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Ideas for cleaning out the cave

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So I noticed that many projects that grab abandoned eggs have A LOT of rules. So, I thought why not make a less rule ridden version?


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT an exact copy of the other projects. There are some differences.


PLEASE NOTE: To balance out the similar projects, know that this version doesn't offer prizes and a point system... Just read on. There is more to it. wink.gif



1)You may NOT re-abandon an egg if you picked it up for this project.

2)Biting, releasing, making into neglected and zombies IS permitted.

3) BUT you MAY NOT kill the dragon for the sake of killing it.

4)The above two rules only apply to common eggs. Uncommon and rare are exempt from rules 2 and 3 as they are in higher demand.

Eggs and hatchies may be traded here.

5)All common courtesy and politeness in effect.



So, in short, less rules and more freedom with your dragons cancels out the points system. Essentially, if you want more freedom with your dragons, come here, and if you want an awards system, go there. smile.gif That is that, all banners and coded applications appreciated, and there will be a members list. smile.gif

Also, help with formatting this page is greatly appreciated. smile.gif


(copy and paste)

I want to join!

Scroll name:

Forum name:

PM link:

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So uhm...what your saying is, that this is a thread where you trade your AP stuff, and that you can do whatever with your dragons? I don't see why you would have to join a project, just to do whatever with your dragons. I mean, plenty of people join a group, and sometimes take a break to experiment with their dragons.


I...don't see how this is different as in not joining any project groups.

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I see your point... Moving on!


What about an abandoned egg race? Would anyone be interested in that?

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Closing. Duplicate of existing threads. If you have an idea that you'd like to propose to a mod for approval, please PM.

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