaring.


"Very well," the stone rumbled, eyes narrowing. He turned to speak to the group.

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user posted image


Two days passed since Shade hatched. His family kept quiet about the event and treated Shade as any other Night Glory. His mother took special care of him, teaching him a few words, some knowledge about his heritage, and some basic skills. It wasn't too much longer until a messenger gave Shade's parent a letter of summons. Shade sat as he watched his parents embrace each other, then him. He didn't like the cold touch of his parents armor but almost purred at the warmth of their scales. He shared in their embrace as he was picked up. Out the door, his mother carried him as she began to fly to the meeting place of the elders. Shade kept his eyes closed to protect his fragile eyes against the sunlight.


The speed of dragon flight always impressed Shade, even though he had small wings. He looked up in awe at the tall and beautiful structures that made up the city. He noticed some dragons giving him glances and odd looks. Shade looked down at himself and noticed his brown scales were charcoal black again. This was an oddity that changed his scales whenever he was direct sunlight. As soon as they were in the shade of the building he was summoned too, his scales changed back to his normal color.

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user posted image

Shizu looked at her mother, who was silently walking with him, along with his father. Strange...it feels awkward for them to be with me... He thought. He was usually alone most of the time. He looked over to his father with a confused yet curious face. His father sighed sadly in response, and looked away.


"...Its...quiet here..." He said softly, hoping that both of his parents would hear him. None replied, however. ...So, you have nothing to say to me... He thought.


Shizu could not see regret in his mother, but his father seemed...anxious. He wondered what in the world was going on.

"We're here." His mother said. Shizu looked at the line. It was full of adult dragons, each of different kind, and only thing had in common in that line. There were full of hatchlings and eggs in that line, which were protected by the older dragons.


Shizu looked at his father anxiously. He was now extremely curious to see what was going on here. The moonstone hatchling wanted to ask why he was in line, but he had a feeling that his parents wouldn't answer he s question. He decided to wait until it was his turn to...do...something.




user posted image

Hitomo smiled at his friends. "Yeah, and then my mommy freaked out when she saw me with you guys play swordfight. She must of been worried a-about you. He said to them and giggled.


"T-true, but it was dangerous...you almost stabbed me in the eye, remembered?" A female hellfire hatchling replied.


His Mother sighed in response. His mother looked at his father. "Cuckoo." She said to the male. "He's completely derped." She disappointingly said. "Sigh, if we present him like this, he's going to humiliate us!" She said sternly.


"Then perhaps we shouldn't have deprived him of things like, I dunno, FRIENDS!" He said. blaming his mother.


"Guh-! Well...! True...but you did the same!" She counterattacked.


"I only agreed with you. I DID NOT help you to take away his future friends!" He exclaimed out loud.


The two clashed together to see whose fault was it. Hitomo looked at his arguing mother and father. He sighed, and laid down on his back. He wondered why his parents dislike seeing him with his friends.


"Its like as if you're invisible to them..." He said to his hellfire friend, but the female was already gone. "Man, you're so good at silently walking away for some reason..." He said, impressed.

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The two dragons circled the line of other dragons, the Winter Magi eying how there seemed to be so many hatchlings. Stopping and hovering for a moment, he spoke to the Pink dragon without taking his eyes off of the line.


"I'll drop it down there and stand by. You go find a guard or elder and get the contract. I don't care how you do it; steal it if you have to. Once you got it, signal me and I'll leave it here."


The Pink nodded and was gone. The Winter Magi looked over the line one more time and then landed at the back, cutting off a few other arriving dragons. They didn't try to argue with him; while the age of superiority in lineages was passed, his armor was enough to show off how powerful he could be.


As the Winter Magi let the hatchling go and observed the area quickly, the hatchling itself wobbly stood up and raised its head up, mouth open. There was so many scents around him and he wondered what this was all about.


About to take in a big breath of air, the hatchling choked for a second when he felt his father lean over him.


"If they ask for a name, it's Icarus. You got that?"


The hatchling nodded quickly, blinking a few times instinctively. Once his father raised himself back up, the hatchling wondered if blinking actually was normal. It felt kind of weird and it didn't do anything at all besides make his face feel...funny.


Still wondering about this, the hatchling was pushed from behind by his father. Starting forward, he was stopped when his father placed a clawed hand on his head. So he was only supposed to take a few steps and not too much.


Well, he could deal with that. It all seemed very confusing, taking a few steps forward and then immediately stopping, but the hatchling didn't know anything. He had to rely on his father at the moment.

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Amber suddenly heard a cracking noise near her, and instantly looked to see what it was. It was an egg, HER egg hatching. Watching the egg slowly cracking open, it eventually came out into the world; her Sunstone hatchling.


"Ma? ...Da?" It spoke in a little voice. "I am here, I am your mother!" Amber exclaimed, stooping down to the hatchling. "A son! My first hatched is a son! His name will be Jasper, named after the bright red rock these lands are so full of." Amber added on. Jasper looked at them plainly, as though he didn't hear any of it. A few seconds later however, he understood. "I like it!" Jasper said with a grin.


The storm outside died down, and Libra peeked out from under her wings. Libra then looked down at her egg and whispered, "I'm not trying to rush you, my little star, but please come out soon. I'm not sure how long we can stay up here." A few minutes passed, and Libra curled up around her egg. She was about to fall asleep before she heard a loud crack. Looking at the egg, Libra saw it had formed a crack, and a smile came upon her face. "Come out little star, you can do it." She added on. A little while longer, and a head poked out from the egg, with two little eyes looking at her.


"Are you...my mommy?" The hatchling squeaked. "Of course I am, young one." Libra replied with a smile. After the hatchling crawled out of its egg, Libra picked her hatchling up gently, and flew to the top of the mountain.


"Wow.! Its...pre-pretty!" The hatchling said with amazement. Up high was a dazzling array of stars, which shined and gleamed against the night sky. "You're in the stars, little one. Do you see those three bright stars next to each other? Legend said there was a great creature...a hemain, who wore some sort of armor called a belt. This...hemain was a great hunter who was placed in the stars after he was deceased. His name was Orion, and so is yours." Libra said with a smile, looking down at her fascinated son. "Now...you have to promise me something. If we are separated and you're missing me, I want you to look up at the night sky and gaze at the stars. Do you promise me that?"


"...Anything for you, mommy." And that was a promise Orion would never forget.


Jay wandered around the hatching sands, looking at the eggs that were carefully put in the sand. He just couldn't help it, his fatherly instincts constantly got over him. 'Just calm yourself...everything will be alright...' Jay thought, still pacing. 'Remember what Pepper would always tell you... calm can solve all issues.' However, his thoughts were broken when Jay heard a crack behind him. Turning around, Jay saw that it was HIS egg that was actually hatching, right there, right now. Quickly, he sprinted over to the lone egg, awaiting its arrival.


It took a few minutes, but eventually a small mint dragon came out of the egg, looking around at its surroundings. "Who...who are you?" The hatchling asked in a soft voice. "I'm...your father." Jay replied shakily. The whole situation was still very weird to him. "Fa...ther? ...Oh! Daddy!" It said with a smile. 'A...a girl. It's a girl! ...What was that name again? Meghan? Minty? Marissa? ...Melina! That was it!' Jay thought, looking back at her. "Yes, I am your daddy. ...And your name is Melina.


"Me...Melina. Melina! I love it daddy!" Melina exclaimed. 'Today might be the only day I have with her...let's make it count.'


((Next post they go to the line, I promise! xd.png))

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Tenri watched as her mother came by to pick her up. "Mom!~" She exclaimed as her mother landed a few meters near her. Tenri rushed towards her. "C-captains Sa-Saluteee!~" She greeted to her cheerfully. She looked at her mother, who was smiling like something exciting was happening.


"Tenri, Sweetie, you won't believe what's happening!~" Her mother said as she picked her hatchling up and spun around.


"What's happening, mom?" She asked, curious.


"You see my lovebug, you will go on an adventure! I think...Either way, you will have a chance of a lifetime to go on this EXCITING, THRILLING, DANGEROUS, MALICIOUS journey!~ You'll probably die, but its going to be fun for you, that's for sure!~" Her mother exclaimed.


The Tri-Horn thought about those four words her mother expressed. Exciting...Thrilling...Dangerous...and Malicious... She repeated in her mind. She smiled. "Then what are we waiting for?! Let's go and prepare for my journey!~" Tenri said excitingly.


"Come on Honey, let's get you some superultramaliciousawesomebad goggles!~" The mother said and took off, leaving Tenri behind.


"HEY MOM, YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!" She shouted to her and laughed right after. "Oh, I must have mental problems..." She muttered cheerfully.


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Hitomo looked at Oliva Oilzargooz, an Olive dragon he had recently befriended. "So, Oliva, are you taking this test my parents told me about too?" He asked.

"Yeah, Actually, I think all of the hatchlings are taking this test..."

Oliva replied.


"Saphiras must be participating in this too then...no wonder she left me!~" He sighed in relief. "Phew, for a second there, I thought you guys are actually imaginary-" Hitomo looked around. Where did Oliva go? "Everyone of friends are so good at leaving quietly..." He sighed. Why couldn't he do that too? He looked at his parents, who seemed to stung just by the fact that he was talking to his friend.


"What?" He asked, curious.

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His father was gone. Just...gone.


The hatchling was continuing to do what he was told, however.


"Go forward when the dragon ahead of you goes forward. Stop when they stop. When someone asks for your name, say that it is Icarus. If they ask for your parents, say that you got lost and that you have no idea who your parents are. Got that?"


Of course, finding out that a big dragon was ahead of him and that they moved was a little surprising. When his father rose into the air, the small conversation between him and his mother too low to hear, the hatchling had taken a step and had immediately felt that something was ahead of him. It must have been the other dragon, so the hatchling stayed close and moved forward when it went forward.


There was a lot of interesting sounds around him at the moment. So many scents as well, invading his mind with wonderment on what was happening around him.


Turning his head to his left, he could hear part of a conversation that sounded even more confusing. Someone was asking someone else something, but it was just one word.


What does 'what' mean? Is it a question or something?


Tilting his head to the side and blinking (which he thought was still weird), the hatchling felt the dragon in front of him move forward. Taking a few steps, he continued to wonder what that conversation was about.


Mother and father have conversations. But they never ask 'what'. I don't ask 'what'. So...what is its use?


Suddenly just realizing that he had been using the word in his head frequently, the hatchling let out a little giggle. It all seemed so stupid and confusing, and he really had no idea about what he was supposed to do besides what his father had told him.

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Hitomo looked at his parents. "No, seriously, what?" He asked, confused and curious. His parents looked at each other before looking at him again. "Well...Uh, you see...You're friend that you keep talking to..." His father started.


"You mean Oliva Oilzargooz?" He said to them.


"That...uh...He looked at his child anxiously. He thought how he should say it. "Well...Um...! Oliva Oilzargooz kinda sounds like "Olive Oils are good", doesn't it?" He answered. His father looked at his mother.


"Why didn't you just tell him that his so-called punny-named friends are imaginary?! " His mother whispered sternly. "We could just end his mental disorder here and now!" She added on to her previous statement.


"He's about to face dangers and is possibly going to die there, honey. We DON'T need him to live a sad childhood!" He whispered back to his wife.


"He's going to make several friends when he's picked, idiot! She whispered loudly back to his father.


"IF.IF he's going to be picked. But what if he ISN'T picked?! That would ruin his childhood because he's going to remember that he never had any friends!" He pointed out.


The two clashed together again, arguing whether they should tell him or not.


Hitomo stared silently at his mother and father. "Every time..." He sighed. "Oliva Oilzargooz does sound like what he said though..." He admitted.

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