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It has been ten years since the Titans vanished outside the walls of Tehgrimm Suda. In that time people have slowly and carefully rebuilt the villages and towns destroyed by their wrath and life has gone on, despite the continued presence of the monsters that roam the land. The military, both ordinary soldiers and Summoners alike, have done everything in their power to restore and maintain the peace, but lately their job has become far more difficult.


Super monsters, known as Abominations, have emerged and started to attack nearby people. While they are nowhere near as strong or as frightening as the Titans that once terrorised Wyhdori, their mysterious appearance has caused people concern. No one knows why the Titans appeared or just why they disappeared as suddenly as they did; so many believe that they were a punishment from the gods for their wickedness, and that the Abominations are a reminder to behave.


In light of this new threat Lord Terrance, the ruler of Tehgrimm Suda, has reinstated the decree that all Summoners must be trained how to use their Fiends properly and attend the Summoner’s school in Niefir. While they are not requested to continue fighting once they have graduated, it means that they will be capable of defeating monsters and protecting their home towns should the need arise.


It is the first day of the new term at the Summoner’s school and all the new students are just arriving. Over the course of the next year they will be taught how to control their Fiends and how to best use them in combat. When they have received sufficient training they will be given minor tasks and missions, such as clearing out a monster nest or escorting a supply convoy, as part of their curriculum. Those who pass and elect to continue fighting monsters will be given a license and receive frequent payments from the military, those who fail, will not.


That is of course assuming they live long enough to pass their final exam. You never know when an Abomination will strike.




Over two thousand years ago monsters were released by the gods into the world, who in their fury at mankind’s greed sought to teach them a lesson. Capable of magic and quick to breed, the monsters quickly spread and dominated the land, driving practically all other life into extinction and destroying all of mankind’s creations. They drove humans from their vast cities and left them derelict ruins were none dare to tread.


However, the goddess Vundiha took pity on mankind and decided to bless them with a small gift. Nine hundred years ago she created the first Summoners, children born with tiny crystals inside their chests. These crystals grew along with the children and when the Summoners turned fifteen, they were able to call forth their very souls into physical forms known as Fiends. Fiends were capable of the same magic as the monsters that plagued the land and quickly became the best form of defence against them.


For centuries the Summoners waged war against the monsters, slowly turning back the tide of death and allowing mankind a chance of survival. Smaller, less populated settlements were formed, although technology was banned, anything electrical attracting monsters in their swarms. Just when it seemed that mankind was now stable, the Titans appeared and attacked, killing Summoners in droves as they vainly tried to protect everything they held dear. For reasons unknown the Titans vanished after three years, leaving a short period of relative peace behind them.




Monsters, Abominations and Fiends alike are all aligned with one of the eight elements and are all capable of magic associated with that element. Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses as follows:


Fire > Ice > Wind > Earth > Lightning > Water > Fire


For example Ice is weak to Fire, immune to Ice and causes extra damage to Wind. It causes only regular damage to the other elements.


Light >< Darkness


Darkness and Light are both ‘weak’ to each other.


The elements are all divided into two classes, Black & White.


White Elements: Light, Fire, Wind, Lightning


Black Elements: Darkness, Ice, Earth, Water


Light is immune to the other White elements, but takes more damage from the Black ones. Darkness is immune to the other Black elements but takes more damage from the White ones.


The attacking elements are Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Water and Fire. They can use magical attacks such as fireballs, spitting out chunks of earth and lightning strikes. As they grow stronger through training, they can open up new abilities such as pyrokinesis, causing tidal waves or earthquakes and freezing over large areas.


Light and Darkness are the support elements. They do not possess magic that can cause outright harm. As any damage inflicted upon a Fiend is transferred back to their Summoner, Light can use healing abilities to tend to their injuries and revive unconscious allies. Should a Fiend fall victim to a status ailment, Light users can cure them of it.


Darkness aligned Fiends and monsters can cause status ailments, such as poison, blindness, silence and slow. They have a hundred per cent chance of inflicting these ailments on Light users, but they in turn can not be healed by Light magic and must seek a doctor for treatment.


Every Monster, Abomination and Fiend is capable of using physical attacks, such as biting, scratching or any other action available to them depending on their shape and size.


Summoner / Fiend Relationship


All Summoners carry a crystal inside of their chests that house their Fiend. At birth it is no bigger than a grain of sand, but once they reach their mid-teens it has grown to the size of a golf ball. To summon their Fiend all a Summoner has to do is touch the area of chest over the crystal and say a magic word. Every word is unique to the Summoner. Fiends can be made to return to their crystals by command.


Once a Fiend has been summoned it can accompany their Summoner like an animal and attack or use magic on command. Damage dealt to a Fiend is transferred to their Summoner who may pass out due to blood loss if they are subjected to too many injuries. Magic draws on a Summoner’s energy level and if they become fatigued their Fiend will be unable to use any more magic.


Health can be restored via Light magic or medical aid. Energy levels rise after resting for long periods or sleeping.


Small Fiends can fit into spaces where their Summoner or larger Fiends can not, also making it easier for them to hide and keep watch. Larger Fiends might be able to carry their Summoner and others, but it is usually impossible for them to fit inside buildings and other enclosed spaces.


If a Summoner passes out, falls asleep or moves too far away, their Fiend will vanish and return to their crystal. If a Summoner dies, their crystal will shatter.


Fiends can not speak, but their Summoners can understand them anyway.




user posted image


1) Tehgrimm Suda: The Capital City of Wyhdori. Now ruled over by Lord Terrance it contains nearly 12,000 people, the majority of Wyhdori’s total human population. The city also serves as a base for the military forces, who perform every public service such as enforcing the law, construction and medical treatment. This giant city also houses the world’s only zoo and a temple dedicated to the goddess Vundiha.


2) Niefir: This small town houses just fewer than 500 people and the Summoner’s school.


3) Zurt Lyordeur: This mining village is home to only 300 people, but is in charge of obtaining precious metals from the mountains where it resides.


4) Khemm Bceurm: The second largest settlement in Wyhdori, home to over 4,000 people. The vast grass plains are ideal for farming and provide the majority of the meats, vegetables, cereals, leather and wool used across the world.


5) Zedih Myrk: The major fishing town of Wyhdori. Home to 900 people.


6) Usi Phiedn: A small island village used to be located here. It was destroyed entirely by a tidal wave ten years ago.


7) Wuhi Hyet: A town used to be located here, but it was destroyed by a Titan.


8) Dnortih Mdyhl: A small city that most of Wyhdori’s artistic people call home. The population of writers, artists and sculptors consists of 700 people.


The yellow dots are ruins, relics of the world before the monsters. Because they are teeming with some of the strongest monsters in Wyhdori it is forbidden for anyone without a permit to enter. Permits are normally only granted in special circumstances, such as searching for missing children or hunting for rare medicinal herbs.


Fauna and Flora


With the release of the monsters the wildlife across Wyhdori has suffered terribly. Many species have gone extinct and most of those that remain can only be found in the zoo at Tehgrimm Suda. The only wild animals left are fish, a few species of birds and insects. Pets are outlawed and anyone who is caught keeping an animal as one is imprisoned and possibly executed.


Not even the plant life has been spared from the monster’s destructive ways. Many forests and woodlands were burned or torn away, leaving only a few areas where trees still grow over a few metres high.


The Summoner’s School


School Map


Located in Niefir the Summoner’s school is where all young or inexperienced Summoners are taught how to summon and control their Fiends. Ten years ago it was mandatory for all Summoners to attend and train for at least a year, and although this rule was abolished for a decade, it has been reinstated with the arrival of the Abominations.


The old, simpler, school was destroyed in a fight many years previously and a much more impressive building has been erected in its place. Built of stone it is a sturdy and spacious structure and the four training areas on either side are large enough to accommodate any Fiend. Summoning Fiends larger than man height inside the school is discouraged. In front of the school there are twin fountains, each depicting an effigy of the goddess Vundiha.


The library, infirmary and entrance hall are all available to the public, many people visiting to read up on a particular kind of monster or ask for medical help. The rest of the school is only accessible by staff, students and the occasional guest. Military Summoners sometimes visit to help out with training or give talks about the various monsters they have seen. Some even volunteer to accompany trainee Summoners out on field missions.


Students are not allowed to enter the sleeping areas or bathrooms of the opposite gender. Anyone caught in the wrong room will be punished or even expelled.


Meals are cooked and served by Gladys, one of the two non-Summoner staff members. She normally does not like students entering her kitchen, but she will agree to teach basic cooking skills to students who can behave themselves. Sheridan the janitor, the other non-Summoner, is responsible for site maintenance and general cleaning duties, although all staff and students are required to tidy their own sleeping areas.


The four training areas each have their own purpose. Training arena one is normally used by beginners, Summoners who have not been able to summon their Fiends for long or have little combat experience. Here they may practise summoning and dismissing their Fiends and tackling weaker monsters.


The second training area is for more experienced students, who are more used to calling forth their Fiends and are more confident about their abilities in battle. Here they can fight against mid-strength monsters or engage in friendly battles with each other. This training arena also contains a fair sized pond for water Fiends and monsters.


Training area three has little to do with battle, but is where wilderness survival skills are taught to the students. They will learn how to build fires, hunt, construct shelter, identify edible wild foods and find clean water. Specially planted trees and bushes are available for student use. Livestock is also occasionally kept in here.


The last training area, four, is where the strongest monsters that can be captured are kept. Only the most advanced students may enter this training area, and only then with permission from a teacher.


Important NPCs


Lord Terrance ~ Ruler of Tehgrimm Suda. Thirty two years of age Terrance has been in power for the last ten years, taking over when his predecessor died of heart failure.


Gladys ~ The Summoner’s school cook. A petit lady of fifty three she has been working at the school for eight years. She is not too fond of the students or even certain staff members, and much prefers to be left to do her work in peace.


Sheridan ~ The janitor at the Summoner’s school. He is forty eight years of age and has been working at the school since its construction. He does his best to keep the school clean and tidy and fixes any furniture that has been damaged. He is also responsible for making sure that any monsters brought in for the student’s training sessions are secured and kept healthy until they are needed.


Isabel ~ A darkness Summoner twenty two years old. She supplies the school with monsters of varying strengths for training. Isabel’s Fiend Gedron uses her magic to put monsters to sleep for safe capture and transport.


Known Abominations


Abril ~ Water

Bythmin ~ Earth

Carkol ~ Fire

Charon ~ Darkness ~ Defeated by military Summoners

Deminjal ~ Wind

Ejilos ~ Water

Finkban ~ Light ~ Defeated by military Summoners

Fortbar ~ Ice

Ganjak ~ Darkness

Hyar ~ Lightning

Hzolak ~ Fire

Lumdim ~ Lightning

Purque ~ Earth ~ Defeated by licensed Summoners

Timkin ~ Ice

Xylik ~ Light

Ysam ~ Wind


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the above artwork. I can not draw. I took it all from DeviantART.


Standard Rules


1) No gold-modding or power playing.

2) No flaming, spamming, or advertising.

3) You may only kill another person's character if they allow you to.

4) Please be active. No really. If you go more then two weeks without posting (without prior warning), you will be removed from the RP.

5) Respect the other RPers.

6) Keep it PG-13, but romance is allowed.

7) I'm trying to keep this semi-lit, so if the majority of your posts are at least four sentences long, I'd be very grateful. :3

8) Forms must be formatted properly to be approved and PMed directly to me.


RP Specific Rules


1) Only one Fiend per character.

2) Only one element per Fiend.

3) All students who join will be ‘new students’.

4) No more than two people using one element.

5) In this world a lot of modern day devices and equipment do not exist, so there are no TVs, mobile phones, computers etc...

6) No more than two characters per person.

7) Fiends can not be bigger than 100 foot / 30.5 meters.





Character Name:

Age: (No younger than 15 and students can not be older than 25)

Position: (Student? Teacher? Nurse?)

Appearance: (Please link images)

Fiend: (Please link images & do they have a name?)


Magic Word:

Home Town:

Brief History: (No more than two paragraphs)


[B]Character Name: [/B]
[B]Age:[/B] (No younger than 15 and students can not be older than 25)
[B]Position:[/B] (Student? Teacher? Nurse?)
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Please link images)
[B]Fiend:[/B] (Please link images & do they have a name?)
[B]Magic Word:[/B] 
[B]Home Town:[/B] 
[B]Brief History: [/B](No more than two paragraphs)

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Accepted Forms





1) Bastian ~ DragonSpirit009

2) Seraphina ~ Evangeline


1) Arthur ~ Fortune86



1) Sorana ~ Narvix

2) Wesley ~ Earwig


1) Atani ~ Narvix



1) Bella ~ DragonSpirit009



1) Diana ~ Chicogal



1) Helios ~ Fortune86

2) Selena ~ Kestra15


1) Sandor ~ na82008

2) Jia ~ Evangeline



Username: DragonSpirit

Character Name: Bastian Sollis

Age: 26

Position: Teacher

Appearance: Bastian

Fiend: Areo

Element: Fire

Magic Word: Nor

Home Town: Was Usi Phiedn. New Zedih Myrk

Current Place of Residence: Summoner’s School

Brief History: Bastian used to live on the Island of Usi Phiedn along his family ten years ago before it was wiped out by a tidal wave a titan created. Bastian worked as a fisherman, owning his own ship and scavenging the seas for food, building up Wyhdori’s food supply. During off seasons he went to go study learning on how to read and write. When his studies were done he wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to return to the fishing world. It was then when he heard about the school needing a new teacher. Bastian is also the cousin of Imari who is one of the current supervisors or the orphanage in Tehgrimm Suda.


Username: kestra15

Character Name: Selena

Age: 24yrs

Position: Student/Nurse

Appearance: Standing 5’6 with a petite build, Selena prefers the dark greens, browns and blacks of nature (what there is of it), taking pride in her dark leather jacket and trousers.

Fiend: Vulpis stands to Selena’s hips, her fur always holding the hint of a purple shimmer as if lit by fairie-fire.

Element: Light

Magic Word: Compassion.

Home Town: Tehgrimm Suda

Brief History: Selena was identified as she entered her teens as being adept with herbs and healing – unsurprising given the alignment of her Fiend companion - and was nurtured along the path as healer. While she was not ‘front-line’ to the attacks of a decade past she was pressed into service early when the casualties began flooding in, replacing the time she should have spent with the Summoner school. Selena ended up on a steep learning curve, demonstrating that while she fulfilled her duties as a healer well enough it was in the adversity of battlefield medicine that she excelled. Recognised at 20yrs as being a nurse in her own right, Selena began to work alongside the military Summoners as a field nurse, before being released to the Summoner school to carry out her mandatory training.

While she did not show the same natural affinity to weapons as she did to her herbs, Selena became a reliable archer first for competition, and then through necessity as her field work carried the risk of battle. In what some would feel is a perversion of her art, Selena’s knowledge of herbs and poisons carries dual use and the small leather pocket attached to her quiver holds a very different variety of salves and pastes. In combat Selena is no seasoned veteran but has the steady hand and eye that one would hope of an archer, and has a kopis blade should the need arise.


Username: Chicogal

Character Name: Diana Sare

Age: 26

Position: Teacher

Appearance: Diana stands at about 5’5. Diana

Fiend: Rain

Without the feathering on her legs. Tail and mane are thinner and blue.

Element: Water

Magic Word: Vann

Home Town: Zedih Myrk

Current Place of Residence: Summoner’s School

Brief history: Diana trained at the old Summoner's School under the tutelage of Ceil, the best teacher ever (in her opinion). After the war against the Titans, she served in the military before getting wind of a new Summoner's School. She decided to take on the job and trained hard with Ceil. Although they sometimes argued, they got her through, and she has been teaching ever since the school opened again. The death of her mentor still haunts her, and her last words to him spur her on to persevere. "I'll protect the students, Ceil. Just like you protected me."




Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Helios

Age: 15

Position: Student

Appearance: Helios

Fiend: Cerberus

Element: Light

Magic Word: Ohr

Home Town: Tehgrimm Suda

Brief History:

Helios was born in Wuhi Hyet, but lost his mother and his home to the Titan rampage ten years ago. Along with a handful of other survivors he managed to make his way to the capital of Tehgrimm Suda, were he was eventually placed in the newly built orphanage. After a couple of years he was adopted by one of the supervisors, although he continued to live and play at the orphanage with the other children. Wanting to help out Helios took up archery and spends most of his free time practising shots. Occasionally he will sneak away to hunt birds.

During a trip to the beach when he was eight years old Helios attempted to save the life of another child who was in danger of drowning. Not only did Helios fail to rescue his friend, but he also nearly drowned himself. As a result Helios developed a severe and crippling fear of deep water and refuses to go near or enter any water that may go above his waist.


Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Bella Roux

Age: 19

Position: Student

Appearance: Bella

Fiend: Beldor

Element: Lightning

Magic Word: Koi

Home Town: Dnortih Mdyhl

Brief History: Growing up in a city that is basically full of culture caused Bella to be quick a distracted young girl. She mostly admires those who where summoners thinking they were the most amazing people in the world. She tend to daydream that she was one herself and fight the monster, until that faithful day happened. Nothing special really happened but just one day when she was sixteen out of the blue she summoned her fiend Beldor. Since then she had asked her parents to let her go to the summoners school but they said she could only go once she was old enough.


Username: na82008

Character Name: Sandor Adishe (or Sandy)

Age: 17

Position: student

Appearance: Sandy

Fiend: Rayanard

Element: Darkness

Magic Word: Alim

Home Town: Dnortih Mdyhl

Brief History: From a young age, Sandy was an exceptional sketcher. However, while most kids became progressively better, his works never improved. He would try to find ways to make his sketches better, but nothing helped, and his work was not better than other professionals. Eventually he decided he couldn't make a living off his art work, so he went to in Tehgrimm Suda to work as black smith for his uncle. About a year after that, he discovered he was a Summoner, and he decided it would be in his best interest to go to the summoner academy.


Username: Evangeline

Character Name: Jia Castian

Age: 21

Position: Student

Appearance: 5'9

Fiend: Minseok

Element: Darkness

Magic Word: 魔鬼 - Móguǐ

Home Town: Tehgrimm Suda

Brief History:

Castian is from a small, yet well off family of four. Castian's mother is a clothier and a herbalist whilst his father labors in the family owned vineyards. He also has one older brother who works as a doctor for those in need. Being the youngest in his family, much has always been expected of him since his brother excelled in everything did. Castian went through life doing just enough to get the job done to the best of his abilities.

When he discovered he was a summoner, his life took a drastic turn. He had always found his normal life incredibly dull. He ended up going out late at nights with his new friends. Night after night he would disappear and each morning he would come back with new bruises and cuts. Finally, his parents became tired of his behavior and they sent him to the summoning school on threat of cutting of his inheritance.


Username: Narvix

Character Name: Atani Sandsmith

Age: 18 years

Position: Student

Appearance: Atani

Fiend: Behemoth towers over humans at 10' in height and a 15' long tail when standing completely erect on its bipedal legs.

Element: Earth

Magic Word: Charge

Home Town: Zurt Lyordeur

Brief History: Atani loathed growing up in the mountains and mining village. Her father raised her from a young child alone as her mother died in a cave-in due to a miner's recklessness. However, she gave her father a difficult time in raising her, causing troubles and minor annoyances within the village as she got older. Finally, when the opportunity to learn to become a Summoner arose for her, she took it without a second thought and left home without so much as a word.


Username: Narvix

Character Name: Sorana Illune

Age: 16 years

Position: Student

Appearance: Sorana

Fiend: Larsani stands level to 's elbow at the withers. In length, it is about 17' from nose to tail tip.

Element: Wind

Magic Word: Race

Home Town: Niefir

Brief History: Growing up in Niefir, Sorana has always been surrounded by an endless list of Summoners and students. For awhile, she envied them but, eventually, grew used to the fact that they had abilities while she had none. Of course, that didn't keep her from dreaming and hoping and, one day, her wish came true. Ecstatic, she left for the school with the promise to keep her family up to date on her teachings as best she could.




Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Arthur

Age: 26

Position: Military Investigator

Appearance: He has reddish maroon eyes and no glasses

Fiend: Hima

Element: Ice

Magic Word: Neco

Home Town: Dnortih Mdyhl

Brief History:

After graduating from the Summoner's School at the age of sixteen Arthur later went on to serve in the Military as an Investigator under his uncle's rule. When the former Lord Jyeh died during the Titan attack on Tehgrimm Suda ten years ago, Arthur vanished without a trace and was believed dead as well by many. He left behind few friends and a reputation for cold blooded ruthlessness.

Now he has re-emerged and is seemingly on the trail of something. This has caused mixed feelings amongst those who knew him.


Username: evangeline5432

Character Name: Seraphina

Age: 26

Position: Military Investigator

Appearance: Only with hair reaching her shoulders

Fiend: When he is not in battle When he is in battle His name is Pyrhos.

Element: Fire

Magic Word: Brisingr

Home Town: Niefir

Current Place of Residence: Niefir-At the school.

Brief History: Sera was born in Niefir but for some reason her family moved when she was very young. They went to live at a big farm in Khemm Bceurm to help out Sera's uncle. She has been raised with her six cousins (five boys and one girl) who have been helping out with chores around the farm ever since they were old enough to do so.

When she turn 15, she accidentally summoned her fiend. Since she discovered her abilities during the harvest time, she was needed around the farm and was not able to go to school. One her sixteenth birthday, her father and uncle made preparations so that she could go to the summoners school.

At the age of 17, she graduated from the school and she joined the military a year later like her brother and her father before her.


Username: earwig

Character Name: Wesley Trason

Age: 27

Position: Military Captain

Appearance: He looks like this, but no glasses and he still has this hat.

Fiend: Torn. Also add giant feathery wings, much like an angel.

Element: Wind

Magic Word: Kiria

Home Town: Tehgrimm Suda

Brief History: After initially enrolling in the summoner's school ten years ago, Wes had to be called back to Tehgrimm Suda to care for his family after his father died in a titan attack whilst serving in the military. Being his family's only child, he wanted to continue his father's legacy, much to the disapproval of his mother. He applied for and joined the military, and he has been undertaking missions ever since. Whilst not having a very large or intimidating fiend, Wes has found Torn to not only be his fiend, but his sister that he never had, and will often spend hours talking to her. He keeps his hat as a memento of the students he met during summoning school, as well as having his family's crest etched into it after his father's death.

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Q & A


I will try and answer all questions asked after approval here, so everyone can see.

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((Reserved post in case I need a forth bit at some point.))

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The figure standing on top of the stone archway cut, in his opinion, a very impressive figure. Helios reached over his right shoulder to retrieve a single arrow from the quiver on his back. He nocked the arrow against the bowstring and aimed carefully at his target.


From where he stood above the entrance to the orphanage courtyard Helios could see all the way down the main street to the public house at the crossroads. On top of the pub’s sign was a small carved wooden effigy, which Helios had placed there himself. It was a fair distance away, but Helios was comfortable in his opinion that he could hit it.


Taking a small breath he readied himself, prepared to fire and let the arrow lo..





Helios watched in horror as the arrow flew off at completely the wrong angle. Instead of hitting the effigy it instead hit the hat of a passing elderly man and proceeded to skewer it to the doorpost behind him. Taking only a moment to be grateful that he hadn’t hit the man instead Helios quickly jumped down behind the wall, dragging the fourteen year who had climbed up to speak to him down as well.


“George!” scolded Helios, making sure that neither of them could be seen from the other side of the wall. “How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?” Helios carefully peered through the archway. The elderly man was looking around in confusion, wondering why random arrows were raining down out of the sky.


“You’re not supposed to be firing arrows down the street” said George sullenly. “Imari said you weren’t allowed. It’s dangerous.”

“It’s only dangerous if someone interferes with my aim” protested Helios. “What do you want anyway? Shouldn’t you be in lessons?”


“Imari sent me. She wanted to know if you were packed and ready to go.”


Helios sighed and slid his bow into the quiver along with the arrows. It had been a very interesting twenty four hours. Yesterday had been his fifteenth birthday. There had been the small party at midday where he was presented with a cake and the bow he had just been using, and the usual songs and dances. That was all Helios had expected and to be honest, all he wanted. He could have done well without what happened an hour later.


Samantha’s bracelet, a cheap tacky thing that was treasured nonetheless because it had been her mother’s, was stolen by a magpie. Samantha had taken it off to do chores, but had left it on the windowsill. The magpie had flown up to its nest in the bell tower at the monastery nearby and Helios, like the fool he was, had volunteered to go get it. The climb up had been fine, but he had lost his footing on the way down and fell. Thankfully he didn’t actually hit the ground, as a Fiend appeared and caught him. It had taken Helios a few moments to realise the Fiend was his, summoned out of fear and necessity.


After the initial shock, and the lecture he got for climbing up dangerous heights, everyone agreed that he would attend the Summoner’s school, which would be taking new students the next day. No one had even asked Helios if that was what he wanted, it had been decided for him. Helios knew he would leave the orphanage someday, but he had always figured that would have been when he came of age. He thought he had another three years yet. He had thought wrong.


Helios lightly punched George’s arm and smiled weakly. “Well, I better go get ready then.” He left George in the courtyard and returned to his own narrow bed in the boy’s dormitory, where he had left the drawstring bag that contained some clean clothes, personal hygiene products and a couple of personal items. Slinging it onto his back Helios went off in search for Imari, one of the orphanage supervisors, and his adoptive mother.

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“Don’t let their tears intimidate you. You feed them the time I told you. I don’t need you to mess up their feeding schedule again.” A woman in her early thirties spoke to one of the younger care takers in the kitchen. A few more orders were given out sending the staff to go do their work. Imari left the kitchen thinking about what was going to happen today. She felt a bit sad. With a sigh Imari figured it be a good thing to go and change. Flying in a dress on Drahual is trouble indeed.


A soft smile appeared on her face as memories filled her mind when a silhouette of someone came closer. Looking up she quickly noticed the features of a boy that made quite an impact on her life these last couple of years.


“You should really stay way from those high places Helios.” Imari spoke as she tapped her chest where her crystal would be. Drahual is her second eyes and ears around the orphanage, which always helped her to find where the trouble was.


“But today I won’t give you a lecture or a scolding.” Imari fell silent as she came to a halt in front of him. She sighed a bit knowing he will be leaving her. She wondered if this how her family felt. With those thoughts the memories of 10 years ago ran through her mind. Her stomach turned slightly in a knot.


“Get on Drahual so that we can leave. I just need to change quickly.” Imari spoke as she patted the boy on the shoulder and left.

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Helios nodded when Imari instructed him to go and climb on Drahaul. The trek to Niefir was too far to walk unprotected, but the large blue dragon could get him there in just under ten minutes. He didn't need to ask whether Imari had already summoned her Fiend or not, the excited squeals of the younger children told him everything he needed to know.


After Imari left to go and get changed Helios went back outside into the courtyard. As he had expected the lightning Fiend was waiting for him and as he had also expected, there were already several young children trying to climb up onto him.


"Hey guys" said Helios approaching. "No rides today. Drahaul is going on a errand."


He reached up to grab a young boy of about four and gently lifted him down to ground level. Another couple of children slid down after him.


"Terry says you're going away" asked one of them. "Why?"


"I have to go to school" said Helios. "I have a Fiend. The law says I need to learn how to use it properly."


"When are you coming back?"


"Um. Not for a while" said Helios, his chest feeling tight.


It wasn't just leaving his home and family that made Helios feel wretched, but also the prospect of never coming back. Even though the Titans he had heard about were long gone, and the survival rate of Summoners was considered pretty good these days, it was still one of the most dangerous professions in Wyhdori. Besides, there Abominations people were talking about sounded just as bad. And he had a light Fiend, the most useless element in a fight. The only thing he could do in battle was wait until he was needed by another and try not to get eaten in the mean time.


Waving the little ones back inside Helios pulled his hood up to hide his face and then climbed up onto the waiting dragon. He had always enjoyed Drahaul's rides, but this one he was dreading. He didn't want to go.

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“Right you scoundrels.” Imari called out in playful voice. Some of the children jumped around when they heard her while some stepped away from Drahual. She could see some of them were sad especially the younger children.


“Madaline is doing a bit of washing, who of you want to go torture her while she does it?”


“Really?” a boy called Oscar asked.


“Sure my treat. I give you all permission and a cookie if you all do a good job.”


With those words most of they younger children ran and screamed in excitement while a couple fo the older ones stay behind.


“Please don’t burn down the place and take care of each others. I’ll be back soon.” Imari spoke her, playful voice had disappeared. Ready and seated the blue dragon took to the sky, circling the orphanage a few times. She looked a Helios wondering if he was going to be fine. He had to she thought by herself. Slowly Drahual turned to the direction of Niefir, only a few minutes then she had to say her goodbyes.

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As Drahaul rose into the sky Helios glanced down at the children who had remained. Several of them were waving and yelling farewells, so he lifted his hand and gave a small goodbye wave of his own. He felt too sick to do anything else.


The ride to Niefir took almost no time at all. The blue dragon landed in a large space at the end of a street near the school. Helios hesitated a moment and then started to climb down. He could see the school from here, the first time he had seen the real building in person. It looked a lot more imposing than the drawings he had seen, but maybe that was just his imagination.


He looked up at Imari. Neither of them had said anything during the journey. He knew he should say goodbye to her and Drahaul as well, but he couldn't quite manage it.The words didn't want to come out.

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Wes sleepily rubbed his eyes and slapped his cap on his head. He had just taken a shower and the hot misty air still waved around his dorm, making him feel sleepy. But he couldn't afford to nod off again, especially since he caught news that he would be getting new orders today. He had been stuck in the barracks for too long and he yearned for any opportunity to get out. Maybe he would be escorting another cart, or even body-guarding someone, that was always fun. He just hoped that he didn't need to face an abomination. Luckily, he hasn't yet, but all his friends teasingly say that he's 'due for one'. Nothing could make his skin crawl more. Yet nonetheless, he donned his finest clothes and stepped outside, breathing in the fresh air.


Watching silently as patrols passed by and smiling as he saw new recruits nervously salute their superiors, Wes made his way to the grand hall of the base, where he awaited his orders.

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Imari kept looking down at Helios from where she sat on Drahual, not sure how she should approach. At the current moment she just wanted to fly away but at the same time she didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye.


“I guess there is no escaping this feeling is there.” she spoke making her way down towards the boy. Dusting her self of Imari turned to Helios giving him a little smile.


“Here is something I saved up for you.” she spoke taking out a small little bag with money in it. “Its for you and nothing else you hear me. Its just for emergencies.”


Handing him the little bag and another awkward silent went passed. This was truely something difficult for both of them but not one didn’t seem to want to admit it. With another smile and touching his hoodie hiding his face.


“You do good. Also don’t give your teacher any hell, well that is not to much.” Imari smiled while she kept talking. “I heard Bastian might be here as well but he doesn’t know about you... so annoy him for my part. Don’t break to many hearts and don’t try to be the hero to often. Remember the things I taught you and... and please come back home.”


Imari then took a step back looking at the boy from head to toe. She knew she did all the talking but she felt like she needed to do it.


“You better get going.”

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Helios weighed the small pouch in his hand, nodding as Imari spoke. By the tone of her voice she wasn't too keen about him leaving either, something that in a little way made him feel a bit better. Not by much though.


When Imari told him he was to home Helios looked up and gave a more affirmative nod. He knew this was the moment to say something, anything, but once again words failed him. Instead he very quickly wrapped his arms around Imari in the briefest of hugs and then just as quickly tore away and turned to face the school. Keeping his head down low he started to walk up the street, away from one of the most important people in his life.


When he reached the school Helios took a moment to study the two fountains before it. Whoever had designed them was some kind of genius. Both fountains were figures of the goddess Vundiha, a tall serene looking woman with her arms spread in welcome. The water flowed out of the top and backs of the statute's head, forming her hair. The way the water trickled down her back and sides, with the odd 'wisp' crossing her face, was beautiful, and also slightly disturbing. Rather like the actual goddess was believed to be.


Not seeing anyone about Helios ventured onwards and after a moment's thought pushed open the heavy wooden door that lead to some kind of entrance hall. There were benches on either side and a couple more statues, but that was about it.


"Hello?" he called out, not knowing whether or not he should go deeper into the school. "Anyone there?"




Lord Terrance, ruler of Tehgrimm Suda and the lands beyond, strode through the door being held open for him and into the grand hall. He was surrounded by a small mob of advisors, secretaries and scribes, but the moment he spotted Wesley he pushed them aside and half jogged over to the man.


"Trason!" he called out. "I'm glad I caught you. Save yot the trip upstairs. Listen, the Summoner school is taking on new students today, so I need you to take a posistion in Niefir and help keep an eye on them. There have been more reports of Abomination attacks this morning and I don't want the trainees getting blindsided by somethign nasty until they can handle their Friends properly. While you are at it perhaps you could also watch out for some up and coming fighers. It's been a bit hard to enlist Summoner's lately. They prefer taking licences."

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Diana was slightly rather busy.


Over the ten years she'd been teaching, she'd learned many lessons. One very important one being that preparing lessons before they happened was a good idea. Unfortunately, having lost track of time, she wasn't waiting in the hallway for her students as usual - instead, she was furiously scribbling. The bang of a door made her jump, and she muttered something rude as she realised the time. Leaping up, she ran out of her study and through the hallways, skidding slightly on each corner. There was the entrance hall-




With a squeal, her shoe slipped, and she made a rather ungrateful descent. To the floor. She laid on the ground for a moment, groaning, before pulling herself up. She dusted herself off, then looked up at the youthful character two metres away from her. "Oh. Hullo," she greeted him. "I'm Diana."

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Helios jumped in surprise when a woman came skidding into the room on her face. Nonplussed he watched her get to her feet and dust herself off. She only seemed to notice him after she was done.


"Hi" he replied nervously, wondering just who this 'Diana' was. "I'm Helios. I came for training? With my Fiend?"


Was she another student? She looked a bit older than him, so a staff member maybe? Wait...didn't Imari once mention a Diana from her student days? The girl who took over as a teacher? Helios looked the woman up and down and decided there and then that he was doomed.

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Diana nodded sharply, flashing him a grin. "Well, duh. I'm your teacher," she explained, just in case he was confused. She often felt this way; it wasn't very nice. She absentmindedly fiddled with her streak of white, before straightening the pieces that were sticking up in all directions. "So... You're the only one here so far?" she asked after a moment's thought, rocking up on her feet before going back down. "Weird. Usually there's more than one... Ah, well. We'll still have fun if it's just you and me," she said cheerily.

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Imari’s heart sunk the minute Helios hugged her. The boy she cared for the most is leaving her. She didn’t move until he was out of her sight which eventually caused her to get on Drahual. Her heart ached as they flew away but she had to believe that he will be fine. Watching the Niefir disappear behind her she remembered what chaos she left behind.


“This is going to be a long hard day.”




Bastian was standing in training area three yawning something awful. He had little sleep these past few weeks. With sorting out the business with his fishing and getting ready for the new students actually did quite a number on him. Also helping Isabel with some of the minor monsters this morning wasn’t pleasant as well. But that was all passed for now all he need to do was quickly to attend to the livestock they had currently, mainly making sure that the poultry didn’t escape again.


“Better get on with it then.” Bastian spoke as he left the training area.




“Can’t wait to get to the school. It’s going so be so interesting. Oh and meeting new people with fiends as well. So exciting.” Bella continued to chatter. The drive of the cart was close to tossing her off and hoping to run away but he knew that would be rather useless.


“You should see my fiend. He is so pretty and big. He also has wings.”


“Oh by the gods someone save me.” the old man muttered.

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"Well, we're here boy-o. Time to say goodbye." Merric woke Jake up, he didn't even realise he had fallen asleep. "Uh, what? Where?" He said drowsily. "After all I did to get you here, you should know, boy-o." Right, the Summoner's School, after living in Tehgrimm Suda for such a long time, he was surprised how small Niefir was. He was going to learn how to control his powers and use them for the good of all. He vowed he'd make Merric proud, after all, with his parents dead he was the closest he ever had to a father. "I know. Thank you for everything Merric. Thank you for taking me here too. I'll do my best and one day I'll join you in the army to fight monsters. That's a promise." Merric laughed. "Sure you will, boy-o. Good luck in school here. I should be getting back to the capital now." "I know, goodbye Merric." "Goodbye boy-o." And with that Merric summoned his Fiend and flew off.


Well, time to check out the school then. As Jake entered he noticed a woman talking to a hooded kid, from behind he couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl. "Hi there! Where are all the students? This is the Summoner's School, right? They haven't started without me, have they?" he said as he was approaching them.

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"Oh. Joy" said Helios unenthusiastically.


So she really was his teacher. Or at least one of them. Well, maybe she wasn't all that bad. He'd only just met her, a little soon to judge.


Before he could say or do anything else Helios heard a new voice behind him. Turning around he saw a boy roughly around his own age entering the hall. By the sounds of it he was a new student too. That meant Helios wouldn't be left alone with Diana after all.


"Not that I know of" he he said to the boy's question of whether they had started or not. He glanced sideways back at Diana, still unsure about her.

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“...And he has this little red strip on his fore head which makes him look really angry but he his just to sweet...”


The old man was griping the rains tightly as tried to hold in his anger. Her parents did pay him a hefty price in order to get her to the school but if he knew how bad it was he would have said no.


“There! There it is!” He suddenly shouted out loud, standing up and pointing to a building.


“Huh, really. That’s so amazing. Look how big it is...”


“Now get off. You can get there safely from here.” The man spoke trying to hold in his frustration.


“Oh yes I can.” she spoke waiting for the cart to stop. Jumping off she stretched her legs when she suddenly noticed the cart was gone. Turning around she looked big eyed as it became smaller and smaller.


“I guess he was in a hurry. At least he left my bag.” she spoke out loud smiling. “Oh well, goodbye then.” she shouted eventually to the disappearing old man and cart.

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"Oh, good. I almost feared I was too late because I only saw the two of you here. Where are all the students then? Surely this can't be all?" Jake replied the hooded kid, who he now saw was a boy. "Oh, I'm Jake by the way. I'm from Tehgrimm Suda." He extended his hand to the other boy for a handshake.

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Helios reached out and shook the hands of the other boy.


"I'm Helios, also from Tehgrimm Suda" he said taking his hand back.


Jake looked slightly familar, but Helios couldn't place him. He wondered if he had seen him out on the streets before. There were a lot of people in Tehgrimm Suda and it was impossible to know everyone. He wasn't from the orphanage, he knew that much.


Yet another voice, female this time, caught Helios' attention. It sounded like someone was shouting. It sounded rather close by, another student perhaps?

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Diana pouted slightly as she noticed the boy's attitude. He didn't seem to be very excited. Ah, well. Some students simply acted like that, and there was nothing she could do about it. Straightening up as another boy entered, she shook her head. "Nah - I'm just welcoming everybody. Then I'll take you all for a tour," she said. She remembered quite clearly her own tour of the old school. She'd gotten into an argument with Ceil quite quickly. "So. Tell me. What are your Fiends' elements?"

Hearing yet another voice, she brightened. Ah, good. Three was just enough. "We're through here!" she called.

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Bella walked briskly up the little hill when she heard voices. She was so excited to meeting new people, in fact only words that ran through her mind was ‘So excited’. Finally Bella reached the school door and saw three people standing inside but she didn’t enter. Her attention was drawn to the two fountains before the school.


“Oh my Wyhdori! These statues.” she spoke running towards the one on the left. “Those are Gustav dor Neuve’s work.”


With out thinking Bella took of her shoes and climbed into the fountain. The water wasn’t that high, a little higher than her calves which was high enough for her dress not to get wet. The young girl forced her way towards the statue, admiring it from every corner.


“Oh oh, there it is. His signature on her ankle. I’m going to a school with such amazing artwork.”

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((Wes' colour will now be grey in order to differentiate my characters a little easier))


Wes, a little star-struck after Lord Terrence practically rushed over to him to speak to him, quickly saluted and smiled.

"Yes sir! I'll be sure to take note of anyone who looks to have an exceeding talent." A dumb smile spread across his face as he realised that he hadn't been to the Niefir school in a very long time. Who was running it now that Ceil was gone? And where were his classmates now? Hopefully they were still all well, living their own happy lives. Going back to the school would really bring back some memories for him, and he was glad he was the one chosen to go. Who knows, maybe he could even teach the new students a thing or two. He just hoped he didn't have to teach someone who was as rowdy as he was at that age.

"Am I going alone, sir? And what is my method of transport?"




Nervously holding hands with himself, Nataya walked up to the large, intricately-designed summoner's school. He was by himself -- the only times he had been by himself were when he reads in his room or when he walks into town to shop. Even when he is in a group, he will often remain silent and listen before giving an opinion. Naturally, he was a little scared. He had no combat training and had heard that often dark summoners don't have high "survivability". He wondered if he should just turn around and walk back home, it wasn't far anyway, but he knew his parents wouldn't be happy with him. He turned to walk toward the front door and...oh...? There was a brown-haired girl skipping through the water around a statue. That seemed...uncommon.

"Uh...u-uuhhhh..." he had the urge to ask her what she was doing, but any words fumbled into a furry ball of air inside of his throat.

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Kasper stood there in the middle of the town beside an intricately designed fountain that looked to be of age. In his hands was a rather worn down parchment with several small holes decorating its surface from wear and tear. The parchment itself was in fact a map of Niefir, pointing out each and every place of interest as well as the school... however the section where the fountain would have been located was unfortunately occupied by one of the many holes.


Unable to locate the fountain, Kasper was to put it bluntly... Lost. He turned around to face the fountain. His eyes resting upon his fiend through the hole in the map. Oblivious to his summoners minor distress and confusion, Oz had been frolicking within the cold water of the fountain. Its icy touch a moment of reprieve from the ever rising sun that caused his body temperature to rise ever so slightly the more it rose into the sky.


Feeling a less then friendly gaze upon him, Oz turned to face Kasper, his summoner displaying an expression of slight annoyance.


"Oz... this isn't a field trip... we are not here to play..." scolded Kasper. Their inability to find the school the main culprit in Kasper's current mood.

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